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Placentia & St. Marys District

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
1844 - 1933

Source: Original Parish Register
LDS Microfilm Reels
Reel # 2169242
Marital Status
S - Spinster
B - Bachelor
W - Widow or Widower
Date of Marriage Groom
Residence of Groom Bride
Bride Given Residence of Bride Witness Witness Priest
Transcriber's Note:
In cases of multiple spellings of the names, I have changed the priest's entry of the name to the common spelling of today. Also, I did my best in deciphering the writing but I can't guarantee complete accuracy.


1844-01-04 Daly Maurice Dungarvan, Co. Waterford Phalen Mary St. Mary's Walsh, Edmund Yetman, Bridget Walsh, K.
1844-01-07 Molloy James London Linch Sera Salmonier (?) Ryan, Michael Ryan, Ann Walsh, K.
1844-10-10 Gregory Thomas Ferryland Connolly Catherine   Hart, Patrick Connolly, Mary Walsh, K.
1844-10-23 Murray Thomas   Fagan Charlet both of the (microfilm cut off) Rourke, Michael Fagan, Elizabeth Walsh, K.
1844-11-24 Fagan Stephen   Phelan Bridget both of the (microfilm cut off) Rourke, John Tobin, Mary Walsh, K.
1844-11-30 Vail Michael   Davis Hannah both of the (microfilm cut off) Kirney, Danny Bowen, Martha Walsh, K.


1845-02-01 Dobbin David (?) Burke Liza   Dobbin, David Ryan, Agnes Walsh, K.
1845-06-08 Curtis William St. Mary's Quinn Mary   Dillon, Patrick Duffy, (?) Walsh, K.
1845-10-15 St. Croix John   Bussy(?) Ann both of the (microfilm cut off) Brown, Thomas Phelan, Ellen Walsh, K.
1845-11-12 Williams John   Adams Johanna   Adams, Michael Cahill, Nancy Walsh, K.
1845-11-30 Walsh Edmond Co. Waterford Yetman Catherine   Daley, Maurice Yetman, Anty Walsh, K.
1845-11-30 Phelan John   Fagan Ellen both of the (microfilm cut off) French, John Mooney, Ann Walsh, K.


1846-02-23 Nolan Simon   Murray Johanna both of Salmonier(?) Cammel(?), James Murray, Bridget Walsh, K.
1846-09-?? St. Croix William   Halleran(?) Catherine   Ryan, William Culleton, Mary Walsh, K.


1847 No microfilm for Oct. 1845 to January 1848 : don't know if missing or no marriages during this time              


1848-02-11 Doolly John   Curtis Mary Ann   Curtis, Stephen Kelly, Mary Ryan, John
1848-04-24 Coleman William   Peddle Ellen Salmonier (?) Burke, Peter Curtis, Teresa Ryan, John
1848-10-28 Bowen Michael   Fagan Margaret both of St. Mary's Connors (or Connolly), Joseph Bonia, Ann Ryan, John
1848-11-30 Tobin John   Fewer Mary both of St. Mary's Kielly, Edward Kielly, Margaret Ryan, John
1848-12-30 Power David   Doody Hannah both of St. Mary's Dalton, Michael Connolly, Mary Ryan, John


1849-06-04 Walsh John   Murphy Anty Cath. of Salmonier Nolan, William Tobin, Bridget Ryan, John
1849-10-14 White Thomas   Kelly(Kielly?) Margaret both of St. Mary's Dobbin, James Dobbin, Bridget Ryan, John
1849-10-22 Foley Thomas Holyrood Murray Bridget Salmonier Murray, Thomas Duffy(Dunphy?), Bridget Ryan, John
1849-11-19 Breen Edward   Connolly Elizabeth both of St. Mary's Rourke, Patrick Fewer, Margaret Ryan, John
1849-11-29 Linehan John   Nolan Elizabeth both of Salmonier Fewer, Richard Nolan, Mary Ryan, John


1850-02-09 Adams Thomas   Cahill Ann both of St. Mary's Cahill, John Adams, Ann Ryan, John
1850-05-11 Burke John   Walsh Ellen   Peddle, John Burke, Ellen Ryan, John
1850-06-10 Sullivan Samuel   Fitzgerald Honora   Walsh, Thomas Walsh, Mary Ryan, John
1850-11-10 Breen Patrick   Mooney Ann   Bonia(Bowen?), James Murray, Bridget Ryan, John
1850-11-19 Meehan William   Rourke Ellen   Walsh, William Walsh, Mary Ryan, John
1850-11-20 Peddle John   Brown Johanna   Rourke, Martin Christopher, Anty Ryan, John


1851-01-14 Cahill William   Burke Mary both of St. Mary's ?, Robert Cummins, Ellen Ryan, John
1851-01-16 St. Croix John   Phelan Martha   Fagan, Stephen Tobin, Bridget Ryan, John
1851-02-05 Conpel(Cahill?) James   Mahoney Ellen   Walsh, Thomas Cummins, Ellen Ryan, John
1851-02-26 White Thomas   Lee Catherine   Cahil, John Nagle, Bridget Ryan, John
1851-03-21 Ryan Robert   Nagle Bridget both of St. Mary's Ryan, John Lee, Catherine Ryan, John


1852-01-06 Fewer Richard   Tremblett Catherine   Linehan, Jeremiah Nolan, Mary Ryan, John
1852-01-14 Stamp Thomas   Cummins Ellen both of St. Mary's Phelan, James Phelan, Ann Ryan, John
1852-01-15 Carroll Nicholas Placentia Bonia Ellen North Harbour Harrigan, Patrick Bonia, Mary Ryan, John
1852-02-04 Corcoran Patrick   Fahy Bridget   Ryan, Robert Bonia, Martha Ryan, John
1852-02-10 Cody(?) John unreadable Doody Lucy unreadable Cody, Nicholas Doody, Honora Ryan, John
1852-06-05 Linehan Jeremiah   Dalton Ellen   Mulloney, Michael Power, Margaret Ryan, John
1852-10-14 Meehan Martin   J…? Jane both of St. Mary's Peddle, John Christopher, Anty Ryan, John
1852-11-26 Rourke William   Fewer Margaret both of St. Mary's Phelan, Thomas Phelan, Ann Ryan, John
1852-11-27 Ryan William   Fagan Lucy both of St. Mary's Rourke, Martin Fagan, Bridget Ryan, John


1853-01-07 Martin Patrick   St. Croix Mary   Howlett, Patrick Stamp, Nora Ryan, John
1853-01-15 Cahill John   Mooney Mary   Tobin, William Whalen(?), Jane Ryan, John
1853-01-15 Yetman Robert   Bowen Martha both of St. Mary's Walsh, Thomas Phealn, Ann Ryan, John
1853-01-17 Kearny(?) William possibly says Co. Tipperary Murphy Mary   Bowen, Thomas Bowen, Sarah Ryan, John
1853-02-05 Tapp(?) Benjamin   Cummins Mary   Walsh, Patrick Walsh, Margaret Ryan, John
1853-05-25 Bowen John   Yetman Anastatia   Walsh, William Dobbin, Bridget Ryan, John
1853-06-12 Dobbin David   Hearn Bridget   Walsh, William Dobbin, Bridget Ryan, John
1853-10-15 Nolan Simon   Bolan(?) Bridget   Muria(?), John Nolan, Mary Ryan, John
1853-11-01 Cody Peter   Doody Honora   Cody, Philip Doody, ? Ryan, John
1853-11-22 Doody Thomas   Ryan Catherine both of St. Mary's Ryan, Denis Doody, ? Ryan, John
1853-11-26 Quigley Thomas   Linehan Lucy both of Salmonier ? Linehan, Ellen Ryan, John


1854-01-06 Heron Joseph   Bowen Sarah both of St. Mary's Dalton, William Devine, Margart Ryan, John
1854-01-07 Corcoran James   Rourke Ellen both of St. Mary's Rourke, Martin Fewer, Mary Ryan, John
1854-01-08 ? William of ? ? Catherine   Kennedy, Edward Davis, Jane Ryan, John
1854-no date Corcoran Denis   Tremblett Catherine   Cummins, Michael Pike, Ellen Ryan, John
1854-no date Walsh Patrick   Walsh Mary   Walsh, Thomas Dobbin, Bridget Ryan, John


1855-01-26 Linehan Patrick   Tremblett Bridgt both of Salmonier Quigley, Edward Nolan, Mary Ryan, John
1855-01-27 Dinn(?) John   Goff Mary both of Salmonier Curtis, Stephen Curtis, Teresa Ryan, John
1855-01-28 Bonia Jerry North Harbour ? Nolan Mary Salmonier Harrigan, Dennis Burns(Bonia?), Ellen Ryan, John
1855-04-09 McGrath Thomas   Hearn Mary both of St. Mary's Breen, Patrick Dobbin, Bridget Ryan, John
1855-06-03 King Jack (?)   Linehan Catherine both of ? Linehan, Patrick Linehan, Elaine Ryan, John
1855-06-10 Walsh William   Bowen Ann both of St. Mary's Yetman, William Dillon, Ann Ryan, John
1855-07-06 Lush William of England Burke Mary   Murray, Thomas Dinn, Margaret Ryan, John
1855-08-26 Corcoran Maurice   Kelly Bridget   Dinn, Edward Bishop, Johanna Ryan, John
1855-11-08 Fleming Patrick ? Murray Ellen   Murray, John Mandeville(?), Catherine Ryan, John
1855-11-29 Meehan Patrick   Fowler Ann   Meehan, Stephan Foley, Margaret Ryan, John
1855-11-30 Nolan William   Daley Catherine   Kielly, William Bishop, Bridget Ryan, John
1855-12-01 Flemming George ? Halleran(Hollahan?) Ann   Gibbons, Patrick Gibbons, Margaret Ryan, John


1856 The first two marriages are unreadable from paper damage


1856-01-09 Whalen Thomas   Quilty Margaret   Mahoney, Michael Burke, Ellen  
1856-04-07 Tobin Thomas   Power Ann   Peddle, John Power, Mary  
1856-04-11 Power David   Nolan Mary   Nolan, Mathias Power, Elizabeth  


1857-01-10 Kiely Edward St. Mary's Bishop Sarah St. Mary's Tobin, Thomas Tobin, Margaret Ryan, John
1857-04-19 Dinn Edward Salmonier Daley Bridget Salmonier Geoff, John Kirwin, Anastasia Ryan, John
1857-11-12 Walsh Thomas   Curtis Jane   Mooney, Patrick Walsh, Bridget  
1857-11-19 Hayward John Pt. La Haye Bishop Mary Pt. La Haye Stamp, John Stamp, Nora Ryan, John


1858-11-13 Peddle James   Dinn Ellen   Walsh, Thomas Walsh, Margaret  


1859-01-22 Whelan William   Doody Johanna   Mahoney, Michael Whalen, Ann  
1859-05-21 Trimlett William North Harbour Bonia Sarah North Harbour Bonia, Edward Culleton, Catherine Ryan, John
1859-09-30 Morrissey James St. John's Daley Mary St. Mary's Power, David Moore, Ann Ryan, John
1859-11-12 Walsh Thomas   Curtis Jane   Mooney, Patrick Walsh, Bridget  
1859-11-13 Bishop Robert St. Mary's Kiely Bridget St. Mary's Tobin, Patrick Tobin, Johanna Ryan, John
1859-11 Fagan Phillip   Connors Ann        
1859-11-16 Ryan Michael   Bippy Johanna   Christopher, James Burke, Rose  
1859-11-25 Daley James St. Mary's Rourke Bridget St. Mary's Malloy, Edward Daley, Sarah Ryan, John
1859-11-25 Bishop Edward St. Mary's Mandeville Margaret St. Mary's Ryan, Matthew Bishop, Mary Ryan, John
1859-11-25 Delury Michael   Whalen Ann   Whalen, James Walsh, Bridget  


1861-01-06 Grace Thomas   Campbell Mary   Boland, Lawrence Nolan, Mary  


1862-01-18 Whalen James   Scott Catherine   Fagan, Michael Lynch, Mary  
1862-05-29 Deveraux George   Walsh Margaret   Walsh, Thomas Walsh, Bridget  


1863-01-06 Mooney Patrick   Bowen Ann        
1863-09-20 Connors Joseph   Grant Catherine   Fagan, Michael Brown, Catherine  


1864-01-09 Walsh Edward St. Mary's Bonia Mary St. Mary's Tobin, James Fitzgerald, Ellen  
1864-11-14 Bonia Patrick   Power Ann   Power, Ann Power, Elizabeth  
1864-11-28 Nolan John Salmonier Bonia Mary Salmonier Nolan, Curtis Bonia, Ita  


1865-01-21 Tobin Patrick St. Mary's Bishop Mary St. Mary's Kiely, Matthew Kiely, Ann  
1865-11-07 King John   Grace Johanna   Nolan, Lawrence Kirwan, Anastatia  


1866-01-14 Dalton Michael   Power Ellen   Dalton, James Dalton, Mary  


1867-01-07 Quilty Edward   Davis Ellen   Power, Martin Davis, Mary  
1867-01-09 Daley Maurice St. Joseph's, Salmonier Yetman Catherine St. Mary's Goff, John Daley, Ann Ryan, John


1869-10-17 Daley James St. Joseph's, Salmonier Bishop Johanna St. Joseph's, Salmonier Daley, Maurice Daley, Bridget Ryan, John
1869-11-11 Tobin James   Halleran Bridget        
1869-11-25 St. Croix Benjamin Pt. La Haye Bishop Sarah Pt. La Haye Mooney, Thomas St. Croix, Mary Ann Ryan, John
1869-11-27 Nagel Peter St. Mary's Daley Ellen St. Mary's Lee, Owen Lee, Catherine Ryan, John


1870-01-07 Barry James   Halleran Mary        
1870-01-09 Daley Maurice Salmonier Kirwin Johannah Salmonier Daley, John Daley, Anastatia Ryan, John
1870-01-09 Bishop Daniel St. Mary's Critch Margaret St. Mary's Kiley, Michael Tobin, Mary  
1870-03-02 Linehan Patrick John's Pond Ryan Margaret Cape Dog Power, Patrick Quilty, Bridget  
1870-05-29 Bishop Robert St. Joseph's, Salmonier Cox Bridget Harbour Breton Dalsy, John Daley, Johanna (Bishop) Ryan, John
1870-10-01 Power Michael St. Mary's Bonia Johanna St. Mary's Hogan, Patrick Walsh, Margaret Ryan, John
1870-11 Grace Thomas   Coody Dorothy Bay Bulls Whalen, Michael Grace, Ann  
1870-11-26 Bishop Michael St. Mary's Burke Ellen St. Mary's Mandeville, John Fagan, Catherine Ryan, John


1871-01-08 Walsh Patrick   Lee Mary   Biggs, William Lee, Ellen  
1871-01-15 Ryan John   Mooney Mary   Power, Thomas Power, Hannah  
1871-11-25 Bonia Patrick   Lee Elizabeth   Power, Patrick Davis, Ellen Ryan, John
1871-11-25 Davis Stephen   Lee Ellen   White, John Biggs, Ann  
1871-11-28 Mooney Thomas   St. Croix Mary   Mandeville, Richard St. Croix, Catherine  
1871-12-02 Mooney John   Bishop Elizabeth   Power, John Mooney, Ellen O'Donnell, R.


1872-01-10 Molly James   White Mary   Whalen, Peter Power, Alice  
1872-01-13 Bonia William   Power Johanna   Barry, Thomas Whalen, Mary Ann O'Donnell, R.
1872-06-08 Bishop James   St. Croix Teresa   St. Croix, John Nolan, Mary Ann  
1872-10-28 Walsh Edward   English Mary Jo   Bowen, Thomas Roche, Mary  


1874-09-27 Watson Fred Hamburg Halleran Mary   Halleran, Terrence Lundrigan, Mary Ann  


1875-01-16 Biggs Patrick   Hanly Mary        
1875-10-31 Collins James   Walsh Bridget   Walsh, Thomas Bowen, William  


1876-01-29 Power Richard   Lee Sarah   Daley, Peter Lee, Elizabeth  
1876-11-26 Peddle John   Hanly Catherine   Critch, Michael Biggs, Mary  
1876-12-02 White Cyril   Mooney Theresa   Meehan, Martin St. Croix, Elizabeth  


1877-01-14 Bowen William   O'Neil Mary   Power, James Burke, Mary & Kate  
1877-05-19 Doody Bernard Mosquito Daley Mary St. Mary's Doody, Alban Daley, Margaret O'Donnell, R.
1877-11-10 Halleran Frank   Pippy Elizabeth        
1877-11-28 St. Croix Ben   Halleran Anna        


1878-04-21 Fewer John   Peddle Sarah   Power, John Power, Mary  
1878-11-30 Target Patrick   Power Hannah (nee Bonia)        


1879-01-15 Ryan John   Mooney Mary   Power, Thomas Power, Johanna  
1879-02-01 Daley Michael   Lee Elizabeth   Lee, Joseph Corcoran, Mary Ann O'Donnell, R.


1880-01-11 McGrath Gregory   Keal Mary   Power, John Bowen, Ann  
1880-01-27 Rourke Martin   Daley Elizabeth   Daley, Patrick Daley, Bridget Ann O'Donnell, R.
1880-05-23 Rourke Michael   Daley Agnes   Rourke, Thomas Daley, Mary Ann O'Donnell, R.
1880-11-20 McEacheran Matthew   Fitzgerald Ellen   Walsh, Thomas Walsh, Bridget  
1880-11-27 Hanley Patrick   Whalen Margaret   Daley, John Breen, Alice  


1881-01-15 Power William   Daley Mary   Daley, John Fagan, Bridget O'Donnell, R.


1882-01-07 Power John   Breen Ann   Walsh, John O'Neil, Hannah  
1882-01-15 Power William (1881 or 82?) Salmonier Daley Mary   Daley, Joe Fagan, Bridget  
1882-06-03 Power James   Walsh Theresa        
1882-12-02 Halleran Terrance   Martin Mary   St. Croix, Dan Ryan, Bridget  
1882-12-02 Gibbons Michael   Beesean Mary   Moriarity, Ed Martin, Mary  


1883-01-21 Fagan Michael   O'Neil Hannah        
1883-05-02 St. Croix John   Halleran Bridget        
1883-11-21 Bowen James   Power Ellen     Mooney, Minnie  


1884-01-11 Daley Patrick   Christopher Rose   Daley, Francis Christopher, Elizabeth O'Donnell, R.
1884-05-24 Walsh William   Parrot Bridget        
1884-09-09 Butler James   Halleran Bridget        
1884-10-04 Halleran Edward   Flynn Kate        


1885-05-13 Mooney Andy   Peddle Mary   Meehan, Dan Breen, Katy  
1885-11-23 Quilty Patrick   Bowen Kate   Connors, John Breen, Kate  


1886-01-11 Connors John   Bowen Anastatia   Connors, Martin Mooney, Minnie  
1886-11-15 Halleran Terrance   Mason Lizzie        


1887-11-16 Cahill Michael   Walsh Margaret   Meehan, Dan Mooney, Mary  


1890-05-09 Peddle James   Ball Elizabeth   Walsh, Patrick Whalen, Ellen  
1890-05-15 St. Croix John   Bishop Ellen   Bishop, James Bishop, Mary  


1891-11-26 Lee John   Harvey Mary   Lee, William Lee, Emelia  


1892-01-19 Bowen Michael   Bishop Anastatia   Bowen, James Bowen, Anastatia  


1894- 01-07 Dobbin Patrick   Bishop Mary   Kielly, Robert Critch, Rose Reardon, V.
1894-11-24 Gibbons William   Bonia Mary   Gibbons, Matthew Davis, Elizabeth Reardon, V.


1895-01-06 Bonia Edward   Boland Anastatia   Boland, Dominic Lee, Marth Reardon, V.


1896-11-07 Burke Francis   Bishop Alice   Burke, Michael Drohan, Mary Reardon, V.


1897-01-17 White Daniel   Daley Teresa   Hearn, Simon Mooney, Bridget Reardon, V.
1897-10-30 Tobin John Pt. La Haye Bishop Margaret Pt. La Haye Mooney, John Bishop, Veronica Reardon, V.


1899-11-02 Mooney Patrick   Tobin Mary Ann        


1900-09-16 Mooney John   Bishop Veronica        
1900-11-07 Halleran Michael   Gibbons Mary        


1902-05-26 Halleran Terrence   Harvey Ester        


1903-11-25 Molloy John   Power Rose        
1903-11-25 Breen Thomas   Bishop Elizabeth        


1905-05-29 Mahoney Peter   Power Margaret        


1906-05-10 Moriarity Edward   Halleran Gertrude        
1906-11-24 McGrath Patrick   Mooney Mary Ellen        


1910-01-29 Mooney Patrick   Gibbons Clara        
1910-05-20 Halleran Leo   White MaryEllen        


1911-11-30 Halleran John   Power Agnes        


1912-01-13 Gibbons Patrick   Halleran Nora        


1914-02-12 Halleran Vincent   Fleming Ann        


1916-11-25 Power Leo   Lee Ann        


1917-01-06 St. Croix Aiden   Halleran Bridget        


1918-01-13 St. Croix Edward   Halleran Margaret        
1918-01-13 Power David   Dobbin Vivian        


1919-01-07 Power William   Lee Mary        
1919-01-13 Gibbons Ignatius   Halleran Mary        
1919-01-20 Corcoran William   Power Mary        


1921-06-30 St. Croix Edward   Cahill Edward        


1923-12-05 Gibbons Peter   Halleran Ann        


1925-01-15 Cahill Francis   Bishop Elizabeth        
1925-05-24 Hogan John   Power Frances        


1927-01-23 Breen Joseph   Breen Catherine        


1930-11-22 Power Michael   St. Croix Catherine (nee Cahill)        


1933-06-07 Fagan Joseph   Molloy Catherine        

Originally Contributed aand Partially Transcribed by Michael Power (2004)
Updated and Completed by Patricia Balkcom (2016)

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