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St. Mary the Virgin
Curling, Bay of Islands
Partial Listing

This is a partial list of marriages for St. Mary the Virgin, Curling, Bay of Islands (1892-1930). The "Additional Info" section contains further info included on the records and personal notes, based on the info I have on persons concerned. If anyone can add additional information, or correct any errors that may appear here, please contact me. Transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt March 2004.
Year Month & Day Surname of Groom Given Names Age of Groom Parents Surname of Bride Given Names Age of Bride Parents Additional Info
1913 22-Jan ALLEN George H ? Robert ALLEN VARDY Martha Jane 23 William VARDY George's mother was Sophia (SHEPPARD) ALLEN
1903 6-Feb ALLEN Henry John 39 James ALLEN CANDOW Ann 41 John PERRETT Ann listed as widow. She was previously married to (1) Ephriam MURLEY, (2) James J CANDOW
1906 14-Feb ALLEN John 22 Robert ALLEN YOUNG Frances 20 William YOUNG wit Elizabeth COOPER, Stephen COOPER, Maria ALLAN & Kate SQUIRES; John's mother was Sophia (SHEPPARD) ALLEN
1925 7-May ALLEN Robert 33 Robert McLEOD Naomi 33 Alexander  
1892 7-Oct BALDWIN Henry 29 Thomas BALDWIN MARLEY Amanda 22 Levi MARLEY both listed living Humber River, both signed their names, witness were John COX and Levi MARLEY (both used "X " to mark their names); Amanda's mother was Mary Ann (ALLEN) MURLEY
1898 13-Mar BALDWIN John 24 Thomas BALDWIN STRICKLAND Fanny ?    
1906 30-Nov BATT George William 26 Samuel BATT PARK Mary Catherine 21 George Henry PARK George of Benoit's Cv, Mary of Lark Hr; married John's Beach; witnesses Jeremiah MITCHELL & Lillian BATT
1926 26-Mar BERKSHIRE Alfred James 23 William PARSONS Ida Frances 20 John PARSONS both listed living Corner Brook, Alfred listed as Merchant; witnesses: B LODRE, JJ WALL
1910 20-Nov BLANCHARD Joseph 24 John BLANCHARD COMPAGNON Ella 19 Michael COMPAGNON married John's Beach; Joseph living Crabbs, Ella living John's Beach
1905 13-Sep BRAKE George 25 Luke BRAKE MURLEY Maria 17 William MURLEY wit were George MOSHER, Rachel & John ROBERTSON and Joseph HYNES; Maria's mother was & Susanna (MERCER) MURLEY
1904 1-Feb BRAKE Jeremiah 29 Edward M BRAKE TAYLOR Mary Emma 19 John Charles TAYLOR Jeremiah's mother was Caroline (HUMBER) BRAKE
1889 12-Feb BRAKE John ? William BRAKE BLANCHARD Rebekah   William BLANCHARD John was recorded from Meadows; Rebekah from Aspey Beach
1895 27-Apr BRAKE John William 25 Edward Matthew BRAKE HUNT Mary Louisa 21 George Benjamin HUNT John living Meadows, Mary living Summerside; witnesses: Edward Matthew BRAKE and Sarah Boyce HUNT
1895 7-Feb BRAKE Joseph 24 William BRAKE LEWIS Jessie 25 Robert LEWIS Joseph living Meadows, Jessie living Summerside; witnesses: Louis? LEWIS & Alice RUTH
1898 19-Oct BRAKE Walter James 23 Edward BRAKE HUNT Sarah 22 George HUNT Walter listed living Meadows, Sarah in Summerside; witnesses Albert E BRAKE, Joseph H BRAKE; Emily Jane BRAKE; George HUNT?
1906 12-Dec COOPER Stephen 25 James SQUIRES Catherine 30 William SQUIRES wit Stephen Lewis, Gertrude Peters, Mary Marley, Laura Cooper, Maria Allan, Peter Doman
1922 May COOPER Stephen 40 James COOPER FLYNN Beatrice 24 George Stephen listed as widower; wit John E Stone, Robert Allan, Naomi McLeod, Nellie Murley; Stephen's mother was Lavinia (ALLEN) COOPER
1927 25-Oct COOPER Stephen 46 James COOPER MORRIS Emma Jane 23 Philip H MORRIS Stephen listed as widower, Emma born St. Georges; Stephen's mother was Lavinia (ALLEN) COOPER
1910 25-Oct DOMAN Roland 26 Peter DOMAN ALLEN Maria 24 Robert ALLEN wit Kenneth Doman, Isaac Murly, Clara Stone, Laura May Cooper; Roland's mother was Caroline (HINDS) DOMAN; Maria's mother was Sophia (SHEPPARD) ALLEN
1922 28-May DRUGGITT James P? 32 Amos DRUGGITT MURRAN Sarah Lydia 21 William MURRAN James listed widower;
1920 20-Sep EDMONDS Edward 27 Edward EDMONDS COOPER Laura 31 James COOPER wit Alice Cooper, Levi Murly, Walter Edmonds, Naomi McLeod, George H Allen and Edith Cooper; Laura's mother was Lavinia (ALLEN) COOPER
1923 24-Nov HUMBER William Thomas 52 William HUMBER BURTON Laura Josie 24 James BURTON Married John's Beach; Wm listed as widower, Baker, of Corner Brook and Laura as Teacher of Benoit's Cv; witnesess: Fred MITCHELL, ? WHEELER, Alex HUMBER and Jessie DENNIS
1919 15-Dec HUNT Arthur 24 John HUNT ABBOTT Sarah May 20 ? Sarah was from Woods Is; Arthur's parents were John Mills & Annie (MacDONALD) HUNT
1900 18-Oct HUNT Benjamin 35 George HUNT MARLEY Lavinia 28 Levi MARLEY Benjamin listed widower of Summerside, Lavinia spinster of Ballantyne Cv; Witnesses: Emma MURLY and Stephen COOPER; Lavinia's mother was Mary Ann (ALLEN) MURLEY
1930 29-May HUNT Fred 29 John HUNT BRAKE Marilla Faith 25 Jeremiah BRAKE Fred's parents were John Mills & Annie (MacDONALD) HUNT; Marilla's mother was Mary (TAYLOR) BRAKE
1893 2-Sep KNIGHT Thomas 56 John KNIGHT PAYNE Anna Elizabeth 30? James REYNOLDS both listed as widowed, wit Eliza Knight and Josiah A Young
1913 22-Jan KNIGHT Thomas 30 Edward CLARK Ursula 24 ? Edward listed as sailor, his name is written "Edwin" in other records
1903 Feb? KNIGHT William Henry 23 Edward MISSHIAN ? Elizabeth Jane ? Charles  
1892 4-Feb LOADER George Henry 29 John & Mary Ann LOADER GROVES Emily Clara 27 James GROVES, a baker George Henry listed widower; Emily as spinster; both of Summerside; witnesses Mary HUNT, Jeremiah LOADER. Mary was sister of George's first wife, Ann Elizabeth HUNT.
1909 15-May LODER George 24 George LOADER PENNY Delilah 20 Archibald PENNY George's mother was Ann Elizabeth (HUNT) LOADER
1900 8-May MARLEY Thomas 48 George MURLEY LEWIS Susannah 44 Stephen MATHIS both widowed; both living Pleasant Cv; witnesses: Sophia STONE and Charles STONE
1904   MEANEY Philip 29 John MEANEY MATTHEWS Fanny 20 James MATTHEWS Fanny's mother was Matilda (PAYNE) MATTHEWS
1904 10-Feb MITCHELL Archibald 33 James MITCHELL COMPAGNON Annie Maria 19 Michael COMPAGNON married John's Beach; witnesses Joseph A COMPAGNON, Jerry MITCHELL, Wilhelmena DERIGAN, Ida May MARSHALL
1900 4-Jul MOLLON Stephen 56 blank JOICE Rebecca 22 Robert JOICE Stephen, widower of Lark Hr, no father recorded; Rebecca of Lark Hr; witnesses Reuben LEGGO? and Reuben W LEGGO
1905 25-Jan MURLEY Elwyn 23 Thomas MURLEY CLARK Rebecca 21 Stephen CLARK both living Pleasant Cv; witnesses: Stephen CLARK, John HILYARD, Ursula CLARK & ?
1920 23-Sep PARK Simon 25 Matthew PARK PARK Emma Ellen 21 John Edward PARK married school chapel Cox's Cv; both listed living Cox's Cv
1925 28-Oct PARSONS Archibald 24 Alfred CRITCH Stella 20 Ishmal  
1923 19-Dec PARSONS George William 37 William PARSONS HUNT Lucy Isabella 21 George HUNT married Summerside; George listed widower of Trout River, Lucy spinster of Summerside; witnesses: Taylar PARSONS, Pearl PARSONS, Arthur DUVAL and Florence HUNT
1905 12-May PAWLEY Samuel 24 blank O'ROURKE Emily 19 Michael O'Rourke both listed living Birchy Cv, Emily's father listed as carpenter; Samuel as fisherman; witnesses: Richard ALLEN, Maggie O'ROURKE, Elfreda MORGAN?, ? MORGAN?, Agnes? and A W GKER?
1900 5-Jul PENNELL Charles Hugh 23 not recorded MARLEY Amanda 23 not recorded This entry was hand written in records by Henry LEGGO who performed the ceremony; no witnesses noted; Amanda's parents were Thomas Winsor & Sarah (PIKE) MURLEY
1905 25-Jan PERRETT John 42 John PERRETT KNIGHT Elizabeth 38 James REYNOLDS Elizabeth listed as widow of Thomas (Thomas KNIGHT died in 1902)
1926 14-Apr PORTER Darius Blandford 22 Henry Thomas PORTER HUNT Rachel 21 Benjamin HUNT both listed living Child's Pt; witnesses: Herbert H PORTER, Chesley HUNT, Lucy M HUNT, Myrtle PORTER, Mary E MURLEY; Blandford's mother was Dorcas Ellen (MILES) PORTER; Rachel's was Lavinia (MURLEY) HUNT
1892 12-Jan ROOTH William Henry 28 William ROOTH PYNN Josenah ? 20 William PYNN both of Summerside; witnesses ? Parsons or Penny; Alise Rooth, Joseph Rooth
1898 22-Oct SHEPPARD Jonathan 23 George? SHEPPARD SEYMOUR Melina 20 Nathaniel SEYMOUR married St James Church; both living Lark Hr; witnesses: Elizabeth Ann SHEPPARD, R? DERIGAN?, George SHEPPARD
1925 16-Dec SHEPPARD Leon 25 Jonathan BRAKE Lucy 24 Walter BRAKE Leon listed from Fox Ranch, Lark Hr
1900 29-Nov SHEPPARD Stephen 36 William SHEPPARD ROWE Elizabeth 23 James ROWE married Curling, both listed living Lark Hr; witnesses: Lizzie A? SHEPPARD and Hannah Jane SHEPPARD
1892 27-Apr STONE George Henry 21 George Henry STONE MacDONALD Catherine Barbara 19 Alexander MacDONALD both listed living Humber Sound, witnesses: Norman Angus MacDONALD, Eliza Georgina MEREDITH
1904 10-Feb STONE John Edgar 30 William STONE ALLEN Elizabeth 19 Robert ALLEN witnesses: John ALLEN, Stella STONE, John HILLYER and Maria ALLEN; Maria's mother was Sophia (SHEPPARD) ALLEN
1900 1-Feb STRICKLAND James Richard 24 John COMPAGNON Lucy 20 John COMPAGNON Married at St Ambrose's Church, John's Beach; James living Frenchman's Cv, Lucy living Wood's Is; witnesses: William H? PERRY? And Emma BROCKWAY
1906 21 Jan ? TAYLOR Alfred Lewis 23 John Charles TAYLOR BRAKE Emily Jane 23 Edward Matthew BRAKE Alfred living Summerside, Emily living Meadows; witnesses: Jeremiah BRAKE, George E DAVIS, Edith May TAYLOR
1905 1-Sep WELLS Absolom 27 James WELLS MORGAN Clara Belle 20 James MORGAN both listed living Curling; Witnesses; Thomas WELLS, Laura COOPER, Elfreda MORGAN, John WELLS

Transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (March 2004)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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