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Marriage Register of the Catholic Assumptions
of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish
1844 - 1899

St. Mary's,
St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland

Source: LDS Microfilm Reel #2169291

DATE Groom Community Bride Parents Community Wtinesses Priest
Jan 4, 1844 Maurice Daley Dungarvan Co. Waterford Mary (Whelan)   St. Mary's Edmund Walsh
Bridget Yetman
K. Walsh
Jan 15, 1852 Nicholas Carroll Placentia PB Ellen Bonia   North Harbour Patrick Harrigan
Mary Bonia
John Ryan
Jan 28, 1855 Jeremiah Bonia North Harbour Mary Nolan   Salmonier Dennis Harrigan
Ellen Burns
John Ryan
Nov 30, 1855 William Nolan St. Mary's Catherine Daley   St. Mary's William Kiely
Bridget Bishop
John Ryan
Jan 10, 1857 Edward Kiely St. Mary's Sarah Bshop   St. Mary's Thomas Tobin
Margaret Tobin
John Ryan
April 19, 1857 Edward Dinn Salmonier Bridget Daley   Salmonier John Geoff
Anastatia Kirwin
John Ryan
Nov 19, 1857 John Hayward Pt. LaHaye Mary Bishop   Pt. LaHaye John Stamp
Nora Stamp
John Ryan
May 21, 1859 William Trimlett North Harbour Sarah Bonia   North Harbour Edward Bonia
Catherine Culleton
John Ryan
Sept 30, 1859 James Morrissey St. John's Mary Daley   St. Mary's David Power
Ann Moore
John Ryan
Nov 13, 1859 Robert Bishop St. Mary's Bridget Kiely   St. Mary's Patrick Tobin
Johannah Tobin
John Ryan
Nov 25, 1859 James Daley St. Mary's Bridget Rourke   St. Mary's Edward Malloy
Sarah Daley
John Ryan
Nov 25, 1859 Edward Bishop St. Mary's Margaret Mandeville   St. Mary's Matthew Ryan
Mary Bishop
John Ryan
Jan 9, 1864 Edward Walsh St. Mary's Mary Bonia   St. Mary's James Tobin
Ellen Fitgerald
John Ryan
Nov 14, 1864 Patrick Bonia   Ann Power     John Power
Elizabeth Power
John Ryan
Nov 28, 1864 John Nolan Salmonier Mary Bonia   Salmonier Curtis Nolan
Ita Bonia
John Ryan
Jan 21, 1965 Patrick Tobin St. Mary's Mary Bishop   St. mary's Matthew Kiely
Ann Kiely
John Ryan
Jan 9, 1867 Maurice Daley St. Joseph's Salmonier Catherine Yetman Dennis Daley Mary Flynn St. Mary's John Geoff
Ann Daley
John Ryan
Oct 17, 1869 James Daley St. Joseph's Salmonier Johannah Bishop Dennis Daley Mary Flynn St. Joseph's Salmonier Maurice Daley
Bridget Daley
John Ryan
Nov 25, 1869 Benjamin St. Croix Pt. LaHaye Sarah Bishop   Pt. LaHaye Thomas Mooney
Mary Ann St. Croix
John Ryan
Nov 27, 1869 Peter Nagel St. Mary's Ellen Daley   St. Mary's Owen Lee
Catherine Lee
John Ryan
Jan 9, 1870 Maurice Daley Salmonier Johannah Kirwin   Salmonier John Daley
Anastatia Daley
John Ryan
Jan 9, 1870 Daniel Bishop St. Mary's Margaret Critch   St. Mary's Michael Kiley
Mary Tobin
John Ryan
May 29, 1870 Robert Bishop St. Joseph's Salmonier Bridget Cox   Harbour Breton John Daley
Johannah (Bishop) Daley
John Ryan
Oct 1, 1870 Michael Power St. Mary's Johannah Bonia   St. mary's Patrick Hogan
Margaret Walsh
John Ryan
Nov 26, 1870 Michael Bishop St. Mary's Ellen Burke   St. Mary's John Mandeville
Catherine Fagan
John Ryan
Nov 25, 1871 Peter Bonia   Elizabeth Lee     Patrick Power
Ellen Davis
John Ryan
Dec 2, 1871 John Mooney   Elizabeth Bishop     John Power
Ellen Mooney
R. O'Donnell
Jan 13, 1872 William Bonia   Johannah Power     Thomas Barry
Mary Ann Whelan
R. O'Donnell
June 8, 1872 James Bishop   Theresa St. Croix     John St.Croix
Mary Ann Nolan
R. O'Donnell
May 19, 1877 Bernard Doody Mosquito Mary Daley   St. Mary's Alban Doody
Margaret Daley
R. O'Donnell
Feb 1, 1879 Michael Daley   Elizabeth Lee     Joseph Lee
Mary Ann Corcoran
R. O'Donnell
Jan 27, 1880 Martin Rourke   Elizabeth Daley     Patrick Daley
Bridget Ann Daley
R. O'Donnell
May 23, 1880 Michael Rourke   Agnes Daley     Thomas Rourke
Mary Ann Daley
R. O'Donnell
Jan 15, 1881 William Power   Mary Daley     John Daley
Bridget Fagan
R. O'Donnell
Jan 19, 1892 Michael Bowen   Anastatia Bishop     James Bowen
Anastatia Bowen
R. O'Donnell
Jan 11, 1884 Patrick Daley   Rose Christopher     Francis Daley
Elizabeth Christopher
W. Ahern
May 15, 1890 John Croix   Ellen Bishop     James Bishop
Mary Bishop
R. O'Donnell
Jan 7, 1894 Patrick Dobbin   Mary Bishop     Robert Kiely
Rose Critch
V. F. Reardon
Nov 24, 1894 William Gibbons   Mary Bonia     Matthew Gibbons
Elizabeth Davis
V. F. Reardon
Jan 6, 1895 Edward Bonia   Anastatia Boland     Dominic Boland
Martha Lee
V. F. Reardon
Nov 7, 1896 Francis Burke   Alice Bishop     Michael Burke
Mary Drohan
V. F. Reardon
Jan 17, 1897 Daniel White   Teresa Daley     Simon Hern
Bridget Mooney
V. F. Reardon
Oct 30, 1897 John Tobin Pt. LaHaye Margaret Bishop   Pt. LaHaye John Mooney
Veronica Bishop
W. Jackman

Transcribed by Barbara Lawrence (October 2005)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)

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