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St. Mary's Baptisms
1843 - 1925
District of Placentia and St. Mary's

St. Mary's Baptisms
1843 - 1925

Date of Baptism Child Parents Sponsors
July 15 1843 Mary Davis William Davis  
    Bridget Peddle  
June 15 1843 Michael Cahill James Cahill Michael Mahoney
    Elizabeth Meaney Mary ……..
June 20 1843 Mary Halleran Michael Halleran Patrick Dillon
    Catherine Power Catherine Halleran
July 26 1843 Ellen Peddle John Peddle William Kielly
    Mary Power Elizaabeth Fagan
Oct 10 1843 Thomas Power John Power John Tobin
    Rose Phalen Anne Rourke
Oct 15 1843 John Halleran James Halleran John Taylor
    Ann Power Jane Halleran
Oct 26 1843 Mary Halleran Patrick Halleran Edward Walsh
    Mary Dinn Catherine Dinn
Nov 6 1843 Michael Biggs William Biggs Dave Dobbin
    Mary McGrath Johanna McGrath
Dec 20 1843 Thomas Halleran James Fagan  
    Ms. Halleran  
Dec 23 1843 Anastatia Sullivan David Sullivan David Dollard
    Mary Phelan Hanora Fitzgerald
Jan 4 1844 William Quilty John Quilty Patrick Power
    Mary Ann Davis Bridget Christopher
Jan 19 1844 Bartholomew Rourke Bart Rourke Edward Breen
    Mary Breen Martha Bower
Feb 26 1844 Catherine Yetman John Yetman James Breen
    Margaret Nolan Catherine Yetman
March 11 1844 David Tremblett Richard Tremblett David Power
    Nancy Power Nancy Power
Mar 16 1844 Mary Grace John Grace Edmund Walsh
    Mary Phalen Bridget Phalen
Apr 1 1844 Martha Critch Richard Critch Thomas Phalen
    Catherine Fewer Ann Yetman
May 5 1844 John Walsh John Walsh John Stapelton
    Mary Christopher Mary Phelan
July 26 1844 Ellen Peddle John Peddle William Hickey
    Mary Power Elizabeth Fagan
July 29 1844 William Breen John Breen James Buttler
    Mary Bowen Ann Mooney
Oct 10 1844 John Halleran James Halleran John Taylor
    Ann ?? Jane Halleran
Oct 27 1844 John Peddle John Peddle Robert Rubin
    Bridget Nolan Anastatia Bishop
Dec 18 1844 Margaret Power John Power Michael O'Rourke
C   Rose Phelan Elizabeth Fagan
Jan 17 1845 John Power William Power Jerry linehan
    Ann Hurley ?? Luch Linehan
Mar 12 1845 Michael Fagan John Fagan Pat Rourke
    Catherine Breen Elizabeth Fewer
Mar 26 1845 David Daly Maurice Daly Edward Walsh
    Mary Phalen Mary Walsh
April 5 1845 Teresa Meehan David Meehan John Cahill
    Mary Meehan Catherine Mandeville
April 7 1845 Bridget Connors Thomas Connors James Fagan
    Nancy Davis Ann Burke
Apr 8 1845 William Hawyard William Hayward John Stamp
    Mary Halleran Rose Stamp
Apr 17 1845 Ellen Critch Thomas Critch James Phelan
    Mary Mooney Ellen Christopher
May 23 1845 Margaret Power Willaim Power Patrick Walsh
  Maurice Power Hanora Lundrigan Margaret Halleran
June 5 1845 Martin Power Patrick Power John Bowen
    Johanna Grant Ann Mooney
June 12 1845 Ester Halleran Michael Halleran John O'Rourke
    Catherine Power Bride Fagan
June 15 1845 Michael Cahill James Cahill Michael Mahoney
    Betty Murray Mary Ryan
June 20 1845 Mary Halleran Michael Halleran Pat Dillon
    Catherine Power Catherine Halleran
June 27 1845 John Power William Power ………Linehan
    Ann Foley Lucy Linehan
July 15 1845 Margaret Mahoney Michael Mahoney Pat Mahoney
    Ellen Mooney Mary Kerwan
July 15 1845 Mary Davis William Davis James Phelan
    Bridget Peddle Catherine Tremblett
July 15 1845 Robert Davis William Davis James O'Brien
    Bridget Peddle Mary Tobin
Aug 3 1845 John Corcoran Edward Corcoran John Whalen
    Catherine Phalen Mary Cummings
Aug 7 1845 Johanna Mahoney Michael Mahoney Thomas White
    Ellen Mooney Mary Phalen
Oct 8 1845 Teresa Mooney John Mooney Michael Adams
    Catherine Adams Mary Tobin
Nov 15 1845 Ann Breen John Breen Pat Breen
    Mary Bowen Martha Bowen
March 28 1846 William Tremblett Richard Tremblett Maurice Bowen
    Mary Power Ann Power
Apr 5 1846 Theresa Mehan David Meehan John Cahill
    Mary Meehan Catherine Mandeville
May 3 1846 Mary Deb Curtis William Curtis Thomas Phalen
    Mary O'Quinn Mary Phelan
Aug 24 1846 Michael Fagan Steve Fagan Robert Yetman
    Bridget Phalen  
Sept 4 1846 Margaret Peddle John Peddle James Breen
    Mary Power Mary Tobin
Oct 5 1846 Ellen Daly Maurice Daly James Allen
    Mary Phalen Mary Fitzgerald
Dec 8 1846 Margaret Phelan John Phalen Stephen Fagan
    Ellen Fagan Margaret Kelly
Dec 31 1846 Ann Halleran James Halleran Thomas Stamp
    Ann Fagan Catherine Gibbons
Feb 2 1847 James Power John Power James Phalen
    Rose Phalen Bridget Hogan
Mar 1 1847 Mary Tobin John Tobin Thomas Tobin
    Nancy Cahill Bridget Tobin
March 6 1847 James Fagan John Fagan Thomas Combs
    Catherine Breen Margaret Fagan
March 20 1847 John Connors Thomas Connors John Phelan
    Ann Davis Martha Bowen
March 29 1847 Elizabeth Bishop Edmund Bishop Elizabeth Meehan
    Bridget Peddle James Peddle
May 10 1847 Patrick Power William Power Jerry Bowen
    Ann Foley ? Mary Bowen
May 29 1847 Catherine Power Patrick Power Patrick Fagan
    Johanna Grant Mary Fagan
Nov 1 1847 Ellen Peddle Robert Peddle Edward Kelly
    Bridget Nolan Sarah Bishop
Nov 11 1847 Ann Grace John Grace William Phalen
    Mary Phalen Ellen Fagan
Jan 31 1848 Thomas Mooney John Mooney John Cahill
    Cathereine Adams Mary Walsh
March 30 1848 Mary Tremblett Richard Tremblett Michael Linehan
    Mary Power Ann Ryan
Apr 2 1848 Patrick Mahoney Michael Mahoney John Wade
    Ellen Mooney Johanna Kerwan
Apr 6 1848 Sara Lee Maurice Lee Dennis Corcoran
    Margaret Peddle Elizabeth Fewer
Sept 4 1848 Richard Power William Power Dan Daly
    Hanora Hannigan ? Mary Kelly
Sept 8 1848 Lawrence Lundrigan William Lundrigan Michael Halleran
    Mary Walsh Catherine Power
Sept 11 1848 Michael Daly Maurice Daly John Rourke
    Mary Whalen Ann Whalen
Oct 13 1848 Edward Fagan Stephen Fagan John Bowen
    Bridget Whalen Nancy Bratt
Nov 9 1848 Thomas Phalen John Phalen Michael Bonia
    Ellen Fagan Bridget Fagan
1849 Joseph Dalton Patrick Dalton  
    Mary Power  
April 17 1849 Michael Halleran Michael Halleran Patrick Breen
    Catherine Power Mary Stamp
1849 Mary Bishop Edward Bishop  
    Bridget Peddle  
Aug 17 1849 William Davis William Davis James Linehan
    Bridget Peddle Ann Tremblett
Sept 4 1849 Sara Peddle Robert Peddle William Nolan
    Bridget Nolan Catherine Fewer
Jan 4 1849 Bridget Moore John Moore John Tobin
    Rose Phalen Mary Hearn
Feb 6 1849 Francis Phalen Thomas Phalen John Breen
    Mary Lee Elizabeth Nugent
Jun 29 1849 Thomas Walsh Edward Walsh Thomas Coffee
    Catherine Yetman Ellen Walsh
July 29 1849 Martha Power Patrick Power William Bowen
    Johanna Grant Catherine Mandeville
Oct 12 1849 Bridget Critch Thomas Critch William Kielly
    Mary Mooney Ann Yetman
Oct 14 1849 John Fagan John Fagan James Bowen
    Catherine Breen Ann Phalen
Aug 26 1850 Ellen Tremblett Richard Tremblett Dennis Quiqley
    Mary Power Bridget Murray
Jan 12 1851 William Culleton James Culleton James Peddle
    Mary Peddle Ellen Grace
Jan 17 1850 James Corcoran Edward Corcoran James Corcoran
    Catherine Phalen Mary Hearn
Jan 20 1850 Elizabeth Sullivan Stephen Sullivan Michael Peddle
    Mary Whalen Mary Hogan
Feb 10 1850 James Phalen John Phalen Thomas Phalen
    Ellen Fagan Bridget Fagan
Feb 13 1850 Richard St. Croix Joseph St. Croix John Cahill
    Mary Dobbin Bridget Dobbin
April 28 1850 Catherine Breen Edmund Breen Bernard Breen
    Elizabeth Connors Mary Breen
May 1 1850 Lucy Halleran James Halleran Robert Yetman
    Ann Fagan Mary St. Croix
June 20 1850 Bridget St. Croix John St. Croix William Ryan
    Ann Halleran Rose Stamp
June 25 1850 Ann Biggs William Biggs John Peddle
    Mary McGrath Mary Walsh
June 25 1850 William Mandeville William Mandeville Edward Bishop
    Helen Hollett Ann Whalen
Aug 9 1850 Patrick Grace John Grace Patrick Whalen
    Margaret Phalen Elizabeth Davis
Aug 15 1850 Johanna Power John Power Richard Holett
    Rose Phalen Margaret Fewer
Sept 21 1850 Thomas Fagan Stephen Fagan Robert Bishop
    Bridget Whalen Elizabeth Nugent
Oct 31 1850 John Peddle John Peddle Rev J Ryan
    Margaret Power Mary Fagan
Feb 24 1851 Richard Peddle John Peddle William Burke
    Margaret Lee Mary Power
Aug 25 1851 Joseph Lee Thomas Lee Henry Lee
    Margaret Peddle Rose Delurey
Feb 27 1851 Ellen Grant Edmund Grant D Burke
    Elizabeth Connors Elizabeth Grant
Mar 5 1851 Margaret Halleran Edward Halleran James Bowen
    Bridget Ryan Catherine Lundrigan
May 23 1851 Thomas Daly Maurice Daly Dan Daly
    Mary Phalen Mary Hearn
June 23 1851 Selena Ann John Phalen Dave Devine
    Ellen Vail Ann Phalen
June 24 1851 Terrence Gibbons Tim Gibbons Robert Ryan
    Elizabeth Halleran Ellen Hearn
July 10 1851 Teresa Nagle Pierce Nagle Patrick Hanlon
    Catherine Biggs Mary Cummings
July 29 1851 Phillip Breen Patrick Breen Pat Breen
    Ellen Mooney Ellen Vail
Aug 8 1851 Michael Cahill William Cahill John Cahill
    Mary Burke J James
Oct 21 1851 Ann Corcoran Edward Corcoran John Grace
    Catherine Whalen Ann Ryan
Dec 4 1851 Mary Ann Hearn John Hearn James Whalen
    Martha Whalen Ann Whalen
Mar 23 1852 Bridget Davis William Davis Edward Quiqley
    Bridget Peddle Margaret Roy
May 25 1852 Frances Power David Power Edward Linehan
    Hannah Doody Lucy Linehan
July 12 1852 Thomas Carew James Carew Stephen Davis
    Mary Power Mary McGrath
Aug 25 1852 Bridget Bishop Edward Bishop Patrick Walsh
    Bridget Peddle Mary Adams
Oct 13 1852 Mary Power William Power David Power
    Mary Healy ? Ellen Bonia
Jan 19 1852 Mary Power Patrick Power James Dobbin
    Elizabeth Grant Sara Bowen
Jan 19 1852 Catherine Adams Thomas Adams Pat Mooney
    Nancy Cahill Nancy Adams
Feb 10 1852 Francis Halleran James Halleran Martin Grant
    Ann Fagan Jane Hayward
Mar 19 1852 Michael Mahoney Michael Mahoney Edward Dinn
    Ellen Mooney Mary Roach
Apr 6 1852 John Critch Thomas Critch William Bowen
    Mary Mooney Bridget Murray
June 26 1852 Mary Sullivan Daniel Sullivan John Stapleton
    Hanna Fitzgerald Anita Christopher
July 21 1852 Mary Daly Maurice Daly Patrick Whalen
    Mary Whalen Mary Critch
Sept 1 1852 Michael Whalen John Whalen Simon Hearn
    Ellen Fagan Mary Walsh
Oct 9 1852 James Fagan Stephen Fagan Michael Mahoney
    Bridget Whalen Johanna Power
Oct 11 1852 Judith Cahill William Cahill John Vail
    Mary Burke Johanna Burke
Nov 4 1852 Alice Grace John Grace Martin Rourke
    Margaret Whalen Johanna Brown
Nov 16 1852 Ellen Tobin Patrick Tobin Martin Meehan
    Bridget Grace Jane Davis
Dec 12 1852 Edward Breen Edward Breen John Drohan
    Elizabeth Connors Mary Drohan
Feb 11 1853 James Culleton James Culleton Ben Tupps
    Margaret Peddle Mary Burke
Apr 30 1853 James Halleran Michael Halleran Lawrence O'Neil
    Catherine Power Mary Bishop
May 9 1853 John Lee Thomas Lee Henry Lee
    Margaret Peddle Mary Dinn
1853 Teresa Power William Power  
    Mary Lundrigan  
1853 Thomas Howlett Arthur Howlett  
    Margaret Power  
Jan 9 1853 William Cahill John Cahill William Tobin
    Ann Mooney Mary Adams
Feb 5 1853 Bridget Biggs William Biggs Phillip Breen
    Mary McGrath Bridget Dobbin
Mar 19 1853 Teresa St. Croix John St. Croix Joseph St. Croix
    Margaret Phalen Elizabeth Peddle
Apr 10 1853 John Breen Patrick Breen Michael Fagan
    Ann Mooney Bridget Murray
Apr 12 1853 Mary Halleran Edward Halleran Thomas Ryan
    Bridget Ryan Sara Hearn
April 26 1853 John Power John Power John Grace
    Rose Phalen Bridget Fagan
Oct 10 1853 Cornelius Sullivan Daniel Sullivan Thomas Walsh
    Hanora Fitzgerald Catherine Yetman
Nov 2 1853 Margaret Grace John Grace Francis Fewer
    Margaret Phelan Mary Walsh
Dec 21 1853 Margaret Fagan Stephen Fagan Patrick Marrie
    Bridget Phalen Ann Connors
March 15 1854 Patrick Peddle Robert Peddle Michael Kelly
    Bridget Nolan Nancy Kelly
March 25 1854 Bridget Ann Power David Power Dennis Ryan
    Hanna Doody Rose Doody
Aug 24 1854 Rose Ann Davis William Davis Patrick Linehan
    Bridget Peddle Ellen Davis
Jan 9 1854 William Cahill John Cahill William Tobin
    Ann Mooney Mary Adams
Mar 14 1854 Mary Ann Ryan William Ryan John Power
    Lucy Fagan Rose Ann Phalen
Mar 30 1854 James Breen John Breen William Burke
    Bridget ….. Mary Carol
March 30 1854 Patrick Peddle John Peddle Johanna Bonia
    Margaret Power Bridget Murray
Apr 30 1854 Patrick Fagan John Fagan John Coyle
    Catherine Breen Mary Barry
April 30 1854 Edward Biggs William Biggs Thomas White
    Mary McGrath Mary Lee
May 20 1854 Catherine Sullivan Daniel Sullivan James Davis
    Hanora Fitzgerald  
May 26 1854 John Power Patrick Power James Dobbin
    Johanna Grant Ellen Meehan
July 4 1854 Ann Daly Maurice Daly Thomas Ryan
    Mary Phelan Mary Morrissey
Aug 28 1854 Thomas Phalen John Phalen William Walsh
    Ellen Fagan Ann Phalen
Sept 24 1854 Ellen Cahill William Cahill John Connors
    Mary Burke Rose Stamp
Nov 2 1854 John St. Croix John St. Croix John Peddle
    Martha Whalen Mary Yetman
Dec 6 1854 Elizabeth Breen Edward Breen Patrick Mooney
    Eliz Connors Bridget Murray
March 4 1855 Teresa Bishop Edward Bishop Edward Dinn
    Bridget Peddle Bridget Bowen
April 22 1855 Ann Power William Power James Duncan
    Mary Daly Ann Power
July 30 1855 Ellen Culleton James Culleton Edward Molloy
    Margaret Peddle Ann Yetman
Feb 4 1855 Theresa Critch Thomas Critch Patrick Mooney
    Mary Mooney Mary Tobin
May 9 1855 Mary Power John Power Michael Halleran
    Nora Whalen (Rose ? Ellen Fitzgerald
Sept 21 1855 Margaret Daly Maurice Daly John Mooney
    Mary Phalen Ellen Fitzgerald
Nov 20 1855 Michael Halleran James Halleran Phillip Breen
    Nancy Fagan Margaret Whalen
April 24 1856 John Thomas Power David Power David Dalton
    Hanna Doody Ann Linehan
Sept 1 1856 Johanna Peddle Robert Peddle Martin Kielly
    Bridget Nolan Mary Bishop
Nov 27 1856 Johanna Joan Peddle John Peddle William Whelan
    Margaret Lee Ellen Burke
Dec 17 1855 Elizabeth Nagle Pierce Nagle Henry Lee
    Ellen Biggs Mary Delurey
Feb 15 1856 Cyril Quilty John Breen Dan Daly
    Catherine Quilty Nancy Drohan
April 29 1856 Bridget Grace John Grace Michael Mahoney
    Margaret Phalen Mary Devine
Apr 27 1856 Alice Breen Patrick Breen Thomas Walsh
    Ann Mooney Sara Rourke
April 29 1856 Bridget Grace John Grace Michael Mahoney
    Margaret Phalen Mary Devine
May 21 1856 Rose St. Croix John St. Croix John Murray
    Anastatia Whalen Mary Whalen
June 13 1856 Rose Ellen Fagan Stephen Fagan Thomas Cummings
    Bridget Phalen Mary Lundrigan
June 13 1856 Mary Breen John Breen John Cristopher
    Bridget Vail Mary Breen
June 17 1856 Edward Halleran Michael Halleran John Stamp
    Catherine Power Richard Hayward
July 4 1856 Mary Ann Phelan John Phelan William Rourke
    Ellen Fagan Jane Burke
July 19 1856 Edward Flemming George Flemming James Hayward
    Ann Halleran Catherine Gibbons
Sept 1 1856 William Cahill William Cahill James Fagan
    Mary Burke Elizabeth Fagan
Oct 24 1856 Walter Fewer William Fewer Thomas Fowler
    Mary Halleran Mary Cummings
Oct 24 1856 Alice Meehan Daniel Meehan Edward Kielly
    Mary Cahill Bridget Walsh
Nov 23 1856 Thomas Walsh William Walsh Thomas Walsh
    Anita Bowen Hanna Walsh
Mar 17 1857 Ellen Jos Bishop Edward Bishop James Daly
    Bridget Peddle Jane Curtis
Jan 30 1857 Ann Breen Edward Breen John Breen
    Elizabeth Connors Bridget Dobbin
Mar 10 1857 Mary Ann Whalen Thomas Whalen Michael Mahoney
    Margaret Quilty Ann Yetman
Mar 22 1857 Patrick Joseph Tobin Thomas Tobin Robert Bishop
    Ann Power Mary Goff
May 1 1857 Stephen Connors John Connors Michael Barry
    Bridget O'Rourke Catherine Drohn
June 1 1857 James Power Patrick Power  
    Johanna Grant  
July 23 1857 Mary Joseph Biggs William Biggs John Lee
    Mary McGrath Mary Lee
Nov 17 1857 Elizabeth Tobin Patrick Tobin Phillip Fagan
    Margaret Grace Bridget Murray
Nov 1857 Johanna St. Croix John St. Croix Ben St. Croix
    Martha Whalen Anne Dillon
Dec 2 1857 John Power David Power Matthew Nolan
    Mary Nolan Theresa Nolan
Aug 17 1858 Michael Power David Power Thomas Doody
    Hanna Doody Catherine Ryan
Apr 14 1858 John Cahill William Cahill Michael Drohan
    Mary Burke Ellen Burke
May 14 1858 Rose Daly Maurice Daly John Fewer
    Mary Whalen Ellen Biggs
May 14 1858 Peter Whalen John Whalen Michael Mahoney
    Ellen Fagan Margaret Fagan
May 16 1858 Bridget Fagan Stephen Fagan John Grace
    Bridget Whalen Catherine Lee
May 20 1858 Edward Flemming George Flemming Pat Ryan
    Hannah Halleran Theresa Hayward
June 6 1858 Margaret Breen Patrick Breen Michael Reid
    Ann Mooney Margaret Quilty
June 10 1858 Robert Halleran Michael Halleran John Hayward
    Catherine Rourke Johanna Brown
July 10 1858 John J Grace John Grace Edward Walsh
    Mary Whalen Jane Walsh
April 10 1858 Bernard Davis William Davis Jack King
    Bridget Peddle Catherine Linehan
Oct 26 1858 Margaret Whalen Thomas Whalen Edward Nolan
    Mary Quilty Mary Whalen
Nov 8 1858 William Bishop Edward Bishop John Fewer
    Bridget Peddle Mary Goff
Feb 20 1859 Mary Critch Thomas Critch Edward Bishop
    Mary Mooney Sara Bishop
March 23 1859 Richard Fewer Richard Fewer William Power
    Catherine Tremblett Ellen Tremblett
March 24 1859 Theresa Bonia Garry Bonia David Power
    Mary Nolan Bridget Power
May 23 1859 Margaret Breen Edward Breen Brian Murphy
    Elizabeth Connors Bridget Barry
Mar 26 1859 Catherine Tobin Thomas Tobin Michael Quinn
    Ann Power Bridget Daly
June 17 1859 Ellen Dalton John Dalton William Whelan
    Ellen Linehan Mary Dalton
June 19 1859 Lucy Doody John Doody James Whelan
    Mary Ann Curtis Ann Whelan
July 9 1859 Bridget Peddle John Peddle Henry Lee
    Bridget Power Ann Dillon
July 10 1859 Mary Peddle Robert Peddle Michael Brophy
    Bridget Nolan Johanna Tobin
Aug 10 1859 Emily Halleran James Halleran Edward Nolan
    Nancy Fagan Ann Connors
Aug 26 1859 Thomas Power David Power William Davis
    Mary Nolan Bridget Power
Dec 2 1859 John Whelan William Whelan Thomas Walsh
    Johanna Doody Jane Curtis
Dec 7 1859 Johanna Power William Power Edward Bowen
    Ann Hayley ??? Betsy Power
Jan 25 1860 John Walsh Edward Walsh John Walsh
    Catherine Yetman Mary Walsh
Feb 21 1860 Joseph Whelan John Whelan Bartholemew Rourke
    Ellen Fagan Anastatia Doyle
Mar 3 1860 Alice Cahill William Cahill John Breen
    Mary Burke Anastatia Drohan
March 28 1860 Patrick Power Patrick Power Thomas Nolan
    Johanna Grant Mary Nolan
April 21 1860 Mary Ann Fagan Stephen Fagan William Whelan
    Bridget Whalen Margaret Lee
April 23 1860 Patrick Daly Maurice Daly Steve Fagan
    Mary Whelan Johanna Doody
June 14 1860 Winnifred Whelan Thomas Whelan Patrick Whelan
    Margaret Quilty Mary Davis
July 8 1860 Mary Ann Tremblett William Tremblett John Power
    Sarah Bowen Mary Bowen
July 9 1860 Richard Tremblett Richard Tremblett Thomas Tremblett
    Mary Power Sarah Lord
Aug 7 1860 James Grace John Grace James Whelan
    Mary Whalen Catherine Yetman
Aug 24 1860 Dennis Ryan Michael Ryan Pat Bonia
    Mary Mooney Mary Fahey
Sept 5 1860 Patrick Bonia Jerry Bonia Patrick Delurey
    Mary Nolan Margaret Power
Sept 5 1860 Bridget Bonia Jerry Bonia William Power
    Mary Nolan Mary Dinn
Sept 27 1860 Bridget St. Croix John St. Croix Patrick Linehan
    Martha Whelan Rose Quilty
Oct 21 1860 John J Tobin Thomas Tobin Patrick Kielly
    Ann Power Mary Power
Oct 22 1860 Johanna Peddle James Peddle James Culletin
    Ellen Dinn Mary Peddle
Oct 21 1860 Andrew Boland Michael Boland Andrew Nolan
    Bridget Cahill Mary Cahill
Dec 8 1860 John Flemming George Flemming Pat Duffy
    Hannah Halleran Eliz Stamp
Dec 10 1860 Catherine Breen Pat Breen Matthew Rourke
    Ann Mooney Bridget Whalen
Dec 27 1860 Luch Linehan Edward Linehan Patrick Linehan
    Ellen McGrath Ann Power
Feb 23 1861 Peter Breen John Breen Michael Mahoney
    Bridget Lee Mary Barry
March 6 1861 Thomas J Delurey Michael Delurey James Whelan
    Ann Whelan Bridget Walsh
March 22 1861 Mary Power David Power Martin Rourke
    Johanna Daly Johanna Quilty
June 9 1861 Mary Yetman Robert Yetman Michael Whalen
    Martha Breen Rita Yetman
July 3 1861 Mary Ann Power David Power Gary Dalton
    Mary Nolan Bridget Nolan
Aug 11 1861 Thomas Whelan William Whelan John Walsh
    Johanna Doody Ann Drohan
Sept 8 1861 James Connors John Connors Daniel Devine
    Bridget Devereaux Jane Burke
Nov 3 1861 Robert Peddle Robert Peddle Patrick Dillon
    Bridget Nolan Ann Kielly
Oct 11 1861 Margaret Cahill William Cahill Pat Nolan
    Mary Burke Bridget Barry
Nov 10 1861 Catherine Breen Edward Breen Michael Drohan
    Elizabeth Connors Ann Breen
Jan 3 1862 John Joseph Bishop Edward Bishop Michael Peddle
    Bridget Peddle Margaret Daly
Jan 6 1862 Elizabeth Penney William Penney Thomas Power
    Mary Quinlan Bridget Meaney
Feb 12 1862 John Joseph Fagan Stephen Fagan Daniel Mahoney
    Bridget Whalen Elizabeth Lee
May 14 1862 Bridget Mary Phelan John Phelan Patrick Walsh
    Ellen Fagan Jane Curtis
May 15 1862 Teresa Daly Maurice Daly Michael Phelan
    Mary Phelan Bridget Rourke
July 4 1862 Martha Breen Pat Breen Dan Mahoney
    Ann Mooney Ann Bowen
July 6 1862 Francis Grace John Grace William Bonia
    Margaret Whalen Mary Corcoran
July 11 1862 Sara Halleran James Halleran Terrence Halleran
    Anastatia Fagan Sara Bowen
July 19 1862 Hanora Tobin Thoms Tobin John Mahoney
    Ann Power Margaret Firman
July 20 1862 Patrick Grace Thomas Grace John Tremblett
    Mary Cambell Mary Nolan
Aug 27 1862 Sebastien Bonia Jerry Bonia John Power
    Mary Nolan Mary Bowen
Aug 29 1862 Jane J Hearn John Hearn Michael Rourke
    Catherine Connors Mary Dalton
Oct 2 1862 Joseph Delurey Michael Delurey Andrew Fitzpatrick
    Ann Whelan Catherine Scott
Oct 20 1862 Johanna Sweeney Patrick Sweeney John Breen
    Mary Connors Johanna Quilty
Dec 4 1862 Francis Power William Power James Dalton
    Mary …Hely ? Mary Bonia
Dec 31 1862 Catherine Breen Pat Breen Bart Rourke
    Mary Bowen Theresa Quilty
March 10 1863 Thomas Whelan Thomas Whelan Michael Fagan
    Mary Quilty Bridget Pippy
July 4 1863 Bridget F Hayward John Hayward M Ryan
    Mary Bishop Johanna Power
July 5 1863 William Peddle James Peddle John Peddle
    Ellen Dinn Johanna Brown
Aug 14 1863 Mary Whelan William Whelan James Whelan
    Johanna Doody Mary Corcoran
Sept 23 1863 Michael Connors John Connors James Burke
    Mary Devereaux Mary Barry
Sept 27 1863 Catherine Murray John Murray Richard Connors
    Margaret Dinn Catherine Barry
Nov 16 1863 Elizabeth Power David Power James Drohan
    Mary Nolan Elizabeth Power
Oct 10 1863 Thersa Breen John Breen James Barry
    Bridget Vail Ellen Barry
Oct 30 1863 Agatha Breen Daniel Burke  
    Kate Breen  
Jan 3 1864 Mathew Peddle Robert Peddle Patrick Tobin
    Bridget Nolan Sarah Critch
Feb 28 1864 Elizabeth Linehan John Linehan William Bugden
    Elizabeth Nolan Ann Power
April 4 1864 Mary Cahill William Cahill Michael Mahoney
    Mary Burke Bridget Burke
April 10 1864 Stephen Fagan Phillip Fagan John Tobin
    Ann Connors Ellen Bowen
April 10 1864 Peter Fagan Phllip Fagan Joseph Fagan
    Ann Connors Elizabeth Mehan
June 10 1864 Thomas Tobin Thomas Tobin Maurice Power
    Ann Power Mary Bishop
Aug 15 1864 Mary Bridget Walsh Patrick Walsh Thomas Whelan
    Mary Walsh Mary Delurey
Sept 27 1864 David Power David Power James Christopher
    Hannah Doody Mary Dalton
Sept 27 1864 Anastatia Power David Power James Dalton
    Hannah Doody Winnie Power
March 6 1865 Patrick J Power David Power Richard Fewer
    Mary Nolan Cecillan Nolan
Feb 12 1865 Patrick Breen Pat Breen Henry Dobbin
    Mary Brown Catherine Drohan
Mar 15 1865 Thomas P Phelan Francis Phelan John Ryan
    Catherine Scott Elizabeth Nugent
Mar 26 1865 Mary Jo Mooney Andrew Mooney Pat Whalen
    Margaret Power Johanna Power
Apr 5 1865 John Mooney Patrick Mooney Michael Kennedy
    Ann Boland Mary Kennedy
March 28 1865 Rose Whalen Thomas Whalen John Lee
    Margaret Quiqly Rose Ryan
May 9 1865 Patrick Breen Pat Breen Thomas Meaney
    Ann Mooney Margaret Connors
June 6 1865 George J Carew Martin Carew Michael Whelan
    Mary McGrath Ann Carew
July 6 1866 Ann Cahill William Cahill James Burke
    Mary Burke Catherine Drohan
July 16 1865 Mary Murray Michael Murray John Williams
    Mary Halleran Ellen Mooney
Oct 22 1865 Francis Flemming George Flemming John Hayward
    Hannah Halleran Mary Hayward
Dec 17 1865 Ann Joseph Whalen John Whalen Michael Phalen
    Ellen …. Bridget Walsh
Mar 7 1866 Patrick Whalen William Whelan Thomas Whelan
    Johanna Doody Sarah Linehan
Apr 5 1866 John Mooney Patrick Mooney Michael Kennedy
    Ann Boland Mary Kennedy
Apr 27 1866 Margaret Whalen James Whalen Thomas Whalen
    Catherine Scott Elizabeth Walsh
July 12 1866 John T Bonia John Bonia Patrick Power
    Mary Nolan Anne Lee
July 14 1866 Ellen Breen John Breen Thomas Bowen
    Bridget Vail Ann Vail
July 14 1866 Francis Breen John Breen Thomas Bowen
    Bridget Vail Mary Connors
July 17 1866 Margaret Delurey Michael Delurey James Hogan
    Ann Whalen Ellen Daly
Sept 6 1866 Joseph Breen Pat Breen William Bowen
    Ann Mooney Bridget Kielly
Sept 29 1866 Patrick Murphy Patrick Murphy Martin Power
    Ann Evoy Margaret Murphy
Sept 30 1866 Edward Grace Thomas Grace Edward Quilty
    Mary Cahill Anita Korean
Nov 19 1866 Stephen Fagan Stephen Fagan Daniel Daly
    Bridget Whalen Ellen Lee
Dec 11 1866 Ambrose Dalton Michael Dalton John Ryan
    Mary Power Margaret Power
Dec 30 1866 Elizabeth Fagan Philip Fagan John Fewer
    Ann Connors Margaret Nolan
Mar 19 1867 Catherine Mooney Andrew Mooney Francis Mandeville
    Margaret Power Theresa Meehan
Apr 9 1867 Edward J Rourke John Rourke Edward Walsh
    Ellen Walsh Jane Curtis
May 26 1867 Ellen Bonia Edward Bonia James Lynch
    Catherine Power Elizabeth Lee
June 9 1867 Daniel Lewis Patrick Lewis Joseph Davis
    Ann Murphy Martha Power
June 20 1867 John Whalen Thomas Whalen Peter Nagle
    Margaret Quilty Ellen Lee
July 1 1867 Catherine Whalen James Whalen Michael Kennedy
    Catherine Scott Catherine Drohan
July 28 1867 Elizabeth McCarthy John McCarthy Patrick Murphy
    Elizabeth Whalen Mary Fewer
Aug 18 1867 Mary Ann Bennett Thomas Bennett Richard Norris
    Ellen Mooney Bridget Boland
Aug 21 1867 Mary Ann Dobbin Patrick Dobbin William Quilty
    Rose Quilty Bridget Whalen
Oct 22 1867 Thomas Breen Pat Breen Thomas Barry
    Mary Brown Catherine Barry
Jan 6 1868 Mary Flemming George Flemming John White
    Hannah Halleran Ann Christopher
Feb 20 1868 Bridget Mooney Patrick Mooney William Bowen
    Ann Bowen Margaret Nolan
Feb 26 1868 Francis Peddle James Peddle James Burke
    Ellen Dinn Theresa Yetman
April 24 1868 Patrick Dalton Michael Dalton William Power
    Ellen Power Mary Dalton
Apr 26 1868 Theresa Grace Patrick Grace Patrick Power
    Mary Fewer Elizabeth Fewer
July 12 1868 Mary F Lee Henry Lee Michael Fagan
    Mary Lee Bridget Burke
July 12 1868 Margaret Whalen William Whalen John Molloy
    Johanna Doody Ann Kielly
July 17 1868 Margaret Fagan Michael Fagan Thomas Whalen
    Gertrude Rourke Ellen Peddle
Aug 23 1868 James Cahill William Cahill Thomas Bowen
    Mary Rourke Mary Nolan
Oct 11 1868 Rose Mary Delurey Michael Delurey Thomas Walsh
    Ann Whalen Ann Grace
Oct 11 1868 Daniel Murray John Murray Patrick Mooney
    Margaret Devine Ellen Barry
Dec 24 1868 Margaret Grace Francis Grace Martin Costello
    Mary Connelly Mary Murray
Dec 24 1868 Lawrence King John King Martin Power
    Johanna Grace Mary Nolan
Feb 14 1869 Rose Ellen Mooney Andrew Mooney William Bonia
    Margaret Power Margaret Nolan
Feb 17 1869 Dennis Davis Stephen Davis Thomas Power
    Bridget McGrath Rose Vail
Aug 15 1869 Stephen Fagan Phillip Fagan John Power
    Ann Connors Mary Nolan
Aug 29 1869 Joseph Halleran Terrence Halleran George Flemming
    Sara Hearn Ann Christopher
Sept 20 1869 Mary Ann McGrath James McGrath John Pike
    Mary McGrath Martha Power
Dec 29 1869 Mary Bonia Edward Bonia John Bonia
    Catherine Power Ellen Bonia
Dec 31 1869 Bridget Power David Power Patrick Power
    Mary Nolan Catherine Nolan
Jan 6 1870 Mary Ellen Dalton Michael Dalton Francis Power
    Ellen Power Catherine Ryan
Jan 26 1870 Alice Mooney Patrick Mooney John Nolan
    Ann Bowen Ellen Rourke
Feb 5 1870 Patrick Breen John Breen Thomas Nolan
    Bridget Harvey Elizabeth Dinn
Feb 26 1870 Mary Downey Lawrence Downey Andrew Nolan
    Catherine Breen Mary Ann Dinn
March 19 1870 Martha Murphy Martin Power Jane Fowler
    Ann Murphy Ellen Murphy
April 6 1870 Robert Bishop Edward Bishop John Power
    Catherine Mandeville Anita Quilty
July 3 1870 Peter Joseph Fagan Stephen Fagan Thomas Grace
    Bridget Whalen Catherine Fagan
July 7 1870 Daniel Daly Maurice Daly Thomas Whelan
    Catherine Yetman Teresa Yetman
Aug 21 1870 Mary Ann Power Martin Power Henry Fewer
    Johanna Foley Ester Power
Aug 27 1870 Bernard Flemming George Flemming Francis Halleran
    Hannah Halleran Lucy Halleran
Sept 3 1870 John Jos Tobin James Tobin John Power
    Bridget Halleran Elizabeth Fewer
Oct 12 1870 James Power Michael Power John Power
    Johanna Bonia Mary Fitzgerald
Nov 13 1870 Ann Frances Lennon Michael Lennon Richard Costello
    Catherine Whalen Johanna Norris
Nov 27 1870 Margaret Peddle James Peddle James Culletin
    Ellen Dinn Anastatia Nolan
Dec 11 1870 Bridget Mooney Andrew Mooney Richard Mandeville
    Margaret Power Thersa St. Croix
July 3 1871 Theresa Mooney Patrick Mooney Daniel Devine
    Ann Bowen Catherine Barry
July 20 1871 David Dalton Michael Dalton Simon Walsh
    Ellen Power Mary Dalton
Aug 1 1871 William Jos Whelan Thomas Whalen Patrick Quilty
    Margaret Quilty Sara Lee
Sept 7 1871 Patrick J Delurey Michael Delurey Michael Boland
    Ann Maloney Catherine Fagan
Oct 7 1871 Margaret Yetman Matthew Yetman Patrick Grace
    Bridget Lee Margaret Grace
Nov 17 1871 Edward Jos James Peddle John Culletin
    Ellen Dinn Mary Nolan
Jan 16 1872 Patrick Bonia Edward Bonia Peter Bonia
    Catherine Power Hanna Bonia
Feb 2 1872 Susan Dinn Lawrence Dinn Michael Dinn
    Kate Breen Ester Nolan
Feb 9 1872 Rose Power David Power Rose Rourke
    Mary Nolan Michael Tremlett
Feb 9 1872 Joe Watson   Michael Halleran
  (age 26)   Kate Halleran
Feb 20 1872 Ambrose Daly Daniel Daly John Power
    Margaret Christopher Alice Carroll
Feb 24 1872 Susan Power Martin Power Patrick Power
    Johanna Foley Martha Power
March 10 1872 Francis P Grace Thomas Grace Michael Whelan
    Dorothy Coody Ann Grace
Mar 15 1872 Patrick Tobin James Tobin Daniel Hogan
    Margaret Halleran Ann Halleran
Feb 10 1873 Mary Halleran Terrence Halleran George Flemming
    Elizabeth Kent Mary Hayward
March 18 1873 Patrick Jos Mooney Thomas Mooney Edward Mandeville
    Mary St. Croix Elizabeth Meehan
Mar 27 1873 Francis Tobin James Tobin Thomas Tobin
    Margaret Halleran Ellen Sullivan
June 20 1873 Bridget Ellen Whalen Thomas Whalen David Dobbin
    Margaret Quilty Margaret Fagan
Aug 23 1873 Theresa Mooney Andrew Mooney Martin Meehan
    Margaret Power Theresa Mooney
Oct 1 1873 Maria Dinn Lawrence Dinn Patrick McCarty
    Kate Breen Theresa Bishop
Oct 19 1873 William Biggs John Biggs Thomas Tremlett
    Bridget White Mary Nolan
Nov 23 1873 Mary Jo Bishop James Bishop Michael Mandeville
    Teresa St. Croix Catherine Critch
Dec 29 1873 Frances Bonia William Bonia Thomas Walsh
    Johanna Power Mary Ann Walsh
Feb 8 1874 Margaret A Grace Thomas Grace Patrick Quilty
    Dorothy Coody Bridget Grace
Feb 10 1874 Morris Halleran Terrence Halleran George Flemming
    Elizabeth Kent Mary Hayward
April 28 1874 Elizabeth Walsh Edward Walsh Adam McKay
    Mary English Bridget Walsh
May 3 1874 John Jo Mooney Thomas Mooney Michael Cahill
    Mary St. Croix Ann Grace
June 27 1874 Mary Bridget King John King Vincent Power
    Johanna Grace Lucy Doody
Aug 12 1874 Johanna Mooney Andrew Mooney Michael Bowen
    Margaret Power Mary Mooney
Sep 29 1874 Ellen Lewis Moses Lewis Pat Stamp
    Mary Halleran Mary Halleran
Sep 30 1874 Ellen Barry James Barry Daniel Devine
    Mary Halleran Kate Eagan
Dec 28 1874 Ellen Whalen James Whalen John Bowen
    Margaret Martin Kate Doody
March 28 1875 Edward Jos Bishop James Bishop Martin Meehan
    Teresa St. Croix Mary Ann Nolan
June 24 1875 Caroline Halleran Terrence Halleran Francis Halleran
    Isabella Kent Sara Gibbons
Aug 30 1875 John Power Michael Power Peter Whalen
    Johanna Bonia Lizzy Fewer
Feb 2 1876 Mary Ann Tobin James Tobin George McGrath
    Mary Halleran Ellen Meehan
Mar 8 1876 Anne Barry James Barry John Power
    Mary Halleran Mary Ann Nolan
Mar 19 1876 Clare Mooney Mooney John St. Croix
    Mary St. Croix Theresa Mooney
April 11 1876 Mary Ann Grace Thomas Grace James Grace
    Dora Coady Mary Kennedy
Aug 2 1876 Margaret Kielly Michael Kielly John Peddle
    Ann Grace Mary Peddle
Jan 12 1877 Ben Bishop James Bishop Michael Cahill
    Theresa St. Croix Ellen Bishop
May 16 1877 Michael Biggs Patrick Biggs Maurice Daly
    Mary Hanlon Lucy Lee
June 4 1877 Peter Halleran John Flemming  
    Bridget Halleran  
July 8 1877 Catherine Barry James Barry Francis Fagan
    Mary Halleran Mary Breen
Dec 20 1877 Robert Peddle John Peddle Martin Connors
    Kate Hanley ? Ellen Dobbin
Jan 21 1878 Patrick J Whalen Thomas Whalen Phillip Breen
    Margaret Quilty Rose Fagan
March 11 1878 Michael J Bishop James Bishop Robert Peddle
    Teresa St. Croix Anastatia Bishop
April 11 1878 Thomas Tobin Thomas Tobin Thomas Kielly
    Ellen Critch Emma Stansbury
May 5 1878 Elizabeth Biggs Patrick Biggs John Peddle
    Mary Hanlon Johanna Ryan
June 29 1878 Thomas Drohan Michael Drohan James Breen
    Julia Cahill Ann Bowen
June 30 1878 Cecillia ? Halleran Terrence Halleran Terrence Halleran
    Isabela Kent Lizzie Walsh
Aug 13 1878 John Halleran Francis Halleran Joseph St. Croix
    Elizabeth Pippy Emma Stamp
Sept 9 1878 George Lee Thomas Lee James Power
    Ellen Davis Mary Ann Lee
Oct 2 1878 Winnifred Tobin James Tobin James Walsh
    Mary Halleran Bridget Walsh
Oct 16 1878 Michael Halleran Terrence Halleran Dan St. Croix
    Isabela Kent Bridget Halleran
Nov 2 1878 Catherine St. Croix Ben St. Croix Peter St. Croix
    Anne Halleran Anastatia Martin
June 17 1879 James Barry James Barry James Barry
    Mary Halleran Ellen Peddle
July 22 1879 James Joe Grace Thomas Grace James Burke
    Dorothy Coady Ellen Whalen
Aug 15 1879 John Biggs William Biggs John Barron
    Teresa Yetman Mary J Biggs
Nov 26 1879 Mary Ellen Mooney Thomas Mooney Peter White
    Mary St. Croix Johanna St. Croix
Feb 19 1880 Ambrose White John White John St. Croix
    Theresa Mooney Anastatia Bowen
March 15 1880 Richard Target Patrick Target  
    Johanna Power (widow of Michael Power)  
April 3 1880 Thomas Walsh Edward Walsh Richard Maloney
    Mary Jo English Jane Walsh
June 29 1880 Emma J St. Croix Ben St. Croix Edward Halleran
    Anne Halleran Lizzy Quinlon
June 29 1880 Peter Halleran Frank Halleran Frank Nolan
    Elizabeth Pippy Bridget Halleran
Aug 27 1880 Catherine Halleran Terry Halleran Edward Flemming
    Isabella Kent Theresa Kent
Oct 3 1880 Patrick McGrath Gregory McGrath William Yetman
    Mary Vail Theresa Dobbin
Oct 4 1880 Mary Joe Connors Thomas Connors Stephen Mandeville
    Mary Ann Lundrigan Ellen Lundrigan
Dec 28 1880 Bridget Grace Thomas Grace John Power
    Dora Coady Kate Rourke
Jan 2 1881 Mary Margaret Biggs William Biggs Dan White
    Theresa Yetamn Mary Biggs
Jan 4 1881 John Jo Barry James Barry Patrick Peddle
    Mary Halleran Mary Peddle
May 3 1881 Joseph Tobin James Tobin Thomas Hickey
    Margaret Halleran Elizabeth Meehan
June 29 1882 Mary Ellen McGrath Gregory McGrath Peter Mahoney
    Mary Vail Martha Fewer
July 1 1882 Joseph St. Croix Ben St. Croix James Halleran
    Ann Halleran Hanora Doyle
July 1 1882 James J Halleran Frank Halleran James Halleran
    Elizabeth Pippy Rose Stamp
July 23 1882 Michael J Rourke Matthew Rourke Michael Corcoran
    Ann Target Terence Fagan
July 22 1882 Emily Peddle John Peddle Peter Mandeville
    Catherine Hanlon Anastatia Critch
July 22 1882 Bridget Peddle John Peddle Richard Mandeville
    Catherine Hanlon Johanna Peddle
July 22 1882 Mary Jos Target Patrick Target  
    Johanna Power (Bonia)  
Aug 6 1882 John Joseph White John White John Mooney
    Theresa Mooney Bridget Drohan
Sept 9 1882 Mary Margaret Power John Power Thomas Drohan
    Ann Breen Hanna O'Neil
Oct 3 1882 Catherine Mooney Thomas Mooney Betty Rourke
    Mary St. Croix Ellen Breen
Oct 17 1882 Annie Connors Thomas Connors Michael Finlay
    Mary Lundrigan Catherine Breen
Jan 8 1883 Nicholas J Grace Thomas Grace Edward Boland
    Dora Coady Bridget Fagan
Jan 28 1883 John Power James Power William Walsh
    Theresa Walsh Bridget Mooney
May 11 1883 James Tobin James Tobin John Breen
    Margaret Halleran Ann Yetman
Aug 26 1883 Bridget Quilty William Quilty John Boone
    Ellen Peddle Tresa Dobbin
Oct 5 1883 Elizabeth Gibbons Patrick Gibbons Peter St. Croix
    Mary Beseau Elizabeth Quinlan
Oct 5 1883 Ambrose Halleran Michael Halleran …Gibbons
    Anastatia Martin Mary St. Croix
Oct 7 1883 Alfred Jos Bonia William Bonia Elizabeth Ryan
    Johanna Power George Meehan
Oct 29 1883 Catherine Rourke Matthew Rourke Ester Hearn
    Caroline Target John Hearn
Nov 19 1883 Augustine Halleran Terrance Halleran Terrence Halleran
    …… Martin Bridget Gibbons
Nov 23 1883 William Biggs Patrick Biggs James Whalen
    Mary Hanley Ann Hanley
Dec 29 1883 Mary Ann St. Croix Ben St. Croix James Gibbons
    Ann Halleran Mary St. Croix
Jan 1 1884 Hannah McGrath Gregory McGrath James Ryan
    Mary Vail Mary J Molloy
Jan 25 1884 Kate Walsh William Walsh Patrick Ryan
    Bridget Parrot Mary Tobin
Feb 15 1884 Thomas Hanlon Patrick Hanlon Thomas Whalen
    Mary A Whalen Johanna Hanley
March 2 1884 Matilda Biggs William Biggs Gregory Hanlon
    Teresa Yetman Hannah Lee
March 8 1884 George E Power James Power Peter Whalen
    Theresa Walsh Ellen Whalen
Mar 13 1884 James St. Croix John St. Croix Martin Ryan
    Bridget Halleran Rose Stamp
July 15 1884 Rose Ellen Power John Power Patrick Power
    Anne Breen Catherine Breen
Sept 6 1884 James Fagan Garrett Fagn Michael Adams
    Catherine Adams Margaret Drohan
Sept 18 1884 Ellen Drohan Michael Drohan Michael Drohan
    Julia Cahill Ellen Cahill
Feb 7 1885 Simon Cahill Jimmy Kearney  
    Maggie Cahill  
Feb 20 1885 Anna Walsh Joseph Walsh Edward Walsh
    Johanna Roache Mary Walsh
May 12 1885 Mary Tresa Walsh William Walsh Mrs John Power
    Bridget Parrot Martha Fewer
June 11 1885 Leo Halleran Francis Halleran James Halleran
    Elizabeth Pippy Anastatia ….
June 25 1885 Peter Bonia William Bonia John Yetman
    Johanna Power Johanna Yetman
July 15 1885 Rose Ellen Power John Power Patrick Power
    Ann Breen Catherine Breen
Aug 19 1885 Patrick Halleran Terrence Halleran Thomas Hayward
    Mary Martin Mary St. Croix
Sept 16 1885 Joseph Target Patrick Target John Bonia
    Johanna Power (Bonia) Bridget Walsh
Oct 19 1885 John Halleran Edward Halleran George Flemming
    Catherine Flynn Rose Stamp
Dec 4 1885 Lucy Halleran Michael Halleran William St. Croix
    Anastatia Martin Elizabeth Hayward
March 19 1886 Patrick J Power James Power Edward Walsh
    Theresa Walsh Mary Walsh
May 7 1886 Francis Jos Mooney Thomas Mooney Maurice Corcoran
    Maragret Fagan Elizabeth Ryan
May 8 1886 Margaret Mooney Andrew Mooney Dan meehan
    Mary Peddle Mary Mooney
Dec15 1886 John Breen John Breen William Ryan
    Ellen Walsh Ellen Corcoran
Jan 25 1887 Michael Drohan Michael Drohan Thomas Drohan
    Julia Cahill Bridget Quilty
July 8 1887 Augustus St. Croix John St. Croix John Yetman
    Bridget Halleran Mary Ann White
July 8 1887 Peter Tobin James Tobin Nora Walsh
    Margaret Halleran John Bonia
Aug 20 1887 Bernard Watson Fred Watson John Flemming
    Marg Halleran Bridget Gibbons
Sept 8 1887 Edward Power James Power Michael Dobbin
    Theresa Walsh Alice Devine
Sept 28 1887 Mary Jos Cahill Michael Cahill Mary Mooney
    Margaret Walsh Dan Meehan
Nov 4 1887 Hanora Halleran Michael Halleran Jerry Ryan
    Anastatia Martin Cecilia Halleran
Feb 5 1888 Bridget Mary Bonia William Bonia John Stapleton
    Johanna Power Elizabeth Meehan
May 6 1888 Catherine Power John Power Peter Fagan
    Anna Breen Ellen Caro
May 31 1888 Austin Breen Matthew Breen Ambrose Lee
    Bridget Fagan ………….
June 3 1888 Tom Joe St. Croix John St. Croix Frank Burke
    Bridget Halleran Lucy Stamp
July 3 1888 Angela Halleran Terrence Halleran Edward Flemming
    Elizabeth Mason Martha Wall
July 3 1888 Bridget St. Croix Ben St. Croix Frank Halleran
    Ann Halleran Mary Halleran
Aug 20 1888 Caroline Halleran Frank Halleran Albert St. Croix
    Mary Gushue Theresa Stamp
Feb 7 1889 Patrick Walsh James Walsh Patrick Bonia
    Norna Roache Rose Bonia
June 14 1889 Michael Jos Power John Power John Bonia
    Anna Breen Elizabeth Meehan
Aug 9 1889 William Cahill Michael Cahill Thomas Breen
    Elizabeth Vail Ellen Target
Oct 1 1889 Michael Jos Drohan Michael Drohan William Davis
    Julia Cahill Cecilia Murray
Dec 22 1889 Michael Halleran James Halleran Frank Gibbons
    Josephine Flynn Mary Stamp
Jan 11 1890 Michael Cahill John Cahill John Bowen
    Ellen Dobbin Bridget Dobbin
Feb 29 1890 Catherine Halleran Edward Halleran Bernard Flemming
    Catherine Flynn Bridget Neville
July 14 1890 Margaret Bonia William Bonia Joheph Fagan
    Johanna Power Bridget Mooney
Sept 28 1890 Lawrence Halleran Terrence Halleran Patrick Stamp
    Elizabeth Mason Theresa Stamp
Sept 29 1890 Albert Halleran Michael Halleran Stephen Gibbons
    Anastatia Martin Hanna Gibbons
Jan 11 1891 Nora St. Croix John St. Croix  
    Ellen Bishop  
Aug 3 1891 Ellen Breen Edward Breen  
    Johanna Corbett  
Aug 18 1891 Bridget Power John Power James Hogan
    Annie Breen Margaret Mooney
Sept 27 1891 Elizabeth Halleran Edward Halleran Patrick St. Croix
    Catherine Flynn Mary Gibbons
Oct 12 1891 William Whalen Peter Whalen  
    Elizabeth Burke  
Oct 20 1891 Mary Ida Power James Power John Mooney
    Theresa Walsh  
Dec 16 1891 James Cahill John Cahill William Mahoney
    Ellen Dobbin Mary Kearney
May 13 1892 Patrick Cahill Michael Cahill Albert Mahoney
    Elizabeth Vail Mary Vail
Aprl 5 1892 Vincent Halleran Terrence Halleran William St. Croix
    Elizabeth Mason Kate Gibbons
July 15 1892 Catherine Halleran Frank Halleran Robert Peddle
    Mary Gushue Catherine Halleran
Aug 25 1892 Cyril J Power James Power Patrick Walsh
    Theresa Walsh Mary Walsh
Sept 14 1892 Augustine Halleran Michael Halleran Bernard Flemming
    Anastatia Martin Bridget St. Croix
Dec 13 1892 Stephen Halleran James Halleran Thomas Stamp
    Josephine Flynn Bridget Neville
Jan 17 1893 Catherine Mooney Andrew Mooney Ambrose White
    Mary Peddle Mary E Mooney
Apr 3 1893 William Cahill John Cahill Edward Walsh
    Ellen Dobbin Rose Dobbin
July 24 1893 Thomas Halleran Edward Halleran William St. Croix
    Kate Flynn Bridget Bishop
Aug 14 1893 Michael Breen Edward Breen John Dobin
    Johanna Corbett James Bowen
Aug 24 1893 M Catherine Walsh John Walsh  
    Ellen Power  
Sept 8 1893 John T Lee John Lee  
    Mary Harvey  
Sept 29 1893 Edward Power John Power  
    Annie Breen  
Oct 5 1893 Stan Cahill Michael Cahill John Mooney
    Margaret Walsh Catherine Mooney
Oct 2 1893 Edward Power John Power Patrick Power
    Annie Breen Mary Ann Grace
Oct 8 1893 John Ryan    
Feb 3 1894 Joseph Peddle Robert Peddle Thomas Breen
    Mary Connors Mary Breen
Feb 16 1894 Edward J St. Croix John St. Croix  
    Ellen Bishop  
April 21 1894 John Peddle Patrick Peddle Thomas Breen
    Bridget Harney Hanna Peddle
May 15 1894 Harriet Walsh William Walsh Edward Walsh
    Bridget Parrott Margaret Power
June 13 1894 Francis Bowen James Bowen  
    Minnie Walsh  
June 27 1894 Florence Halleran Terrence Halleran John Stamp
    Elizabeth Mason Maggie Hayward
July 1 1894 Patrick Halleran Frank Halleran Stan St. Croix
    Mary Gushue Catherine St. Croix
Aug 3 1894 Madeline Halleran James Halleran Pat Stamp
    Catherine Flynn Rose Stamp
Dec 1 1894 HannaFrances Power James Power Margaret Tobin
    Theresa Walsh Dr. William Hogan
May 30 1895 Vincent Walsh James Walsh  
    Nora Roache  
Aug 16 1895 Hanna Mary Walsh John Walsh Patrick Power
    Ellen Bowen Mary Target
Nov 3 1895 Henry Lee John Lee  
    Mary Harvey  
Nov 20 1895 Vincent Mooney Andrew Mooney Pat Brophy
    Mary Peddle Margaret Bishop
Nov 26 1895 Elizabeth Power John Power  
    Annie Breen  
Nov 26 1895 Francis Cahill Michael Cahill Patrick Mooney
    Margaret Walsh Mary E Mooney
Nov 28 1895 James J Breen Edward Breen John Devlon
    Johanna Dalton Mrs. Adams
Jan 1 1896 Nicholas St. Croix John St. Croix James St. Croix
    Ellen Bishop Veronica Bishop
Feb 22 1896 Bridget Halleran Edward Halleran John Stamp
  (Annie) Catherine Halleran Kate Halleran
June 12 1896 John Cahill Michael Cahill Patrick Breen
    Elizabeth Vail Mary Quilty
Feb 15 1896 Clara Cahill Michael Cahill  
    Margaret Walsh  
July 9 1896 Mary Halleran Frank Halleran Terrence Gibbons
    Mary Gushue Mary Watson
Aug 28 1896 Mary Halleran Terrence Halleran Michael Stamp
    Elizabeth Mason Elizabeth Gibbons
Oct 24 1896 Alphonse Power James Power  
    Theresa Walsh  
Nov 16 1896 Arthur Power David Power Thomas Fagan
  (Riverhead) Bridget Grace Rose Power
Nov 27 1896 Louisa Halleran James Halleran Ambrose Halleran
    Josephine Flynn Bridget Christopher
May 28 1897 Clara Peddle Patrick Peddle John Burke
    Bridget Harney Marie St. Croix
Sept 20 1897 Bernard Lee John Lee  
    Mary Harvey  
Sept 30 1897 Michael Ryan James Ryan  
    Kate Breen  
Oct 30 1897 Leo Sullivan Michael Sullivan James Gibbons
    Sarah Boyle Mary Ann Grace
Jan 3 1898 William E Walsh John Walsh  
    Ellen Bowen  
May 12 1898 Mary Francis Power John Power  
    Ann Breen  
Nov 12 1898 Mary Power James Power  
    Theresa Walsh  
Dec 30 1898 Michael Barry James Barry  
    Mary Karney
Jan 18 1899 Allen Halleran James Halleran  
    Catherine Flynn  
Dec 20 1899 Gertrude Mooney Patrick Mooney  
    Mary Ann Tobin  
Jan 2 1900 Aloysius Halleran Terrence Halleran  
    Elizabeth Mason  
Sept 25 1900 Michael Cahill Michael Cahill  
    Margaret Walsh  
April 14 1901 Bridget Power James Power  
  Josephine) Theresa Walsh  
May 3 1901 Thomas J Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
May 26 1901 Clara M Mooney Patrick Mooney  
    Mary Tobin  
Oct 6 1901 Peter Halleran Michael Halleran  
    Mary Gibbons  
Oct 20 1901 Terrence Halleran James Halleran  
    Catherine Flynn  
Oct 1 1902 Stan Halleran Frank Halleran  
    Mary Gushue  
Jan 6 1902 Catherine B Cahill Michael Cahill  
    Margaret Walsh  
Aug 30 1903 Ellen F Halleran Michael Halleran  
    Ester Harvey  
March 7 1904 James Joseph Power James Power  
    Theresa Walsh  
Aug 15 1904 Fabian Power John T Power  
    Mary Lee  
Sept 10 1904 Mary Ann Power James Halleran  
  (Ida) Josephine Flynn  
Oct 14 1904 Austin ? Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
Nov 12 1904 Ellen F Mooney Patrick Mooney  
    Margaret Tobin  
Jan 3 1905 Ann Halleran Frank Halleran  
    Mary Gushue  
Feb 10 1905 Joseph Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
April 25 1905 Estelle Cahill Michael Cahill  
    Margaret Walsh  
May 9 1905 Michael F Halleran Michael Halleran  
    Mary Gibbons  
Sept 24 1905 Alphonse Halleran Terrence Halleran  
    Ester Harvey  
Oct 26 1905 Catherine Breen Thomas Breen  
    Elizabeth Bishop  
Nov 3 1906 Marcella Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
March 1 1907 Leo J Mahoney Peter Mahoney  
    Margaret Power  
June 1 1907 Mary Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
Aug 2 1907 Mary B Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Frances Gibbons  
Oct 12 1907 Mary Margaret Breen Thomas Breen  
    Elizabeth Bishop  
Oct 12 1907 Nicholas Halleran Terrence Halleran  
    Ester Harvey  
Nov 3 1907 Patrick Halleran James Halleran  
    Elizabeth St. Croix  
Nov 11 1907 Eta Halleran James Halleran  
    Josephine Flynn  
Sept 27 1908 Michael A Hogan William Hogan  
    Bridget Mooney  
Nov 18 1908 Alphonse McGrath Patrick McGrath  
    Mary A Mooney  
Jan 2 1909 Catherine Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
April 12 1909 Winnifred Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Frances Gibbons  
Aug 10 1909 Catherine M Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
Jan 14 1909 John Mahoney Peter Mahoney  
    Margaret Power  
Jan 26 1910 John Cahill Michael Cahill  
    Margaret Walsh  
May 6 1910 Charles Halleran Terence Halleran  
    Ester Harvey  
Oct 16 1910 Elizabeth Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
Jan 15 1911 Ronald J McGrath Patrick McGrath  
    Mary Ellen Mooney  
March 26 1911 Lucy Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Frances Gibbons  
April 10 1911 Joseph Mooney Patrick Mooney  
    Clara Gibbons  
Nov 4 1911 Catherine Power Patrick Power Frank Walsh
    Ann Walsh Mary Power
April 3 1912 Hannah Halleran Leo Halleran  
    Mary White  
May 2 1912 John J Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Florence Nolan  
June 1 1912 Helena Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
Aug 1 1912 Mary Teresa Halleran Terrence Halleran  
    Ester Harvey  
Aug 2 1912 Alphonse Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
June 3 1913 Carmel Power Patrick Power Stan Walsh
    Ann Walsh Lizzie Walsh
May 30 1913 Paul Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Frances Gibbons  
Aug 13 1913 Mary E Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Florence Nolan  
Oct 2 1913 Elizabeth Mahoney Peter Mahoney Joseph Breen
    Margaret Power Catherine Halleran
May 11 1914 Edward Halleran John Halleran  
    Agnes Porter  
Oct 12 1914 Lawrence Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
Sept 9 1914 Edward Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
Sept 9 1914 Lucy Halleran Leo Halleran  
    Ellen White  
Aug 31 1914 Jane Halleran Terrance Halleran  
    Ester Harvey  
Oct 9 1914 Hanora Mary Power Patrick Power  
    Ann Walsh  
Aug 9 1915 Sabastion Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Frances Gibbons  
Aug 27 1915 MaryRegina McGrath Patrick McGrath  
    Mary Mooney  
Dec 2 1915 Frances Halleran Leo Halleran  
    Mary White  
Dec 26 1916 Gordon Halleran Vincent Halleran  
    Anastatia Halleran  
Jan 1 1917 John F Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
Jan 26 1917 Ann Marie Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
April 2 1917 ??? Vincent Halleran  
    Frances Flemming  
Aug 8 1917 Francis J Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Florence Nolan  
Aug 31 1917 Henry McGrath Peter McGrath  
    Mary E Mooney  
March 5 1818 Gertrude Halleran Leo Halleran  
    Mary E White  
Nov 31 1918 Leona Meehan Joseph Meehan  
    Clara Cahill  
Sept 6 1918 Catherine Halleran Patrick Halleran  
    Mary O'Hare  
Jan 2 1920 Angela Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
April 20 1919 Gerald Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Florence Nolan  
Nov 27 1919 Veronica Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
Sept 16 1920 Catherine McGrath Patrick McGrath  
    Mary Ellen Mooney  
Oct 1 1920 Pauline Halleran Leo Halleran  
    Mary White  
Dec 29 1920 Loretta Halleran Vincent Halleran  
    Ann Flemming  
March 1 1920 Margaret Halleran Peter Halleran  
    Frances Gibbons  
May 21 1921 Leonard Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
Jan 12 1922 Theresa Jos Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
Feb 28 1922 Ellen Halleran John Halleran  
    Agnes Porter  
Dec 7 1923 Edward Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Bishop  
Sept 12 1925 John Molloy John Molloy  
    Rose Power  
Jan 28 1925 Thomas Mooney John Mooney  
    Veronica Mooney  

Contributed and Transcribed by Michael Power (October 2004)

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