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St. Mary the Virgin
Curling, Bay of Islands
Partial Listing

Partial List of Baptisms for St Mary the Virgin, Curling, Bay of Islands from 1880-1903. This information has been compiled from two different sources: baptismal entries & the list of godparents found in the Parish records. Some entries included the date of birth, others the date of baptism, and some included both. All records should be verified with the original entries to ensure accuracy. Transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt March 25, 2004
Year Born Month & Day Born Date Baptised Surname Given Names Parents Names Comments
1891 14-Dec   ALLEN Arthur Leslie Keziah ALLEN remark "illeg."
1891 6-Jun 29-Jun ALLEN Bertha Alice Samuel and Rosanna ALLEN Samuel ALLEN married Rosanna STONE in 1891
1885 16-Feb 15 Mar 1885 ALLEN Elizabeth Ann Robert & Sophia ALLEN Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents at bpt Minnie MacKENZIE, Ada BURROWS, George PERRETT
1889 9-Jun Jun 1889 ALLEN George Henry Robert & Sophia ALLEN godparents at bapt: Charles & Mrs PARSONS, George HUNT; born Balantyne's Cove, father listed as fisherman.
1883 15-Jul 29 Jul 1883 ALLEN John Robert & Sophia ALLEN Living Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents John C & Joseph GF BAGG, Susannah PARSONS
1886 25-Nov 26 Dec 1886 ALLEN Maria Robert & Sophia ALLEN Ballantynes Cove, father fisherman. godparents James ALLEN & Lavinia COOPER, Julia Anne MAIDEN
    8 Jun 1880 ALLEN Richard James & Elizabeth ALLEN New Road, Humber Sound; father farm labourer. godparents at bapt: Michael OROURKE, Richard WEIR, Ann Elizabeth HUNT
    Dec 1890 ALLEN Robert Robert & Sophia ALLEN godparents at bapt: Isaac PARSONS, A. BAGG and A. MURLEY.
    27 Jul 1897 ANDERSON Daniel Douglas John & Mabella ANDERSON Irishtown, father fisherman
1900 13-Jun 5 Nov, 1900 ANDERSON George Edward William & Mary ANDERSON Irish Town, father fisherman
1892 27-Feb 14 Aug 1892 ANDERSON Lillie Ann George & Laura ANDERSON Humber Sound, father fisherman
    07 Oct, 1900 BAGG Augusta Clarissa John & Susannah BAGG Birchy Cv, Merchant
1880 Mar 1880 BAILEY John Richard John & Elizabeth BAILEY godparents Michael COMPAGNON, John PARK, Ellen J (?or T) COMPAGNON
    1883 BAILEY Thomas Albert John & Elizabeth BAILEY godparents: John STRICKLAND, Samuel DERIGAN, Anna BROCKWAY. Received 11 Feb 1883
1899 20-May 06 Jun 1899 BALDWIN Helena Maud Henry & Amanda BALDWIN Bay of Islands, father fisherman, noted: Jun 6 R July 2.
    1884 BARTLETT Annie Emmeline Isaac Wm & Elizabeth Ann BARTLETT godparents: Mrs BAGG, George & Ann LOADER.
1886 22-Mar 16 May 1886 BARTLETT Effie Maud Isaac W & Elizabeth Ann BARTLETT Humber Sound, Sergeant in the Constabulary. godparents: Joseph MEREDITH, Mary KNIGHT, Elizabeth PARSONS
1882 Oct 22 Oct 1882 BARTLETT Emily Lavina Isaac William & Elizabeth Ann BARTLETT Humber Sound, father Constable. godparents: Alice FILATRE, Charlotte COX, John BAGG
1880   16 May 1880 BARTLETT Walter James Isaac William & Elizabeth Ann BARTLETT Humber Sound, father Police Sergeant
    1884 BATT William Samuel & Martha Jane BATT
godparents: Robert & Sophia ALLEN, Joshua SHEPHERD
1882 Aug 17 Sept 1882 BATT Amy Jane Samuel & Martha BATT Humber Sound, father fisherman. Rec into congregation 17 Sept 1882
1886 20-Feb 04 Apr 1886 BATT Bertha Elizabeth Samuel & Martha Jane BATT Humber Sound, father fisherman; godparents: Minnie EIRTT, Mary PARSONS, Henry MITCHELL
1889 23-May 21 Jul 1889 BATT Effie Mabel Samuel & Martha J BATT Benoit's Cove, father fisherman; godparents: Mrs MITCHELL, Mrs J DERIGAN, Samuel PARK
    1887 BATT Francis Samuel & Martha Jane BATT godparents: Ellen COMPAGNON, John COMPAGNON, Henry BAILEY (?)
    1889 BLANCHARD Diana Catherine John & Susannah BLANCHARD Mrs Jas STRICKLAND, Emily BRAKE, John TUCKER
    1889 BLANCHARD Charles Edward Luke & Elizabeth Jane BLANCHARD Mr & Mrs John PARSONS, Thomas DERIGAN
1880 31-Mar 1880 BLANCHARD Elizabeth Catharine John & Harriet BLANCHARD godparents: Absalom BLANCHARD, Mrs Jos BLANCHARD, Mrs Maurice WELLER
    1884 BLANCHARD John Albert John & Susannah BLANCHARD godparents:William & Mrs WELLER (F C), John Park (V B)
1898 22-Oct 2 Jul 1899 BLANCHARD Joseph Albert Joseph Henry & Elizabeth BLANCHARD Farm, father fisherman, noted Received after private baptism
1880 13-Feb 1880 BLANCHARD William Richard Joseph & Elizabeth BLANCHARD godparents: Henry COMPAGNON, Maurice DERIGAN, Rebekah BLANCHARD
    1882 BLANCHARD William Thomas John & Susannah BLANCHARD godparents: George WELLER, William VARDY, Rebecca BLANCHARD
    4 Aug 1897 BLANCHARD William Thomas Joseph & Elizabeth BLANCHARD Farm, father fisherman
1885 27-Oct 1885 BRAKE Alfred Francis Edward Matthew & Caroline BRAKE godparents at bapt: Ann COOK, Joseph BAGG, George WELLER.
    1882 BRAKE Alice Luke & Elizabeth BRAKE godparents: Michael OROURKE, Sarah PARK, Jane BRAKE
    1889 BRAKE Charles John & Olivia BRAKE private bpt
    1882 BRAKE Emily Jane Edward & Caroline BRAKE godparents: Jeremiah LODER, Edith DAVIS, Jane BRAKE
1887 8-Oct 11 Dec 1887 BRAKE Emma Beatrice Edward & Josephine BRAKE River Head, father fisherman. No godparents recorded.
1880 27-Mar 1880 BRAKE George Luke & Elizabeth BRAKE godparents Wm STRICKLAND Jr, Cornelius BRAKE, Mrs Willis PENNY
1887 28-Dec 11 Mar 1888 BRAKE Luke Luke & Elizabeth BRAKE River Head, father fisherman. godparents: Mrs BRAKE (Olivia), Albert LOADER, Manoah BALLAM
1880 8-Feb 28 Mar 1880 BRAKE Martha Jane Edward & Josephine BRAKE River Head, Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Cornelius BRAKE, Jane BRAKE
1889 29-Sep 27 Oct 1889 BRAKE Mary Elizabeth Edward & Josephine BRAKE River Head, father fisherman; godparents Mrs LEGGO, Mrs John BRAKE, Capt PARSONS
1883 17-Sep 07 Oct 1883 BRAKE Sarah Edward & Josephine BRAKE Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: Sarah PARK, Jemima LOADER, John C BAGG
1881 28-Jan 1881 BRAKE Sarah Ann William & Charlotte BRAKE godparents at bapt: Rebekah BLANCHARD, Jemima LODER, Cornelius BRAKE
1883 8-Dec 1884 BRAKE Thomas Albert William & Charlotte BRAKE born Meadows Pt. godparents at bapt: Albert BRAKE, Jeremiah LOADER, Mary Ann YOUNG
    1882 BRAKE William Henry John & Olivia BRAKE godparents: Albert LODER, Henry HARRIS, Jane BRAKE
    1882 BROCKWAY Eliza Ellen Jane Henry & Maria BROCKWAY godparents: Hannah BROCKWAY, Mary Ann DERIGAN, Wm STRICKLAND Jr
1898 6-May 24 Jul 1898 BROUND? George Thomas? William & Frances BROUND ? Shoal Point, father fisherman
1898 5-Jan 17 Jul 1898 BUFFETT Martha Elizabeth Peter & Selina BUFFETT Chimney Shoal/School? Point, Chimney Cove, father fisherman
    4 Jan 1880 BUTT Mary Ann Samuel & Susannah BUTT N Side R Humber, father fisherman
    1888 CHILDS Richard Walter George & Louisa CHILDS Mrs COMPAGNON, ??? CHILD & ???TUCKER
1885 25-Dec 31 Jan 1886 CLARKE Ada Stephen & Sarah Jane CLARKE Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: Julia Ann CLARKE, Julia MAYDEN, Benjamin HUNT
    1882 CLARKE Robert Susan CLARKE godparents: George LODER, Wm YOUNG, Mrs W YOUNG
1878 16-Sep 11 Aug 1884 CLARKE or WEIR Hayward Weir Susan CLARKE Illegitimate written by name, Humber Sound
1889 14-Apr 28 Apr 1889 COMPAGNON Emma Jane Michael & Ellen Jane COMPAGNON John's Beach, father fisherman
1903 22-Jun 22 Jun, 1903 COMPAGNON Joseph Walter John & Alice COMPAGNON John's Beach, father fisherman
1880 26-Apr 1880 COMPAGNON William Thomas Michael & Ellen Jane COMPAGNON godparents: Michael BROCKWAY, John BAILEY, Elgina? COMPAGNON
1883 5-Jul 29 Jul 1883 COOPER Elizabeth James & Lavinia COOPER Living Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents James PARSONS, Ann HUNT, Celia Ann MANCELL
1886 21-Jan 21 Feb 1886 COOPER Ellen Deane James & Lavinia COOPER Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Julia Ann CLARKE, Julia Ann MAYDEN?, John HUNT
    1883 COOPER John Jordan & Mahalah COOPER Rec Nov 11 1883. godparents: Levi MARLEY, Peter DOMAN, Susannah PARSONS
    1888 COOPER Laura May James & Lavinia COOPER God parents: Sophia & Robert ALLEN, Julia Ann MEADEN
1881 20-Apr 23-Feb COOPER Stephen James & Lavinia COOPER godparents at bapt: Mrs & Richard WIER, James ALLEN
1880 25-Dec 1880 COOPER William James Jordan & Mahalah COOPER godparents: Robert ALLEN, Thomas MARLEY, Lavinia COOPER
    1885 COX James George & Elizabeth COX godparents: John COX, Amos PARK, Mrs Wm PARK (M Arm)
    1886 CUNNING Alice Jane John & Frances CUNNING godparents: Samuel R BALLAM, Mrs LEGGO, Mrs Joshua SHEPHERD
1880 26-Aug 5-Sep CURLING Joseph Rev Joseph James & Emily Marion CURLING godparents at bapt: Rev JF PHELPS, Herbert W DALTON, Mrs WB GRIEVE
1899 12-Aug 26 Dec 1899 DAVIS Ada Jane George Absalom & Alice DAVIS Summerside, father fisherman
1884 29-Nov 1 Feb 1885 DAVIS Anna Belle Edward Pakenham & Alice DAVIS Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: Cornelius BRAKE, C.A. MAUCELL, Susannah PARSONS
    27 Jul 1897 DAVIS Charles Harold George & Alice DAVIS Davis Cove, father fisherman, received Aug at Summerside
    1887 DAVIS George Edward Edward & Alice DAVIS godparents: Mr & Mrs PARSONS Sr, John W BRAKE
1885 28-Dec 29 Dec 1885 DAVIS Jane Edward & Alice DAVIS Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Albert BRAKE, Miss S F ROBINSON and Ada BURROWS.Rec 14.3.1886
    1885 DeGROUCHY Ballam ? & Elizabeth DEGROUCHY godparents: Thomas KNIGHT
1886 7-Jan 14 Mar 1886 DeGROUCHY Emma Miriam Joshua & Elizabeth DeGROUCHY Humber Sound, father Seaman. godparents: Samuel & Mrs BALLAM, Clarissa MESSERVEY
1884 8-Nov 4 Jan 1885 DeGROUCHY Samuel Robert Ballam Joshua & Elizabeth DeGROUCHY Humber Sound, father Seaman
    12 Jul 1892 DENNIS Selina Ann Joseph Henry & Mary Catherine DENNIS John's Beach, father fisherman
    1883 DERIGAN Alice Caroline John & Amy DERIGAN godparents: Joshua GROUCHY, Rebekah BLANCHARD, Susanna MITCHELL
    1886 DERIGAN Samuel James Mary Ann DERIGAN (illegitmate) godparents: Edward & Katharine PARK, John SHEPPARD
    1886 DERIGAN Wilhemina John & Emma DERIGAN godparents: Geo WELLER, Mary PARK, Martha Jane BATT
    1889 DERIGAN William Thomas John & Emma DERIGAN Mrs Wm WELLS, George PARK, John J COMPAGNON
1887     DOMAN Alexander Peter & Caroline DOMAN  
    15 Aug 1880 DOMAN Cicily Maude Peter & Caroline DOMAN Ballantynes Cove, Humber Sound, father fisherman
1882 Sep 22 Oct 1882 DOMAN Ida Peter & Caroline DOMAN Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: Thomas DOMAN, Ida WEIR, Amelia LODER
1884 14-Sep   DOMAN Joseph Roland Peter & Caroline DOMAN  
    Oct 1889 DOMAN Peter Kenneth Peter & Caroline DOMAN Humber River, father fisherman. godparents Wm STONE, Thos WELLS and Mrs W STONE
    1887 DRUGGET Adelaide Drugget Amos & Alice DRUGGET godparents: James DRUGGET, Mary SHEPPARD, Victoria SHEPPARD
    1888 DRUGGET Milly Jane James & Mary Ann DRUGGET godparents: Elizabeth PARK, Victoria SHEPPARD, Amos DRUGGET
1880 5-Apr 1880 EDMONDES James Henry Edward & Jeannette EDMONDES godparents: William H BAGG, John ALLEN, Mrs GILLETT
1882 Aug 17 Sept 1882 EDMONDES Thomas Edward & Jeanette EDMONDES Humber Sound, father fisherman
1879 15-Oct 28 Mar 1880 EDMONDES William Thomas Harry & Eliza Ann EDMONDES Child's Point, Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents John ALLEN, James COOPER, Lavinia ALLEN
    1888 EDMONDS Emma Marion Edward & Janet EDMONDS God parents: Mrs PERRETT, Mrs GRAHAM, W CLARK
    1886 EDMONDS George Edmund Edward Edmund & Janet EDMUNDS godparents:Wm MORLEY, John BAGG, Olivia MORGAN
1882 16-Jan 25 Feb, 1883 EIRTT John Percy John Stevens & Anna Teresa EIRTT Humber Sound, Merchant. godparents: W.H.BAGG, C.E. PARSONS, Mrs CURLING
    1887 EIRTT William Thompson John S & Anna T EIRTT godparents: F W COLLEY, Henry COMPAGNON, Mrs MITCHELL
1882 10-Apr 1 Apr 1883 GENNIX (?) Leonard James & Clara GENNIX(?) Woody Island, Bay of Islands, father fisherman
    17 Jul 1898 GILLINGHAM Thomas Francis Samuel & Selina GILLINGHAM Chimney Cove, father fisherman
1882 Sep 20 Sept 1882 GROUCHY Albert Edward Joshua & Elizabeth GROUCHY Humber Sound, father Mariner. godparents: George LODER, Richard WEIR, Ada BURROWS
    1885 HELYER Samuel Richard & Martha HELYER godparents: Joseph CLARKE, Benjamin HUNT, Jemina LOADER
1885 19-Jan 22 Feb 1885 HINDS Joseph James Keating & Catharine HINDS Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents James ALLEN, Joseph DUKE, Julia MAYDEN
1887 1-Mar 1887 HINDS Susannah Spracklin Catherine & William Keating HINDS godparents: A MORGAN, Emma Jane HINDS, Lewis J? HINDS
1903 18-Jun 28 June, 1903 HIRIGEYNE ? Hilary John Pierre & Annie HIRIGEYNE Lark Hr, father fisherman
1898 22-May 17Jul 1898 HUNT Alice Jane Benjamin & Alice HUNT born at Summerside and baptised at Chimney Cove, father listed as fisherman.
    27 Jul 1897 HUNT Elizabeth Helena John & Annie HUNT baptised in the school at Summerside, father fisherman.
1895 28-Jul 06 Oct 1895 HUNT Ephenia John & Anne HUNT Summerside, father fisherman
1899 1-Dec 26 Dec 1899 HUNT Frederick John & Annie HUNT Summerside, father fisherman.
1892 2-May 14 Aug 1892 HUNT Lucy May John Mills & Annie HUNT Summerside, father fisherman. godparents Ben HUNT, Belinda MacDONALD and Mary HUNT
1903 30-May 05 July, 1903 HUNT Lucy Mells Benjamin & Lavinia HUNT recd July 12, 1903; born Giles Point, father fisherman ( name was Lucy Mills HUNT)
    17 Mar 1880 JOYCE Abraham Robert & Milly JOYCE Lark Hr, father fisherman, note: bpt by mother, received into congregation on 17 March
1899 28-May 30 June 1899 KNIGHT George William Thomas & Elizabeth KNIGHT Bay of Islands, father fisherman, received after Lay Baptism
1883 1-Jan 18 Feb 1883 KNIGHT James Thomas Edw G C & Susanna KNIGHT Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: W.H. BAGG, James PARSONS, Marcella MESSERVEY
    1889 LEE Philip Joseph & Mary A LEE blank
    1883 LEGGE Isabella Jane Solomon & Isabella LEGGE godparents: E Victoria, Mary and Herbert SHEPPARD
    1883 LEGGE Elizabeth Catharine Solomon & Isabella LEGGE godparents: Catharine PARK, Elizabeth MOLLON, Richard SHEPPARD
1880 13-Nov 1880 LEGGE George Charles Solomon & Isabella LEGGE godparents: Victoria LEGGE, John SHEPPARD, Richard SHEPPARD
    1883 LEGGO Ellen Marian Reuben & Phoebe LEGGO godparents. W.H. BAGG, Mrs BALLAM, Mrs HANN
1892 3-Jun 14 Aug 1892 LeMOINE Susannah Ethel John C & Victoria LeMOINE Birchy Cove, father fisherman
1884 23-Apr 06 Jul 1884 LEWIS Edith Alice William & Susannah LEWIS Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: Augustus BAGG, Mary KNIGHT, Mrs OROURKE
    06 Aug 1889 LEWIS Henry Daniel William & Susannah LEWIS Humber Sound, father fisherman; godparents Peter DOMAN, Samuel BORCHAM?, Emma Jane GEORGE
1886 29-Sep 14 Nov 1886 LEWIS Stephen William & Susannah LEWIS Sprucy Point, father fistherman. godparents: Charles HANN, Bertie MESSERVEY
1891 6-Aug 06 Aug 1891 LILLY Cyril George Richard and Rosa LILLY Humber Sound, Magistrated, bpt privately, died same night. Note: 1891 date on baptism, but entry was between two other entries for 1889
1884 16-Dec 25 Jan 1885 LOADER George Albert George & Ann LOADER Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: Edward M BRAKE, George HUNT, Jemima LOADER
1899 25-Sep 16 Oct 1899 LOADER John George Henry & Catherine LOADER Summerside, father fisherman
    1883 LOADER Mary Frances John & Dorcas LOADER godparents: Jeremiah & Rosanah LOADER, Ann HUNT
1886 10-Jan 22 Jan 1886 LOADER Walter Joseph George & Ann LOADER Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Jere??th LOADER, John C BAGG, Mrs JJ CURLING. Rec 21.3.1886
    1889 LODER John William George & Amelia LODER blank
    1882 LOVELL Elizabeth Alice Thomas & Mary LOVELL godparents: Thomas PARK, Maria MORGAN, Mrs John PARSONS
1881 22-Dec 8 Apr 1883 MacDONALD Daniel Hugh Alexander & Catherine MacDONALD Humber Sound, father fisherman
1900 30-Oct 05 Nov, 1900 MacDONALD Emmie John Daniel & Minnie MacDONALD Irish Town, father fisherman
    1885 MACDONALD Hattie Alice Alexander & Catharine MACDONALD godparents: Joshua SHEPHERD, Ann MURLEY, Mrs Edw EDMONDES
1886 16-May 19 Sept 1886 MacLEOD Leah Alexander and Mary Ann MacLEOD godparents: Mr & Mrs OROURKE, Elizabeth ALLEN; listed living Valentines Cove, father labourer
    1884 MacLEOD Levi Shepherd Alexander and Mary Ann MacLEOD godparents: Mrs Levi SHEPHERD, Joshua & Stewart SHEPHERD
1884 9-Jan 1884 MARLEY Alfred James & Emma MARLEY godparents: Julia MAYDEN, Levi SHEPHERD Jr, Augustus BAGG (surname is MURLEY)
1887 15-Jun 18 Jul 1897 MARLEY Alfred Lional Samuel & Eliza MARLEY Pleasant Cove, father fisherman (surname is MURLEY)
1883 20-Jul 30 Sept 1883 MARLEY Amanda William & Susanna MARLEY Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents at bapt: Ida WEIR, Julia MAYDEN, Levi SHEPHERD (surname is MURLEY)
1883 9-Oct 11 Nov 1883 MARLEY Andrew Thomas & Sarah MARLEY Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents at bapt: Absalom NOSEWORTHY, Michael OROURKE, Mrs Levi MARLEY; died 1888. Age 5 yr (surname is MURLEY)
1888 22-Oct 6 Jan 1895 MARLEY Catherine Wilhelmina William & Susanna MARLEY godparents at bapt: Reuben LEGGO, Norah TUCKER & Mary BALLARD.(surname is MURLEY)
1880 19-Feb 28 Mar 1880 MARLEY Edith Thomas & Sarah MARLEY Edith Maud was born Pleasant Cove, Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Levi MARLEY, Emma NOSEWORTHY, Edith DANCEY (surname is MURLEY)
1882 29-May 22 Oct 1882 MARLEY Ellen Levi & Mary Ann MARLEY Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Jordan & Mahalla COOPER, Ann HUNT. Received into congregation 22 Oct 1882 (surname is MURLEY)
1882 19-Feb 1882 MARLEY Elwin Thomas & Sarah MARLEY of Pleasant Cove, Humber Sound; godparents at bapt: WH BAGG, Thomas KNIGHT, Elizabeth FLELOTT? (surname is MURLEY)
1883 3-Feb 18 Mar 1882 MARLEY George Ephraim & Harriet Ann MARLEY Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Thomas, Alfred & Mrs Levi MARLEY (surname is MURLEY)
1882 24-Jan 1882 MARLEY Isaac James & Emma MARLEY godparents at bapt: Ephraim MARLEY, Robert ALLEN, Lavinia COOPER (surname is MURLEY)
1881 25-Jan 1881 MARLEY Mary Grace William & Susannah MARLEY father fisherman of Child’s Pt, Humber Sound. godparents: Mrs Ths & Ephraim MARLEY, Harriet Ann PERRETT (surname is MURLEY)
1889   20 Oct 1889 MARLEY Sophia Levi & Mary Ann MARLEY Humber River, father fisherman. godparents Mrs R ALLEN, Sam ALLEN & Rosanna STONE (surname is MURLEY)
1891 22-Nov   MARLEY Thomas Thomas & Sarah MARLEY born Petrie Cv, the youngest child of Thomas Winsor MURLEY and Sarah PIKE. He drowned in the Gulf of St Lawrence in 1913. (surname is MURLEY)
    1882 MARSHALL Anna Maude William & Jessie MARSHALL twin to Ida. godparents: WH BAGG, ? SHEPPHERD
    1882 MARSHALL Ida May William & Jessie MARSHALL godparents: Amelia WHITE, Ann HUNT, JC GRUCHY
1884 26-Apr 15 Aug 1884 MATTHEWS Fanny James & Matilda MATTHEWS Chimney Cove, father fisherman
1858   18 Jul 1886 MERCER Susanna Levi & Mary "hypothetical" written next to bpt date & birth year written in another pen; father fisherman, Humber Sound; Witnesses: Mrs. JJ CURLING, Lizzie PARSONS, Michael L OROURKE.
1887 1-Mar 1887 MEREDITH Thomas Clifford Joseph Clifford & Marion MEREDITH godparents: Henry ALLEN, Thos MURLEY, Eliz WELLS
1883 17-Jan 25 Mar 1883 MERIDETH Joseph James Joseph Clifford & Marion MERIDETH Humber Sound, father Clerk. godparents: Wm H BAGG, Thomas DOMAN, Mrs Peter DOMAN
    8 Feb 1880 MITCHELL Frederick James & Mary Ann MITCHELL John's Beach, Humber Sounds, father fisherman
1888 7-Feb 1888 MOLLON Ruth Stephen & Caroline MOLLON Lark Harbour, father fisherman. godparents: Leah & Sarah SHEPPARD, George MOLLON
1880 17-Nov 1880 MORGAN John Edward Edward & Fanny MORGAN godparents: Elizabeth MORGAN, William STRICKLAND, Joel WELLER
1884 17-Aug 07 Dec 1884 MORRISON Isabella Maclean Alexander & Elizabeth MORRISON Humber Sound, father fisherman
    1886 MORRISON Martha Jane? Alexander & Elizabeth MORRISON godparents: Mrs DUKE, Alexander READE?
1886 24-Feb 1888 MURLEY Ann James & Emma MURLEY godparents at bapt: Ann MURLEY, Julia MURDEN, Henry ALLEN; born Poverty Cv; father listed as fisherman.
1885 4-Nov 18 Dec 1885 MURLEY Edward James & Emma MURLEY Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Joseph MEREDITH, Joseph DUKE, Mary Ann MURLEY
1887 19-Oct 18 Dec 1887 MURLEY Eliza Lily Thomas & Sarah MURLEY Poverty Cove, father fisherman. No godparents recorded.
1900 3-Oct 04 Nov, 1900 MURLEY Gordon Samuel & Eliza MURLEY Pleasant Cove, father fisherman
1887 12-Aug 11 Dec 1887 MURLEY Harriet Ellen Levi & Mary Ann MURLEY Poverty Cove, father fisherman. No godparents recorded.
1897 2-Aug 02 Aug 1897 MURLEY Hughie Amanda MURLEY Pleasant Cove
1885 12-Feb 1885 MURLEY Levi Levi & Mary Ann MURLEY Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents James ALLEN, Elizabeth A PARSONS
1888 23-Sep 18 Nov 1888 MURLEY Maria William & Susanna MURLEY godparents at bapt: James HUSSEY, Amanda MURLEY, Caroline DUKES; born Humber Sound
1885 4-Oct 1885 MURLEY Rachel Thomas & Sarah MURLEY Humber Sound, father fisherman.godparents at bapt: Levi MURLEY, Mrs NOSEWORTHY, Mary KNIGHT
1886 22-Jan 02 Mar 1886 MURLY Emily William & Susannah MURLY Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents at bapt: Robert & Mrs R ALLEN and Mrs DUKE. Rec'd 21.3.86.
1885 9-May   NOSEWORTHY Emma Dora Absalom & Emma NOSEWORTHY Absalom NOSEWORTHY married Emma DOMAN in 1873
    11 Jan 1880 NOSEWORTHY Susannah Jane Absalom & Emma NOSEWORTHY Sprucy Point, Humber Sound, father fisherman
    1882 OROURKE William James Michael L & Eliza Jane OROURKE godparents: James HANN, Edward BRAKE (Meadows) Ann HUNT
    1889 O'ROURKE Charles Michael L & Eliza Jane OROURKE godparents Susannah PARSONS, James PARSONS, John C BAGG
    1884 PARK Elizabeth Jane Thomas & Maria PARK godparent: Deborah PARK
    1885 PARK Alice Joseph & Rosannah PARK godparents: Mrs COX, Elizabeth PARK, Samuel PARK
1898 26-Jul 27 Jul 1898 PARK Bertha Sam ? & Selina PARK Farm, father fisherman
    1887 PARK Edgar George & Mary Jane PARK godparents: Samuel PARK, Elizabeth COX, George EDMONDS
    24 Feb 1884 PARK Ellen James & Amy PARK godparents Mrs Wm COX, Mrs George COX, Edmund or Edward ? BLANCHARD
1884 7-May 14 Aug 1884 PARK Emily Robert & Ellen PARK Liverpool Cove, father fisherman
1886 11-Jun 25 Jun 1886 PARK Fanny Thomas & Maria PARK godparents:Rebekah BLANCHARD, Edward ? ; McIver's Cove, father fisherman
    1889 PARK Fanny Rose Ellen John & Elizabeth PARK Mary Jane COX, Fanny MORGAN, Herny BROCKWAY
1887 1-Mar 1887 PARK Henry Robert & Ellen PARK godparents: George COX, Amos PARK, Mary Jane COX
    1882 PARK John James & Amy PARK godparents: John COX, George COX, Mrs COX Sr
1880 15-May 1880 PARK John William Mary PARK (illegitimate) godparents: Charles PARSONS, Jemima LODER
1886 18-Jun 26 Jun 1886 PARK Joseph Joseph & Rosannah PARK Middle Arm, father fisherman; godparents:John PARK (McIvers) Reuben PARK, Mrs Wm PARK (Middle Arm)
    1883 PARK Luke Joseph & Rosannah PARK godparents: James PARK, Luke BLANCHARD, Mrs COX
1880 11-Jun 1880 PARK Mary Jane James & Amy PARK godparents: John PARSONS, Mrs John PARSONS, Mary Jane LOVELL
    1886 PARK Mary Katharine George & Adelaide PARK Rec into congregation 14.3.1886. godparents: Amos DRUGGET, Mary Ann DERIGAN
1879 14-Dec 24 Feb 1880 PARK Rebekah Joseph & Rosannah PARK Middle Arm, father fisherman. godparents Mrs Jas PARK, James LOVELL, John DERIGAN
    1887 PARK Richard James & Amy PARK godparents: Reuben PARK, Mrs Wm PARK, Zif? LOVELL
    1884 PARK Richard Henry John & Elizabeth PARK godparents: Thomas DERIGAN, Reuben & Elizabeth PARK.
1880 25-Oct 1880 PARK Sarah Jane John & Elizabeth PARK godparents: John PARSONS, Mrs John PARSONS, Maria MORGAN
1884 29-Jul 14 Sept 1884 PARSONS Arthur George Thomas Richard & Ellen PARSONS Humber Sound, father fisherman
1885 15-Feb 15 Mar 1885 PARSONS Charles Henry James & Susannah PARSONS Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Charles E? PARSONS, William H BAGG, C.A.MAUCELL
    1888 PARSONS John Thomas James & Susannah PARSONS Godparents: S BELLAM, J BAGG, S PARSONS
1884 24-Apr 15 Aug 1884 PAYNE Jared Matthew & Selina PAYNE Chimney Cove, father fisherman
    1883 PAYNE Mary Matthew & Selina PAYNE godparents: Robert PARK, Mrs OUELLETT?, Mrs W YOUNG
    6 Jun 1880 PENNEL Angelina Maria Clement & Mary PENNEL Birchy Cove, Humber Sound, father fisherman
    7 Oct, 1900 PENNEL Marcella May William & Effie May PENNEL Birchy Cv, fisherman
1900 23-Sep 4 Nov, 1900 PENNEL Vera May Charles & Amanda PENNEL Birchy Cove, father fisherman
    1882 PENNELL Augustus Francis Clement & Mary PENNELL godparents: Joseph & Augustus BAGG, Mrs BAGG
1895 7-Aug 11 Oct 1895 PENNELL John Sarah PENNELL Birchy Cove
1886 7-Dec 23 Jan 1887 PENNELL Joseph Augustus William & Meloinia (?) PENNELL Birchy Cove, father fisherman
1887 31-May 31 Jul 1887 PENNY Emma Letitia Willis & Mary Jane PENNY Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Manoah BALLAM, Eliza KNIGHT, Sarah PARK
    1882 PENNY Fanny WIllis & Mary Jane PENNY godparents: John & Dorcus LODER, Mary Ann YOUNG
1887 13-May 31 Jul 1887 PENNY Gilbert Nelson Henry & Rosannah PENNY Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Jeremiah and Jemima LOADER and Augustus BAGG
    1885 PENNY Lavinia Maude Henry & Rosannah PENNY godparents: Albert LOADER, Mrs CLARKE, Clarissa MESSERVEY
    1886 PENNY Oscar Winslow John Archibald & Eliza PENNY godparents: Levi SHEPHERD, C.E. PARSONS, Priscilla Ann MURPHY
    1897 PENNY Oscar Winslow Mary PENNY, private Summerside
1889 1-May 14 Jul 1889 PENNY William Oscar Willis & Mary Jane PENNY River Head, father fisherman; godparents Levi SHEPHERD, Albert LOADER, Laura CLARK
1884 Jul 6 Jul 1884 PETRIE Ethel Bain Alexander & Georgiana PETRIE godparents: Joseph MERIDETH, Ida WEIR, Mrs BARTLETT ; received 6 July 1884
    15 Feb 1880 PIEROWAY Mary Susannah William & Elizabeth PIEROWAY Birchy Cove, Humber Sound, father fisherman
1879 2-Nov 28 Mar 1880 PIPPY Thomas Cooper Thomas & Julia PIPPY Ballantynes Cove, Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents James MARLEY, Jordan & Mrs J COOPER
1889 5-Aug 11 Aug 1889 READ Selina Elizabeth Alexander & Elizabeth Ann READ Humber Sound, Telegraph Operator, godparents John BAGG, Elizabeth READ, Susannah PENNY
1897 Aug Aug 1897 ROAD William Howard William & Josephine ROAD Summerside
    1889 ROBERTON James Edward John & Jane ROBERTON Mrs COOPER, Mrs BALLAM, Albert BRAKE
    1886 ROBERTSON Rachel Jemima John & Jane ROBERTSON godparents:James PARSONS, Annora SHEPHERD, Sarah PARK
1880 4-Jan 28 Mar 1880 ROOD Frederick Daniel William & Julia Ann ROOD N Side Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents Ann HUNT, Jeremiah LODER, Jos MURDEN
1903 4-Feb 17 Aug, 1903 ROOD John William James & Elizabeth ROOD Living Summerside, father fisherman
1895 9-Aug 06 Oct 1895 RUTH Gertrude William & Josenna (?) RUTH Summerside, father fisherman
1899 1-Oct 22 Oct 1899 SHEPPARD Alfred Ernest Jonathan & Sarah SHEPPARD Lark Harbor, father fisherman
    1883 SHEPPARD Anna Jane Isaac & Sarah SHEPPARD godparents: Catharine PARK, Victoria & Moses SHEPPARD
1886 6-Dec 23 Jan 1887 SHEPPARD Frederick Joshua & Susannah SHEPPARD Birchy Cove, father carpenter
1899 10-May 25 Jun 1899 SHEPPARD George William William & Priscilla SHEPPARD Lark Harbour, father fisherman, received after Lay Baptism
1897 12-Jul 01 Aug 1897 SHEPPARD Martha Jane John & Sarah SHEPPARD Lark Harbour
1888 Mar 01 Apr 1888 SHEPPARD Matilda Anna (Annora?) SHEPPARD Illegitimate written by name, Humber Sound. godparents: Mrs James MURLEY, Olivia MORGAN, Albert LOADER
1886 10-Jul 22 Jul 1886 SHEPPARD Naomi Richard & Elizabeth SHEPPARD Lark Harbour, father fisherman; godparents: Mary SHEPPARD, Mrs John SHEPPARD, Katharine PARK
    1882 SHEPPARD William Francis John & Victoria Catharine SHEPPARD godparents: Richard SHEPPARD, Henry W SHEPPARD, Elizth MOLLON
1899 21-Oct 20 Dec 1899 SQUIRES Bertha Maud William Thomas & Bertha Prescilla SQUIRES Grand Pond, Hunter
1883 20-Dec 31 Jan 1886 STONE Clara Jane William & Patience STONE Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: Susannah PARSONS, Ursula HUNT and Levi SHEPHERD
    1884 STICKLAND Georgey John & Maria STICKLAND no date but entry between Nov 20-Dec 7, 1884; Bay of Islands, father fisherman
1884 6-Jul 27 Jul 1884 STICKLAND William Henry William & Hannah STICKLAND Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: John STICKLAND, Henry BROCKWAY, Mrs Wm STICKLAND
    27 Jul 1897 TAYLOR Joseph F????? John Charles & Fanny TAYLOR Davis Cove, father fisherman, private
1887 1-Mar 1887 TAYLOR William John Charles & Fanny TAYLOR godparents: Mr & Mrs BALLAM, Mr WHEELER
    7 Jun 1880 TOUSSANT Ethel Georgina Charles & Elizabeth TOUSSANT Petries Cove, Humber Sound, father Telegraph Operator
1883 10-Jun 21 Jun 1883 TUCKER Eliza Jane Edward & Eliza TUCKER Father fisherman, living Humber Sound; godparents: Michael L OROURKE, Eliza Jane OROURKE, Celia Ann MANCELL
    1883 TUCKER John Charles Clark William & Leah TUCKER godparents: Zipporah CLARKE, George LODER, Albert LODER
1903 6-Apr 05 July, 1903 VARDY Alice William & Olivia VARDY Half Way Point, father fisherman
1879 11-Dec 1880 WALKER Caroline Eliza WALKER godparent: Mrs Thos MARLEY
1889 9-Apr 6 Jun 1889 private WELCHMAN Alice George & Tamasine WELCHMAN Humber Sound, father fisherman
1881 26-Feb 1881 WELCHMAN Caroline Elizabeth George & Tomasine WELCHMAN twin of Eliza Ann, godparents: Mrs Thomas MARLEY, Elizabeth WHITE, Jordan COOPER
1881 26-Feb 1881 WELCHMAN Eliza Ann George & Tomasine WELCHMAN godparents: Mrs Levi & Mrs James MARLEY, Robert ALLEN
1887 16-Nov 18 Mar 1888 WELCHMAN Isabella George & Tamasine WELCHMAN Humber Sound, father fisherman; godparents: Jessie WELCHMAN, Mary Ann YOUNG, Charles HANN
    1885 WELCHMAN John Charles George & Thamsey? WELCHMAN godparents: Jeremiah LOADER, (blank) WELCHMAN, Mrs WELCHMAN Sr
    1886 WELCHMAN Thomas George & Thomisey? WELCHMAN godparents: C.E. PARSONS, Henry ALLEN, Mary Ann YOUNG
    1885 WELLER Alfred Percival Maurice & Mary Alice WELLER godparents: John DERIGAN, John James COMPAGNON, Mrs DENNIS
1881 Jan 1881 WELLER Alonzel Thomas & Phoebe WELLER godparents: Jemima & Geo LODER, Marcella MISSERVEY
    1887 WELLER Eunice Maurice & Mary Alice WELLER godparents: Mrs COMPAGNON, Mary MITCHELL, S WELLER
1886 2-Apr 2 Nov 1886 WELLER John Thomas & Phoebe WELLER Summerside, father fisherman; date 3 Apr 1887 also recorded by bpt date
    1888 WELLER Joseph Albert Thomas & Phoebe WELLER Isabella CUMMING, Wm BRAKE, Benj HUNT
1883 20-Oct 1884 (no month given) WELLER Mary Frances Thomas & Phoebe WELLER Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: Mrs LEGGO, Susannah PARSONS, Joshua GROUCHY
    1882 WELLER Thomas Albert William & Charlotte WELLER godparents: Wm STRICKLAND, Luke BLANCHARD, Alice COMPAGNON
    1882 WELLER William Cyprian William & Jane WELLER godparents: Amy DERIGAN, William STRICKLAND, Joseph DENNIS. Received 31 Dec, 1882
1879 20-Sep 1880 WELLER William Thomas Job & Mary Elizabeth WELLER Half Way Point, godparents: Edward TUCKER, Mrs Wm WELLER (HWPt)
    1885 WELLER Charlotte Rebekah William & Charlotte WELLER godparents: Mary Jane BRAKE, Anna STRICKLAND, Samuel DERIGAN
1883 27-Nov 20 Nov 1884 WELLS Alexander Alexander & Katharine WELLS Goose Arm, Bay of Islands, father lumberman
    1886 WELLS Amy Ellen James & Sarah Ann WELLS godparents:Levi SHEPPARD, Olivia MORGAN, Vivctoria MESSERVEY
    1888 WELLS Clara Elizabeth Alexander & Katharine WELLS God parents: Mr KNIGHT, Eliza KNIGHT, Elizabeth WELLS
1883 22-Jun 30 Jul 1883 WELLS Frederic James & Jane WELLS Living Humber Sound, father fisherman. godparents: Thomas & Edwin KNIGHT, Susannah PARSONS
1900 2-Aug 04 Nov, 1900 WELSHMAN William James George William & Tabitha White WELSHMAN Giles Point, father fisherman
1880 1-Aug   WHITE George Mary WHITE (illegitimate) godparents: William PARK, Mrs Wm PARK, John COX, Adopted by the said Mr & Mrs Wm PARK as their child
1879 Aug 1880 WHITE James Joseph & Emily WHITE godparents: Mrs EDMONDES, Mrs James ALLEN, Thomas KNIGHT
1881 1-Mar 1881 YOUNG Alice William & Elizabeth YOUNG godparents: Elizabeth FILATRE, Susannah PARSONS, Thomas DOMAN
1883 6-Jun 21 Nov 1883 YOUNG Cordelia Greenwood William & Christina YOUNG Chimney Cove, father fisherman. godparents: Geo F. PREBLE?, Mrs J BUTT, Mrs OUELLET?
    18 May 1884 YOUNG George Albert William & Elizabeth YOUNG godparents: Alice FILATRE, Cornelius BRAKE, William BRAKE Jr. Rec 18 May 1884
1885 27-Feb 04 Mar 1885 YOUNG George William William & Christina YOUNG Chimney Cove, father fisherman; godparents: Albert LOADER, Albert BRAKE, Rebekah BLANCHARD. Rec 14 June 1887 (?)
    1889 YOUNG Wallace Wm & Elizabeth YOUNG godparents: Eliza HUNT, John BRAKE, James PARSONS

Transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (March 2004)

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