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1872 - 1888 (Selected Entries)
St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Parish
Curling, Bay of Islands, St. George's District

Name Husband Date of Churching Amount Paid Clergy Transcriber's Comments
Mary Ann Levi MARLEY 10 Nov 1872 ? ?  
Lucy Geo Benj HUNT 2 April 1876 12c Wier  
Elizabeth Daniel MACDONALD 2 April 1876 20c Wier  
Jane William WELLER 23 April 1876 10c Wier  
Jane William MES... ?? 20c Wier cannot read, could be Messervey
Jane James WELLS 28 May 1876 10c Wier  
Eliza Jane Michael L. ROURKE 4 June 1876 24c JJ Curling  
Elizabeth Joshua GROUCHEY 6 Sept 1876 50c JJ Curling  
Mary Clement PENNEL 8 Sept 1876 60c Wier  
Patience Thomas KNIGHT 10 Sept 1876 12c Wier  
Sarah Isaac SHEPHERD 28 Nov 1876 30c JJ Curling  
Mary Ann Levi MARLEY 3 Dec 1876 25c JJ Curling  
Sarah Thomas MARLEY 9 Jan 1876 ? ?  
Mary Ann Alex MACDONALD 28 Jan 1877 25c JJCurling  
Theresa Abraham SHEPHERD 14 Feb 1877 25c JJCurling  
Fanny John CUNNING 18 Feb 1877 25c JJCurling  
Emma Absalom NOSEWORTHY 18 Feb 1877 25c JJCurling  
Sarah Thomas MARLEY 8 April 1877 25c JJCurling  
Emily Joseph WHITE 6 May 1877 - JJCurling  
Fanny William Isaac PARSONS 3 Oct 1877 25c T.P.Massiah not sure if Isaac is second name, hard to read
Eliza Michael ROURKE 4 Oct 1877 25c T.P.Massiah  
Elizabeth William LOADER 7 Oct 1877 10c T.P.Massiah  
Emma John DERIGAN 9 Oct 1877 20c T.P.Massiah  
Anne Stephen MOLLON 14 Oct 1877 5c T.P.Massiah  
Mahalla Jordan COOPER 23 Dec 1877 25c JJ Curling  
Caroline Peter DOMAN 23 Dec 1877 25c JJ Curling  
Rosannah Joseph PARK 30 Dec 1877 10c JJ Curling  
Elizabeth Joshua C. GRUCHY F of the Epiphamy 1878 25c JJ Curling  
Eliza Jane Michael L OfROURKE 10 Dec 1882 48c JJ Curling  
Jane William WELLER F.C. 31 Dec 1882 10c JJ Curling F.C. likely means Frenchman's Cove
Selina Matthew PAYNE 24 Jan 1883 10c JJ Curling  
Rosannah Joseph PARK 26 Jan 1883 10c JJ Curling  
Phoebe Reuben LEGGO 7 Feb 1883 25c JJ Curling  
Elizabeth John BAILEY 11 Feb 1883 10c JJ Curling  
Harriet Ann Ephraim MARLEY 18 Mar 1883 20c JJ Curling  
Sarah Isaac SHEPPARD 22 Jul 1883 20c George H Field  
Lavinia James COOPER 29 Jul 1883 50c JJ Curling  
Sophia Robert ALLEN 29 Jul 1883 50c JJ Curling  
Jane James WELLS 30 Jul 1883 10c JJ Curling  
Mahalah Jordan COOPER 18 Aug 1883 50c JJ Curling  
Dorcas John LOADER 16 Sept 1883 25c JJ Curling  
no name entered Michael COMPAGNON 23 Sept 1883 24c JJ Curling  
Amy John DERIGAN 23 Sept 1883 10c JJ Curling  
Emma James MURLEY 1888 ? ?  

Contributed and Transcribed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (January 2004)

Revised by Craig Peterman (February 2004)

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