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St. Mary's the Virgin Anglican Church
St. Anthony

(Partial List of Births)

Surname Child Parents Date of birth Place of Birth
DECKER Wilfred Thomas Aaron and Emma January 17, 1919 Cook's Harbor
DECKER Victoria Maude Charles and Beryl May 24, 1926 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Frederick Charles Charles and Beryl May 29 1928 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Rhoda Eric and Edna Nov 30 1928 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Reginald John Garland and Dorcus July 23 1927 Cook's Harbor
DECKER Maxwell Aaron Garland and Dorcus May 26, 1929 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Greta George and May Oct. 16, 1921 Lance-aux-Meadows
DECKER Vera Victoria George and May Feb 21, 1923 Lance-aux-Meadows
DECKER Kalman Ross George and May Oct. 26, 1925 Lance-aux- Meadows
DECKER Gladys May George and May March 30,1928 Lance-aux-Meadows
DECKER Edith George Decker and Mary Jane Tucker April 11, 1902 Griquet
DECKER Elizabeth Henry and Elizabeth June 11, 1920 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Nathaniel Henry and Elizabeth April 13, 1921 Wild Bight
DECKER Edith Amelia Henry and Elizabeth May 5, 1923 Wild Bight
DECKER George Henry Henry and Elizabeth Jane July 26, 1926 Wild Bight
Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Stephen James Henry and Elizabeth Jane July 21, 1928 Wild Bight Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Florence John and Caroline July 16, 1920 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Amy John and Mary March ?, 1893 Cook’s Harbour
DECKER Carrie Adelphia John C and Caroline Jan 13, 1926 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Frederick John Charles and Caroline Feb 22, 1912 Cape Norman
DECKER Hazel May John Charles and Caroline May 14, 1914 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Evelyn John Charles and Caroline Aug 7, 1915 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Augustus (twin) John Charles and Caroline July 12, 1917 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Amelia (twin) John Charles and Caroline July 12, 1917 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Hammond Gerald John Charles and Caroline Oct 2, 1918 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Allen John Charles and Caroline March 11, 1923 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Henry Williard Nathaniel and Amelia June ? ,1892 Cape Norman
DECKER Emma Jane Nathaniel and Amelia June? , 1892 Cape Norman
DECKER Roland Pearl February 19, 1919 Cook’s Harbor
DECKER Blanche Samuel and Amelia June 16, 1897 Lance-aux- Meadows
DECKER Isabella William and Edith April 23, 1911 Lock’s Cove
DECKER Hazel Blanche William Henry and Edith Aug 10, 1912 Lance-aux-Meadows
DECKER Naomi William Henry and Edith June 6, 1914 Cook’s Harbor
EDDISON Carman John and Mary May 25 1928 Hay Cove
ELLIOTT Stella Victoria Aaron and Emma Dec 1, 1921 Cook’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Mary Ann Aaron and Emma Sept. 13, 1923 Cook’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Ethel May Aaron and Emma Oct 5, 1926 Cook’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Hazel Aaron and Minnie Aug 4, 1916 Cook’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Phoebe Benjamin and Naomi Sept 22, 1892 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Eli Benjamin and Naomi Dec. 29, 1893 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Isabella Benjamin and Naomi Oct 18, 1895 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Lucinda Benjamin and Naomi Dec. 20, 1910 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Benjamin Benjamin and Naomi Aug 13, 1912 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Rosanna Benjamin and Naomi April 5, 1914 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Laura Benjamin and Naomi May 27, 1916 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Dora Bertram and Priscilla July 17, 1921 Cool’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Eliza Hilda Bertram and Priscilla May 17, 1925 Cook’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Aaron James and Elosha Nov 19, 1891 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Grace Lot and Rachel Nov 6, 1916 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Violet Jessie Lot and Rachel Dec. 25, 1922 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT George Edward Lot and Rachel Jan 12, 1926 Lock’s Cove
ELLIOTT Reuban Onestus and Beatrice Jan 17 1927 Cook’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Raymond Garfield Thomas and Effie April 17, 1929 Cook’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Garland Thomas and Effie Jane Oct. 14, 1923 Billy’s Harbor Cape Norman
ELLIOTT James Thomas and Effie Jane April 4, 1925 Cook’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Charlotte Thomas and Effie Jane March 14 1927 Cook’s Harbor
ELLIOTT Lot William and Belinda May 3, 1891 Lock’s Cove
LADEN Caroline Jacob Pynn and Josephine Laden Jan. 31, 1897 Noddy Bay
MORRIS Rosannah Augustus and Ethel Jane Aug 15, 1912 Cape Norman (Adopted by a Methodist family)
MORRIS James William Augustus and Ethel Jane Nov 5, 1915 St. Anthony
MORRIS Ethel May Augustus and Ethel Jane Baptized Dec 1920 St. Anthony
MORRIS Dorothy Ruth Augustus and Jane (Annie) Oct 22, 1923 St. Anthony
PYNN Clare Albert and Susanna May 26, 1895 Quirpon
PYNN Phoebe Charles and Hilda January 30, 1919 Raleigh
PYNN Sybil Charles and Hilda January 30, 1919 Raleigh
PYNN Olive Charles and Hilda Sept. 6, 1921 Raleigh
PYNN Wesley Charles and Hilda April 16, 1925 Raleigh
PYNN Dora Charles and Hilda March 15 1928 Raleigh
PYNN Baxter Stuart Charles and Hilda Nov 17, 1929 Raleigh
PYNN Bertha Ebenezer and Hannah Oct 18, 1893 Quirpon
PYNN Mildred Ebenezer and Hannah Oct 11, 1895 Quirpon
PYNN Charles William Ebenezer and Hannah April 11, 1897 Island Bay
PYNN Hannah Janet Ebenezer and Hannah Oct. 27, 1902 Quirpon
PYNN Laura Beatrice Ebenezer and Laura Louise Jan 26 1927 Raleigh
PYNN Joseph Elijah and Susan May 8, 1924 Raleigh
PYNN Levinia Elijah and Susanna May 22, 1926 Raleigh
PYNN Abil Elyia and Susan May 19, 1920 Raleigh
PYNN Harvey Isaac Ephriam and Lucinda March 21, 1915 Noddy Bay
PYNN Elsie Frederick and Winifred May 25, 1920 Cook’s Harbor
PYNN Lolina Frederick and Winifred Feb. 21, 1922 Quirpon
PYNN Alfred Edward Lancelot and Lydia April 13, 1918 Quirpon
PYNN Francis Lancelot and Lydia Aug. 28, 1919 Quirpon
PYNN Francis Lancelot and Lydia Aug 28, 1919 Quirpon
PYNN Mary Elizabeth Lancelot and Lydia Dec 7, 1921 Quirpon
PYNN Tamar Jedidah Lancelot and Lydia Dec 16, 1923 Quirpon
PYNN Dorothy Lancelot and Lydia April 21, 1926 Quirpon
PYNN Stella Kathleen Lancelot and Lydia June 10,1928 Quirpon

Transcribed and contributed by Joan Blake. (May 2004)

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