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Marriage Register of the Catholic St. Joseph's Parish,
St. Joseph's, Salmonier, St. Mary's Bay
1874 - 1899

St. Mary's,
St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland

Date Husbandís Surname Given Name Residence Parent Brideís Surname Given Name Residence Parent Witnesses
The following marriages were performed by Rev. John J. St. John
1 Nov 1874 HENNESSEY John Branch No entry HYNES Elizabeth Merihan No entry Garrett Dalton
                  Teresa Power
7 Nov 1874 POWER John Branch No entry DALEY Bridget Salmonier Dennis Daley Ambrose Power (Branch)
                  Sarah Power (Branch
9 Jan 1875 GREGORY Edward Admiralís Beach Thomas Gregory NOWLAN Ann Coveís Point John Nowlan Richard Gregory (Admirals Beach) and Edward Roan
              Salmonier   Esther Nowlan (Coveís Point) and Mary Ann Dinn
17 Jan 1875 POWER John North Harbour William Power STAPLETON Teresa Johnís Point John Stapleton John Boneau (North Harbour)
                St. Maryís Bridget Quigley (Colinet)
22 Feb 1875 LONDREGAN Thomas Mobile Salmonier No entry HAWKOE Catherine Salmonier Thomas Hawcoe Richard Trimlet (Salmonier)
                  Sarah Hawko (Salmonier)
Note for Thomas Londregan in Latin.
14 Nov 1875 BUTLIN James Muscle Pond Thomas Butlin POWER Maria Salmonier William Power Patrick Quilty (St. Maryís)
        Mary Ann Linch?       Hannah Hannigan Mary Ann Coil (St. Johns)
20 Nov 1875 NOWLAN Thomas Limbergast, Salmonier Andrew Nolan BALDWIN Maria St. Maryís Lawrence Baldwin Dennis Corcoran (Salmonier)
                  Elisa Dinn (Salmonier)
27 Nov 1875 TURPIN John S. Lawrence? John Turpin DAVIS Roseanne Colinet William Davis Thomas Croak (Placentia Road)
                  Bridget Quigley (Colinet)
9 Jan 1876 ROHM Edward ? Draw? No entry NOWLAN Esther Salmonier John Nowlan No entry
28 Feb 1876 WALSH Michael Cape Dog Michael Walsh POWER Maria Josephine North Harbour William Power William Power (North Harbour)
                  Mary Ann Linehan (St. Johnís Point)
27 May 1876 LEE John River Head Thomas Lee WALSH Joanne Cape Dog Michael Walsh Joseph Lee (River Head)
                  Ellen Peddle (St. Maryís)
18 Nov 1876 TRIMLET Richard Salmonier William Trimlet BONEAU Joanne North Harbour Patrick Boneau Michael Whelan godson of John
                  Mary Fewer (Salmonier)
25 Nov 1876 EVOY Thomas Harris Cove Salmonier Michael Evoy NOWLAN Bridget Tickles (Lakes) Thomas Nowlan Thomas Doyle (Harris Cove, Salmonier, SMB)
                  Maria Evoy (Harris Cove, Salmonier, SMB)
29 Nov 1876 HICKEY Michael Harbour Main William Hickey BUTLIN Elizabeth Muscle Pond, Salmonier Thomas Butlin Thomas Miller (Harbour Main
                  Lucy Hickey (Harbour Main)
7 Jan 1877 COSGRAVE Nicholas Placentia John Cosgrove QUIGLEY Bridget Colinet Thomas Quigley James Green (Placentia)
                  Mary Quigley (Colinet, St. Maryís)
28 Apr 1877 PARROTT William Salmonier William Parrott DINN Mary Ann No entry Michael Dinn James Carrigan (Salmonier)
                  Mary Bennett (Salmonier)
5 Dec 1877 CORCORAN Dennis Salmonier Dennis Corcoran NOWLAN Martha ? No entry Michael Nowlan John Power (Salmonier)
                  Joanne Fowler (Salmonier)
13 May 1878 BRENNAN James Shipís Cove Edward Brennan RYAN Catherine Josephine No entry Patrick Ryan (Cape Dog) Peter Ryan (Cape Dog)
                  Margaret Ryan (Cape Dog)
7 Dec 1878 HUGHES Henry Tilton Harbour John Hughes NOWLAN Cecelia Tickles SMB Thomas Nowlan Lawrence Daley (Salmonier)
                  Mary Ann Daley (Salmonier)
11 Jan 1879 WALSH Thomas St. Maryís Edward Walsh CURTIS Jane Salmonier William Curtis (No entry) Power, St. Maryís
                  Debora Doody, Mosquito, C.I.
Apr 1879 FOWLER James Salmonier (North) Thomas Fowler DOUGBY Maria Salmonier Richard Dougby Edward Marey (Salmonier)
                  Mary Ann Fowler (Salmonier)
16 Nov 1879 POWER Thomas Salmonier (North) David Power FOWLER Mary Ann Salmonier Thomas Fowler John Power (Salmonier)
                  Maria Dougby Fowler (Salmonier)
11 Jan 1880 WHELAN Michael Salmonier (North) John Whelan NOWLAN Esther Drohan Coeís? Point, Salmonier John Nowlan relation Edward Drohan James Bennett (Salmonier)
        (Chapelís Cove)         Bridget Linehan (Johnís Pond)
15 Jan 1881 DINN Michael Salmonier Michael Dinn BISHOP Bridget No entry Edward Bishop William Bishop (Salmonier)
                  Anastasia Dinn (Salmonier)
17 Jan 1881 PEDDLE Michael Salmonier Martin Peddle MAHONEY Margaret Salmonier Michael Mahoney Martin Duggan (Salmonier)
                  Bridget Ann King (Johnís Pond)
19 Jan 1881 NORRIS Richard Salmonier John Norris CURTIS Winifred Salmonier William Curtis Patrick Norris (Salmonier) and Geraldo Curtis
                  John Norris of Salmonier and Sarah Burke
7 May 1881 RYAN Peter Cape Dog Thomas Ryan DORAN Mary Ann North Harbour Thomas Doran Michael Linehan (Johnís Pond)
                  Mary Ann Parrot
14 May 1881 FEGAN Francis St. Maryís James Fegan DINN Catherine Salmonier Edward Dinn William Bishop
                  Mary Ann Power
8 Oct 1881 CHANT John Placentia Carl Chant HURLEY Mary Ann No entry John Hurley (Salmonier) Patrick Hurley (Salmonier)
                  Elizabeth Hurley (Salmonier)
15 Nov 1881 POWER James Salmonier Patrick Power POWER Mary Margaret Mother Rex David Power John Thomas Power
                  Margaret Fewer (Salmonier)
15 Nov 1881 NOWLAN Edward Salmonier Patrick Nowlan FOWLER Joanna (Jane) Salmonier Thomas Fowler Francis Nowlan (Salmonier)
                  (No entry) Hickey (St. Johnís)
26 Nov 1881 EVOY Thomas Haricot Michael Evoy NOWLAN Martha Salmonier Patrick Nowlan Patrick Trimlet (Haricot) and Michael Nowlan
                  Margaret Nowlan (Salmonier) and Mary Evoy
6 Jan 1882 TRIMLET David North Harbour Richard Trimlet LINEHAN Mary Ann Johnís Pond Edward Linehan Patrick Linehan (Johnís Pond)
                  Mary Ann Parrott (Johnís Pond)
8 Jan 1882 WALSH John Cape Dog, SMB Michael Walsh BUTLIN Margaret Mussel Pond Thomas Butlin Stephen Butlin (Mussel Pond)
                  Margaret Walsh (Cape Dog)
8 Jan 1882 ROACH Peter (Pierce) Salmonier (North) Michael Roach PENNY Anastasia Salmonier (North) Thomas Penny William Parrott
                  Mary Penny
13 Feb 1882 BUTLIN Joseph Mussel Pond Thomas Butlin MAHONEY Ellen Mussel Pond Patrick Mahoney Francis Dinn (Salmonier)
                  Mary Mahoney and Margaret Carty
9 Apr 1882 NORRIS Patrick Salmonier John Norris DALY Mary Ann Salmonier Daniel Daly Patrick Curtis (Salmonier)
                  Mary Carroll (Salmonier)
9 Oct 1882 BURN John Haricot John Burn TARGATE Joanne Holy Road Richard Targate Thomas Doyle (Haricot)
                  Mary Evoy (Haricot)
14 Nov 1882 BENNETT James Salmonier Thomas Bennett PARROTT Martha Salmonier William Parrott Patrick Howlet (Salmonier)
                  Mary Roach (Salmonier)
30 Nov 1882 TRIMLET Thomas Salmonier John Trimlet LINEHAN Bridget Johnís Pond John Linehan John Joseph Linehan (Johnís Pond)
                  Bridget Ryan (Salmonier)
2 Dec 1882 DOBBIN Patrick Mosquito Colinet Island James Dobbin TRIMLET Hanna Salmonier William Trimlet Francis Dobbin (Mosquito)
                  Catherine Fewer (Salmonier)
6 Jan 1883 TRIMLET John Haricot Thomas Trimlet DAVIS Bridget Colinet William Davis Patrick Trimlet (Haricot)
                  Susan Davis (Colinet)
25 Jan 1883 GRACE Patrick Salmonier Edward Grace DOHEY Jane Salmonier Richard Dohey Patrick Howlet (Salmonier)
                  Mary Joseph Barron (Placentia)
16 May 1883 MAREY Edward Salmonier John Marey HURLEY Elizabeth Salmonier John Hurley Patrick Power (Salmonier)
                  Mary Marey (Salmonier)
21 Oct 1883 CURTIS Patrick Salmonier William Curtis MAREY Mary Salmonier John Marey Jacob Curtis and Richard Marey (Salmonier)
              Sept.   Bridget Marey and Mary Nowlan
7 Nov 1883 DOODY Alban Mosquito Colinet Island John Doody YOUNG Mary Frances Cape St. Maryís Shore John Young John Joseph Doody (Mosquito)
                  Margaret Curtis (Salmonier)
24 Nov 1883 DOYLE Thomas Haricot Owen Doyle HALL Bridget St. Johnís John Hall Patrick Trimlet (Haricot)
                  Ellen Wade (Salmonier North)
25 Nov 1883 CORMACK John Salmonier Patrick Cormack EVOY Mary Haricot Michael Evoy Patrick Cormack and Richard Carroll
                  Mary Carroll and Margaret Curtis
1 Dec 1883 NOWLAN Joseph Salmonier (Sept) Thomas Nowlan MAREY Bridget Salmonier (Sept) John Marey Richard Marey (Salmonier Sept)
                  Ellen Nowlan (Salmonier North)
6 Jan 1884 McLENNON Patrick Placentia James McLennon QUIGLEY Bridget Haricot Dennis Quigley James Fulfard (Placentia)
      (S.C.)           Mary Quigley (Haricot)
7 Jan 1884 CHRISTOPHER John Mall Bay Michael Christopher BENNETT Margaret Salmonier Thomas Bennett Francis Daley (Mall Bay)
                  Catherine Bennett (Salmonier)
19 Jan 1884 POWER John Salmonier North David Power MEANY Ann Salmonier North Michael Meany Thomas Power (Salmonier North)
                  Mary Ann Power (Salmonier North)
21 Oct 1883 CURTIS Patrick Salmonier William Curtis MAREY Mariam Salmonier (Sept.) John Marey James Curtis and Richard Marey (Salmonier)
                  Bridget Marey and Mary Nowlan
26 Jan 1884 DAVIS Richard Little Salmonier (SMB) Stephen Davis HEARN Honora Admiralís Beach Thomas Hearn James Nash (Branch)
                  Ellen Dalton (Mother Rex)
3 May 1884 ADAMS Michael St. Mary Thomas Adams COIL Mary Ann Salmonier John Coil John Fegan (St. Maryís)
                  Margaret Coil (Salmonier)
31 May 1884 POWER Francis Mother Rex Colinet Island David Power CURTIS Elizabeth Salmonier William Curtis Jacob Curtis (Salmonier) John Thomas Power (Mother Rex)
                  Lucy Curtis (Salmonier) and Anastasia Dinn (Salmonier)
22 Nov 1884 NOWLAN Edward St. Maryís John Nowlan FUREY Margaret Salmonier Thomas Furey Michael Fegan
                  Martha Furey
6 Jan 1885 GREGORY William Admiralís Beach Thomas Gregory LINEHAN Catherine No entry John Linehan (Johnís Pond) John Jos. Linehan (Johnís Pond)
                  Margaret Gregory (Admiralís Beach)
6 Jan 1885 LEE George River Head St. Maryís Henry Lee FUREY Martha Salmonier Jacob Furey William Ryan (River Head, St. Maryís)
                  Martha Furey (Salmonier)
23 Jan 1886 DALY John River Head St. Maryís Maurice Daly DINN Anastasia Salmonier John Dinn John Fegan (River Head) and Martin Duggan (Salmonier)
                  Teresa Daly (River Head) and Margaret Curtis (Salmonier)
6 Feb 1886 DALY Peter Salmonier Dennis Daly CARROLL Bridget Salmonier Nicholas Carroll John Carroll (Salmonier)
                  Alice Carroll (Salmonier)
30 May 1886 DOBBIN Francis Mosquito James Dobbin POWER Elizabeth Salmonier David Power Patrick Dobbin
25 Oct 1886 MAREY Richard Salmonier (Sept) John Marey BENNETT Joanne Salmonier (Sept) Thomas Bennett Michael Marey (Salmonier)
                  Elizabeth Fewer (Salmonier)
27 Nov 1886 DOBBIN James Mosquito James Dobbin GREGORY Mary Ann Admiralís Beach Thomas Gregory William Gregory (Admiralís Beach) and Jos. Dobbin (Mosquito)
      Colinet Island           Catherine Joseph Gregory nee Linehan (Admiralís Beach)
8 Jan 1887 DALTON Michael Mother Rex Colinet Island Patrick Dalton COILE Margaret Salmonier John Coile John Dakins (Salmonier)
                  Catherine Bennett (Salmonier)
5 Feb 1887 McDONNELL Francis Newbridge formerly Little Harbour William McDonnell MELVIN Margaret LaManche Mathew Melvin Patrick Grace (Salmonier)
              (District of Ferryland)   Sarah Jane Singleton (Salmonier)
8 Feb 1887 TRIMLET Richard Salmonier William Trimlet NOWLAN Margaret Salmonier Patrick Nowlan John Meany (Salmonier)
                  Teresa Nowlan (Tickles)
12 Feb 1887 POWER James Salmonier Patrick Power NOWLAN Mary Ellen Coxís Point Salmonier John Nowlan Joseph Nowlan (Salmonier Sept)
      Sept           Marie Hawcoe
29 May 1887 BONEAU Patrick North Harbour Jeremiah Boneau CURTIS Margaret Salmonier Stephen Curtis Sebastian Boneau (North Harbour)
                  Bridget Boneau and Joanna Power (North Harbour)
29 May 1887 LINEHAN John Joseph Johnís Pond John Linehan GREGORY Margaret Admiralís Beach Thomas Gregory Patrick Linehan and Michael Linehan (Johnís Pond)
                  Marie Linehan and Catherine Linehan Gregory
7 Jan 1888 FULFORD James Placentia John Fulford QUIGLEY Marie Joseph Haricot Edward Quigley Robert Mooney (Placentia)
                  Marie Quigley (Haricot)
8 Jan 1888 BESO Gerald (Garrett) Holy Rood, C. Bay Michael Beso McDONALD Marie Ann Salmonier Michael McDonald Patrick McDonald (Salmonier) and Michael Kennedy
                  Julia McDonald (Salmonier) and Joanna Hayes
10 Jan 1888 CURTIS James Salmonier William Curtis MOONEY Esther Branch Patrick Mooney Gerald Curtis (Salmonier) and Francis Walsh (St. John)
                  Lucy Curtis (Salmonier) and Sarah Daly (Salmonier)
21 Jan 1888 DINN Michael Salmonier Michael Dinn QUIGLEY Marie Haricot Dennis Quigley John Meany (Salmonier)
                  Margaret Quigley (Haricot)
22 Jan 1888 LINEHAN Ambrose Johnís Pond William Linehan DAVIS Marcella Colinet William Davis Michael Linehan (Johnís Pond)
                  Mary Ann Davis (Colinet)
31 Jan 1888 DAKINS John Salmonier Henry Dakins DOYLE Dorothy Haricot Martin Doyle Patrick Joseph Leonard (St. Kyrans)
                  Teresa Nowlan (Tickles)
2 Apr 1888 RYAN William Salmonier John Ryan MEANY Mary Ellen Salmonier Michael Meany John Curtis (Salmonier)
                  Margaret Grace (Salmonier)
2 Jun 1888 LINEHAN Patrick Johnís Pond Jeremiah Linehan PHIPPARD Alice Placentia Richard Phippard Patrick Quigley (Colinet)
                  Esther Linehan (Johnís Pond)
28 Jun 1888 McDONNELL Michael Newbridge (formerly Little Harbour) William McDonnell BREMAN Ellen No entry Michael Breman Gerald Curtis (Salmonier)
                  Sara Joanne Singleton
5 Jul 1888 COSTELLO James Kingís Cove Michael Costello RYAN Marie Agnes Newbridge Patrick Ryan Patrick Shea (St. Johnís)
                  Bridget Ryan (Newbridge)
26 Aug 1888 WHITE Edmund St. Johnís John White CAREW Margaret Salmonier Mathew Carew Patrick Murphy (Salmonier)
                  Marie (Minnie) Carew (Salmonier)
26 Nov 1888 NOWLAN Francis Salmonier John Nowlan TRIMLET Mary Ann Tickles William Trimlet William Singleton (Salmonier)
                  Sarah Singleton (Salmonier)
29 Nov 1888 WALSH Michael Port Sept. Michael Walsh MAHONEY Marie Mussel Pond Patrick Mahony Joseph Goff (Salmonier)
                  Bridget Ann Bishop (Salmonier)
2 Mar 1889 BUTLIN Stephen Mussel Pond Thomas Butlin BONEAU Sara Port Sept. Edward Boneau George Thomas Furey (Salmonier)
                  Joannah Carroll (Salmonier)
30 Jun 1889 MURPHY Patrick Salmonier Dennis Murphy HAWCOE Elizabeth Salmonier Sept. William Howcoe John Hawcoe and Moses Murphy (Salmonier)
                  Marie Hawcoe and Josephine Dalton (Salmonier)
5 Nov 1888 HEARN Francis Admiralís Beach Thomas Hearn FORTUNE Mary Ann Tickle John Fortune Lawrence Hearn (Admiralís Beach)
                  Bridget Hearn (Admiralsís Beach)
23 Nov 1889 PENNY Philip Salmonier Thomas Penny LONDREGAN Catherine Howcoe No entry Thomas Howcoe (Salmonier) Edward Fewer (Salmonier) and William Pike (Salmonier)
            Widow of Thomas Londregan     Marie Penny and Catherine Joseph Dalton (Salmonier)
30 Nov 1889 MAREY Michael Salmonier John Marey POWER John Mother Rex David Power Stephan Marey (Salmonier) Michael Power (Mother Rex)
                  Lucy Curtis (Salmonier) Margaret Daly Power (Mother Rex)
1 Dec 1889 NASH Anthony Branch Thomas Nash WILLIAMS Anastasia Salmonier Richard Williams William Pike (Salmonier) Thomas Penny (Salmonier)
                  Catherine Williams (Salmonier) Bridget Penny (Salmonier)
31 Dec 1889 ROACH Stephan Branch Patrick Roach NOWLAN Marie North Harbour Patrick Boneau Widow of John Nowlan John Dakins and Marie Fewer (Salmonier)
                  Alb Roach (Branch) and Marie Hawcoe (Salmonier)
9 Jan 1890 CHRISTOPHER Michael Mall Bay, St. Maryís Bay Michael Christopher BENNETT Catherine Salmonier Thomas Bennett John Dinn and Mary Ann Daly Norris (Salmonier)
                  Michael Ryan and Elizabeth Christopher (Mall Bay)
5 Feb 1890 WALSH Thomas St. Mary William Walsh FUREY Martha Salmonier Thomas Furey Francis Walsh (St. Maryís) and John Carroll (Salmonier)
                  Michael Bowen (St. Maryís) and Mary Emily Curtis (Salmonier)
8 Jun 1890 OíKEEFE Michael Placentia James OíKeefe QUIGLEY Elizabeth Colinet Thomas Quigley Thomas Phippan (Placentia)
                  Margaret Quigley (Harricot)
28 Jul 1890 RYAN John Salmonier John Ryan GRACE Elizabeth Salmonier Thomas Grace John Ryan (Salmonier Newbridge)
                  Margaret Grace (Salmonier)
2 Nov 1890 CORCORAN John Courís Pond (St. Maryís) Patrick Corcoran HARVEY Cecelia Salmonier (Newbridge) Peter Harvey John Curtis (Salmonier)
                  Joanne Martha Curtis (Salmonier)
5 Nov 1890 PEDDLE John St. Maryís James Peddle CURTIS Lucy Salmonier William Curtis John Jos. Bishop (Salmonier)
                  Mary Agnes Curtis (Salmonier)
29 Nov 1890 RYAN Peter Cape Dog Thomas Ryan LONDREGAN Helen Toadís Cove (Witten? Bay) Thomas Londregan John Curtis (Salmonier)
                  Ann Ryan (Salmonier Newbridge)
6 Jan 1891 POWER Michael Mother Rex (Colinet Island) David Power CURTIS Teresa Salmonier Stephen Curtis Richard Goff (Salmonier) David Power (Mother Rex)
                  Joanne Marie Carroll and Joanne Martha Curtis (Salmonier)
11 Jan 1891 DUGGAN Patrick Salmonier Thomas Duggan RYAN Catherine Salmonier (St. Josephís) John Ryan Joseph Norris, Richard Ryan (Salmonier)
                  Joanne Norris and Margaret Norris (Salmonier)
26 Apr 1891 IRELAND Francis E. St. John (Protestant) Joseph Ireland WALSH Teresa No entry Patrick Walsh Patrick Cormack
                  Joanne Walsh
Note for Francis Ireland†: Obtained Episcopal†? dispensation at Parish St. ?
18 Aug 1891 DOBBIN Sabastian Mosquito James Dobbin DOODY Marie Mosquito Colinet Island John Doody John Whelan (Mosquito)
      Colinet Island           Mary Francis Young Doody (Mosquito)
Note for Sabastian Dobbin: Obtained dispensation Episcopal hindered consequences?
4 Nov 1891 ALLISON John St. Johnís Samuel Alison NEVILS Ellen Salmonier Thomas Nevils William Sinnott (St. Johnís)
                  Bridget Carroll (St. Johnís)
21 Nov 1891 HEARN Francis Admiralís Beach Thomas Hearn HOWLET Bridget Goulds, St. Johnís William Howlet Albert Hearn (Admiralís Beach)
                  Marie Boneau (North Harbour)
23 Nov 1891 POWER Peter Placentia Peter Power POWER Susanna Salmonier Martin Power William Foley (St. Brideís)
                  Mary Griffin (St. Johnís)
4 Jan 1892 DOBBIN John Joseph Mosquito Colinet Island James Dobbin TRIMBLET Catherine Salmonier William Trimblet James Dobbin and Mary Ellen (Mosquito)
                  Austin Linehan and Margaret Whelan
9 Jan 1892 HAYES Patrick Salmonier Edward Hayes QUIGLEY Margaret Haricot Edward Quigley Edward Hayes and Joanne Hayes (Salmonier)
                  Moses Murphy and Mary Ann Davis
7 Jan 1892 VAIL John St. Maryís Michael Vail DALTON Marie Mother Rex John Dalton Thomas Drohan (St. Maryís)
                  Clara Dalton (Mother Rex) and Ellen Dobbin
13 Mar 1892 PARROTT William Salmonier No entry BENNETT Marianne Salmonier Thomas Bennett Thomas Nowlan (Salmonier Sept)
    (widower)             Marie Nowlan
7 May 1892 NOWLAN Daniel Salmonier Sept. (C†??ksís Point) John Nowlan DINN Marie Salmonier Lawrence Dinn John Hawcoe (Salmonier Sept)
                  Sarah Nowlan
30 Oct 1892 WHELAN Thomas Mosquito Colinet Island William Whelan BIGGS Ann River Head St. Maryís James Biggs John Whelan and James Dobbin (Mosquito)
                  Marie Whelan and Sarah Jane Biggs (Mosquito)
5 Nov 1892 FUREY George Salmonier (?) Thomas Furey CARROLL Alice Salmonier St. Joseph Nicholas Carroll Michael Carroll and Francis Daly (Salmonier)
    (age 27)             Joanne Carroll and Emily Curtis (Salmonier)
14 Nov 1892 PARROTT Nicholas (widower) Salmonier Sept. William Parrott DALY Joanne (age 53) No entry No entry Joanne Wade (Salmonier Sept.)
        (age 52) (KIRVINE) Widow of Maurice Daly     Anastasia (Annie) Ryan (Newbridge)
26 Nov 1892 BONIEAU Sebastian Port? Sept. Jeremiah Bonieau POWER Joanne Port Sept. William Power John Bonieau (Port Sept)
    (age 28)       (age 31)     Bridget Ryan (Cape Dog)
9 Dec 1892 FEGAN Edward Salmonier John Fegan (River Head) BIGGS Mary Joseph River Head St. Maryís William Biggs Richard Norris (St. Josephís)
    (age 50) St. Joseph     (age 40)     Ellen White (St. Josephís)
31 Dec 1892 COLLINS William Branch William Collins BONIA Maria Port Sept. Edward Bonia John Bishop (Salmonier)
    (age 27)       (age 23)     Elizabeth King (Port Sept.)
8 Jan 1893 BOLAND Edward River Head Michael Boland GRACE Bridget Salmonier Thomas Grace Dominic Boland (River Head)
    (age 24) St. Maryís     (age 21)     Anastasia Boland (River Head)
8 Jan 1893 RYAN William Newbridge Patrick Ryan NOWLAN Sarah Salmonier Sept. John Nowlan John Connolly (St. Johnís) and Austin Ryan (Little Harbour)
    (age 31) (Little Harbour)     (age 22)     Margaret Ryan and Ann Ryan (Little Harbour)
8 Jan 1893 RYAN John Salmonier Timothy Ryan WHELAN Mary Bridget Mosquito Colinet William Whelan William Ryan (Salmonier, ?)
    (age 27)       (age 27)     Mary Teresa McDonnell (Salmonier)
10 Jan 1893 MORIARTY James Holy Road Edward Moriarty LEWIS Mary Ann Salmonier John Lewis Joseph Norris and Michael Lewis
    (age 28) St. Maryís     (age 29)     Joanne Norris and Joanne McDonnell
13 Jan 1893 BONIA Bernard North Harbour Jeremiah Bonia CURTIS Deborah Salmonier Francis Curtis John Bonia and Alban Linehan
    (age 28)       (age 22)     Mary E. Curtis and Ellen A. Curtis
31 Jan 1893 WADE John Salmonier Sept. John Wade PIKE Catherine Salmonier Sept. William Pike John Parrott
    (age 35)       (age 20)     Mary Jane Pike
16 Apr 1893 TRIMBLET Thomas? Salmonier, William Trimblet WADE Bridget Salmonier John Wade William Parrott (Salmonier)
    (age 43) (?)     (age 36)     Esther Hawcoe (Salmonier)
20 Oct 1893 POWER John North Harbour William Power DAVIS Lucy Little Salmonier Stephen Davis Patrick Cormack
    widower             Margaret Meehan
    (age 49)              
26 Jan 1894 POWER David Regina David Power BOLAND (GRACE) Bridget Salmonier No entry Francis Daly (Salmonier)
      Mother Rex           Ellen Curtis and Hanna McDonnell (Newbridge)
27 Jan 1894 DOODY Bernard Mosquito John Doody WALSH Ellen St. Mary Patrick Walsh No entries
      Colinet Island            
29 Jan 1894 TRIMBLET Thomas Tickles John Trimblet MAHONEY Margaret Mussel Pond Patrick Mahoney William Parrott (Salmonier Sept.)
                  Pauline Davis (Colinet)
1 Feb 1894 BYRNE James Haricot John Byrne DOBBIN Mary Ellen Colinet Island James Dobbin James Dobbin (Mosquito C. Island)
                  Margaret Whelan (Mosquito C. Island)
3 Feb 1894 POWER Patrick Salmonier Sept. Patrick Power DALTON Ellen Mother Rex John Dalton John Hawcoe (Salmonier) and Austin Linehan
                  Catherine Power and Anastasia Dalton
18 Jun 1894 DORAN Jeremiah North Harbour Thomas Doran NORRIS Marianne No entry Daniel Daly Linehan
          (DALY) Widow of Patrick Norris     Daly
10 Nov 1894 DOYLE Thomas Salmonier No entry NOWLAN (FOWLER) Joanne No entry No entry Thomas Nowlan
    (age 38)       (age 35)     Marie Linehan
    Widower       Widow of Edward Nowlan      
10 Nov 1894 DAVIS William Colinet William Davis TRIMBLET (LINEHAN) Mary Ann No entry Edward Linehan Bernard Downey (Colinet)
    (age 48)       (age 39)     Ellen Linehan (Johnís Pond)
    Widower       Widow of David Trimblet      
24 Nov 1894 MARRAY Thomas Salmonier John Marray DINN Susanna Salmonier Lawrence Dinn Richard Nowlan (Salmonier Sept)
    (age 26)       (age 23)     Marie Dinn (Salmonier Sept.)
6 Jan 1895 KING James North Harbour Isaac King HAYES Joanne Salmonier Edward Hayes Edward Hayes (Salmonier)
    (age 38)       (age 29)     Martha King (North Harbour)
6 Jan 1895 DALY William Salmonier Daniel Daly McGRATH Emily No entry Patrick McGrath Michael Daly and Thomas Downey
    (age 25)       (age 22)   of Branch Mary Margaret Daly and Mary Ann Curtis
13 Jan 1895 WHITE James Salmonier John White FEWER Catherine No entry Richard Fewer Joseph White (Salmonier) and Mose Murphy
    (age 29)       (age 27)     Mary Ann White and Isabelle Carew
26 Jan 1895 MARRAY Stephan Salmonier John Marray POWER Winifred No entry Martin Power Patrick Curtis (Salmonier)
    (age 28)       (age 19)     Catherine Power (Salmonier)
31 Jan 1895 McGRATH Tobias No entry No entry GUSHUE Maria No entry Edward Bishop John Bishop and Gerald Curtis
    (age 52)     (BISHOP) (age 42)     Mary McDonald and Ellen Ryan
    Widower       Widow of George Gushue      
17 Mar 1895 DAKINS William Salmonier John Dakins HOWCOE Maria Salmonier William Howcoe Martin Power (Salmonier Sept)
    (age 31)       (age 30)     Marianne Drohan (Salmonier Sept.)
18 Apr 1895 RYAN Peter St. Josephís John Ryan HANLON Maria Joseph Mussel Pond No entry Patrick Hanlon (Mussel Pond)
    (age 21)       (age 19)     Elizabeth Biggs (Mussel Pond)
1895 RYAN William St. Josephís Timothy Ryan CORCORAN Cecelia No entry Peter Harvey No entries
          (KIRVINE) Widow of, William Kirvine and ? (John re previous record) Corcoran      
18 Jun 1895 DUGGAN Martin Salmonier Thomas Duggan CARROLL Margaret Marie Conche Patrick Carroll Richard Norris (Salmonier)
    (age 33)       (age 27)     Mary Agnes Curtis (Salmonier)
17 Aug 1895 BURN William Holy Road, C.B. Peter Burn MARRAY Lucy Salmonier John Marray Patrick Burn (Holyroad)
    (age 24)       (age 24)     Catherine Nowlan (Salmonier Sept.)
2 Oct 1895 NASH James Branch Patrick Nash KEREEN Mary Frances Point Lance Edward Kereen Alban Ryan (Salmonier)
    (age 32)       (age 24)     Martha Singleton (Salmonier)
15 Oct 1895 NOWLAN Thomas Salmonier Matthew Nowlan LINEHAN Marie Johnís Pond William Linehan Patrick Bennett (Salmonier Sept.)
    (age 26) Peptant? (Tickles)   (age 24)     Mary Ann Nowlan Gray (Salmonier Sept.)
7 Nov 1895 WHELAN John Mosquito Colinet Island William Whelan POWER Mary Ann Salmonier Sept. Martin Power Augustine Linehan (Mosquito)
    (age 31)       (age 25)     Catherine Power (Salmonier Sept.)
The following marriages were performed by Rev. J. J. McDermott                  
15 Nov 1896 WHELAN John Mussle Harbour Patrick Whelan LINEHAN (completely faded) No entry Patrick Linehan James Linehan (South? Harbour)
                  Annie Walsh (North Harbour)
28 Nov 1896 NOWLAN Richard Salmonier North Michael Nowlan DINN Myria? No entry Lawrence Dinn (Salmonier North) Michael Dinn
    (age 25)       (age 23)     Kate Nowlan
7 Jan 1897 DAVIS Augustine Colinet William Davis BONIA Ellen North Harbour Edward Bonia Robert Downy
    (age 27)             Annie Walsh
7 Jan 1897 RYAN Philip Salmonier Tim Ryan GOFF Minnie No entry No entry Joseph Goff
    (age 30) ( ? )   (???FFORD)       Annie Goff (Salmonier)
11 Jan 1897 FURY William Salmonier, St. Joseph Thomas Fury DALTON Margaret Mother? ? Michael Dalton John Daly
                  Annie Dalton
14 Feb 1897 WADE James Salmonier John Wade BISHOP Bridget Anne Salmonier Robert Bishop Edward Bishop
      North       South   Mary Bishop
Apr 1897 POWER Martin North Side Martin Power HAKO Esther No entry Peter Hako John Murphy
                (Chapelís Cove) Mary B. Murphy
30 Jun 1897 OLIPHANT? George No entry No entry GOFF Annie No entry John Goff Thomas Goff Burtin Roper?
    (widower)           Salmonier Belle Carew
15 Dec 1897 McDONALD John Salmonier Michael McDonald CAREW Anne Cape Shore Edward Carew Michael McDonald
                (Point Lance Ė Branch) Julia McDonald
6 Jan 1898 DELANY Joseph Placentia James Delany DAVIS Mary Ellen Colinet William Davis Peter Green, Gus? Davis
    (age 35)       (age 23)     Isabelle Davis
8 Jan 1898 MEANY Peter North Salmonier Michael Meany CARROLL Hannah South Side Nicholas Carroll Michael Carroll
    (age 33)       (age 25)     Susan Meany
1898 PARROT Nicholas No entry No entry MURPHY Mary No entry No entry John Dakins
    (widower)       (widow)     Lora Dakins
1 Apr 1898 GOFF Richard No entry John Goff DALTON Catherine Josephine No entry David Dalton Joseph Goff
            (Bridget Doody)     Apen? Curtis
16 Aug 1898 DINN William St. Josephís James Dinn WHITE Ellen No entry John White William Gushue
                (& Ann ???de, added later) Mary Daley (added later)
Note for William Dinn: married Margaret Yetman. Currently J. Enright, June 1948.
2 Nov 1898 CARROLL Michael St. Josephís Nicholas Carroll CURTIS Agnes No entry Gerald Curtis St. Josephís Joseph Goff
                  Ellen Curtis
26 Nov 1898 HEARN Albert Admiralís Beach Thomas Hearn BIGGS Elizabeth Mussel Point No entry Thos. Hearn
                  Christine Davis
26 Nov 1898 BARRET Rhody Holyroad (C.B.) Philip Barret McDONNELL Sarah Elizabeth Little Harbour John McDonnell Austin Ryan
                  Maggie Ryan
1898 DINN No entry No entry No entry NOWLAN No entry No entry No entry Martha King
The following marriages were performed by Rev. John OíReilly.                  
23 Jan 1899 RYAN Richard No entry John Ryan DINN Teresa No entry James Dinn Lizzie White
                  Margaret Daley
28 Apr 1899 LINEHAN Thomas No entry No entry DAVIS Isabella No entry No entry Francis Dobbin
                  Maria Linehan
Note for Thomas Linehan: ďstipend ium adhuc (till now) soloendum,
En Tickles.                  
9 Jul 1899 HANLON Richard No entry No entry PEDDLE Joanne No entry No entry No entry
Note for Richard Hanlon: Domieilium: Mussel Pond, stipendium solo endum?
16 Sep 1899 HEARN Francis Admiralís Beach (added at bottom) Thomas Hearn DAVIS Elizabeth Admiralís Beach William Eagle Thomas Hickey
        Margaret Rorke       Ellen Biggs Joanne Norris
14 Oct 1899 PEDDLE Robert No entry Robert Peddle BENNETT Mariam No entry Bennett Alban Ryan
        Elizabeth Nolan       Marie Dinn Martha Singleton
Note for Robert Peddle: House at St.? Joseph ($2. due)
14 Oct 1899 WHARFORD Samuel Placentia Bay George Wharford McCARTHY Elizabeth No entry Patrick McCarthy Matthew Marry and Pat Power, Marey E. McCarthy, M. E. M?
        Julia Collin       Marie Howlett  
Note for Samuel Wharford: The Brides Groom a recent convert from Anglicanism, Baptized, comfirmed and married this Fall. House at Mt. Carmel.
14 May 1899 BONIA John No entry Jeremiah Bonia RYAN Briget No entry Thomas Ryan Mary Walshe
        Mary Nolan       Sarah Linehan Bernard Bonia
Note for John Bonia: House ďNorth HarbourĒ, ďMullock Ville,Ē
Extensive note...
26 Oct 1899 BENNETT Patrick No entry Thomas Bennett PENNY Briget No entry No entry Anne Penny
        Mary McDonald         Philip Penny
Note for Patrick Bennett:
Pennyís Point ($12 due)                  
28 Oct 1899 DALEY Michael No entry Daniel Daley WHITE Elizabeth No entry John White T. J. Goff & Frank Daley
        Margaret Christopher       Anne Murphy Kate White & Mary May Daley
12 Nov 1899 MEANY Richard No entry Michael Meany DAVIS Bride No entry John Davis John Meany
        Mary Fowler       June Trimblett Sarah Davis

Originslly Transcribed by Barbara Lawrence for four families (October 2005)

Updated to include complete Transcription Cathy Flament (July 2007)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)

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