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Parish Records
Register of Marriages

Fortune Bay District

St. Bernard's
RC Marriages

1878 - 1883


PAGE 29          
Sept 2 1878 English Hr. Richard DOLLIMONT Ann GREEN Patrick Burk and Miss Dollimont F. McCullow  
Sept 15 1878 Gaultois James ORGAN Sarah MATHERS Samuel Cox and Elizabeth Organ F. McCullow  
Sept 15 1878 Gaultois John BUSSEL Sarah SPENCER John Organ and Maria Bussel F. McCullow  
Sept 19 1878 H. Breton Robert RIDDEL Ellen CHATMAN George Cox and Rose Chatman F. McCullow Groom: Protestant
Sept 30 1878 St. Jos. George PENNY Susanne BURK John Penny and Elizabeth Burk F. McCullow  
PAGE 30          
Oct 2 1878 English H. Patrick EMERLY Margaret VEDER Henry W. Habet and Jone Habet F. McCullow  
Oct 3 1878 Bay De Es. Philip FARREL Mary ?alin William Farrel and Mary Ann Farrel F. McCullow  
Oct 8 1878 Long? H. John EDWIN Julianna BARRON Michael Barron and Rose Hartigan F. McCullow  
Oct 27 1878 Ship C. Samuel COLLIER Rose HOUSE David House and Jane Hodeat? F. McCullow  
Oct 27 1878 Ship C. Michael COLLIER Elizabeth NOURSE Samuel Collier and Sarah Collier F. McCullow  
Nov 1878 Bay d'es. John BARNES Rose Ann NOLAN Thomas Toban and Teresa Nolan F. McCullow  
PAGE 31          
Nov 1878 Bay de. Peter POWER Ann WEST Luis? James and Ann Butler F. McCullow  
Nov 1878 Bay de. Owen DOLEMONT Mary Ann FARRELL William Farrell and Mary Farrell F. McCullow  
Nov 28 1878 English H. Richard MARSHAL Mary Ann PINE Mr. Pine and Har?? Pine F. McCullow  
Jan 7 1879 Conn River Michael JOE Elizabeth HINKS Robert Suleman and Mary Hinks F. McCullow  
June 18 1879 M.P. Thomas SMITH Sarah GREEN Margaret Drew and Elizabeth Smith F. McCullow  
Oct 1879 S.H. James MORES (sic) Susan INGRAM Ambrose Mores (sic) and Bridget Farrell F. McCullow  
PAGE 32          
Oct 12 1879 Fox C[ove] James COX Harrey? POWER William STEWART and Martha POWER F. McCullow  
Oct 19 1879 Fox? St. Peters Joseph CELETSHEA Julia BUTLER Thomas Maloy and Catherine Hutchinson F. McCullow  
Oct 20 1879 Hr. B. William COX Melia AUGOR Joe Cox and Martha Maloy F. McCullow  
Nov 1879 H.B. Joseph COX Catherine HUTCHINS Thomas Maloy and Dayna Hutchins F. McCullow  
July 2 1879 Gaultois Samuel COCK Margaret HYNES James Hynes and Eizabeth Hynes F. McCullow  
  St. P. John SENARD? Mary WALSH John .... and Mary .... F. McCullow  
PAGE 33          
April 6 1880 H.B. Thomas PRATT Dina M. HUTCHINS John Woodmason and Ann Hutchins F. McCullow  
April 28 1880 St. P. George NESBIT Victoria WILLIAMS Cate Cox and Henry Dollimont F. McCullow  
June 27 1880 Ship C. James SNOOK Sarah ORGAN William Organ and Fanny Organ F. McCullow  
July 1 1880 Gaultois John PETERS Charlotte COX William Peters and Mary Peters F. McCullow  
Sept 30 1880 H.B. John MAINS Ellen COX Abrome Cox and Ellen Cox F. McCullow  
Nov 2 1880 Sagona Ben? MARTIN Elizabeth SNOOK William Drake and Susan Snook F. McCullow  
PAGE 34          
Nov 9 1880 E.H.W. William POWER Alice Mary Evans A. George Evans and Rose Hartigan F. McCullow  
Nov 11 1880 Ship C. James BRENNAN Cate HIPHERLY? James Hipherly? and Ellen Hipherly? F. McCullow  
Nov 17 1880 St. Jos. Edwin SNE?ROSE Eliza BURKE William Burke and Mary Ann Burke F. McCullow  
Feb 7 1880 St. Peters Le Page GENMARIE Oliver GAUTHREAU Thomas Ginson and Mary Hutchinson and Bridget Lambert F. McCullow  
Feb 26 1880 St. Peters Camillos RUEL? Carolina CASTE M. Caste and Mary Hutchins F. McCullow  
PAGE 35          
May 1881 Ship C. William ORGAN Elizabeth VODEATE? ?ance Organ and Fancy Organ F. McCullow  
May 21 1881 Gaultois John GRANT Bridget MCDONALD Michael Grant and Elizabeth Grant F. McCullow  
July 29 1881 Conn William MATHONS? Bridget FOWLER? Nals Bernard and Denis? Joe F. McCullow  
A crossed off baptism entry reads- Mary Ellen of Thomas Molloy and Rose Chapman.Spons. Edward Thompson and Martha Molloy ????- Aug 4 1881
Oct 7 1881 English Harbor E William ARCHIBALD Ellen HYNES Charles Fudge and Maria Labor J. Whelan  
Oct 7 1881 Rencontre Thomas OAKEY Margaret TOBIN George Newport and Sarah Oakey J. Whelan  
Oct 13 1881 Gaultois Michael CRANT Elizabeth MCDONALD Charles Paine and Jane Collier J. Whelan  
PAGE 36          
Oct 28 1881 Hr. Breton Joseph FARRELL Mary Ann EDWARD William Farrell and Mary Farrell J. Whelan Groom: of Bay de North. Bride: of La???
Nov 6 1881   Thomas MOLLOY Rose CHAPMAN John Thompson and Elizabeth Dollimont J. Whelan  
Nov 21 1881   James FARREL Sarah POOLE James Pine and Hannah Farrel J. Whelan  
Nov 24 1881   Isaac BURKE Elizabeth HEARN Patrick Hearn and Mary Ann Burke J. Whelan Groom: of St.Jacques Bride: of Hr. Briton
Jan 12 1882   Patrick CAHILL Bridget BURKE Michael Burke and Eliza Burke J. Whelan  
April 8 1882   Wilson BRUSHET Anne HUTCHINGS Andrew Thompson and Alice Hearne J. Whelan  
PAGE 37          
June 23 1882 Telegraph Office Bay de Nord Stephen JOE Harriet LEWIS Peter Strait and Agnes Strait J. Whelan Both of Conn River
July 22 1882   James J. THOMEY Rebecca Mary WILCOT Silas Hull and Alexander Maloney and Harriet Crant and Lizzie Conner J. Whelan  
Sept 9 1882   Michael COLLIER Anna CRANT Michael Organ and Fanny Organ J. Whelan  
Sept 9 1882   John ORGAN Mary COLLIER Robt. Crant and Bridget Organ J. Whelan  
Oct 13 1882   John HERRIT Mary COX Stephen and Susan Cox J. Whelan  
PAGE 38          
Oct 24 1882 Lower English Harbour Abraham LONG Margaret MURPHY Charles and Anne Clarke J. Whelan  
Oct 30 1882 Long Harbour Stephen HYNES Elizbaeth WELLS Jeremie Holeman and Martha Dollemont and Charlotte Drakes J. Whelan  
Nov 2 1882 Bay de North Brook William FARREL Bridget FARREL Joseph Kirby and Mar? Farrel J. Whelan  
Nov 3 1882 Ship Cove Samuel COLLIER Mary HOSKINS George Hoskins and Sarah Collier J. Whelan  
Nov 4 1882 Gaultois James COLLIER Mary MACDONALD John and Fanny Organ J. Whelan  
Nov 8 1882 St. John's Bay James SKINNER Margaret BLAGDON Ambrose Blagdon and Bridget Lambert J. Whelan  
Dec 1 1882   Charles BULLEN Sarah SMITH George Green and Mary Ann Sheppherd J. Whelan  
PAGE 39          
Nov 25 1882   Denis DRAKES Ellen SHEPPHERD Thomas Drakes and Emily Drakes J. Whelan  
Feb 24 1883   Francis COQUET Georgina BARNEY Andrew Thompson and Caroline Butter J. Whelan  
June 13 1883   John Tulks? Harriet PULLET William Collier and Margaret Collier J. Whelan  
Aug 5 1883   William CRANT Rebecca MCDONALD John Smith and Mary Cullen J. Whelan  
Sept 7 1883   Reuben LEWIS Esther PULLET Joe Jedour and Madeline Lewis J. Whelan  
Sept 11 1883   Morgan BOBBIT Emily DOMINY? Benjamin BOBBIT and Margaret LONG J. Whelan  
PAGE 40          
Sept 15 1883 Ship Cove Thomas COLLIER Anne WILCOTT Samuel Organ and Jane Collier J. Whelan  
Sept 15 1883 Ship Cove Richard COLLIER Martha WILCOT William Walsh and Sarah Collier J. Whelan  
Sept 17 1883 Ship Cove George HOSKINS Sarah COLLIER David Collier and Bridget Rose J. Whelan  
Oct 3 1883 Fox Cove William STEWART Martha SEONARD? Samuel Seonard and Mary Stewart J. Whelan  
Oct 3 1883 Fox Cove Joseph ACENARD Eliza STEWART Thomas Stewart and Margaret Pine J. Whelan  
Oct 16 1883   Joseph DRAKES Sarah CHAPMAN William Drakes and Emily Drakes    
PAGE 41          
Oct 25 1883 Hr. Briton Henry HUNT Sarah CHAPMAN William and Mary Chapman J. Whelan  
Nov 3 1883 Fox Cove Ambrose BURKE Katie JOHNSTON Richard Johnston and Julia Burke J. Whelan  
Nov 6 1883 St. Jacques John PENNY Susan BURKE Patrick D. and Mary Burke J. Whelan  
Nov 19 1883 Bay de North William FARRELL Ellen CLARKE Thomas and Mary Farrell J. Whelan  
Nov 26 1883 Millers Passage James COLFORT Mary SHEPARD John Smith and Mary Cullen J. Whelan  
Nov 27 1883 Millers Passage Thomas PITMAN Emily FUDGE Robert Fudge and Martha Hacket J. Whelan  

Transcribed by: Devon Griffin (2011)

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