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Parish Records
Register of Marriages

Fortune Bay District

St. Bernard's
RC Marriages

1868 - 1873


PAGE 8          
Jan 15 1868   William NOWLAN Ellen MARTIN James Lambert and Mary Quann Robert Brennan  
Feb 23 1868   Richard LONERGAN Frances HICKEY James Hickey and Charlotte Pool R. Brennan  
July 14 1868   Bimzard CURTIS Anne KINSELA John Kinsela and Anne Farnell R. Brennan  
August 7 1868   John ???IDER Madline PUMBO? Bernard John and Rebecca Wilcott R. Brennan  
PAGE 9          
August 13 1868   John MITCHELL Jane PAUL Lewis John and Cather John R. Brennan  
Sept 17 1868   John HACKETT Mary PARSONS William Corbatt and Margt Hackett R. Brennan  
Oct 4 1868   Thomas HACKETT Martha SMITH John Saunders and Mary Cox Robt. Brennan  
October 13 1868   John MITCHEL Elizabeth MILES John Parrot and Maria Miles Robt. Brennan  
Oct 22 1868   William HICKEY Margaret FARRELL Andrew Hickey and Mary Anne Farrell Robt. Brennan  
Nov 1 1868   Daniel KINSELA Julia PENNY William Kinsela and Margaret Burke    
Nov 10 1868   James DRAKES Hannah Saunders Isaac Penny and Bridget Nash R.B.  
Nov 23 1868   William HICKEY Margaret MCCARTHY Patt Hickey and Ellen Macarthy R. Brennan  
Nov 28 1868   John LILLY Sarah BRAZAIL William Fordeaux and Catherine Kelly Robt. Brennan  
August 17 1869   Richard HARRIGRANT Mary PITMAN Richard Hynes and Robert Busket R.B.  
Oct 2 1869   John PINZAN? Margt LAMBERT Thos Lambert and Mary Boland Robt. Brennan  
Oct 1869   William CORBAL Mary WILCOTTER? John Saunders and Caroline Saunders    
PAGE 10          
Oct 4 1869   John WHITTLE Mary COX R. Handregan and Mary Thompson R. Brennan  
Nov 6 1869   Richard WHITE Jane DOOLEY William Abbot and Ellen Abbot R.B.  
Nov 12 1869   Henry DREW Hannah JOE Peter Straight and Madlin Bumbo? R.B.  
Nov 12 1869   John BARRINGTON Mary ALSO? Bernard John and Sarah Hoskins R. Brennan  
Nov 13 1869   Frank PAINE Sarah MCDONALD Samuel Organ and Sarah Organ R. Brennan  
Nov 21 1869   James ENNIS Margaret KELLY James Bouzane and Lucy Ennis Robt. Brennan  
PAGE 11          
Apl 3 1870   Martin HANRGAN Judith JOHNSON Michael Hanrgan and Elizabeth Power R.B.  
Sept 28 1870   Peter BEACL? Caroline THEPERD James Caulfield and Mary Ann Cahill R.B.  
Oct 6 1870   Patrick DRAKES Ann WHITTLE John Whittle and Ellen Whittle R.B.  
Nov 14 1870   Michael HARTERY Esther COX James Cox and Ellen Cox R.B.  
Nov 15 1870   Bryan FITZPATRICK Margt HODGE Patrick Keating and Lucy Ennis R.B.  
Nov 17 1870   James WALSH Elizabeth MASTERS James Maguire and Margt Masters R. Brennan  
Nov 20 1870   Andrew HICKEY Mary Ann FARRELL Thos Farnell and Ellen Farnell R. Brennan  
April 1 1871   Abraham LANG Elizabeth HYNES John Vaters and Ellen HYNES R. Brennan  
August 5 1871   William PLANK Eliza BOYSE William Hackett and Martha Cox R. Brennan  
Sept 12 1871   Matthew COLLIER Rose MORRIS Samuel[or James] and Elizabeth Collier R. Brennan  
Sept 13 1871   James HOUSE Mary MCDONALD William House and Frances McDonald R. Brennan  
PAGE 12          
Sept 16 1871   Thomas HULL Margaret FARRELL George Penny and Mary Farrell R.B.  
Sept 18 1871   William MCDONALD Sarah MCDONALD James McDonald and Mary Forse R.B.  
Sept 18 1871   Charles CRANT Sarah NORTHCOTT Thos Crant and Anne Lig Robert Brennan  
Oct 3 1871   James LAMBERT Mary Ann CALENS? Jas Maguire and Sarah Lambert R. Brennan  
Jan 1 1872   John CHAFE Eliane? ???? Thos Mere? and Margt Allen? R. Brennan  
Jan 2 1872   John FARRELL Susan HULL David Long and Jane Farrell R. Brennan  
April 11 1872   John BAKER Rosannah BUNGAY James ?angers? and Mary QUANN Robt. Brennan  
July 3 1872   Noel JOHN Mary LEWIS Benjamin Lewis and Mary Collier R. Brennan  
July 6 1872   Valentine NORTHCOTT Rose CRANT Henry Crant and Frances McDonald R. Brennan  
Sept 20 1872   Joseph HINES Anne PLANK Joseph Luizen? and Johannah Thepherd R. Brennan  
Sept 30 1872   William HOUSE Elizabeth MAY John Hull and Rosannah Morris Robt. Brennan  
Oct 2 1872   James HICKEY Charlotte POOL John Pool and Hannah Bordeaux? R.B.  
PAGE 13          
Oct 2 1872   Samuel COOMBS Grace LABELLE *1 John Barron and Kate McCarthy R.B.  
Oct 2 1872   John HINES Elizabeth HICKEY John Vaters and Mary Hines Robt. Brennan  
Oct 2 1872   John VATERS Ellen HINES James Besan? and Caroline Saunders R.B.  
Oct 8[2] 1872   Thomas CONNELLY Mary HICKEY Joseph Hines and Ellen McCarthy Robt. Brennan  
Apl 24 1872   Niles MCGINNIS Catherine POWER George Chatman and Cashin Hutchings R.B.  
Apl 30 1872   John PARROT Elizabeth POWER John Power and Julian Power R.B.  
Oct 2 1872   Patrick HICKEY Ellen MCCARTHY Joseph Hines and Kate McCarthy R. Brennan  
Oct 1872   Richard Arthur Patrick CROFE Sarah Cecilia ORGAN George S. Mole and Fanny M. Organ D. Power  
Oct 22 1872   David KANES Susan PIKE Master Kane and Mip Pine R. Brennan  
Oct 31 1872   Isaac PENNY Ann DRAKE Michael Drake and Alice Maloney V.F. Reardon  
Nov 8 1872   Joseph HYNES Martha MURPHY David Power and Margt Hacket V.F. Reardon  
PAGE 14          
Jan 25 1873   George A. HISBET? Anne KINSELLA Wm Millan and Lucy ???? M.J. Clarke Bride a Widow
Feb 7 1873   Patrick KEATING Frances LONERGAN James Drake and Anne Burdock M.J. Clarke Bride a Widow
Feb 15 1873   Paul FAUCAU Josephine ADONICA Francois Hoiza and Marie Andoica M.J. Clarke  
Feb 17 1873   Reuben JULIAN Eliza BRAZIL Stephen Hepherman and Marget Dunne M.J. Clarke Bride a Widow
May 16 1873   Joseph DOLLYIMONT Martha PITMAN Jonathan Green and Ann Green V.F. Reardon  
May 17 1873   Jonathan RIGLY Ellen HICKEY James Burn and Eliza Edwards V.F. Reardon Bride of Placentia
PAGE 15          
Sept 8 1873   Benjamin MORRIS? Mary HAGARTY John Morris and Rose House M.J.C.  
Sept 13 1873   John POWER Ann CLARK Martha Power and Peter Handregan V.F.R.  
Sept 13 1873   Chas. FUDGE Margt. HICKEY Henry Barnes and Mary Ann Vector? V.F.R. Bride: Or 'Hickey'
Sept 27 1873   George POOL Caroline PARDY Elizabeth Pardy and William Saunders V.F.R. Bride "Alias Hickey"
Sept 27 1873   Joseph SMITH Margt BARNES Henry Barnes and Margt Barnes V.F.R.  
Oct 3 1873   William FITZPATRICK Martha HELYER(sic) [HILLIER] William Ryan and Martha Cox V.F.R.  
Oct 4 1873   Edward THEPHERD Elizabeth EDWARDS Benjamin Martin and Mary Cahill V.F.R.  
Oct 6 1873   Denis MURPHY Margt PITMAN Matthew Jodd? and Ellen Clark V.F.R.  
PAGE 16          
Oct 10 1873   Robert MCCARTHY Judith WALSH Joseph and Sarah McCarthy V.F.R.  
Oct 29 1873   Laurence TOISAINT? Ruth THEPHERD Rich ???? and Sarah Drakes V.F.R.  
Feb 11 1873   James JAVORY Anne BURDOCK P. Hickey and A. Poole M.J.C.  
??? 16 1873   Michael MCDONNEL Martha COX John Thompson and Eliza Rose M.J.C.  

Transcribed by: Devon Griffin (2011)

LaBelle, Grace*1 My Great Grandfather married Grace Levi (not Labelle). She was a Labelle but was Baptised this same date of Marriage, due to her not being Catholic beforehand. Upon Baptism, her surname translated from LABELLE to LEVI. James Kennedy

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