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Parish Records
Register of Marriages

Fortune Bay District

St. Bernard's
RC Marriages

1860 - 1867


Note: Registry of marriages for the District of Fortune Bay C???? July 3rd 1860.
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July 2 1860   Richard LAMBERT Mary WHELAN William Kinsela and Margaret Martin R.B.
Nov 23 1860   Ridmond SMITH Ruth THEPHARD Joseph Phelan and Jns Thephard Robert Brennan
June 29 1861   Nicholas JEDORE Mary JOE Bernard Joseph and Julia John R.B.
July 13 1861   David MORIS Margaret LEWIS Benajamin Lewis and Mullin? Joe R.B.
July 3? 1861   Robert CRANT Priscilla BUFFETT Joseph Wilcott and Mary Hull R.B.
July 3 1861   James LEARY Jane BRENNAN Laurence Brennan and Jns Brennan R.B.
July 20 1861   John CHATMAN Serah M DORMODY Jonas Cox R. Brennan
August 5 1861   John SMITH Priscilla LOUGHLIN John Smith and Mary Rose R.B.
Sept 22 1861   Abraham SKINNER Jane COX Joseph Cox and Mary Garvey R.B.
No Date   William BEAMS Elizabeth HULL Henry Ennis and Mary Hull R.B.
PAGE 2        
May 3 1862   William HEARN Sarah COX Edward Thompson and Sarah Thompson R.B.
July 11 1862   Peter LEIVILLE Jane GREENE Jns Kinsela and Elizabeth Parnell R.B.
Sept 25 1862   Thomas EVANS? Rachel ROSE John Kinsela and Sarah McCarthy R.B.
Oct 2 1862   Morgan BOBBIT Sarah ORGAN George Collier and Elizabeth McDonald R.B.
Oct 9 1862   William BAKER Mary Anne MARTIN? John Baker and Susan Hutchings [Page Ripped]
Oct 27 1862   Patrick MCEVOY Elizabeth BURK Denis Burk and Ellen Burk R.B.
Nov 11 1862   Joseph WILCOTT Mary HULL John Wilcott and Margaret Hull R.B.
January 10 1863   Francis Raynes [Rogers] Mary BRADSHAW Mr. Fulkey? and Mary Farrell Robert Brennan
August 12 1863   John BRAZAIL Elizabeth PULLETT Matthew BRAZAIL and Hannah Paul R.B.
Sept 2 1863   George COLLIER Frances WILCOTT Mich'l Wilcott and Rose Moris R.B.
Sept 21 1863   George J?I??T Gina STEWART John Whelan and Ellen Greene Robt B.
PAGE 3        
October 3 1863   John TIKE Ellen THEPHARD John Mortin and Sarah McCarthy R.B.
Nov 18 1863   William ROSE Elizabeth THROWBRIDGE Jonthin Kinsela and Rachel Rose R.B.
April 3 1864   George PENNEY Elizabeth DOLEMONT Thos. Marshall and Jnos Dolemont R.B.
April 27 1864   David MCDONALD Emma LEGG James Mcdonald and Ellen Mcdonald Robt Brennan
May 30 1864   George B???? Anne LEWIS Benjamin Lewis and Charlotte Bouzaine Robt Brennan
August 1 1864   William MCDONALD Mary BOBBITT Ambrose J???? and Rosana Moris? Robt Brennan
August 5 1864   Charles JOSEPH Jane PAUL John Bolton? and Charlotte Bouzaine R.B.
August 7 1864   John MCDONALD Mary Nancy PAUL Peter Jedore and Sarah Collier Robt Brennan
August 28 1864   Joseph JEDORE Ellen Pardy? Henry Broomnan and Charlotte Fudge Robt B.
Sept 15 1864   Samuel HUTCHINGS Sarah COX Thos. Molloy and Mary Cox Robt Brennan
Sept 26 1864   Ed. THOMPSON Martha MOLLOY Jos. Hearn? and Sarah Thompson R.B.
PAGE 4        
October 4 1864   John HICKEY Jane PAUL George Paul and Fanny Hickey Robt Brennan
Nov 3 1864   William KINSELA Anne CLOUD John Thephard Margt Moulton Robt Brennan
July 26 1865   Richard DOMINICK** Elizabeth Smith William Hickey and Ann Dominick R.B.
September 11 1865   Ambrose MORRIS Margaret HULL Thomas HULL Catherine ALLEN Robt Brennan
September 11 1865   John LONG Rosana MORRIS James Morris and Elizabeth Allen R. Brennan
September 25 1865   Michael HACKETT Mary WHITTLE Mark Bolt and Elizabeth Fudge R. Br[Page Ripped]
Nov 22 1865   Thomas KINSELA Bridget BARRON Patk Hearn and Margt Jaivey? Robt Brennan
April 5 1866   Henry BUNNING? Ellen BURKE Denis Burke and Mary Bunning? R.B.
April 8 1866   Oliver HICKEY Ellen May Patk Hickey and Fanny Hickey Robt Brennan
April 30 1866   John BURKE Charlotte BOUZAINE David ???? and Margaret ???? Robt B.
PAGE 5        
May 3 1866   Lewis IEME? Sarah GRANT George Lambert and Frances Pike R.B.
July 23 1866   Edward PULLETT Christine LEWIS Peter John and Esther John R. Brennan
Sept 27 1866   Thomas HICKEY Johanah MIDLETON Thomas Connolly and Elizabeth Hickey R. Brennan
Sept 29 1866   Joseph SHEPHERD Amelia ROSE John Pin?uon and Margt Morton Robt. Brennan
Sept 30 1866   Charles CLINTON Jane JOHNSON Matthew Johnson and Susan .... Robert Brennan
Oct 1 1866   Rich MARTIN Mary Anne KEEPING William Kay, Thos. R., Susan Austings, Charlottw Ashford R.B.
Oct 1 1867   Patrick HICKEY Mary Anne DRAKES Richard Lonergan and Frances Hickey Robert B.
Oct 2 1866   Thomas DRAKES Adelaida MAY Rupert Hindly and Georgt? Keeping Robt. Brennan
Oct 3 1866   John THEPHERD Susan PINNY[Penny] Mich'l Burke and Marg't Burke Robt. Brennan
Oct 4 1866   John HICKEY Caroline PARDY Thos. Connolly and Mary Hickey Robert Brennan
Oct 4 1866   John BONON? Catherine MCCARTHY Patk Hickey and Ellen McCarthy R. Brennan
Oct 6 1866   Joseph HACKETT Elizabeth FUDGE William Corbals and Sarah King Robt. Brennan
PAGE 6        
Oct 18 1866   Michael HYNES? Anne WHITTLE John Whittle and Ellen HYNES Robt. Brennan
Oct 24 1866   Daniel FOOTE Jane CRANT William Mcdonald and Sarah Mcdonald Robt. Brennan
Nov 1 1866   Richard KEEPING Maria FIANDERS William Keeping and Ellen Martin? R. Brennan
Nov 1 1866   George BUTTER Mary FARRELL Joseph Farnell and Ellen Farnell R. Brennan
Nov 18? 1866   James HEARN? Sarah THOMPSON David Hearn? and Mary Thompson Robert Brennan
Jan 7 1867   Thomas DRAKES Susan HUTCHINGS John Drakes and Caroline Snook Robt. Brennan
May 1 1867   Patrick HEARN Catherine GARVEY John Garvey and Margt Garvey Robt. Brennan
May 10 1867   William COLLIER? Elizabeth THEPHARD James Payne and Caroline Thephard Robt. Brennan
July 2 1867   Nicholas POWER Elya MADORE John Walsh and Ellen Leary? R.B.
July 2 1867   Frank JOE Caroline JOHN John Walsh and Mrs Leary Robt. Brennan
July 20 1867   John PETERS Ellen MCDONALD Michael Mcdonald and Sarah Mcdonald Robt. Brennan
PAGE 7        
Sept 13 1867   Michael WILCOTT Rachel MCCARTHY Samuel Cogan and Frances Cogan Robt. Brennan
Sept 14 1867   Francis ROSE Elizabeth ALLEN Alfred Nebsite and Catherine Allen Robt. Brennan
Sept 16 1867   Henry LABOR Hannah HYNES Abraham Lang and Elizabeth Hynes Robt. Brennan
Sept 30 1867   Thomas SMITH Ellen SHEPHERD Henry Shepherd and Isabel Baker Robt. Brennan
October 3 1867   Richard BUNDY Bridget MORTIN James Lambert and Ellen Mortin Robt. Brennan
October 11 1867   George POWER Susan JOHNSON John Power and Elizabeth Power R. Brennan
Oct 29 1867   Bartholemew LULLERAN Mary Anne MIKEY? Joseph Piller and Margt Mortin R. Brennan
Nov 23 1867   William CRATER Anne LAUNDRY R. Brennan and Catherine Kelly R.B.

Transcribed by: Devon Griffin (2011)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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