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Sacred Heart RC Burials,
Curling, Nfld

AngelMargaretBay of IslandsOct 1 1895Fairview64 yrsSyncopeFairview
AntigeEignanceFranceAug 29 1891Summerside85 yrs Corner Brook
AntigeEignanceFranceAug 29 1891Summerside85 yrsOld AgeCorner Brook
ArchibaldWilliam April 30 1917Innismara78 yrsPneumoniaInnismara
ArnoldThomasCorner BrookJune 14 1912Corner Brook76 yrsDropsyFairview
ArnoldSarahCorner BrookJan 10 1914Corner Brook69 yrsBowel InflammationFairview
ArnoldJohnCorner BrookOct 26 1919Corner Brook15 yrsPeritonitisFairview
BadcockHannahCurlingMarch 13 1906Curling18 moMeaslesMt. Cecilia
BarrtaultSolomonBaie ChaleurJune 15 1895Ballyntine60 yrsPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
BarryJohnIrelandApril 10 1894Summerside93 yrsOld AgeMt. Cecilia
BarryMarySummersideApril 14 1906Summerside8 yrsBrain DiseaseMt. Cecilia
BarryMargaretMt. CeciliaMay 18 1907Mt. Cecilia20 daysDebilityMt. Cecilia
BarryCatherine MarshallCarbonearMay 21 1907Mt. Cecilia31 yrsHemorrhageMt. Cecilia
BarryArthurSummersideApril 10 1908Summerside12 yrsScarlet FeverMt. Cecilia
BarryJohnSummersidemay 18 1909Summerside21 yrsWhite SwellingMt. Cecilia
BarryMaryMcCarthy'sJuly 2 1909McCarthy's 1 hrBirth InjuryMt. Cecilia
BarryAnnieCurling Jan 14 1913Curling2 yrsBrain FeverMt. Cecilia
BarryAnne FrancisSummersideOct 28 1914Summerside3 moConvulsionsMt. Cecilia
BarryFrancisSummersideSept 8 1917Summerside1 yrsConvulsionsMt. Cecilia
BarryJohnSt. John'sJuly 21 1918Summerside75 yrsBronchitisMt. Cecilia
BashaJosephLebanonJune 20 1909Curling21 yrsDrowningMt. Cecilia
BenoitPaulineInnismaraNov 8 1916Innismara5 moConvulsionsInnismara
BernardNoelBay d'EspoirOct 6 1902Curling60 yrsMeningitisMt. Cecilia
BinardFrederickWood's IslandOct 23 1913Wood's Island24 yrsDrowningWood's Island
BinardAdaBay of IslandsNov 6 1895Wood's Island9 moScarletinaWood's Island
BindardPeter Wood's IslandFeb 21 1912Wood's Island36 yrsBright's DiseaseWood's Island
BolandWilheminaBallyntine CoveApril 24 1901Ballyntine Cove2 moConvulsionsMt. Cecilia
BolandThomasSummersideDec 5 1905Summerside7 daysDebilityFairview
BolandTheresaCurlingJan 18 1906Curling2 daysPrematureMt. Cecilia
BolandMauriceSt. John'sMay 15 1908Frenchman's hd76 yrsHeart FailureMt. Cecilia
BolandMarySummersideJan 12 1909Mt. Cecilia2 yrsUnknownMt. Cecilia
BolandJaneHarbour GraceMay 17 1917Curling84 yrsOld AgeMt. Cecilia
BolandCeciliaCurlingNov 24 1918Curling36 yrsInfluenzaMt. Cecilia
BolandFemale Nov 24 1918Curling Still BornMt. Cecilia
BolandMary Ann Oct 25 1895"Halifax, NS"56 yrsConsumption"Halifax, NS"
BougeoisJohnBay of IslandsNov 16 1895Wood's Island60 yrsInfluenzaWood's Island
BourgeosisJohnWood's IslandJan 21 1906Wood's Island24 yrsBrain AbsessWood's Island
BrakeElizabethRiverheadFeb 9 1898Riverhead50 yrsAcuthesisFairview
BrakeMaryFairviewMay 24 1904Fairview2 daysPrematureFairview
BrakeBenjaminHumbermouthJuly 3 1911Middle Arm76 yrsHeart FailureMiddle Arm
BrakeRonaldCorner BrookSept 6 1911Corner Brook5 yrsPneumoniaFairview
BrakeEllenSt. John'sNov 17 1911Middle Arm57 yrsConsumptionMiddle Arm
BrakeAbrahamSummersideApril 14 1914Summerside48 yrsDropsyMt. Cecilia
Broderick CatherineCorner BrookSept 20 1917Corner Brook50 yrs Fairview
BrodericksJohnCorner BrookOct 7 1909Corner Brook1 mo Fairview
BrownJaneCorner BrookDec 8 1898Wexford Rd70 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
BrownJames MCurlingDec 3 1915Gallipoli24 yrsKilled in ActionMt. Cecilia
BryneHerbertHumbermouthJan 26 1906Humbermouth5 yrsMeaslesFairview
BuckleWilliamLabradorSept 5 1913Corner Brook29 yrsConsumptionCorner Brook
BuckleBlancheCorner Brookmarch 4 1914Corner Brook1.5 yrsDebilityFairview
BuckleFrederickLong Point LabSept 4 1916Summerside24 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
BuckleWinifredCorner BrookJuly 14 1918Corner Brook24 yrsConsumptionFairview
Buckle George Salmon BayAug 19 1908Corner Brook10 yrs`MeningitisFairview
BuckleyJamesCorner BrookJune 21 1907Corner Brook2 yrsScarlet FeverFairview
ByrneAliceRiverheadDec 27 1899Riverhead UnknownFairview
ByrneAliceCorner BrookJuly 18 1913York Harbour6 yrsAccidentMt. Cecilia
CallahanAngelaCurlingJan 4 1913Corner Brook30 yrsChild BirthFairview
CallahanWinifredSt. John'sOct 17 1913Corner Brook68 yrsCancerFairview
CallahanStephenCorner BrookOct 23 1915Corner Brook37 yrsAccident at MillFairview
CammieMatilda April 15 1917Innismara96 yrsSenilityInnismara
CamusAlbert April 20 1895York Harbour2 yrs Wood's Island
CamusMargaretSeal CoveAug 7 1903York Harbour4 moLaGrippeWood's Island
CanningJohnCape BretonJuly 21 1909York Harbour56 yrsThroat CancerWood's Island
CanningMary TheresaSummersideJuly 8 1916Curling2 yrsMeaslesMt. Cecilia
CanningPeter Bay of IslandsDec 9 1895Summerside3 yrsScarletinaMt. Cecilia
CarterFrederickSummersideAug 7 1894Summerside21 yrsKidney DiseaseMt. Cecilia
CarterCarolineNova ScotiaAug 20 1910Summerside79 yrsGastritisMt. Cecilia
CartierThomasShip HarbourMarch 31 1906Humbermouth68 yrsBright's DiseaseMt. Cecilia
ChalkerJohnCurlingNov 25 1919Curling10 moMal Lactaton 
ChristopherNicholasSummersideJune 16 1897Summerside27 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
ChristopherWilliamSummersideJan 1 1898Summerside1.5 yrsWorm FeverMt. Cecilia
ChristopherJohnSt. John'sSept 22 1904Summerside64 yrsInsanityMt. Cecilia
ChristopherMichaelSummersideJune 20 1905Mt. Cecilia10 moLaGrippeMt. Cecilia
ChristopherMichaelSummersideNov 30 1905Ardmore32 yrsConsumptionFairview
ChristopherMarySummersideOct 25 1918Summerside15 yrsMeningitis 
ClarkeSamuelCarbonearAug 21 1899Benoit's Cove78 yrsOld AgeBenoit's Cove
ColemanJohnLittle BayNov 11 1908Curling78 yrsMeningitisMt. Cecilia
CollinsJohnCarbonearNov 24 1894Summerside68 yrsGeneral DiseaseMt. Cecilia
CollinsEdwardSummersideMay 18 1899Summerside8 yrsLiver DiseaseMt. Cecilia
CollinsBridgetSummersidemarch 28 1901Summerside17 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
CollinsJoannaSummersideNov 30 1905Summerside16 yrsConsumptionFairview
CollinsJohnSummersideFeb 15 1906Summerside15 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
CollinsJosephSummersideMarch 15 1919Summerside37 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
ColmanMaryCarbonearJuly 24 1915Curling51 yrsHeart DiseaseMt. Cecilia
CompagnonRoseJohn's BeachJan 5 1899Benoit's Cove52 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
CompagnonElizabethHalfway PointJune 5 1914 7 yrsBrain FeverBenoit's Cove
CondonArthur JCurlingApril 7 1894Curling6 moTeethingMt. Cecilia
CondonAliceCurlingJan 19 1895Curling6 yrsYellow AtrophyMt. Cecilia
CondonPatrickSt. John'sJuly 8 1895Curling38 yrsUnknownMt. Cecilia
CondonJamesSt. John'sFeb 18 1898Curling22 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
CondonBridgetCurlingSept 21 1898Curling3 yrsConvulsionsCurling
CondonArthurCarbonearJune 22 1900Curling75 yrsinflammation lungsMt. Cecilia
CondonWilliamCarbonearApril 23 1909Curling42 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
CondonMary AliceCurlingApril 6 1916Curling14 yrsBrain FeverMt. Cecilia
ConnollyGerald JHumbermouthSept 30 1919Humbermouth8 moAnemiaFairview
ConnollyMaryMcCarthy'sNov 14 1919McCarthy's 2 moConvulsionsMt. Cecilia
CostelloJohnWood's IslandJuly 5 1916Innismara15 yrsConsumptionInnismara
CusackJosephSt. LawrenceDec 30 1906Curling38 yrsPneumoniaGloucester
DonahueMatildaHalfway PointMarch 23 1919Halfway Point27 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
DonahueMaryHalfway PointJune 6 1919Halfway Point29 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
DooleyAnneWaterford Is. IreJan 23 1898Chatteau78 yrsOld AgeFairview
DooleyLeo Jan 21 1906Humbermouth6 moMeaslesFairview
DorateguyTheodoreRayonneFeb 11 1908Summerside24 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
DormodyRichardBenoit's Cove Aug 3 1911Benoit's Cove20 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
DrakeJohnOderinMarch 27 1894Furlong's Brook65 yrsLaGrippeMt. Cecilia
DruggetJaquesFranceJuly 24 1891Brooms bottom90 yrsOld AgeLark Harbour
DufayJohnFranceNov 3 1906Wood's Island67 yrsKidney Disease Wood's Island
DugganJosephCarbonearAug 23 1914Condon's66 yrs Heart DiseaseMt. Cecilia
DugganJamesCarbonearMay 30 1916Curling60 yrsDiabetesMt. Cecilia
DunnNellieHumbermouthJune 21 1914Humbermouth14 yrsBrain FeverFairview
DuvalCharlesFranceSept 10 1904Humbermouth84 yrsOld AgeFairview
Eudes JuliaWood's Islandmarch 5 1913Wood's Island17 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
EveralElizabethBenoit's Cove Aug 9 1899Summerside18 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
EveralPhoebeBenoit's Cove March 6 1900 Benoit's Cove15 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
EveralJeanBenoit's Cove March 25 1901Benoit's Cove18 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
EzekielMichaelChateauSept 4 1907Riverhead30 yrsRailroad accidentFairview
EzekielPeter ChateauOct 19 1908Chateau15 yrsConsumptionFairview
FrenchRichardBottle CoveJan 12 1902Bottle Cove8 mo Benoit's Cove
FrenchJohnSt. Malo FranceApril 29 1905Bottle Cove72 yrsLaGrippeBottle Cove
FureyCatherineMt. CeciliaJan 17 1909Mt. Cecilia3 weeksDebilityMt. Cecilia
FurlongPeter ACook's CoveNov 26 1894Cook's Cove21 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
FurlongRichardPlacentiaMay 31 1919Cook's Cove70 yrsDropsyMt. Cecilia
GahneyAgnesWood's IslandSept 7 1912Wood's Island17 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
GallantDaniel June 26 1895Benoit's Cove3 yrsConvulsionsBenoit's Cove
GallantJosephBenoit's Cove Aug 10 1899Benoit's Cove21 yrsApoplexyBenoit's Cove
GallantJosephWood's IslandJune 3 1903Wood's Island3dayPrematureMt. Cecilia
GallantJamesBottle CoveSept 27 1904Bottle Cove8 daysDebilityBottle Cove
GallantJosephineHalfway PointFeb 21 1906Halfway Point18 moMeaslesBenoit's Cove
GallantBernardBenoit's Cove Dec 22 1912Benoit's Cove ConsumptionBenoit's Cove
GallantIsabellaHalfway PointJan 13 1914Halfway Point38 yrsAbscessBenoit's Cove
GallantCatherineWood's IslandFeb 19 1914Wood's Island2 yrsConvulsionsWood's Island
GallantJamesWood's IslandJuly 25 1915Wood's Island25 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
GeorgeAgnesMcCarthy'sOct 29 1918McCarthy's 1 moPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
GeorgeMatthewCarbonearDec 17 1902Summerside59 yrsParalysisMt. Cecilia
GilkerDanielCape BretonApril 11 1912Curling74 yrsSurgical Operation 
GillianThomasHalifaxMay 22 1903Petries Xing67 yrsParalysisMt. Cecilia
GoujouFrancoisFairviewJuly 16 1901Corner Brook5 weeksConvulsionsFairview
GoujouMary AnnBay of IslandsNov 21 1895Fairview2 yrsScarletinaFairview
GoujouHelen MFairviewOct 27 1896Fairview6 moInfantileFairview
GouldJohnFlower's CoveAug 11 1899Mt. Cecilia10 yrs`Typhoid FeverMt. Cecilia
GouldSarah Flower's CoveAug 31 1899Mt. Cecilia20 yrsFeverMt. Cecilia
GouldMichaelCarbonearDec 15 1913Petries44 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
GrantEllenPlacentiaMay 26 1903Cook's Cove77 yrsPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
GreenStephenPlacentiaDec 14 1891Halfway Point80 yrs Benoit's Cove
GreenSarah F June 12 1895Halfway Point1.5 yrsLaGrippeBenoit's Cove
GregoryMarySummersideNov 20 1906Summerside2 yrsWhooping CoughMt. Cecilia
GregoryMarySummersideSept 23 1907Summerside15 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
GregoryGraceSummersideJune 4 1908Summerside15 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
GregorySarahMcCarthy'sSept 24 1908McCarthy's 28 yrs Mt. Cecilia
GregoryJamesSt. John'sAug 31 1914McCarthy's 69 yrsDebilityMt. Cecilia
GregoryMaryCarbonearJuly 25 1916McCarthy's 70 yrsHeart FailureMt. Cecilia
GregoryThomasBay of IslandsDec 5 1895Summerside6 yrsScarletinaMt. Cecilia
GriffenIsraelBonne EsperanceAug 20 1913Curling64 yrsBright's DiseaseMt. Cecilia
GriffenJohnSalmon BayNov 12 1918Corner Brook38 yrsInfluenzaMt. Cecilia
GriffenAnastasiaCurlingJan 13 1919Curling13 moSpanish FluMt. Cecilia
GriffinMary SusannaChapel's Cove CBJune 5 1916Curling61 yrsCancerMt. Cecilia
GushueRobertConception BayJune 13 1913Petries65 YrsParalysisMt. Cecilia
GushueFrancoisSt. Malo FranceMarch 23 1917Corner Brook84 yrsOld AgeFairview
GushueAnastasiaConception BayAug 8 1918Petries63 yrsDropsyMt. Cecilia
HackettCatherineYork HarbourJuly 30 1903Wood's Island2 yrsLaGrippeWood's Island
HackettMonicaWood's IslandSept 14 1914Wood's Island3 yrsWhooping CoughWood's Island
HarrandJosephineSt. PierreMarch 23 1913Wood's Island56 yrsHeart FailureWood's Island
HartsonJohnBurinDec 6 1907Curling55 yrsHeart FailureMt. Cecilia
HayesMary AMt. CeciliaApril 1 1899Mt. Cecilia3 moInfluenzaMt. Cecilia
HayesJohnWexford RdNov 24 1902Mt. Cecilia5 moPrematureMt. Cecilia
HayesRoseMt. CeciliaDec 1 1903Mt. Cecilia7 dayDisabilityMt. Cecilia
HayesElizaMt. CeciliaJan 13 1908Mt. Cecilia3 daysPrematureMt. Cecilia
HayesGertrudePetries XingJan 8 1910Petries Xing11 daysPrematureMt. Cecilia
HayesMargaretPetries XingMarch 14 1911Petries Xing4 moNephritiaMt. Cecilia
HayesJohnHarbour GraceJuly 2 1913Petries84 yrsAbscessMt. Cecilia
HectorAugustinaRiverheadDec 2 1900Riverhead6 mo Fairview
HellerJosephSt. John'sMay 24 1903Benoit's Cove57 yrsGastric CarcinomaMt. Cecilia
HellerRichardSt. John'sOct 29 1907Benoit's Cove50 yrsNeuralgiaMt. Cecilia
HellerSarahBenoit's Cove Dec 2 1895Benoit's Cove11 yrsScarletinaMt. Cecilia
HickeyEllenFortune BayMay 29 1907Wood's Island28 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
HickeyTheresaInnismaraApril 15 1917Innismara2.5 yrsConvulsionsInnismara
HolandThomasMt. CeciliaMarch 15 1911Mt. Cecilia26 yrs Mt. Cecilia
HowelyMaryCorner BrookMay 11 1906Corner Brook34 yrsConsumptionFairview
HowlettJohnInnismaraNov 15 1916Innismara28 yrsConsumptionInnismara
HynesJohnEnglish HarbourDec 18 1908Wood's Island23 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
JackmanMarySt. John'sSept 6 1897Summerside72 yrsLiver CancerFairview
JackmanGeorge Bonne BayDec 3 1906Curling3 yrsPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
JanesMary TheresaBenoit's Cove Oct 19 1918Benoit's Cove33 yrsFeverBenoit's Cove
JeansCatherineBay of IslandsDec 10 1895Benoit's Cove3 yrs ScarletinaBenoit's Cove
JencampWilliamLabradorNov 6 1906Curling2 yrsWhooping CoughMt. Cecilia
JenningSarahHalfway PointJan 24 1911Halfway Point75 yrsHeart FailureBenoit's Cove
JenningsRichardGrand RiverApril 30 1893Benoit's Cove45 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
JenningsMichaelGrand RiverJan 8 1897Halfway Point85 yrsOld AgeBenoit's Point
JesseauWisulaBay St. GeorgeNov 27 1897Benoit's Cove75 yrsRheumatismBenoit's Cove
JesseauMaryBay St. GeorgeJan 8 1902Bottle Cove41 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
JessopJosephBay St. GeorgeAug 27 1899Bottle Cove56 yrsLaGrippeBottle Cove
JosephAntonioLebanonMay 31 1913Sydney C.B.54 yrsBright's DiseaseMt. Cecilia
KehoeAliceCarbonearMarch 21 1894Curling63 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
KehoeMichaelCarbonearFeb 9 1913Curling69 yrsBright's DiseaseMt. Cecilia
KeillyWilliamPetty HarbourAug 10 1891Corner Brook79 yrsAsthmaCorner Brook
KennedySarahCarbonearJune 14 1902Summerside78 yrsParalysisFairview
KennedyMichaelHalifaxFeb 2 1908Curling64 yrsLaGrippeMt. Cecilia
KennedyDavid IrishtownMay 17 1914Irishtown9 moDebilityMt. Cecilia
LeJeuneRoseBay St. GeorgeSept 29 1898Summerside78 yrsUnknownMt. Cecilia
LinthornWilliamWood's IslandOct 25 1906Wood's Island6 moWhooping CoughWood's Island
LynchFergusWexford RdJan 24 1904Wexford Rd2 moConvulsionsMt. Cecilia
LynchGerardPetriesSept 30 1914Petries7 yrsWhooping CoughMt. Cecilia
LynchJamesCarbonearJan 16 1917Petries79 yrsOld AgeMt. Cecilia
LynchMinnie CathPetriesApril 22 1917Petries4 yrsBrain FeverMt. Cecilia
Lynchlenita AnnPetriesNov 15 1918Petries1.5 yrsInfluenzaMt. Cecilia
LynchMargaretBay of IslandsNov 26 1895Wexford Rd3 yrsScarletinaMt. Cecilia
MacIsaacJamesGrand LakeFeb 16 1910McCarthy's 15 yrs Mt. Cecilia
MarshallRichardCarbonearJuly 1 1905Summerside76 yrsDropsyMt. Cecilia
McBeanWilliamInnismaraJan 2 1917Innismara58 yrsCancerInnismara
McCarthyCatherineCarbonearFeb 23 1900Corner Brook78 yrsUnknownFairview
McCarthyAmbroseCarbonearMarch 15 1904Chateau62 yrsKidney Disease Fairview
McCarthyEdwardSummersideApril 6 1906Summerside2 moMeaslesMt. Cecilia
McCarthyAgnesEnglish HarbourMay 13 1906Wood's Island35 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
McCarthyMarySummersideNov 14 1906Summerside35 daysWhooping CoughMt. Cecilia
McCarthyJamesMcCarthy'sFeb 17 1908McCarthy's 22 yrsInflammation bowelsMcCarthy's
McCarthyFelixSummersideJan 11 1909Summerside9 daysDebilityMt. Cecilia
McCarthyEllenSummersideMarch 15 1909Summerside11 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
McCarthyFelixChateauApril 16 1909McCarthy's 30 yrsNephritiaMt. Cecilia
McCarthyMichaelMcCarthy'sJuly 4 1909McCarthy's 1 dayPrematureMt. Cecilia
McCarthyFelixCarbonearMarch 23 1911Summerside64 yrsNephritiaMt. Cecilia
McCarthyPatrickFairviewJune 28 1911Fairview35 yrsConsumptionFairview
McCarthyBernardCorner BrookSept 14 1914Corner Brook2.5 yrsWhooping CoughFairview
McCarthyAndrewCorner BrookOct 8 1919Corner Brook18 yrsParalysisFairview
McCarthyCatherineCarbonearFeb 9 1896Ballyntine Cove21 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
McCarthyJohnCarbonearNov 4 1896Fairview84 yrsOld AgeFairview
McCarthyJamesChateauJan 12 1899Chateu12 yrs Fairview
McCarthyEdwardCarbonearNov 17 1905Chateau74 yrsOld AgeFairview
McCarthyMargaretCarbonearFeb 6 1915Corner Brook79 yrsOld AgeFairview
McCarthyJohnMcCarthy'sFeb 10 1915McCarthy's 31 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
McCuePatrickCurlingAug 18 1917Curling10 yrs DrowningMt. Cecilia
McCureWilliam JCurlingApril 12 1913Curling2 yrsAccidentMt. Cecilia
McEachenHonoraNewman's CoveOct 24 1906Pleasant Point57 yrsPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
McEachernAngusAntigonish NSFeb 23 1918Petries90 yrsSenile decayMt. Cecilia
McHughJohnBrigusNov 23 1918Petries54 yrsInfluenzaMt. Cecilia
McIsaacLeoFurlong's CoveMarch 24 1904Furlong's Cove2 daysPrematureMt. Cecilia
McIsaacElizabethFurlong's CoveMarch 26 1904Furlong's Cove4 daysPrematureMt. Cecilia
McIsaacDorothyMcCarthy'sMarch 9 1910McCarthy's 3 yrsPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
McIsaacAnnieHighlandsMarch 6 1915Corner Brook7 yrsMeningitisFairview
MeagherJames ECarbonearFeb 20 1894Mt. Cecilia75 yrsHeart DiseaseMt. Cecilia
MeagherElizabethPort SaundersApril 8 1901Wexford Rd28 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
MeagherAngusBallyntine CoveSept 6 1901Ballyntine Cove4 mo Mt. Cecilia
MeagherAngusBay of IslandsDec 8 1895Ballyntine Cove9 yrsScarletinaMt. Cecilia
MeagherCatherineBay of IslandsDec 15 1895Ballyntine Cove6 moScarletinaMt. Cecilia
MeagherEdwardWexford RdDec 25 1895Wexford Rd22 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
MeagherAgnesLabradorApril 16 1896Wexford Rd20 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
MeagherBridgetBay of Islandsjune 15 1896Wexford Rd16 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
MeaneyMichaelCarbonearSept 4 1900Corner Brook75 yrsHeart DiseaseFairview
MeaneyJamesCorner BrookSept 28 1902Corner Brook25 yrsConsumptionFairview
MeaneyJohnCarbonearFeb 2 1905Wexford Rd60 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
MeaneyPhilipCarbonearJuly 11 1908Wexford Rd31 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
MeaneyMargaretCarbonearMarch 9 1910Petries Xing83 yrsPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
MeaneyGordonHumbermouthOct 3 1917Humbermouth8 yrsParalysisFairview
MeanyPatrickCorner BrookNov 17 1897Corner Brook20 yrsConsumptionFairview
MedoreAdelaideBlow Me DownJan 9 1902Bottle Cove8 mo Wood's Island
MedoreGeorge Corner BrookSept 13 1912Wood's Island86 yrsOld AgeWood's Island
MedoreGeorge ABay of IslandsApril 14 1917France23 yrsKilled in Action 
MesserNormanLunenburg NSJune 6 1913Corner Brook78 yrsPneumoniaFairview
MichaudAlexander Bay of IslandsJan 12 1915Irishtown25 yrsConsumptionFairview
MoranAnnieChateauDec 24 1902Chateau2 yrs Chateau
MoranSarahWood's IslandJuly 21 1907Chateau32 yrsHemorrhageChateau
MoranJosephCarbonearMarch 7 1912Corner Brook83 yrsOld AgeFairview
MorelleElizabethMargaree C.B.March 20 1894Mt. Cecilia103 yrsOld AgeMt. Cecilia
MurphyEmmanuelLemslineMarch 7 1919Petries47 yrsInsanityMt. Cecilia
MurphyMauriceMcCarthy'sJuly 23 1919McCarthy's 2 daysDebilityMt. Cecilia
MurrayThomasWood's IslandFeb 4 1907Wood's Island5 moDebilityWood's Island
Na?maMosesBalbeck LebanonMarch 10 1912 27 yrsExhaustionMt. Cecilia
NearyJamesMcCarthy'sNov 6 1908Curling2 yrs Mt. Cecilia
NevilleArthurSummersideMay 30 1894Summerside22 yrsConvulsionsMt. Cecilia
O'BrienWilliamPetries XingSept 23 1902Petries Xing2 yrsPrematureMt. Cecilia
O'BrienThomasCarbonearMarch 12 1906Curling84 yrsOld AgeMt. Cecilia
O'BrienMaryCarbonearAug 3 1912Curling84 yrsOld AgeMt. Cecilia
O'BrienFrankCurlingSept 9 1912Curling7 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
O'BrienAnasiasiaHarbour GraceOct 4 1912Curling36 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
O'BrienSarah AnnPinwareNov 4 1914Condon's35 yrsChild BirthMt. Cecilia
O'BrienPatrickGaspeFeb 8 1917Humbermouth85 yrsOld AgeFairview
O'CallahanJeffery MCorner BrookAug 10 1897Fairview3 moSpinal DiseaseFairview
O'CallahanMargaretCorner BrookJune 22 1906Corner Brook6 moConsumptionFairview
O'CallahanRonaldCorner BrookNov 4 1906Corner Brook3 yrsTyphoid FeverFairview
O'CallahanBridgetCorner BrookDec 6 1906Corner Brook3 moWhooping CoughFairview
O'CallahanAnnieChateauDec 10 1906Chateau20 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
O'CallahanBernardCorner BrookOct 22 1908Corner Brook7 weeksDebilityFairview
O'CallahanJeffreyCarbonearJan 7 1897Corner Brook75 yrsPneumoniaFairview
O'ConnellAliceCarbonearJune 2 1902Wood's Island28 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
O'ConnellJamesWood's IslandMay 18 1904Wood's Island13 yrsNo CauseWood's Island
O'ConnellLilyWood's IslandJuly 20 1908Wood's Island3 moDebilityWood's Island
O'ConnellSarahWood's IslandJuly 30 1908Wood's Island6 moDebilityWood's Island
O'ConnellWilliamCarbonearJune 6 1912Wood's Island62 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
O'ConnellDanielConception HarApril 16 1915Petries36 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
O'DeaCatherineHarbour GraceAug 17 1900Curling32 yrsCancerMt. Cecilia
O'DonahueMatilda June 15 1895Halfway Point6 yrsLaGrippeBenoit's Cove
O'NeilJosephCorner BrookFeb 21 1917Corner Brook3 yrsParalysisFairview
O'NeilPhilomenaHolyroodSept 24 1918Mt. Moriah23 yrsTrain WreckHolyrood
OwensJosephBenoit's CoveAug 13 1893Benoit's Cove3 yrsunknownBenoit's Cove
OwensThomas Jan 23 1896Benoit's Cove8 yrs ScarletinaBenoit's Cove
ParkAnnieMiddle ArmJune 4 1906Middle Arm7 moMeaslesMiddle Arm
ParkRoseMiddle ArmAug 2 1907Middle Arm3 moWhooping CoughMiddle Arm
ParksJohannaMiddle ArmSept 22 1914Middle Arm19 yrsPhthisisMiddle Arm
PeddleLaurenceConception HarSept 11 1902Riverhead8 yrsSurgical OperationFairview
PeddleJohnHarbour MainNov 2 1905Riverhead14 yrsTyphoid FeverFairview
PeddleJohnConception HarApril 11 1906Humbermouth14 yrsBrain DiseaseFairview
PeddleJoshuaSpaniard's BayDec 29 1917Humbermouth53 yrsAvalanche 
PeircyElizabethIrishtownJan 17 1902Irishtown18 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
PennyThomasCorner BrookJune 18 1913Corner Brook8 moConvulsionsFairview
PerrierMargaretHumbermouthJan 13 1906Humbermouth17 yrsMeaslesFairview
PerryAliceHumbermouthJune 27 1915Humbermouth9 moConvulsionsFairview
PetipasDavid WSummersideNov 6 1902Summerside8daysParalysisMt. Cecilia
PetipasAndrewSummersideMarch 28 1904Summerside15 moConsumptionMt. Cecilia
PetipasRitaSummersideApril 2 1908Summerside7.5 yrsPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
PetipasMadeleineSummersideDec 14 1909Summerside20 daysParalysisMt. Cecilia
PetipasGraceSummersideOct 17 1895Summerside5 yrsScarletinaMt. Cecilia
PetipasJohnSummersideNov 17 1895Summerside1 1/2 yrScarletinaMt. Cecilia
PetipasNathanielSummersideDec 2 1895Summerside5 yrsScarletinaMt. Cecilia
PetitipasMary JosephSummersideJune 28 1901Summerside1 mo Mt. Cecilia
PettipasSarah WheelerFrenchman's CvMay 29 1896Summerside70 yrsApoplexyMt. Cecilia
PewalJosephBenoit's Cove Jan 1 1907Benoit's Cove5 yrsMeaslesBenoit's Cove
PhelanArthurWexford RdSept 28 1895Wexford Rd5 yrsUnknownMt. Cecilia
PierceyMargaretSt. John'sJan 7 1894Cow Head60 yrs Mt. Cecilia
PierceyElizabethIrishtownJune 26 1901Irishtown1 yr Mt. Cecilia
PierceyPatrickSt. John'sAug 7 1914Irishtown86 yrsOld AgeMt. Cecilia
PierceyPatrickIrishtownMarch 7 1918Meadows43 yrsDrowningMt. Cecilia
PierceyMargaretSt. John'sMarch 21 1918Irishtown71 yrsPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
PiercyMichaelIrishtownJune 2 1900Irishtown21 yrsDrowningat Sea
PionerJohnRed HeadApril 25 1901Riverhead15 yrsConsumptionFairview
PoirterCitieRiverheadDec 17 1897Riverhead20 yrsConsumptionFairview
PorrierJohnHalfway PointMarch 20 1900Riverhead10 moScaldingFairview
PorrierReubenRiverheadDec 19 1901Riverhead17 yrsConsumptionRiverhead
PowerPierceChateauMay 4 1905Chateau18 yrsLaGrippeFairview
PowerSarahRiverheadNov 4 1905Riverhead32 yrsConsumptionFairview
PowerThomasChateauNov 5 1905Chateau22 yrsConsumptionFairview
PowerSelinaEnglish HarbourFeb 12 1907Wood's Island28 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
PowerPierceSt. John'sSept 10 1907Chateau70 yrsParalysisFairview
PowerPatrickSt. John'sMay 17 1911Fairview64 yrsNephritiaFairview
PowerEdwardSt. John'sApril 4 1911Curling65 yrsHeart FailureMt. Cecilia
PowerKathleenHalifaxSept 21 1912Curling14 moSummer ComplaintsMt. Cecilia
PowerMaryCorner BrookOct 4 1914Corner Brook53 yrsCancerFairview
PowerBridgetBay of IslandsNov 19 1895Wexford Rd5 yrsScarletinaMt. Cecilia
PowerMichaelSt. John'sAug 16 1908Corner Brook84 yrsOld AgeFairview
PowerWilliam PCorner BrookNov 20 1914Corner Brook11 moConvulsionsFairview
PowerAmeliaCarbonearJan 14 1915Corner Brook82 yrsOld AgeFairview
Power Alice LPinwareDec 1 1914Summerside31 yrsConsumptionFairview
PullisJosephHalfway PontSept 5 1891Halfway Point22 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
PullisJohnFranceNov 9 1902Halfway Point65 yrsDebilityBenoit's Cove
Quigley MarySummersideApril 6 1908Summerside3 yrsScaldingMt. Cecilia
Quigley MarySummersideSept 18 1909Summerside24 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
Quigley ThomasSummersideNov 30 1911Summerside28 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
Quigley George SummersideJan 9 1912Summerside8 moConsumptionMt. Cecilia
QuinlanMary GCurlingNov 26 1918Petries1 yr InfluenzaMt. Cecilia
ReddyJosephSt. John'sAug 9 1902Summerside84 yrsOld AgeFairview
ReddyJosephineSummersideJuly 3 1917Summerside54 yrsHeart DiseaseFairview
ReidThomasSt. John'sFeb 21 1897Corner Brook68 yrsPneumoniaFairview
RemosLuisPortugalDec 15 1894American Vessel35 yrsHeart DiseaseMt. Cecilia
RivalCeciliaBenoit's Cove Feb 17 1910McCarthy's 5 mo Benoit's Cove
RivalAliceBenoit's Cove march 20 1910Benoit's Cove34 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
RoderickMary FCorner BrookNov 15 1918Corner Brook1.5 yrsInfluenzaFairview
RouvelleHenriBenoit's Cove Aug 20 1896Benoit's Cove20 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
RuchelleWilliamBonne BayNov 1 1891Benoit's Cove18 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
RyanAlexander WSt. John'sJan 15 1918Curling76 yrsSenile decayMt. Cecilia
RyanMary AnnSpaniard's Baymarch 30 1919Corner Brook97 yrsPneumoniaCorner Brook
SceviorStephenSalmon Cv. CBJune 24 1896Corner Brook33 yrsInjuriesMt. Cecilia
SheanJohnSt. John'sMay 22 1909Bottle Cove64 yrs Benoit's Cove
SheehanCatherineSt. John'sJan 25 1895Benoit's Cove47 yrsFeverBenoit's Cove
SheehanThomasBenoit's Cove July 12 1910Benoit's Cove14 yrsKidney Disease Benoit's Cove
SheehanBeatriceHumbermouthMarch 14 1911Summerside2 yrsConvulsionsMt. Cecilia
SheppardJoannaBenoit's Cove may 14 1906Halfway Point30 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
SheppardGeorgeBay of IslandsApril 26 1915Benoit's Cove72 yrsHeart DiseaseBenoit's Cove
SinclairMarySummersideJune 12 1900Summerside24 yrsKidney FailureMt. Cecilia
SnowBridgetSt. John'sJune 10 1909Curling42 YrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
St. ClairMary CSummersideSept 30 1914Summerside2 moWhooping CoughMt. Cecilia
St. ClairFrancis JSummersideDec 14 1914Summerside3 yrsWhooping CoughMt. Cecilia
St. John GertrudeCurlingNov 1 1907Curling6 yrsScarlet FeverMt. Cecilia
St. John JamesCurling March 21 1908Curling6 moLaGrippeMt. Cecilia
St. John JuliaCurlingDec 10 1909Curling38 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
St. John BerchmansCurlingDec 25 1909Summerside3 mo Mt. Cecilia
St. John JohnBay of IslandsOct 20 1895Curling3 yrsScarletinaMt. Cecilia
StaplesSilvanusCanadaFeb 15 1911Curling43 yrsBrain ConcussionMt. Cecilia
StaplesMaryLabradorJan 8 1902Curling15 moConvulsionsMt. Cecilia
StricklandAndrewWood's IslandDec 27 1914Wood's Island9 yrsPneumoniaWood's Island
SullivanPatrickLittle PlacentiaJan 19 1895Summerside65 yrsInfluenzaMt. Cecilia
TargateEdwardIrishtownSept 6 1915Salmon Bay19 yrsDrowning 
TargateJohn JosephIrishtownmarch 22 1917Irishtown2 daysDebilityMt. Cecilia
TerryMargaretNewman's CoveMarch 7 1905Irishtown32 yrs AbscessFairview
TerryMichaelIrishtownSept 18 1905Irishtown18 daysConsumptionMt. Cecilia
TerryHelenNewman's CoveMay 18 1906Irishtown32 yrsConsumptionFairview
TerryMaryNewman's CoveFeb 24 1911Irishtown75 yrsDropsyFairview
TerryPatrickIrishtownFeb 9 1914Irishtown19 yrsDropsyMt. Cecilia
TessierMarySt. PierreJune 12 1897Corner Brook10 yrs`DiphtheriaFairview
ThistleWilliamSt. John'sJuly 15 1902Benoit's Cove95 yrsOld AgeBenoit's Cove
TuckerEliza Benoit's Cove Dec 20 1903Benoit's Cove8 hrsDisabilityMt. Cecilia
TuckerGertrudeHalfway PointFeb 12 1918Halfway Point6 yrsScaldingBenoit's Cove
VardyThomasHalfway PointJan 30 1912Halfway Point29 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
VardyMarySummersideNov 29 1912Halfway Point52 yrsKidney TroubleMt. Cecilia
VincentMaudYork HarbourOct 31 1910York Harbour14 yrsConsumptionWood's Island
VincentEdgar HBay of IslandsDec 25 1895York Harbour4 yrsScarletinaWood's Island
WalshEllenWaterford Is. IreJuly 28 1903Corner Brook85 yrsOld AgeFairview
Watsiu?John Sept 29 1916Brooms bottom81 yrsParalysisWood's Island
WebberJames ECurlingSept 10 1893Mt. Cecilia13 daysConsumptionMt. Cecilia
WebberGeorge Harbour GraceDec 9 1909Curling47 yrsDropsyMt. Cecilia
WebberEugenePetries XingJan 8 1910Curling12 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
WebberGeorge CCurlingMarch 7 1913Curling17 yrsConsumptionCurling
WebberGertrudeCurlingNov 30 1918Curling23 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
WellsJoseph HenryPetries April 11 1913Petries 2 yrsBrain FeverMt. Cecilia
WellsMargaretWexford RdJune 7 1897Wexford Rd68 yrsPneumoniaMt. Cecilia
WellsAnniePetriesAug 26 1915Petries13 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
Wells WilliamWexford RdJan 12 1896Wexford Rd10 yrs`InflammationMt. Cecilia
WheelerJohnMiddle ArmDec 1 1899Middle Arm45 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
WhelanMatthewCollier's C. B.Jan 17 1900Curling32 yrsPneumonia 
WhelanThomasHarbour GraceJune 5 1917Petries87 yrsOld AgeMt. Cecilia
WhelanDenisConception BaySept 26 1919Kitty's Brook50 yrs Conception Bay
WhiteFrancisCarbonearFeb 25 1899Wexford Rd54 yrsConsumptionMt. Cecilia
WhiteWilliamSummerside1904Summerside28 yrsHeart DiseaseMt. Cecilia
WhiteAgathaInnismaraNov 7 1916Innismara22 yrsConsumptionInnismara
WhiteJohnInnismaraNov 19 1916InnismaraInfantConvulsionsInnismara
WhiteWilliamBenoit's CoveJan 9 1919Benoit's Cove25 yrsSpanish FluBenoit's Cove
WhiteLeonaBenoit's CoveJune 18 1919Benoit's Cove19 yrsConsumptionBenoit's Cove
WilliamsEllenBay BullsMarch 7 1894Curling90 yrsOld AgeMt. Cecilia
YoungLeoCodroySept 34 1906Petries Xing15 yrsBrain DiseaseMt. Cecilia
YoungVictorWood's IslandFeb 12 1914Wood's Island74 yrsPneumoniaWood's Island
YoungEstherPlacentiaNov 14 1916Petries59 yrsCancerMt. Cecilia

These marriages were transcribed by Marlene Companion and Dorothy Companion August 1999 at the St. John's Archives.

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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