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Register of Baptisms
(Original Parish Register)

District of Placentia and St. Mary's
Argentia - Holy Rosary

Roman Catholic
1877 - 1879

Source: LDS Reel 2169241
HUNT Bridget Patrick HUNT Anne HALL 24 Feby James Smith Martha Murry R. Brennan  
FOLEY Catherine William FOLEY Mary Anne REILLY 25 Feby Patrick Kuffe? Agnes McCue R. Brennan  
BRUCE Margaret Daniel BRUCE Mary GRIFFIS 6 Jany? Patrick Griffis Mary Anne Mullins R. Brennan  
LYNCH Maria Joseph LYNCH Mary HEALY 1 Feby R. Brennan Mrs. Rose Davis R. Brennan  
WHIFFIN Catherine John WHIFFIN Jane MCCUE 1 Feby William Draddy Bridget Draddy R. Brn. Jany. 5th
GRIFFIS David Thomas GRIFFIS Teresa FOLEY 1 Feby William Foley Mrs. Stephens R. Brennan  
FITZPATRICK Elizabeth Michael FITZPATRICK Mary HAYES 2 March George King Catherine Foley R. Brennan  
LEDWELL Alice John LEDWELL Anastatia MEADE 2 March John Fitzpatrick Anastatia Fitzpatrick Robt. Brennan  
MCCUE Thomas Henry MCCUE Mary CONNORS 27 March Daniel McCue Ellen McCue R. Brennan Born March 23?
TOBIN Francis Thomas TOBIN Mary WEBBER 3 April Thos. Moran Monica McCarthy R. Brn.  
BURRY Elizabeth Mary Peter BURRY Mary LAMB 3 April John Webber Bridget Lamb Robt. Brennan  
DUNPHY Joseph Aloysius John DUNPHY Rose RYAN 3 April Garret Ryan Marg't Ryan R. Brennan *The rest of this comment was illegible with the exception of the signature, John Ashley pp" - Transcriber
LAMB William Andrew Thomas LAMB May Joseph MALONE 4 April Garret Lamb Bridget Lamb Robt. Brennan  
MARTIN Ellen John MARTIN Serah NORTHOVER 4 April John Holden? Bridget Northover R. Brennan  
LAMB Bridget Bernard? LAMB Ellen NORTHOVER 4 April Edward Conway? Marg't ??? R. Brennan  
MILLER Garret Francis James MILLER Mrs. MILLER alias LAMB 5 April Rob't Brennan Bridget Freeman R. Brennan Jan. 11th
WHELAN Serah Anne Thos. WHELAN Serah WHELAN 8 April Patt Murray Mary Anne Hamond? R. Brennan  
FITZPATRICK Edward Edward FITZPATRICK Ellen CASHMAN 24 April Henry Rielly Rose Hunt R. Brennan  
SMITH James James SMITH Bridget MADICK? 4 May James Furlong Anne Murray R. Brennan  
DUKE Peter Thomas DUKE Mary TRAVIS? 1 June Thos. Stephens Bridget King R. Brennan  
WHELAN Elizabeth William WHELAN Mary KING 6 June James Hamen? Katherine Hamen? R. Brn.  
BRUCE Richard Michael BRUCE Jane MURPHY 6 June William Whelan Mary Joe Murphy R. Brn.  
BRUCE David William BRUCE Mary GRIFFIS 7 July John Power Mary Joseph Keating R. Brennan Born June 10th
SMITH Henry John SMITH Elizabeth NORTHOVER 17 June James Foley Jane Sparrow E? Irvine June 10th
DUNPHY Alexander William DUNPHY Ellen SMITH 15 July Michael Smith Mary Kelly R. Brennan  
MURRAY Susanah Mary Joseph Thomas MURRAY Mary FITZPATRICK 17 July David Griffis Mary Anne Hartigan R. Brennan  
GRIFFIS John Thomas Michael GRIFFIS Bridget WHELAN 17 July Maurice Murray Ellen Power R. Brennan  
CORCORAN Thomas John CORCORAN Elizabeth NORMAN 26 July Garret Norman Elizabeth Ready R. Brn. June 29th
BURRY William Joseph Thomas BURRY Elizabeth WHELAN 26 July John Whelan Elizabeth Miller R. Brn.  
RYAN Catherine Mary Denis RYAN Mary BARRON 26 July William Reilly ??ulin Lamb R. Brennan  
READY Elizabeth Mary Michael READY Elizabeth FAGAN? 26 July Denis Ryan May Whelan R. Brennan July 2nd
BARRY Johanah Maurice BARRY Anastatia WALSH 26 July Patrick Lamb Catherine Dunphy Robt. Brennan  
HOLOHAN Cecelia John HOLOHAN Margaret SULLIVAN 6 August John Samson Julia Nowlan R. Brennan  
CLEARY Thomas Patrick CLEARY Mary WHELAN 19 August John Cleary Mary Cleary R. Brennan  
SPARROW Peter James SPARROW Serah ROACH 3 Sept. Joseph Sparrow Mary Anne Roach R. Brennan  
HEALY Mary Richard HEALY Johanah WHIFFIN 1 Sept. David Bruce Teresa Smith R. Brennan Married Davis
NORMAN John Joseph John NORMAN Bridget GRIFFIS 16 Sept. Thos. Whelan Bridget Barron R. Brennan Sept. 1st
SPURAY? Martha? Martin SPURAY? Catherine KING 27 Sept. Denis King Ellen Leary R. Brennan  
SPURAY? Bridget Martin SPURAY? Catherine KING 27 Sept. Patt Kelly Mrs. Stephens R. Brennan  
KELLY Denis Joseph John KELLY Mary FOLEY 27 Sept. William Foley Gertrude Foley R. Brennan Illegible comment
KELLY ??? John KELLY Mary FOLEY 27 Sept. Thomas Francis Ellen Furlong Robt. Brennan Born Sept. 26th
LEARY Mathew James LEARY Catherine STEPHENS 26 August David Bruce Mary Joe Dawson Robt. Brennan  
DORMODY Bridget Patt DORMODY Agnes MEADE 9 Sept. Sebastian Ledwell Agnes McCue R. Brennan  
SHEA Mary William SHEA Mary LAHY 1 Oct. Patt Holohan Johanah Viscount R. Brennan  
FENNESSY Ellen Nicholas FENNESSY Bridget SPARROW 3 Oct John Rose Elizabeth Rose R. Brennan  
BARRY Maurice Michael BARRY Mary Agnes MCCARTHY 8 Oct. Maurice Barry Bridget Walsh Robt. Brennan  
MURPHY Patrick Denis MURPHY Ellen SINNOTT 11 Oct. Walter Sinnott Mary Joseph Murphy R. Brennan  
PHORAN Catherine William PHORAN Mary SINNOTT 13 Oct. Francis Murphy Louisa Keates R. Brennan  
HOLOHAN Margaret James HOLOHAN Johanah MURPHY 17 Oct. William Holohan Martha Murphy R. Brennan  
RIELLY Jane John RIELLY Ellen BRUCE 28? Oct. Edward Medix? ??? Meade R. Brennan  
KELLY Mary Joseph Denis KELLY Mary FOLEY 31 Oct. Michael Draddy Agnes McCue R. Brennan  
WALSH Margaret Edward WALSH Mary KEEFE 11 Nov. Patrick Cleary Mary Freeman R. Brennan  
WALSH Mary Patrick WALSH Serah BARRON 20 Nov. Patt Meade Serah Rielly R. Brennan  
CONNORS Catherine Thomas CONNORS Mary Anne ??? 24 Nov. Patt Connors Elizabeth Burke Robt. Brennan  
MAHER Paulina James MAHER Elizabeth SMITH 2 Dec. Joachim Connors Paulina Keates R. Brennan  
ROACH James John ROACH Ellen SULLIVAN 26 Nov. John Sullivan Serah Freeman R. Brennan  
GRIFFIS ??? Joseph David GRIFFIS Julia WHIFFIN 12 Dec. Thos. Whiffin Louisa Whiffin R. Brennan  
POPE Martha Robt. POPE Lucy GRIFFIS 12 Dec. Patt Griffis Elizabeth Keating R. Brennan  
WHELAN Catherine Matt? WHELAN ??? MURRAY 12 Dec. Patt. Murray Elizabeth Foley R. Brennan  
MURPHY Catherine John MURPHY Cathin HOZNES 16 Dec. John Northover Anty Barron R. Brennan  
DUKE Bridget ??? DUKE Mary Joseph DRADDY? 6 Dec. John McCue Mary Anne Duke R. Brennan  
FOLEY Margaret William FOLEY Cathin? SMITH 26 Dec. Maurice Murray Mary Smith Robt. Brennan  
CLEARY Richard Joseph John CLEARY Elizabeth BRUCE 31 Dec. Rich'd Cleary Bridget Bruce R. Brennan  
NOWLAN Robert Patt NOWLAN Mary Anne SAMSON 3 Jany Michael Foley Bridget Mullins Robt. Brennan  
POWER Patrick Joseph Martin POWER Rosella KING 2 Jany Michael Bruce Maria Northover R. Brennan  
KING William James KING Elizabeth FOLEY 26 Jany John McCue Ellen Foley Robt. Brennan  
DORMODY Margaret Mich'l DORMODY Mary SULLIVAN 1 Feb. Mich'l Leary Catherine Meade R. Brennan Born Jan 27th?
??? Margaret Nicholas ??? Margaret CUNNINGHAM 7 Feb. Patt Cleary Mary ??? Hunt R. Brennan Jan 26th
MURPHY Elizabeth Michael MURPHY Elizabeth LEMMON? 10 Feby. Patt Griffis Ellen Murphy R. Brennan  
DUNPHY Daniel Patt DUNPHY Johanah MAHER 24 Feby. Edward Holohan Ellen Maher R. Brennan  
BARRY Ellen James BARRY Elizabeth MCCARTHY 2 March James Marooney Monica McCarthy R. Brennan  
NORMAN ??? William NORMAN Mary NORTHOVER 2 March ??? Lamb Mary Anne Hartigan? R. Brennan  
SMYTH Michael Thos. William SMYTH Mary Anne HOLLET 13 March ??? Holohan Mary Ann Holohan R. Brennan  
SPARROW Catherine George SPARROW Mary Ann POWER 15 March ??? Meade Elizabeth Sparrow R. Brennan  
MURPHY Michael Andrew James MURPHY Elizabeth GRIFFIS 31 March Isaac Duke Dora Ann Murphy R. Brennan  
MCFARLAN? Denis William MCFARLAN? Catherine GRIFFIN 4 May Denis Murphy Susan Murphy R. Brennan  
CLEARY Mary Rich'd CLEARY Ellen POWER 11? May William Toole Mary Meade R. Brennan  
REILLY Michael Thos? REILLY Johanah KELLY 12 May ??? Duke ??? Davis Robt. Brennan  
FITZPATRICK Mary William FITZPATRICK Jane SPARROW 12 may Michael Smith Bridget Sparrow Robt. Brennan  
GRIFFIS William Patrick GRIFFIS Margaret KENNEDY 8 June Rob't Griffis Mary Davis R. Brennan  
TOOLE Margaret Joseph William TOOLE Susan MEADE 10 June Philip McCue Alice Meade R. Brennan June 1st
REILLY Philip Patrick REILLY Mary KELLY 16 June Francis Murphy Mary Meade R. Brennan Born June 15th
PUTT? Susan George PUTT? Mary Jane MCCUE 29 June Mich'l Draddy Ellen McCue Robt. Brennan  
MCCUE Thomas Patt MCCUE Jane LEDWELL 29 June Thos. Lamb Mary Ann Mullins R. Brennan  
SMITH Alice James SMITH Bridget MADICKS? 9 July Joachim Murray Anne Murray R. Brennan  
KING Mary Elizabeth Denis KING Ellen MOROONEY 21 July James King Mary Anne King R. Brennan  
GRIFFIS Mary Thomas GRIFFIS ??? FOLEY 21 July James King Bridget Bruce R. Brennan  
MULLINS? John C??? MULLINS Hannah? SAMSON? 21 July Mich'l Foley Martha Foley R. Brennan  
GRIFFIS John Joseph David GRIFFIS Mary MCCUE 21 July Michael McCue Johanah Davis R. Brn  
DUNPHY? Mary Anne Denis DUNPHY? Mary BRIEN 21 July Patt Whiffin Cathrine Foley R. Brn June 7th
NORTHOVER William John NORTHOVER Elizabeth WHELAN 22 July Thomas Whiffin Bridget Barron R. Brn June 7th
GRIFFIN Bridget Michael GRIFFIN Ellen BRUCE 22 July John Griffin Jane Bruce R. Brn June 29th
POPE Mary Joseph William POPE Ellen MURPHY 22 July William Sinnott Rebecca Murphy R.B.  
BRUCE Catherine James BRUCE Catherine MCFARLAND 22 July John Burke Mary Barron R. Brn Born July 9th
BRUCE Ellen Patt BRUCE Mary Ann MURPHY 22 July Denis Murphy Mary Anne Fitzpatrick R. Brennan  
HEALY John Patt HEALY Bridget KELLY 27 July John Samson Mary Kelly Robt. Brennan  
DAVIS Anne Philip DAVIS Honorah MURPHY 28 July John McCue Mrs. Mich'l Davis Robt. Brennan  
MURPHY John Joseph John MURPHY Johanah HENNESY 4 August John Murphy Johanah Hennesy Robt. Brennan  
??? William James ??? Alice HUNT 12? August James Cleary Mary F??? Robt. Brennan  
HUNT Mary Bridget John HUNT Johanah SULLIVAN 21 August Thomas Hunt Rose Hunt Robt. Brennan  
MAHER Ellen Joseph William MAHER Anne PITMAN 25 August Michael Sullivan Teresa Maher Robt. Brennan  
LYNCH Mary Joseph Joseph LYNCH Mary HEALY 9 Sept. William Clooney Ellen Reilly R. Brennan  
WALSH Anne Edward WALSH Mary KEEFE 9 Sept. John Holohan Catherine Foley R. Brennan  
LAMON? William Henry Joseph Edward LAMON? Mary WHIFFIN 15 Sept. David Bruce Kate Whiffin Robt. Brennan  
LAMB Mary Joseph Thomas LAMB Mary ? MALONE 16 Sept. Patt Dunphy Marg't Ryan R. Brennan  
KYRWAN William? Jeffry KYRWAN Ellen WEBBER 18 Sept. Thomas Moran Catherine Lamb R. Brennan Sept. 1st
MURPHY Rosella Patt MURPHY Rosella HAND 19 Sept. John Power Anne Miller Robt. Brennan Sept. 1st.
CONNORS Margaret Mary Joachim CONNORS Mary Joseph DUNPHY 6 Oct. Patt Murphy Esther? Dunphy R. Brennan Sept. 29th
MCCUE Mary Anne Thomas MCCUE Bridget REILLY 6 Oct. Henry Sparrow? Pauline Keats Robt. Brennan  
DUKE Elein? Isaac DUKE Bridget DAVIS 8 Oct. Edward Meade Mrs. Rich'd Davis Robt. Brennan  
SMITH Henery Peter SMITH Ellen HOLOHAN 12 Oct. Patrick Holohan Mary Smith R. Brennan  
GRIFFIS Mary John GRIFFIS Ma?? KEATING 29 Oct. Francis Power Mrs. Fitzpatrick R. Brennan  
MURPHY William Patrick MURPHY Catherine WALSH 29 Oct Thos. Freeman Lucy Henesy? R. Brennan  
DUKE Rose Michael DUKE Ellen FOLEY 31 Oct. Peter Foley Bridget Leary R. Brennan Born Oct. 21st
SMITH Mary Peter SMITH Martha MURRAY ? Nov. Mich'l Smith Ellen Murray R. Brennan  
MEADE Elizabeth John MEADE Mary WHIFFIN 10 Nov. John Sparrow Mary Reilly R. Brennan Nov. 2nd
MEADE Anastatia James MEADE Elizabeth REILLY 10 Nov. Sebastian Ledwell Margaret? Reilly R. Brennan  
HUNT Philip Patt HUNT Anne HALL 19 Nov. James Madix Mary Whittle R. Brennan  
HEALY Richard Peter HEALY Teresa SMITH 22 Nov. Patt Healy Mary Joe Dawson R. Brennan  
DUNPHY Elizabeth May John DUNPHY Kate RYAN 22? Nov. Jeremiah? Lamb Mary Agnes Lamb Robt. Brennan  
DUKE Thos Isaac? DUKE Mary DREADDY? ??? ?? Foly? Norah McCue ??? Born Nov. 15th
MURRAY Michael Maurice? MURRAY Mary Joseph LEDWELL 23 Nov. Thomas Murray Mary Murray Robt. Brennan  
MCCUE William Henry Henry MCCUE Mary CONNORS 24 Nov. Mich'l Davis Mrs. Philip Davis R. Brennan Born Nov. 17th
LEDWELL Valentine John LEDWELL Anastasia MEADE 30 Nov. Edward McCue Susan Toole R. Brennan  
STEPHENS Cecily Thomas STEPHENS Elizabeth LEARY 30 Nov. Patt Rielly Margaret Stephens R. Brennan  
WALSH Michael Thomas Thomas WALSH Jane MCCUE 30 Nov. Jas? Davis Mary Ann Mulrooney R. Brennan  
MCCARTHY Catherine Thomas MCCARTHY Catherine MCCUE 2 Dec. Henry McCue Bridget Healy R. Brennan  
BRUCE Jane A? Daniel BRUCE Mary GRIFFIS 10 Dec. Rob't Sparrow Jane Bruce R. Brennan  
CUNNINGHAM Margaret John CUNNINGHAM Mary Anne POWER 12 Dec. James Cleary Mary Cleary Robt. Brennan  
FITZPATRICK Rose Edward FITZPATRICK Ellen CASHMAN 14 Dec. Jas? Hunt Mary Coony R. Brennan  
FURLONG? John John M? FURLONG Mary GRIFFIN 15 Dec. John Murphy Mary Anne Da??? R. Brennan  
DUKE Mary Ellen Isaac DUKE Mary T? DRADDY 17 Dec. John Fr Draddy Selina McCue R. Brennan Born Dec. 2
HAND John T? John HAND Hanah MOORE 19 Dec. Robt Whiffin Esther Cheesman? R. Brennan  
KYRWAN Michael Michael KYRWAN Anastatia HEALY 21 Dec. Jas? Moran Margt Murphy Robt. Brennan  
WALSH Patrick Edward WALSH Ellen HOLOHAN 12 Jany Patrick Walsh Serah Walsh R. Brennan  
KELLY Peter Peter KELLY Anastatia MURPHY 3 Jany Rosella Murphy Robt. Brennan  
WHIFFIN John John WHIFFIN Jane MCCUE 13 Jany Thos. McCarthy Bridget Bruce? Robt. Brennan  
COONEY Marian Thomas COONEY Jane GRIFFIN 15 Feb Joseph Griffin Mary Nowlan R. Brennan Born Feb 11th
MURPHY Catherine Patrick MURPHY Bridget FITZPATRICK 16 Feb. Matt Bruce Mary Anne Murphy R. Brennan  
MURPHY Andrew Francis Thomas MURPHY Bridget FREEMAN 20? Feb. Thomas Freeman Margaret Murphy Robt. Brennan  
CONNORS William John Thomas CONNORS Mary Anne LONEGAN? 3 March Lawrence Cleary Mary Keates R. Brennan  
ROACH Mary John ROACH Ellen SULLIVAN ? March William Roach Elizabeth Roach R. Brennan  
READY Jeremiah Michael READY Elizabeth FORAN? 28 March John Meade Monica McCarthy Robt. Brennan  
WEBBER Mary Joseph Thomas WEBBER Bridget WALSH 9 April Patt Lamb Marg't Lamb R. Brennan  
WEBBER Mary John WEBBER Ellen NORTHOVER 9 April William Rielly Mrs. Walsh R. Brennan  
HICKY John Joseph James HICKY Bridget BRUCE 24 April David Bruce Catherine Keating Robt. Brennan  
WHELAN Catherine William WHELAN Mary KEANE 24 April William Whiffin Mary Griffis R. Brennan  
GRIFFIN Ellen James GRIFFIN Bridget SINNOT 26 April David Bruce Mary Barron R. Brennan  
HAND Elizabeth Mary Thos. HAND Mary LAMB 28 April Michael Barron Jane Hand R. Brennan  
BARRY Ellen Peter BARRY Mary LAMB 29 April Lawrence Murphy Anastatia Barry Robt. Brennan  
MCCUE Jane Thomas MCCUE Bridget LEARY 2 May John McCue Rosella Rielly Robt. Brennan  
MAHER Patrick Daniel MAHER Margt HARTY? 19 May Lawrence Cleary? Mrs. Martha Smith Robt. Brennan  
BRUCE Peter Michael BRUCE Mary Jane MURPHY 24 May Thomas Cooney Rosella Murphy R. Brennan  
KELLY Thomas John KELLY Mary FENESSY 8 June William Rielly Kate Cleary R. Brennan  
MAHER Richard Michael MAHER Jane HARTLY 17 June Alex Maher Elizabeth Maher R. Brennan  
BARRET? Martha Patrick BARRET? Alice BEAVIS? 22 June William Walsh Ellen Viscount R. Brennan  
MURPHY Elizabeth John MURPHY Lucy MEADE 22 June James Hei??? Alice Meade R. Brennan  
MURRAY Martha William MURRAY Mary CASHMAN 6 July Francis Draddy Mary Best R. Brennan  
HAYES Robert Joseph Augustine HAYES Mary Anne HAND 11 July E'd Foley Mary Culleton R. Brennan  
KING Denis George KING Mary DORMODY 14 July John Nowlan Bridget King R. Brennan  
LAMB William Patrick Jas? LAMB Mary Anne HANDRAHAN? 27 July Alphonsus Lamb Elizabeth Ryan R. Brennan  
CARROLE Joseph John CARROLE Elizabeth DUNPHY 27 July John Murphy Bridget Dunphy Robt. Brennan  
GRIFFIN James Mich'l GRIFFIN Bridget WHELAN 2 August Peter Salmon Mrs. Murray R. Brennan  
RIELLY Serah John RIELLY Ellen BRUCE 3 August John Power ??? Bruce R. Brennan  
DUNPHY Michael William DUNPHY Anne SMITH 28 August Frank? Power Mary Evans Robt. Brennan Born 23rd August 1879
MURRAY Mary Elizabeth Thomas MURRAY Mary FITZPATRICK 5 Sept. Jas? Salmon Mrs. M.T? Murray Robt. Brennan  
HOLOHAN E'd Patrick James? HOLOHAN Johanah MURPHY 13? Sept. Edward Holohan Marg't McGrath R. Brennan  
CLEARY John Patt CLEARY Mary WHELAN 13? Sept. E'd? McGrath Isabella? Cleary R. Brennan  
FOLEY Catherine John FOLEY Margaret MULLINS? 5 Sept. John McCue Mrs. R? Davis R. Brennan  
HEALY Anne Rich'd HEALY Johannah WHIFFIN 6 Oct. Peter Foley Ellen McCue Robt. Brennan Born Sept. 14th
MOROONEY James Patt MOROONEY Alice NORMAN 18 Oct. Michael Norman Mary Anne Morooney R. Brennan  
RYAN Jeremiah Denis RYAN Mary BARRON 18 Oct. Patt Dunphy Mary Joe Whelan R. Brennan Born Oct. 15th
GRIFFIN David David GRIFFIN Julia WHIFFIN 26 Oct. Thomas Murray Honorah Keating R. Brennan Born Oct. 15th
MURPHY Peter Lawrence MURPHY Bridget LAMB 22 Oct. Thos. M. Keating Elizabeth Keating R. Brennan  
HUNT James Patt HUNT Lucy ENNIS 5 Oct. Andrew Hunt Mrs. John Murphy R. Brennan  
FITZPATRICK Margaret William FITZPATRICK Jane SPARROW 28 Oct. Patrick Fitzpatrick Mary Fitzpatrick R. Brennan  
LEARY Anne ??? LEARY Catherine STEPHENS 28 Oct. Mich'l Leary Margt Stephens R. Brennan  
SPARROW Patrick George SPARROW Mary Anne POWER 12 Nov. Michael Bird Rosella Bird Robt. Brennan  
MCCUE James George Patt MCCUE Mary Anne MCCUE 17 Nov. Michael Foley Rosella Reilly R. Brennan  
DORMODY Ellen Patt DORMODY Agnes MEADE 24 Nov. William Toole Marg't Dormody Robt. Brennan  
MCCUE Mary Phily? MCCUE Johanah MEADE 3 Dec. Richard Dormody Marg't? Dormody R. Brennan  
FOLEY Thomas James FOLEY Mary SMITH 9 Dec. Michael Smith Gertrude Foley Robt. Brennan  
FOLEY Terence John FOLEY Mary Anne DUKE 13 Dec. Patt Mullins Ellen Duke Robt. Brennan  
CLEARY May John CLEARY Elizabeth BRUCE 29 Dec. George Cleary Mary Anne Bruce R. Brennan  
GRIFFIS Ambrose Thomas GRIFFIS Elizabeth Teresa? FOLEY 30 Dec. Pete? Griffis Bridget ???Griffis R. Brennan  
KING Anne Maria James KING Elizabeth FOLEY 30 Dec. James Spurray? Marg't Nowlan R. Brennan  
NOWLAN Agnes John NOWLAN Marg't SULLIVAN 30 Dec. Michael Nowlan Elizabeth Davis Robt. Brennan  

Transcribed by GORDON BENNETT (2010)

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