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Register of Baptisms
(Original Parish Register)

District of Placentia and St. Mary's
Argentia - Holy Rosary

Roman Catholic
1850 - 1853

Source: LDS Reel 2169241
KELLY Thomas Dennis RILLAY? Anne DE??? 3 April William Rillay? Bridget Lynch P. Nowlan  
CONNORS Michael Thomas CONNORS Anne CASAY 27? April John Mcgrath Mary Hulihan P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL Richard Anthony James LEDWELL Ellan POWER? 5 May Thomas P???t Anne Hill P. Nowlan  
BRUICE Bridget Robert BRUICE Mary POPE 19 May John Pope Margret Pope P. Nowlan  
POWER Richard Thomas POWER Catherine WALSH 2 June Felex Ledwell Mary Power P. Nowlan  
COONAY William Richard COONAY Elizabeth CARTER? 4 June John Dunphy Ellan Phoran P. Nowlan  
WALSH Michael Michael WALSH Mary SPARROW 4 July William Phoran Catherine Rellay P. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK Bridget John FITZPATRICK Catherine SINNOT? 4 July William Rellay Mary Canning P. Nowlan  
FURLONG Patrick John FURLONG Ellan GRANT 4 August William Connors Margaret ??? P. Nowlan  
RING James Richard RING Elizabeth GREEN 9 August William Millar Johanna Barray P. Nowlan  
WALSH Patrick Edward WALSH Johanna RIELLAY 9 August Edward Folay Catherine McCarthy P. Nowlan  
NORTHOVER Sarah Samuel NORTHOVER Jane RING 11 August Jeremy McCarthy ???y Sparrow P. Nowlan  
CLA?Y Mary Richard CLA?Y Elliza MEAD 24 August William Samson Mary Cloonay P. Nowlan  
HUNT Bridget Thomas HUNT Mary FITZGERALD 31 August John Folay Ellan Furlong? P. Nowlan  
BRUICE Daniel Daniel BRUICE Jane KELLAY 12 September Mich Folay J??? Bruice? P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Mary Anne John MURPHY Mary E??? 14? September William Bruice? Elizabeth M??? P. Nowlan  
MURPHY John Patrick MURPHY Catherine SWEENY 14? September Michael Murphy Bridget S??? P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Ana? Patia? Peter MURPHY Maria BARRON 15 September John ???p Catherine Murphy P. Nowlan  
  Michael Edward ??? Margret RILLAY 15 September Michael Fitzpatrick Mary? Fitzpatrick P. Nowlan Iligitimate
SAMSON? Elizabeth James SAMSON? Elizabeth MURRAY 15 September Edward Sweeny Elizabeth Duke? P. Nowlan  
SAMSON Sarah Benjamun? SAMSON Elizabeth HEALY 26 September James Hill Mary Power P. Nowlan  
CAIN John John CAIN Ellan COONAY 26 September Edward Fitzgerald Catherine Folay P. Nowlan  
RILLAY Phillus Edward RILLAY Sarah? MOLLOY 31 September Thomas McCarth Mary Fanning? P. Nowlan  
RIELLAY Elizabeth William RIELLAY Mary GAUL 6? October Patrick Viscount Elizabeth King? P. Nowlan  
FOLAY Margaret Edward FOLAY Mary ??? 19 October William Walsh Ellan King? P. Nowlan  
??? William John ??? Bridget? RIELLAY 1 November Richard Mcgrath Agnus? Hunt P. Nowlan  
P???Y Hanna William PULLAY? Catherine SAMSON 3 November Richard Cleary Hanna Rillay P. Nowlan  
FREEMAN Sarah Thomas FREEMAN Mary GRANT 3 November Patrick Doyle Margaret ?ennesay P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL Mary Robert LEDWELL Alice HANRAHAN 20 November Thomas Murphy Bridget Phoran P. Nowlan  
SMITH Peter Alick SMITH Mary NORTHOVER 21 November William Folay Anne Hill P. Nowlan  
KING William William KING Mary D???Y 24 November John McCue Mary Davis P. Nowlan  
SPARROW John John SPARROW Honora BRYAN 29 November William Fanning? Kate Fanning P. Nowlan  
LEARY George John LEARY Margaret MEAD 1 December William King Elizabeth Dudy? P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL Ellan Thomas LEDWELL Johanna WALSH 1 December Michael Murphy Mary Murphy P. Nowlan  
EVANS James Thomas EVANS Lucy ROACH 2 December Richard Cleary Mary Roach P. Nowlan  
NORMAN Elizabeth Thomas NORMAN Annie DUNPHY 2 December Jeremy McCarthy Mary Norman P. Nowlan  
FOLEY Elizabeth Mathew FOLEY Agnes FOLAY 15 December Patrick Nowlan Bridget Folay P. Nowlan  
MCCUE John Morris MCCUE Jane MCFARRELL 15 December Richard Davis
Rosela Folay
P. Nowlan  
GRIFFITH Elizabeth John GRIFFITH Mary MURRAY 23 February Edward Sweenay? Jonay? Murray P. Nowlan  
NOWLAN Andrew Patrick NOWLAN Margret FOLAY 20 April James Nowlan James Duady? P. Nowlan  
??? Joab? Joab? ??? Alice CORCORAN 21 April Stephen Hunt Bridget Burk? P. Nowlan  
WALSH Bridget William WALSH Johana LAMB 23 April Michael Ring Auty? Barron? P. Nowlan  
RING James Joseph RING Elizabeth NORTHOVER 25 April Edward Folay ??? ??? P. Nowlan  
RYAN Catherine Denis RYAN Catherine MCCARTHY 27 April Thomas Carrol Serah McCarthy P. Nowlan  
DUDY Bridget John DUDY Honora MCCARTHY 27 April Patrick Cuvin? Elizabeth Ring P. Nowlan  
SPARROW Catherine Robert SPARROW Margaret W??? 4 May Richard McGrath Mary Fennessay? P. Nowlan  
MAHER Johana Daniel MAHER Ellan HALIHAN 4 May Nicholas Hays Ellan Fitzpatrick? P. Nowlan  
FIZPATRICK Bridget Michael FITZPATRICK Lucy GRIFFITH 12? May ??? Murphy Maria Murphy P. Nowlan  
NEWMAN Patrick Joseph NEWMAN Sarah NORTHOVER 15 May John Pope Elizabeth Duke P. Nowlan  
GRIFFIN John James GRIFFIN Bryant FITZPATRICK 15 May Thomas Duke Margret Sweenay P. Nowlan  
POPE Robert   15 May   P. Nowlan An adult protestant
THORN William   15 May   P. Nowlan An adult protestant
MULLINS James John MULLINS Mary FOLAY 29 May Patrick Mullin Bridget Folay P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Thomas Patrick MURPHY Ellan EVANS 10 June John Cain Elizabeth Ledwell? P. Nowlan  
RIELLY William Phillip RIELLY Martha MILLAR 15 June Hugh Nowlan Mary Freeman P. Nowlan  
LAMB James Thomas LAMB Eliz MORAN 29 June John Moran Anne Hill P. Nowlan  
POWER Mary Anne John POWER Bridget WALSH 29 June Moris? Mel??? Mary Hill P. Nowlan  
DUNPHY Julia Michael DUNPHY Mary HALIHAN 5 July William Cloonay Elizabeth Samson P. Nowlan A Bastard
LAMB Mary Anne Patrick LAMB Julia MCCARTHY 6 July Patrick Viscount Bridget Lamb P. Nowlan  
MEAD Agnes Valentin? MEAD Mary HUNT 10 July Barnaby Hunt Mary Anne Phelan P. Nowlan  
SPA??Y James James SPA??Y Ellan LEARY 18? July Michael Folay Jonay? Murray P. Nowlan  
STEAVENS Johana John STEAVENS Anne RILLAY 3? August James Steavens Anty Rillay P. Nowlan  
RING Johanah James RING El??? TOBIN 8 August Patrick Phelan Johanah Barry P. Nowlan  
H??? Joseph Robert H??? Mary FOLAY 10 September James Morra? Mary H. Fitzpatrick P. Nowlan  
WIFFIN Norah Henery WIFFIN Catherine C???Y 11 September Isac King Mary Barron P. Nowlan  
DUMINAY? Anne James DUMINAY? Anne MURPHY 5 ??? James Hall Anne Hill P. Nowlan  
B??? Elizabeth Daniel B??? Mary MCFARNEL 7 ??? James Bruice Margaret Fanning P. Nowlan  
PHORAN Patrick William PHORAN Ellan ??? ? ??? Thomas Freeman Bridget Hunt P. Nowlan  
BARRON Mary William BARRON Ellan KING? 10? ??? Michael King Ellan Barron P. Nowlan  
LAMB Bridget William LAMB Lucy WALSH 13 ??? J??? Mccarth Lucy Ryan P. Nowlan  
PHELAN Mary Anne Patrick PHELAN Elizabeth ???IN 14 ??? Thomas McCarthy Mary Murphy P. Nowlan  
BARRAY Michael Morris BARRAY Ellan BARRON? 21 ??? Dennis Ryan Mary McCarthy P. Nowlan  
FOLAY Elizabeth William FOLAY Mary MURPHY 12 October John Mullin Anastatia Barron P. Nowlan  
KEATS? John Thomas KEATS Ellan RIELLAY 27 October John Riellay Mary Power P. Nowlan  
MOONAY Patrick Stephen MOONAY Ellan LAMB ? November Nicholas Hays Anastatia Roach P. Nowlan  
ROACH William Peter ROACH Mary CLOONAY 9 November John Mcgrath Catherine Evans P. Nowlan  
WIFFEN Herbert William WIFFEN Elizabeth HA??? 10 November William Miller May Miller P. Nowlan  
HUNT Sarah William HUNT May MOONAY? 14 November John Butler? Mary Butler? P. Nowlan  
PHELAN Anne Thomas PHELAN Mary SAMSON 14 November Stephen Hunt Jane? Bruice P. Nowlan  
POPE Elizabeth Robert POPE Martha NORTHOVER 14 November James Fitzpatrick Martha Fitzpatrick P. Nowlan  
DUKE Isac? Thomas DUKE Mary SWEENAY 15 November Michael Murphy Anne Sweenay P. Nowlan  
MCCLUE Agnes John MCCLUE Mary MURPHY 15? December James Mcgrath Bridget Folay P. Nowlan  
WEBBER John John WEBBER Mary RIELLAY 17 December Dennis Ryan Ellan Ryan P. Nowlan  
PIKE John Richard PIKE Mary NORMAN 17 December Michael Lamb Mary Tobin P. Nowlan  
      1852   P. Nowlan  
SAMSON Serah James SAMSON Margret ROACH 24 March Patrick Shea Anne Hill P. Nowlan  
LEDWILL James James LEDWILL Ellan POWER 2 May William Connil? Jane Ledwill P. Nowlan  
SMITH Peter Henery SMITH Jane MURPHY 2 May Alice Smith Catherine Folay P. Nowlan  
BRUICE Ellan Robert BRUICE Mary POPE 9 May John Bruice Jane Bruce P. Nowlan  
  Bridget John KELLY? Margaret NORTHOVER ??? Joseph King? Eliza Killy P. Nowlan  
KING George Jacob KING Margaret KEATING 9 May Peter Murphy Elizabeth Murphy P. Nowlan  
KELLAY? Dennis Dennis KELLAY? Anne D??? 31 May Richard Rose? Elizabeth Smith P. Nowlan  
SMITH Michael Henery SMITH Jane MURPHY 2 April John Lynch Bridget Smith P. Nowlan  
WALSH Anastatia Thomas WALSH Mary BARRON 24 April Patrick Viscount Mary Lamb P. Nowlan  
BARRON? John John BARRON? Bridget WALSH 24 April Thomas Barron Ellan Barron P. Nowlan  
FOLAY Thomas Edward FOLAY Mary STAVENSON? 24 April William Millar Mary Barron? P. Nowlan  
FURLONG Mary John FURLONG Elan GRANT 13 June Valentine Ma?? Anastatia Hu?? P. Nowlan  
SPARROW Martin Robert SPARROW Jonay? SAMSON 21 June Nicholas Hays Mary Fitzpatrick P. Nowlan  
MCGRATH Catherine James MCGRATH Catherine RILLAY 27 June Thomas McCarthy Jane Riellay P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Jane? Anne Peter? MURPHY Mary BARRON 27 June John Cain Bridget? McCarthy P. Nowlan  
GRIFFITH Lucy Patrick GRIFFITH Eliz FITZPATRICK 27 June John Lamb Maria Murphy P. Nowlan  
  William Michael ADDEMS? Anne SPARROW 6 July William Dormondy? Virtue Des???y? P. Nowlan Elegitimate
HAY? Charles Bejamin HAY? Elizabeth HAY? 18 July William Fanning Anne Hill P. Nowlan  
WALSH Patrick Michael WALSH Mary SPARROW 23 July James Dormondy? Jane Sparrow P. Nowlan  
NORMAN Bridget Thomas NORMAN Anne DUNPHY? 26 July Thomas Ryan Anastatia Roach P. Nowlan  
WALSH Catherine Edward WALSH Johana REILLAY 26 July Thomas Carrol Elizabeth Lamb P. Nowlan  
??? Honore? Patrick ??? Johan BARRAY 26 July Thomas Tobin Mary Tobin P. Nowlan  
RIELLAY Basalew? William RIELLAY Mary GAUL 26 July Nicholas Ring? Ellan McCarthy P. Nowlan  
FOLEY Michael Wm FOLEY Mary POWER 23 August Patt Phoran Bridget Foley P. Nowlan  
POWER Martin Patrick POWER Mary MURPHY 15 September William Shea Mary Anne Millar P. Nowlan  
DIX John James DIX Mary Anne FITZPATRICK 16 September John Millar Elizabeth Millar P. Nowlan  
MCCLUE Elizabeth Moris MCCLUE Jane MCFARNEL? 31 October Phil McClue Catherine Folay P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL Bridget John LEDWELL Alice? WALSH 7 November Fealex? Ledwell Margaret Mullins P. Nowlan  
MILLAR John William MILLAR Mary KETTLE? 7 November Edward Folay Elizabeth McFarnel? P. Nowlan  
WHIFFEN Hubert Herbert WHIFFEN Margaret BRYAN 7 November Patrick Keating Mary Kettle? P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Patrick Patrick MURPHY Catherine SWEENAY? 1 December William Bruice Margaret Sweenay P. Nowlan  
BRUICE William David BRUICE Jane KELLAY? 1 December John Bruice Elizabeth Duke P. Nowlan  
NORTHOVER Bridget John NORTHOVER Bridget FITZPATRICK? 1 December Martin ???eny Catherine Mc??? P. Nowlan  
NORTHOVER John Samuel NORTHOVER Jane KING? 1 December John McClue Jane McClue P. Nowlan  
DUTA?T? James Thomas DUTA?T? Mary SWEENAY 2 December William Fitzpatrick Dollay Sweenay P. Nowlan  
SAMMON? Catherine James SAMMON? Elizabeth MOONEY? 9 December Patrick Murray Bridget Murray P. Nowlan  
BRUICE Bridget Edward BRUICE Margaret HILLAY? 9 December James Bruice Mary Lamb P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL Martha Robbert LEDWELL Alice HANRAHAN? 15 December Thomas Ledwell Jane Ledwell P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL Patrick Thomas LEDWELL Johann WALSH 15 December Robert Murphy Anty? Barron P. Nowlan  
      1853   P. Nowlan  
HUNT Lucy John HUNT Bridget KELLAY? 28 January H??? Hunt Marg? Fennesay P. Nowlan  
SPARROW William Jeremiah SPARROW Agnus? HUNT 12 February Barnaby Hunt Mary Sparrow P. Nowlan  
RIELLAY Ed? Ed. RIELLAY Sara? MULLINS? 5? February Richard Mcgrath Catherine Mcgrath P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Ellan John MURPHY Mary C??? 6 February John Mcgrath Margaret Phelan P. Nowlan  
SPARROW Jane Anne John SPARROW Honora BRYAN 23 March M??? McClue Anne Fanning P. Nowlan  
CONNORS? Patrick Thomas CONNORS? Anne CASAY 26 March Thomas Fanning Anastatia Hunt P. Nowlan  
BIRD Patrick William BIRD Mary WALSH 27 March Alic Smith Elizabth Power P. Nowlan  
LACEY? Bridget Mathew LACEY? Agnus FOLAY 28 March Patrick Mullins Mary Davis? P. Nowlan  
GRIFFITH Thomas David GRIFFITH ??? MURRAY 28 March Mathew Leary Margaret Mullins P. Nowlan  
NOWLAN Patrick Patrick NOWLAN Margaret FOLAY 28 March William D???dy Mary H???y P. Nowlan  
LEAY? Peater John LEAY? Mary MEAD 28 March James Davis Bridget Folay P. Nowlan  
KING? John William KING? Mary DUDAY? 28 March Andrew Folay Juday Davis P. Nowlan  
MULLINS Elizabeth John MULLINS Mary FOLAY 29 March John Folay Catherine Folay P. Nowlan  
EMBERLY Joseph John EMBERLY Ellan DA???Y 4 April James Fa??? ??? Riellay? P. Nowlan  
EVANS Emma Thomas EVANS Lucy ROACH 5 May John Mahar Ellen Fitzpatrick P. Nowlan  
CLEARY Laurence Richard CLEARY Eliz MEAD 12 May Richard Mcgrath? Julia Kellay P. Nowlan  
MEAD James Valentin? MEAD Mary HUNT 19 June Jame Mcgrath Mary A. Mcgrath P. Nowlan  
FOLAY Mary Anne Thomas FOLAY Ellan FURLONG? 23 June John Furlong E??n Furlong P. Nowlan  
FOLAY Johanna Thomas FOLAY Ellan FURLONG? 23 June Richard? Cain ??? ??? P. Nowlan  
PHELAN Bridget Patrick PHELAN Elizabeth ??? 25? June William Lamb Mary Phelan P. Nowlan  
M??T??? Mary Anne Moses M??T?? Elizabth BARRON 20 April Patrick Tobin Elizabeth Lann??? P. Nowlan  
CHANT? Bridget Chaslay? CHANT? Elz? FITZGERALD 23 April Patrick Hunt Bridget L??? P. Nowlan  
P??? Mary Anne Thomas P??? Catherine WALSH 24 April Thomas Ledwell Johan? Mead? P. Nowlan  
TOBAN? Patrick Patrick TOBAN? Anne RELLAY? 5 May P??? Mc??th? Mary Kellay P. Nowlan Married at Grand Falls 7th April 1915 by William Finn? pp. to Georgina Okeefe of Placentia. Witnesses Stephen Furlong and ??? Collins, J. Ashley pp.
GRIFFITH Mary John GRIFFITH Mary MURRAY 13 August David Griffith Rose Folay P. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK James Michael FITZPATRICK Lucy GRIFFITH 15 August Dennis? King Bridget Kellay P. Nowlan  
O'REILLY Elizabeth Wm. O'REILLY Mary GAUL 17 Sept? Patt? Viscount Mary Parsons P. Nowlan Entered after investigation
Transcriber's note: For the purpose of assisting those for whom the above entry may later be of someinterest, I feel it necessary to re-write it as closely as possible to how it appears in the church register.
"17th Sept. Elizabeth of Wm. O'Reilly & Mary Gaul Oct. 18 Bapt. Sponsors Patt? Viscount & Mary Parsons.Entered after investigation."
The person who made this entry left his initials immediatelyfollowing "...investigation", but unfortunately they are illegible. Transcriber
LAMB Bridget Thomas LAMB Elizabeth MORAN 18 October William Keary? Bridget Healy P. Nowlan  
RYAN Margaret Dennis RYAN Catheron MCCARTHY 18 October John Mead? Eliizabeth Lamb P. Nowlan  

Transcribed by GORDON BENNETT (2010)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST (Don Tate)
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