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Register of Baptisms
(Original Parish Register)

District of Placentia and St. Mary's
Argentia - Holy Rosary

Roman Catholic
1838 - 1841

Source: LDS Reel 2169241
DUKE? Michael Isaac DUKE? Ellan MURPHY 27 May John Wise? Jane Mc???l P. Nowlan*  
*Not sure why, but Rev. Nowlan has switched his initial from 'M' to 'P' - Transcriber
MCGRATH Bridget Nathaniel MCGRATH Mary NASH? 28 May ??? ??? Catherine Rielly P. Nowlan  
CONWAY Catherine John CONWAY Elizabeth ??? 28 May John Power Mary Leonard P. Nowlan  
FLING Nicholas John FLING Mary MOLOY? 28 May William ???ge Margaret Rielly P. Nowlan  
??? Thomas Joseph ??? May ??? 28 May William Sullivan May Ryan P. Nowlan  
??? Hannah? James ??? Mary ???EY 28 May ??? ??? Elizabeth Ryan P. Nowlan  
FITZGERALD Agnis Thomas FITZGERALD ??? ??? 28 May Edward Mahaney ??? Lake P. Nowlan  
BARRON James Daniel BARRON Anne? LEONARD 28 May Thomas Fling Elizabeth Ryan P. Nowlan  
CUDAHEE? Lucy John CUDAHEE? Ellenson? MAVELL? 31 May William Fewer? Mary Henessey P. Nowlan  
CONNORS Mary Anne? John CONNORS Laticia? MORRIS? 31 May Thomas Way Elizabeth Hiss??? P. Nowlan  
CORCORAN Mary James CORCORAN Jane? COT? 2 June Thomas? ??bon Sarah Linard P. Nowlan  
CONN??? Edward Thomas COUNSAL? Johanna CASY? ? June ?ichal Roach El??? Culeton P. Nowlan  
LINARD? Elizabeth James LINARD? ??? ??? ? June John ??? Hanah Henesay P. Nowlan  
PENNY John Thomas PENNY Mary ??? ? June James McCue? Catherine Murray? P. Nowlan  
SULLIVAN Timothy Thomas SULLIVAN Ann LIN??? ? June James Kough? Eliza? B??? P. Nowlan  
COLLINS John John COLLINS ??? ??? ? June Thomas Linnard May Mc??? P. Nowlan  
PITMAN John Thomas PITMAN Mary B??? ? June Thomas Pafary? Mary L??? P. Nowlan  
??? John Ambrose ??? Elizabeth PAPFREY? ? June Pat? Martin Elizabeth McCue P. Nowlan  
GREEN Sarah   ? June     An adult
HINES Catherine   ? June     An adult protestant
HOP??? Robert?   ? June   P. Nowlan An adult protestant
BA??? Ellan John BA??? Honora? POWER ? June Thomas Hickey? Johanna Hickey? P. Nowlan  
WALSH Catherine Lawrence WALSH Elizabeth MULL??? ? June Pat Shea Mary Ann? Shea P. Nowlan  
SHEA Rosanah? Marten SHEA Elizabeth POWER? ? June Patrick P??? Anista? ??? P. Nowlan  
?IFFIN Sarah Hubert ?IFFIN Mary ??? ? June William Mackey? May Mackey? P. Nowlan  
??? Ellan Dan ??? Cathe??? CO??? 18 June Patrick Millar Bridget Sinnot? P. Nowlan  
M??? William John M??? Johanna FEEHAN? 19 June John Fitzgerald ??? ??? P. Nowlan  
WILSON? Mary George WILSON? Mary MOOR? 19 June Edward Hennessey? H??? Hennessey? P. Nowlan  
M???L Martha L??? M???L C??? M??? 19 June John Delaney May Power P. Nowlan  
M???L Luci? James M???L Mary HENESSY 19 June Francis Dun Mary Henessy P. Nowlan  
HA??? Mare??? Heneray? HA??? May ??? 19 June J??? C??? H??? ??? P. Nowlan  
HINES John William HINES Mary POMROY? 19 June John Millar Johanna??? P. Nowlan  
GARDINER? John Thomas GARDINER Ellin? BYRNE 17? June Matthew Lake Cathrin Mo??? P. Nowlan  
MO???Y John James MO???Y May DALTON? 17? June James Mullins? Margret Culeton? P. Nowlan  
MARTIN Honora Stephen MARTIN Fanny LENARD 22 August Michael Clarey Susan Green P. Nowlan  
HEPTAGE Catherine ??? HEPTAGE Sarah GREEN 23 August William B???ver Cath'e B???ver P. Nowlan  
HUSSAY Lucreasia? Henary HUSSAY Cath? CARTER? 25 August T???y Murphy Mary Pendergast P. Nowlan  
WISE Mary Anne Patrick WISE Mary ??? 2 September Martin Canning B???y Canning P. Nowlan  
COFFEE Anne ??? COFFEE Alice WALSH 2 September Patrick Wise Mary Wise P. Nowlan  
GARIS? John Joseph GARIS? Alice CORCORAN 7 September Thomas ??? Mary Hunt P. Nowlan  
W??? Elland? Wm. W??? Mary RIELLY? 8 September ??? ??? ??? ??? P. Nowlan  
DOYLE William James DOYLE Catherin H??? 6 October Thomas Conway Honor La??? P. Nowlan  
FOLAY? Mary Martin FOLAY C??? LACY 6 October James Doyle? ??? W??? P. Nowlan  
KELLY John Thomas KELLY Anne HAYS 6 October William Collins Ruth? Collins P. Nowlan  
SINNOT Mary Michael SINNOT Elisa? SINNOT 6 October A???a Phelan H??? Sinnot P. Nowlan  
RIELLY Patrick Thomas RIELLY Cate? FITZGERALD 8 October James Hill Elizab Rielly? P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Elizabeth Robert MURPHY May H??? 11? October John C??? Dollay McLue P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL? Mary John LEDWELL? Alise WALSHE 11? October Edward Kielly B??? ??? P. Nowlan  
M??? M??? John M??? May MURPHY? 10 November Mich'l Murphy J??? M??? P. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK John John FITZPATRICK Catherin ??? 10 November Edward Walsh Catherine ???y P. Nowlan  
MILLAR Catharine Stephen MILLAR Cathe TOBIN? 11? November Pat Croke? Sarah Connors P. Nowlan  
KUFF? Patrick Patrick KUFF? Martha? LAMB? 18 November John Sinnot Bridget Sinnot M. Nowlan  
KEEF? Johanah Laurenc KEEF? Mary WALSH 18 November William La??? Martha? Millar P. Nowlan  
MEAD? William John MEAD? Sarah POWER 18 November John Power Ellan Kielly P. Nowlan  
POWER Ellan Patrick POWER B??? HUNT 21 November Walles? Hunt Eliz? Collins P. Nowlan  
CONNINGHAM Mary John CONNINGHAM Mary LANNON? 21 November Richard? ??? Jane Sparrow P. Nowlan  
CONNINGHAM Mary John CONNINGHAM Mary LANNON? 21 November James Power ??? Mullins P. Nowlan  
HUNT Ellin James HUNT ???y LAMBERT ??? James Hulihan Catherin Mcgrath P. Nowlan  
LAMB Michael James LAMB Maria BARRON 25 November William Phoran? Jane ??? P. Nowlan  
BENNET Margaret Amb??? BENNET B??? DUNN 27 November John Bennett Ellan Dobbin P. Nowlan  
CONNORS Mary Thomas CONNORS Anne CASAY 5? May Henery? ??? Elizabeth Rielly? P. Nowlan  
DOYL Elizabeth James DOYL Catherin? CA??? ??? Christopher Samson? May Mullins P. Nowlan  
MILLER? William Thomas MILLER Brady? WISE? ??? Thomas Walsh Eileen? B??? P. Nowlan  
MOSISERY? William Michal MOSISERY? May? ROACH? ??? Laurence? Roach May Mess??? P. Nowlan  
BRADSHAW? William William BRADSHAW? Anne? POWER 8 May Thomas Millar Eliza Walsh P. Nowlan  
HINES Patrick Richard HINES May MAVELL 17 May Edward Collins Anty? E??? P. Nowlan  
K??? John James K??? Mary ??? 17 May ??? Murray Bridge? Murray P. Nowlan  
BUSSY? Monica M???ier BUSSY? Ellan Power? ? June William Walshe Elizabeth ??? P. Nowlan  
HINNES Thomas Thomas HINNES Elizabeth M??? 14 June John Movell Mary Dunn P. Nowlan  
NORMAN? John Shea??? NORMAN? Eliz? KEELAY? 24 June John Walsh Johannah ?ams? P. Nowlan  
MCCARTHY Mary Thomas MCCARTHY May KELLY 24 June John John Catherine Keelay? P. Nowlan  
GRIFFITH? Mary Pat? GRIFFITH? Elizab? FITZPATRICK 29 June James Griffith Catherine Sweeny P. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK Michael Michael FITZPATRICK Lucy? GRIFFITH 29 June Philp? Fitzpatrick Norah Walsh P. Nowlan  
CRE??? Sarah Rodger CRE??? Sarah H??? 4 July Michal Rellay Ann? Patterson P. Nowlan  
PATTERSON John Rob? PATTERSON Catherin POWER? 4 July Roger ??? Dorothy Campbul P. Nowlan  
BLANCH Honora Thomas BLANCH May BARRON? 4 July Patrick Mooney Mary Power? P. Nowlan  
BLANCH Thomas James BLANCH Ellan BARRON 4 July John Mooney? Mary Morris P. Nowlan  
BRUCE? Mat??? David BRUCE? Bridget GEORGE 4 July Joseph Newman? Elizabeth ??? P. Nowlan  
BRUCE? Patrick David BRUCE? Bridget GEORGE 4 July   P. Nowlan  
MURRAY Honora Robert MURRAY Mary CAMBULL? 7 July John Griffith? Ellan Bi??? P. Nowlan  
DIX John Joseph DIX Mary GRIFFITH 7 July ?icha?? Fitzpatrick Elizabeth Griffith P. Nowlan  
KELLY Lucy Dennis KELLY Johannah POWER 8 July James Mcgrath? Mary Murphy P. Nowlan  
WALSH Eliza Michael WALSH Mary SPARROW 15 July John Cain Elizabeth Kiellay? P. Nowlan  
GEORGE Dorothy William GEORGE Catherine POWER 21 July James Bradshaw Sarah Blanch P. Nowlan  
MCGRATH Martin Michael MCGRATH Catherine BARRON? 25 July Thomas Freeman? Johannah Blanch P. Nowlan  
MURPHY James James MURPHY Catherine WALSH 25 July Barnaby Hunt Johannah So??? P. Nowlan  
CHANT John Chasley CHANT Eliz. FITZGERALD 25 July John Power Mary Barron P. Nowlan  
DOYLE Mary John DOYLE Mary TOBIN 4 August Michael Lannie? Bridget? Grace P. Nowlan  
DUHEE? Robert James DUHEE? Letty CONWAY 5 August Jeremiah Mcgrath? Catherine Folay P. Nowlan  
FOLAY John Martin FOLAY Cath'? CASY? 5 August Michael Coleman Johannah La??? P. Nowlan  
FOLAY Ellan Michael FOLAY Ellizbe SMITH? 6 August John Griffith Mary Murray P. Nowlan  
WALSH William Martin WALSH J???y M???Y 7 August James Ma??? Ellan Clancy P. Nowlan  
COFFEE Margaret James COFFEE Kate MCGRATH 11 August Patrick Grant Em??? Collins? P. Nowlan  
DUNPHY Martin Patrick DUNPHY Cath SAMSON 11 August Ana??? Murphy Eliza Walsh P. Nowlan  
HUNT James Charles HUNT Mary FURLONG 24 August John Cai?? Mary E???ns P. Nowlan  
BENNET? Bridget Phil BENNET? Anne MCGRATH ?? August Ed Mull??? May Power P. Nowlan  
LAMB James William LAMB Lucy WALSH 14 September Thomas McCarthy Elizabeth Lamb P. Nowlan  
SPARROW Honora Thomas SPARROW Lucy WALSH 21 September John Hunt Mary Walsh P. Nowlan  
CONNORS Mary John CONNORS Mary KELLAY 21 September John Murphy Mary Keats P. Nowlan  
POWER Richard Richard POWER Bridget DERES?? 22 September John ???? Mary Furlong P. Nowlan  
FOLAY Ellan Thomas FOLAY Elan FURLONG   Matthew Grace Mary Lannon P. Nowlan  
DA??? Richard James DAR??NACY ??? ??? 25 September John Cain Cell? Mullay? P. Nowlan  
PINARD? Bridget William PINARD? Ellan ?UL??? 5 October John Sparrow Jane? Anne Sparrow P. Nowlan  
REX?* Teresa George REX? Jane LEDWELL? 5 October Thomas Bird Elizabeth Kiellay? P. Nowlan  
REX?* Thomasina? George REX? Jane LEDWELL? 5 October Robert Ledwell Bridget Ledwell? P. Nowlan  
*These two entries have been enclosed in a bracket and "Twins?" written beside it - Transcriber
BLANCH Thomas Silvestar BLANCH Ellan KELLAY? 6 January John Griffin Ellan Griffin P. Nowlan  
COLLINS Ellan William COLLINS Anne PHELAN 6 January Michael Rillay? Anne Bradshaw P. Nowlan  
LEAH??? Michael Michael LEAH??? ??? ??? 12 January Thomas Connor? Mary C???y P. Nowlan  
KELLY? Eliza Michael KELLY? Mary DUNN? 19 January Thomas Freeman Ruth Collins P. Nowlan  
BRADSHAW Lucy James BRADSHAW Maria GREEN 24 January Richard Carrol? Mary Green P. Nowlan  
HULLAN? James Edward HULLAN? Mary CASAY? 25 January James Mcgrath Cathrin Mcgrath P. Nowlan  
HILL Emma John HILL Mary FEWER 25 January Thomas Viscount Mary Barron P. Nowlan  
DUKE Isac Isac DUKE Ellan MURPHY 28? June John Murphy Mary Murphy P. Nowlan  
PHELAN Martin Thomas PHELAN May SALOMAN? 28? June Michael Murphy Mary King? P. Nowlan  
GILLIS John       P. Nowlan An adult protestant
CONNLAN? Peater? John CONNLAN? Jane FITZPATRICK 1 July Patrick Murphy Ellan Br???l P. Nowlan  
WALS? Thomas Peater? WALS? Bridge W??? 14 July John Larkin? ???lia Millar P. Nowlan  
MADE? Lucy James MADE? Anty? POWER 13? July Ed? Kiellay? Sa???ha Power P. Nowlan  
??? Edward M??? ??? Mary WALSH 15 July Edward Collow??? Mary Barron P. Nowlan  
CLANCY James John CLANCY Ellan WALL 16 July Jeremiah Mcgrath ?acey Walsh P. Nowlan  
SPURR?Y Elizabeth James SPURR?Y Ellan LACY? 19 July Thomas Ha??? Mary B??? P. Nowlan  
SINNOT Mary David SINNOT Cathrin CORBIN? 21? July John Moony? Agnes Corbin P. Nowlan  
MILLAR William Stephen MILLAR Cathrin TOBIN 21? July Pat Millar? Mary Anne Collins P. Nowlan  
KEMP Elizabeth Pat'k KEMP Anty? KELLAY? 21? July John Hickey? Lucy Hickey? P. Nowlan  
SH??? Catherin Richard SH??? Mary CA??? 28 July Richard Bryan Bridget Sh??? P. Nowlan  
MCCLUE Thomas Thomas MCCLUE Dorothy POWER 30 July James Hill Mary Anne Millar P. Nowlan  
GREEN James James GREEN Eliza HILL ? August Richard C??? ???aha Blanch P. Nowlan  
WISE John Richard WISE Mary Anne? C??AY ? August Pat Kellay Mary Collins P. Nowlan  
RILLAY? Joseph Thomas RILLAY? ??? COLLINS 7 September John Rillay Ellan Rillay P. Nowlan  
LAMB Mary James LAMB Marie? BARRON 8 September Garret Rillay Elizabeth Norman? P. Nowlan  
BARRON Ellan John BARRON Mary WALSH 29 September Edward Folay Mary Morenson? P. Nowlan  
FEWER? James Jase? FEWER Alice CORCORAN 29 September James Lamb Mary Regan? P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Martha James MURPHY Cath C??? 29 September Thomas Doyle Anne? Gilberth? P. Nowlan  
GILBERTH Mary Anne Sam GILBERTH Anne RYAN? 30 September J??? Murphy Elizabeth ??? P. Nowlan  
RILLEY Anne Thomas RILLEY Cath ??? G??? 3 October D??? Rilley Sarah Fitzgerald P. Nowlan  
SANC??? Michael William SANC??? Ellan FOLAY 4 October John B??? Anne M??? P. Nowlan  
MOONEY John Francis MOONEY May FURLONG 4 October Thomas Walsh Sarah Millar P. Nowlan  
BOLLARD? Sarah? Stephen? BOLLARD? Maria? BOLLARD? 22 October Joseph Ledwell Bridget Rillay P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL? Thomas James LEDWELL? Ellan POWER 2? October John Cain Mary Power? P. Nowlan  
LANNON? William John LANNON? Mary COLLINS 25 October John Collins Mary Grant P. Nowlan  
POWER Morris Thomas POWER Mary PHELAN 25 October James Hartly Ellan Blanch P. Nowlan  
THOMSON Alice Thomas THOMSON Mary PHELAN 25 October John Ph??? D???th Campbel P. Nowlan  
SMITH Mary Alick SMITH Mary R??? 30 October Ri??? Mcgrath Mary Clancey P. Nowlan  
MCCLUE Jane John MCCLUE Mary MURPHY 6 November James Wade? Catherin Sweeny P. Nowlan  
MC??? Hennery Hennery MC??? Eliz M??? 6 November John Mullins? Mary Duffe? P. Nowlan  
KEATING Elizabeth James KEATING Elizabeth WALSH 8 November John Salmon? Honor Walsh P. Nowlan  
KEATING? George George KEATING Bridge HABER? 14 November James Mcgrath Mary Griffin P. Nowlan  
RILLAY Mary John RILLAY Han??? BR??? 15 November Silvester Blanch Ruth Rillay? P. Nowlan  
HA??? Rosella? ??? HAND? Mary FOLAY 9 December Thomas M??? Mary Bryan P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL Thomas John LEDWELL Alice WALSH 18 December Thomas Bird Ellan Rillay P. Nowlan  
SMITH James Henery SMITH Jane MURPHY 18 November Michael Mcgrath Ellan Mcgrath? P. Nowlan  
FOLAY? Mary John FOLAY Mary BRINE? 25 November William Sampson? Mary Clancy P. Nowlan  
D???DY Ellan James D???DY Anne MURPHY 26 November ??? Ledwell Elizabeth Rillay P. Nowlan  
CONWAY John John CONWAY C???ia FR??? 13 June John Wallas? Mary Grant P. Nowlan  
WALSH Patrick Patrick WALSH Mary N? GRIFFIN 13 June ??? Collins Sarah Blanch P. Nowlan  
??? Anne John ??? Ag??? SPARROW? 18 June Jeramia McCarthy Ellan C??? P. Nowlan  
??? Sarah James ??? Eliz MOONEY? 29 June Thomas Griffith Mary Murray? P. Nowlan  
BRADSHAW Henery James BRADSHAW Anne TIPP??? 13 January William Bradshaw Anne Walsh P. Nowlan  
BA??? James Andrew BA??? Ellan? POWER 2 February David? Green? Eliz ??? P. Nowlan  
WALSH Mary Martin WALSH J??? MURPHY 10 February Ed Collins? Anne Barray P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Mary John MURPHY Mary POWER 13 February William Hunt Mary Brady? P. Nowlan  
HUNT? Richard C??? HUNT Mary FURLONG 25 March Richard? Conway Elizabeth Conway P. Nowlan  
SULLIVAN Bridget Michael SULLIVAN Sarah WALL 4 March Thomas Freeman Mary Conway P. Nowlan  
???AY William Will'm ???AY B???y DUGGIN? 9 March Thomas Ledwell Ellan Cr??? P. Nowlan  
LEDWELL? James ??? LEDWELL? Allis BRADSHAW 11 March Pat Ledwell Ellan L???D P. Nowlan  
GRANT A??? ??? GRANT Mary FOLAY 14 March William Grant Brid Gr??? P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Mary Andrew MURPHY Sarah ??? 10 April James Samson Mary Clooney? P. Nowlan  
SA??? Mary Charlay? SA??? Bridget QUINLIN 11? April Richard Byrne Cath??? HILL P. Nowlan  
BLANCH Michael ???ial BLANCH Johana H???Y 17 April John Blanch Ellan Blackburn? P. Nowlan  
BRADSHAW Albert William BRADSHAW Hanaha? POWER 17 April John L??? D???th C??? P. Nowlan  
WIFFIN? John Herbert WIFFIN? Mary BRADSHAW? 22 April L??? Gilbert Mary G???an P. Nowlan  
???LLAY Garret Thomas ???LLAY Anne? HAYS 3 May Sam Collins Anne Bradshaw P. Nowlan  
ROACH Rose John ROACH Mary POWER 4 May James Samson Mary Samson P. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK Catherine Pat FITZPATRICK May HOLGA?? 4 May Barnaby Hunt Mary? Hunt P. Nowlan  
DOYLE William James DOYLE Catherine CARROL 8 May John Tobin Catherine Brennan? P. Nowlan  
  John Patrick PHELAN ??? G??? 26 May   P. Nowlan Eligitimate
CONNORS Anne John CONNORS Mary ?? LLEY? 31 May John Halihan Mary S??? P. Nowlan  
  Peter John HUNT May E??? ? June Eleck? Smith Ell??? Murphy P. Nowlan Eligitimate
WALSH Edward Michael WALSH Mary SPARROW ? June Daniel Bird Alice Ledwell P. Nowlan  
HENNEBERY Ellan William HENNABERY ???ay FITZGERALD 11 June Jeremia? McCarthy Sarah Hill P. Nowlan  
GRIFFIN Patrick James GRIFFIN B??ge FITZPATRICK? 14 June David Bruice? Ellan Bruice? P. Nowlan  
MOONAY? Mary Hobbe?? MOONAY? Mary CAMB??? 15? June Edward Walsh Bridget Fitzgerald P. Nowlan  
NOWLAN John ??? NOWLAN May? FOLEY? 15? June ??? Fitzpatrick May Foley P. Nowlan  
HEALY Richard Richard HEALY Mary RI??Y 16 June Andrew B??? Jane ??? P. Nowlan  
?ORTH??? Elizabeth Sam? NORTH??? Jane RENY? 16 June John ???y Sarah ?orth??? P. Nowlan  
MURPHY D??? John MURPHY May C??? 16 June ??? McClue Mary McClue P. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK Catherine John FITZPATRICK Cath SAMSON? 17 June Daniel Bruice Bridget Bruice P. Nowlan  
B??? William M??? B??? Ellen BARRON 19 June Michael Hickey? May John? P. Nowlan  
??? Garret Shedrick? ??? E??? KIELLAY? ?? July Thomas McCarthy Mary Shedi??? P. Nowlan  
??? Hanna John ??? Mary RIELLAY ?? July James McCarthy Julia McCarthy P. Nowlan  
  Catherine Pat DUNPHY Sarah DUNPHY ?? July R??? Folay E??? M??? P. Nowlan Elegitimate
CONWAY? Hanna John CONWAY? Bridget ??? ?? July Cha??? Samson May? Green? P. Nowlan  
MEAD John John MEAD Sarah POWER 15 August John Power Margret Hill P. Nowlan  
MURPHY Margret Patrick MURPHY Ellan EVANS? 15 August William Clancy Mary Murphy? P. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK Peter Michael FITZPATRICK Lucy? GRIFFITH 25? August John McClue Mary D???ter? P. Nowlan  
DIX Joseph Joseph DIX Mary GRIFFITH 25? August Edward Mullett? Anne Fitzpatrick P. Nowlan  
GRIFFITH Catherine Patrick GRIFFITH Elizabeth FITZPATRICK 29 August Pe??? Murphy Catherine Murphy P. Nowlan  
SPARROW Joseph Thomas SPARROW Lucy WALSH 19 September William Bird Mary Anne Mead? P. Nowlan  
GRANT John Patrick GRANT Catherine ???DY 21 September D??? Kelley? Mary Conway P. Nowlan  
Mc??? Michael ??? MC??? El??? HULIHAN? 4 October Richard Mcgrath Ellen Hennesy? P. Nowlan  
KILEY? ??? Dennis? KILEY? Johanna POWER 4 October John King May ??? P. Nowlan  
GRIFFITH Margret John GRIFFITH Mary MURRAY? 31 October David? Bruice? Mary Murphy P. Nowlan  
LANE? Mary William LANE? Lucy WALSH 11? November Thomas Walsh Sarah Hill P. Nowlan  
CHANT Elizabeth Charles CHANT Elizabeth FITZGERALD 1 December Charles Samson Ellan Dunphy? P. Nowlan  
CONNORS Thomas Thomas CONNORS Anne CASAY 5 December John Mullins Mary Clancy? P. Nowlan  
MCCARTHY Daniel Thomas MCCARTHY Mary RIELLAY 12 December William ??ian? Johanna L??? P. Nowlan  
??? Ellan D??? ??? Catherine MCCARTHY 12 December Thomas ??? Ellan P??? P. Nowlan  
HALL John John HALL Charlotte? LAMB 12 December Michael Mcgrath Mary H? Mcgrath P. Nowlan  

Transcribed by GORDON BENNETT (2010)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST (Don Tate)
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