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Register of Baptisms
(Original Parish Register)

District of Placentia and St. Mary's
Argentia - Holy Rosary

Roman Catholic
1835 - 1837

Source: LDS Reel 2169241
The following introductory note was written on the first page of these files:In 1831 Father M. Nowlan came to Argentia, then Little Placentia, and was also in charge of (Great) Placentia. Was the first P.P. and lived here 40 yearsdied in 1871. buried in Argentia Cemetary. First notation by Bishop (Fleming) on July 23rd 1852 (History of Archibishop Howley)
      ??? 1928* *Signature illegible - Transcriber    
COLINS Rosanna? William COLINS Rosanna WHELAN June 1 Edward Doran Mary Ann Colins M. Nowlan  
DORMADY? Colin William DORMADY Bridget DOGAN? June 18 Edward Riley Bridget Le??will M. Nowlan  
CORRIGAN Anastasia John CORRIGAN Margret LANON June 18 Robert Le??will Bridget Main? M. Nowlan  
ROACH Agnes John ROACH Mary POWER June 18 Patrick Murphy Catherine Olahan? M. Nowlan  
BLANCH On?? Michael BLANCH Johanna HICKEY June 21 Michael Hartigan Margret Griffin M.N.  
FOLEY? Margret William FOLEY? Margret WHELAN June 21 William Sanc??and Mary Ann Riley M.N.  
MAID??? Edward James MAID??? Anastasia POWER June 23? Michael Walsh Catherine Healy M. Nowlan  
SPARROW? Clara? James SPARROW Clara? LARY? 23 June? John Lary? Margret Lary? M. Nowlan  
FAHY? Rose Michael FAHY? Elizabeth SINOTT 29 June James Power Elin Wall M. Nowlan  
WHELAN John Michael WHALEN Ones? MCCUE? 4 July James Walsh Catherine McGrath M. Nowlan  
HAYES Thomas William HAYES Margret BRENNAN 4 July Patrick Brennan Emilia Kelly M. Nowlan  
MURPHY Catherine Peter MURPHY Catherine MCCUE 7 July John McCue Mary Murphy M. Nowlan  
GRIFFEN Catherine James GRIFFEN Bridget FITZPATRICK 7 July John Griffen Jane Macfarlan M. Nowlan  
HANDLAN? Edward Robert HANDLAN? Mary FOWLER 7 July Patrick Griffert? Elizabeth Harover M. Nowlan  
CORMEL? Sally John CORMEL? Jane FITZPATRICK 7 July Mor?? Murphy Margret Downey M. Nowlan  
SPARROW Patrick George SPARROW Eliza GREEN 19 July James Bir??and Jane Seawill? M. Nowlan  
SULIVAN Johanna Moris? SULIVAN Elin WALSH 19 July John Seawill? Cera? Power M. Nowlan  
  Anne John WALSH Margret P??? 30 July Thomas Walsh Cera? Walsh M. Nowlan Illegitimate
FINIGAN? Margret John FINNIGAN Agnes SPARROW 2 July William Holihan Elizabeth Riley M. Nowlan  
DIXAND? James Joseph DIXAND? Mary GRIFFIN 16 August John Murphy Catherine Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK David Michael FITZPATRICK Lucy GRIFFITH? 16 August James Kenny Elizabeth Fitzpatrick M. Nowlan  
BRYAN? Anne James BRYAN? Margret FLINN 19 August John Farell Mary Ann Gilbert M. Nowlan  
POWER James John POWER Margret MURPHY 20 August Philip Brown Mary Wise M. Nowlan  
POWER Bridget John POWER Margret MURPHY 20 August James Brown Johanna Brown M. Nowlan  
WISE Margret Patrick WISE Mary REDMOND 21? August William Embley Jane Embley M. Nowlan  
WISE Elin Patrick WISE Mary REDMOND 21? August Thomas Hayse Margret Power M. Nowlan  
EMBLEY Elizabeth James EMBLEY Jane WAREN 21? August James Toban Mary Wise M. Nowlan  
HAYSE Mary Thomas HAYSE Anne WALSH 21 August Michael Ma??and? Margret Bryan M. Nowlan  
HAYSE Thomas Thomas HAYSE Anne WALSH 21 August George Ballard Anne Walsh M. Nowlan  
COFFEY Mary Thomas COFFEY Alice WALSH 21 August William Welland? Matha? Wyse? M. Nowlan  
BENNETT Philip Philip BENNET Anne? MCGRATH 21 August James Bryan Mary Bennett M. Nowlan  
WALSH Agnes Richard WALSH Anne HENESY 21 August James Brown Judith? Brown M. Nowlan  
PLANK Anne Francis PLANK Margret EMBLEY 21 August James Embley Mary Piercy M. Nolan  
SAWERD? John Robert SAWERD? Mary EMBLEY 21 August John Dunn Martha Ballard M. Nowlan  
WALSH Nicholas Larence WALSH Eliza MILLER 22 August Nicholas Roach? Mary Ann Miller M. Nowlan  
HEARAN? John David HEARAN? Margret CULITON 22 August E??? Henesy Mary Murphy M. Nowlan  
MILLER Mary Ann John MILLER Elizabeth SAMON 23 August William Fling Muria Benings M. Nowlan  
HICKEY Elizabeth Thomas HICKEY Elin TIBOE 23 August Michael Brennan Anne Tiboe M. Nowlan  
CO??? Thomas   23 August James Pitman Mary Pitman M. Nowlan An adult protestant
SHEA Mary Martin SHEA Elizabeth POWER 23 August James Lamb Catherine Stivens M. Nowlan  
BARRIS? Elizabeth Robert BARRIS? Grace NORMAN? 23 August William Culitan Johanna Hickey M. Nowlan  
GREEN Alice William GREEN Mary POWER 26 August James Corrigan Anistasia Murphy M.N.  
BARNET Mary Ann James BARNET Matty? MARTEN? 26 August Timothy Murphy Elizabeth Murphy M.N.  
ROGERS John James ROGERS Anne MILLER 26 August John Davis Shusana Hallet M. Nowlan  
BARNET William John BARNET Oner? POWER 26 August Patrick? Reardon? Mary Green M. Nowlan  
DAVIS Mary John DAVIS Magail??? 26 August James Rogers Reachal? Hines M. Nowlan  
HINES Thomas Charls? Henry? HINES Rachal? PITMAN 26 August John Martin Martha Pitman M. Nowlan  
HINES Jane Isac? HINES Jane POWER 26 August William Pitman Mary Whelan M. Nowlan  
DAVIS Eliza John DAVIS Hagdilan? HINES 26 August Patrick Whelan Anne Miller M. Nowlan  
CHANT Charles   29 August   M. Nowlan Adult protestant
FITZPATRICK Mary Patrick FITZPATRICK Mary OLIHAN 29 August Richard Sary? Cera Power M. Nowlan  
WALSH Mary Patrick WALSH Cathrine KENNY 29 August Patrick Foren Mary Shannon? M. Nowlan  
MAVELL Mary Luise? MAVELL Cathrine MURRY? 4 September Patrick Enis? Hannah Mavell M. Nowlan  
WARD John Patt? WARD Mary ??? 4 September   M. Nowlan An adult
LENARD Elizabeth Edward LENARD Aly LUNDRAGEN 4 September John Codahy Johanna Moor M. Nowlan  
GERA???ND Thomas Thomas GER??AND Elin BRYNE 4 September Luke Cavanagh Mary Lenard M. Nowlan  
POWER James Philip POWER Bridget ENIS 4 September Philip Brown Catharine Havell M. Nowlan  
MASTERMAN Elizabeth Joseph MASTERMAN Mary LENARD 4 September John Mavell Elizabeth Enis M. Nowlan  
FITZGERALD Rosanna He???as FITZGERALD Bridget STAPLETON 5 September William Parott? Mary Enis M. Nowlan  
GAMBEL? Catherine Patrick GAMBEL Bridget CRAWLEY 5 September John Dunfey Elizabeth Mavell M. Nowlan  
SULIVAN Bartholemew James SULIVAN Mary LAKE 5 September Thomas Pitman Elin Kiley? M. Nowlan  
PAFREY Thomas   6 September   M. Nowlan An adult protestant
GOGGIN? Philip   6 September   M. Nowlan An adult protestant
      6 September   M. Nowlan  
H???? Thomas James H???? Mary VISCOUNT 6 September William Lushman? Hana ??? M. Nowlan  
CONNER Nathaniel John CONNER La??? MOOR 6 September James Mavell Mary Mavell M. Nowlan  
LANG Abraham   7 September     An adult protestant
SPENCER John John SPENCER Catherine MCNALY 9 September Patrick Murphy Margret Ryan M. Nowlan  
SQUIRES Mary Ann Ambros? SQUIRES Elizabeth PAFREY? 11 September John Fitzgerald Mary Moroney? M. Nowlan  
SQUIRES Bridget Ambros? SQUIRES Elizabeth PAFREY? 11 September William Miller Mary Diben? M. Nowlan  
BEP? William Geor? BE??? Ruth LACY? 12 September Michael Martin Mary Mansfield M.N.  
HEPPAGE? Mary Richard HEPPAGE? Cera GREEN 12 September James Fulford Bridget Dunn M.N.  
BRADSHAW John William BRADSHAW Hanna POWER 20? September Morgan Nowlan Hanna Walsh M. Nowlan  
RICH? George   26 September   M. Nowlan An adult protestant
HUNT Michael Thomas HUNT Mary FUDGE? 3 October William Henebary Bridget Fitzgerald M.N.  
HUNT Andrew James HUNT Anistasia LAMBERT 4 October Richard Clary Catharine Samson M.N.  
QUINLAN Michael Charles Loyd QUINLAN Bridget QUINLAN 4 October Patrick Dunfey Mary Gaul M. Nowlan  
GRANT Thomas Patrick GRANT Catharine REDY? 5 October Walter Wall Anistasia Maid? M. Nowlan  
MCCARTY Margret James MCCARTY Mary CONNER 5 October John Nal? Catharine Bryan M.N.  
MCGRATH Richard James MCGRATH Margret MCGRATH 5 October Henery Richardson Catherine Bryan M.N.  
DOYLE Elin Edmond Ja?? DOYLE Mary DOYLE 28 October William Power Mary Ann Colins M.N.  
COLINS Mary Sofia Luke COLINS Margret BLACKBURN 29 October James Murphy Anne Moris? M. Nowlan  
HUNT Mary Ann Charles HUNT Mary FURLONG 1 November Denis Kelly Mary Kates M. Nowlan  
  Margaret Thomas SPARROW Lucy WALSH 2 November Robert Sparrow Mary Riley M. Nowlan  
MALOWNY Margret John Henery MALOWNY Ally? MALOWNY 5 November Edward Carroll Anistasia Malowny M. Nowlan  
CONWAY Oner James CONWAY Mary ENGLISH 7 November Andrew Burk Bridget Kelly M. Nowlan  
WISE Martha Richard WISE Mary Ann RILEY 8 November Patrick Mooney Cera Miller M. Nowlan  
COLINS Frances?   9 November   M. Nowlan An adult protestant
CULLEN Charles Patrick CULLEN Cera SAMSON 11 November Patrick Dunfy Cera Power M. Nowlan  
LAMB Elizabeth William LAMB Lucy WALSH 14 November Andrew Murphy Elin Murphy M. Nowlan  
LAHEY Thomas Michael LAHEY Anne VISCOUNT 15 November John Dunn Mary Lary? M. Nowlan  
MURPHY Catherine James MURPHY Catherine MAID 19 November Thomas Walsh Elin Furlong M. Nowlan  
OLIHAN James Edward OLIHAN Mary CASY 25 November John Murphy Catherine Bryan M. Nowlan  
LUNDRAGAN Michael Matthew LUNDRAGAN Margret WALSH 29 November Patrick Henesy Mary Tobin M. Nowlan  
CONWAY Patrick John CONWAY Catharine FINN 29 November James Doyle Anistasia Burt? M. Nowlan  
FOLY William Martin FOLY Catherine LARY 29 November Patrick McGrath Mary Brennan M. Nowlan  
PENDERGAST Richard   29 November   M. Nowlan An adult protestant
NASH? Thomas James NASH Elin WALSH ? November Daniel Foley Maria Farahan? M. Nowlan  
DOYLE Bridget James DOYLE Catherine CARROLL? ? November Thos. Tobin Margret Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
BLANCH Mary John BLANCH Mary DUNN 10 December? John Larkin Mary Ann Griffen M. Nowlan  
WALSH Richard Peter WALSH Bridget WHELAN 27 December Edward Walsh Maria Whelan M. Nowlan  
WALSH Lusy John WALSH Anistisia WALSH 29 December Peter Walsh Saly Delany M. Nowlan  
PATERSON Robert   2 January   M.N. An adult
MCFARLIN Marten Henery MCFARLIN Elizabeth MURPHY 3 January Joseph Nunan Mary Murphy M. Nowlan  
BARON Catherine James BARON Anne HOGAN 3 January James Hill Sera Power M. Nowlan  
CASHMAN Elin William CASHMAN Martha KELLY 18 January Thomas Purtle? Catherine Bryan M. Nowlan  
GREEN Marten James GREEN Elizabeth HILL 1 February William Corbin Mary Green M. Nowlan  
COSTELOWE Elin Patrick COSTELOWE Mary FLING 6 February Edmond Costelowe Mary Ann Riley M. Nowlan  
COSTELOWE Mary Patrick COSTELOWE Mary FLING 14 February Michael Molowny Mary Whelan M. Nowlan  
MAID? James John MAID? Sera POWER 14 February James Power Sofia Weatley M.N.  
LYNCH Joseph Michael LYNCH Maria SMITH 14 February John Wal? Catharine Bryan M. Nowlan  
SMITH Mary Alick SMITH Mary NODOVER? 14 February James Power Catharine Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
KEMP Mary Anne Patrick KEMP Anistisia RILEY 27? February M??? Power Mary Anne Griffen M.N.  
MURPHY Robert Robert MURPHY Mary BURKE? 6? April James? Hill Elizabeth Riley M.N.  
WHATELY Richard Richard WHATELY Sofia BE??? 26 May William Bird Sera Power M. Nowlan  
BARRY Margret James BARRY Anne MAID 27 May Philip Riley Bridget Riley M. Nowlan  
GREEN William William GREEN Catherine POWER 15 May Thomas Walsh Sera Corbin M. Nowlan  
GRANT Michael Thomas GRANT Margret FOLEY 15 May Robert Fitzpatrick Mary Sinot M. Nowlan  
THOMSON Selisia? Thos. THOMSON Margret WHALEN 15 May Michael Keefe Dora Keefe M. Nowlan  
BRUCE Jane David BRUCE Bridget GEORGE 26 May James Sweeny Mary Murphy M. Nowlan  
WHELAN Bridget Thos. WHELAN Mary SAMON? 26 May Moris Murry Elin B??? M. Nowlan  
HEALY Johanna Richard HEALY Mary KING 27 May Samuel Hanover? Mary Croke M. Nowlan  
POPE Peter Robert POPE Martha HANOVER 27 May Patrick Linch Mary Murry M. Nowlan  
SMITH Thomas Henery SMITH Jane MURPHY 27 May Thos. Harington Sera Power M. Nowlan  
MILLER Elin Thos. MILLER Bridget WISE 25 June John Mooney Hannah Walsh M. Nowlan  
KEEFE James Patrick KEEFE Martha LAMB 26 June Michael Hartagan Mary Hartagan M. Nowlan  
MCCARTY Bridget Jeramia MCCARTY Tera? MAID 29 June James Wall Catherine Foley M. Nowlan  
NORMAN? Shedrick?   10 July   M. Nowlan An adult protestant
FLINN Nicholas William FLINN Mary WALSH 12 July Patrick Culitan Margret Culitan M. Nowlan  
COUNSEL? Peter Thomas COUNSEL? Johanna CODY 12 July Richard Henebery Bridget Power M. Nowlan  
HAND? James Henery HAND Johanna HOLIHAN? 13 July Martin Murphy Mary Walsh M. Nowlan  
BENNET Thomas John BENNET Anne POMEROY 13 July Henery Byrne Lusy Mavell M. Nowlan  
TOOLE James John TOOLE Elin HICKEY 14 July Patrick Walsh Johanna Toole M. Nowlan  
TOOLE Martin William TOOLE Mary HICKEY 14 July John Toole Catherine Kiley? M. Nowlan  
CORMIER Timothy Timothy CORMIER Sera MCCARTY 15 July John Linard Anne Linard M. Nowlan  
COLINS James John COLINS Oner KEEFE 15 July Thomas Peny Mary Conner M.N.  
COLINS William Michael COLINS Mary POWER 15 July James Dolan Elin Dobin M. Nowlan  
FLING Richard John FLING Mary MOLOY 15 July George Hallet Mary Linard M.N.  
PENNY Muria Thos. PENNY Mary FAREIN? 17 July Thos. Conner Margret Linard M.N.  
PAFERY* Elizabeth William PAFERY Anne PAFERY 18 July James Pitman Mary Pitman M. Nowlan *These four entries appear to be quadruplets - Transcriber
PAFERY* John William PAFERY Anne PAFERY 18 July William Pitman Martha Pitman M. Nowlan *These four entries appear to be quadruplets - Transcriber
PAFERY* James William PAFERY Anne PAFERY 18 July Robert Pafery Fany Pitman M. Nowlan *These four entries appear to be quadruplets - Transcriber
PAFERY* Jane William PAFERY Anne PAFERY 18 July Simon Cawl Sera Green M. Nowlan *These four entries appear to be quadruplets - Transcriber
MORAN Bridget Thos. MORAN Annie FOLEY 22 July William Ludy? Margret Pitman M.N.  
MORIS Moriah William MORIS Mary CULITON 22 July William Bennen? Moriah Bennen? M.N.  
HUPPY? Hannah Henry HUPPY? Betty CARTER 25 July Philip Bennet Mary Gunter? M.N.  
BENNET Martha Philip BENNET Anne MCGRATH 24 July Michael Walsh Elin Embley M. Nowlan  
BON???? Hannah Samuel BON???? Martha MCGRATH 24 July James Murphy Johanna Bryan M. Nowlan  
HAYSE Martha William HAYSE Margret BRENNAN 28 July Thos. Doyle Anistisia Barron M. Nowlan  
POWEL John   29 July   M. Nowlan An adult protestant
WEBBER Mary John WEBBER Mary RILEY 29 July John Walsh Mary Barron M. Nowlan  
KILEY Richard Bartholmew KILEY Margret MURPHY 5 August Philip Viscount Mary Power M. Nowlan  
CONNER Catherine Thos. CONNER Anne CASY 6 August John Daniel Olihan Catherine Olihan M.N.  
SINOT Patrick Michael SINOT Elizabeth SINOT 7 August Richard CONNER? Mary Sweetman M.N.  
POWER Peter Moris POWER Oner BLANCH 7 August Peter Riley Mary Ann Riley M.N.  
MURREY John Moris? MURREY Margret DOWNEY? 8 August Edward Walsh Mary Foley M.N.  
EVENS James John EVENS Bridget BURT 30 June? John Griffen Anne Flinne? M.N.  
KELLY Martha Thos. KELLY Anne HAYSE 30 June? Thos. Miller Julia Bradshaw M.N.  
MAUGHER Daniel Daniel MAUGHER Elin OLIHAN 9 August James Mcgrath Catherine Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
VISCOUNT Michael Philip VISCOUNT Mary POWER 9 August Jeramiah McCarty Bridget? Loyd? M.N.  
TOBIN Bridget Thos. TOBIN Mary MCANDREW 10? August La??? Bulger Serah McCarty M.N.  
BULGER John   ? September   M. Nowlan An adult protestant
BARRY? John Man??? BARRY? Elin BARRON ??? James Lamb Elizabeth Lamb M. Nowlan  
BENNET James Thos. BENNET Anne MANSFIELD 9 September Henry Grace Catherine ??? M.N.  
WILSON James George WILSON Mary MOOR 11 September   M. Nowlan  
MOOR Anne John MOOR Johanna DEEHAN? 11 September Louis Mavell Mary Mavell M. Nowlan  
BAVIS? Dorothea? Joseph? BAVIS? Elizabeth VISCOUNT 12 September George Rix? Anne Pomroy M. Nowlan  
ENIS? Anistitia Thos. ENIS Elizabeth MAVELL 12 September Andrew Power Margret Culiton M. Nowlan  
HA??? Margret James HANN??? Jeny? COLMAN? 20 August Michael Morasy Mary Barron M.N.  
KELLY Anne Thos. KELLY Sera KELLY 22 August John Kelly Hannah Kelly M. Nowlan  
DUKE? Isac Isac DUKE? Elin MURPHY 29 August Moses McKue? Catherine Murphy M.N.  
WARAN Richard Joseph WARAN Jane POMROY 16 September John Brown Jane Whelan M. Nowlan  
BROWN Daniel   20 September   M.N. Adult Protestant
PITMAN Thomas Robert PITMAN Bridget MARTEN 22 September Patrick Morossy? Mary Martin M. Nowlan  
GREEN Sera   22 September   M.N. Adult Protestant
WHIFFEN Thomas Robert WHIFFEN Mary BENGAMIN? 23 September Denis Crain Anne Lenard M. Nowlan  
HAMILTON Bengamine Alixader HAMILTON Catherine GREEN 23 September Peter Dobin Ones? Dobin M. Nowlan  
CUNNINGHAM Maryanne James CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth MURPHY 23 September Timothy Murphy ???ty Murphy M.N.  
HICKEY Garet James HICKEY Elizabeth BA??? ?? September Thos. Miller Bridget Hearn? M. Nowlan  
COFFY? Juliana? Thos. COFFY Alice WALSH 2 October Richard ??? Teresa? Hayse M. Nowlan  
HAYSE Martha Thos. HAYSE Anne? WALSH 2 October William Walsh Martha Hayse M. Nowlan  
MURPHY Patrick James MURPHY Elin CUSIN? ? October Robert Whiffen Mary Whiffen M. Nowlan  
POWER Thomas Richard POWER Bridget DEVERAUX? 12 October James Walsh Catherine Samson M. Nowlan  
CORCORAN John William CORCORAN Elin FITZGERALD 17 October Thomas Harington Margret Maid M. Nowlan  
MALOWNY Andrew John MALOWNY Anistissa KELTER? ?? October Patrick Ga?y Elin Clancy M. Nowlan  
WALSH James Martin WALSH Judy MURPHY 20 October James Hill Catherine Murphy M. Nowlan  
POWER Teresa Thos. POWER Margaret WHELAN 23 October Michael Riley Johanna Riley M. Nowlan  
FLING Robert William FLING Mary PATERSON 24 October Patrick Carol Elin Riley M. Nowlan  
CONWAY Joseph John CONWAY Mary BRENNAN 2 November Marten Lundragan Judy Conway M. Nowlan  
ROACH Mary Patrick ROACH Elin ENGLISH 3 November David Power Margret English M. Nowlan  
CONNER Elin? John CONNER Catherine SHANAHAN 4 November Thos. Conway Bridget English M. Nowlan  
ST. CRISE? Mary William ST. CRISE? Elin FOLEY 16 November William Colins Mary Barron M. Nowlan  
MILLER John Stephen MILLER Catherine TOBIN 20 November John Fewer Sera Miller M. Nowlan  
DORMADY John William DORMADY Bridget DOGAN 25 November Thos. Bird Ally Walsh M. Nowlan  
MAID Johanna James MAID ??ty POWER 26 November James Hill Anne Barry M. Nowlan  
SWEENY Margret James SWEENY ??? FITZPATRICK 26 November James Mcgrath Catherine Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
DAVIS Michael James DAVIS Catherine FOLEY 22 January Thomas Power Anty? Maid M. Nowlan  
WAL James James WAL Elin POWER 23 January Michael Madi??? Elin Clansy M. Nowlan  
CLANSY Bridget John CLANSY Elin WAL 31 January Edward Riley Mary Foley M. Nowlan  
FOLEY William John FOLEY Mary BRYAN 10 February James Garen? Mary Garen? M. Nowlan  
CHANT Mary Charles CHANT Elizabeth FITZGERALD 20 February Patrick Lake Mary Kelly M. Nowlan  
BRADSHAW Mary Francis L. BRADSHAW Hannah FIPPARD 26 February Morgan Nowlan Mary Moris? M. Nowlan  
FLINN Catherine Walter FLINN Anne WHELAN 1 March William Riley Mary ann Riley M. Nowlan  
HARTLY James James HARTLEY Mary an BLANCH 2 March Philip Moran Margret Power M. Nowlan  
MORASY Patrick Michael MORASY Margret ROACH 6 March Robert Dady? Sera Walis M. Nowlan  
LENEHAN Catherine Patrick LENEHAN Elin DADY 7 March Patrick Banah Hannah Banah M. Nowlan  
SULIVAN Mary Michael SULIVAN Sally WAL 26 March Richard Carrol Johanna Samson M.N.  
GRANT Catherine Patrick GRANT Catherine REDY 26 March Thos. Purtle Anty? Maid M. Nowlan  
PATERSON Catherine Richard PATERSON Catherine POWER ? April John Riley Maryan Walsh M. Nowlan  
COLLINS Samuel   4 April   M. Nowlan An adult
BRADSHAW James   4 April   M. Nowlan An adult
COLLINS James John COLLINS Bridget ROACH? 4 April Richard Conn??ins Bridget Miller M. Nowlan  
GAUL Edward David GAUL Mary PELLY 16 April John Furlong Mary Furlong M. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK Mary John FITZPATRICK Catherine SAMSON 2 May John Murphy Mary Murphy M. Nowlan  
HENEBERY? Catherine William HENEBERY? Judy FITZGERALD 29 April John Power Sera Power M. Nowlan  
BREEN Margret Andrew BREEN Sera CORBIN ??? William Corbin Dorathy Corbin M. Nowlan  
GERIN? Larence James GERIN? Margret MCGRATH 1 May Philip Ryley Catherine Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
MOONEY John Robert MOONEY Mary CANFIL? 10 May Patrick Brennan Oner Walsh M. Nowlan  
CRIGE? Henery Roger CRIGE? Serah HOOPER 14 May George Stacy Margret Miller M. Nowlan  
MCCARTY Elin Thomas MCCARTY Mary KELLY 20 May Batt? Kiley Serah Power M. Nowlan  
MCGRATH James Michael MCGRATH Catherine DUNNE 20 May Patrick Mooney Mary Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
HICKEY Catherine Thos. HICKEY Elizabeth RILEY 25 May John Hickey Mary Riley M. Nowlan  
NORMAN William Shedrick? NORMAN Elizabeth RILEY 11 June Thos. Walsh Catherine McCarty M. Nowlan  
MAVELL Elizabeth Luise MAVELL Catherine MURRY 12 June John Moore Elin Culiton M. Nowlan  
WHELAN Elizabeth Patrick WHELAN Anne GARNER 12 June George Wilson Bridget Murry M. Nowlan  
MURRY Bridget James MURRY Bridget DALTON? 12 June James Carmel Hannah Mavell M. Nowlan  
MAVIS? Jane Anne James MAVIS? Mary VISCOUNT 12 June Philip Power Catherine Mavell M. Nowlan  
ENIS Maryann Richard ENIS Mary MAVELL 12 June Mathew Lake? Mary Dunn M. Nowlan  
MAVELL John James MAVELL Mary ENIS 12 June Daniel Ryan Mary Enis M. Nowlan  
HINES William William HINES Mary POMROY 12 June John Cudahy Catherine Murry M. Nowlan  
BEVIS? Elizabeth George BEVIS Elizabeth VISCOUNT 13 June Richard Enis Mary Murry M. Nowlan  
MOROONY Thos. Daniel MOROONY Elizabeth DUNFY 16 June James Ryan Mary Walsh M. Nowlan  
RYAN Patrick Denis RYAN Anne HICKEY 16 June John Delany Anne Lake M. Nowlan  
  Anne George HIS? Mary PITMAN 16 June Daniel? Collins Honora? Collins M. Nowlan Illegitimate
BENNETT John   16 June     A prostestant
MARTEN? Bridget Stephen MARTEN? Fanny? LEONARD 17 June Michael Martin Mary Leonard M.N.  
CARROL Mary Martin CARROL Hana KIELLY? 17 June Thomas ??? ??? Connors M.N.  
GALTON Sarah John GALTON Sarah ??? 17 June James Parsons Mary Me??? M. Nowlan  
FLING* Lucy ???mas FLING Margaret HO??? 17 June Thomas Connors Mary Leonard? M. Nowlan  
HINES* Catherine Henry HINES Racel? PITMAN 19 June John Barron? Susan Rose? M. Nowlan  
ROSE?* George John ROSE? L???a MOLOY? 19 June ??? Pitman Jane? Francis? M. Nowlan  
*During its many years of storage in cold damp conditions in the church- the register in which these entries were made received significant water damage at the end area of many pages - with the result that the last two or three entries on many of these pages are seriously compromised and difficult or impossible to decipher - Transcriber
FULFORTH? Bridget John FULFORTH? Anastasia Mary FULFORTH 20 June William Pine? Bridget Call? M. Nowlan  
RODGERS ???t James RODGERS Anne MILLER? 20 June Henery Hinds? Martha Pitman M. Nowlan  
MURPHY Peter Lawrence MURPHY Mary ?ARDY 21 June Morgan Nowlan Mary Chambers M. Nowlan  
CHAMBERS Archabald Alax? CHAMBERS Mary CUMMINS? 21 June Lawrence Murphy Mary Murphy M. Nowlan  
??? Sarah James ??IGATO? ??? COLLINS? 25 June Patrick Judge Johanna Healy M. Nowlan  
HICKY John John HICKY Mary J??? 25 June William ??? E??? He??? M. Nowlan  
FLINN? John William FLINN Margaret? WALSH 25 June ??? ??? Mary? Ben??? M. Nowlan  
  Susanna Martin CANNING? Mary BRISSON? 29 June John Moran Mary Be???t M. Nowlan Illegitimate
P??? Catherine John P??? Margaret MURPHY 30 June John Moran Mary H??? M. Nowlan  
  Henery John SHEA Mary WALSH July 1 John Moran? Sarah Barron M. Nowlan Illegitimate
BARRON? Elizabeth James BARRON? Margaret FLING July 2 Richard E?le?? ??? B??? M. Nowlan  
MILLAR Elizabeth John MILLAR Elizabeth S??? July 4 Laurence Barron A??y Barron M. Nowlan  
CORCORAN? William John CORCORAN? Elizabeth DOODY? July 4 John Millar Margaret Ga??? M. Nowlan  
FITZPATRICK Catherine? Michael FITZPATRICK Lucy GRIFFITH? July 5 David Griffith? Ell??? H??? M. Nowlan  
FOLEY Martha Michael FOLEY Elizabeth SINNOTT? 7 Jun?* Samuel Patterson? Mary Murphy M. Nowlan  
* The FOLEY - Martha entry is the first on this page and begins with 7 Jun - followed throughout the rest of the page by a single number for the day of the month and a ditto mark; eg. 7 ". With the sudden change from July to Jun - it is difficult to be surewhat the ditto marks signify - Transcriber
GRIFFIN Ellen James GRIFFIN Be??? FITZPATRICK 7 ? James Cl??y Mary Murphy M. Nowlan  
MURPHY D??? Michael MURPHY Catherine FITZPATRICK 7 ? Edward Kelly Jane M???l M. Nowlan  
G??? Laurence James GREEN? Margret MCGRATH 12 ? Philip Kelly? Catherine McGrath M. Nowlan  
S??? James Stephen S??? M??? B??ARD 12 ? John Cain Catherine Hill M. Nowlan  
M?LUE? John Thomas M?LUE? Dorothy POWER 12 ? ??? ???y Ell??? Crew? M. Nowlan  
CAIN Bara?? John CAIN Ellen CA?Y 16 ? John Dunn Sarah Mcgrath? M. Nowlan  
CASHMAN? Mary Anne William CASHMAN? Martha RIELLY 16 ? John ??? B??? Deborah ??? M. Nowlan  
WISE James Richard WISE Mary Anne RIELLY 24 ? C??? Blanch Mary Moris? M. Nowlan  
WALSH Anne Peter WALSH Bridget WHELAN? 24 ? Stephen Green Dorothy ???bin M. Nowlan  
BARRON Anastasia John BARRON Mary WALSH 24 ? Patrick Lamb Anastasia Millar? M. Nowlan  
CANNING James John CANNING Catherine ??? 24 ? Patrick Grant Sarah P??? M. Nowlan  
??? John Philip ??? Anne VISCOUNT 24 ? Cornelius Heason? Vallery Sampson M. Nowlan  
??? William Mathew L??? ??? Mary WALSH 24 ? Patrick Mcgrath Catherine Rielly M. Nowlan  
RIELLY Patrick William RIELLY Bridget ???LAN January 1837 ??? Hartigan Johannah Blanch? M. Nowlan  
THOMSON? Mathew? John Thomas THOMSON? Margaret PHELAN 6 ? Patrick B??? Mary G??? M. Nowlan  
KEMP James Patrick KEMP Anastasia RIELLY 11? John Griffen Ellen Fling M. Nowlan  
FOLEY Mary Anne William FOLEY Mary LACEY 14? William ???ran Catherine Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
DUNPHY Bridget John DUNPHY Bridget C??? 21 ? Thomas P???tal Emelia Rilay? M. Nowlan  
PUTTWELL? Jonas?   21 ?   M. Nowlan Protestant
LODGE Patrick Charles LODGE Brig't LINARD? 25 ? Philip Kelly? Margaret Power M. Nowlan  
HARTIGAN John Lausone? HARTIGAN Margaret NASH ?? Thomas Lamb Dorothy Cam??? M. Nowlan  
COFFEE Julia James COFFEE Catherine ??? 15 April Bob? Keef Mary Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
BOSSY? Patrick James BOSSY? Anne ME??? ?? Michael Ma??? Auby? Me??? M. Nowlan  
CO???Y Catherine Patrick CO???Y Mary FLING? ?? Mathew Grace Johanna? Kielly? M. Nowlan  
WALSH Martin John WALSH Anast??? WALSH ?? John Thomas Green May? Green M. Nowlan  
CULLEN Patrick Patrick CULLEN Sarah LAMB 26 ??? John Power Sarah Dunphy? M. Nowlan  
SMITH? Elizabeth Alex SMITH? V??? NO??? ?? July Charles Sampson? Eliza Walsh M. Nowlan  
DUNPHY William Patrick ?? July ??? M. Nowlan  
MORAN John James MORAN Anty? POWER ??? William Phoran? Margaret Power M. Nowlan  
CONDON? Mary John CONDON? Bridget WALSH ??? Michael Mcgrath Ellen L??? M. Nowlan  
DUNPHY John Patrick DUNPHY Catherine ??AMP?? 6 August Pat Phoran Catherine Mcgrath M. Nowlan  
RETTWELL? Lucy James RETTWELL? Anne BURK? 11 August Thos? Neals? May Sampson M. Nowlan  
SMITH John Henry SMITH Jane MURPHY ?? August ??? Walsh Mary Lynch M. Nowlan  
HUNT? John Charlay? HUNT Mary FURLONG ?3 August John Power May? Hill? M. Nowlan  
KELLY Bridget Dennis KELLY Johanna POWER ?? August John Murphy Mary Murphy M. Nowlan  
LAN??? Eleanor William LAN??? Eleanor FOLEY ?? August Thomas Mooney Bridget Grace? M. Nowlan  
GRANT Catherine Thomas GRANT Margret GRANT ?? August Thomas Cain Emma Bradshaw? M. Nowlan  
P??? Stephen Thomas P??? V??? PHELAN? ?5 August Thos Fling Mary Walsh M. Nowlan  
??? Thomas ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? August John ??? Johanna Hickey M. Nowlan  
??? Thomas ??? KEEF Anne WALSH ?? August Patrick Walsh Dorothy C??? M. Nowlan  
RILEY Thomas John RIELY Hana ??? ?? August Thomas Whelan Hanah Bradshaw M. Nowlan  
MC??? Catherine Henry MC??? Elizabeth MC??? 24 August Michael ??? ???y ??? M. Nowlan  
SWEENAY? Dothy? James? SWEENAY? Dothy? ??? 24 August Francis Walsh Ellen? Bruce? M. Nowlan  
CONWAY John James CONWAY May? E??? 30 August Michael Lannon? May? Conway M. Nowlan  
MANSFIELD Latitia James MANSFIELD May HINDS? 18 September John Bishop Ellen Dobbin M. Nowlan  
GREEN William   ??? James Fulforth? Sarah Fulforth? M. Nowlan Adult
PITMAN James William PITMAN Mary ??? 22 September S??? ??? Jane ??? M. Nowlan  
GELASPEY? Fanny?   ???   M. Nowlan Adult protestant
BARNET? Bridget John BARNET? M??? S???Y ??? Richard Pitman A??? Fulforth M. Nowlan  
P??? John William P??? Johanna CALL? 23 September James Colfort? Johannah ??? M. Nowlan  
MILLAR Sarah Philip MILLAR Sarah TOBIN? 4? September Thomas Walsh Margaret Shea? M. Nowlan  
SHEA Mary John SHEA Ella? ??? ??? Lawrence? Walsh Maria B??? M. Nowlan  
COLLINS Margaret William COLLINS Bridget BLANCH 4 October Ja??? Collins Mary Blackman M. Nowlan  
BARRON? Michael James BARRON? Catherine SH???Y? 6 October Thomas Doyle Mary Mullins? M. Nowlan  
GREGORY Jane Arthur? GREGORY Mary Anne WIFFEN 7 October William Wiffen Margaret Green M. Nowlan  
GREGORY Anne Arthur? GREGORY Mary Anne WIFFEN 7 October Dennis ??ien Mary ??? M. Nowlan  
HAND Thomas Rob't HAND Mary FOLEY 8 October William Barron Maria Barron M. Nowlan  
MURPHY ??? James MURPHY Catherine WALSH 8 October John Sampson Margaret Hunt M. Nowlan  
MANSFIELD? Laticia James MANSFIELD? Mary VISCOUNT 11? October Thos. Casey J???ly Hennesey? M. Nowlan  

Transcribed by GORDON BENNETT (2010)

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