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Baptisms (1860 - 1898)
Sacred Heart RC Parish
Placentia & St. Mary's District

(Partial Transcription - Patrick's Cove McGrath's)

Baptized Child's Name Parents Other Information
May 16,1860 Rose Patrick McGrath & Catherine Fox  
Dec 11,1862 Francis Patrick McGrath & Catherine Fox  
Mch 15,1864 William Thomas McGrath & Elizabeth Riley illegitimate
Nov 9, 1864 Bernard Bartholemew McGrath &Bridget Tobin  
June 8,1866 Lucy Francis Thomas McGrath & Ellen Doyle  
Mch 7, 1867 Patrick Bartholemew McGrath & Bridget Doyle  
Nov 16,1867 Catherine Thomas McGrath & Ellen Doyle  
Nov 26,1868 Mary Francis Bartholemew McGrath & Bridget Doyle  
June 10,1869 Mary Bridget Thomas McGrath & Ellen Doyle  
1871 Theresa John McGrath & Agnes Smith  
May 10,1871 Mary(dead) Michael McGrath & Catherine Walsh  
June 11,1872 Martin Joseph Thomas McGrath & Ellen Doyle  
Jan, 1872 Frances James McGrath & Anne Lynch  
May 11,1872 Patrick Joseph John McGrath & Agnes Smyth  
1872 Mary Joseph James McGrath & Anne Lynch  
Oct 7,1872 Patrick Michael McGrath & Kate Walsh  
Mch 24,1873 Margaret Lucy Thomas McGrath & Ellen Doyle  
June 5,1874 Mary Agnes James McGrath & Anne Lynch  
Oct 9,1874 John Thomas McGrath & Ellen Doyle  
Oct 25,1874 Mary Catherine Michael McGrath & Catherine Walsh  
Oct 26,1874 Mary Kate Michael McGrath & Kate Walsh  
Nov 13,1875 Ellen Richard McGrath and Mary Joe Power  
Nov 23,1875 Ambrose John McGrath & Agnes Smith  
Apr 11,1876 Bridget Ann James McGrath & Ann Lynch  
May 15,1876 Michael Francis Joseph McGrath & Clara Walsh  
May 20,1876 Elizabeth Joseph Thomas McGrath & Ellen Doyle  
Sept 26,1876 Margaret Joseph Patrick McGrath & Anne Heffernan  
Nov 26,1876 Bridget Ann James McGrath & Lucy Brennan  
Dec 1876 Michael Francis Thomas McGrath & Ellen Doyle  
May 1,1877 Alice Michael McGrath & Kate Walsh  
May 14,1878 Patrick Michael McGrath & Mary Walsh  
July 15,1879 Peter Matthew Joseph McGrath & Clara Walsh born June 26
Jan 1,1881 Mary Catherine Richard McGrath & Mary J Power  
May 2,1881 Margaret Joseph James McGrath & Mary Tremlet illegitimate
Sept 1,1882 Catherine James McGrath & Lucy Brennan  
Sept 11,1881 Elizabeth John McGrath Agnes Smith born Aug 28
July 20,1882 Patrick Denis McGrath & Alice Maddock  
Feb 1884 Sarah Joseph Michael McGrath & Mary M Power  
Feb 17,1884 Patrick Joseph Patrick McGrath & Mary Ellen Allen  
Feb 22,1884 John Thomas Denis McGrath & Alice Maddox  
Feb 22,1884 Alice Cecily John McGrath & Agnes Smith  
Mch 4,1885 Anne Michael McGrath & Mary Welsh  
May 29,1886 Mary Anne Denis McGrath & Alice Maddox born Feb 12
June 14,1886 Bartholemew Patrick McGrath & Alice Tobin  
Aug 1,1886 William John McGrath & Agnes Smith  
Oct 6,1886 Patrick Richard McGrath & Mary Power born Sept 26
Dec 26,1886 Philip Michael McGrath & Mary Walsh  
June 2,1887 Margaret John McGrath & Mary Purchase  
Sept 30,1887 Mary Margaret Patrick McGrath & Mary Allen  
Sept 30,1887 Catherine Ann Bartholomew McGrath & Mary Leonard born July 6
Nov 25,1887 Agnes Patrick McGrath & Mary Green  
June 1,1890 Joseph Joseph McGrath & Clara Walsh  
Sept 30,1890 Catherine Frances Michael McGrath & Mary J Walsh born Sept 20
April 23,1898 Mary Anthony McGrath & Mary McGrath  

Transcribed by Dave Wells (December 2002)

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