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District of Placentia and St. Mary's
1932 - 1936

HU???AM Bridget Mary   ?? South East Pla. 1/1/32 m? paralysis   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
WALSH Patrick Married 67 Town-side Pla. 3/2/32 Cancer of stomach   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
FITZPATRICK Monica? Widow 72 Town-side Pla. 18/2/32 Per??? anemia   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
OREILLY Patrick Married 73 Dunville Pla. 11/3/32 Heart failure   Mt. Carmel Pla. Fell dead Argentia Fr. Da attended
COLLINS Mary Married 69 ??? Pla. 31/3/32   L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
BLANCH Francis Married 68 Jersey Side Pla. 23/5/32     Mt. Carmel Pla.  
BIRD Susanna Widow 81 Dunville Pla. 23/5/32 Influenza   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
MCGEE? Thomas Married 80 Pla. 27/5/32 Heart failure   Mt. Carmel Pla. Born at Red Island P Bay
DOODY David Married 80 Pla. 3/6/32 Senility   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
CARROLL Mary Widow 84 Jersey Side Pla. 21/6/32 Senility   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
COLLINS Molly   11 Pla. 21/7/32 Meningitis   Mt. Carmel Pla. Died at Grace Hos.
OREILLY George Married 68 Pla. 24/7/32 Heart L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla. Cap. Argyle ???
COLLINS James Married 67 Herring Bay Pla. 9/8/32 Heart   Mt. Carmel Pla. Died suddenly
OREILLY Leo Joseph   3 Pla. 21/8/32 Sunstroke L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
COLLINS Catherine Married 78 Pla. 27/8/32 Genl debility L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
SULLIVAN Bruce Humphrey   9 mos? Pla. 1/9/32   L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
CORRIGAN Bridget Vidua 78 Pla. 2/9/32 Senility   Mt. Carmel Pla. Red Island P Bay
BRENNAN Leonard Bach 19 Pla. 7/9/32 T.B.   Mt. Carmel Pla. Died at sanatarium
LANNON Lawrence Jos.   2 days   2/10/32 premature birth   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
MCHUGH? John Married   Pla. 19/11/32 Suicide   Mt. Carmel Pla. T??sanity in family Kelly J???
SMITH Jane Spinster 74 Herring Bay Pla. 21/11/32 Genl. Debility   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
GREENE Norah Spinster 8 Pt. Verde Pla. 23/2/33 Pneumonia Dr. Newton Dr. L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
OREILLY Margaret Spinster 83 Jersey Side Pla. 14/3/33 Genl. Debility   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
KEEFE Edward Married 76 Gt. Barachoix C. Shore 6/5/33 Heart dis. Dr. Newton Dr. L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
HUNT A??us Joseph   ?? Herring Bay Pla. 11/5/33 Convulsions Dr. Newton Dr. L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
DELANEY Johanna Widow 85 Pla. 11/7/33 Senility   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
HARTIGAN Margaret Married 53 Pla. 13/7/33 Tuberclosis Dr. Newton Dr. L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
DUNN Julia Married 76   3/8/33     Mt. Carmel Pla. Mental hospital St. Johns
HUNT Ann Widow 76 Herring Bay Pla. 21/9/33 Senility   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
DOODY Ellen Widow 71 Pla. 16/10/33 Senility   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
KELLY James Married 76 Freshwater, Pla. 28/10/33 Kidney disease L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
BARRON Catherine Widow 81 Pla. 9/11/33 Senility   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
POWER Alicia Widow 74 Pla. 3/1/34 paralysis   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
CROKE Margaret Married 77 Pla. 28/1/34 Cancer L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
O'REILLY Peter Widower 83 Pla. 6/2/34 Senility L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
MCCARTHY James Married 64 South East Pla. 2 Mar. 34 Epilepsey   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
KEEFE Mary Ann Widow 61 Gt. Barachoix Pla. 28/3/34 Typhoid L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
KEEFE William Bach. 59 Gt. Barachoix Pla. 9/4/34 Poisoning   Mt. Carmel Pla. Suicide insane
BARRON George Married 67 Dunville Pla. 24/4/34 Concussion of brain   Mt. Carmel Pla. Killed by fall from ladder painting? house
KEEFE Patrick Bach 24 South East Pla. 25/4/34 Tuberclosis   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
BIRD Margaret? Married 7 Dunville Pla. 5/5/34 Suddenly   Pla. Died at St. Johns
JUDGE? ???       13/5/34 Still-born   Pla.  
BARRON Jane Married 75 Bond's Path Pla. 30/5/34 Burned to death   Pla. Paralyzed
WALSH John Anthony Bach. 29   26/5/34 Peritonitis   Pla. Died at Halifax
BARRON Louisa   4 Pla. 9/6/34 Pneumonia L.J. Giovennetti Pla.  
MULROONEY An??? Jos.   1 yr 4 mos Pla. 24/6/34 Pneumonia   Pla.  
KELLY Thomas Widower 74 S.E. Pla. 8/8/34 Hemmorhage?   Pla. Suddenly in dory?
KEMP Mary? Married 47 J. Side Pla. 12/8/34 ??? L.J. Giovennetti Pla. died at Genl Hospital
COLLINS Mary   3 weeks Pla. 29/8/34 Dysentry   Pla. Twins
COLLINS Margaret   3 weeks Pla. 29/8/34 Dysentry   Pla.  
ROCHE Charles Married ?? Pla. 11/10/34     Pla.  
CONNORS Michael Married 83 Pla. 31/10/34 Senility   Pla. Fr. Co??? father
ROWE Catherine Married 55 Pt. Verde 11/11/34 Heart   ???alto Suddenly
CARROLL? William John   4 mts? Pla. 3/1/35     Pla.  
HARTIGAN Norah Married 75 Placentia 28/1/35 Pneumonia L.J. Giovennetti Pla.  
GREENE Caroline Married 42 Pt. Verde 2/2/35 T.B.   Pla.  
KANE? John Married 71 Broad Cove Pla. 25?/2/35 Tuberclosis   Pla.  
VISCOUNT Margaret Widow 16? Dunville Pla. 5/3/35 Tuberclosis   Pla.  
BARRON James Widower 76 Bond's Path Pla. 7/3/35 Gen. Debility   Pla.  
EMBERLY? John Widower 73 Jersey Side Pla. 19/2/35 Gen. Deb.   Pla. Suddenly
CROKE Patrick Widower 79 Pla. 30/3/35 Influenza L.J. Giovennetti Pla.  
PHIPPARD Catherine Widow 75 Pla. 2/4/35 Diabetes L.J. Giovennetti Pla.  
CARROLL Nicholas Married 72 Pt. Verde Pla. 5/4/35 Influenza L.J. Giovennetti Pla.  
POWER John P. Married 70 Dunville 23/4/35     Mt. Carmel Pla.  
WALSH Mary Married 56 Pt. Verde 2/5/35 Dropsy   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
COLLINS Peter Married 59 St. Johns 12/7/35     Mt. Carmel Pla.  
CARROLL Lawrence Married 62 Dunville 17/8/35 Hyperap- troura? influenza   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
BARRON Mary Married 77 Dunville 20/9/35 Heart failure   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
KEEFE James   22 Pt. Verde 21/9/35     Mt. Carmel Pla.  
RODGERS Mary Vidua 77 Pla. 2/10/35     Mt. Carmel Pla.  
COLLINS Margaret Vidua 79 S.E. Pla. 6/10/35 Heart   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
HARTLEY Ellen Vidua 97 D'ville Pla. 16/10/35 Old age   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
COLLINS William Married 64 Bond's Path Pla. 24/10/35     Mt. Carmel Pla.  
OREILLY Margaret Widow 79 Placentia Nov 4th, 35 Senility   Mt. Carmel Pla.  
FURLONG Lawrence Married 76 Placentia Nov 4th, 35 Heart L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Pla.  
MULROONEY Peter Married 45 Placentia 18/11/35 Tuberclosis L.J.G. Mt. Carmel  
ROCHE Bridget Vidua 73 Placentia 14/12/35 Genl. Debility L.J.G. Mt. Carmel ??? ??? Cancer of ???
POWER Minnie? Married 45 Placentia 27/12/35 Genl. Debility   Mt. Carmel  
GALE Baby ???   Bond's Path Pla. 1/1/36   L.J.G. Mt. Carmel Baptized in ???
HILLYARD Sadie   4 mos. Jersey Side Pla. 2/1/36     Mt. Carmel  
PENDERGAST William Widower 72 Pt. Verde Pla. 15/1/36 Dropsy   Mt. Carmel  
FLYNN Susan Married 35 Pla. 15/1/36     Mt. Carmel Died at Mental Hospital St. Johns
POWER Peter Married 78 Dunville Pla. 16?/1/36 Genl. Debility   Mt. Carmel  
COLLINS Francis Married 41 Placentia 1/2/36 Tuberclosis   Mt. Carmel  
COLLINS Edward Widower 80 Pla. 17/2/36 Heart failure   Mt. Carmel Father of Frank; died suddenly
KELLY John Married 61 Freshwater, Pla. ???     Mt. Carmel  
WALSH Baby                
KELLY Ellen Mary   4 mos? Jersey Side Pla. 8/3/36     Mt. Carmel  
POWER William J. Married 64 Dunville Pla. 22/3/36 Heart failure   Mt. Carmel Died suddenly
POWER Mercedes? Mary   14 Pla. 7/4/36     Mt. Carmel This girl was an idiot.
WALSH Baby     Pt. Verde Pla. 29/3/36   L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel Still born
MURPHY Margaret   18 Pla. 14/4/36 Tuberclosis L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel  
CLEARY Richard Widower 83 Pla. 21/4/36 Senility L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel ??? Police
GREGORY Jane Widow 88 Pla. 14/5/36     Mt. Carmel  
MOONEY Lucy Widow 78 Pla. 19/5/36 Senility   Mt. Carmel  
KEEFE Laura   9 Gt. Barachoix Pla. 1/6/36 Pneumonia   Mt. Carmel Died at Genl Hosp St. Johns
COLLINS Kathleen? Virgin 23? Pla. 28/6/36 Cancer   Mt. Carmel  
MULROONEY Annie Virgin 15 Pla. 8/7/36 Tuberclosis L.J. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel  
KELLY Elizabeth Widow 82 S.E. Pla. 26/7/36 Senility   Mt. Carmel  
GREENE? Michael Francis Married 68 Pla. 7/8/36 Kidney disease Giovennetti and McGrath Mt. Carmel  
MULROONEY James   11 mos. J.S. Pla. 11/8/36 Dysentry   Mt. Carmel  
MCLENNON Alice Mary   2 days S.E. Pla. 23/8/36     Mt. Carmel Died at St. Clares Hospital
FITZPATRICK Mary Vidua 76-1/2 Pla. 23/8/36 Diabetes Head   Mt. Carmel  
BROWNE Isabel Married 32? St. Johns 28/8/36 ???peral Septa??cemia Dr. Policoff? Mt. Carmel  
COLLINS Wm. Maher?   1-1/2 Pla. /8/36 Dysentry   Mt. Carmel  
BURKE Bridget Unmarried 78 Pla.       Mt. Carmel  
POWER George Married 63 Dunville Pla. 14/9/36 Heart failure Dr. Giovennetti Mt. Carmel  
WYSE Julia Widow 58 Pla. 3/10/36 Elephantosis? c??ces ???   Mt. Carmel  
BRENNAN Patrick Lionel Joseph Bach 22 Pla. 23/10/36 Tuberclosis   Mt. Carmel  
CARROLL Ellen Widow 63 Jersey S. Pla. 29/10/36 Cancer   Mt. Carmel Died at St. Clare's St. Johns
MCLENNON Patrick Widower 86 S.E. Pla. ??/11/36 Dropsy   Mt. Carmel  
HAYES Edward Married 80 North East Pla 8/12/36 Drowned   Mt. Carmel Accidentally off ??? wharf
COLLINS Rose (nee Hayse) Widow 36 Pla. 9/12/36 Cancer   Mt. Carmel died at St. Johns
GREENE Mary Carmel   13 mos Pla. 28/12/36 Flu   Mt. Carmel  

Transcribed by GORDON BENNETT (2010)

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