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District of Placentia and St. Mary's
1917 - 1921

CORREGAN Mary Anastasia Married 42 Placentia Jan 15th Tub. Pul. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
MORRISSEY Moses Married 75 Placentia Feb. 1st La Grippe Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
BREEN Margeret Spinster 80 Point Verde Feb. 3rd N.C.   Placentia  
GREEN Margeret Married 75 Point Verde Feb. 5th     Placentia  
DELANEY Mary   15 Placentia Feb. 9th Tuber Knee? Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
GUSHUE Catherine Married 69 Jersey Side Feb. 12th N.C. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
ROSE William Married 54 Placentia March 12th Liver Trouble Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
DUNPHY Thomas Bachelor 41 Dunville March 2nd Killed Dr. McKendrick Placentia Killed in action somewhere in France
H???? John Widower 79 Placentia March 14th Intestinal trouble Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
MEADE Johanna   8 Jersey Side April 8th Meningitis? Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
BOYLE Emma Widow 90 Jersey Side April 18th N.C. Dr. McKendrick Old cemetary  
CANNING Ellen Married 24 North East April 27th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
SHAW Peter Widower 89 South East April 30th Heart Failure   Placentia Died suddenly
LANNON Margeret Mary   5 days South East May 1st Infantile trouble, N.C.   Placentia  
Child born to Patrick Burn       Jersey Side May 1st Still birth   Placentia Premature birth still born
COLLINS Theresa   9 months Placentia May 4th Whooping cough   Placentia  
POWER Ann Frances Married 46 Placentia   Cancer of womb Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
WHELAN Patrick John C.E.F. Bachelor 23 Killed in battle somewhere in France April 25th Killed in action   France  
KEEFE Rose   14 Grand Falls May 27th Pul. Tub. H.B. Chamberlain? Placentia  
GREEN Edward Married 33 Placentia May 30th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
KEEFE Robert Bachelor 54 Placentia June 5th   ??? Placentia Died at asylum St. Johns
FLING Peter   1 month North East June 29th Whooping cough ??? Placentia  
O'BRIEN Albert   25 Jenson? Camp? St. Johns July 28th Pul. Tub.   Placentia Died in St. Johns
HICKEY James Married 72 Jersey Side Aug. 14th Heart Failure   Placentia  
COLLINS James Jr. Bachelor 20 Born on Jersey Side April ?? Killed in action   Buried in France Killed in battle
MORRISSEY Catherine Widow 57? Placentia Aug. 27th   Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
GRANT Kathleen   3 years Jersey Side Aug. 27th Dysentery Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
FOLEY Austin C.E.F. Married 28 Killed in action in France Aug. 17th Killed in action   France Killed in battle
WALSH Rose Married 40 Placentia Sep. 6th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
WALSH Thomas Bachelor 22 P. Verde later in France Aug. 15th Killed in war   France Killed in action
FITZPATRICK Thomas Married 59 Placentia Sep. 27th Cancer of liver   Placentia  
HARTLEY Bridget   17 North East Arm Oct. 9th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
COLLINS Martin Robert   21? Placentia Oct. 9th Killed in action   France  
GREEN Patrick Married 65 Point Verde Oct. 28th Pneumonia Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
WALSH John Bachelor 39? Placentia Nov. 17th Heart failure   Placentia  
CORREGAN Rachel Married 35 Placentia Nov. 20th Pul. Tub.   Placentia  
HARTLEY Lucy Married 40 Broad Cove, N.E. Arm Jan. 2nd Drowning   Placentia Suicide
SINNOTT James Married 61 Placentia & St. Johns Jany 17th Cancer of rectum   Placentia  
HARTIGAN May ??? 23 Placentia   Inflamation of Bladder   Placentia  
DOYLE Charles Bachelor 30 Little Barrisway Jany 22nd Pul. Tub.   Placentia  
BARRON John Married 96 Dunville Jany 22nd N.C.   Placentia  
MILLER Sarah Married 65 South East Arm Feb. 9th Can. Lungs   Placentia  
GRACE Michael Married 65 Block House Feb. 11th Heart Failure   Placentia  
O'REILLY Mary Widower 89 Placentia Feb. 25th N.C.   Placentia  
DWYER Mary Married 37 Jersey Side Mar. 13th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
KEEFE Aloysius Bachelor 23 Grand Falls Twillingate Dist Mar. 19th Pul. Tub. Thos. D. Moore Placentia  
FURLONG Lucy Married 35 Le?????te Mar. 27th Heart Failure Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
DONAHOE? William J. Bachelor   Hospital England Mar. 18th Tub'c Meningitis Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
CARROLL Thomas Married 77 N.E. Arm May 21st N.C. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
ROCHE Ellen Widow 94 Placentia May 29th N.C. Dr. Duncan Placentia  
COLLINS John Married 39 N.E. Arm June 21st Pul. Tub.   Placentia  
GREEN Thomas Married 54 Point Verde July 5th Pneumonia   Placentia Died in the ??? Asylum
BOYLE William Bachelor 71 Placentia July 17th Heart Failure Dr. McKendrick C. England  
JUDGE Anastasia   3 weeks? Point Verde July 18th Convulsions? Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
KEEF Robert   43 South East Arm Aug. 19th ??? Paralysis Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
KEEF Jane Widow Married 85 Great Barrisway Aug. 23rd N.C. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
NORMAN Rose Married 65 Placentia Aug. 24th Cancer stomach Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
BROADERS? Mary Married 42 P. Verde Sep. 20th Tumerous? stomach Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
GREEN Anastasia Widow 68 P. Verde Sep. 21st Heart Failure Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
KEEF Pricella Spinster 16 G't Barrisway Sep. 29th Effects of a chill Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
POWER Rebecca Joseph   3-1/2 years Jersey Side Sep. 28th Burnt ???   Placentia House caught fire, child burnt to death.
FITZPATRICK Anastasia Widow 83 Placentia Oct. 2nd Pneumonia Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
GRANT Andrew Married 75 Placentia Oct. 14th Pneumonia Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
BARRON John Bachelor 17 Dunville Oct. 15th Pneumonia Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
KING Cecilia Married 29 Point Verd ??? Oct 16th P??p?? Fever Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
KEEF Cornelius   4 Placentia Oct. 16th Grippe Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
O'REILLY ???any Widow 73 Placentia Oct. 17th Heart Failure   Placentia  
TREMBLETT Mary   9 North East Arm Oct. 14th? Peritonitis Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
SHAW Matthew Bachelor 20 South East Arm Oct. 15th Pneumonia Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
CAIN James   5 North East   Grippe Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
DUNPHY John Bachelor 30 Toronto, Canada Oct. 13th Pneumonia Dr. McKendrick Placentia Buried 27th Oct.
O'REILLY Leonard Bachl 14 Jersey Side Oct. 26th Pneumonia Dr. S???t Placentia  
KEEFE Catherine Widow 83 S.E. Arm Oct. 25th N.C.   Placentia  
COLLINS Matilda   4 Herring Bay Oct. 26th La Grippe   Placentia  
DUNPHY Margaret   62 Freshwater Oct. 27th? Mental Trouble Dr. McKendrick Argentia  
TOBIN Lucy Married 44 North East Oct. 28th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
CARROLL Mary Married 60 North East Nov. 16th N.C.   Placentia  
KEEFE Gertrude   10 Placentia Nov. 17th Influenza? Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
COLLINS John   3 days South East Dec. 6th Inf. Trouble   Placentia  
KING John Bachelor 21 Died at Jenson? Cove Dec. 16th Tub. Pul. Arch G? Fait? Placentia Wounded in lungs in Mar. 1917
WALSH Albert Bachelor 18 Point Verde Feb. 3rd Tub. Pul. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
HICKEY Bridget Widow 67 Jersey Side Feb. 14th N.C. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
MILLER Thomas   4 years Placentia Feb. 6th Bronchitis Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
KEEFE Clara Married 36 Block House Feb. 26th Tub. Pul. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
COUSINS Mary   11? Placentia Mar. 8th Infant'l Quincy   Placentia  
WALSH Angela Spinster 23 Jersey Side Mar. 12th Tub. Pul. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
BARRON Ellen Widow 80 South East Mar. 18th N.C. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
POWER Ellen Married 28 St. Joseph's Salmonier April 3rd? Heart Failure   Placentia  
BLANCH Thomas Widower 82 South East Arm May 10th N.C.   Placentia  
PENDERGAST Bridget Married 44 Point Verde May 26th Tub. Pul.   Placentia  
WILLIAMS Mary Married 73 North East June 10th N.C.   Placentia  
SINNOTT Ellen Married   St. Johns Aug. 3rd     Placentia  
FOLEY James Married 65 Little Barrisway Aug. 24th C. of Stomach Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
HARTLEY Bridget Widow 80 North East Aug. 27th N.C.   Placentia  
LANNON Edward Widower 81 Placentia Aug. 30th     Placentia  
ROWE Ellen Married 21 Point Verde October 25th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
KEEFE Mary Married 67 Placentia Nov. 2nd Heart Failure   Placentia  
GRIFFIN John Married 52 N.E. Arm Nov. 22 nd Kidney Trouble   Placentia  
RYAN Mary Spinster 19 Jersey Side Nov. 30th     Placentia  
GREEN William   15 Point Verde Dec. 15th Pul. Tub.   Placentia  
JUDGE William   10 Point Verde Jan. 5th Pneumonia   Placentia  
LANNON Theresa Spinster 34 South East Jany. 13th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
FOLEY Michael   16 Little Barrisway Jany. 20th Pneumonia Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
FOLEY Cecilia Married 27 Little Barrisway Mar. 15th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
GREEN Alexander   9 years Placentia Mar. 30th Pneumonia Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
ANDREW Sylvester Married 42 South East Arm April 24th Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
PHIPPARD John Married 69 Placentia May 6th Paralysis Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
CLANCY Lucy Married 69 Placentia May 28th N.C.   Placentia  
COLLINS Rosie   13 Placentia May 29th Hemorrage   Placentia  
GRANT John Married 75 (part? year) St. Johns June 7th Bronchitis   Placentia  
KEMP? James Married 82 Jersey Side June 24th Kidney Trouble   Placentia  
HOGAN Thomas Married 35 Jersey Side July 10th Pul. Tub. Died at the G. Hospital St. Johns Placentia  
CONNELY Francis   ? year & 10 months Placentia Aug. 22nd Infantile Trouble Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
TOBIN Michael Widower 81 North East Aug. 29th N.C. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
FURLONG William Widower 54 Placentia Sep. 1st Pul. Tub. Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
COLLINS Thomas Widower 83 North East Arm Nov. 7th? N.C.   Placentia  
KEEFE (Thos?) Mary Widow 76 Placentia Nov. 7th     Placentia Died Suddenly
MORRISSEY Margret Widow 83 Bay Roberts CB Nov. 9th N.C.   Placentia  
DELANEY Bridget Married 51 Placentia Nov. 15th Dropsy Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
BRADSHAW Mary Ann Married 78 Jersey Side Nov. 16th Intestine? Trouble Dr. McKendrick Old Cem'ty  
MCLELLAN Clarissa Married   Placentia Nov. 30th Heart Failure Dr. McKendrick Old Cem'ty  
SHEA? Patrick       May 17th        
HUNT Helen   10 Herring Bay, N. East Placentia May 14th Pulmonary Tub.   Placentia  
GRACE John Married 67 Block June 2nd Stomach trouble   Placentia  
DELANEY Michael Widower 60 Placentia June 16th M???ting? trouble   Placentia  
GREENE Henry Bach. 33 Point Verde June 18th Killed in Alaska   Placentia  
MCCARTHY Margaret   92 S.E. June 28th died suddenly   Placentia  
GREENE Mary Widow 89? Pt. Verde July 1st     Placentia  
KELLY Henry Bach 18 Freshwater July 12th ??? ???   Placentia  
GRIFFIN Mona Married 63 North East July 25th     Placentia Died in sanatarium? St. Johns
WALSH Marie Married   Placentia 19/8/21 Tuberculosis   Placentia  
BIRD John Bach 23 ??? Placentia 19/8/21 Tuberculosis   Placentia  
DUNPHY William   63 Dunville Placentia 31/8/21 Kidney disease?   Placentia Died at Gen'l Hos.
COLLINS Bridget   11 Placentia 4/9/21 Drowned   Placentia Accidentally drowned. Body recovered Sep. 18, '21
HARTIGAN Ita?   12 Placentia 5/9/21 Tuberculosis Dr. McKendrick & Green? Placentia  
DELANEY Matthew Married 66 Placentia 27/9/21 Paralysis   Placentia  
HENDRICK? Mary Widow 73 Placentia 13/11/21 Cancer   Placentia Died at Gen'l Hos.
WHELAN Baby   3 m? C Bay 13/11/21     Placentia Died at Cape ??
LARIE? Mary Joseph   6 m? Placentia       Placentia  
HARTIGAN Laura   13 Placentia 28/11/21 Pleurisy Dr. Chisolm Placentia  
WYSE Mary Widow 75 Placentia 31/11/21 Paralysis   Placentia  
CARROLL Gabriel Married 38 Placentia 13/11/21 Tuberculosis   Placentia  
HUNT Mary Ann Married 30 Herring Bay, Placentia E. 14/11/21 Tuberculosis   Placentia  
MOONEY Ellen un??? 64 Placentia 2/12/21 Jaundice Dr. McKendrick Placentia  
COLLINS Samuel Married 63 SE Placentia 9/12/21 ?elesteral?   Placentia  

Transcribed by GORDON BENNETT (2010)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST (Don Tate)
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