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District of Placentia and St. Mary's
1894 - 1895

Pages 41 - 49

NOTE: Regarding Baptism dates, a further explanatory note on this transcriber's use of question marks may be helpful to researchers. The numbers sometimes disappear completely into the center fold of the church register, in which casea question mark or two is placed in front of the month, ie. ? March or ?? August. If a single number can be clearly seen, such as 6 February or 9 October, there is often no way to determine whether, or not, the date has another digit in front of it, eg. 6 February, 16 February, 26 February, and in such cases this uncertainty is indicated by 6? February or 9? October, etc - Transcriber.
PAGE 41                
DUNPHY May Genevieve   John Thos DUNPHY Maria WALSH North East No entry John O'Reilly Thos. Whelan Mary Kate Whelan  
CONNORS Patrick Joseph   Patrick CONNORS Esther? DUNPHY North East No entry John O'Reilly Stephen Reilly Philomena Burke Married at 526, 28th? St. Brooklyn, NY March 8th, 1943
OREILLY May Bridget 2? January Thomas OREILLY Ellen ONEIL Placentia ? January M.A. Clancy Philip Fitzpartick Mary OReilly  
TRAIN   2 ??? Thos. TRAIN   ? January John O'Reilly Wm. Paterson Mary Paterson  
BLANCH John Joseph 2 February Francis BLANCH Clara ??? North East ? February M.A. Clancy Richard Rogers Monica Larkin Latin comment. Name "Pauline Shea" and date, "Jan. 9, 1979" are decipherable - Transcriber
FITZPATRICK May 12 February Hugh FITZPATRICK Monica OREILLY Placentia ? February M.A. Clancy Peter OReilly Hannah OReilly  
KUFFE Jeremiah 8 January James KUFFE May WALSH Barrisway ? February M.A. Clancy Thos. Walsh Clara Walsh  
KEMP John Peter 3 March Pat KEMP Lucy CONNORS Jersey Side ? March M.A. Clancy Pat Delany Mary Hickey  
FAHY Johannah 26 December 1873? Andrew FAHY Catherine FARDY? Oderin ? March M.A. Clancy Charles Sinnott Eliza :Hagen Latin Comment? "??? Thomas Dooley Dec. 25th ??? Bay Bulls"
COLLINS Charles Henry Joseph 25 March Samuel COLLINS Julia OR??? South East ? March M.A. Clancy Andrew Greene Mary Anne Croke Latin comment ending in date: "Jan. 6, 1925"
OREILLY William 12 April William OREILLY Margaret WHIFFEN Placentia ? April M.A. Clancy Richard Taylor Frances OReilly  
POWER Selina 21 April Peter POWER Frances GRACE North East ? April M.A. Clancy John Thos. Kehoe Margaret Power Married to William Hynes ??? 21 at? 1917 Whitbourne? by Rev. J.E. Keough
WHALEN John 24 April James WHELAN Margaret JUDGE Placentia ? April M.A. Clancy Thos. Grant Mary Clancy  
BRIEN John Thomas 28 April Lawrence BRIEN? Sarah MCCARTHY South East ? May M.A. Clancy Pat Croke Rose Fulford  
COLLINS Margaret May 7 May William COLLINS Elizabeth HICKEY Jersey Side ? May M.A. Clancy James Kemp Jane Kemp  
DUNNE May Bridget ? May Edward DUNNE Julia GRACE Block House? ? May M.A. Clancy Mary Greene John Dunne Illegible Latin comment
CROKE Florence Mary 15 May James CROKE Elizabeth MALONE Placentia 19 May M.A. Clancy David Flynn Margaret Bonia  
BARRY Mary Anne 17 May Edward BERRY Ellen KELLY North East 19 May M.A. Clancy Michael Thos. Wyse Norah Wyse  
LAMB Patrick 28 April Garrett LAMB Mary Anne BENNETT Red Island 23? May M.A. Clancy James Rose Ellen Barry?  
CROKE Patrick Mary 29 May Thomas CROKE Ruth COLLINS South East 28? May M.A. Clancy Michael I. Nugent Elizabeth Power  
KANY Richard 1 June John Joseph KANE Ellen HUNT North East 2? June M.A. Clancy Michael Hartley Mary Ellen Kane  
HARTIGAN La??? Joseph 4 June John HARTIGAN May Anne MOONEY Placentia 6? June M.A. Clancy William Delany May Barron  
NUGENT Sarah Estella 22 June Michael NUGENT May Ellen OREILLY Placentia 13? June M.A. Clancy William OReilly Mary Murphy Married Oct. 12th 1913 to John Croke Fortune Harbour
HARTIGAN Lawrence Joseph 20 June Michael HARTIGAN Caroline BARRON North East 14? June M.A. Clancy Philip Somers Mary Hartigan Married at Sydney, N.S. to Francis Farrell July 14th 1917
ROSE Elizabeth 24 June Thomas ROSE Alice CARROLL Placentia 24 June M.A. Clancy Austin Collins Bridget Carroll Latin comment
KELLY Mary Elizabeth 28 June James KELLY May Anne GRIFFIN Freshwater 29 June M.A. Clancy Peter Mansfield Mary Ellen MacLellan  
COLLINS John Joseph 1 July John Joseph COLLINS Margaret D???IS South East 4? July M.A. Clancy William Smith Mary Greene Married at Grand Falls to Annie Whelan Aug. 11th 1921?
FOLEY Margaret Joseph 2 July Michael? FOLEY Helena MURPHY Little Barrisway 5? July M.A. Clancy Edward Kuffe Mary Doyle  
KELLY Patrick 3 August James KELLY Joanna GRIFFIN Freshwater 4? August M.A. Clancy Cornelius Symth Anne Nolan  
CARROLL Johanna Mary 4 August Mich'l CARROLL Mary MAHER North East 6? August M.A. Clancy Richard Rogers Ellen Maher  
MURRAY Peter Joseph 14 August Peter MURRAY Teresa BARRON North East 16? August M.A. Clancy Mich'l ???ph Power Elizabeth May Murray  
MOONEY ??? James? ? August John MOONEY Margaret ROCHE Placentia ??? M.A. Clancy Pat Croke Mary Roche  
COLLINS Ernest Joseph 24 August Michael COLLINS Anne HOWLETT Placentia 25 August M.A. Clancy Philip Fitzpatrick Eliza Collins Lattin comment ending in "6/8/24".
CONNORS Gerald Joseph 24 August Joachim CONNORS May I. DUNPHY North East 26 August M.A. Clancy William Dunphy Mary I? Walsh  
GREENE Ida Mary 26 August John GREENE Hannah KELLY Point Verde 27 August M.A. Clancy Joseph Greene Mary Greene  
SPARROW James 29 August Alphonsus SPARROW Anastasia ROGERS Jersey Side 30 August M.A. Clancy Pat Mansfield Annie Kemp  
WALSH Mary 27 August Edward WALSH Bridget DUNNE Point Verde 2? September M.A. Clancy Edward Dunne Anastasia Greene  
BARRON Matilda 31 August Michael BARRON Bridget GRIFFIN North East 2? September M.A. Clancy John Griffin Mary Glynn  
OREILLY Gertrude Mary 15 September Thos. OREILLY Mary LAVELLE Placentia 16 September M.A. Clancy Thos? Grant Ellie OReilly  
BARRON Angela 14 September Michael BARRON Margaret ROSE North East 19 September M.A. Clancy Thos. Connors Anastasia Barron  
GRANT Catherine Mary Joseph 6 May John GRANT Emily KUFFE G. Barrisway 2? October M.A. Clancy Edward Kuffe Clara Walsh  
DELANY John 2 October Thos. DELANY Julia ROSE Placentia 4? October M.A. Clancy Joseph Delany Kate Barron  
BRUCE William Joseph 5 October Denis BRUCE Anne GRIFFIN North East 7? October M.A. Clancy John Nolan Rose Griffin  
HUNT Mich'l Joseph 12 October James HUNT Anne FLYNN North East 16 October M.A. Clancy Richard Taylor Norah Jetman? Latin comment ending in "...Corner Brook die 22nd Oct. anno1930."
CARRIGAN Anne 18 October James CARRIGAN Isabella MILLER South East 21 October M.A. Clancy Pat OReilly Bridget Phippard  
HARTIGAN May 24 October Hugh HARTIGAN Norah GREENE Placentia No entry M.A. Clancy John Cosgrove Jame Greene  
MOONEY May Teresa 29 October Francis MOONEY Eliza LAKE Placentia No entry M.A. Clancy Francis Mooney Rose Miller  
DONAHOE? Matilda 2 November John DONAHOE? May BROOKS? Point Verde No entry M.A. Clancy Francis Hartigan Bridget Br???  
GRIFFIN Thomas Joseph 2 November Pat GRIFFIN Sarah BONIA North East 3 November M.A. Clancy Pat Canning Mary Barron Married at Grand Falls to Magdelen ??? of Carbonear? 25th Aug. 1930.
BONIA Michael Joseph 8 November Edward BONIA Margaret BR???E Placentia 9 November M.A. Clancy Thomas Bonia Mary Bonia  
COLLINS John Joseph 11 November John COLLINS Elizabeth BRUCE Jersey Side 13 November M.A. Clancy George OReilly Rose Larkin  
BOYLE May Emma 22 November Charles BOYLE Lizzie OREILLY Jersey Side 25 November M.A. Clancy Thos. OReilly Sarah Freebairn  
TAYLOR William Joseph 8 December Richard TAYLOR Bridget OREILLY Placentia 9 December M.A. Clancy John Greene Teresa Morrissey  
BRUCE Dennis 14 December Denis BRUCE Catherine HEATING Long Harbour 12 December M.A. Clancy Denis Bruce Bridget Whelan  
SITEMAN John B??? 13 December William H. SITEMAN Bride SINNOTT Placentia 16 December M.A. Clancy Pat OReilly Ellen Sinnott  
SINNOTT William Job 16 December William SINNOTT Margaret BYRNE Placentia 17 December M.A. Clancy Thos. Bonia Mary Baldwin  
COLLINS Frederick 20 December Joseph COLLINS Kate DOODY Placentia 22 December M.A. Clancy David Collins Bridget Wyse  
PHIPPARD Richard Thomas 29 December Henry PHIPPARD Bridget MILLER Placentia 31 December M.A. Clancy Andrew Miller Margaret Hendrick  
FOLEY James Joseph 7 November James FOLEY Rose TOBIN Little Barrisway 31 December M.A. Clancy Patrick Croke Agnes Walsh Latin comment ending in "...die 23rd November anno 1926."
COLLINS Ellen 6 January John COLLINS Mary KELLY South East 8 January M.A.Clancy PP. William Whelan Julia Kelly Married at St. Ignatius Loyola New York 980? Park Ave. Jan. 6th, 1944
MOONEY John Joseph 9 January Alfred MOONEY Agnes NUGENT Placentia 10 January M.A.Clancy PP. Edward Greene Agnes Hartigan  
LANNON Elizabeth Mary 10 February John LANNON Elizabeth MCGRATH South East 13 February M.A.Clancy PP. William Greene Anne McLellan Latin comment ending with "...Joseph Collins 6/8/24."
KUFFE Aloysius 16 January Pat KUFFE Margaret FOLEY Little Barrisway 16 February M.A.Clancy PP. Thos. Walsh Mary Anne Power  
PATERSON Thomas 8 February William PATERSON Kate CALLAHAN ??? ??? 17 February M.A.Clancy PP. M.A. Clancy Hannah Verran?  
POWER Michael 20 February Thos. POWER Margaret HARTIGAN North East 25 February M.A.Clancy PP. Mich'l Carroll Margaret Hartley  
POWER Katherine 25 February Peter POWER Suzannah POWER North East 1 March M.A.Clancy PP. Thos. Barron Sarah Anne Power  
MOONEY Bridget Joseph 16 March Lawrence MOONEY Margaret DOODY Placentia 19 March M.A.Clancy PP. John Wyse Bridget Doody  
POWER Archibald Francis Mary 25 March Philip POWER Margaret MCGRATH North East 28 March M.A.Clancy PP. Richard McGrath Anastasia Lynch  
GRACE James Joseph 26 March John GRACE Anne BARRON Block House 26 March M.A.Clancy PP. James Paterson Martha Grace Illegible Latin comment
SOMERS Margaret 20? March Philip SOMERS Ellen MAHER ??? HOUBBE? North East 21? March M.A.Clancy PP. Mich'l Nugent Mary Nugent  
COLLINS Matthew Aloysius 7 April James COLLINS Mary BARRON Placentia 7 April M.A.Clancy PP. Leo Brown Sarah Collins Illegible Latin comment
KUFFE Mich'l Thomas 8 April Pat KUFFE Mary COLLINS South East 11 April M.A.Clancy PP. John Lannon Rose Fulford  
COLLINS Francis 19 April Edward COLLINS Kate SHAW Placentia 21 April M.A.Clancy PP. William Delany Teresa Morrissey Illegible Latin comment
BRIEN Anastasia May 19 April James BRIEN Mary COLLINS South East 25 April M.A.Clancy PP. Thomas Walsh Agnes? Walsh  
GREGORY? Matilda Mary 14 January Hubert? GREGORY Jane H??? M??? ??? ?? M.A.Clancy PP. Isaac Bird Lucy Miller Married to ??? McGee at ??? July 1918
OREILLY John Raymond 6 May James OREILLY Mary Anne HARTLEY Placentia 8 May M.A.Clancy PP. Michael Wyse Ida Hendrick  
MCHUGH Johannah 11 May Pat MCHUGH Anne KELLY Point Verde 15? May M.A.Clancy PP. Denis Kelly Jolina? Kelly  
WALSH Norah Mary 19 May Thomas WALSH Elizabeth HOWLETT Point Verde 26 May M.A.Clancy PP. William Whalen Clara Carroll  
CROKE Mary Angella 31 May James CROKE Elizabeth MALONE Placentia 2? June M.A.Clancy PP. Mich'l Nugent May Ellen Nugent  
BARRY Isabella 7 March Michael BARRY Mary Agnes MCCARTHY Red Island ? June M.A.Clancy PP. Pat Carroll Elizabeth Berry  
ROGERS Catherine 15 April William ROGERS Catherine MCGEE Red Island 6? June M.A.Clancy PP. Alphonsus Be??? Elizabeth Viscount  
MURPHY Thomas 10 May Alphonsus MURPHY Bridget NOLAN Long Harbour 9? June M.A.Clancy PP. Walter Sinnott May Anne Murphy  
CARRIGAN Catherine Mary 12 May John CARRIGAN Elizabeth MURPHY Red Island 11? June M.A.Clancy PP. David Berry May Lamb  
SHEA Margaret 6 March Joseph SHEA Margaret LACY? Red Island ? June M.A.Clancy PP. John Murphy May Anne Walsh Illegitimate
MOONEY Thomas Joseph 30 June Robert MOONEY Mary POWER Placentia 1 July M.A.Clancy PP. John Hartigan Agnes Mooney  
KING Mary 1 July Thomas KING Mary BARRON South East 8 July M.A.Clancy PP. John Dunne Jane Barron  
COSGROVE William 10 July Nicholas COSGROVE Kate MILLER Placentia 11July M.A.Clancy PP. Pat Kuffe Lizzie Greene  
GREENE James 11 July Augustine GREENE May BRIEN Point Verde 14 July M.A.Clancy PP. John Greene May Ellen Greene  
KING Priscilla 9 July James KING Anastasia ROWE? Point Verde ?? July M.A.Clancy PP. Joseph Wyse Agnes Walsh  
FEWER Mary Ellen 16 July William FEWER Ellen LANNON Block House 15 July M.A.Clancy PP. William Delaney Elsie? Power  
WALSH John Thomas 22 July William WALSH Bridget CONWAY P. Verde ?? July M.A.Clancy PP. Edward Greene May Greene  
KUFFE Ida Joseph 20 June James KUFFE Mary WALSH L. Barrisway ?? July M.A.Clancy PP. William Whelan Anne Walsh Married Thomas Foley
RIELLY Robert Joseph 28 July Michael RIELLY Mary PARROT Block House 25 July P.M. O'Connor Rudolphus Keefe Jane Brennan Sub conditione
GREENE Aloysius Joseph 8 August Nicholas GREENE Agnes KEMP Point. Verde ? August M.A. Clancy Edward Healy Elizabeth Greene Illegible Latin comment, ending in date: Nov. 12, '23
SMYTH May Joseph 8 August Thomas SMYTH Mary Ellen POWER North East ?2 August M.A. Clancy Thomas Power Mary Smyth Illegible Latin comment, ending in: "...Grand Falls Sept. 18/22.
FITZPATRICK Ellen 23? August Hugh FITZPATRICK Monica ORIELLY Placentia 24 August M.A. Clancy David Collins Francis Bonia  
DUNPHY Thomas Joseph 20 August Patrick DUNPHY Eliza BURKE North East 28 August M.A. Clancy William Power Maria Dunphy  
WHELAN Andrew Joseph 26 August Thomas WHALEN May Kate BURKE North East ?? August M.A. Clancy Andrew Whelan Anne Whelan Ordained Priest July '22 in Paris ??? ??? Rev. E.P. Roche ???? Died Oct. 30th 1927. R.I.P.
WHELAN Margaret Joseph 26 August Thomas WHALEN May Kate BURKE North East ?? August M.A. Clancy Thomas Hickey Mary Rogers Married to John Rose at Placentia July 1912
GREENE John Thomas 29 August William GREENE Margaret FLYNN Point. Verde 1? September M.A. Clancy William Greene Mary Anne Greene Illegible Latin comment
POWER Agnes 8 September William POWER Mary Anne DOBER North East 15 September M.A. Clancy Thos. Murray Margaret Ellen Power  
BARRON John 18 September Pat BARRON Alice KELLY North East 20 September M.A. Clancy William Murray Clare Barron  
HAYES Patrick 26 August Laurence HAYES Monica MURPHY M???l Harbour 27 September M.A. Clancy Stephen Oaters? Mary Oaters?  
RYAN May Anne 21 August Denis RYAN May WALSH Little Paradise 29 September M.A. Clancy John R??alla? Maggie Murphy  
POWER Patrick 30 September Stephen POWER Kate CHIDLY? North East 30 September M.A. Clancy Thos. Power Lizzie OReilly Power  
CARROLL Catherine 1 October Valentine CARROLL Bridget OREILLY Placentia 1 October M.A. Clancy John Greene Lizzie OReilly  
MCLELLAN Ellen May 3 October Pat MCLELLAN Bridget ??? South East 1? October M.A. Clancy Edward? Kuffe Rose Miller  
DUNPHY Patrick Angelo? ? October John T. Dunphy Maria? WALSH North East ? October John OReilly DD Patrick Dunphy May Walsh  
FURLONG Sarah Bridget ? October Lawrence FURLONG Norah OD??? Placentia ? October John OReilly DD Thos. Grant Hanna Furlong  
DUNNE Walter ? October Mich'l DUNNE Mia? GREENE? Block House ?3 October John OReilly DD Martha Grace John Dunne Married at Grand Falls by Rev. W. F??m to Mary E. Keef of Bu??? ???
DONAHOE Bridget Mary 8th October John DONAHOE Mary BROTHERS P. Verde ? October John OReilly DD Charles Cosgrove Eliza Walsh  
MILLER James Mich'l ? October James MILLER Sarah KELLY South East ? October John OReilly DD Patrick Hendrick Mary Miller  
BARRON Anne ? October Frank BARRON Kate WALSH Placentia ?6 October John OReilly DD Thos. Kuffe May Grant Illegible Latin comment ending in date: "15/11/22"
NUGENT William Felix 29 October Mich'l NUGENT May Ellen OREILLY Placentia 31 October M.A.Clancy PP. Charles Boyle Bride OReilly Ilegible Latin comment ending in date: "...die 2nd Feb anno 1931"
CARROLL Elizabeth 14 November Michael CARROLL May MEAGHER North East 24? November M.A.Clancy PP. Pat Carroll Julia Carroll  
GRIFFIN Selina 29 November Thos. GRIFFIN Alice POWER North East 1 December M.A.Clancy PP. Denis Bruce May Joseph Power  
ROCHE James 30 November Charles ROCHE Bridget WALSH Placentia 1 December M.A.Clancy PP. Lawrence Roche Mary Roche  
BARRON Jane Anne 11 December Pat BARRON Cecily MCGRATH North East 14 December M.A.Clancy PP. John Canning May Canning  
WALSH Richard Joseph 14 December Peter WALSH Amelia WILLIAMS South East 17 December M.A.Clancy PP. Joseph Walsh Anne Walsh Illegible Latin comment
OREILLY James Neil 21 December Thos. OREILLY Ellen ONEIL Placentia 23 December M.A.Clancy PP. Peter OReilly Ellie OReilly  
CARROLL Isabella Mary 27 December Mich'l CARROLL Anne FITZPATRICK Placentia 29 December M.A.Clancy PP. Lawrence Carroll Ida Hendrick Illegible Latin comment
BRIEN Mary Joseph 15 December Lawrence BRIEN Sarah MCCARTHY Placentia 30 December M.A.Clancy PP. Thos. OReilly May Anne Croke Illegible Latin comment
*Lower left corner of church register torn off-Transcriber Henry 15 December James KUFFE Anastasia WALSH G. Barrisway 31 December S. ODriscoll Charles Cosgrove Mary Kuffe  

Transcribed by GORDON BENNETT (2010)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST (Don Tate)
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