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Old Perlican Methodist Marriages
Box 1 (1849 - 1859)

(Grates Cove Residents Only)

Feb 8, 1852 Simon Snelgrove Grates Cove
  Susan Martin Grates Cove
Oct 6, 1849 Solomon Martin Grates Cove
  Catherine Bursey Lower Island Cove
Oct 27, 1851 Stephen Drodge Grates Cove
  Mary Styles Grates Cove
Nov 23, 1856 Samuel Janes Grates Cove
  Eliza Martin Grates Cove
Nov 23, 1856 Matthias Martin Grates Cove
  Eliza Brewer Grates Cove
Oct 3, 1857 William Gooby Old Perlican
  Amelia King Lower Island Cove
Dec 21, 1857 William Lambert Grates Cove
  Sarah Drodge Grates Cove
Sept 22, 1858 Edward King Broad Cove
  Mahala Garland Lower Island Cove
Sept 25, 1858 Jacob Benson Grates Cove
  Sarah Martin Grates Cove
Sept 27, 1858 Samuel Tizzle Broad Cove
  Elizabeth Martin Grates Cove
Oct 29, 1858 John Burridge Grates Cove
  Bridget Barret Old Perlican
Nov 26, 1858 Josiah Avery Grates Cove
  Fanny Meadows Grates Cove
Nov 27, 1858 Nehemiah Frost Grates Cove
  Jane Martin Grates Cove
Dec 1858 William Jacobs Bay de Verde
  Elizabeth Geary Grates Cove
Dec 13, 1858 Adam Avery Grates Cove
  Catherine Snelgrove Grates Cove
Dec 13, 1858 James Avery Grates Cove
  Ann Stoyle Grates Cove
Dec 9, 1858 George Garland Lower Island Cove
  Mary Cooper Grates Cove
April 20, 1859 George Sandsford Grates Cove
  Louisa Benson Grates Cove
Sept 22, 1859 Henry Avery Grates Cove
  Elizabeth Churchill Grates Cove
Nov 24, 1859 Reuben Martin Grates Cove
  Eliza Ann Martin Grates Cove

Transcribed by Susan Snelgrove, August 12, 2002

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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