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with Newfoundland Roots
St. Joseph's RC Church
North Sydney, Nova Scotia
1856 - 1900


9 July 1856 Capt. Dennis Egan Edward Egan, Ann Wiseman Trinity Harbour, Newfoundland Martin Foran, Rachel Hickey
Mary Foran Capt. Thomas Foran, Anastasia Fitzgerald Newfoundland
5 October 1856 William Power Michael Power, Alice Makassy St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Larkin, Margaret Hickey
Bridget Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald, Catherine Quirk Newfoundland
20 June 1857 Capt. Lambert Bryant Lambert Bryant, Mary Houlihan Ferryland, Newfoundland William Stanton, Mary McKenna
Margaret Mylone Andrew Mylone, Mary Anne Brogan Sydney, NS
7 March 1859 William Oram Joseph Oram, Mary Mote Nova Scotia Cornelius Hickey, Mary Oram
Johanna Hennessey John Hennessey, Ann Ronan St. John's, Newfoundland
26 November 1859 Henry Sims Henry Sims, Mary Smith St. John's, Newfoundland William Mulcahy, Mary Sloman
Pheobe McIntyre Philip McIntyre, Margaret McIsaac Cape Breton
5 October 1860 Patrick Burke, mariner Jeremiah Burke, Mary Finn St. John's, Newfoundland Patrick Connors, James Cox, Elizabeth Whelan
Ellen Cox James Cox, Elizabeth Mullins North Sydney, NS
11 November 1863 William Stansbury George Stansbury, Emma Waddleton St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Ryan, Eliza Stansbury
Harriet Ryan Michael Ryan, Mary Ann Carey Bras d'Or, NS
22 June 1868 Bethel Keenan Dennis Keenan, Antiltha Welan South Sydney, NS Thomas Desmond, Martha Clarke
Rebecca Clarke William Clarke, Ann ------ Newfoundland
13 January 1869 Angus McIntyre, widower Angus McIntyre, Jessie ----- Scotland Allan MacDonald, Mary McIntyre
Alice Walsh Patrick Walsh, Catherine Ryan Newfoundland
21 November 1869 Capt. Richard Tobin Richard Tobin, Mary Hogan Northern Bay, Newfoundland Richard Dooley, Mary Callaghan
Honora Dooley William Dooley, Ellen Ormond North Sydney, NS
22 November 1869 Maurice Landry Joseph Landry, Harriet Foret Arichat, NS Capt. Benjamin Furry, Mary Joseph O'Neil
Margaret O’Neil David O'Neil, Margaret Brennan St. John's, Newfoundland
20 October 1872 James Denman Francis Denman, Joanna Hennessey Newfoundland Dennis Burke, Bridget Foran
Martha Clarke William Clarke, Ann Buckly Newfoundland
16 November 1872 Patrick Hagarty John Hagarty, Mary Fitzpatrick Newfoundland Edward Hagarty, Sarah Langrud
Mary Milly John Milly, Frances Crawley Newfoundland
3 December 1872 John Reardon, mariner John Reardon, Mary Kelly Newfoundland Michael Kelly, Catherine Hood
Anastasia Walsh Lawrence Walsh, Mary Power  
18 July 1873 George Stack Maurice Stack, Catherine Dunn Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland Charles Johnston, Mary Ann Hamilton
Mary Foley Michael Foley, Margaret Power Newfoundland
7 January 1874 Patrick O'Toole Timothy O'Toole, Margaret Duggan Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Henry Dunlap, Hanora Sullivan
Mary Whelan Martin Whelan, Margaret Henessey Sydney Mines, NS
6 September 1874 John Sullivan Thomas Sullivan, Sarah Delany Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Patrick O'Toole, Edward Young, Sarah Young
Honora Galway John Galway, Margaret Byrne Harbour Grace, Newfoundland
19 September 1874 James Collins Jams Collins, Mary ------- Glace Bay, NS William Hickey, Esther Collins
Mary Ann Hamilton James Hamilton, Ellen McHenry Newfoundland
7 December 1874 Capt. William Walsh Richard Walsh, Catherine O'Neil Brigus, Newfoundland Henry Toomey, Catherine Dunn
Marian Elizabeth Dunn Kenneth Dunn, Mary  McAskel North Sydney
19 July 1885 John Laurie Late James Laurie, Mary Gannon North Sydney, NS Lauchlin Livingston, Mary Jane Moore
Mary Murphy Late David Murphy, Johanna Dawley Newfoundland
10 October 1886 Allan McDonald Late Allan McDonald, Martina McDonald Boisdale, NS Minnie Tobin
Frances Jane Young George Harvey, Frances Anderson West Point, Newfoundland
3 June 1888 George Shinners widower of Mary Bolyn Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Mrs. Annie Adams, Michael Driscoll
Elizabeth Adams widow of Thomas Adams Newfoundland
19 May 1889 Edward Ryan Thomas Ryan, Margaret Heffernan St. John's, Newfoundland William Ryan, Elizabeth McNeil
Mary Morrison John Morrison, Elizabeth Gillis Frenchvale, NS
11 April 1899 John Hector McDougall Alexander McDougall, Mary McKenzie North Sydney, NS Edward A. McDonald, Janie McDougall
Annie Jennings Daniel Jennings, Annie Downey St. John's, Newfoundland
6 November 1899 Capt. Joseph Nathaniel Pettipas Nathaniel Pettipas, Sarah Wheeler Bay of Islands, Newfoundland Martin Shean Jr., Mary Shean
Grace Carter Thomas Carter, Caroline Siteman Bay of Islands, Newfoundland
29 July 1900 Richard de Bourke Richard de Bourke, Ellen ------ St. John's, Newfoundland George Clarke, Cecilia Murphy
Katherine Nugent William Nugent, Johanna -------- Logy Bay, Newfoundland
14 August 1900 Thomas Brown Charles Brown, Mary Fitzgerald Newmans Cove, Newfoundland Joseph MacIsaac, Annabella  Brown
Elizabeth Simms David Simms, Eliza Evans Ramea, Newfoundland
1 September 1900 Andrew Clew Andrew Clew, Caroline Peters La Poile, Newfoundland John Fraser, Jennie Younng
Minnie Francis Charles Francis, Barbara Kippens La Poile, Newfoundland
16 October 1900 William James Bonnar Marion Bonnar North Sydney, NS Richard Bonner, Jennie Cameron
Sarah Hurd John Hurd, Emma ----- St. John's, Newfoundland
26 November 1900 David Boutilier James Boutilier, Mary Anne Petrie Glace Bay, NS Daniel MacGillivray, May Steele
Maud Steele Angus Steele, Margaret Travers St. John's, Newfoundland


Transcribed by Edward-Vincent Chafe (April 2015) and Contributed (2016)


Page Last Modified: (Craig Peterman) February 01, 2016
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