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Montreal Marriages
with Newfoundland Roots

St. Patrick's RC Church
Montreal, Quebec
1865 - 1899

Aug. 8, 1865 M119 James Francis Cullen, merchant, son of age dec. James Cullen and Mary Maurisson (?) Galbraith Ward Groom's mother of Newfoundland, St. Johns' Parish
Bride parents form from St. Patrick's, Montreal
Sarah Ward Galbraith Ward, plasterer, and of Mary Conroy
Sep. 22, 1874 M59 Thomas Cullen, laborer   John Maddocks and a church official Groom of St. Patrick's, and wid. of Susanna Shepherd of Newfoundland.
Bride from St. Patrick's. Bride's moter from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland
Isabella Fitzgerald Edmund Fitzgerald, fisherman, and Jane Richard
June 14, 1875 M44 James White, sawyer, wid. of Honora Hennessy   James Nolan  
Catherine Walsh, daughter of age dec. Michael Walsh, fisherman and of Mary Ann ----?
Jan. 25, 1876 M7 Thomas Conway,
wid. of Mary Carroll
  Pierre Belanger and Henry O'Brien Brides parents are from NFLD
Ann Shea Joseph Shea (dec) and Elizabeth Booth, (dec.)
May 1, 1876 M27 Kieran Darcy Michael Darcy (dec) and Ellen Murphy Pierre Belanger and Elizabeth Kelly Grooms and bride parents are from NFLD
Ellen Murphy William Murphy (fisherman) and Ellen Burns (dec.)
May 9, 1876 M30 Denis Kelly Denis Kelly (dec) and Ann Devereaux (dec) Pierre Belanger and Michael Halpin and Julia Finnelly Groom's parents are from NFLD
Elizabeth Bresnahan Patrick Bresnahan and Catherine Bradden
Aug. 17, 1876 M64 William Clark Richard Clark and Ann Fitzgerald Pierre Belanger and Elizabeth McKay Bride's parents are from NFLD
Anastasia Newport James Newport and Anastasia Butler
June 1, 1880 M31 Nicholas Barry Garnet Barry and Mary Furlong Catherine Colford, sister of the bride and John Dowd. Both groom and bride's parents are from NFLD
Bridget Colford George Colford and Ellen Lee
Sept. 28, 1880 M55 John Lyons John Lyons and Louisa Master Michael Frawley and Ann Hennford, Bridget Quirk Both the bride's and groom's parents are from NFLD
Catherine Cummings James Cummings and Ellen Butler
July 19, 1881 M30 Silvester Hogan Patrick Hogan and Ann Bold Michael Ryan and Margaret Rantais Groom and bride's parents are from NFLD
Ann Henneford Stephen Henneford and Mary Backwoods
Aug. 9, 1881 M38 Nicholas Charles Wadden Nicholas Wadden and Bridget Hennessey Michael Denehy and Mary Louisa Keating Groom's parents are from NFLD
Rebecca Boughmaster ---- and Mary Wally
April 30, 1883   Joseph Aloysuis Burke (waiter
of St. Patrick's)
dec. James Burke and of Winnifred Smith, dec. of Dublin Ireland Peter J. Kennedy and Mary Jane Cleary Groom's father from St. Patrick's, mother from Dublin, Ireland.
Bride's parents are from NFLD.
Mary Joseph Ryan dec. John Ryan and of dec. Margaret Spencer
Nov. 11, 1884 M63 Edward Hayden Michael Hayden and Johanna McGrath Thomas Grant and Margaret Dowd Groom's parents are from St. John's NFLD and the brides parents are from Liverpool, England
Francis Hall John Hall and Alice Johnston
July 22, 1885 M37 Denis O'Brien John O'Brien and Catherine Bailey Charles Dugal and Ellen Barcley Groom's parents are from NFLD
Mary Josephine Weatherington Thomas Weatherington and Catherine Duggan
Apr. 17, 1888 M19 Charles Derynch Henri Joseph Derynch and Maria Teresa Huyghe Edward Guivion? and Ann Hewett Bride's parents from NFLD and groom's parent's are from Ichtegham, Belgium
Ann Josephine Patton Samuel Patten and Emma Bishop
April 24, 1888 M20 William O'Connor,
wid. of Catherine Hamilton of NFLD
  David Delahunty and Margaret Walsh Bride's parents are from NFLD
Hannah Walsh James Walsh and Catherine Healy
July 2, 1888 M44 Michael O'Keefe Patrick O'Keefe and Catherine Scott Angus McGillivray and Mary McGillivray Groom's parents are from NFLD and bride's parents are St. Polycarp, Que.
Sarah McGillivray Donald McGillivray and Catherine McDougall
Feb. 4, 1889 M7 John Scanlon Daniel Scanlon and Catherine Gibbons Robert Morrisey, brother of the bride and Ann Hunt Groom's parents are from St. John's NFLD
Bridget Morrisey John Morrisey and Johanna Maddix
May 13, 1889 M18 James Mullally Patrick Mullally and Johanna Shea James Flaherty and Mary Larkin, sister to the bride Both groom's and bride's parents are from NFLD
Ann Larkin James Larkin and Anastasia Walsh
June 24, 1890 M51 Bernard Doherty Thomas Doherty and Ellen Guerin Margaret Phelan - sister of the bride and Michael Carbery Bride's parent are from Cape Royal, NFLD. Groom's parents are from Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Johanna Phelan James Phelan and Ann Duffy
Aug. 4, 1890 M61 William Healy Philip Healy and Bridget Power James Dunberry Groom's parents are from NFLD
Mary Butler Martin Butler and Mary Stafford
Nov. 4, 1890 M89 Richard Hogan Patrick Hogan and Ann Bolt John Hogan and Clarina Giroux Bride's parents are from NFLD
Sarah Morrissey James Morrissey and Margaret Delaney
Nov. 17, 1890 M93 Michael Kiely Phillip Kiley and Catherine Kelly James Predham and Catherine Lawton Both the groom's and bride's parents are from NFLD
Sara Bidgood John Bidgood and Mary Doyle
May 4, 1891 M26 John Woods John Woods and Sarah Chariot Charles Sullivan and Mrs. Charles Sullivan Bride's parents are from NFLD and groom's parents are from Perth, Ont.
Mary Ryan William Ryan and Mary Power
May 18, 1891 M29 James Grace Patrick Grace and Bridget Murray Peter Aspel and Bridget Aspel Groom's parents are from NFLD
Mary Meaney William Meany and Alice Power
Feb. 18, 1892 M17 Alexander McLellan John McLennan and Mary Chisholm Catherine Cormack, mother of the bride and John Alexander Chisholm and cousin to the groom Bride is from St. John's NFLD
Mary Jane Cormack Richard Cormack and Catherine O'Donnell
April 4, 1892 M20 Joseph Owen Charles Oven and Agnes Sergeant Janet Murray, widow McGuire - mother of the bride, Stephen Young Groom is from NFLD - Fogo, near St. John's
Susan McGuire
(wid. of Patrick Higgins)
------ and Janet McGuire
Oct. 17, 1892 M93 John Cedras John Cedras and Adeline Petitclaire John Rennie and John Cedras, father of the groom Bride's parents are from Harbour Grace NFLD
Mary Clark John Clark and Matilda Golder
Nov. 8, 1892 M100 Henry Lalonde Francis Lalonde and Ellen Aitken Joseph Julian and Mary Hannaford Bride's parent are from Petit Harbour, NFLD
Elizabeth Heffernan Michael Hefferan and Emma Clarke
June 29, 1893 M55 Joseph Emile Couillard, ship master in the archidiocese of Quebec Philippe Coullard and of dec. Marie Hermine Costin John Maher and church official Bride a native of [looks like] Petit Harbour, Newfoundland
Agnes Hannaford, domicled in St. Patrick's, Montreal dec. Samuel Hannaford, merchant and Mary Walsh
Oct. 28, 1895 M85 Robert O'Brien Henry O'Brien (dec) and Elizabeth O'Brien (dec) John McGrath and Amelia Condon, cousin to the bride Bride is from NFLD and is the minor daughter
Rose Condon Kyran Condon (dec.) and Ellen Downey
Jan 31, 1898 M8 Ovila Mondoux Calixte Mondouc and Angelina Cataford Flora Gevin, house maid. Oscar Mondoux - brother of the groom Parents of the bride is from St. Johns NFLD
Mary Redmond Patrick Redmond and Mary Eagan (dec)
Nov. 21, 1899 M105 Robert Edward Smith Robert Smith and Ellen Boland Edward Francis Smith, brother of the groom. Margaret Ellen Hall, she is from Grenville Parents of the groom are from St. John's NFLD
Lina Deslauriers Isidore Deslauriers and Mary Maguire

Contributed and Transcribed by Sheila Hennessy-Brandl (September 2004/October 2005)

Page Last Modified Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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