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Roots in Newfoundland

St. Patrick's

Nova Scotia

RC Marriages
1895 - 1900
7 January 1895 M1 Harry Andrews David Andrews, Jane Ferriday England G.F. Forbes, Harry Roach
    Annie Power James Power, Margaret Carew Newfoundland  
6 June 1895 M20 Fenton Mullins John Mullins, Ellen Mahon Halifax, NS John E. Whalen, Carrie Mapleback
    Martha Bennett John Bennett, Mary Ford Newfoundland  
7 January 1896 M1 James Downey James Downey, Mary A. Cole St. John's, Newfoundland Frank Downey, Sarah Graves
    Hannah Cunningham William Cunningham, Ellen Mullaly St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 January 1896 M2 John Kennedy Thomas Kennedy, Sarah Kennealy Carbonear, Newfoundland George Butt, Julia Butt
    Bridget Boyce William Boyce, Margaret Sullivan Western Bay, Newfoundland  
10 February 1896 M7 Lot Sparkes Abraham Sparkes, Mary Warren Somerset, England James Galvin, Mary O'Neill
    Mary Louise Culleton James Culleton, Bridget Quirt St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 February 1896 M8 John Murphy Michael & Mary Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland James McDonald
    Mary McDonald John & Mary Stone St. Peter's, Cape Breton  
15 April 1896 M12 George Cole John Cole, Sarah Donnelly Conception Harbour, Newfoundland Bernard Mosdell, Mrs. P. O'Dell
    Ellen Curren Patrick Curren, Catherine Larissey Conception Harbour, Newfoundland  
22 April 1896 M13 James English Patrick English, Margaret Toomey St. John's, Newfoundland William Feckland, Ann Delaney
    Charlotte Ezekiel Samuel Ezekiel, Alice Myers St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 June 1896 M19 John Hines William Hines, Hannah Webber St. John's, Newfoundland James Bennett, Margaret Gray
    Margaret Fitzgerald Stephen Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Neal St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 June 1896 M20 James Walker Robert Walker, Margaret Stewart Londonderry, Ireland Michael Glassey, Alice McPherson
    Mary Elizabeth Carew Thomas Carew, Mary Smith Witless Bay, Newfoundland  
22 June 1896 M22 Arthur O'Brien John O'Brien, M. Frances Kemble Halifax, NS John O'Brien, Kitty Rawley
    Mary Griffin Patrick Griffin, Margaret Brown Newfoundland  
5 July 1896 M24 James Lander James Landers, Catherine Leahy Cork, Ireland Charles Widery, Minnie Swords
    Bridget Carew Martin Carew, Ellen English Witless Bay, Newfoundland  
18 August 1896 M31 George Power William Power, Catherine Cahill St. John's, Newfoundland James Cullen, Mary Ellen Whelan
    Mary McCrady John McCrady, Mary McNeil Sydney, Cape Breton  
26 August 1896 M32 Michael Burke, soldier John Burke, Catherine Calner London, England Charles Ellis, Alice McLaughlin
    Mary Bailey Edward Bailey, Margaret Norris Newfoundland  
3 September 1896 M35 Robert Patrick Byrne James Byrne, Julia Murphy Dublin, Ireland John Mulrooney, Lizzie Madden
    Mary Corcorn Timothy Corcorn, Sarah McCudden St. John's, Newfoundland  
28 September 1896 M38 Luke Harris Giles Harris, Rosanna McDonald England John Howard, Elizabeth Harris
    Anne Melvin Henry Melvin, Mary Ann Parsons Newfoundland  
14 October 1896 M42 Frederick Parsons William Parsons, Catherine Cunnigham Halifax, NS N. Killeen, Lizzie Parsons
    Annie Nearn James Nearn, Bridget Whelan Newfoundland  
3 November 1896 M45 James Snow John Snow, Sabine Bulais Canso, NS Michael Conway, Charlotte Somers
    Catherine Somers John Somers, Mary Comfort St. John's, Newfoundland  
1 March 1897 M6 Herbert McKinnon Archie McKinnon, Sarah McCart Moncton, NB Richard Dunne, Lottie Hurley
    Maggie Hurley Frank Hurley, Alice Bolond Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
27 April 1897 M8 Thomas Duggan William Duggan, Bridget Tobin St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland Peter Doyle, Cecilia Hicks
    Bridget Hicks William Hicks, Catherine Butler Holyrood, Newfoundland  
2 August 1897 M18 James Kerwick John Kerwick, Hannah Julian Halifax, NS John Stonely, Katie Murphy
    Mary Frances Bowe James Bowe, Mary Parnell St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 May 1897 M11 William Richards Isaac Richards, Mary Bussey St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas O'Leary, Jessie McLellan
    Ellen O'Leary John O'Leary, Johanna Fitzgerald Halifax, NS  
2 June 1897 M13 Harry Chamberlain Frederick Chamberlain, Mary Leason England Peter Neary, Eliza Maher
    Frances Mary Morrisey William Morrisey, Mary Cody Newfoundland  
6 September 1897 M24 Thomas Hunt James Hunt, Mary Duggan Harbour Grace, Newfoundland John Hearn, Katie Ryan
    Mary Sweeney Thomas Sweeney, Catherine Butler Carbonear, Newfoundland  
8 September 1897 M27 George Garter Charles Garter, Hannah Gillingham Dorset, England E.A. Mead, Mrs. E.A. Mead
    Frances Moore William Moore, Martha Furey Harbour Main, Newfoundland  
25 April 1898 M13 John Walsh Lawrence Walsh, Bridget Haley Petty Harbour, Newfoundland Frank Bennett, Teresa Kirwin
    Margaret Bennett James Bennett, Susan Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland  
28 June 1898 M21 John Murphy Francis Murphy, Julia Pettipas Chezzetcook, NS Frank Romo, M. McDonald
    Johanna Bowler James Bowler, Mary Moriarty St. John's, Newfoundland  
5 July 1898 M22 George J. Knight John Knight, Eliza Commerford St. John's, Newfoundland William Gladney, Henrietta Gladney
    Sarah C. Moloney William Moloney, Catherine Amey St. John's, Newfoundland  
9 August 1898 M25 Thomas Kiley John Kiley, Mary Gallivan St. Mary's, Newfoundland Michael Pope, Mary Knight
    Mary Baker Isaac Baker, Eliza Baker Halifax, NS  
21 September 1898 M30 William McCarthy George McCarthy, Anne Rogers Newfoundland Bert Earle, Theresa McCarthy
    Agnes Earle John Earle, Elizabeth Culton Halifax, NS  
5 October 1898 M31 Hugh Flaherty Robert Flaherty, Alice Milk Halifax, NS William Sullivan, Mary Ellen Tynan
    Anne Dreelan Michael Dreelan, Elizabeth Palfrey Newfoundland  
19 October 1898 M23 Patrick Tobin Peter Tobin, Margaret Burke Newfoundland James E. Power, Sadie Ryan
    Mary Ryan Lawrence Ryan, Sarah Holloway Newfoundland  
3 October 1898 M36 Martin Cleary John Cleary, Mary Malkin Harbour Grace, Newfoundland John O'Hearn, Catherine O'Hearn
    Alice Sullivan Jeremiah Sullivan, Johanna Kelly Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
13 November 1898 M40 Thomas Doyle James Doyle, Margaret Dompierre ĂŽles-de-la-Madeleine F. Bowser, Margaret White
    Elizabeth Thompson John Thompson, Mary Ann Parsons Newfoundland  
21 November 1898 M42 Patrick Fuer Walter Fuer, Sarah Walsh Conception Bay, Newfoundland Timothy Brine, Minnie Martell
    Margaret Hearn Patrick Hearn, Rose Mulcahy Conception Bay, Newfoundland  
24 November 1898 M45 John Downey James Downey, Mary Ann Cole St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Browne, Lizzie Downey
    Isabella Smith Henry Smith, Emily Oreach Halifax, NS  
17 January 1899 M3 Edward Power James Power, Mary Richard Halifax, NS John Moran, Mary Slaney
    Mary Ann Power Patrick Power, Catherine Power Newfoundland  
18 January 1899 M4 Peter Flinn Patrick Flinn, Sarah Channon Halifax, NS Charles Kelly, Martha Monek
    Catherine Walsh Maurice Walsh, Bridget Mahon Newfoundland  
12 February 1899 M5 Daniel Downey Michael Downey, Johanna Butler St. John's, Newfoundland F. Shanna, Mary Tobin
    Bridget Hartling Gideon Hartling, Ann Diggins Quoddy, NS  
7 February 1899 M6 William O'Dell William O'Dell, Alice McDonald Labrador R. Oliver, Mary Rowe
    Mary Burke Thomas Burke, Rachel Shaw Mainadieu, Cape Breton  
8 May 1899 M12 George O'Donnell Thomas O'Donnell, Jane Shaw St. John's, Newfoundland Edward O'Brien, Mary Rian
    Mary Bona John Bona, Madeline Busche River Bourgeois, NS  
8 August 1899 M22 James O'Halloran James O'Halloran, Margaret McGinty St. John's, Newfoundland John Barry, Mary Gillis
    Mary McLean James McLean, Sarah Prague Grand River, Newfoundland  
6 November 1899 M37 Joseph Penny Isaac Penny, Annie Drake St. Jacques, Newfoundland Owen Penny, Minnie Penny
    Lucy Penny John Penny, Mary McDonald Great Jarvis, Newfoundland  
26-Feb-00 M4 Robert Taylor Robert Taylor, Ann Sullivan St. John's, Newfoundland William O'Brien, Lily Fitzpatrick
    Catherine Bradbury William Bradbury, Margaret McGrath Halifax, NS  
27-Feb-00 M5 John A. Willett Lawrence Willett, Eliza Martell Louisburg, Cape Breton M. O'Dell, Catherine McDonald
    Maggie McDonald Stephen McDonald, Sarah Mason Labrador  
26-Apr-00 M10 William F. O'Connor Martin O'Connor, Ann Redmond Halifax, NS William Fultz, Emily Veale
    Ellen Veale Michael Veale, Emily Armstrong St. John's, Newfoundland  
2-Oct-00 M19 Peter J. Hartry John Hartry, Mary Keefe Newfoundland Michael Hartry, Jane Doneaphy
    Catherine Doneaphy John Doneaphy, Margaret McIntyre Boston  

Contributed and Transcribed by Ed Chafe (2014)

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