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Roots in Newfoundland

St. Patrick's

Nova Scotia

RC Marriages
1888 - 1894
Marital Status
S - Spinster
B - Bachelor
W - Widow or Widower
11 January 1888 M12 James Babstock James Babstock, Mary Doyle Carbonear, Newfoundland Edward Walsh, Margaret Dalton
(registered 1894)   Ellen Dalton James Dalton, Margaret Lee Carbonear, Newfoundland  
16 January 1888 M15 John Howlett Martin Howlett, Catherine Lonagan Newfoundland Allen Harkness, Dorothy Breen
(registered 1894)   Mary Fortune Lawrence Fortune, Margaret Driscoll Newfoundland  
4 June 1888 M26 John Barry Patrick Barry, E. Short Newfoundland Charles McGuire, Jane Henson
    Mary Devereaux James Devereaux, E. Dunn Newfoundland  
17 September 1888 M33 Peter Nagle, widower John Nagle, Bridget McGrath St. John's, Newfoundland George Cody, Katie Cody
    Ellen Keefe, widow Thomas Cody, Ann Shelly St. John's, Newfoundland  
19 December 1888 M44 William Cody Garrett Cody, Mary Breen Newfoundland Michael Cody, Bridget Butler
    Teresa Delaney Michael Delaney, Mary Burns Newfoundland  
28 November 1888 M49 Charles McCarthy George McCarthy, Ellen Colbert Newfoundland Richard McDonald, Ellen Grace
    Catherine Coombs Thomas Coombs, Bridget Edward Halifax, NS  
12 May 1889 M12 Stephen Campbell Andrew Campbell, Elizabeth McKenzie Cape Breton Paul Hall, Elizabeth Hall
    Sarah Ann Clayton George Chaytor, Jane Westcott St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 July 1889 M15 Joseph Dunn Michael Dunn, Louisa Devan Newfoundland Nicholas Dalton, Anne Hamilton
    Ellen Doyle Patrick Doyle, Mary Lee Newfoundland  
16 July 1889 M16 Becharn Strange Patrick Strange, Bridget Brady Newfoundland John Kline, Bridget Molloy
    Kate Molloy John Molloy, Mary Buckler Newfoundland  
13 August 1889 M20 Matthew Dalton Thomas Dalton, Margaret Cormick St. John's, Newfoundland Nicholas Healey, Mary McIntyre
    Margaret Hensey William Hensey, Alice Gedril St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 October 1889 M34 James Cluney John Cluney, Johanna Quigley Newfoundland John Farrel, Mary Dunphy
    Bridget Farrel John Farrel, Hannah Farrel Newfoundland  
12 November 1889 M37 Edward Butt James Butt, Anastasia Mullins Newfoundland Charles Garcy, Margaret Dalton
    Mary Murray Patrick Murray, Grace Hriden Newfoundland  
30 November 1889 M45 Edward Ryan Edward Ryan, Catherine Dalton Newfoundland John Condon, Mrs. John Clues
    Bridget Constantine John Constantine, Frances Sullivan Newfoundland  
7 January 1890 M2 Thomas Fitzgerald Thomas Fitzgerald, Catherine Murphy Newfoundland William Ryan, Letita Thompson
    Elizabeth McCarthy Martin McCarthy, Catherine Meaney Newfoundland  
8 January 1890 M4 Maurice Kelly Timothy Kelly, Mary Walsh Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Andrew Hartrey, Katie McLaughlin
    Alice Ford Edward Ford, Catherine Tomby Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
18 February 1890 M9 John Patfield Thomas Patfield, Mary Davidson Newfoundland Maurice Shea, Johanna Bassett
    Ellen Hayden Patrick Hayden, Sarah Murphy Dublin, Ireland  
21 April 1890 M13 Thomas Walsh John Walsh, Elizabeth Sweeney Newfoundland John Sweeney, Mary Butt
    Bridget Butler Michael Butler, Bridget Ellis Newfoundland  
27 April 1890 M15 Patrick Merrigan Patrick Merrigan, Jane Lee Newfoundland Charles Gray, Mary Nearing
    Mary Jane Ryan William Ryan, Mary Furlong Newfoundland  
20 May 1890 M18 William Doyle William Doyle, Alice Devereaux Newfoundland James Doyle, Margaret Doyle
    Mary Bennet James Bennet, Susan Walsh Newfoundland  
15 October 1890 M34 James Parrell Patrick Parrell, Mary Reddy Newfoundland William Walsh, Mary McIntyre
    Margaret Hennessey Thomas Hennessey, Catherine McCall Newfoundland  
22 October 1890 M35 James Elliott James Elliott, Catherine Norris Newfoundland Charles Crook, Florence McDonald
    Mary Walsh Michael Walsh, Ellen Grace Newfoundland  
3 February 1891 M4 Thomas Geary Thomas Geary, Elizabeth Farrell Carbonear, Newfoundland Philip Gellot, Bridget Geary
    Maggie McCarthy John McCarthy, Margaret Hanrahan Carbonear, Newfoundland  
1 February 1891 M7 William Grant, widower William Grant, E. Mullin St. John's, Newfoundland William Grant, Catherine Grant
    Elizabeth Keogh Peter Keogh, B. Curran St. John's, Newfoundland  
9 April 1891 M11 Thomas Collins Andrew Collins, Ann Hartrey Carbonear, Newfoundland John Carroll, Mary McSweeney
    Mary Carroll Henry Carroll, Ellen Dwyer Carbonear, Newfoundland  
8 May 1891 M14 Peter Herman Anderson Charles Anderson, Linde Nelson Denmark Gustave Pederson, Elizabeth Anderson
    Mary Young Alexander Young, Annie Perrier Bay St. George, Newfoundland  
19 October 1891 M33 Peter O'Toole John O'Toole, Bridget Ryan Newfoundland James Cersonick, Hannah Maloney
    Maggie Dalton James Dalton, Margaret Lee Newfoundland  
17 November 1891 M35 Michael Grace Philip Grace, Bridget Walsh Newfoundland James McLaughlin, Bridget Thompson
    Annie Crotty William Crotty, Joanna Ryan Newfoundland  
18 April 1892 M12 James McCormack Patrick McCormack, Rebecca Jarvis St. John's, Newfoundland William Dalton, Bridget Rose
    Elizabeth Ryan Martin Ryan, Agnes Brown St. John's, Newfoundland  
2 April 1892 M13 John Maddox Michael Maddox, Sarah Burke Cape Breton John E. Pushing, Maggie Porier
    Margaret Harvey Patrick Harvey, Elizabeth Churchill Newfoundland  
4 July 1892 M29 Simon Braker William Braker, Mary Vardy Newfoundland John Butt, Johanna Meaney
    Mary Meaney Michael Meaney, Honor Bolan Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
13 July 1892 M33 Robert Young Charles Young, Isabella Clergy Popeswich Thomas Young, Lillian McCarthy
    Nellie McCarthy George McCarthy, Annie Rogers St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 July 1892 M28 John F. O'Hearn Michael O'Hearn, Joanna McGrath Newfoundland Walter Leydon, Delia Robinson
    Alice Kelly Edward Kelly, Cecilia Hines Newfoundland  
8 August 1892 M39 Patrick Rice James Rice, Eliza Whelan Cape Broyle, Newfoundland John Williams, Margaret Emberley
    Emily Cove Thomas Cove, Alice King Petty Harbour, Newfoundland  
25 January 1893 M4 William Dady, widower Michael & Mahala Dady Halifax, NS Richard McDonald, Bridget Healey
    Ann F. Healy James Healy Newfoundland  
28 November 1892 M60 John White Lawrence White, Emily Warren St. John's, Newfoundland William Lapoint, Mary Galliskson
    Annie Hennebury Thomas Hennebury, Anne Foley St. John's, Newfoundland  
15 July 1893 M31 John Crickard Thomas Crickard, Eliza Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland James Downie, Bridget Rowbolt
    Agnes Cavanagh Thomas Cavanagh, Bridget Harvey St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 November 1893 M41 John Carey George Carey, Elizabeth Maddigan St. John's, Newfoundland John Travers, Mary Travers
    Mary Jane Kennedy Ambrose Kennedy, Charlotte Stapleton Carbonear, Newfoundland  
6 February 1894 M2 Patrick Doyle Peter Doyle, Margaret Kennedy Newfoundland James Laydon, Mary Jane Kennedy
    Margaret Miller John Miller, Louisa Angel Petty Harbour, Newfoundland  
19 February 1894 M4 John Baker George Baker, Mary Dorsey Newfoundland James Leonard, Margaret Hiltz
    Blanche Maplebeck John Maplebeck, Martha Hume Halifax, NS  
3 April 1894 M6 James Bennett James Bennett, Susan Walsh Holyrood, Newfoundland John Joseph Walsh, Maggie Bennett
    Katie Hicks Thomas Hicks, Kate Butler Holyrood, Newfoundland  
20 May 1894 M9 John Nash Michael Nash, Mary McGrath Halifax, NS John Nash, Margaret Nash
    Frances Duff Mathew Duff, Mary McKay St. John's, Newfoundland  
28 June 1894 M17 Thomas Umlah William Umlah, Jannie Stone Halifax, NS Thomas Davis, Kate Johnson
    Margaret Snow Edward Snow, Eliza Dormody St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 August 1894 M21 Edward Shapter John Shapter, Mary Kehoe Halifax, NS Peter Somers, Margaret Somers
    Mary Walsh John Walsh, Cecilia Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 September 1894 M24 Dougal McLellan Angus McLellan, Maggie Gillis Bay St. George, Newfoundland Richard Conway, Sarah McLellan
    Johanna Meaney Michael Meaney, Nora Boland Bay of Islands, Newfoundland  

Contributed and Transcribed by Ed Chafe (2014)

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