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Roots in Newfoundland

Marriages 1830 - 1900
St. Mary's RC Basilica
Halifax, Nova Scotia
28 July 1830 M54 Henry Norris James Norris, Judith Timberlake Newfoundland Michael Ryan, Daniel Ryan, Ellen O'Brien
    Eliza Ryan Patrick Ryan, Charity Stanly Prospect, NS  
14 November 1830 M86 John Roche Richard Roche, Catherine Walsh Co. Kilkenny, Ireland Thomas Martin, James Mooney, William Skerry, Alice Wamnel
    Mary Viguers Thomas Viguers, Marianne Fitzpatrick Placentia, Newfoundland  
15 September 1831 M63 Peter Kelly James Kelly, Mary Welch Newfoundland James Fitzpatrick, Joseph Quinlan
    Mary O'Brien Timothy O'Brien, Juliana Brown Co. Cork, Ireland  
12 October 1831 M69 Michael Dormody Michael Dormody, Eleanor Fort Halifax, NS James Devine, Mary Mack, Elizabeth Cronan
    Honora Connelly James Connelly, Ann Phelan Newfoundland  
1 July 1832 M27 Michael Prendergast John Prendergast, Elizabeth O'Connor Co. Cork, Ireland William Walsh, Mary Ann Condon, Margaret Condon
    Joanna Ahearn John Ahearn, Mary Mahoney Newfoundland  
4 August 1832 M33 William Cahill William Cahill, Mary Collins Liverpool, NS Peter McCordall, Margaret Shea, William Collins
    Julia Jean Charles Charles Charles, Emelia Bonnett Belgre, Newfoundland  
9 October 1832 M52 James Walker Joseph Walker, Elizabeth Hague Yorkshire, England Richard Farrell, Elizabeth Casey, George Murphy
    Mary Farrell Michael Farrell, Mary Carey Newfoundland  
18 April 1833 M36 James Dowling Michael Dowling, Winifred Phelan Co. Carlow, Ireland William Dillon, Patrick Nolan, Anastasia Dillon
    Margaret McDonald John McDonald, Alice Corcoran Newfoundland  
10 June 1833 M56 Richard Byrnes Sandy Byrnes, Elizabeth Connors Co. Tipperary, Ireland Thomas Croke, Ann Glover, Richard Burn
    Mary Magher Patrick Magher, Ellen Collins Newfoundland  
10 February 1834 M15 Timothy Linihan Widower of Mary Banott Co. Kerry, Ireland John Walsh, Richard Jenkins, Joanna McKenna
    Catherine Walsh Michael Walsh, Alice Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland  
25 April 1834 M24 David Hennessy Patrick Hennessy, Mary Callaghan Co. Cork, Ireland John Shea, Mary Mulcahy, John Kihan
    Bridget Macky Widow of Richard Aspel Newfoundland  
10 July 1834 M54 John Dunn Michael Kelly, Ann Hammon Co. Kilkenny, Ireland Edward Lannegan, Catherine Walsh, James Hickey
    Martha Kelly James Kelly, Mary Walsh Newfoundland  
20 June 1836 M34 William Connors John Connors, Elinor Crolly Affanah, Co. Waterford, Ireland James Hellier, Catherine Walsh
    Elizabeth Lanigan Jos. Kelly, Mary Walsh Burin, Newfoundland  
27 October 1836 M50 Patrick Foley Thomas Foley, Ann Smith Co. Wexford, Ireland Patrick Foley, Ann Monk
    Harriet Hutton Robert Hutton, Bridget McGrath St. John's, Newfoundland  
9 November 1836 M51 William O'Farrell John O'Farrell, Judith Molony Cloyne, Co. Cork, Ireland Edward Archibald, John Kelly, Margaret Vincent
    Catherine Walsh John Walsh (deceased), Catherine Allen Newfoundland  
12 December 1837 M40 John Brophy Denis Brophy, Clara Brophy Newfoundland Charles Whitham, Mary Ann Slaunwhite, John Brophy
    Elizabeth Slaunwhite Martin Slaunwhite, Mary Ann Garnan St. Margaret's Bay, NS  
24 February 1840 M9 Charles Ballard George Ballard, Mary Flinn Newfoundland Thomas Murphy, Bridget Kelly
    Mary Ann Murphy John Murphy, Mary Murphy Ireland  
11 August 1840 M39 Thomas Moran Widower of Mary Mill Co. Queens, Ireland Edward Barnes, Mary Byrnes
    Ann Hamson Widow of Michael Hamson St. John's, Newfoundland  
25 November 1840 M58 Denis Bryan Widower of Isabella MacFee Bonavista, Newfoundland Joseph Bando, Catherine Guest
    Mary Bando Widow of Casimir Robichaud Chezzetcook, NS  
15 May 1841 M20 John Little Private in the 64th Regiment Co. Leitrim, Ireland George Walsh, Henry Little
    Ellen Walsh Widow of Bartholomew Flinn Newfoundland  
7 November 1841 M78 Francis LeCroix Peter LeCroix, Frances Botherell Jersey Michael Power, Mary Gallivan
    Mary Ann Redmond Martin Redmond, Catherine Quigley St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 December 1841 M87 William Foley   Co. Waterford, Ireland Owen Maloney, Mariann Foran
    Margaret McDonnell Stephen McDonnell, Alice Oats Newfoundland  
7 December 1841 M88 James Magher Timothy Magher, Joanna Campion Co. Tipperary, Ireland James O'Brien, Mary Power, Daniel Dunn
    Catherine Walsh Thomas Walsh, Mary Waters Newfoundland  
5 February 1842 M9 Cornelius Phelan James Phalen, Bridget Dreean Newfoundland William Mooney, Mary Newell
    Sarah Jane Lang Philip Lang, Mary Lang Liscomb, NS  
16 January 1842 M4 John Kelly Michael Kelly, Rebecca Sadler Halifax, NS John Hanon, Margaret Daly
    Ellen Casey Martin Casey, Bridget O'Brien Newfoundland  
6 February 1842 M10 Thomas Mihan David Mihan, Ellen Clary Newfoundland John McLean, Mary Mihan
    Susannah Brown Matthew Brown, Sarah Kehoe Halifax, NS  
16 April 1842 M22 Patrick Coffee James Coffey, Catherine Foley Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland John Lynch, Ann Mihan
    Mary Mihan David Mihan, Ellen Clary Newfoundland  
11 May 1842 M32 James Howard John Howard, Mary Nolan Halifax, NS Michael Shean, Martha McClaturly
    Mary Painter Thomas Painter, Sarah Waters Newfoundland  
23 May 1842 M39 Peter Duffy Owen Duffy, Margaret Mullins Co. Cavan, Ireland John McLean, Mary McLean, William Lacy
    Elizabeth Dunn John Dunn, Mary Duggan St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 February 1843 M13 Nicholas Morrissy Widower of Mary Magher Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland William Brien, Ellen Karney
    Elizabeth Hartery Widow of Michael Conners Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
19 February 1843 M18 William Dillon William Dillon, Ellen Doran Co. Tipperary, Ireland John Cahill, Mary Barry
    Mary McDonal Martin McDonal, Anne Byrne Newfoundland  
4 May 1843 M33 Thomas McDonnell Michael McDonnell, Mary Morrissy Cape Broyle, Newfoundland Patrick Lyons, Rose Fagan
    Ellen Lyons Widow of John Manning Halifax, NS  
24 July 1844 M28 James Affleck James Affleck, Margaret Smith Berwick, England John Pugh, Joanna Saunders
    Catherine Saunders James Saunders, Joanna Evoy Newfoundland  
19 May 1846 M37 John Cantwell   Newfoundland Edward Mitchell, Mary Vaughan
    Rachel Finlay   Liverpool, NS  
16 January 1847 M16 William Newman   Halifax, NS Alexander Boutin, Ellen Downey
    Margaret Downey Robert Downey, Ellen Sullivan St. John's, Newfoundland  
19 April 1847 M29 John Pugh   Ireland William Saunders, Joanna Saunders
    Alice Saunders James Saunders, Joanna Evoy Ferryland, Newfoundland  
2 October 1847 M82 Louis Anderson   Denmark Maurice Downey, Sara Carton
    Ellen Downey Robert Downey, Ellen Sullivan St. John's, Newfoundland  
13 August 1850 M55 William Devine   Newfoundland William Saunders, Sarah Saunders
    Joanna Saunders James Saunders, Joanna Evoy Newfoundland  
31 December 1850 M70 Nicholas Lawrence   Germany William Saunders, Bridget Fahey
    Sarah Saunders James Saunders, Joanna Evoy Newfoundland  
26 April 1852 M78 James Murphy   Newfoundland Charles Maurice, Catherine Murphy
    Catherine Lennox James Lennox, Margaret Murphy Pubnico, Nova Scotia  
21 May 1852 M87 John Sylvester Blagdon   Boxey, Newfoundland John McCarthy, James Webb, Margaret Casey
21 May 1852 M87 John Sylvester Blagdon   Boxey, Newfoundland John McCarthy, James Webb, Margaret Casey
    Margaret Kearney   Newfoundland  
23 August 1853 M41 Thomas Bragg   Newfoundland? William Frazer, Elizabeth Low
    Elizabeth Sutton   Newfoundland?  
25 July 1854 M40 Thomas Langdon   Ireland Michael & Bridget Keating
    Bridget Walsh   Newfoundland  
28 May 1855 M32 Thomas Blanch   Newfoundland John Hoarse, Rosanna McDade
    Agnes Roach John Roach, Mary Power Placentia, Newfoundland  
23 January 1956 M5 William Myra   Petpeswick, Nova Scotia John Wade, Maria O'Brien
    Ellen O'Reilly   Newfoundland  
17 June 1856 M120 William Molloy   Newfoundland Robert Walsh, Mary Walsh
    Elizabeth Walsh   Newfoundland  
1 September 1856 M53 Clement Benning   Burin, Newfoundland  Daniel Maguire, Maria Johnston
    Susan Maguire      
30 September 1856 M61 George d'Entremont Simon d'Entremont, Elizabeth Larken Pubnico, NS Marco Amero, Margaret Brown
    Catherine O’Brien Thomas Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland  
16 November 1856 M79 James Bernard O'Brien   St. John's, Newfoundland John Hennessy, Johanna Burke
    Charlotte Ann Morrison   Horton, NS  
14 August 1857 M58 Thomas Plank Samuel Plank, Sara Palfrey Placentia, Newfoundland David Harrigan, Catherine Harrigan
    Johanna McLoughlin Richard McLoughlin, Bridget McKay Glasgow, Scotland  
23 September 1857 M70 James Hearn John Hearn, Jane Griffin St. John's, Newfoundland John Mulriney, Mary Helsby
    Elizabeth Hussey Garret Hussey, Jane Handrik Cork, Ireland  
28 September 1857 M72 Thomas Forrest Thomas Forrest, Ann McCarthy Sunderland, England Charles Nickerson, Charlotte Henderson
    Mary Tobin James Tobin, Ellen Walsh Newfoundland  
15 November 1857 M91 James Rose John Rose, Susanna Molloy Placentia, Newfoundland Thomas Power, Catherine Whelan
    Johanna Crotty Daniel Crotty, Maria Flinn Dungarvan, Ireland  
10 January 1858 M2 John Mills Benjamin Mills, Elizabeth Clarke Carbonear, Newfoundland John Ead, Peter Grace, Catherine Grace
    Catherine Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald, Catherine Quirk St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 February 1858 M16 Thomas Doherty James Doherty, Maria Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland Daniel Shea, Bridget Cullen
    Eleanora Horrigan Michael Horrigan, Margaret Daley Cork, Ireland  
20 June 1858 M41 William Furlong Matthew Furlong, Anne Britt St. John ' s, Newfoundland John Hackett, Mary Ann Bennett
    Helena O'Reilly Richard O'Reilly, Helena O'Reilly St. John's, Newfoundland  
1 September 1858 M55 John O'Malley Timothy O'Malley, Margaret Vailly Mayo, Ireland Michael Quinn, Maria Barry
    Catherine Mahon Lawrence Mahon, Frances Fitzpatrick Placentia, Newfoundland  
27 November 1858 M82 John O'Brien William O'Brien, Catherine Flahoran Nova Scotia Thomas Maher, Deborah Edwards
    Maria Kimble Charles Kimble, Maria Gammon Newfoundland  
27 June 1859 M52 Robert Mooney John Mooney, Joanna Lawson Placentia, Newfoundland Thomas Maher, Joanna Shannon
    Anastasia Cahill Richard Cahill, Bridget Rooney Tipperary, Ireland  
14 November 1859 M89 John Shortill Peter Shortill, Anastasia Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland John Warren, Maria Morrissey
    Honora Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald, Catherine Quirk Newfoundland  
15 January 1860 M7 William Fanning John Fanning, Agnes Sparrow St. John's, Newfoundland James Wall, Joanna Burk
    Margaret Crotty Daniel Crotty, Maria Flynn Co. Waterford, Ireland  
23 May 1860 M42 Cornelius Phelan James Phelan, Bridget Druhan St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Kelly,
    Margaret Jeans Edward Jeans, Margaret Jeans England Margaret Healy
4 June 1860 M41 Richard Ford John F. Ford, Catherine Hickey St. John's, Newfoundland David Mourns, Johanna Mourns
    Margaret A. Nolan John Nolan, Bridget Murphy Torbay, Newfoundland  
19 June 1860 M51 Thomas Power Thomas Power, Sarah St. Croix Placentia, Newfoundland John Armstrong, Rosa Roach
    Catherine Whelan Thomas Whelan, Maria Salmon Placentia, Newfoundland  
19 November 1860 M99 George Thomas Cluett George Cluett, Helen Walsh Great St. Lawrence,, Newfoundland Thomas Day, Anna Owens
    Anna Rice Thomas Rice, Catherine Coolen Lower Prospect, NS  
8 January 1861 M3 William Lanigan John Lanigan, Maria Delaney Danesfort, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland Daniel Scully, Michael Berrigan
    Margaret Kidney Patrick Kidney, Elizabeth Moore St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 June 1861 M22 Thomas Maloney William Maloney, Elizabeth Rourke Placentia, Newfoundland Edward O'Brien, Maria O'Brien
    Anastasia Cahill John Cahill, Mary White Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland  
3 July 1861 M28 Peter Tighe John Tighe, Johanna Dyer Sligo, Ireland Timothy McCarthy, Anna Connors
    Maria Connors John Connors, Maria Callaghan St. John's, Newfoundland  
16 July 1861 M30 Thomas Maher Michael Maher, Catherine Morrissey Nova Scotia Charles Tobin, Bridget Connors
    Anastasia Connors Thomas Connors, Margaret Shanahan Newfoundland  
23 July 1861 M34 James Jollymore John Jollymore, Ann Langil Barrachois, NS Henry Leverman, Teresa Viger
    Mary Ann Reddigan Richard Reddigan, Catherine Evoy Caplin Bay, Newfoundland  
13 October 1861 M54 Frederick Vincent Frederick Vincent, Catherine Ulea Burin, Newfoundland George Leary, Ann Lacey
    Mary Ann Daly William Daly, Bridget Nolan Queens Co., Ireland  
21 November 1861 M63 Joseph Ashwood John Ashwood, Sarah Witson Rothsay, Scotland Peter Donnely, Rosa Roach
    Mary Walsh Patrick Walsh, Mary Ann Meade Placentia, Newfoundland  
23 December 1861 M69 William Simpson Alexander Simpson, Isabel Scotland James Wallace, Helena Berrigan
    Johanna Berrigan Daniel Berrigan Newfoundland  
7 January 1862 M4 Thomas McDonald James McDonald, Anne Coady   Thomas Henry Carre, Sara McDonald
    Catherine Fanning John Fanning, Agnes Sparrow Newfoundland  
11 March 1862 M27 Timothy Scully Daniel Scully, Helena Lanigan Callan, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland Garrett Kennedy, Catherine Dunn, Helena Scully
    Mary Joanna Dunne Edward Dunne, Catherine Fogarty St. John's, Newfoundland  
19 May 1862 M42 William McCarthy Charles McCarthy, Anna Haywood Newfoundland John Walsh, Martha Cook
    Margaret Knox James Knox, Margaret Murphy Dover  
4 August 1862 M64 Joseph Curtis Richard Curtis, Helen Tracey Tyremouth, England Edward Robbins, Helena Curtis
    Joanna Lamb Jeremiah Lamb, Maria Burns St. John's, Newfoundland  
3 September 1862 M71 Patrick Burns Michael Burns, Helena Power Wexford, Ireland Thomas Dillon, Bridget Burke
    Joanna Lonergan Thomas Londergan, Anastasia Power St. John's, Newfoundland  
9 September 1862 M72 Nicholas Hearne Andrew Hearne & Bridget Neville St. John's, Newfoundland John Edwards, Agnes Craig
    Alicia Craig William Craig, Susanna Tufts Halifax, NS  
10 October 1862 M78 Michael Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald, Helen Crane St. John's, Newfoundland John Tobin, Helena Berrigan
    Margaret Barry James Barry, Anne Meade St. John's, Newfoundland  
14 October 1862 M83 Edward Fahie Thomas Fahie, Catherine Ryan St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Fahie, Margaret Gowan
    Honora Gowan James Gowan, Bridget McCarthy Halifax, NS  
16 October 1862 M86 William Fanning John Fanning, Agnes Sparrow Newfoundland ____Sutcliff, ____Murphy
    Margaret Murphy Michael Murphy, Eleanor O'Neil Halifax, NS  
28 October 1862 M90 Donald Scott Dugald Scott, Maria Stone St. Peter's, Cape Breton Peter Martin, Marcella Scott
    Elizabeth Flavin Michael Flavin, Maria Maxwell St. John's, Newfoundland  
14 December 1862 M110 James Kelly Thomas Kelly, Maria Nolan St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Walsh, Anna Murphy
    Anastasia Kelly Edward Keefe, Margaret Rossiter Ferryland, Newfoundland  
7 January 1863 M1 Samuel Lynsart Samuel Lynsart, Maria Edwards Newfoundland David Mournes, Bridget Casey
    Johanna Mournes David Mournes, Maria Ryan Carlow, Ireland  
3 February 1863 M11 Patrick Barry James Barry, Anna Meade Placentia, Newfoundland Thomas Meade, Anna Hughes
    Rosanna Roach John Roach, Maria Power Placentia Newfoundland  
14 April 1863 M19 Simon Cummins Lawrence Cummins, Margaret Power Ireland John Cummings, Catherine Hayden
    Mary Fardy John Fardy, Margaret Stafford St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 May 1863 M24 William Swain Thomas Swain, Mary Ann Rupel England Henry Swayne, Catherine Barry
    Mary Armstrong William Armstrong, Catherine Kearney St. John's, Newfoundland  
13 October 1863 M72 Joseph Richard Siteman Henry Siteman, Maria O'Brien Ship Harbour, NS Walter Meagher, Margaret Goury
    Helena Stamp Philip Stamp, Maria O'Reilly St. John's, Newfoundland  
9 November 1863 M86 Joseph King William King, Mary Ann Browne London, England Alexander McCarthy, Agnes Roche
    Mary Ann Conway Dennis Conway, Anna Bisset St. John's, Newfoundland  
11 April 1864 M18 Patrick Hall John Hall, Eleanor McNamara Tipperary, Ireland Michael Hennessey, Sara Hickman
    Catherine Boudrin, widow of Thomas Tyrell Patrick Boudrin, Catherine Blundon Bell Island, Newfoundland  
24 May 1864 M37 John Reed Henry Reed, Catherine Neily Glasgow, Scotland William Barry, Margaret Barry
    Mary Barry Edward Barry, Catherine Callaghan St. John's, Newfoundland  
6 June 1864 M44 George Nobes John Nobes, Elizabeth Oakes St. John's, Newfoundland George Clude, Catherine Power
    Sarah Ann Clude George Clude, Ellen Walsh Portsmouth, England  
20 June 1864 M50 Bartholomew C. Marks Bartholomew Marks, Ellen Mooney Portland, Maine Frederick Ellis, Emma Jane O'Leary
    Bridget Mary Kennedy Michael Kennedy, Margaret Hutchison Carbonear, Newfoundland  
7 July 1864 M54 Joseph Jones Joseph Jones, Emelia Parker Liverpool, England William Barry, Mary Burke
    Catherine Walsh Patrick Walsh, Mary Ann Meade Placentia, Newfoundland  
25 July 1864 M60 William A. Stuart Neil Stuart, Catherine Quin Nova Scotia James Hanley, Johanna Redmond
    Margaret Redmond MArtin Redmond, Catherine Cokely St. John's, Newfoundland  
1 August 1864 M64 Malcolm McDonald Donald McDonald, Catherine McDonald Antigonish, NS Donald McDonald, Julia Byrne
    Anastasia Murrens David Murrens, Mary Ryan Newfoundland  
18 August 1864 M69 Matthew Owens Michael Owens, Anne Ryan Newfoundland Robert Findlay, Ellen Tobin
    Ellen Kavanagh Maurice Kavanagh, Rose O'Neil Nova Scotia  
31 October 1864 M94 William Norris, widower Francis Norris, Catherine Walsh Ireland John Dunne, Mary Martin
    Mary Ann Hartery James Hartery, Mary Hulloton Newfoundland  
7 November 1864 M98 James Ford John Ford, Catherine O'Keefe Dunmore, Co. Cork, Ireland John Connell, Sophia LaCroix
    Catherine Redmond Martin Redmond, Catherine Quigley Newfoundland  
26 April 1865 M29 John Flowers George Flowers, Jane Potter St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Priscilla Flood
    Hariette Flood James Flood, Charlotte Rogers St. John's, Newfoundland  
15 May 1865 M36 Albert Cuthbert Alfred Cuthbert, Ellen DeYoung Eastern Passage, NS James Cuthbert, Mary Murphy
    Louisa Creuse Robert Creuse, Jane Short Lambolelle, Newfoundland  
18 May 1865 M39 Patrick Deegan Michael Deegan, Catherine Loman Halifax, NS John Oldfield, Ann Hughes
    Agnes Blanch, widow John Roach, Mary Power Placentia, Newfoundland  
19 October 1865 M89 Patrick Holland Michael Holland, Catherine Lynch Nova Scotia Edward Rhodes, Charlotte Harris
    Elizabeth Harris Charles Harris, Rosanna O'Donnell Newfoundland  
5 November 1865 M98 William James Fisher Joseph Fisher, Elizabeth Lyndsay Halifax, NS John Walsh, Ellen Green
    Sarah Green John Green, Mary Miller Placentia, Newfoundland  
15 November 1865 M105 Alexander Neilson James Neilson, Mary Rafter New Carlisle, Quebec George O'Keefe, Elizabeth Owens
    Mary Grace McGilvary William McGilvary, Catherine Lynch St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 January 1866 M1 James Hassy John Hassey, Catherine Eagn St. John's, Newfoundland James Hennessy, Catherine Hennessy
    Mary Maher, widow of John Quin James Maher, Mary Brennan St. John's, Newfoundland  
13 January 1866 M3 Dennis Holland Timothy Holland, Mary Sweeny Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland Peter Le Strange, Clara Hearon
    Sarah Mullaly Andrew Mullaly, Johanna Goldsworthy St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 February 1866 M24 James Sullivan Patrick Sullivan, Julia O'Donohue Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland Michael Berrigan, Catherine Green
    Mary Philips Francis Blanche, Margaret Emly Burin, Newfoundland  
19 March 1866 M31 Patrick McGrath Thomas McGrath, Catherine Kelly St. John's, Newfoundland William O'Connell, Ellen Saint
    Catherine Power Lawrence Power, Martha Ward St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 April 1866 M45 Christopher Johnson Andrew Johnson, Anne Dolan Scotland Thomas Martin, Mary Munn
    Anne Sheehan John Sheehan, Bridget Hackett St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 April 1866 M46 John Kelly Michael Kelly, Mary Connelly St. John's, Newfoundland James Delorey, Ellen O'Brien
    Bridget Mullaly John Mullaly, Mary O'Regan Newfoundland  
25 April 1866 M50 Richard Howard Richard Howard, Sarah Gordon Halifax, NS Michael Berrigan, Mary Hennessey
    Charlotte Harris Charles Harris, Anne McDonnell St. John's, Newfoundland  
30 April 1866 M William Dormody William Dormody, Bridget Deegan Placentia, Newfoundland William J. Burke, Clara Ahearn
    Julia Bird Thomas Bird, Catherine Burke Newfoundland  
30 April 1866 M53 James Egan John Egan, Elizabeth Hapett St. John's Newfoundland John Connolly, Susan Mooney
    Mary Shea David Shea, Ellen Keane Waterford, Ireland  
11 June 1866 M70 Matthew O'Rourke Bartholomew O'Rourke, Judith Nolan St. Mary's, Newfoundland Thomas Christopher, Maria O'Brien
    Clara Ahearne William Ahearne, Sarah Boland St. John's, Newfoundland  
2 July 1866 M77 William Cody William Cody, Catherine McDonnell St. John's, Newfoundland Edward Wright, Honora Carey
    Mary Ann Bergin John Bergin, Rosella O'Reilly St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 July 1866 M80 George Cluett George Cluett, Ellen Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland Francis Norris, Louisa Purcell
    Elizabeth Keefe John Keefe, Charlotte Glazebrook Ferguson's Cove, NS  
13 July 1866 M83 Joseph Conway Dennis Conway, Anne Bissett Cole Harbour, NS Michael Berrigan, Priscilla Flood
    Charlotte Flood, widow James Rogers, Jane Butler Burin, Newfoundland  
14 July 1866 M84 Michael Coffey Maurice Coffey, Bridget Mooney St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Frances Higgins
    Priscilla Flood James Rogers, Charlotte Rogers Newfoundland  
16 July 1866 M85 James Downey, widower John Downey, Anastasia Kehoe St. John's, Newfoundland Patrick Healy, Catherine Richards
    Mary Ann Cole William Cole, Elizabeth Moore St. John's, Newfoundland  
26 August 1866 M98 William Gaul Patrick Gaul, Catherine Whelan Newfoundland Samuel Windsor, Elizabeth Roberts
    Jeannette Windsor George Windsor, Abigail Duane Nova Scotia  
3 September 1866 M103 Thomas Power Thomas Power, Sarah St. Croix Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Anne Hill
    Mary Ann Reynolds Henry Reynolds, Susan Knight    
23 October 1866 M118 John J. Hennessy of Beaufort, NC Dennis Hennessy, Mary Wickham St. John's, Newfoundland Edward Leahy, Margaret Leahy
    Elizabeth Leahy William Leahy, Anne Mahon Dartmouth, NS  
30 October 1866 M120 George Lethbridge Thomas Lethbridge, Jane Barry England Thomas Supple, Margaret Kennefic
    Margaret Supple Richard Supple, Mary Cusack Carbonear, Newfoundland  
8 November 1866 M125 Thomas Viqors John Viqors, Mary Ann Hunt Newfoundland John Viqors, Elizabeth Doyle
    Mary Ann Walsh John Walsh, Anastasia Walsh Newfoundland  
27 November 1866 M135 Richard Cruite John Cruite, Elizabeth Mounday Burin, Newfoundland William Phelan, Ellen Martin
    Elizabeth Green John Green, Anastasia Kennedy Newfoundland  
5 December 1866 M138 Joseph Langdon Charles Langdon, Charlotte Pippy St. John's, Newfoundland Daniel Lamay, Mary Lamay
    Catherine Lamay Dennis Lamay, Anastasia Damor Ireland  
6 January 1867 M1 Samuel Toomey Kennedy Toomey, Jane Gordon Harbour Grace, Newfoundland James Hennessey, Mary Cummings
    Johannah Griffin James Griffin, Alice Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland  
14 January 1867 M5 John Perry of Sheet Harbour Patrick Perry, Margaret Deegan Newfoundland D. Leahy, Elzabeth Murphy
    Mary Ann Murphy Martin Murphy, Bridget Quinlan Nova Scotia  
4 February 1867 M 10 Michael McGrath Michael McGrath, Catherine Pendergast Newfoundland Edward Phelan, Catherine Grant
    Ellen O'Brien Patrick O'Brien, Ann Shanahan    
4 February 1867 M11 Gregory Phelan John Phelan, Ellen O'Brien St. John's, Newfoundland John Carey, Catherine Casey
    Mary Ann Casey Michael Casey, Ellen Lynch Halifax, NS  
26 February 1867 M17 Lawrence Hennessy Timothy Hennessy, Ellen King Ireland Michael Berrigan, Honora Condon
    Margaret McGrath Thomas McGrath, Ellen Norris St. John's, Newfoundland  
7 June 1867 M36 Alfred James Cox James Cox, Judith Besper Devon, England John Flowers, Harriet Flood
    Elizabeth Flood James Flood, Charlotte Rogers Newfoundland  
16 June 1867 M38 John Ballard John Ballard, Martha Brenton Newfoundland William Horton, Mary Callanan
    Johannah Dunne Edward Dunne, Catherine Fogarty    
19 June 1867 M43 Thomas Healy James Healy, Mary Morris Sydney, Cape Breton William Ellis, Eliza McGrath
    Margaret McGrath Michael McGrath, Catherine Prendergast St. John's, Newfoundland  
9 July 1867 M48 James Greene James Greene, Mary Miller Newfoundland John Cole, Margaret Larin
    Anastasia Grace James Grace, Bridget Hamilton Newfoundland  
24 July 1867 M50 Geoffrey Babin Henry Babin, Selas Babache Arichat, NS John Ead, Mary Ead
    Annie Walsh John Walsh, Margaret Larkin St. John's, Newfoundland  
20 August 1867 M54 John Irvine John Irvine, Catherine Creighton Portland, USA Samuel H. Ditchfield, Maggie Simmonds
    Anne Walsh James Walsh, Elizabeth Dollimount St. Lawrence, Newfoundland  
5 October 1867 M68 Richard Power Richard Power, Bridget Devereaux Newfoundland Patrick O'Neil, Mary Broderick
    Mary Baker Henry Baker, Catherine Botting    
22 October 1867 M74 Stephen Tracy Thomas Tracy, Mary Browne Halifax, NS John Shelly, Margaret Tracy
    Anne Sparrow Robert Sparrow, Margaret Walsh Placentia, Newfoundland  
30 December 1867 M100 Henry Ellis John Ellis, Honora McCarthy Summerside, PEI Thomas Cody, Honora Carey
    Catherine McDonald Jeremiah McDonald, Elizabeth Donell St. John's, Newfoundland  
17 February 1868 M22 Patrick Connors Patrick & Catherine Connors Halifax, NS Sylester Donahoe, Casy Donahoe
    Bridget Delahunty John Delahunty, Margaret Forestall St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 May 1868 M37 William Fitzpatrick Philip Fitzpatrick, Anne Molloy St. John's, Newfoundland James Delorey, Mary Collins
    Mary Fitzgibbon William Fitzgibbon, Anastasia Doran Newfoundland  
14 May 1868 M45 Henry Leake Solomon Leake, Mary Abbott Newfoundland George Manners, Elizabeth Evoy
    Mary McPhee Archibald McPhee, Margaret McGinnis Nova Scotia  
22 June 1868 M68 John Maher Richard Maher, Mary Lambert Halifax, NS Thomas Maher, Ellen Tobin
    Anne Tobin Patrick Tobin, Mary Ann Foran St. John's, Newfoundland  
18 July 1868 M75 William George Schofield Howard William Williams Howard, Mary Ann Knight St. John's, Newfoundland Patrick Hogan, Margaret Walsh
    Julia Ann Bulger Edward Bulger, Julia Dawley St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 July 1868 M77 Arthur Slevin Michael Slevin, Elizabeth Power Ireland James Berrigan, Anne Walsh
    Frances Gatherall Henry Gatherall, Ellen Williams Bauline, Newfoundland  
25 July 1868 M78 Patrick Dolan Thomas Dolan, Bridget Ward St. John's, Newfoundland James Berrigan, Anne Walsh
    Catherine Cuddihy John Cuddihy, Mary McCormick St. John's, Newfoundland  
7 September 1868 M93 Michael Vail Thomas Vail, Ellen Sweetman Newfoundland Thomas Crockett, Mary Duffy
    Emily Armstrong William Armstrong, Catherine Caney*1 Newfoundland  
24 September 1868 M100 William H. Mara Thomas Mara, Catherine Callahan St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Mapan, Elizabeth Walsh
    Mary A. Downey William Downey, Mary O'Brien Lunenburg, NS  
13 October 1868 M102 Thomas Moloney Thomas Moloney, Mary Molloy Newfoundland George Joseph Calnen, Ellen Calnen
    Catherine Calnen Michael Calnen, Catherine Lavin Newfoundland  
27 November 1868 M117 John Hilman John Hilman, Mary Manners Lewis, Sussex, England Edward Murphy, Margaret Walsh
    Elizabeth Evoy Andrew Evoy, Elizabeth McCormack St. John's, Newfoundland  
30 December 1868 M122 Bernard Meldon George Meldon, Ellen Capert Italy James Robart, Johanna Murphy
    Mary Ann Murphy John Murphy, Catherine Ryan Newfoundland  
21 June 1869 M31 John Lucas James Lucas, Bridget Lannen St. John's, Newfoundland Peter Murphy, Mary Devine
    Margaret Moran, widow of John Mackie Owen Moran, Anne Mansfield Newfoundland  
21 June 1869 M32 Patrick Foley Michael Foley, Margaret Power St. John's, Newfoundland Peter Molloy, Mary Houlihan
    Sarah Coleman James Coleman, Catherine Dwyer Trinity, Newfoundland  
22 June 1869 M35 Thomas Pitts Henry Pitts, Johanna Richards St. John's, Newfoundland James Conway, Bridget Connors
    Catherine Larkin Martin Larkin, Mary Molloy Newfoundland  
23 June 1869 M36 William F. Burke Alexander Burke, Ellen Crowe Placentia, Newfoundland Joseph Lyons, Mary Cummings
    Johanna Tobin Patrick Tobin, Margaret Grace St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 August 1869 M4 William Carrollv John Carroll, Bridget O'Mara St. John's, Newfoundland James Casey, Mary Morrissey
    Catherine Ryan William Ryan, Elizabeth Morrissey Ireland  
14 September 1869 M62 Austin Lowry Austin Lowry, Bridget Carroll Roscommon, Ireland James McIntyre, Bridget Cuddihey
    Bridget Pierce John Pierce, Bridget Manning St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 September 1869 M67 John Gillis of Codroy, Newfoundland Donald Gillis, Margaret McNeil Brador, Cape Breton William O'Brien, Christina Scott
    Emeline Bragg William Bragg, Mary Dollimount Port aux Basques, Newfoundland  
2 October 1869 M70 Garrett Roach Garrett Roach, Sarah Kelly Newfoundland W.F. Wells, Bridget Barry
    Mary Reed, widow Edward Barry, Catherine Callahan Newfoundland  
5 October 1869 M72 James Pearson John Pearson, Bridget Molloy St. John's, Newfoundland John Walsh, Anne Pearson
    Anne Mary Molloy George Molloy, Mary Durnford Newfoundland  
11 October 1869 M74 Michael O'Connell James O'Connell, Mary Myers Tipperary, Ireland Thomas Delaney, Mary McIntyre
    Mary Ann Ash Robert Ash, Jane Taylor St. John's, Newfoundland  
3 November 1869 M82 John Hall Joseph Hall, Mary Ann Young Codroy, Newfoundland William Furlong, Bridget Leahy
    Mary Leahy William Leahy, Mary Downey Cork, Ireland  
9 November 1869 M85 Thomas Supple Richard Supple, Mary Cusack Newfoundland George Lethbridge, Annie Kennefic
    Margaret Kennefic Michael Kennefic, Margaret Maher Newfoundland  
10 November 1869 M86 William Firth Wells Benjamin Wells, Jane Firth Bradford, York, England Allan Wier, Catherine Barry
    Margaret Barry Edward Barry, Catherine Callahan St. John's, Newfoundland  
14 January 1870 M2 Edward Hynes Edward Hynes, Ann Hanna Sydney, Cape Breton James Miller, Margaret Lucas
    Anne Costello, widow Richard Walsh, Johanna Prendergast St. John's, Newfoundland  
2 May 1870 M20 Edward Ryan David Ryan, Ann Norris Lower Prospect, NS Richard Ryan, Alice Kinnane
    Margaret Fegen John Fegen, Hannah Costello Newfoundland  
6 June 1870 M34 Andrew James Brotherson James Brotherson, Elizabeth Swineburg Nova Scotia William Matheson, Isabella Brotherson
    Margaret Walsh Patrick Walsh, Catherine Mullin Newfoundland  
12 September 1870 M64 Thomas Power Patrick Power, Sarah Tustle St. John's, Newfoundland James Lannen, Anastasia Neville
    Elizabeth Neville Peter Neville, Mary Ryan St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 October 1870 M70 George Jackson John Jackson, Barbara Thomas Halifax, NS William Evans, John Stuart
    Mary Ann Ellis John Ellis, Johanna Doyle St. John's, Newfoundland  
11 October 1870 M71 John Flynn Richard Flynn, Johanna Brennan Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Margaret Murphy
    Isabel Sowers William Sowers, Ann Keating Nova Scotia  
20 October 1870 M73 James Ray John Ray, Jane Brown Scotland Patrick Walsh, Joanna Gallivan
    Mary Ann Gallivan Nicholas Gallivan, Margaret Hennessey Newfoundland  
6 November 1870 M77 Patrick Scanlan Thomas Scanlan, Catherine Collins Kerry, Ireland William Kennedy, Margaret Lannen
    Mary Ann Morrissey John Morrissey, Bridget Oats St. John's, Newfoundland  
15 November 1870 M80 William Tobin John Tobin, Bridget Maddigan Witless Bay, Newfoundland Edward Robert Rice, Catherine Hennessey
    Catherine Nilan William Nilan, Catherine Murray Sydney, Cape Breton  
3 December 1870 M89 James Sheppard John Sheppard, Maria Whelan St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Barbara Alexander
    Eliza LeGrow John LeGrow, Sarah Hegan St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 December 1870 M91 Michael Kay of Gloucester, Massachusetts Thomas Kay, Ellen Meaney Guysborough, NS William Fitzgerald, Mary Walsh
    Adelaide Jane Taylor John Taylor, Elizabeth Quan Bay of Islands, Newfoundland  
13 January 1871 M5 Patrick Moloney Coleman Moloney, Bridget Shea St. John's, Newfoundland John Barry, Bridget Walsh
    Margaret Fogarty, widow Thomas Cleary, Bridget Holley Bay Roberts, Newfoundland  
15 January 1871 M7 William McCarthy Charles McCarthy, Mary Melbourn St. John's, Newfoundland William Molloy, Elizabeth Molloy
    Mary Ann Purcell Joseph Purcell, Margaret Smith Purcells Cove, NS  
19 January 1871 M9 William Reddy James Reddy, Ellen Martin Newfoundland John Morton, Margaret Whelan
    Bridget Farrell James Farrell, Bridget Power Newfoundland  
1 May 1871 M29 Henry Mindon, Royal Artillery Daniel Mindon, Elizabeth Middleton London, England James Halliwell, Ellen Halliwell
    Mary Dillon James Grant, Ann Mumford Petty Harbour, Newfoundland  
2 May 1871 M30 William Weatherdon William Weatherdon, Caroline Knight St. John's, Newfoundland James Walsh, Mary Ann Walsh
    Mary Clancy Thomas Clancy, Mary Cummings Newfoundland  
19 June 1871 M48 John Somers, M.D. Philip Somers, Margaret Egan Newfoundland Lawrence G. Murphy, Martin J. Griffins, Catherine Donovan, Louisa Flinn
    Mary Elizabeth Brown George Brown, Mary Murphy Nova Scotia  
6 July 1871 M55 Lawrence Doyle Robert Doyle, Mary Carew St. John's, Newfoundland Patrick Foley, Mary Ann Driscoll
    Mary Ann Kearney Pierce Kennedy, Esther Power St. John's, Newfoundland  
24 July 1871 M59 Charles Webber William Webber, Mary Hanniford Devon England Martin Driscoll, Johanna Dalton
    Catherine Pierce John Pierce, Bridget Manning St. John's, Newfoundland  
25 July 1871 M62 Thomas Paterson John Paterson, Mary Burns St. John's, Newfoundland William Murphy, Mary Cummings
    Alice Murphy John Murphy, Eunice Merlin Ferguson's Cove, NS  
21 August 1871 M71 Dennis William Dryden William Dryden, Mary Smith Halifax, NS George Kuhn, Mary Dryden
    Anne Walsh Michael Walsh, Catherine Kelly Newfoundland  
20 September 1871 M82 Patrick Phelan John Phelan, Ellen O'Brien Newfoundland Gregory Phelan, Johanna Teresa Caddigan
    Margaret McGrath John McGrath, Joanna Foley Newfoundland  
2 October 1871 M85 James Parmiter Richard Parmiter, Elizabeth Hodge St. John's, Newfoundland George Downey, Jane Calahan
    Mary Downey Patrick Kearns, Catherine Rohan Midleton, Cork, Ireland  
24 October 1871 M92 James Foley John Foley, Eliza Lennan St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Foley, Catherine Keefe
    Maria Hayden Michael Hayden, Ann Lawlor Nova Scotia  
19 November 1871 M109 Peter Shortill Peter Shortill, Anastasia Knox St. John's, Newfoundland George Tobin, Susan Hutt
    Johanna Hutt Louis Hutt, Catherine Cotter Halifax, Nova Scotia  
20 November 1871 M115 Thomas Berrigan Patrick Berrigan, Catherine Pannell Newfoundland Lawrence Lynch, Elizabeth Leith
    Ellen Teresa Cochran Patrick Cochran, Bridget Dunne Nova Scotia  
23 November 1871 M117 William McConnell John McConnell, Jane Hurst Indian Harbour NS John Tobin, Margaret McCormack
    Mary Walsh Philip Walsh, Ellen Shea St. John's, Newfoundland  
18 December 1871 M125 James Phelan Pierce Phelan, Bridget Carroll St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Sarah Flavan
    Mary Power Martin Power, Mary Flavan St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 January 1872 M4 William Murphy Michael Murphy, Anastasia Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland Joseph Hubley, Catherine Clarke
    Johanna Hoare Nicholas Hoare, Bridget White    
8 January 1872 M5 Christopher Reilly Christopher Reilly, Julia Murphy Dublin, Ireland Peter Houghton, Margaret Sutherland
    Mary Margaret Walsh William Walsh, Mary McGrath St. John's, Newfoundland  
22 February 1872 M16 James Barlton William Barlton, Sarah Gale London, England Charles Fears, Ellen Lunn
    Ellen Martin John Martin, Margaret Kelly St. John's, Newfoundland  
7 April 1872 M19 Michael Cleary, widower Thomas Cleary, Bridget Halley Newfoundland Jeremiah Foley, Mary Ann Berrigan
    Mary Gregory Edward Gregory, Catherine Morrissey Newfoundland  
16 April 1872 M25 Thomas Doolin Thomas Doolin, Bridget Ward PEI William Keating, Catherine Crow
    Honora Crow Thomas Crow, Mary Supple Newfoundland  
26 April 1872 M27 Edward Shiers Philip Shiers, Ann Cummings Sable Island, NS Jacob Nicholson, Sophia Smith
    Mary Hynes John Hynes, Mary Gregory Newfoundland  
18 May 1872 M38 Martin McKinnon Angus McKinnon, Nancy McIsaac Margaree, Cape Breton Michael Berrigan, Hannah Whelan
    Mary Richardson Joseph Richardson, Anne Power St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 May 1872 M40 Alonzo Brown John Brown, Margaret Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Broders, Johanna Murphy
    Jane Harris John Harris, Mary Ahearn Halifax, NS  
10 June 1872 M54 Patrick Purcell James Purcell, Bridget Mellon St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Carroll, Johanna McDonald
    Mary Carroll Thomas Carroll, Elizabeth O'Malley St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 July 1872 M63 James Barry Robert Barry, Bridget Casey Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland Patrick English, Mary Kennedy
    Ellen English John English, Elizabeth Shea Job's Cove Newfoundland  
2 August 1872 M70 Patrick Conway James Conway, Bridget Freney St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Mary Conway
    Blanch Card Robert Card, Mary Jane Reid Windsor, NS  
18 August 1872 M73 Samuel S. Shanks Samuel Shanks, Anne Daly Nova Scotia William Hilman, Rose O'Donnell
    Madelina Hillman Andrew Hillman, Ann Wilson St. John's, Newfoundland  
26 August 1872 M78 Robert Laurie John Laurie, Catherine Brown Halifax, NS Richard Hatchett, Catherine Hatchett
    Mary Ellen Hatchett Richard Hatchett, Anne Flanagan Newfoundland  
29 October 1872 M108 William Bowser Michael Bowser, Frances Young Musquodoboit, NS Michael Keefe, Elizabeth Bowser
    Ellen Anson Alexander Anson, Mary Cody St. John's, Newfoundland  
26 November 1872 M122 John Mahoney Michael Mahoney, Barbara Burns Tipperary, Ireland Patrick Furlong, Margaret Moloney
    Catherine Cleary Thomas Cleary, Bridget Holley Bay Roberts, Newfoundland  
28 December 1872 M131 John Higgins of Bridport, Cape Breton Michael Higgins, Bridget Power Halifax, NS John Power, Margaret Flaherty
    Rosanna Damon James Cahill, Catherine Molloy St. John's, Newfoundland  
6 January 1873 M1 Thomas Smith, soldier Peter Smith, Anne McBride Ireland John Smith, Bridget Nurse
    Catherine Crow Thomas Crow, Mary Supple St. John's, Newfoundland  
20 January 1873 M7 James Kennedy James Kennedy, Bridget Aylward Newfoundland Michael Burke, Catherine Ryan
    Catherine Clarke John Clarke, Elizabeth Bolt St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 January 1873 M10 William McKoy, Royal Artillery James McKoy, Elizabeth Daly Woolwich Lester Conner, Fannie Simms
    Mary Ann Mullins William Mullins, Anne Duggan St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 February 1873 M19 Thomas Martin, widow William Martin, Margaret Quinlan Newfoundland James Connors, Alexandrine Currie
    Johanna Vincent Thomas Vincent, Margaret Carroll Newfoundland  
29 April 1873 M34 John Tynan Michael Tynan, Catherine Dunphy Nova Scotia Dennis Tynan, Mary Malone
    Catherine McDonald Patrick McDonald, Mary Cahill St. John's, Newfoundland  
9 June 1873 M52 William Thatcher Thomas Thatcher, Ellen Tuffin St. John's, Newfoundland John Stuart, Sarah Matson
    Anne Smith Patrick Smith, Elizabeth Gallagher Halifax, NS  
16 June 1873 M53 Daniel Scanlan Thomas Scanlan, Jane Holohan St. John's, Newfoundland Dennis Manning, Bridget Nurse
    Mary Nurse Bernard Nurse, Honora McCarthy St. John's, Newfoundland  
30 July 1873 M69 Harry Christmas Treyton Christmas, Mary Ann Cuthbert Hastings, Sussex, England William Murphy, Mary Burns
    Mary Robar, widow Patrick Murphy, Catherine Tracey St. John's, Newfoundland  
13 August 1873 M75 Frederick George Callaghan Murtoch Callaghan, Catherine McEwan Halifax, NS Peter Shortall, Margaret Fitzgerald
    Mary Teresa Fitzgerald John Fitzgerald, Catherine Quirk St. John's, Newfoundland  
30 August 1873 M81 Richard Devanney Anthony Devanney, Catherine Frances Newfoundland John Devanney, Frances Devanney
    Clare Foley Patrick Foley, Mary Mulcahy Newfoundland  
20 September 1873 M96 Edward Foran John Foran, Alice Morrissey St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Mary Direen
    Margaret Aylward Michael Aylward, Johanna Direen Halifax, NS  
11 November 1873 M117 Frederick Meyer, widower of Margaret Kennific George Meyer, Sarah Mavler London, England Patrick Kennific, Lizzie Green
    Catherine Kennific Michael Kennific, Margaret Maher Newfoundland  
17 November 1873 M119 James Fagan John Fagan, Hannah Costello St. John's, Newfoundland Henry Norris, Ellen Furlong
    Mary Thomson Anthony Thomson, Bridget Neal St. John's, Newfoundland  
20 November 1873 M121 Peter Britt Edward Britt, Mary Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland John Canty, Elizabeth Cooper
    Charlotte Squires John Squires, Grace Bishop St. John's, Newfoundland  
24 November 1873 M122 John O'Malley Thomas O'Malley, Bridget Needham Callay, Ireland Richard Nurse, Bridget Nurse
    Mary Monahan Michael Monahan, Honora Glynn Bay Bulls, Newfoundland  
27 November 1873 M125 Patrick Joseph Griffin Edward Griffin, Jane Kelly Nova Scotia John Flynn, Mary Jane O'Donnell, Margaret Sullivan
    Rose Theresa O'Donnell Dominic O'Donnell, Mary Comerford St. John's, Newfoundland  
29 November 1873 M126 John Foley John Foley, Eliza Cook St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Ellen Lunn
    Ann Hewitt Hercules Hewitt, Jane McDonald Sherbrook, NS  
9 June 1873 M35 John Tetcher Thomas Tetcher, Ellen Coffin St. John's, Newfoundland John Sullivan, Mary Fahie
    Mary Sullivan Patrick Sullivan, Anne Neil    
20 January 1874 M6 John Coleman James Coleman, Catherine Daly St. John's, Newfoundland James Lannen, Eliza Bradberry
    Catherine Bedford James Bedford, Eliza Pannell Newfoundland  
9 February 1874 M12 Joseph McDonald Ronald McDonald, Sarah McDonald St. Peter's, C.B. Roderick McDonald, Caroline Kennedy
    Mary Ann Wilson John Wilson, Bridget Houlihan Newfoundland  
17 April 1874 M26 John Crasso William Crasso, Margaret Knor Prussia John Scherdberg, Jane Scherdberg
    Mary Kent Edward Kent, Mary Gray Lance Cove, Newfoundland  
4 May 1874 M31 Henry Akerman Richard Akerman, Emma Hillyard Halifax, NS Michael Bongan, Jane Ahearn
    Anne Handrigan Patrick Handrigan, Mary Nolan St. John's, Newfoundland  
11 May 1874 M35 John Thatcher Thomas Thatcher, Ellen Coffin St. John's, Newfoundland John Sullivan, Mary Fahie
    Mary Sullivan Patrick Sullivan, Anne Neil Nova Scotia  
15 June 1874 M43 John Shehan John Shehan, Norah O'Brien Newfoundland William Molloy, Michael Bergin
    Sophia Schouppe Benjamin Schouppe, Anna Barbara Swinamer Lunenburg, Nova Scotia  
16 June 1874 M44 John Fanning John Fanning, Agnes Sparrow Placentia, Newfoundland William Fitzgerald, Cecilia O'Dell
    Elizabeth Ann O'Dell Richard O'Dell, Henrietta Butler Halifax, NS  
7 July 1874 M53 Gustave Otto Anderson Anders Anderson, Helena Gunderson Norway  
    Ellen Pendergast Jmaes Pendergast, Agnes Power Placentia, Newfoundland  
13 July 1874 M56 Patrick James English John English, Mary Shea Job's Cove, Newfoundland John English, Mary Barry
    Mary Jane Linahan John Linahan, Catherine O'Rourke Halifax, NS  
14 July 1874 M57 William Maher Martin Maher, Johanna O'Brien Halifax, NS Michael Grey, Margaret Maher
    Mary Gray Michael Grey, Catherine Ramey St. John's, Newfoundland  
15 July 1874 M61 Ambrose Edwards James Edwards, Ellen Bonnell Lawn Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Andrew Scott
    Rachel Pieroway Philip Pieroway, Caroline Parker Sandy Point, Newfoundland  
20 July 1874 M63 James Lannon John Lannon, Alice Duggan St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Garvey, Margaret Barry
    Margaret Kane Patrick Kane, Bridget Lyons Halifax, NS  
27 July 1874 M66 James Whelan William Whelan, Ellen Kenny Newfoundland John Power, Alice Power
    Mary Power William Power, Catherine Kennific Newfoundland  
31 August 1874 M81 John W. Condon John W. Condon, Mary Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland William Glazebrook, Catherine Glazebrook
    Johanna Tankard Thomas Tankard, Ellen Green Ireland  
1 September 1874 M83 Martin Jordan Martin Jordan, Jane Black Halifax, NS Robert Anderson, Catherine Malone
    Mary Malone John Malone, Mary Doyle St. John's, Newfoundland  
19 September 1874 M87 Michael Doyle, widower Peter Doyle, Mary Delaney St. John's, Newfoundland Paul A. Burke, Michael Hannan
    Mary Helen Burke John Henry Burke, Martha Kinsella    
6 October 1874 M91 James Harris Charles Harris, Rosanna McDonald Newfoundland William Flynn, Mary Harris
    Catherine Coolen Thomas Coolen, Emelia Nolan Upper Prospect, NS  
9 November 1874 M102 George Hatchett Richard Hatchett, Anne Flanigan Newfoundland John Coughlan, Isabella Cooper
    Ellen Griffin James Griffin, Bridget Walsh Nova Scotia  
17 November 1874 M109 James Glawson Martin Glawson, Elizabeth Mason Shoal Bay, NS William Siteman, Elizabeth Stamp
    Catherine Stamp Philip Stamp, Mary Riley St. John's, Newfoundland  
22 November 1874 M112 John Ead John Ead, Bridget Dermody St. John's, Newfoundland Francis McCarthy, Alice Kavanagh
    Mary Jane Sheridan John Sheridan, Bridget Baners Nova Scotia  
23 November 1874 M115 John Cuddehey George Cuddehey, Mary Tobin St. John's, Newfoundland William Kline, Johanna Burke
    Annie Smith Angus Smith, Sarah Campbell Antigonish, NS  
26 November 1874 M122 Thomas Newport James Newport, Ann Butler Witless Bay, Newfoundland Thomas Wilson, Selina Wilson
    Honora Sullivan Lawrence Sullivan, Ann Hanlon    
28 November 1874 M123 James Conway James Conway, Bridget Franey St. John's, Newfoundland Edward Bradbury, Mary Conway
    Laura Keefe Michael Keefe, Mary Burke St. John's, Newfoundland  
28 November 1874 M124 Michael Sullivan Patrick Sullivan, Anastasia Malone St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Corball, Kate Morrissey
    Margaret Morrissey Michael Morrissey, Margaret Conway St. John's, Newfoundland  
7 December 1874 M128 William Joseph Power John Power, Mary McGrath St. John's, Newfoundland James W. Saltin, Catherine A. Coakley
    Mary McCormick, of Boston John McCormack, Margaret Keating Halifax, NS  
7 December 1874 M129 Peter Moore Charles Moore, Mary Blake St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Carroll, Honora Walsh
    Mary Ann Elington William Elington, Mary Ann Coffe St. John's, Newfoundland  
25 January 1875 M7 James Roach John Roach, Mary Power St. John's, Newfoundland Isaac Lapierre, Angeline Pote
    Ursuline Kerdo Noe Kerdo, Matilda Sampson D'Escousse, Cape Breton  
27 February 1875 M18 Gustave Hagberth Hogensen John Hogensen, Ann Wette Norway Olaf Johnson, Mary Martha Conway
    Mary Ann Sanford Stephen Sanford, Ann Scanlan St. John's, Newfoundland  
26 April 1875 M25 Archibald Thompson Archibald Thompson, Margaret McBride Dundee, Scotland Henry Lasen, Mary Torphy
    Agnes Matthews William Matthews, Mary Wallace St. John's, Newfoundland  
1 June 1875 M38 John Brummett John Brummett, Ann Oliver Gull Island, Newfoundland Charles, Doher, Catherine Power
    Susanna Ward Charles Ward, Sophia Gates Halifax, NS  
7 June 1875 M40 Thomas Morrissey Edward Morrissey, Catherine Lee Harbour Grace, Newfoundland John Doyle, Bridget Ryan
    Margaret Shea John Shea, Mary Neal Newfoundland  
4 August 1875 M50 Frederick Voltz William Voltz, Henrietta Buckenhay Prussia Charles Lucknow, Johanna Drohan
    Mary Ellen Smith William Smith, Mary Ryan Bonavista, Newfoundland  
12 August 1875 M52 William Harris Charles Harris, Rosanna McDonald Newfoundland John Connelly, Lizzie Cashin
    Mary Connaughton James Connaughton, Margaret Boutilier Nova Scotia  
17 August 1875 M54 John Morey Richard Morey, Catherine Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Mary Jane McGillivary
    Catherine McGillivary William McGillivary, Catherine Lynch Halifax, NS  
6 September 1875 M60 John Earles John Earles, Elizabeth Allen St. John's, Newfoundland Pierce Britt, Harriet Briand
    Margaret Moloney, Widow Thomas Cleary, Bridget Halley Bay Roberts, Newfoundland  
10 September 1875 M63 William Bilingsby William Bilingsby, Mary Meehan St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Mary Small
    Elizabeth Donohue James Donohue, Alice Neacy St. John's, Newfoundland  
20 September 1875 M65 Alexander Reid James Reid, Margaret Ross Ontario Lawrence Power, Mary Ann Scott
    Eleanor Robinson William Robinson, Anne O'Brien St. John's, Newfoundland  
20 September 1875 M66 James Jones James Jones, Mary Fitzgerald Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Mary Dunphy
    Ellen Lee Jeremiah Lee, Catherine Power Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
20 September 1875 M65 Alexander Reid, M.D. James Reid, Margaret Ross Ontario Lawrence Power, Mary Ann Scott
    Eleanor Robinson William Robinson, Anne O’Brien St. John's, Newfoundland  
14 October 1875 M75 Timothy Donovan William Donovan, Mary Sullivan Halifax, NS James Murphy, Anastasia Walsh
    Johanna Londrigan Patrick Londrigan, Bridget O'Brien St. John's, Newfoundland  
25 October 1875 M80 John Coughlan Maurice Coughlan, Mary Scanlan St. John's, Newfoundland John Colbert, Jane Colbert
    Margaret Colbert John Colbert, Elizabeth Power    
25 October 1875 M81 Charles Ryan John Ryan, Caroline Anderson St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Maher, Albertine Chassey
    Margaret Power Nicholas Power, Bridget Barrett Nova Scotia  
27 October 1875 M82 Robert Henry Farrow William Farrow, Mary Ann Wright Yarmouth, England Pierce Mullaly, Catherine Mullaly
    Mary Anne Barry John Barry, Mary Green St. John's, Newfoundland  
14 November 1875 M92 William Young Frederick Young, Anne Byers Port Piswick, NS Nicholas Berrigan, Ellen McGrath
    Ellen Fitzgerald Edward Fitzgerald, Bridget Bradbury Newfoundland  
31 October 1875 M83 Thomas Bransfield John Bransfield, Anastasia Meany St. John's, Newfoundland Edward Foran, Margaret Foran
    Bridget McGrath Thomas McGrath, Ann Power St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 November 1875 M107 Edward Mayo Samuel Mayo, Mary Butler St. John's, Newfoundland Richard Lewis, Mary Hyde
    Christina Walsh Martin Walsh, Elizabeth O'Brien St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 November 1874 M115 John Cuddehey George Cuddehey, Mary Tobin Newfoundland William Kline, Johanna Burke
    Annie Smith Angus Smith, Sarah Campbell Antigonish, NS  
25 October 1875 M81 Charles Ryan John Ryan, Caroline Anderson St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Maher, Albertine Chassey
    Margaret Power Nicholas Power, Bridget Barrett Nova Scotia  
11 January 1876 M4 Michael Phelan John Phelan, Ellen Hennessey Trinity, Newfoundland Daniel Phelan, Catherine Keefe
    Maria Connors Patrick Connors, Mary McGrath Halifax, NS  
27 February 1876 M16 William Sheedy John Sheedy, Catherine Corrigan Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland Michael O'Hara, Christina Sullivan
    Bridget Malone John Malone, Mary Hynes St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 February 1876 M17 Thomas Hurley Dennis Hurley, Johanna Regan Rawdon, NS Richard Grace, Mary Ann Swaine
    Annie Grace Thomas Grace, Johanna English Newfoundland  
27 February 1876 M17 Thomas Hurley Dennis Hurley, Johanna Regan Rawdon, NS Richard Grace, Mary Ann Swaine
    Annie Grace Thomas Grace, Johanna English Newfoundland  
20 April 1876 M21 Daniel Callahan Patrick Callahan, Catherine Murphy Newfoundland Thomas Crowe, Maria Manning
    Mary Drohan Thomas Drohan, Ellen Boneau Newfoundland  
30 April 1876 M23 James Fahey Jeremiah Fahey, Anne Cash St. John's,  Newfoundland

William Walsh, Mary Fahie

    Ellen Duggan William Duggan, Margaret Reddy    
6 June 1876 M32 Francis Norton Edward Norton, Eliza Norton London, England Thomas Buchanan, Annie Power
    Frances Fitzpatrick Michael Fitzpatrick, Margaret Finn St. John's, Newfoundland  
12 June 1876 M34 Edmund Lonergan Thomas Lonergan, Bridget Burk Tipperary, Ireland Michael Berrigan, Mary Clauson
    Elizabeth O'Neil William O'Neil, Mary Byron St. John's, Newfoundland  
13 June 1876 M35 James Dunbar Bell Boaz Bell, Jane Chigger Bermuda Michael Clay, Johanna Kenzie
    Bridget Keane Martin Keane, Bridget Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland  
20 June 1876 M41 Julius Ernst Wiedner George Wiedner, Louise Benedic North Germany John Turner, Jane Shidberg
    Bridget Leahy Maurice Leahy, Johanna Lynch St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 July 1876 M48 Patrick W. Carew William Carew, Rebecca Tobin St. John's, Newfoundland Henry Cunningham, Mary Gallagher
    Bridget Gallagher Patrick Gallagher, Alice Madden St. John's, Newfoundland  
1 August 1876 M51 John Hayes John Hayes, Julia Lannen St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Sullivan, Margaret Sullivan
    Bridget Sullivan Patrick Sullivan, Anastasia Malone St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 August 1876 M54 Thomas Pardy John Pardy, Susan Pico Burin, Newfoundland James O'Donnell, Agnes Britt
    Cassandra Moore Charles Moore, Caroline Shuffleburg Halifax, NS  
11 September 1876 M62 David Molloy John Molloy, Elizabeth Slaney St. Lawrence, Newfoundland William DeWolf, Mary DeWolfe
    Jane Daly John Daly, Catherine Conrad Porter Lake, NS  
27 September 1876 M67 Thomas Kelly James Kelly, Mary Grace St. John's, Newfoundland John Kinealy, Anne St. John
    Mary Jane St. John James St. John, Annie McDonald St. Peter's, Cape Breton  
30 October 1876 M78 Patrick Curley Michael Curley, Catherine Kersy Co. Westmeath, Ireland Patrick Curley, Mary Keys
    Margaret Pendergast John Pendergast, Mary Maher Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
2 November 1876 M80 William Carr, soldier Arthur Carr, Mary Stringer Armagh, Ireland Louis Tobin, Johanna Tobin
    Mary Ann Corbett Thomas Corbett, Elizabeth Healy St. John's, Newfoundland  
6 November 1876 M84 Charles Peterson Peter Peterson, Ann Gemesdater Norway Julius Nelson, Bridget Brantsfield
    Agnes Brantsfield John Brantsfield, Anastasia Meany St. John's, Newfoundland  
6 November 1876 M85 Thomas Edwards Edward William Edwards, Sarah Ann Lavender Kent, England Joseph Holloway, Mary Ann Ray
    Mary Henrietta Phelan John Phelan, Ellen Hinchey St. John's, Newfoundland  
7 November 1876 M87 Michael Maher James Maher, Mary Delaney Halifax, NS James Burns, Mary Maher
    Mary Ann Connelly Christopher Connelly, Mary Ann Lawler St. John's, Newfoundland  
26 December 1876 M132 Henry Howell John Howell, Selina Smith Barbadoes Thomas Rouse, Jennie Shiels
    Selina Fitzpatrick William Fitzpatrick, Bridget Barry Newfoundland  
10 January 1877 M8 Peter Andrew Frederick Christian Frederickson, Christina Doteur Denmark John Lomis, Mary Ann Gallagher
    Mary Power Michael Power, Alice Harris St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 April 1877 M33 William Hilman Andrew Hilman, Anne Harris Newfoundland John Hilman, Mary Kelly
    Kate E. Kelly John Kelly, Ellen Casey Halifax, NS  
24 April 1877 M34 Henry Louis Lubine Cornelius Loubine, Margaret Catherine Soures Germany Walter Murphy, Anne Taple
    Ann Bridget Murphy Michael Murphy, Anastasia Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland  
30 April 1877 M35 Thomas Baldwin Nicholas Baldwin, Catherine Bryan St. John's, Newfoundland Patrick Brennan, Margaret Murphy
    Johanna Murphy Patrick Murphy, Johanna Berrigan Halifax, NS  
15 May 1877 M42 Patrick Doyle Patrick Doyle, Bridget Larkin Torbay, Newfoundland Peter Finn, Ann Finn
    Catherine Rourke John Rourke, Catherine Adams St. John's, Newfoundland  
18 June 1877 M50 John McGrath Dennis McGrath, Catherine Bennett Halifax, NS Edward Foran, Catherine Mullay
    Catherine Harper Patrick Harper, Ellen Coady Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
28 June 1877 M54 John O'Brien Michael J. O'Brien, Hannah Callahan Halifax, NS Thomas Bohaman, Alice Duffy
    Mary Pendergast Michael Pendergast, Margaret Grace St. John's, Newfoundland  
9 July 1877 M57 Charles Augustus Wilson Olaf Wilson, Margaret Davidson Sweden Joseph McDonald, Mary Ann Sloan
    Margaret Mary Kearney Daniel Kearney, Mary Furlong St. John's, Newfoundland  
30 July 1877 M61 Daniel Scott John Scott, Mary McLoughlan Halifax, NS Joseph Scott, Teresa Quirk
    Elizabeth Sampson James Sampson, Margaret Roche Placentia, Newfoundland  
8 September 1877 M75 James Gallivan Nicholas Gallivan, Margaret Angel St. John's, Newfoundland John Gallivan, Margaret Clancy
    Catherine Clancy Thomas Clancy, Mary Cummings St. John's, Newfoundland  
16 September 1877 M77 Charles Bevis Charles Bevis, Emma Young Halifax, NS John Moore, Annie Arnold
    Mary Ann Evoy Patrick Evoy, Bridget Lowry St. John's, Newfoundland  
29 October 1877 M87 Francis Charles Johnson Jacob Christian Johnson, Anna Maria Christianson Copenhagen, Denmark William Mountain, Ellen Mountain
    Margaret O'Connell Daniel O'Connell, Margaret Demor St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 November 1877 M89 Eugene Morriaty Patrick Morriaty, Catherine Hagerty Halifax, NS Michael Morriaty, Margaret Morriaty
    Mary Scott Philip Scott, Mary Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland  
12 November 1877 M90 John Donevan John Donevan, Ann McGee Ireland Thomas Goodman, Catherine McLennan
    Margaret Stewart John Flaherty, Anastasia Delahunty St. John's, Newfoundland  
1 December 1877 M105 John Kenealy Martin Kenealy, Catherine McCarthy St. John's, Newfoundland David McDonald, Mary Ann Kenealy
    Annie St. John James St. John, Annie McDonald Newfoundland  
8 January 1878 M1 John Ahearn Maurice Ahearn, Margaret Moloney St. John's, Newfoundland Allan McDonald, Annie Whelan
    Mary Ann Carey George Carey, Catherine Heffernan Witless Bay, Newfoundland  
28 January 1878 M5 Michael Jones James Jones, Honora O'Connor Kerry. Ireland

Philip Clausen, Mary Clausen

    Catherine Hayden William Hayden, Sarah Hearne St. John's, Newfoundland  
30 January 1878 M7 John Bell Thomas Bell, Anastasia Kelly St. John's, Newfoundland John Hurley, Mary Ann Condon
    Johanna Calahan Dennis Calahan, Kate McDonald St. John's, Newfoundland  
11 February 1878 M12 Joseph Romaud John B. Romaud, Esther O'Quinn Cheticamp, NS Alonzo Brown, Margaret Brown
    Mary Winifred Brown John Brown, Margaret Brown St. John's, Newfoundland  
19 February 1878 M17 Nicholas Phelan Michael Phelan, Deborah Thompson Halifax, NS Robert Phelan, Sophia Taple
    Catherine Cecilia Mullay Pierce Mullaly, Honora Byrne St. John's, Newfoundland  
24 February 1878 M18 James Parmiter James Parmiter, Elizabeth Hodge Halifax, NS Pierce Britt, Teresa Coady
    Annie Coady Thomas Coady, Alice Shelly St. John's, Newfoundland  
2 May 1878 M25 John Costello James Costello, Mary Kenny St. John's, Newfoundland Charles O'Donnell, Catherine Mahoney
    Hannah Canning Thomas Canning, Mary Brady St. John's, Newfoundland  
3 June 1878 M30 Michael Duffield John Duffield, Catherine Cullen Halifax, NS Peter Duffield, Mary Bower
    Catherine Elizabeth Horwood John Horwood, Mary Brace St. John's, Newfoundland  
3 June 1878 M31 William Furlong William Furlong, Catherine Murphy Newfoundland James Murphy, Honora McInerney
    Bridget Teresa Leahy William Leahy, Mary Downey Cork, Ireland  
10 June 1878 M33 George Rolf Josiah Rolf, Jeanette McKay Quebec John Madge, Bridget Holland
    Ellen Ead Thomas Ead, Mary McDonnell St. John's, Newfoundland  
26 June 1878 M41 George William Finch Joseph Finch, Sarah Finch Cambridge James Johnson, Mary Cahill
    Mary Kenvan Michael Finch, Mary Casey St. John's, Newfoundland  
1 July 1878 M42 John Wier Arthur Wier, Charlotte Burkett Nova Scotia John Cahill, Catherine Grey
    Mary Barrett John Barrett, Bridget Murphy Newfoundland  
16 July 1878 M47 James Donnelly James Donnelly, Mary Lyons Halifax, NS Christopher Davidson, Bridget Ryan
    Catherine Cecilia Ryan John Ryan, Jane Pippy St. John's, Newfoundland  
18 July 1878 M49 John Joseph Sherin James Sherin, Margaret Brown Antrim, Ireland Michael Austin, Mary austin
    Margaret Mary Daw Nathaniel Daw, Mary Ann Row Newfoundland  
5 August 1878 M54 William Delaney William Delaney, Honora Foley Nova Scotia John Phelan, Catherine Fahie
    Margaret Phelan Daniel Phelan, Mary Neary Newfoundland  
28 August 1878 M62 James George Pickett James G. Pickett, Catherine Ellis London, England Charles Worrall, Anne Collins
    Mary Evans John Evan, Ann Power St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 November 1878 M83 Michael Joseph Fahie Thomas Fahie, Catherine Ryan St. John's, Newfoundland Robert Colford, Jane Barry
    Ellen Frances Fader Edward Fader, Julia Evans Halifax, NS  
14 November 1878 M86 Thomas McCready Patrick McCready, Ellen McLaughlin Halifax, NS Thomas Connors, Bridget Green
    Margaret Green John Green, Mary Ann Miller Placentia, Newfoundland  
15 January 1879 M4 Patrick Ead John Ead, Bridget Dormody St. John's, Newfoundland Philip Healy, Mary Meagher
    Julia Camella Meagher John Meagher, Mary Coleman Halifax, NS  
26 April 1879 M28 Alexander Leo Mark Leo, Emma Penso Panama Michael Berrigan, Elizabeth Walker
    Margaret McPherson James McPherson, Ellen McCarthy St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 May 1879 M32 David Edwards Augustine Edwards, Ann McKay Dundee, Scotland John Ives, Ellen Walsh
    Ann McAuliffe John McAuliffe, Bridget Keefe St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 May 1879 M39 John Lamb Jeremiah Lamb, Mary Burns Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Lizzie Cotton
    Margaret Leary John Leary, Elizabeth Brunt Portuguese Cove, NS  
18 June 1879 M45 Thomas Garrity Michael Garrity, Mary Ann Lannen Halifax, NS John McLaughlin, Kate Garrity
    Johanna Hays Timothy Hays, Catherine O'Hearne St. John's, Newfoundland  
22 June 1879 M46 William John Kentsbeer John Kentsbeer, Elizabeth Lendon Sheerness, Kent, England Patrick Cremer, Margaret Mulsin
    Bridget Neary James Neary, Elizabeth Harvey Portugal Cove, Newfoundland  
24 June 1879 M48 John Sheean James Sheean, Ellen Moran Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland Patrick Sheean, Mary Sheean
    Bridget Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald, Mary Scanlon Newfoundland  
17 July 1879 M55 William Kendling, corporal John Kendling, Rebecca Cox Birmingham, England James Boylan, Margaret Miller
    Margaret Flaherty Richard Flaherty, Mary Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland  
15 September 1879 M62 Thomas James Buchanan James Buchanan, Mary Duggan Upper Prospect, NS Freeman Levi, Jane Buchanan
    Ann Power Thomas Power, Ana Leary St. John's, Newfoundland  
25 September 1879 [?] James Walsh Thomas Walsh, Mary Nova Scotia Thomas Buchanan, Annie Buchanan
    Esther Power Thomas Power, Mary Leary Newfoundland  
9 October 1879 M69 John Joseph Burke Patrick Burke, Julia Penny St. Jacques, Newfoundland John Penny, Eliza Burke
    Elizabeth Penny John Penny, Mary Wilcot Great Jervis, Newfoundland  
20 October 1879 M77 Dennis J. Murray John Murray, Susan Blue Scotland John Murray, Annie Myers
    Bessie Whitten Robert Whitten, Mary Burns St. John's,  Newfoundland  
12 January 1880 M4 Peter Martin William Martin, Margaret Quinlan St. John's, Newfoundland William Sullivan, Margaret Stuart
    Teresa Lakeman William Lakeman, Ann O'Brien St. John's, Newfoundland  
18 January 1880 M5 Richard Grace Thomas Grace, Johanna English St. John's, Newfoundland John Gregwire, Elizabeth Horn
    Emma Gregwire John Gregwire, Elizabeth Horn Halifax, NS  
5 April 1880 M16 Edward Charles Leahy William Leahy, Anne Mahon St. John's,  Newfoundland Frederick H. Calnect, Anna Murphy
    Emma Josephine Murphy Patrick Murphy, Nargaret O'Connell Halifax, NS  
8 June 1880 M29 Michael Christie Lawrence Christie, Eliza Monaghan West Indies Patrick Scott, Mary Jane Minibenn
    Catherine Hatchett Richard Hatchett, Anne Flanagan Newfoundland  
15 June 1880 M32 Martin Ryan Michael Ryan, Ellen Burns Halifax, NS John O'Hearne, Catherine Power
    Elizabeth Power Patrick Power, Bridget Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland  
2 August 1880 M44 Mark Leatich John Leatich, Mary Stuperoge Austria Gustaves Anderson, Mary Burke
    Margaret Clancey Thomas Clancey, Mary Cummings St. John's, Newfoundland  
20 September 1880 M58 John Kennedy Sylvester Kennedy, Mary Driscoll Halifax, NS Allan McDonald, Mary Downs
    Margaret Rossiter William Rossiter, Ellen Power St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 November 1880 M79 Stephen Chapman Stephen Chapman, Mary Heley Dover, England Michael Berrigan, Ellen Humphries
    Margaret Ryan William Ryan, Margaret Burke St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 November 1880 M80 James Pendergast John Pendergast, Bridget Henricken Placentia, Newfoundland James Smith, Mary Elizabeth Young
    Elizabeth Grant Robert Grant, Elizabeth Archibald Maitland, NS  
16 January 1881 M6 Thomas Shean Michael Shean, Catherine Hartnett Halifax, NS John Shean, Mary Shean
    Annie Ferris William Munn Ferris, Johannah Green St. John's, Newfoundland  
7 February 1881 M18 John Wood John Wood, Catherine Phelan Halifax, NS William Cotter, Catherine Kingston
    Margaret O'Donnell John O'Donnell, Mary Fleming St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 February 1881 M23 William Murphy Michael Murphy, Anastasia Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland Geoffrey Flynn, Margaret Howlett
    Catherine Dunn Stephen Dunn, Catherine Deasy St. John's, Newfoundland  
30 July 1881 M42 James Patrick Farrell James Farrell, Mary Grace Kilkenney, Ireland John McGrath, Catherine McGrath
    Margaret Harper Patrick Harper, Ellen Coady Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
19 September 1881 M53 John Shean Maurice Shean, Ellen Donohue Halifax, NS Thomas Burns, Annie Rouge
    Mary Puddester James Puddester, Clara Power St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 October 1881 M60 Robert Whitten Robert Whitten, Mary Burns St. John's, Newfoundland John Ahearn, Cassie O'Hearn
    Agnes Carey John Carey, Mary Flynn St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 November 1881 M71 Joseph Eton William Eton, Ellen Carey Halifax, NS Thomas Scully, Emma O'Malley
    Susanna Power Thomas Power, Ellen Morrisey St. John's, Newfoundland  
24 November 1881 M82 John Thomas Warren John Warren, Alice Quigley West Quoddy, NS Thomas Glawson, Ellen Ferguson
    Catherine Sullivan Daniel Sullivan, Alice Murray Carbonear, Newfoundland  
2 February 1882 M5 John Joseph Power William Power, Bridget Fitzgerald St. John's, Newfoundland Matthew Slaney, Alice M. Power
    Bridget Elizabeth Thompson, widow Thomas Slaney, Ellen McCaffrey Halifax, NS  
24 April 1882 M12 James Walsh James Walsh, Mary Hennebury Halifax, NS John Reyno, Bridget McDonald
    Mary Bransfield Charles Bransfield, Alice Hanrahan Carbonear, Newfoundland  
9 October 1882 M55 George Baker George Baker, Mary Ward England Reuben Whiting, Mary Walsh
    Johanna Fitzgerald Maurice Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Barclay St. John's, Newfoundland  
19 October 1882 M59 John Henry Simmons Samuel Simmons, Catherine Boneau St. John's, Newfoundland Hanry Matthews, Mary Ellen Sullivan
    Mary Jane Petitpas Dennis Petitpas, Mary Ann Richard Chezzetcook, NS  
9 January 1883 M6 Patrick Malone John Malone, Mary Doyle Newfoundland Martin Novelle, Bridget Caul
    Katie Novelle James Novelle, Margaret Furlong Newfoundland  
1 April 1883 M19 David Molloy John Molloy, Elizabeth Slaney St. John's, Newfoundland George Leith, Elizabeth Leith
    Maria Fowler, widow Robert Walsh, Mary Tibo St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 April 1883 M20 Henry Matthews John & Henrietta Matthews Rotterdam John Purcell, Bridget Larkins
    Mary Ellen Sullivan John & Catherine Sullivan St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 April 1883 M21 George Padfield John Padfield, Bridget Ring Halifax, NS Robert Hector, Mary Ann Hector
    Mary Ann Power Thomas Power, Ellen Morrissey St. John's, Newfoundland  
26 April 1883 M34 Michael Walker Matthew Walker, Ellen Walker Halifax, NS John Murray, Ann Long
    Mary Ann Granville John Granville, Ellen Kelly St. John's, Newfoundland  
3 May 1883 M36 John Canty James Canty, Ann Shea Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Margaret Murphy
    Mary Jane Beatty Robert & Matilda Beatty St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 November 1883 M85 Moses Frederick O'Brien Raphel O'Brien, Hortense Downey Moncton, NB Thomas Guynan, Bridget Walsh
    Catherine Walsh Joseph Walsh, Mary Brothers St. John's, Newfoundland  
21 April 1884 M15 George McHenry James McHenry, Mary Byron Herring Cove, NS Arthur Anderson, Henrietta O'Hearne
    Margaret Morrissey Thomas Morrissey, Mary Power Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
14 May 1884 M22 Finn Rein Eid Thorwald Eid, Johanna Dahl Norway John Crowell, Elizabeth Connors
    Catherine Connors Daniel Connors, Bridget Whelan St. John's, Newfoundland  
29 July 1884 M39 Edward Walsh Patrick Walsh, Ann Morrissey St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Catherine Pitts
    Mary Hodder David Hodder, Bridget Larkin St. John's, Newfoundland  
21 August 1884 M47 Harry Charles Bryant Joseph Bryant, Harriet Small Reading, England Robert Forbes, Mary Ellen Doran
    Ellen Doran Eugene Doran, Mary Townsend St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 October 1884 M58 James Moore James Moore, Mary Moore Kildare, Ireland William Hannan, Lucy McGinnis
    Dinah Mary Young George Young, Mary Bright Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
20 October 1884 M61 William Mahoney John Mahoney, Susan Peck Halifax, NS William Clarke, Catherine McKenzie
    Margaret Clarke James Clarke, Mary Fitzgerald St. John's, Newfoundland  
17 February 1885 M17 John Thibbets Maurice Thibbets, Pelegie Perry Tignish, PEI Richard Ennis, Margaret McLellan
    Emily M. Keeping Benjamin Keeping, Mary Banberry St. John's, Newfoundland  
5 May 1885 M29 George W. Davis Joseph Davis, Catherine Miller Dartmouth, NS John Tobin, Rebecca Smith
    Elizabeth Slaney Joseph Slaney, Mary Ann Quirk Newfoundland  
10 June 1885 M32 John Burke John Burke, Ellen Kiely St. John's, Newfoundland John Fanning, Margaret Morrissey
    Mary Williams William Williams, Ellen Oats St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 July 1885 M47 Matthew Gill Henry Gill, Mary Egan Co. Wexford, Ireland Patrick Furlong, Mary McLennan
    Ann Cullerton Walter Cullerton, Mary Ann Power Placentia, Newfoundland  
21 September 1885 M57 William Colohan John Colohan, Bridget Moina Halifax, NS Thomas Rockett, Mary Connors
    Mary Walsh William Hayden, Sarah Hearne St. John's, Newfoundland  
6 October 1885 M64 Samuel Cooper John Cooper, Elizabeth Cooper Nova Scotia Patrick Green, Mary Kehoe
    Jane Morris, widow of William John Green, Mary Miller Newfoundland  
26 October 1885 M69 Michael McGann Andrew McGann, Catherine McGann Liverpool, England Patrick McNeil, Carrie Follett
    Bridget Taylor Richard Taylor, Ann Sullivan St. John's, Newfoundland  
26 November 1885 M78 William Cotter Garret Cotter, Elizabeth Buckley Halifax, NS George Bateman, Eliza Brenton
    Elizabeth Brenton John Brenton, Bridget Pardy Burin, Newfoundland  
9 March 1886 M16 David Hogan William Hogan, Ann Farrell Halifax, NS John Hannagan, Anastasia Jordae
    Margaret Pine John & Elizabeth Pine St. John's, Newfoundland  
14 June 1886 M35 Joseph Laurence Joseph Laurence, Catherine Lambert Halifax, NS James Murphy, Bridget Barron
    Margaret Lannen John Lannen, Alice Duggan St. John's, Newfoundland  
21 July 1886 M45 James Oakley Arthur Oakley, Sophia Horne Herring Cove, NS Malcolm, McNeil, Mary Comerford
    Ellen Comerford Thomas Comerford, Mary Henricken Burin, Newfoundland  
7 September 1886 M52 Michael Rutledge Thomas Rutledge, Ellen Hogan Kildare, Ireland Daniel Gallivan, Ellen Humphrey
    Mary Ray, widow Nicholas Gallivan, Margaret Hengy St. John's, Newfoundland  
18 October 1886 M65 William Walsh John Walsh, Bridget Leahy Halifax, NS Robert Ballard, Mary O'Hearne
    Bridget Walsh Joseph Walsh, Bridget Brothers St. John's, Newfoundland  
25 October 1886 M68 Martin Bates James Bates, Ann Shaw Louisburg, NS Robert Campbell, Ann Debay
    Catherine Mullins Thomas Mullins, Elizabeth Doyle St. John's, Newfoundland  
1 November 1886 M70 John Ross John Ross, Margaret Gowrie Tapotte, Scotland Michael Rooney, Ruth McPherson
    Clara M. Slaney David Slaney, Anastasia Shaughaussy Ferryland, NF  
22 November 1886 M80 Thomas Sinyard Thomas Sinyard, Frances Comvale Hearts Content, Newfoundland John Donan, Beatrice Murphy
    Frances Murray John Murray, Mary Ann Murphy Hearts Content, Newfoundland  
30 November 1886 M84 Michael Whelan John Whelan, Bridget Doyle Brigus, Newfoundland James Lausen, Rose Beck
    Cecilia Beck Jacob Beck, Sophia Moulton Upper Prospect, NS  
8 January 1887 M2 Thomas Maguire Patrick Maguire, Catherine McGorty Liverpool, NS John Forham, Mrs. Hobin
    Ann Pentz Thomas Pentz, Catherine Rouke Newfoundland  
12 January 1887 M6 John Palfrey Samuel Palfrey, Mary Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Berrigan, Margaret Murphy
    Mary Earle George Earle, Bridget White St. John's, Newfoundland  
12 April 1887 M18 Thomas Brophy Thomas Brophy, Maria Slaunwhite Lower Prospect, NS Thomas Tobin, Julia Driscoll
    Elizabeth Tobin Patrick Tobin, Margaret Grace St. Mary's, Newfoundland  
18 April 1887 M19 Arthur McKay Arthur McKay, Jane Gillet Belfast, Ireland George M. Kingsford, Alice Barrett
    Jessie Elizabeth Coleman Joseph Coleman, Elizabeth Ball Trinity, Newfoundland  
27 April 1887 M24 Martin Brinkman George Brinkman, Ann Niebuhr Lubeck, Germany Norman Hubby, Elizabeth Hall
    Mary Young James Young, Ann Hall Codroy, Newfoundland  
9 May 1887 M26 Jeremiah Shean John Shean, Johanna Walsh Oswego, NY Richard Crosbie, Elizabeth Shean
    Eliza Cody Michael Cody, Catherine Smithwick St. John's, Newfoundland  
13 June 1887 M34 John Cudihy John & Mary Cudihy Halifax, NS John Murphy, Mary Tutcher
    Catherine Gray Patrick & Margaret Gray Newfoundland  
13 June 1887 M33 William Neville Thomas Neville, Catherine Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland James Rooth, Mary Laracy
    Catherine Laracy John Laracy, Mary Mulroney Halifax, NS  
20 September 1887 M69 John Burns Edward Burns, Mary Devanny Halifax, NS E.J. Bowie, Annie Balcom
    Elizabeth Noftel Archibald Noftel, Adelaide Spurrell St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 September 1887 M71 Murdock White Samuel White, Vitaline Aucoin Bay St. George, Newfoundland Michael Ryan, Maria Burke
    Mary Ann Burke Michael Burke, Eliza Shaw Mainadieu, NS  
29 October 1887 M79 Marineus Hansen Hans Hansen, Mary Olsen Christiania, Norway Valentine English, Elizabeth Tobin
    Sarah Murphy Albert Murphy, Catherine Healy Worthless Bay, Newfoundland  
31 October 1887 M80 William Glazebrook, widower John Glazebrook, Elizabeth Brunt Halifax, NS George Roma, Bridget Morin
    Margaret Melvin, widow James Neary, Elizabeth Harvey Portugal Cove, Newfoundland  
14 November 1887 M84 George Henry Purcell George Purcell, Jane McLeod Waverly, NS John Smith, Hannah Rogers
    Winifred Doran Patrick Doran, Margaret Crotty St. John's, Newfoundland  
15 November 1887 M86 Michael Joseph Burke Owen Burke, Priscilla Penny St. Jacques, Newfoundland William Burke, Jane Perry
    Mary Frances Penny John Penny, Mary Willcott Great Jervis, Newfoundland  
25 January 1888 M6 John W. Noel Lewis John W. Noel, Cecilia Munn Harbour Grace, Newfoundland John Tozer, Mary Walsh
    Mary Frances Power Thomas Power, Anne O'Leary St. John's, Newfoundland  
13 February 1888 M12 Maurice William White Joseph White, Elizabeth Lynch Ferguson's Cove, NS John A. Brooks, Alice Barrett
    Alice Cochrane James Cochrane, Ellen Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland  
13 February 1888 M13 Allan McDonald Daniel McDonald, Effie McDonald Louisburg, Cape Breton John Bailey, Mary McPhee
    Mary Amelia Elliott Jacob Elliott, Mary Anderson Twillingate, Newfoundland  
13 February 1888 M14 John W. Czerenski Johan Czerenski, Veronica Kettorski Danzig, Germany Martin Ryan, Elizabeth O'Brien
    Nora Kennedy James Kennedy, Mary Glynn Bay Bulls, Newfoundland  
12 June 1888 M36 Edward Healy James Healy, Mary A. Edstrom St. John's, Newfoundland Michael Fogarty, Bridget Ead
    Mary Ead Thomas Ead, Mary McDonald Newfoundland  
14 August 1888 M51 Patrick Joseph Wyatt Arthur Wyatt, Annie McGowan Halifax, NS William Glawson, Teresa Mahoney
    Caroline Allen Samuel Allen, Anne Nash Newfoundland  
8 September 1888 M61 Stephen Robinson John Robinson, Elizabeth Ellis Essex, England John J. Campbell, Mary Cassidy
    Margaret Morrissey Thomas Morrissey, Mary Cody St. John's, Newfoundland  
11 September 1888 M63 Albert Edward Rowland, Widower David Rowland, Hannah Winter Surrey, England Malcolm Robichaud, Margaret McEachern
    Elizabeth McCarty William McCarty, Catherine Cody Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
16 October 1888 M72 Joseph Owens of New York Joseph Owens, Margaret Cook Dublin, Irealnd William Cahill, Mary Ann Coghlin
    Bridget Walsh Walter Walsh, Alice Power St. John's, Newfoundland  
28 October 1888 M73 Thomas Ead John Ead, Ellen Berrigan Ireland John P. Cahill, Bridget Grant
    Julia Ryan Patrick Ryan, Ann Dunn St. John's, Newfoundland  
6 November 1888 M76 William Dalton William Dalton, Ellen Knox St. John's, Newfoundland Robert Pedigrew, Isabella Roche
    Mary Rose Michael Rose, Teresa Gardner St. John's, Newfoundland  
7 November 1888 M79 John Carson Thomas Carson, Bridget Doherty Elmsdale, NS James Carson, Elizabeth Kinsella
    Katherine Kinsella John Kinsella, Anastasia Brether Paradise, Newfoundland  
15 November 1888 M83 Shadrach Thomas Charles Thomas, Jane Thomas Halifax, NS Bernard Somers, Ellen Gardner
    Mary Ellen Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald, Mary Gardner Placentia Bay, Newfoundland  
15 January 1889 M4 James Martin William Martin, Mary O'Connor Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Thomas Martin, Julianna Duggan
    Ellen Mary Adams William Adams, Julia Foley Harbour Grace, Newfoundland  
14 February 1889 M15 Nicholas Power Thomas Power, Ellen Morrissey St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Spofforth, Catherine Spofforth
    Lizzie Blanchard Edward Blanchard, Ellen McManus St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 February 1889 M21 Patrick Connors Michael Connors, Elizabeth Hartery Harbour Grace, Newfoundland William F. Riley, Mary R. Brackett
    Margaret Brackett Andrew Brackett, Mary A. McDonald Halifax, NS  
16 September 1889 M50 Alphage Richard Fuller Benjamin Fuller, Caroline Harvey England William Fuller, Annie Duggan
    Annie O'Neill John O'Neill, Anne Crawley Holyrood, Newfoundland  
30 September 1889 M52 Philip Clausen Philip Clausen, Mary Butler Newfoundland Michael Griffen, Kate Brennan
    Margaret Brennan John Brennan, Mary Cumford Halifax, NS  
1 October 1889 M53 Patrick Quigley, widower Martin Quigley, Mary Murphy St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Ead, Julia Ead
    Ann Davis, widow Patrick Ryan, Ann Dunn St. John's, Newfoundland  
23 October 1889 M63 James Murphy Patrick Murphy, Joanna Berrigan Halifax, NS Frederick Murphy, Bridget Shea
    Mary Shea Joseph Shea, Elizabeth King St. John's, Newfoundland  
19 November 1889 M69 Thomas Tobin Patrick Tobin, Margaret Grace St. Mary's, Newfoundland John Hennigan, Kate Harlan
    Mary Ann Hennigan Flann Hennigan, Mary Long Halifax, NS  
25 November 1889 M71 Malcolm McInnis Allan McInnes, Annie McPherson Sydney, CB William Commerford, Catherine Fahie
    Mary O'Hearn John O'Hearn, Mary Fahie St. John's, Newfoundland  
21 April 1890 M16 Edward Hoare Michael Hoare, Bridget Courtney Halifax, NS Patrick Sheehan, Catherine Kennedy
    Mary Crane Timothy Crane, Margaret Sullivan Newfoundland  
14 May 1890 M22 James Squires James Squires, Mary Grant Newfoundland William Grant, Catherine McKay
    Catherine Murphy William Murphy, Catherine MacKay Halifax, NS  
25 June 1890 M27 Lawrence Roach John Roach, Margaret Carroll Halifax, NS Cornelius Driscoll, Agnes Mallowney
    Bridget Power James Power, Margaret O'Donnell Witless Bay, Newfoundland  
21 July 1890 M32 James Murphy Daniel Murphy, Martha Lake Newfoundland Michael Walsh, Mary Gullakeon
    Catherine McCarthy Daniel McCarthy, Mary Fenlon Newfoundland  
26 August 1890 M41 Robert Hamilton John Hamilton, Frances Daly Kings Co., NS Charles Hamilton, Annie Murphy
    Elizabeth Murphy Peter Murphy, Mary Haire Newfoundland  
3 November 1890 M50 John Boggan James Boggan, Elizabeth Lannen Carbonear, Newfoundland John Curran, Kate Curran
    Mary Curran William Curran, Mary Phelan Halifax, NS  
3 November 1890 M51 William Downey James Downey, Mary Ann Cole Halifax, NS William Dalton, Bridget Rose
    Ellen Quigley Thomas Quigley, Catherine Cullen St. John's, Newfoundland  
9 June 1891 M21 Jeremiah Young Edward Young, Ann Simmons Hubbards Cove, NS Edward Bennett, Mary Mackey
    Agnes Mullowney Dennis Mullowney, Ellen Culleton St. John's, Newfoundland  
16 June 1891 M26 Robert Martin Taple Philip Taple, Elizabeth Sutton Halifax, NS F.M. Murray, Anna Fry
    Margaret Mary Fry Francis Fry, Mary Ann Hearn St. John's,  Newfoundland  
18 November 1891 M61 Joseph Bonia Maurice Bonia, Frances Reilly Placentia, Newfoundland John O'Connor, E.M. Curran
    Philomena Williams Edward Williams, Johanna O'Brien Bay Bulls, Newfoundland  
11 February 1892 M9 Thomas Martin William Martin, Mary Power Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Robert Whitten, Mary Jones
    Ellen Hayes John Hayes, Mary Boland Bay of Islands, Newfoundland  
23 February 1892 M12 John Walsh Thomas Walsh, Mary Stanford St. John's, Newfoundland Sarah McAvoy
    Annie Joy William Joy, Annie Morse Catalina, Newfoundland  
29 December 1892 M52 John Madden Michael Madden, Elizabeth Nowlan St. John's, Newfoundland Robert J. Collins, Mary A. O'Neill
    Mary A. Curran James Curran, Mary Ryan Brigus, Newfoundland  
16 January 1893 M4 Thomas Beazley William Beazley, Mary Gilfoy Halifax, NS Edward Beazley, Mary Bolan
    Clara Bolan Thomas Boland, Ellen Hayes Bay of Islands, Newfoundland  
17 January 1893 M5 John Pettipas William Pettipas, Catherine Wheeler Summerside, Bay of Islands, Newfoundland James Johnson, Martha Hyland
    Olivia Bethune Charles Bethune, Elizabeth Carr Sydney, Cape Breton  
9 February 1893 M12 Frederick Lambert Philip Lambert, Mary Mettellier England Joseph DeYoung, Elizabeth Butler
    Margaret Butler John Butler, Ellen King Newfoundland  
4 May 1893 M19 Edmund Hartrey George Hartrey, Margaret Power Harbour Grace, Newfoundland M. Murphy, Mary Cleary
    Mary Josephine O'Brien James O'Hearn, Mary Hennessey Carbonear, Newfoundland  
16 May 1893 M22 Michael Connors Michael Connors, Mary Hurley Newfoundland Frederick Butler, Addie Gifford
    Elizabeth Butler John Butler, Ellen King Newfoundland  
19 June 1893 M27 John Bulger William Bulger, Mary Keleher Halifax, NS John Edwards, Jane Campbell
    Mary Gillis John Gillis, Sarah McDonald Bay St. George, Newfoundland  
16 August 1893 M32 Charles Fisher Henry & Mary Fisher Salisbury, England Thomas Murphy, Sarah Maloney
    Julia Conran Joseph & Mary Conran Conception Bay, Newfoundland  
12 September 1893 M33 Michael Meaney Lawrence Meaney, Johanna Gould Carbonear, Newfoundland Thomas Geary, Lizzie Walsh
    Mary Martin Edward Martin, Margaret Finn Carbonear, Newfoundland  
14 September 1893 M34 Thomas Armstrong James Armstrong, Joanna Hogan Newfoundland Joseph J. Foley, Bessie Martin
    Ellen Martin William Martin, Euphana Callahan Halifax, NS  
30 October 1893 M40 Patrick Murphy William Murphy, Margaret Connors Carbonear, Newfoundland Thomas Finch, Elizabeth Fortune
    Johanna Gushue Robert Murphy, Mary Costello Conception Bay, Newfoundland  
21 November 1893 M56 Robert Oliver Solomon Oliver, Elizabeth Doyle Gull Island, Newfoundland Richard O'Dell, Mary O'Neil
    Elizabeth Doyle William O'Dell, Alice McDonald Labrador  
6 January 1894 M1 Edward Walsh Patrick Walsh, Catherine Mullins Halifax, NS Roderick Cameron, Catherine Hicks
    Mary Power Redmond Power, Ellen Walsh Bay of Islands, Newfoundland  
26 March 1894 M9 James Rice James Rice, Elizabeth Whelan Cape Broyle. Newfoundland Frederick Joy, Emily Rice
    Mary Larkin Edward Larkin, Nora Blanche Placentia, Newfoundland  
17 July 1894 M28 William Tierney, widower William Tierney, Ann Conway Tyrone, Ireland T.J. Ronayne, Mary J. Smith
    Margaret Ryan William Ryan, Mary Whelan Keels, Newfoundland  
23 July 1894 M29 Hugh Morrow John Morrow, Annie McCloskey Londonderry, Ireland George Power, Ellen Kennedy
    Elizabeth Bailey, widow of Nicholas John O'Mullin, Mary Foley Placentia, Newfoundland  
20 August 1894 M31 John Murphy Edward Murphy, Margaret Scott Halifax, NS Michael Campbell, Catherine O'Connell
    Susan Mercer Moses Mercer, Mary Norman Bay Roberts, Newfoundland  
12 September 1894 M41 George Brackley George Brackley, Hannah Winderbank Surrey, England Charles Hardy, Alice Farrel
    Bridget Thompson Thomas Thompson, Ellen Power Brigus, Newfoundland  
1 October 1894 M48 Nicholas Meagher, widower Patrick Meagher, Bridget Foyle Nova Scotia John E. Burns, Annie Marsden
    Catherine Kennific, widow of Frederick Meyer Michael Kennific, Margaret Catherine Maher Newfoundland


23 October 1894 M51 James Patrick English, widower John English, Anne Shea Job’s Cove, Newfoundland Thomas Foley, Mary Ann Connelly
    Bridget Connelly John Connelly, Bridget Dunne Halifax, NS  
14 November 1894 M55 Francis J. Schumacher Francis Schumacher, Mary Beet Coffrey, Germany David McNamara, Teresa Barry
    Mary Dwyer Martin Dwyer, Bridget O'Neill St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 November 1894 M58 Edward Butler Thomas Butler, Susie Walsh Holyrood, Newfoundland Richard Butler, Mary Meagher
    Kate Meagher William Meagher, Annie Lewis Holyrood, Newfoundland  
26 February 1895 M6 Andrew Hartery Andrew Hartery, Ellen Hart St. John's, Newfoundland Charles Robertson, Emma Ryan
    Alice Ryan Patrick Ryan, Ellen Hardiman Prospect, NS  
29 June 1895 M21 Francis E. Mason Frederick Mason, Louisa Durstin St. Georges, Somerset Michael Calor, Matilda Waterfield
    Mary Cody John Cody, Ellen Dinn St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 July 1895 M23 Willis Jenkins John Jenkins, Margaret Walsh Newfoundland Henry McKinlay, Mary Langille
    Georgina Kennefick Patrick Kennefick, Elizabeth Green Halifax, NS  
22 August 1895 M32 Richard O'Dell William O'Dell, Alice McDonald Labrador J.P. O'Hearne, Bridget Corbett
    Mary Corbett Stephen Corbett, Mary White Harbour Bay, Newfoundland  
6 September 1895 M35 Peter Martell Remi Martell, Veronica Marchaud L'Ardoise, NS Paul Kingston, David Martell
    Ellen O'Neill James O'Neill, Jane Hauley St. John's, Newfoundland  
30 October 1895 M48 John Murn Robert Murn, Bridget Connors St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Hunt, Mary Dunphy
    Bridget Conran Joseph Conran, Mary Harbour Main, Newfoundland  
6 November 1895 M52 Peter J. Doyle Francis Doyle, Sarah McNelly Liverpool, England William L. Doran, Minnie Sullivan
    Mary Pemela Cluett Thomas Cluett, Mary Mullins Belloram, Newfoundland  
16 November 1895 M57 Thomas McLaughlin James McLaughlin, Margaret Gear St. John's, Newfoundland Thomas Leahy, Julia Jackman
    Elizabeth Walsh Thomas Walsh, Mary Taplin Conception Bay, Newfoundland  
25 November 1895 M59 Thomas Moriarty John Moriarty, Ellen Curren Halifax, NS W.G. Gerrard, Mary Stokes
    Mary Sullivan William Sullivan, Mary Whelan Newfoundland  
26 November 1895 M60 Thomas Lee John Lee, Ann Gear St. John's, Newfoundland John Bodfrey, Bridget Power
    Mary Whelan Patrick Whelan, Anne Hart St. John's, Newfoundland  
15 January 1896 M6 Patrick Dowd Patrick Dowd, Catherine Power Halifax, NS Alfred Harvey, Ellen White
    Mary Brennan Walter Brennan, Mary Lamb Placentia, Newfoundland  
27 January 1896 M8 Herbert Hayes John Hayes, Mary Tave Halifax, NS Archibald Hatcher, Elizabeth Shepherd
    Mary Ellen Power William Power, Sarah Colton St. John's, Newfoundland  
17 February 1896 M12 Peter McInnes Allan McInnis, Annie McPherson Cape Breton Angus McNeil, Esther Walsh
    Catherine Fahey William Fahey, Annie Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland  
25 May 1896 M27 William Knox Isaac Knox, Elizabeth Brennan Halifax, NS John Brennan, Mary Carew
    Matilda Carew Michael Carew, Johann Moran St. John's, Newfoundland  
25 May 1896 M28 Michael O'Brien Michael O'Brien, Julia Mountain Co. Cork, Ireland Patrick Murphy, Maggie Phelan
    Mary Powers John McGrath, Johanna Foley St. John's, Newfoundland  
11 June 1896 M35 Albert Letchford William Letchford, Harriet Kent, England George Fox, Katie Coduse
    Elizabeth Reddy Patrick Reddy, Bridget Walsh Torbay, Newfoundland  
18 June 1896 M38 Thomas Whelan James Whelan, Margaret Martin Newfoundland Arthur Fleming, Ellen Whelan
    Monica Larkin James Larkin, Honora Blanche Placentia, Newfoundland  
14 July 1896 M45 John Haley James Haley, Mary Ann Edstrom Newfoundland Thomas Healy, Bridget Bishop
    Minnie Bishop Edward Bishop, Margaret Manderville Newfoundland  
6 October 1896 M62 John Allen Dixon John Allen Dixon, Mary Brown Newcastle, England W. Bellenger, Annie McDonald
    Mary McDonald Alexander McDonald, Catherine McIsaac Bay St. George, Newfoundland  
1 November 1896 M69 Thomas Collins Thomas Collins, Frances North Halifax, NS W.F. Collins, Minnie Murphy
    Mary Jane Brewer Isaac Brewer, Anna Martin Newfoundland  
25 November 1896 M74 Patrick Redmond John Redmond, Catherine Vail Halifax, NS Michael Gladney, Maggie Redmond
    Bridget Costigan Maurice Costigan, Mary Redmond St. John's, Newfoundland  
12 December 1896 M75 Patrick Dunphy Thomas Dunphy, Ellen Morrissey Newfoundland Michael Slougher, Lizzie Madden
    Catherine Foran William Foran, Mary Lennard Placentia, Newfoundland  
13 January 1897 M3 William Thompson William Thompson, Margaret Beazley Halifax, NS James Butler, Nellie Butler
    Esther LeGrande William LeGrande, Elizabeth Skinner Belloram, Newfoundland  
4 February 1897 M6 James Cody James Cody, Mary Meagher St. John's, Newfoundland William Power, Annie Hanson
    Amelia Campbell Archibald, Annie Casey Hants Co., NS  
31 May 1897 M12 Robert Barry James Barry, Ellen English Halifax, NS John Egan, Bessie Barry
    Theresa Carter George Carter, Ellen Gillen St. John's, Newfoundland  
14 June 1897 M17 Anthony Muise Peter Muise, Cecilia Aucoin Cheticamp, NS Cal Boudreau, Minnie Madden
    Lucy Marley James Lee, Anne French Petty Harbour, Newfoundland  
4 August 1897 M26 Joseph Jenkins Thomas Jenkins, Mary Halifax, NS Albert Callis, Mary Akerman
    Mary Hanrahan Patrick Hanrahan, Mary Parrel Burin, Newfoundland  
6 September 1897 M33 William Nagle Francis Nagle, Frances Whittier Dartmouth, NS Alfred Thomas, Teresa Thornton
    Susan Conway Joseph Conway, Catherine Hennessey St. John's Newfoundland  
8 September 1897 M35 James Dent Robert Dent, Catherine Talbot Dublin, Ireland Charles Fisher, Mary Hickey
    Mary Dunphy Bartholomew Dunphy, Anne Hilchey St. John's, Newfoundland  
13 September 1897 M37 James McCormack Patrick McCormack, Rebecca Geries St. John's, Newfoundland John Downey, Bridget O'Neil
    Maria Kearney John Kearsey, Mary Anne Kelly St. John's, Newfoundland  
1 February 1898 M8 Charles Smith James Smith, Mary Joyce Halifax, NS George Brennan, Annie Lynch
    Catherine Lynch Martin Lynch, Ann Power Newfoundland  
18 April 1898 M10 Thomas Dwier Martin Dwier, Elizabeth Rowel Newfoundland William Sampson, Mary Dwier
    Philomene Mombourquette D'Esse Mombourquette, Julia Sampson St. Peter's, Cape Breton  
1 August 1898 M25 James Flavin James Flavin, Hannah Sullivan Halifax, NS Michael Gladney, Mary Christian
    Lucy Gladney Martin Gladney, Lucy Walsh St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 August 1898 M28 Alexander Johnson Benjamin Johnson, Ann Davis Swansea, Wales William Willis, Alice Barrett
    Catherine Codner William Codner, Rosetta Fitzpatrick Torbay, Newfoundland  
20 September 1898 M35 John O'Neil Michael O'Neil, Mary Laughlin Bay Roberts, Newfoundland Peter Doyle, Teresa Haley
    Mary Haley Edward Haley, Mary A. Edstrom Halifax, NS  
16 November 1898 M45 James Connors Joseph Connors, Mary Murphy St. John, NB John Connors, Stella Connors
    Mary Theresa McDonald Thomas McDonald, Alice Dinn St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland  
22 December 1898 M49 Daniel Myette Jerry Myette, Julia Romeau Chezzetcook, NS William Murphy, Josie Smith
    Anne Robbins Thomas Robbins, Sara Coffin St. John's, Newfoundland  
3 May 1899 M12 Peter Doyle William Doyle, Margaret O'Neill Newfoundland Thomas White, Annie O'Brien
    Elizabeth Walsh John Walsh, Elizabeth Sweeney Newfoundland  
22 May 1899 M15 William McGinnis William McGinnis, Bella Cooper Halifax, NS Charles McGinnis, Bridget Rutt
    Grace Gear James Gear, Ellen Swain St. John's, Newfoundland  
10 July 1899 M21 Michael Supple Thomas Supple, Margaret Kennefic Halifax, NS Richard Supple, Josephine Supple
    Margaret Lavers Alban Lavers, Emelia Young Port Saunders, Newfoundland  
17 July 1899 M22 Michael Burns Michael Burns, Bridget Charlottetown William Myett, Esther O'Driscoll
    Catherine Walsh Michael Walsh, Catherine Stuart St. John's, Newfoundland  
8 August 1899 M25 William Oliver Solomon Oliver, Elizabeth Doyle Gull Island, Newfoundland R. Campbell, M. Campbell
    Ellen Campbell David Campbell, Margaret Lauley Mainadieu, NS  
4 October 1899 M33 John Murphy Michael Murphy, Antie Martin Ireland Patrick Barry, Stasia Kelly
    Ellen Kelly James Kelly, Mary Grace Newfoundland  
5 October 1899 M34 Richard Conway Thomas Conway, Mary Herbert Newfoundland John J. Connors, Amelia Gallop
    Anna Valot Philip Valot, Sarah McDonald Halifax, NS  
30 November 1899 M48 William Tobin William Tobin, Catherine Nearin Halifax, NS George Power, Agnes Sutherland
    Bridget Butt Lawrence Butt, Ellen Stacey Carbonear, Newfoundland  
8 January 1900 M1 James Flaherty Kenny Flaherty, Mary Quigley Ketch Harbour, NS Ursa Purcell, Mary Morrissey
    Mary Butler Henry Angel, Mary Williams Petty Harbour, Newfoundland  
9 January 1900 M3 Robert Campbell John Campbell, Ann McClellan Cape Breton Joseph Burke, Elizabeth Brewin
    Mary Ann Curran John Curran, Frances Fuse Conception Bay, Newfoundland  
5 February 1900 M7 Patrick Oakley Arthur Oakley, Sophia Cleary Halifax, NS James Collins, Catherine Kennedy
    Mary Doody John Doody, Nora McCarthy Petty Harbour, Newfoundland  
26 February 1900 M10 Thomas Sutherland James Sutherland, Ann Murphy Halifax, NS Michael Gladney, Minnie Roma
    Elizabeth Pollis John Pollis, Catherine Hynes Bay of Islands, Newfoundland  
28 May1900 M17 Jeremiah Sullivan John Sullivan, Catherine St. John's, Newfoundland John Sullivan, Nellie Roche
    Catherine Roche Thomas Roche, Mary O'Neil St. John's, Newfoundland  
4 June 1900 M18 James Himmelman James Himmelman, Permida Bushen Bridgewater, NS Joseph Burke, Emma Taylor
    Mary Ellen Mockler Thomas Mockler, Mary Ryan St. John's, Newfoundland  
27 June 1900 M25 William Butler William Butler, Rachel F**dy Newfoundland Peter Scanlan, Teresa Snelling
    Nora Scanlan Daniel Scanlan, Mary Muse Halifax, NS  
6 August 1900 M28 Joseph Labelle Joseph Labelle, Mary Thomas L'Ardoise, NS Simon Murphy, Mary Moubourquette
    Annie McGrath Thomas Murphy, Anastasia Healey St. John's, Newfoundland  
15 August 1900 M32 William Joliffe John Joliffe, Margaret Beauford Montreal Arthur J. Asselin, Margaret McIsaac
    Lillian English John English, Julia Luttal Newfoundland  

* See the following errata

Catherine Carney *1 Emily's mother should be Catherine Kearney, not Carney, as stated in the original parish record. Maurice Devine

Contributed and Transcribed by Edward-Vincent Chafe
(November 2014 and January & April 2015)
(updated September 2017, January 2018 & February 2018)

Page Last Modified: (Craig Peterman) March 11, 2018 ADT
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