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Roots in Newfoundland

St. Ann's RC Church

Nova Scotia

1819 - 1870
6 February 1832 295 Joseph Long 36 years Ireland Patrick Nowlan, Samuel Broderick Mary Walker
Catherine Nowlan 16 years Newfoundland
13 December 1834 289 Thomas Phelan   St. John's, Newfoundland Michael O'Brien, James Brophy, Eleanor Power
Elizabeth Brophy 23 years St. John's, Newfoundland
1 June 1835 296 Patrick Power   Bay Bulls, Newfoundland Maurice Newman, Richard Treasy Michael Glaugh
Mary Kerrahan   Nova Scotia
4 October 1835 288 Joseph Cullen 26 years Ireland John Henery, Luke Kelly, Bridget Doyle
Alice Cleary 17 years Newfoundland
13 October 1835 288 James Murphy     James Lukeman, Thomas Kennedy, Mary Lukeman
Margaret Lukeman 21 years Newfoundland
9 August 1841 357 James Kennedy 23 years Newfoundland Patrick Walsh, Michael Hasey
Nancy Fitzgerald 23 years Nova Scotia
9 January 1842 357 Michael Fitzgerald     Patrick Walsh, Lorns Shay
Mary Walsh 22 years Newfoundland
15 January 1843 360 David Kelly 24 years Ireland John Doyle, Michael Hasey
Mary Kennedy 21 years Newfoundland
12 February 1843 361 James Tobin 22 years Nova Scotia Lawrence Maher, John Meighan
Margaret Delaney 25 years Newfoundland
19 February 1844 363 John Marr 30 years Newfoundland John Dillon, Michael Hasey
Ellen Walker 24 years Ireland
8 January 1846 367 John Cudihey 34 years Ireland Patrick Walsh, John Nash
Elizabeth Shea 26 years Newfoundland
2 May 1846
Crow Harbour
369 James Digdon 25 years Nova Scotia Denis McSweeney, William Digdon, Thomas O'Donnell
Mary O'Donnell   Newfoundland
18 May 1847 371 Michael Fogarty 26 years Canso, NS Thomas Condon, Margaret Fogarty
Anne Delaney 21 years St. John's, Newfoundland
4 February 1850
Salmon River
82 John Kenny 27 years Nova Scotia Birnan Sullivan, Bridget Grant
Catherine Kennedy 22 years St. John's, Newfoundland
7 May 1850 84 John McAllister 22 years Nova Scotia Mr. Mulelhsy, Mrs. Mulelhsy
Catherine Pelley 21 years Newfoundland
20 October 1851
Half Island Cove
96 William Hurst 24 years Nova Scotia Philip Rourk, James Digdon
Bridget O'Donnell 24 years Newfoundland
16 April 1866 384 Thomas Tovey 26 years Nova Scotia John Shea, Ellen McKinnon
Mary Shea 27 years St. John's, Newfoundland
7 February 1869 388 Thomas H. Penney 38 years Newfoundland Michael Tompkins, Margaret Ann Reddy
Johanna Ready 39 years Nova Scotia

Contributed and Transcribed by Edward-Vincent Chafe (2017 03)

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