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Green Bay, Notre Dame Bay
1882 to May 1888

Transcribed by Jill Marshall Summer 2003 at PANL, St Johns NL
RESEARCH NOTES are added by Jill Marshall and were NOT part of the original document.

Nov 23 1882 Indian Burying Place Francis BOWERS Indian Burying Place Sarah Ann ADAMS Indian Burying Place Thomas Bower, George White Francis Bowers was the son of George BOWERS & Rachel STOODLEY.
Jan 18 1882 Shoe Cove John WARREN Shoe Cove Miriam BUDGELL Shoe Cove Solomon Adams, Maria Adams John Warren believed to be the son of John & Elizabeth Warren of Herring Neck; Miriam Budgell was the dau of Giles & Hannah Budgell of Shoe Cove.
Apr 10 1883 North West Arm William LUSH North West Arm Mary DWYER North West Arm John? Lush, n/g Lush Per 1921 Census, he was born Greenspond BB and she was born Twillingate.
July 31 1883 Shoe Cove John MITCHELL 22, bach, Shoe Cove Levinia CHIPP 19, maid, Shoe Cove Elias Budgell, Sarah Maud Moores  
Sep 28/25? 1883 Beaver Cove Eli MITCHELL 27, bach, Caplin Cove Eleanor Jane MACKEY 17, maid, Beaver Cove Charles Ridout, Elizabeth Ridout, John Thomas Mackey He was the son of George MITCHELL & Elizabeth BUDGELL; Eleanor was the dau of John & Jemima MACKEY.
?Sep ?29 1883 ? Isaac NEWBURY 29??, Shoe Cove Fanny STRONG 22, Twillingate Sarah Moores, Samuel Martin, Elizabeth ?, Elias Budgell? Isaac Newbury may have been the son of William Newbury & Rachel Toms. Fanny STRONG was born Oct 5 1860 Jenkins Cove, Twill, the dau of William & Hannah. NOTE: the text in this entry was faint and hard to read.
Sep 30 1883 not given Henry MITCHELL 23, Caplin Cove Susanna FOSS 22, Snooks Arm Elias Budgell, John Jones??, Sarah Moores, Mary Ann Anstey  
Nov 6 1883 Shoe Cove William TOMS 27, bach, Shoe Cove Emma WINDSOR 20, spin, Tilt Cove Mary A. Toms, Elizabeth Foster, Elias Budgell William Andrews Toms was the son of Jacob TOMS & Elizabeth ANDREWS; Emma WINDSOR was the dau of Solomon WINSOR & Rachel POLLARD.
Nov 6 1883 Shoe Cove Esau TOMS 23, bach, Shoe Cove Mary Ann ANSTEY 19, spin, Twillingate John Joseph Toms, James Budgell Esau was the son of Elias TOMS & Julia BRETT; Mary Ann was the dau of John ANSTEY & Jane CURTIS.
Nov 7 1883 Shoe Cove William HARDING 25, bach, Shoe Cove Jane WELSHMAN 25, spin, Shoe Cove Abraham Welshman, Jessie Foster, Elias Newbury Jane Welshman (1858-1892) was the dau of Thomas WELSHMAN & Elizabeth NEWBURY; William Harding is believed to have come from Greenspond along with John Harding.
Nov 9 1883 Indian Burying Place Henry James TILLEY 22, bach, Indian Burying Place Susanna GILES 22, spin, Indian Burying Place Stephen Foss, Rose Winsor, Sarah Studley Henry James Tilley was the son of John TILLEY & Ann FOSS; Susanna was the dau of William GILES & Victoria BOWNS.
Oct 26 1883 Tilt Cove Andrew Peter
bach, Twillingate Naomi GUARD*1 spin, Fogo Thomas Philips, Mary? Roff Andrew Peter was the son of Ambrose ROLF & Matilda BRETT; Naomi was the dau of Charles GARD & Prudence WATERMAN.
Nov 15 1883 Indian Burying Place James CHARD widower, England* Fanny WHITE spin, Indian Burying Place Stephen Foss, William White *per his prev 1877 marriage to Selina Jane TOMS, he was from Beaminister, Devon. Fanny was the dau of Levi WHITE & Sophia BOWERS.
Oct __ 1883 Stocking Harbour James TILLEY 38, bach, Betts Cove Merinea (Marina) HOUNSELL 26, spin, Stocking Hr Thomas Hounsell, George Hounsell, Joseph Ludlow, Phillis Shelley, Julia Kelly James Tilley is believed to be the son OT Thomas & Emma Tilley; Marina Hounsell was the dau of George Crocker HOUNSELL & Charlotte STOODLEY.
Oct 24 1883 Nippers Harbour Alfred NOBLE 33, widower, Nippers Hr Ellen FIFIELD 29, spin, Seal Bay Head Daniel Starks, William Noble Alfred was the son of William NOBLE & Elizabeth BROWN (maiden name from Freeman Fry).
Oct ? 1883 Betts Cove John Congdon DUDER 19, bach, Twillingate Ann Amelia HOWSON 17, spin, Burgeo William Garland, Eva C. Howson He signed as J C Duder ''JR''; he was the son of John Congdon DUDER Sr & Lavinia Ann PEARCE, and the grandson of Thomas DUDER & Ann CONGDON.
Oct 31 1883 North West Arm Azarella George MILLS 21, bach, Moretons Hr Mary Ann WHITE 17, spin, Twillingate Ada Stowe, Eleazar K. Mills She may be Mary Ann Clarke White b Jan 26 1866 Twill, dau of Thomas & Jane.
Jan 1 1884 not given Oliver SHINER bach, Stocking Harbour Lavinia RIDOUT spin, Rogues Harbour Susanna Proule (Prole), Thomas Noble  
Dec 17 1883 Button Hole Cove Joseph STUDLEY widower, Button Hole Cove Jemima MILLS widow, Twillingate Emma Tucker, Thomas May, Jessie E Daw(e), Fanny Wealen? She may be nee Jemima FIFIELD who md May 19 1882 North West Arm to Joseph Mills.
Dec 24 1883 North West Arm James Parsons HOUSE bach, North West Arm Rebecca Elizabeth MILLS spin, North West Arm Nathaniel Mills, Beatrice Mills Rebecca was the dau of Abraham MILLS & Rebecca JONES; James was born circa 1857 Indiana USA but his family was likely of NF, and he 'emigrated' 1860 at age 3 yrs.
Dec 19 1883 North West Arm John RIDEOUT bach, North West Arm Julia KELLY spin, North West Arm James Albert Ridout, John Kelly, Phillis Shelley John Rideout is believed to be the son of Alfred RIDEOUT & Hannah MACKEY; Julia was the dau of George KELLY & Jemima RIDEOUT.
Dec 20 1883 Nippers Harbour Philip RIDOUT widower, Twillingate Mehela KING spin, Kings Cove Robert Batstone, Eliakim Spencer Meilla/Mahala was the dau of John KING & Jane ANSTEY. Philip Rideout was first married to Jane Fox.
Apr 19 1884 North West Arm Eleazar Kenneth MILLS bach, North West Arm Drusilla Ann HOUSE spin, n/g Ambrose Mills, William House Eleazar was the son of Abraham MILLS & Jane BARTLETT; Drusilla may have been the daughter of Robert & Phoebe House of Twillingate who moved to North West Arm.
May 3 1884 Shoe Cove John BOWNS widower, Shoe Cove Mary RIDOUT spin, Shoe Cove James Budgell, Peter Dicks, Elizabeth Foster  
Oct 7 1884 Nippers Harbour Otis BRYDEN bach, Little Bay Rosanna SWATRIDGE spin, Little Bay Elizabeth Ann Noble, Alfred Noble. From groom's signature, middle initial possibly ''K''
Oct 25 1884 Tilt Cove Zacharias William WEBBER 25, bach, Southern Arm Arabella Brett ROLF 18, spin, Tilt Cove Abel Ludlow, Catherine Rolf, Naomi Rolf, Susann Roff (sic) Arabella may have been a dau of Ambrose ROLF & Matilda BRETT.
Nov 3 1884 Jacksons Cove Daniel STARKS 24, bach, Nippers Hr Emma Lenorah Lucy LANGDON 19, spin, Jacksons Cove Henry Wells, Mahela Bower?, Charles Batstone, Martha? Batstone Daniel was the son of George STARKS & Charlotte ROWSELL; Emma was the dau of Charles LANGDON & Martha KNIGHT.
Nov 25 1884 Nippers Harbour Moses PENNEY age n/g, bach, Nippers Hr Janet Bruce RENDELL 19, spin, Nippers Hr John C. Tilley, Martha? Batstone, James Adams, John B___? Janet was the dau of Abel & Eliza Randell.
Dec 2 1884 Nippers Harbour William Thomas NOBLE 23, bach, Nippers Hr Jane STARKS 21, spin, Nippers Hr Arthur Noble, Elizabeth A. Noble, James Noble, John Starks, Jane Batstone, Uriah Starks William was the son of James NOBLE & Mary NEWBURY; Jane was the dau of John STARKS & Amy Ann POLLARD.
May 10 1885 North West Arm John RIDOUT widower, Rogues Hr Susannah PRIMER marital status n/g, Twillingate Samuel Giles, Tamar I Wills John Rideout believed to be the son of Joseph & Mary Ann (born 1843).
Nov 25 1885 North West Arm William HOUSE 24, bach, North West Arm Beatrice Mary MILLS 21, spin, North West Arm John C. Wheeler, Julia Jane Mills William was the son of Robert & Phoebe; Beatrice was the dau of Abraham MILLS & Jane BARTLETT.
Nov 26 1885 Nippers Harbour Elias GOUDIE 23, bach, North West Arm Elizabeth Ann NOBLE 27, spin, Nippers Hr Arthur Noble, Jane Batstone Elias Goudie was born Feb 23 1863 Lower Island Cove, Conception Bay, the son of Amos GOUDIE & Martha WHEELER. Elizabeth was the dau of James NOBLE & Mary NEWBURY.
Nov 26 1885 Nippers Harbour James ADAMS 26, bach, Nippers Hr Martha BATSTONE 19, spin, Nippers Hr Thomas Batstone, Emma Stark(s) James was the son of Francis ADAMS & Eunice WINSOR; Martha was the dau of Thomas Knight Batstone & Mary Ann LANGDON.
Nov 26 1885 Nippers Harbour Uriah STARKS 23, bach, Nippers Hr Isabella OXFORD 24, spin, Nippers Hr Elijah Noble, Mary Jane Starks Uriah was the son of John STARKS & Amy Ann POLLARD; Isabella Oxford was the dau of George Thomas OXFORD & Asenath INDER.
Nov 30 1885 North West Arm Jas. Albt. RIDOUT (James Albert RIDEOUT) bach, North West Arm Elizabeth Jane BARTLETT spin, North West Arm Jno. Squires, Miss Eliza Jellings James Albert was the son of Joseph RIDEOUT & Amelia (Emily) WHITE; Elizabeth Jane was the dau of William BARTLETT & Martha MILLS.
Dec 17 1885 Shoe Cove Bight Elias BUDGELL 28, bach, Shoe Cove Bight Susannah TOMS 15? (age is wrong), spin, Shoe Cove Bight William Toms, Elizabeth Foster Elias was the son of Giles & Hannah Budgell; Susannah was the dau of Solomon TOMS & Sarah NEWBURY
Jan 13 1886 Jacksons Cove John Robert BATSTONE 30, bach, n/g Sarah Ann KNIGHT 20, spin, n/g Samuel A.S. Knight, Fanny (? initial) Batstone, S.L. Knight John Robert was the son of James Henry BATSTONE & Jane KNIGHT; Sarah Ann was the dau of Henry KNIGHT & Sophia STRONG.
Feb 11 1886 Tilt Cove William Bursey BARTLETT 27, bach, Tilt Cove Rosanna WINSOR 22, spin, Tilt Cove James Winsor, Louisa Bartlett Rosanna was the dau of Isaac WINSOR & Matilda ADAMS; William was the son of William & Jane Bartlett of Change Islands.
May 6 1886 Smiths Harbour Edward FLEMING 41, widower, Smiths Hr Melvina Jane KING 23, spin, Nippers Hr John Squires, Sarah England Edward was previously married to Emma (Amy) UNKNOWN. Melvina JANE was born 1863 Kings Cove, the dau of William KING & Mary Ann ANDREWS.
June 7 1886 Three Arms Job STRONG widower, Harrys Hr Ruth APPLETON (should be APBLETT) widow, Burying Place Henry Wells, Charles? ?, ? Wells Ruth PROLE was the dau of George PROLE & Susannah HOWELL; she was 1st married to John APBLETT of Newport Devon, which is how the name was spelt on marriage and on his headstone. Job Strong was the son of Solomon STRONG & Jane WELLS.
Aug 17 1886 Rogues Harbour Samuel GILES 25, bach, Rogues Harbour Isabella RIDOUT 18, spin, Rogues Hr John Ridout, Annie Winsor Samuel was the son of Solomon & Martha; Isabella was the dau of Gilbert & Sarah.
Aug 30 1886 Nippers Harbour James BRIDGER 25, bach, Nippers Hr Mehela RANDELL 24?, spin, Nippers Hr Grinelda Knight, John Starks Meilla (actually Mahala Lydia and also known as Amelia), was the dau of Samuel & Mary Ann Randell. She later married again to Joseph Smith (son of John Smith of Twillingate).
Sep 30 1886 North West Arm Albert MARTIN bach, North West Arm Eliza JELLINGS spin, North West Arm Josiah Roberts, Tregertha Martin  
Oct 8 1886 North West Arm Joseph LUDLOW bach, Smiths Harbour Annie BURTON widow, Twillingate James House, Sarah House  
Oct 21 1886 Caplin Cove James FOSTER bach, Caplin Cove Susan ELLIOTT spin, Twillingate/Crow Head Henry Mitchell, Jessie Andrews James was the son of Henry FOSTER & Ann (Nancy) GRAY.
Nov 8 1886 North West Arm John SQUIRES John Smiths Harbour (aka Smiths Hr) Sarah ENGLAND Kings Cove Jacob Hounsel(l), Phylis Shelley John was the son of Silas SQUIRES & Sarah NOBLE; Sarah was the dau of William & Emma.
Oct 31 1886 Nippers Harbour Robert BATSTONE Nippers Hr Sophia MILLEY Twillingate Thomas K. Batstone, Mehela Bower Robert was the son of Charles BATSTONE & Maria KNIGHT; he had been previously married twice; Sophia was nee WELLS, and the widow of William Milley
Nov 20 1886 Brineys Cove, Manfuls Bight Samuel ROWSELL bach, Brineys Cove, Manfuls Bight Emma POLLARD spin, Shoe Cove Richard Foster, Isabella Squires Emma may have been the dau of Ambrose & Dinah Pollard. She and Samuel resided Paddocks Bight 1921, and she is buried at Wellmans Cove Cemetery.
Apr 26 1887 Shoe Cove Brook James Robert GREY bach, Shoe Cove Sophie BOWERS spin, Shoe Cove Jesse Foster, Lizzie Andrews James Robert Major Gray was the son of John GRAY & Maria Ann TOMS; Sophie was the dau of Thomas BOWERS & Joanna FOSS. She later remarried to Thomas Saunders.
May 11 1887 Rogues Harbour Job RIDEOUT bach, Rogues Hr Anne WINSOR spin, Rogues Harbour John Ridout, Isabella Giles Job was the son of Gilbert & Sarah Rideout; Anne was the dau of Isaac WINSOR & Matilda ADAMS and was born at Tilt Cove.
May 18 1887 Shoe Cove Brook Jesse FOSTER bach, Shoe Cove Brook Elizabeth ANDREWS spin, Shoe Cove Brook Abram Welshman, Mary Ann Toms Jesse was the son of John FOSTER & Elizabeth GRAY; Elizabeth was born Twillingate per the 1921 Census.
May 28 1887 Indian Burying Place William MOORE bach, Little Bay Mines Eliza Ann BOWERS spin, Bobbies Cove Israel Bower, Esther Bower William is believed to be the son of Lionel/Elinal & Mary Moore(s); Eliza Ann was the dau of Thomas BOWERS & Joanna FOSS.
Sep 6 1887 Shoe Cove Bight John TILLY (TILLEY) bach, Shoe Cove Isabella SQUIRES spin, North West Arm Hector Noseworthy, John Richards John was the son of John TILLEY SR & Anne FOSS; Isabella was the dau of Francis & Lavinia Squires.
Sep 10 1887 North West Arm Azarella George MILLS widower, North West Arm Tregertha MARTIN spin, North West Arm Cambria King, Mary Ann Green Tregertha was the dau of Frederick & Ann Martin.
Oct 9 1887 Nippers Harbour Abraham MORGAN bach, Killigrews, Harbour Main District Harriet STARKS spin, Nippers Harbour Abraham Welshman, Patience Saunders Harriet was the dau of David STARKS & Miriam WHITE
Nov 11 1887 Shoe Cove Edgar NOSEWORTHY bach, 26, Shoe Cove Brook Susannah POLLARD spin, 23, Shoe Cove Brook Abraham Welshman, Sarah Ann Edgecumbe Susannah was the dau of Ambrose & Dinah Pollard; Edgar was the son of Nathaniel NOSEWORTHY & Mary UMBERSOME.
Dec 6 1887 Indian Burying Place John MAY 25, bach, Burying Place Matilda YOUNG 25, spin, Snooks Arm James Albert Rowe, Annie May John was the son of Thomas MAY & Matilda WHITE; Matilda was the dau of Samson YOUNG & Charlotte ADAMS; they both died of consumption in 1897.
Nov 21 1887 Nippers Harbour Arthur LUDLOW 27, bach, Tilt Cove Rachel FLEMINGS 19, spin, Smiths Hr John H. Willar, Sarah Small Rachel was the dau of Edward & Emma (Amy) Fleming.
Dec 20 1887 Shoe Cove Bight Isaac NEWBURY 27, widower, Shoe Cove Bight Selina NEWBURY 23, widow, Shoe Cove Brook Oliver Newbury, Mahala Wimbleton Selina believed to be the widow of Elias Newbury.
Dec 29 1887 Nippers Harbour Job BOWERS bach, Nippers Hr Mary Ann WARR spin, Nippers Harbour E. Roberts, Rhoda Bowers Job ws the son of Benjamin BOWERS & Jane ANDREWS
Jan 2 1888 North West Arm Charles KING 27, bach, Harrys Hr Mary Ann GREEN 18, spin, North West Arm Thos. King, Hannah H. King William CHARLES King was the son of John KING & Jane ANSTEY; Mary Ann was the dau of Josiah & Sarah Jane Green.
May 23 1888 Tilt Cove George CULL 27/37?*, bach, Tilt Cove Eliza MACKEY 27, spin, Tilt Cove John Mackey, Obadiah Wheeler *age ? overwritten. Eliza Mackey was the dau of John MACKEY and widow Phoebe Adams.
May 25 1888 Tilt Cove Albert SNOW bach, miner, Tilt Cove Sophia RIDOUT spin, Burying Place William White, Annie May Albert Snow was born Feb 17 1865 Kelligrews & died Jan 21 1952 Round Hr, the son of Edward SNOW & Patience TILLEY, and grandson of George TILLEY & Eliza TAYLOR; Sophia was the dau of Isaac RIDEOUT & Caroline WHITE

Contributed and Transcribed by Jill Marshall (September 2003)

ROFF, Andrew Peter*1 I believe groom's surname should have been recorded as Rolf, not Roff and the bride's surname should have been recorded as Gard, not Guard. Laurie Simons -

Page Revised: September 2003 (Don Tate)

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