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Nippers Harbour - Pacquet Circuit

(missing from Vital Statistics; from parish records.)
Transcribed by Jill Marshall (2002)

Nov 5 1876 Betts Cove Adam LAIDLAW bach, 31, Halifax, Nova Scotia Mary MOORE widow, 34, Three Arms S.K. Sutherland, Thomas Laidlaw, Robert Hooper, George E. Marzeso?/Margeso?  
Dec 4 1876 (Monday) South West Arm, Green Bay John WHEELER bach, 25, St Johns Grace MOORES spin, 22, Jacksons Cove George Taylor, Charles W. Batstone, Elizabeth Jane Marshall, Jane Moores  
Jan 26 1877 Betts Cove George TAYLOR bach, 28, Moretons Hr Esther Sarah KENDAL spin, 19, Twillingate John Chant, Rosena? Hawkins?, Lemuel Knight, Fanny Knight REMARKS
Mar 20 1877 Jacksons Cove John SHEARON (SHEARING) bach, 21, Three Arms Diana BLUNDON spin, 26/21? *, Catalina Julia G. Wells, Mahala Langdown, Rebecca Jane Langdown, Henry A. Langdown *age overwritten
July 14 1877 Jacksons Cove Charles William NEWHOOK bach, 22, Jacksons Cove Maria BATSTONE spin, 23, Jacksons Cove Mahala Langdown, Martha P? Newhook, Charles W. Batstone, John K. Batstone  
Oct 27 1877 Jacksons Cove James SNOW bach, 25/26?, Jacksons Cove Elizabeth MARSHALL spin, 19, Little Bay Islands ?Jesse Taylor, George Taylor, Rachel Batstone, Sarah Noble  
Nov 10 1877 Indian Burying Place William FOSS widower, 33, Rogues Harbour Emeline RIDEOUT spin, 23, Rogues Harbour John Roberts, Agnes Rideout, Henry Jackwes? Huddson, Mary? Prole  
Dec 12 1877 North West Arm, Green Bay Henry PENNY bach, 26, North West Arm Elizabeth HOUNSELL spin, 19, Stocking Harbour Josephus Goudie, John Hounsell, Tamar Ann Mills, Joseph Mills  
Dec 8 1877 Harrys Harbour Philip UPWARD bach, 21, Harrys Harbour Susan DORY (DOREY) spin, 20, Harrys Harbour John Dory, Job Strong, John Evans, Nehemiah Wilson?  
Dec 10 1877 Jacksons Cove Frederick STRONG bach, 27, Three Arms Rebecca Jane LANGDOWN spin, 24, Jacksons Cove Henry Wells, Mahala Langdown, Sophia Knight, Sushanna? K. Langdown  
May 22 1878 Betts Cove Edward Charles CHURCH bach, 33, Walton?, Nova Scotia Elizabeth Ann FOOTE spin, 19, Betts Cove T? H. Pack, George Langmead, Mary Foote, F.H. Futter?  
Sep 12 1878 Shoe Cove Bight NDB James WEARN (WAREHAM*) bach, 25, Keels Cove, Bonavista Bay Ellen POWER spin, 29, Shoe Cove Bight Elias Budgell, George Fricker, Elizabeth Foster, Emily Newbury *surname is WAREHAM per bapt of child 1884
Sep 16 1878 Betts Cove William HOWEY bach, 24, seaman, Ireland, Carrick Fergus? Anne WILSON spin, 23, Betts Cove Jonathan Nicole, Mary Foote, William Manning?  
Nov 7 1878 Shoe Cove Brook, Green Bay Thomas SAUNDERS bach, 23, Shoe Cove Brook Emiline GRAY spin, 18, Shoe Cove Brook William King, Henry Saunders, Miriam Budgell, Jane Welshman  
Nov 8? 1878 Shoe Cove Bight John BOWN bach, 26, Shoe Cove Bight Mary DICKS spin, 22, Shoe Cove Bight James Robert Toms, James Budgell, Peter Richards, Mary Ann Toms, Elizabeth Foster, Emily Newbury  
Nov 9 1878 Tilt Cove Robert TILLEY bach, 19, Tilt Cove* Susan YOUNGS spin, 20, Wild Bight, Little Bay Jesse Mills, Andrew Lock, Lemuel Winsor, Emily Lock, Selina Moores, Sarah Moores *Robert Tilley was orig from Kelligrews CB.
Nov 26 1878 South West Arm, Green Bay James SAUNDERS widower, 36, South West Arm Unice (Eunice) ROWSELL spin, 33, Halls Bay James Snow, John Snow, Ruth Saunders, Lillie Luff  
Nov 23 1878 Nicks Nose* Jesse TAYLOR 22, bach, Nicks Nose, Green Bay Sarah WHITE spin, 19, Whites Cove Henry Knight, James White, Jane Eliza Taylor, Isabella White *also known as Nicky's Nose Cove
Dec 4 1878 Jacksons Cove James BOWER bach, Nippers Hr Mahala Rachel LANGDON spin, Jacksons Cove ?Thomas E. Batstone, Charles W. Batstone, Henry Adam Langdon, Julia G. Wells, Jonas Starks  
Mar 29 1879 Indian Burying Place William GILES widower, 40, Bobbys Cove, Green Bay Mary CRUTCH (?CRITCH) spin, 20, St. Marys? Bay Thomas May, John Adams, Francis Bower, Fanny Bowers, Sophia Bowers, Mary F? White  
May 25 1879 Jacksons Cove John SNOW bach, 36, Fogo Sarah Ann WHITE spin, 32, Harrys Harbour Henry Knight, Odessa Cahill  
Sep 2 1879 Three Arms Charles STEPHENS Little Bay Julia Gusscilla WELLS Three Arms Robert Webber, Thomas C. Strong, Job Rendall Julia G. Wells was b 13 Apr 1854 Three Arms, the dau of John B Wells & Elizabeth Strong. They moved to Michigan USA, and later to New Jersey.
Sep 13 1879 Little Bay Henry NEWMAN bach, 25, Twillingate Edith HANNAN (HANNAM) spin, 20, Leading Tickles William Newman, John Cooper, Harriett Parsons, Lavinia Parsons  
Sep 14 1879 Betts Cove Edward DAVIES bach, 24, Abeystr____?, Cardigan, Wales Phoebe LANGDOWN spin, 20, Twillingate W. T?/F? Barker, Jane Barker  
Oct 23 1879 Nicks Nose Cove George Robert TAYLOR bach, 22, Nicks Nose Cove Elizabeth Jane SHEARING spin, 25, Three Arms Anne Shearing, Mary Ann James, Joseph Taylor  
Oct 30 1879 Shoe Cove Bight Peter RICHARDS bach, 24, Wards Harbour Emily NEWBURY spin, 23, Shoe Cove James Robert Tomes (Toms), James Budgell, Dorcas Budgell, Elizabeth Foster Peter Richards (Jr) was the son of Peter Richards Sr & Priscilla Coombs
Nov 11 1879 North West Arm Josephus GOUDY (GOUDIE) bach, 25, North West Arm* Sarah Jane MILLS spin, 20, North West Arm Nathaniel Mills, Elijah Mills, Rebecca E. Mills, Elizabeth Ann Green Josephus Goudie was orig from Lower Island Cove, Conception Bay
Nov 12 1879 North West Arm Ambrose MILLS widower, North West Arm Emelina FOSS?* widow, Rogues Harbour Nathaniel Mills, Azariah George Mills, Rebecca E. Mills, Lavinia Rideout Emelina Foss's maiden name was RIDEOUT; she was previously married 1877 to William Foss.
Nov 26 1879 Tilt Cove Mark MILLER widower, Caplin Cove Rebecca DICKS widow*, Caplin Cove Elizabeth Bice, William Bice Rebecca Dicks was the widow of Elias Dicks; she was widow Rideout at time of marriage to Elias Dicks.
Dec 9 1879 South West Arm Jacob WILLMAN (WELLMAN) bach, 25, South West Arm Lucy BOWDITCH spin, 22, Harrys Harbour Thomas Whelan, Lucy Whelan, J.W.? (or Jno.) Ryan  
Dec 11 1879 Manfields Pt, South West Arm, Green Bay Henry WARFORD bach, 27, Manfields Pt, South West Arm Sarah PUDDECOMBE spin, 27, Manfields Pt, South West Arm Thomas Blanford, Mary Warford  
Dec 31 1879 Caplin Cove NDB Henry FOSTER widower, Caplin Cove Dina RIDOUT (RIDEOUT) widow, Caplin Cove Mark Miller, Rebecca Miller  
Jan 20 1880 Nippers Harbour Thomas STARKS bach, Nippers Harbour Pemelia OXFORD spin, Little Bay Islands Thomas Batstone, Mahalah Randall  
Jan 9 1880 Indian Burying Place Thomas STUDLEY (STOODLEY) widower, Indian Burying Place Caroline RIDEOUT widow, Indian Burying Place John Ridout?, John Adams, Agnes Ridout, Mary F. White, Jonathan Adams Caroline (WHITE) Rideout was the widow of Isaac Rideout, & the dau of James White & Ann Adams.
Jan 24 1880 North West Arm Frederick MARTIN widower, North West Arm Mary YOUNG widow, Twillingate James? Higgins, James Young  
Aug 16 1880 South West Arm, Green Bay Israel LOCK bach, Tizzards? Hr Margaret MEW spin, Bard Island Samuel Dinnay, Elizabeth James?/Janes?  
Sep 27 1880 North West Arm, Green Bay Noah ROBBINS bach, Bonavista Elizabeth Ann BLUNDON spin, North West Arm James Robins, Nicholas Perry, Agnes Robins, Mary Perry  
Oct 20 1880 Round Harbour Thomas RYAN bach, Round Harbour Caroline RIDEOUT spin, Indian Burying Place Charles Stacey Rowland, John Colton, Elizabeth Cater?, Anne? Colton  
Nov 1 1880 Indian Burying Place John RIDEOUT bach, Indian Burying Place Charlotte ADAMS spin, Indian Burying Place Thomas May, William White  
Nov 2 1880 Indian Burying Place John ADAMS bach, Indian Burying Place Fanny BOWERS spin, Indian Burying Place Robert Daw, Francis Bower  
Nov 6 1880 Shoe Cove Henry SAUNDERS bach, Shoe Cove Patience MORGAN spin, Shoe Cove George Morgan, Elias Newbury  
Nov 8 1880 Harrys Harbour James KING bach, Harrys Harbour Eliza ENGLAND spin, Kings Cove (NDB) Nehemiah Upward, William C. King, Melina J. Cooper, Mahala King  
Nov 9 1880 Harrys Harbour William ENGLAND widower, Kings Cove (NDB) Bertha MORGAN spin, Seldom Come By William King, Jane King  
Nov 14 1880 Betts Cove Andrew M. SIMPSON bach, Airdrie, Scotland Bathsheba BENSON spin, Grates Cove, Trinity Bay George Dowell, J.B. Howsen, ?Eva Howsen, Annie Howsen  
Dec 8 1880   Benjamin SHORT bach, Rogues Harbour Eve WINSOR spin, Tilt Cove Lemuel Winsor, William Moors, Rosanna Winsor, Sarah Moores, Alice Webster  
Jan 10 1881 North West Arm Elijah Titus MILLS bach, North West Arm Elizabeth Ann GREEN spin, North West Arm William Green, Aseriah George Mills, Nathaniel Mills, Rebecca Mills, Janet Mills, Sarah Jane Green  
May 9 1881 Tilt Cove Enos LUDLOW bach, Tilt Cove Elizabeth BARTLETT spin, Tilt Cove Israel Decker, John Webber, Sarah Moors, Rosanna Winsor, Naomi? Guard?  
Oct 6 1881 Shoe Cove Thomas WILLIAM S_OYEAR? (?SWZER*) Shoe Cove Sarah BUDGELL Shoe Cove Elias Budgell, James Robert Toms, Elizabeth Foster Surname likely 'SWZER' per bapt of child 1882 Shoe Cove
Sep 10 1881 Nippers Harbour William Mark SMALL Nippers Harbour Sarah DOLLON (DOLLAND) Nippers Harbour John C. Tilly, Mary Bower, ?Thomas Batstone, 4th witness unable to read due to torn page  
Aug 31 1881 not given John G NEWHOOK* bach, 21, Tilt Cove, miner Theresa LOCK* spin, 18, Jacksons Cove Henry Langdon, Sarah Ann Langdon, Lorenzo Newhook *His full name was John Robert Wallace Knight Newhook; middle initial 'G' is in error; she was baptized as Timar but known as Theresa according to family history.
Oct 22 1881 Middle Arm Samuel DINNEY Middle Arm Maria KELLY Middle Arm James Higgins, Amos Goudie  
Oct 6 1881 Shoe Cove Andrew HEULET (HEWLETT) Shoe Cove Rosanna DOLLON (DOLLAND) Shoe Cove William Toms, Susanna Toms, Thomas Batstone  
May 19 1882 Smiths Harbour near North West Arm Henry CLARK Smiths Harbour Patience LUDLO (LUDLOW) Smiths Harbour Andrew Ludlo, Maria Ann Ludlo  
May 19 1882 North West Arm Joseph MILLS North West Arm Jemima FIVEFIELD (FIFIELD) North West Arm Elijah Mills, Janet Louisa? Mills  
June 8 1882 Tilt Cove Lemuel WINSOR Tilt Cove Elizabeth BUTLER Tilt Cove* Peter Winsor, Rosanna Winsor, William John Bice, Ann Winsor Elizabeth Butler was from Coleys Point, CB, and the daughter of Bobby Butler
May 26 1882 Betts Cove Benjamin LEAR Betts Cove Emily Elizabeth ROBERTS Betts Cove J.B. Howson, Elias Roberts, Henry Lear, Mary Roberts  
June 9 1882 Tilt Cove Murdock GILLIS Little Bay Lavinia DOWEL Betts Cove Azerilu? Britt, Sarah Ann Lair?  
Aug 24 1882 Stocking Harbour William TILLEY Stocking Harbour Jane SQUIRES* Stocking Harbour William Giles, Silas Squires Her full name was Sarah Jane Squires
Sep 2 1882 Tilt Cove Albert EVERY (?AVERY) Newfoundland Eva FRECKER?/ FLECKER? Tilt Cove Elizabeth Bice, Mary Hoskins?  
Sep 30 1882 Tilt Cove Jeremiah SQUIRES Shoe Cove Elizabeth JAMES Tilt Cove John James, Susan Louisa James, Elizabeth Bice, J? Evelie?  
PART TWO              
May 14 1888 Tilt Cove Eldred NOSEWORTHY bach, 22, Tilt Cove, miner Rhoda BOWERS spin, 23, Nippers Harbour John Antle, Jane Squires  
May 16 1888 Tilt Cove Jacob TOMS bach, 24, Tilt Cove, miner Mary Ann TILLY (TILLEY) spin, 19, Tilt Cove James Budgell, Ellen Pelley?  
May 16 1888 Tilt Cove Mark SNOW bach, 26, Tilt Cove, miner Arabella SHAVE spin, 24, Tilt Cove James Bridger, Ann Terry  
July 16 1888 Tilt Cove John RICHARDS bach, 25, Tilt Cove, miner Lavinia WINSOR spin, 22, Tilt Cove Job Randall, Louisa Bartlett  
Aug 17 1888 Tilt Cove Matthew CALAHAN widower, Rabbits Arm, fisherman Lucretia? LANGDON spin, Jacksons Cove Henry A Langdon, Fanny Langdon  
Sep 20 1888 Beaver Cove Charles NOBLE bach, Tilt Cove, miner Eliza RIDEOUT spin, Beaver Cove Charles Rideout, Phoebe Rideout  
Sep 22 1888 Tilt Cove William PROWSE bach, Tilt Cove, miner Martha PELLEY spin, Tilt Cove John Pelley, Ellen Pelley  
Sep 23 1888 Shoe Cove Abraham MORGAN bach, Indians Pond, fisherman Eva HEWLETT spin, Shoe Cove, servant Patrick Dwyer, Norha Head  
Oct 22 1888 North West Arm William ROBERTS 32?/22?, bach, North West Arm, joiner Mary Elizabeth MILLS spin, North West Arm George? May?, Robert Mary? (surname illegible)  
Oct 25 1888 Shoe Cove James BUDGELL 29, bach, Shoe Cove, fisherman Elizabeth FOSTER spin, 28, Shoe Cove Silas Penny, Fanny Toms  
Oct 25 1888   Henry FOSTER bach, 25, miner, Tilt Cove Ellen PELLEY spin, 18, Tilt Cove Joseph Moorey, Charlotte Newbury  
Nov 14 1888 Tilt Cove Job RANDELL bach, Tilt Cove, miner Louisa BARTLETT spin, not given* Albert Bartlett, Prudence Butler Louisa Bartlett was born at Change Islands, per 1921 Census.
Nov 14 1888 Tilt Cove George BARTLETT bach, Tilt Cove, miner Charlotte COOMBS spin, Round Harbour Robert Coombs, Sophia Collins  
Nov 30 1888 Tilt Cove Henry MOOREY (MOREY) bach, 23, miner, Tilt Cove Prudence BUTLER spin, 20, Tilt Cove George Moorey, Maria Batstone  
Dec 3 1888 Nippers Harbour John STARKS bach, 27, Nippers Harbour, fisherman Jane GREEN spin, 26, Nippers Harbour James Starks?, Samuel Starks  
Dec 4 1888 Nippers Harbour Arthur NOBLE bach, 26, Nippers Harbour, fisherman Jane BATSTONE spin, 22, Nippers Harbour Jesse? Batstone, ?Hannah Noble  
Dec 30 1884* (?1888) Shoe Cove Joseph MOOREY (MOREY) bach, 26, miner, Tilt Cove Charlotte NEWBURY spin, 18, Shoe Cove Oliver Newbury, Emily Jane Adams *year was given as 1884, but probably should read 1888.
Jan 19 1889 Tilt Cove Joseph HIBBS bach, 29, miner, Tilt Cove Isabella QUINTON spin, 23, Kings Cove John Hibbs, Rebecca Moorey  
Jan 22 1889 Shoe Cove James FOSTER widower, 32, Shoe Cove, fisherman Patience SAUNDERS* widow, 31, Shoe Cove ?Patrick Dwyer, Sarah Morgan *likely nee MORGAN, widow of Henry Saunders (md 1880)
Mar 2 1889 Little Bay, Saint Barbe William BARTLETT bach, 21, miner, Little Bay Elizabeth FRICKER (FRECKER) spin, 25, Little Bay C.W. Stephens, Lucy Fricker  
Apr 18 1889 Little Bay Samson FRECKER bach, Little Bay, fisherman Jane WHITE spin, servant, Little Bay Joseph Avery, Louisa Avery  
May 6 1889 Tilt Cove Oliver SAUNDERS bach, 22, Caplin Cove, fisherman Mary Jane HEAD spin, 18, Tilt Cove George Warford, Hannah Foster  
Nov 23 1889 Shoe Cove Bight Oliver NEWBERRY (NEWBURY) bach, 24, Shoe Cove, fisherman Roseanna WIMBLETON spin, 19, Shoe Cove James Bowns, Isabella Tilly  
Nov 23 1889 Shoe Cove Bight John MITCHELL bach, 24, Shoe Cove, fisherman Isabella NEWBERRY (NEWBURY) spin, 22, Shoe Cove William Martin, Selina Newberry  
Nov 27 1889 Shoe Cove Brook George HILLIARD bach, 26, Shoe Cove, fisherman Sarah PYNN spin, 18, Shoe Cove, servant James William Gray, Sarah Welshman  
Dec 23 1889 Tilt Cove Albert BARTLETT bach, Tilt Cove, miner Mary HOUSE spin, North West Arm, servant Thomas Phillips, Sarah House  
Feb 13 1890 Tilt Cove George WARFORD bach, Tilt Cove, smelter Violet DOLLAND spin, Tilt Cove, servant Thomas Noseworthy, Margaret Potter  
Feb 14 1890 Tilt Cove Alexander FRECKER bach, 20, Tilt Cove, laborer Lucy BURT spin, 21, Tilt Cove Henry J. Tilly, Eliza Giles  
May 12 1890 not given Charles RIDEOUT bach, Beaver Cove, fisherman Sarah Jane ANSTEY spin, Beaver Cove Albert Rideout, Christina Peckwood  
Sep 2 1890 Indian Burying Place Henry STOODLEY widower, Indian Burying Place, full age, fish Susanna PROWL (PROLE)* widow, full age, Indian Burying Place Harriet Foss, Thomas Bower *believed to be nee Susan GILES, widow of Robert Prole
Oct 18 1890 Tilt Cove William ANTHONY bach, 24, Kelligrews CB, fisherman Susan TUCKER spin, 19, Indian Burying Place Theophilus Winsor, Henry Giles  
Nov 7 1890 Tilt Cove Henry John BOONE bach, 26, miner, Seldom Come By Lydia FARTHING spin, 24, Herring Neck John H. Willar, Lydia Boone  
Dec 11 1890 Nippers Harbour Charles BATSTONE bach, 26, Nippers Harbour, fisherman Hannah NOBLE spin, 21, Nippers Harbour James Batstone, Eunice Noble  
Dec 7 1890 Beaver Cove John Thomas MACKEY bach, 22, Beaver Cove, fisherman Christina Mary PACKWOOD* spin, 24, Kings Cove (NDB) Edward Mackey, Mary Elizabeth Mackey *aka PECKWOOD
Dec 17 1890 Tilt Cove Levi SUGG bach, 27, Twillingate, laborer Mary Ann SAUNDERS spin, 23, Tilt Cove Eliza Saunders, Thomas Hiffing??  
Dec 18 1890 Jacksons Cove Samuel Armstrong KNIGHT bach, 23, Jacksons Cove, laborer Maria Fanny LANGDON spin, 20, Jacksons Cove J.W. Knight, Rebecca Jane Wells  
Jan 17 1891 Harrys Harbour Willis Taylor SIMMONS bach, 29, Harrys Harbour, fisherman Laura DOREY spin, 26, Harrys Harbour Philip Upward, Susan Upward  
Jan 29 1891 North West Arm Edwin MARTIN bach, 23, North West Arm, fisherman Emily GREEN spin, 18, North West Arm James Green, Alberth? Martin  
May 12 1891 Tilt Cove Matthias WARFORD bach, 23, Tilt Cove, smelter Rachel DICKS spin, 19, Tilt Cove William Head, Jessie Brown  
May 21 1891 Tilt Cove John Joshua HANCOCK bach, 22, Englee, White Bay, miner Mary Jane STIVEY spin, 21, Dark Tickle Sarah House, Abraham Welshman  
July 28 1891 Tilt Cove Theophilus John WINSOR bach, 21, Tilt Cove, miner Amelia Jane BAILEY spin, 21, Fogo, servant William Winsor, Florella Winsor  

Transcribed by Jill Marshall (2002)

Page Revised: July 2002 (Don Tate)

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