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Burials, Mission of Moreton's Harbor & Exploits,
(from Anglican Church Records, Botwood)



LOCKE, John, Tizzard's Harbor, October 27, 1861, George Tucker

BURT, William, resident of Western Head, burial in Moreton's Harbor,
December 2, 1861, George Tucker

KING, George, age 19, resident of Twillingate, burial in Moreton's Harbor,
April 12, 1862, George Tucker

BARTLETT, Jane, resident of Western Head, burial in Moreton's Harbor,
October 3, 1862, George Tucker

STUCKLESS, Job, age 5 days, Tizzard's Harbor, privately baptised by Layman,
buried October 26, 1862, George Tucker

RUSSEL, Margaret, age 70, Moreton's Harbor, buried August 2, 1863, G. S.

DORY, Joseph, Black Island, buried September 13, 1863, John Martin

KNIGHT, Joseph, age 48, Moreton's Harbor, buried January 28, 1864, G. S.

BUDGELL, Margaret, Moreton's Harbor, buried February 9, 1864, R. Taylor

BARTLETT, Tobias Henry, Western Head, buried February 17, 1864, G. S.

BARTLETT,  Elizabeth, Western Head, buried April 28, 1864, G. S. Chamberlain

BARNES, John, Black Island, buried August 30, 1864, Basil Taylor

CANNINGS, Mary Ann, Western Head, buried September 23, 1864, G. S.

WHITE, (no name given), Western Head, buried October 3, 1864, G. S.

CANNINGS, Selina, Western Head, buried October 4, 1864, G. S. Chamberlain

BUDGELL, John, Moreton's Harbor, age 54, buried October 24, 1864, G. S.

RIDEOUT, Phoebe, Western Head, age 7, buried April 17, 1865, G. S.

BRINTON, Robert, Moreton's Harbor, age 2 mos., buried April 19, 1865, G. S.

MILLS, John, ?Pearces Harbor, age 69, buried April 24, 1865, G. S.

BARNES, William, Moreton's Harbor, age 68, buried June 27, 1865, G. S.

NOBLE, Samuel, Nippers Harbor, age 1 day, buried July 15, 1865, G. S.

WARREN, John of Killigrews, Conception Bay, age 25, buried in Moreton's
Harbor, January 13, 1866, G. S. Chamberlain

GILL, Jane, Exploits Burnt Island, age 22, buried November 4, 1862, Edward

WHITE, Sophia, Indian Burying Ground, age 25, buried November 21, 1862, John

DOLLAND, Rosanna, Nipper's Harbor, age 69, buried November 21, 1862, James

STARKES, Job, Nippers Harbor, age 1 mo., buried January 15, 1862, James

WINDSOR, Mary, Tilt Cove, age 70, buried January 23, 1862, John Packwood

GILLINGHAM, Robert, Exploits Burnt Island, age 35, buried February 14, 1862,
Edward Downton

GILLINGHAM, Ann, Exploits Burnt Island, age 22, buried February 14, 1862,
Edward Downton

GILLINGHAM, James, Exploits Burnt Island, age 5, buried February 14, 1862,
Edward Downton

GILLINGHAM, Henry, Exploits Burnt Island, age 3, buried February 14, 1862,
Edward Downton

GILLINGHAM, ?Pellma, Exploits Burnt Island, age 1, buried February 14, 1862,
Edward Downton

DARE, William George, Exploits Burnt Island, age 2 mos, buried February 25,
1862, Edward Downton

COUCHER, Elizabeth, Ward's Harbor, age 2 mos., buried February 28, 1862,
John Rowsell

KING, Lot, King's Cove, age 3 mos., buried February 7, 1862, George Packwood

COOMBS, Robert, Round Harbor, age 24, buried March 23, 1862, John ?Vickard

STUCKLESS, Benjamin, Exploits Burnt Island, age 65, buried May 22, 1862,
Edward Downton

BURTON,  Jane, Ward's Harbor, John Rowsell (no other info.recorded)

STARKES, Elizabeth, Nipper's Harbor, age 67, buried June 10, 1862, George

COOPER, William, Leading Tickles, born October 22, 1861, buried October 22,
1861, Simon Ward

ROWSELL, Thomas, Leading Tickles, buried November 4, 1861, Simon Ward

WAYLAND, Fanny, Leading Tickles, buried June 8, 1862, Simon Ward

FOST, John, Indian Burying Place, age 2, buried July 28, 1862 at Snook's
Arm, James White

DIX, Lucy, Shoe Cove, age 2 wks, buried August 9, 1862, Frederic Fricker

RENDALL, Lucy Jane, Nipper's Harbor, age 10 wks., buried September 14, 1862,
G. S. Chamberlain

COX, George, New Bay Head, buried September 30, 1863, G. S. Chamberlain

?HEINS, Solomon, Exploits, age 6 mos.,  buried August 6, 1863, G. S.

JEWER, Phoebe, Exploits Burnt Island, age 10, buried February 22, 1866,
Andrew Pearce

GILLINGHAM, Elizabeth, Exploits Burnt Island, age about 30 yrs., buried
March 10, 1866, Andrew Pearce



Contributed By:: Paul and Judy Gill

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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