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Box 2, PANL


This section of Marriages from Twillingate Parish records are MISSING from the VITAL STATISTICS , up to 1867: marriages from 1867-1870 were also transcribed, and are included here as in many cases, they supply additional information that was not included in the Vital Stats copies. The first entry gave the names of the fathers of the marrying parties, but this did not recur until 1867.
June 14 1853 Twillingate George CLEMENTS 24, planter, carp, son of George Clements (planter) Mary Ann PHILIPS 23, spin, Twill, dau of John Philips (planter) David Young, James Philips, James? Fox    
Sep 3 1853 Twillingate William OSMOND 4_?, widower, Tizzards Hr Emma CHAPMAN 4_?, widow, Tizzards Hr Robert Rideout, Philip Wiseman    
Oct 27 1853 (Chapel) Twillingate William BOWDITCH bach, fish, Twill Mary SMITH spin, Twill Samuel Bulgen, Peter Wheller    
Oct 27 1853 Twillingate John HIBBS bach, fish, Twill *Miriam OXFORD spin, Twill Sarah Ann Oxford, John Coaker/Cooke?   *from baptisms of children, she was known as Merab, Meral, and Minah.
Oct 29 1853 Twillingate William YATES bach, fish, Twill Grace WHELLER (Wheeler) spin, Twill John Roberts, Noah Wheller   Grace WHEELER was born May 17 1836 Twill, the dau of Samuel & Hannah. William Yates was the son of William Yates Sr of Ireland, and Ann Brown.
Nov 3 1853 Twillingate James ROBERTS bach, fish, Twill Sarah Ann MOSS spin, Twill Edwin Duder?, William Hodder, Robert Moss   Name given as Sarah A. Moss, but as Sarah Ann Moss in signature.
Nov 3 1853 Twillingate James WHITE bach, fish, Twill Hannah WHITEHORN spin, Twill Chas? Hillier, John Gillard    
Nov 5 1853 Twillingate Elias ROBERTS bach, fish, Twill Phebe SKINNER spin, Twill William Hodder, John Roberts    
Nov 5 1853 Twillingate Thomas PENNY bach, fish, Twill Ann WARE (WEIR) spin, Twill Aaron Osmond, Mary Ann Forward    
Nov 5 1853 Twillingate Joel WHILLER (Wheeler) bach, fish, Twill Elizabeth ROBERTS spin, Twill Thos. Lush, Rebecca Miller    
Nov 18 1853 At the house of John Anstey, Twillingate B. Island Joseph BAKER bach, fish, Black Island Fanny OSMOND spin, Black Island Tho. John Anstey, Edward Baker    
Nov 8 1853 Twillingate Andrew CLARKE bach, fish, Twill Rebecca MILLER spin, Twill Josiah Clarke, Thos. Milley    
Jan 18 1854 Twillingate Thomas CHAPEL bach, fish, Twill Mary BLACKMORE spin, n/g Alexander Stuckless, Reuben Blackmore    
May 17 1854 (Exploits) at the house of Andrew Manuel Simon MANUEL bach, fish, Exploits Burnt Islands Mary Ann LACEY spin, Exploits Burnt Islands Joseph Manuel, Andrew Manuel    
May 20 1854 At the house of Alexander Stuckless, Twillingate John WILLS bach, blacksmith, Twill Caroline BOARDEN (BOURDON) spin, Twill Charles Wyatt, Alexander Stuckless    
July 17 1854 Mission House (Twillingate) William HUDDER (HODDER) bach, cooper, Twill Mary Ann JACOBS *Spin, Twill John _agully?, Laura J? Fox   Bride's name given as M. Ann, but was Mary Ann in her signature. NOTE that per an article in the TWILLINGATE SUN, Mary Ann JACOBS was previously married (to Simon Jacobs), and was a widow when she married William Hodder, despite the church records giving her status as ''spinster''. Maiden name unknown at present.
Sep 30 1854 Twillingate John FRAMPTON bach, fish, Exploits Burnt Island Martha HUTCHINGS spin, Exploits Burnt Island James Hutchings, Josiah Manuel    
Oct 11 1854 Twillingate Thomas MILLEY bach, fish, Batricks Island Phebe CLARKE spin, Batricks Island Alexander Stuckless, Israel Frye?    
Oct 28 1854 Twillingate Robert SMITH bach, fish, Jenkins Cove Margaret Hencock (HANCOCK) spin, Jenkins Cove Caleb Smith, James Hencock?    
Oct 30 1854 Twillingate Josiah CLARK bach, fish, Twill Selena HOUSE spin, Twill Anias? Blackler, James Blackler    
Nov 3 1854 not given Adam BULGAN (BULGIN) bach, fish, Twill Arm Mary GATES (or YATES*) spin, Twill Arm Adam Buglan (Samuel crossed out), Abraham Bulgan   Jack Hull says bride was Mary YATES, dau of William Yates Sr & Ann Brown; the writing in these parish records, however, did look like GATES.
Oct 9 1854 Twillingate Joseph ANSTEY bach, fish, Twill Isabella HINDER *Spin, Twill Stephen Young, Saul Maidment?   Surname known as Inder and Hender
Nov 10 1854 Twillingate John MITCHARD bach, fish, Twill Abigail SMITH spin, Twill Robert Moss, George Cooper    
Nov 15 1854 Twillingate Thomas TRAVERSE bach, fish, Twill Eliza RIDOUT (Rideout) spin, Bluff Head Cove James Whiyht (sic), Samuel Brushfield    
Nov 18 1854 Twillingate Adam GEDGE (GIDGE) bach, fish, Twill Arm Mary Ann LING?* spin, Twill Arm John Gedge, Robben? Ling   *surname appears to be LING and not ING, KING, HING.
Dec 1 1854 Twillingate Benjamin STUCKLESS bach, fish, Twill Arm Louisa WATERMAN spin, Twill Arm Charles Hellier?, Thos. Hings    
May 5 1855 not given Mark RIDOUT (Rideout) bach, fish, Twill Fanny PARDY spin, Little Harbour John Ridout, James Gillard    
June 9 1855 Twillingate John PARDY bach, fish, Little Harbour Ann ANSTEY spin, Pussles Hr (Purcells Hr) Samuel Anstey, James Pardy    
Oct 3 1855 not given George COLLINS bach, fish, Indian Island Susanna MORGAN spin, Indian Island Nicholas Perry, William Perry    
Oct 3 1855 Indian Island James DIGBY bach, fish, Indian Island Priscilla CULL spin, Indian Island William Cull, William Perry    
Oct 4 1855 Indian Island Joseph ANTHONY bach, fish, Seldom Come By Grace DAW (Dawe) spin, Seldom Come By Henry Anthony, Edward Plow?    
Oct 9 1855 Twillingate Samuel KEEF (Keefe) bach, fish, Little Harbour Emma RICE spin, Little Harbour Reuben Adams, Richard Keef    
Oct 9 1855 not given Richard YOUNG* bach, fish, Twill Louisa ROBERTS spin, Bluff Head Cove John Roberts, Samuel Roberts   *Richard Young 1829-1886 was the son of John YOUNG & Elizabeth TILLEY/TELSIE. We now know her father was John Tilsed, while oral tradition had the variants as Tilley or Tilsie.
Oct 19 1855 Twillingate John COMPTON bach, fish, Twill Harriet HANN spin, Twill Joseph Anstey, James Hillier    
Oct 25 1855 Twillingate Samuel BRUSHFIELD bach, fish, Bluff Head Cove Ruth RIDOUT (Rideout) widow, Bluff Head Cove Mark Ridout, Laura J. Fox   Ruth Rideout was likely the widow of Robert Rideout 1801-1853
Oct 31 1855 Twillingate Thos. JACOBS bach, planter, Twill Caroline PHILLIPS widow, Twill Peter Samways, James Halliday    
Oct 28 1855 Green Bay Richard LUCK (LOCKE) bach, fish, Tizzards Hr Mary WHELLOR (Wheeler) spin, Tizzards Hr Andrew Luck (Locke), Luke Boyd    
Nov 2 1855 Twillingate James HENCOCK (Hancock) bach, fish, Twill Martha MITCHARD spin, Twill James White, Charles Noseworthy    
Nov 2 1855 Twillingate Christopher STUCKLESS bach, fish, n/g Louisa WALL? spin, n/g Richard Small, Isaac Stuckless   Louisa ?Wall remarried 1859 to George STRONG.
Nov 3 1855 Twillingate Arthur YATES bach, fish, n/g Rebecca WHITEHORN spin, n/g John Phillips, Frances Yates    
Nov 8 1855 not given Aaron OSMOND bach, fish, Tizzards Hr Rhoda WHELLER (Wheeler) spin, Tizzards Hr William Wheeler, Uriah Osmond    
(Nov) 15 1855 Twillingate John BATES bach, fish, Twill Keziah BOARDEN (BOURDON) spin, Twill James Brawley?, Laura J. Fox    
Nov 26 1855 not given Thomas William TAYLOR bach, fish, Change Islands Dorcas? CLARK spin, Twill Back Hr Andrew Clark, George Taylor    
Dec 13 1855 Twillingate George ROBERTS bach, fish, Bluff Head Cove Edith WHITEHORN spin, Twill John Roberts, Samuel? Roberts    
Dec 15 1855 Twillingate Samuel ROBERTS bach, planter, Bluff Head Cove Mary Ann SKINNER spin, Twill William Hudder (Hodder), John? Skinner    
Jan __ 1856 Twillingate William HAWKINS bach, fish, Twill Unice (Eunice) LING spin, Twill John Vivian?, Reuben Ling   *page torn, exact date missing
(page torn*) (Twillingate) Robert HULL bach, fish, Twill Elizabeth WELLS spin, Twill George Hull, (page torn)   Date missing due to torn page: according to Jack Hull, date was Oct 6 1856. I note that this was a recent photocopy of the parish records, and the pages of the original have obviously deteriorated, meaning that photocopies made years ago contain data that is now missing.
Sep 3 1856 Exploits Burnt Island Henry STRIDE bach, fish, Exploits Burnt Island Ann HAND (HANN) spin, Exploits Burnt Island Samuel Manuel Junior, Simon Lacy    
Oct 6 (1856) Twillingate Simon LACY (Lacey) widower, fish, Exploits Burnt Island Jane EVANS spin, n/g Solomon Ward?, William Lacy   Simon Lacey was married first May 14 1846 (St Johns Anglican Cathedral) to widow Mary (Winsor) Montgomery, dau of Matthew WINSOR & Charlotte TAYLOR, of Teignmouth, Devon.
Oct 7 1856 Twillingate John HODNOT (Hoddinott) bach, fish, Exploits Burnt Island Elizabeth BURT spin, Tizzards Hr Simon Hodnot, Thos. Every    
Nov 4 1856 Twillingate Mark WHELER (Wheeler) bach, fish, Twill *Ann Mary? ASHBURN spin, Twill George Spencer, John Ashburn   Per the baptisms of their children, the bride was aka Anastatia.
Nov 5 1856 Twillingate Caleb SMITH widower, fish, Twill Amelia WHELLER (Wheeler) spin, Twill Joseph Ansty, John Webb    
Nov 10 1856 Wesleyan Chapel Thomas WHELLER (Wheeler) bach, fish, Twill Arm Elizabeth SMITH spin, Twill Arm John Ridout, Samuel? Smith    
Nov 15 1856 Twillingate Henry GREENHAM fish, Bluff Head Cove Harriet GILLARD Bluff Head Cove John Hillier, John Elliott.    
Nov 24 1856 Wesleyan Chapel Daniel CAMPBELL bach, fish, Little Bay Islands Susanna NATTAN/NALTON? spin, Little Harbour W. Andrew Young?, James Campbell?   Her surname was very hard to read. Daniel Campbell was the son of John Campbell of St Johns. Daniel Campbell drowned, and Susanna remarried by 1863 to William Wiseman.
Nov 28 (1856) Twillingate Elias DALLEY bach, fish, Twill Arm Rebecca TROOP spin, Twill Arm Charles Hillier, Stephen Read    
Apr 7 1857 Wesleyan Chapel James PHILLIPS bach, fish, Twill Margaret HAGGET(T) spin, Twill William Pitman, William Stuckley?    
May 7 1857 Twillingate Francis YATES bach, fish, Twill Rebecca ROUSAL (Rowsell) spin, New Bay John Wesley Webb, John Phillips    
May 7 1857 not given William DINNEY bach, fish, Twill Fanny COBURN (COLBOURNE) spin, Twill Alexander Stuckless, George Hull    
Sep 12 1857 Twill Island Isaac RICHARDS bach, fish, New Bay Elizabeth BUDGEL(L) spin, New Bay John Budgel, Robert Roberts    
Oct 16 1857 not given Joseph OXFORD bach, fish, Twill Elizabeth BURT spin, Twill John Hibbs, Albert Yates    
Oct 20 1857 Twill Island James SMITH bach, fish, Twill Phebe MINTTEE (Minty) spin, Twill Abraham Young, James Mintee    
Oct 29 1857 not given Frederic POOLE bach, fish, Little Harbour Sarah HOUSE spin, Little Harbour Richard Burt, William Burt    
Oct 24 1857 Twill Island Ambrose SMITH bach, fish, Little Harbour Phebe BURT spin, Little Harbour John Sug?, William Burt    
Oct 26 1857 not given Thomas YATES bach, fish, Twill Ann CURTIS spin, Twill John Phillips, Barnet Light    
Oct 27 1857 Twillingate Joseph BURT bach, fish, Little Harbour Sophia WISEMAN spin, Twill Island John Burt, Jacob Keefe    
Oct 27 1857 Wesleyan Chapel William FLINGS (FLYNN) bach, fish, Little Harbour Jane BURT spin, Twill Island John Burt, Jacob Keefe    
Oct 30 (1857) Wesleyan Chapel John COOPER fish, Twill Mary PARDY Twill Samuel Young, Alfred Ridout    
Oct 10 1857 Wesleyan Chapel George COOKE fish, Twill Elizabeth PRIOR Twill Samuel Roberts, John Skinner    
Nov 10 1857 Moretons Hr Chapel Ephraim SMALL fish, Moretons Hr Julia Ann BRETT* Exploits Burnt Island John Harbord, Joseph Small   The bride's surname looked like BUTT, but known to be BRETT.
Nov 16 1857 Twillingate Abraham BULGIAN (BULGIN) bach, fish, Twill Rosanna HULL spin, Twill Andrew Legge, Alfred Ridout    
Apr 12 1858 Moretons Hr Chapel Joseph SMALL bach, fish, Moretons Hr Sarah RUSSEL(L) spin, Moretons Hr Josiah Woolfreys, Robert Woolfreys    
Sep 20 1858 Change Islands John LeDRU (LeDREW) bach, fish, Change Islands Eliza MORGAN spin, Change Islands John Moores, George Morgan    
Oct 13 1858 Twillingate Henry HAINES bach, fish, Exploits Burnt Island Ann JONES spin, Little Harbour Thomas Milley, George Smith   Ann Jones was the daughter of George JONES & Lydia MOORES.
Oct 20 1858 Twillingate George OSMOND bach, fish, Tizzards Hr Victoria WHELLER (Wheeler) spin, Tizzards Hr Richard Locke, John Chant    
Oct 3 (1858) not given George SMITH bach, fish, Little Harbour Susan CAFE (KEEFE) spin, Little Harbour William Rice, Stephen Smith    
n/g (1858) Twillingate William WATERMAN fish, Twill Arm Ann ROGERS Twill Arm Samuel Stuckless, James Dally    
Nov 18 1858 Mission House (Twillingate) John BAGGS bach, fish, Twill Jane MILLEY spin, Twill David Young, Peter Wheller    
Dec 2 1858 Twillingate John VERGE bach, fish, Jenkins Cove, Twill *Hibbit LINFIELD spin, Jenkins Cove, Twill Richard Verge, Samuel Linfield   1st name was actually Ebeth; she was b Oct 15 1837 Twill & died Mar 1 1876 Jenkins Cove (buried Mar 2), the dau of George LINFIELD & Mary WHEELER (from Jack Verge Montgomery).
Dec 23 1858 Twillingate James MINTY bach, fish, Twill Amelia SMITH spin, Twill Abraham Young, John Minty    
Dec 30 1858 Twillingate John SKINNER bach, fish, Twill Eliza HULL spin, Twill Samuel Roberts, John Minty    
May 9 1859 Twillingate Abel DICKER (DECKER) bach, fish Carpoon (Quirpoon) Mary ADAMS widow, Twill Samuel Keefe, Joseph Quinton   Mary Adams is believed to be nee Mary KEEFE & the widow of Reuben Adams who died Aug 1858 (married 1843). She and her family from her 1st marriage moved to the White Bay area after the 2nd marriage.Descendants from her 1st marriage run a bed & breakfast at Cape Onion 2003.
June 4 (1859) not given James EARLE bach, fish, Twill Ann BULGIN spin, Twill Abraham Bulgin, Nathaniel Jenkins    
June 12 1859 Twillingate Thomas MAY widower, fish, Twill Elizabeth WHITE widow, Twill John W. Webb, James Lambert    
Oct 10 1859 Twillingate Jeremiah HOFF bach, fish, Change Islands Louisa PARDY spin, Little Harbour Richard Elliott, James Anstey    
Oct 13 1859 Twillingate John ANSTEY bach, fish, Twill Jane CURTIS spin, Twill (omitted)    
Oct 24 1859 not given George STRONG bach, fish, Twill Louisa STUCKLESS widow, Twill Mark Ridout, Alfred Ridout   She was nee Louisa WALL?, the widow of Christopher Stuckless.
Oct 25 1859 Twillingate John OXFORD bach, fish, Twill Dinah SLADE widow, Twill Joseph Burton, James Bulgin    
Oct 27 1859 not given Benjamin STUCKLESS widower, fish, Twill Hannah HAWKINS spin, Twill Thomas Ings, Benjamin Parsons    
Nov 2 (1859) not given Henry GILLINGHAM bach, fish, Herring Neck Ellen SHORT spin, Herring Neck Uriah Pollard?, James Smart    
Nov 16 (1859) not given Samuel SMALL bach, planter, Moretons Hr Emily MOORES spin, Twill Peter Samways, Henry Horwood    
Dec 1 (1859) not given John CLARKE bach, fish, Twill Dorcas PRIDE spin, Twill William Mills, Frederick Ridout    
Dec 15 (1859) not given Frederick RIDEOUT bach, fish, Twill Mary CLARKE spin, Twill Samuel Clarke, George House    
Dec 31 (1859) not given John ELLIOTT bach, fish, Twill Harriett WHITEHORN spin, Twill James White, Susan White    
Feb 17 1860 Twillingate William MEHENY (Mehaney) bach, fish, Twill Elizabeth ADAMS spin, Twill George Wyatt, Miriam Woolstar?/Woolston?   Elizabeth Adams is believed to be the daughter of Reuben ADAMS & Mary KEEFE.
June 11 1860 not given Andrew BOYD bach, fish, Twill Mary STUCKLESS spin, Twill William Meheny (Mehaney), Sarah Harris    
July 1 1860 not given James COLBOURNE bach, fish, Little Harbour Elizabeth DOWLANDS spin, Little Harbour John Pardy, William Anstey    
July 15 (1860) not given Jacob KEEFE widower, Little Harbour Eliza BURT spin, Little Harbour Samuel Keefe, Silas Burt    
Aug 18 (1860) not given James TRAVERSE bach, Twill Amelia PHILLIPS spin, Twill Peter Samways, Miriam Woolston?    
Oct 16 1860 not given William PECKFORD bach, fish, Fogo Louisa ARNOLD spin, Pussells?/Pupells? Hr (? Purcells Hr) James Pardy, Joseph Pomeroy?    
Oct 16 (1860) not given Thomas PILGRIM bach, fish, Twill Aseneth CLARKE spin, Twill Josiah Clarke, Susan Clarke    
Oct 22 1860 not given Elias PECKHAM bach, fish, Twill Ann BOARDEN (Bourdon) spin, Twill Thomas Jacobs, Joseph Minty    
Oct 23 (1860) not given James ANSTY (Anstey) bach, Pussells Hr (Purcells Hr) Mary Ann PARDY* spin, Little Harbour John Ansty, James Mansfield   *bride's surname is from her signature; it was omitted by the minister in the record.
Nov 3 (1860) not given John OXFORD bach, fish, Twill Martha MAHANY (Mehaney) spin, Twill Samuel Roberts, James Whitehorn    
Nov 7 (1860) not given Thomas WHITE bach, fish, Twill Jane CLARKE spin, Twill Josiah Clarke, Reuben Clarke    
Feb 6 (1861) not given John C. DUDER* widower, clerk, Twill Lavinia Ann PEARCE spin, Twill James Travers, Elizabeth N. Moss   *John Congdon Duder was the son of Thomas DUDER & Ann CONGDON.
Oct 15 1861 not given Joseph HICKS widower, fish, Twill Sarah BURT spin, Twill Jacob Keefe, James Burt    
Oct 19 (1861) Twillingate Josiah GATES fish, Tizzards Hr Caroline BURT Tizzards Hr John Gates, William Bide (Boyd)    
Oct 22 (1861) not given John William or William John ANSTEY* fish, Pussells Hr (Purcells Hr) Mary COLBOURN(E) Pussells Hr (Purcells Hr) John Anstey, John Brewer   The original entry was JOHN ANSTEY, but William was added over the top, without John being crossed out. The signature of the groom was WILLIAM ANSTEY.
Oct 23 (1861) not given Richard GREENHAM fish, Twill Elizabeth STUCKLESS (Twill?) Abraham Young, Mary Lambert?    
Oct 31 (1861) not given Horatio OSMOND bach, fish, Twill Phebe WHEELLER (Wheeler) spin, Twill Joel Wheeler, Eleazer Wheeler    
Oct 31 1861 Twillingate Albert YATES bach, fish, Twill Tamar ROWSELL spin, Leading Tickles William Yates, Philip Young    
Nov 5 (1861) not given William ANSTEY bach, fish, Black Island Ann OSMOND spin, Black Island Reuben Blackmore, Albert Jenary/Tenary?    
Nov 14 1861 not given James DALLY bach, fish, Twill Jane JENKINS spin, Twill John Jenkins, Thomas Dally    
Nov 28 1861 not given George HODDER bach, Twill Louisa KENDALL spin, Twill Charles Moxam, James Hodder    
Dec 11 1861 not given James WHITEHORN bach, fish, Twill Susan WHITE spin, Twill James Hellier, John Hellier   Bride signed as Susanna White.
June 9 1862 not given William COBB bach, Change Islands Lucy DAWE spin, Change Islands Joseph Taylor, Priscilla LeDrew    
Oct 6 1862 not given James PARSONS _enning? Bay Eliza HANCOCK French Shore Richard Baines?, Henry? Hancock    
Oct 15 1862 not given John ROBERTS bach, Purcells? Hr Mary LINFIELD spin, Twill Samuel Roberts, Elizabeth Purchase    
Oct 21 1862 not given Alfred RIDOUT (Rideout) bach, Twill *Sophia CURTIS spin, Twill George Cook, Mary Ann Ridout   *she signed as Sappora?. Sophia Susan Curtis was b Feb 29 1844, the dau of William Curtis & Hannah Compton (date from Jack Hull).
Oct 21 1862 Twillingate Francis PHILLIPS bach, fish, Twill Eleanor BATH spin, Twill James Travers, Mary Lamber(t)?    
Oct 23 1862 not given Silas SMITH Twillingate Louisa BIDE (BOYD) Tizzards Hr John Ridout, Mary Read    
Oct 24 1862 Wesleyan Chapel Thomas BROOKS bach, Twill Hannah LIGHT spin, Twill Andrew Roberts, Louisa Linfield/Fifield?   Bride's true surname likely Loyte or Leyte.
Oct 24 1862 not given John LOCK bach, Twill Rosanna CHAGNE?/CHAYNE? spin, Twill Mark Ridout, Kezia? Hull    
Oct 24 (1862) not given Francis CURTIS bach, Twill Mary Ann RIDOUT (Rideout) spin, Twill John Curtis, Sarah Ann Rowsell    
Oct 27 1862 not given John SEYMOUR? Exploits Elizabeth BUDGILL (BUDGELL) Exploits George Strong, Mary Langdone?    
Nov 12 1862 Moretons Hr Chapel Joseph BARTLETT bach, Moretons Hr Dorcas CULL spin, Moretons Hr Samuel Jennings, Mahala Osborn    
Nov 17 1862 not given Luke BROMLEY Twillingate Eve OSMOND Black Island Reuben Blackmore, Ellen Blackmore   Amelia Tuffin has month as December.
Nov 4 1862 not given Henry HARWOOD (HORWOOD) bach, Moretons Hr Emily MINTY spin, Twill George Minty, Jane Harwood (Horwood)    
Aug 19 1863 not given John CHANT bach, Tizzards Hr Ann MOHANY (MEHANEY) spin, Tizzards Hr John Gates, Aaron Boyd   John Chant, b Aug 25 ?1841, was the son of Robert CHANT & Elizabeth BOYD; he remarried 1870 to Louisa Kendall.
Oct 21 1863 not given John SMALL Tizzards Hr Harriet CHANT Tizzards Hr Thomas Boyd, James Boyd   Harriet Chant, b Nov 26 1843 - d May 3 1916, was the dau of Robert CHANT & Elizabeth BOYD.
Oct 23 1863 not given Joseph CURTIS Twillingate Kezia HULL Twillingate Mark Ridout, Thomas E Shenstone    
Oct 24 1863 not given Thomas CAFFE (Keefe) bach, fish, Little Harbour Mary NOBLE spin, Little Harbour Samuel Caffe (Keefe), Abraham Caffe (Keefe)    
Oct 27 1863 not given Alfred FRY? bach, Twill Jane FARWELL? spin, Twill Elias Roberts, Alfred Linfield    
Oct 29 1863 not given Thomas HALLETT widower, fish, Little Hr Mary STUCKLESS widow, Little Hr S. Jones, E.R. Duke    
Nov 4 1863 not given Thomas DALLY bach, fish, Twill Maria JENKINS n/g, Twill Andrew Jenkins, George Jenkins    
Nov 7 1863 not given William WHELLER (Wheeler) bach, Twill Rebecca CHAPMAN n/g, Twill Andrew Young, David Wheller    
Nov 14 1863 not given Thomas Peter YATES widower, fish, Twill Eliza WHITEHORN n/g, Twill Albert Yates, John Whitehorn    
Nov 17 1863 not given Abraham OSMOND bach, fish, Tizzards Hr Sarah Ann CHAPMAN spin, Tizzards Hr Joseph Osmond, Andrew Locke   Abraham Osmond c1838-1918 is believed to be the son of William & Emma Osmond & the grandson of Joseph OSBORNE/OSMOND & Patience MARTIN (who married 1796 Harbour Grace)
Dec 10 (1863) not given Jordan GOUDIE Twillingate Eliza CROAKER (COAKER) Twillingate Joseph Moors, James Preston   Jordan Goudie was born Nov 12 1837 Lower Island Cove & buried Oct 13 1869 Twill, the son of George GOUDIE & Elizabeth LOUIS. Eliza Coaker (b July 17 1843 - d Aug 9 1924 Langford BC) remarried to Andrew Colbourne.
Dec 31 1863 not given Peter WHELLER (Wheeler) Twillingate Julia EARL Twillingate Eleazar Wheller, Josiah Linfield    
May 14 1864 not given Thomas WHYAT Twillingate Elizabeth YOUNG Twillingate George Whyat, Emily R. Duke    
May 18 1864 not given Jesse BURGE Twillingate Virtue STONE Twillingate Martha Andrews, Emily R. Duke    
Sep 28 (1864) not given George JENKINS Twillingate Sophia STUCKLESS Twillingate Simeon (H)ellier, Frederic Jenkins    
Oct 7 1864 not given Thomas JOY Carbonear Diniah (Dinah) POOL Twill John Badcock, Thomas Ashburn    
Oct 13 (1864) not given Aaron BOYDE Tizzards Hr Ann BURT Tizzards Hr John Gates, Richard Burt   Ann Burt was born Nov 19 1846 Tizzards Hr, the dau of John & Susanna.
Oct 20 (1864) not given David HOPKINS Old Perlican Elizabeth WHITE Twillingate William Hopkins, Solomon Guy    
Oct 21 (1864) not given Mark RIDOUT (Rideout) Twillingate Lydia COLBOURNE Little Hr James Colbourne, A (illegible) Pardy    
n/g 1864 not given John ARNOLD Little Hr Haddled (Adelaide) BOURDEN Manuel(s) Cove Elias Peckham, John Bourden    
Oct 25 1864 not given Thomas ROGERS Twillingate Mary ROUSELL (Rowsell) Twillingate William Waterman, Joseph Minty    
Oct 26 1864 not given Josiah LINFIELD Twillingate Sarah Ann ROUSELL Twillingate Peter Wheeler, Samuel Moorse   Josiah Linfield was b Feb 11 1842 Jenkins Cove, the son of George LINFIELD & Mary WHEELER; Sarah Ann Rowsell was b Mar 9 1843 - d Dec 12 1895, the dau of Joseph ROWSELL & Sarah Ann SPENCER.
Nov 3 1864 not given John BURTON Twillingate Rebecca CARLY (Kearley) Twillingate Henry Primmer, Joseph Hicks    
Nov 15 1864 not given Hannibal STOWE* blacksmith, Twill Eliza HODDER Twillingate Lydia Jacobs, George Hodder   *surname looked like HOWE but known to be STOWE from the baptisms of their children.
Dec 7 1864 not given James Henry PRESTON Twillingate Mary Ann LOVERIDGE not given Jno. B? Blandford, Thos. H? (illegible)    
Dec 24 1864 not given Thomas TIZZARD Twillingate Ann WHELLER (Wheeler) Twillingate Peter Wheller, James Young    
Jan 25 1865 not given Francis WAR (?Ward*) Little Hr Maria CAFE (KEEFE) Little Hr Jacob Cafe (Keefe), John Cafe (Keefe)   *surname may be WARD, per baptism of a child to a Francis & Maria WARD.
Feb 18 1865 not given David WHELLER (Wheeler) Twillingate Susannah OSMOND Greenspond Thomas Young, Thomas Tizzard    
Mar 29 1865 not given John DOWLAND Little Hr Joanna WATKINS Little Hr Robert F?{T?} Gillingham, James Colbourne   Joanna Watkins was b May 8 1838 Little Hr, Twill, the dau of Henry WATKINS & Lucy (?Wheeler)
Sep 25 1865 Little Bay Islands Jacob BUGEL (Budgell) New Bay Susannah BURTON Wards Hr John Paddick, Samuel Rousell   Jacob Budgell was b Oct 31 1842 Fleurys Bight, the son of Giles & Elizabeth.
Oct 3 1865 not given George Thomas OXFORD Little Bay Islands Sarah CURTIS Little Bay Islands James James (sic), Edward Smart    
Oct 21 1865 not given John CAFE (Keefe) Little Hr Hannah DOWLAND Little Hr James Colbourne, Joseph Rice    
Oct 23 1865 not given Thomas FLING (Flynn) Twillingate Susannah SMITH not given Thomas Knight, Abraham Roberts    
Oct 24 1865 not given Benjamin STIVY? St. Johns Eliza WAR (?Warr) Little Hr James Mitchel(l), Thomas White    
Oct 26 1865 not given William BUGEL (BUDGELL) Fleurys Bight Fanny FROUD Twillingate James Young, Thomas Knight    
Oct 31 1865 not given William BARTLETT Western Head Martha MILLS Western Head Thomas Henry? French, Robert T. Gillingham    
Nov 1 1865 not given Henry SEBLEY (Sibley) Purcells Hr Dinah ANSTY (Anstey) Purcells Hr James Anstey, Thomas Sutton?   Dinah was b Oct 4 1846 Purcells Hr, the dau of James & Dinah; she remarried 1874 to widower Jonathan Burt of Purcells Hr.
Nov 4 1865 not given William RIDOUT (Rideout) Twillingate Sophia PARSONS Twillingate Alfred Ridout, John Curtis    
Nov 15 1865 not given Edmond Marshall MOORS (Moores) Twillingate Martha WHITE Twillingate Robert Moors, Job Inder    
Dec 13 1865 not given John CURTIS Twillingate Mary ANSTY (Anstey) Twillingate Jonathan Jacobs, Francis Curtis    
Dec 13 1865 not given Jonathan JACOBS Twillingate Mary Jane PITMAN Twillingate Chas. Roberts, Thomas Young?    
Dec 14 1865 not given James HODDER Twillingate Susan LINFIELD Twillingate Hannibal Stowe, Richard Hodder    
Dec 14 1865 not given Josiah CLARKE Twillingate Dinah MOORS (Moores) Twillingate George Mintey, Robert Moors    
Dec 20 1865 not given John GOUDIE Twillingate Sarah Ann HOUSE Twillingate George House, John Wheller   John Goudie was buried Sep 28 1867 Twill age 31 yrs; Sarah Ann House remarried Oct 1868 to John Curtis.
Dec 27 1865 not given Ambrose HALLETT Little Hr Jane MOORS (Moores) Purcells Hr James Pardy, Thomas Luther?/Sutten?    
Dec 30 1865 not given John WHELLER (Wheeler) Twillingate Lydia FARWELL Twillingate Noah Wheller, Emily R. Duke    
Jan 10 1866 not given Henry Taylor PEARCE Twillingate Fanny FIFIELD Twillingate Jno. C. Duder, Elizabeth Harriett Pearce   Henry Taylor Pearce is believed to be the son of Abraham Ackerman PEARCE of Twill & Charlotte Laura Taylor of Carbonear.
May 1 1866 not given Thomas SUTTEN Purcells Hr Lydia ROBERTS Purcells Hr John Roberts, Eli Sutten    
May 15 1866 not given Richard BURT Tizzards Hr Louisa BOYD Tizzards Hr Alfred Boyde, William Boyde   Richard Burt was born Nov 13 1841 Tizzards Hr, the son of John & Susanna.
May 16 1866 Twillingate James BOYD Tizzards Hr Lucy Ann WHELLER (Wheeler) Tizzards Hr Thomas Wheller, James Lock   Lucy Ann Wheeler was born Nov 26 1947 Tizzards Hr, the dau of William & Martha. James Boyd was the son of Thomas Boyd, per Joe Jennings.
Oct 31 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) Thomas LAMBERT bach, fish, Twill Frances LACEY spin, Twill William Stuckley, Susan Bridger    
Nov 1 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) John BERGE (Burge) bach, fish, Tizzards Hr Louisa FARR spin, Tizzards Hr William Burt, William Berge (Burge)   Louisa Farr was born Dec 7 1848 Tizzards Hr, the dau of George FARR of England & Fanny BURT of Tizzards Hr.
Nov 2 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) Henry PRIMER bach, fish, Twill Mary ANSTY (Anstey) spin, Twill Alfred Ridout, Samuel Roberts    
Nov 4 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) John MILLS bach, Back Harbour Sarah Ann ARNOLD spin, Back Harbour Thomas White, Ann Tizzard    
Nov 7 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) Richard PRIMMER bach, Twill Lavinia OSMOND spin, Black Island George Gillett, Benjamin Blackmore    
Nov 9 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) Alfred BATH bach, fish, Twill Selina WATERMAN spin, Twill William Waterman, George Slade   Selina Waterman died Jan 19 1923 Little Bay Islands (born circa June 1844 Twill); Alfred Bath died Jul 15 1921 Little Bay Islands age 90 yrs.
Nov 23 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) John ANSTEY widower, planter Purcells Hr Amelia RIDOUT (Rideout) widow, Purcells Hr Jasper Donland (Dowland), James Anstey    
Dec 5 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) Benjamin BLACKMORE bach, fish, Twill Elizabeth BORDEN (BOURDON) spin, Twill Rueben Blackmore, John Slade    
Dec 24 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) Joseph HICKS bach, fish, The Arm, Twill Susan BURTON spin, The Arm, Twill Abraham Young, John Hicks    
Dec 31 1866 Chapel (Twillingate) James GILLARD widower, fish, Bluff Head, Twill Elizabeth INGS spin, Bluff Head, Twill John Oxford, Jane White    
Jan 9 1867 Chapel (Twillingate) Alfred CURTIS bach, fish, Twill Frances SANDSON spin, Twill Samuel Payne, Frederick Phillips    
Jan 15 1867 (Twillingate) Henry RIDOUT (Rideout) bach, fish, Back Hr Eliza WELLS spin, Back Harbour James Wylds, Joseph Ridout    
Feb 22 1867 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Henry GILLARD 23, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Harriet WHITEHORN 21, spin, Twill Charles Gillard, Lavinia Sansom?   Harriet was the dau of George & Bridget Whitehorn, per Beth Whitehorn.
Sep 18 1867 Chapel (Twillingate) William Henry BARRET(T) bach, fish, Twill Elizabeth LOVERIDGE spin, Twill James H. Preston, Dorcas Loveridge    
Oct 29 1867 Chapel (Twillingate) James BURT 22, bach, fish, Little Hr Sarah BIVIAN?/VIVIAN or BRIAN? 23, spin, Twill Frederick Foyle, Jonathan Burt   Her surname very difficult to read.
Nov 3 1867 Chapel (Twillingate) John MINTY bach, farmer, The Arm, Twill; son of Joseph Minty (farmer) Elizabeth MOORS (Moores) spin, Back Hr, Twill; dau of Isaac Moores (planter) Abraham Young, Joseph Minty    
Nov 27 1867 Chapel (Twillingate) Samuel STUCKLESS 26, bach, fish, The Arm, Twill Dinah INGS 20, spin, n/g Jacob Jenkins, Elizabeth Maidman (Maidment)    
Dec 5 1867 Chapel (Twillingate) James YOUNG bach, fish, Twill, son of David Young (fish) Mary WELLS spin, Twill, dau of William Wells (fish) Hanibel Stowe, Thomas Young, Henry Wells   This couple moved to Burlington, Green Bay.
Dec 27 1867 Chapel (Twillingate) William MOORES bach, fish, Back Hr, Twill, son of Isaac Moores (planter) Lydia JACOBS spin, The Arm, Twill; father not given William Hudder (Hodder), Amelia Moores    
Dec 11 1867 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Robert MOORES bach, fish, Back Hr, Twill, son of Isaac Moores (planter) Elizabeth MOORES spin, North Side, Twill; dau of John Moores (planter) Abraham Young, E.A. Goodison    
Dec 15 1867 Chapel (Twillingate) James GILLETT bach, fish, Arm, Twill; son of John Gillett (planter) Dorcas STUCKLESS spin, Arm, Twill, dau of Samuel Stuckless (sea captain) George Mintey, Lydia Gillet(t)    
May 5 (1868) Noah Wheller's house, Twill. John SLADE 26, bach, fish, Twill Amelia FIEFIELD 19, spin, Twill James Fiefield, Martha Fiefield    
Sep 10 1868 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) Thomas WHITE 24, bach, fish, Twill Matilda KNELL 18, spin, n/g John Ellot (Elliott), John Whitehorn    
Oct 9 1868 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) Solomon GUY 25, bach, fish Back Hr, Twill; father dead. Rachel GIBBS 20, spin, North Side, Twill; dau of John Gibbs (Captain of the ALMA) James Fiefield, James Tizzard   Rachel Gibbs believed to have md (2) Solomon Winsor of NDB; moved to Toronto ON 1887 (1901 ON Census).
Oct 14 1868 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) Thomas HICKS 22, bach, fish, Purcells Hr; son of Joseph Hicks (fish) Louisa RANDELL 19, spin, planter's daughter, Purcells Hr (Barr'd Island crossed out); dau of Reuben Randell (fish) James Anstey, Francis Hicks    
Oct 20 1868 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) James CHAPMAN 23, bach, fish, Back Hr, Twill; father dead. Isabella PITMAN 27, spin, planter's daughter, father dead. William Wheller, Lydia Wheller    
Oct 30 1868 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) John CURTIS 23, widower, fish, Twill; son of William Curtis (planter) Sarah A. GOUDIE 22, widow, planter's daughter, Twill, father dead* Hannibal Stowe, Frank Scott   Sarah Ann Goudie was nee HOUSE, widow of John Goudie (md 1865). NOTE that her surname in Vital Stats version appeared as Froude.
Nov 9 1868 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) John WOOLFREYS 25, bach, fish, Moretons Hr; son of Robert Woolfreys (planter) Hannah OSMOND 25, spin, Moretons Hr; dau of George Osmond (planter) Joseph Moores, Mary E. Woolfreys    
Nov 12 1868 Twillingate Francis YATES 36, widower, fish, Twill; father dead Hannah READ 23, spin, n/g, n/g William Yates, Thomas Linfield    
Nov 19 1868 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) Stephen JENKINS 28, bach, fish, Purcells Hr; son of Thom. Jenkins (fish) Hannah BURT 22, spin, Purcells Hr; father dead. William Anstey, Silas Burt, Frederick Jenkins    
Nov 28 1868 Wesleyan Parsonage (Twill) Francis CLARK 27, bach, fish, Back Hr, Twill; son of Samuel Clark (planter) Hannah MILLEY 23, spin, Exploits Burnt Island; dau of Edward Milley (planter) John Clark, Frederick Milley    
Nov 29 1868 Wesleyan School House (Twill) George BROWN 30, widower, fish, Back Hr, father dead Selina CLARKE 32, widow, Back Hr, father dead Josiah Clarke, Jane Clarke    
Dec 3 1868 Wesleyan School House (Twill) Nathaniel JENKINS 32, bach, fish, Arm, Twill Ann JENKINS 23, spin, Arm, Twill Jacob Jenkins, Thomas Earle    
Dec 10 1868 Wesleyan School House (Twill) Jonathan BURT 24, bach, fish, Purcells Hr; father dead Therza PARDY 19, spin, Little Hr, dau of William Pardy (planter) Henry Burt, Charles Young    
Feb 10 1869 Wesleyan School House (Twill) Silas BURT 23, bach, fish, Purcells Hr, father dead Harriet KENDLE (Kendall) 24, spin, Purcells Hr, father dead Stephen Jenkins, John Moxham, Thomas Burt    
Sep 6 1869 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) Charles GILLARD bach, miner, Tilt Cove Lavinia GLEESON spin, Gillards Cove Thomas White, Margaret Fulton, '' & others ''    
Sep 16 1869 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) Thomas TIZZARD bach, fish, Twill Clara Jane OSMOND spin, servant, Greens Pond G. Forsey, Margaret Fulton    
Sep 25 1869 Wesleyan Parsonage (Twill) Robert PORTER bach, planter, Exploits Bay Julia CRABBE spin, Moretons Hr George Young, William Crabbe    
Oct 20 1869 Twillingate Charles CANNINGS bach, fish, Western Head Sarah Jane WHITE spin, Western Head Abel Chalk, Joseph Brinton, '' & others ''    
Oct 20 1869 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Henry KNIGHT widower, planter, Moretons Hr Elizabeth VERGE widow, Twill George Philips, Hannah Harriet Luvman?   bride was nee Elizabeth STONEMAN (bap 1822 Twill to George & Ann), widow of Richard Verge.
Oct 25 1869 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Mark RIDOUT (Rideout) widower, carpenter, Twill Frances HOPKINS widow, Twill Lavinia Clarke, Martha E. Philips    
Oct 25 1869 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) George PARSONS bach, planter, Traiton Island Jane WHITE spin, Traiton Island Anthony Roberts (1)    
Oct 26 1869 Twillingate John WATTON (WADDEN*) bach, Change Islands Dinah RENDELL spin, Change Islands Charles Phillpot, Harriet Watton (Wadden)   *his surname WADDEN per baptisms of their children.
Nov 1 1869 At the dwelling house of William Ainsty, Little Bay Island Charles HUSTINGS bach, fish, Little Bay Island Elizabeth NORMORE spin, Little Bay Island David Young of Twillingate; William Ainsty 'This couple were previously united by R. Roberts May 2 1867, no minister being within the Distance required by the Act.''  
Nov 1 1869 At the dwelling house of George Tucker, Little Bay Island Abel TUCKER bach, fish, Little Bay Island Dinah MITCHELL spin, Little Bay Island David Young, George Tucker 'This couple were previously united by Mr. Piccott, Oct 7 1867, no minister being within the Required Distance.''  
Nov 9 1869 Wesleyan Church (Twill) Charles YOUNG bach, fish, Twill Caroline CARLEY (Kearley) spin, Twill Abraham Young, Samuel Moors    
Nov 11 1869 Wesleyan Church (Twill) George RICE bach, fish, Twill Harriet GREEN spin, servant, Change Islands Joseph Rice, John Sampson    
Nov 18 1869 Wesleyan Church (Twill) Thomas MITCHARD bach, planter, Twill Selina DIAMOND spin, servant, Change Islands Harriet Youngs, Thomas French    
Dec 2 1869 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Matthias HAYWARD Twillingate Rachael MITCHARD Twillingate William Hudder (Hodder) (1)    
Nov 19 1869 Wesleyan Church (Twill) John RIDOUT (Rideout) bach, fish, Western Head Amy CULL spin, servant, Comfort Cove Archelaus Ridout, Captn. Richards    
Dec 9 1869 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) John DOWLAND 26, bach, fish, Little Hr, son of Jasper Dowland Hannah LUSH 26, spin, servant, Little Hr, n/g John Keif (Keefe), Ephraim Poole    
Dec 21 1869 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) Thomas YOUNG bach, fish, Twill *Eliza FIEFIELD spin, Twill James Fiefield, Hannah Linfield   *bride's 1st name only given in signature.
Dec 22 1869 Wesleyan School Room (Twill) Samuel MOORES bach, planter, Twill Mary Elizabeth WOOLFREYS spin, Moretons Hr Lucy Woolfreys, Hannah Linfield   Middle name of bride given only in signature
Dec 24 1869 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Joseph MINTY bach, planter, Twill Amelia MOORES spin, Twill John Minty, William Minty    
Jan 8 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) James BOYD widower, planter, Twill Mary Ann WALKER spin, Twill George Hodder, Ann Watkins    
Jan 13 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) John CHANT widower, miner, Tizzards Hr Louisa KENDLE (Kendall) spin, Tizzards Hr Thomas Wheller, Hayward Taylor    
Feb 23 1870 Moretons Hr Wesleyan Church George CRABBE bach, fish, Moretons Hr Rachael WILLIAMS spin, Labrador Thomas French, Mark Osmond    
June 10/18? 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Samuel ROGERS bach, fish, Twill; father fisherman but name n/g Maria SMITH spin, Twill, n/g William Earle, Phoebe Reed    
Sep 22 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) James COOPER bach, fish, Twill Mary REID n/g, Twill James Minty, Jane Cooper, '' & others ''    
June 20 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) William CRABBE bach, fish, Moretons Hr Rosanna ANDREWS n/g, Crow Head John Andrews, Harriet Sharp    
Aug 23 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) William CURTIS widower, planter, Twill Amy WHELLER (Wheeler) spin, Twill Silas Burt (1)    
Oct 20 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) John SAMPSON 25, bach, Fridays Bay Fanny KIEF (Keefe) 16, spin, Little Hr Thomas Goss, Fanny Hicks, William Sampson, Lizzie Wheller    
Oct 20 1870 Wesleyan Church (Twill) Luke BROMLEY widower, planter, Twill Emma MOSS spin, Twill not given    
Oct 20 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Frederick HELLIER bach, Twill Elizabeth WARR spin, Twill Robert Dove (1)    
Oct 22 1870 not given John HOUSE bach, Twill Tamar WALTRAN spin, Change Islands Josiah Clarke, Mary Waltran    
Sep 24 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) John BOURDEN fish, Manuels Cove Mary Anne BROWN Manuels Cove Thomas White, Maria Brown    
Oct 5 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) John Beasley SHARPE? bach, planter, St. Johns Ann PHILLIPS spin, Twill James Travers, Phoebe Phillips    
Oct 15 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Andrew GEDGE (Gidge) bach, fish, Twill Dinah PELLY spin, Twill Francis Yeates, Elizabeth Pelly    
Oct 16? 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Mark MOORES bach, Twill Elizabeth PELLY spin, Twill Thomas Parsons, Mary Ann Linfield    
Oct 25 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Barnabas* LOYT (Loyte) bach, fish, Twill Ann TWINE spin, n/g Silas Burt (1)   Groom signed his name as BARNARD LOYTE.
Oct 26 1870 not given John TROKE bach, fish, Twill Elizabeth HULL spin, Twill Silas Burt, Fanny Hull    
Oct 27 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Andrew BRINSTON bach, Fridays Bay Fanny BURGE spin, Fridays Bay James Mitchell, Jane Gleeson    
Oct 20 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) James LINFIELD bach, planter, Twill Rosanna BRIDGER spin, n/g Joseph Rice, Lydia Linfield    
Nov 2 (1870) not given Philip PIPPY Black Head Georgeanna VATCHER Twillingate John Pride, John Vatcher    
Nov 3 (1870) not given Jacob WHELLER (Wheeler) Tizzards Hr Mary Anne BRINTON Tizzards Hr George Osborne, Dorcas Wheller    
Nov 25 1870 Wesleyan Mission House (Twill) Joseph HAINES bach, fish, Twill Emma BOURDEN spin, Twill Benjamin Stuckless, Caroline Waddaman (Waterman)    
Nov 24 (1870) not given John CLARKE not given Leah BROMLEY not given George Brown, Elizabeth Bromley    
Nov 29 (1870) Wesleyan Chapel Frederick VERGE Twillingate Martha FIEFIELD? Twillingate William Verge (1)    
Dec 2 1870 not given Thomas BARNES bach, Twill Susan YOUNGS spin, Twill Thomas White, Harriett Young    
Dec 8 1870 Wesleyan Chapel Geoerge SLADE bach, Twill Mary ROGERS spin, Twill Alfred Bath, Thomas Earle    
Dec 27 1870 Wesleyan Church (Twill) Edward BROWN bach, Twill, n/g Hannah LINFIELD spin, Twill, dau of Thomas Linfield Hannibal Stowe, Frederick Linfield    
Dec 31 1870 Wesleyan Church (Twill) John HICKS bach, fish, Twill Caroline WATERMAN spin, Twill James Minty, William Minty    
PART 2: Selected marriages between 1871 & 1920 (Twillingate Methodist parish records, Box 2)                
Sep 13 1871 At the dwelling house of George Tucker, Little Bay Island Abel TUCKER Little Bay Islands Rebecca CURTIS Little Bay Islands George Thomas Oxford (1) 'Previously united by Esau Piccott, layman, June 16th, no minister being within the distance required by the Act.''  
Nov 20 1872 Wesleyan Mission House (Twillingate) William MOORES widower, Twillingate Mary CHIPPET widow, Three Arms, Green Bay Philip Wells, Martha Mills    
Sep 25 1887 North Side Church, Twill William GUY widower, fish, Wild Cove Elizabeth SHARP spin, Crow Head Uriah Sharp, Priscilla Sharp    
Jan 1 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) William ADAMS bach, fish, North Side Fanny WELLS spin, servant, North Side Thomas Stockley, Emma Hynes? *   *looks like a possible 3rd witness, illegible
Jan 1 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Jabez ROBERTS bach, fish, Bluff Head Cove Emily GEDGE spin, Durrells Arm John Hull, Mary Jane Gidge    
Jan 5 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) William SNOW widower, fish, Durrells Arm Naomi ROBERTS spin, servant, Bluff Head Cove Archibald Roberts, Joanna Snow    
Jan 6 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Thomas EARLE bach, fish, Durrells Arm Eveline SPENCER spin, servant, Back Hr Walter William Purchase, Mary Newman    
Jan 6 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) John HAWKINS bach, fish, Durrells Arm Matilda BURTON spin, servant, Durrells Arm Levi Burton, Mary Ann Burton    
Jan 14 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Eli STUCKLESS bach, fish, Kettle Cove Fanny REEM? (RYAN*) spin, servant, Wards Hr John Moyle, Elizabeth A Stuckless   *NOTE: from more than one source, the modern day version of her surname is RYAN; alternate forms in the early records for the area include RAINES & RHIMES. Fanny RYAN aka RHIMES, was baptized July 29 1872? Wards Hr, the dau of Henry RYAN...& Mary ROWSELL.
Jan 31 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Theophilus BROWN bach, fish, Durrells Arm Amelia A. TROKE spin, servant, Durrells Arm Thomas Gedge, Harriet? Moyle    
Apr 19 1892 Twill Church Henry Hooper HAWKINS bach, clerk, Jenkins Cove Louisa LINFIELD spin, teacher, Jenkins Cove William Ashbourne, Lucy G. Linfield    
May 11 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) James Thomas PHILIPS bach, fish, South Side Pheobe ELLIOTT spin, servant, South Side James Hanrahan, Louisa Hanrahan    
May 29 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Henry OXFORD bach, fish, Herring Neck Eliza GILLETT spin, servant, Farmers Arm John Bromley, Rose Gillett    
July 3 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Thomas CHURCHILL bach, fish, Farmers Arm Matilda ELLIOTT spin, servant, Crow Head Thomas Earle, Eveline Earle    
Aug 26 1892 At the house of Mr. William J. Scott, Twill. William CHIPMAN widower, fish, Crow Head Hannah VATCHER widow, housekeeper, Sleepy Cove Joseph Elliott, Jessie Elliott    
Nov 24 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Ambrose William BURT bach, fish, Carters Cove Mary Ann BURT spin, housemaid, Burnt Cove John Tarrant, Wilhelmina Homes    
Nov 27 1892 Parsonage (Twillingate) Elias YOUNG bach, fish, Twill Sarah MEHANEY spin, servant, Fridays Bay Philip Young, Wilhelmina Homes   Sarah Mehaney was born July 21 1870 Twill, the dau of William MEHANEY & Elizabeth ADAMS.
Mar 26 1893 Mr. Burnt's house, Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay Thomas BURT widower, planter, Burnt Cove Annie CHARD spin, servant, Coleys Point Charles Butt, Elizabeth Emma Butt    
May 24 1894 Parsonage (Twillingate) James HINGS (INGS) bach, fish, Durrells Arm Annie BURT spin, servant, Wild Cove, South Is. Henry R. Burt, Elizabeth J Pennel    
June 11 1894 Parsonage (Twillingate) John COOPER bach, fish, South Side Harriet Ann BURT spin, servant, Fridays Bay Eli Yates, Mary Anne Cooper    
Nov 6 1894 Parsonage (Twillingate) Archibald COOPER 24, bach, fish, Twill Flora BURT 21, spin, Twill Lydia Newman, Ambrose William Burt    
Mar 18 1895 Saltons School Room, Fridays Bay Obadiah BURT 22, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Kate GEDGE 21, spin, Fridays Bay Archibald Cooper, Sarah Jane Samson    
Oct 3 1895 Residence of Ambrose Butcher, Twill. Arthur ADAMS bach, fish, Durrells Arm Martha ROBERTS spin, domestic, Durrells Arm George Earle, Dorcas Cooper    
Jan 30 1896 Parsonage (Twillingate) Abraham BURT bach, fish, Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay Mary KEEFE spin, Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay Ann Keefe, Lillian? Curtis    
Dec 2 1896 Twillingate Robert GUY 34, bach, fish, Twill Barbara YOUNG spin, Twill Rachel Young, George Guy    
Dec 23 1896 Little Harbour John COLBOURNE 27, bach, fish, Purcells Hr Lavinia WINSOR 22, spin, Little Harbour Lavinia Anstey, Emma Ansty    
Dec 31 1897 Parsonage (Twillingate) Walter BURT 22, bach, fish, Tilt Cove Alfrida HANN 23, spin, Fridays Bay Eli Hann, Eliza Sansom    
Apr 23 1898 Twillingate Theodore WHITE 22, bach, fish, Bluff Head Laura STRONG 20, spin, Jenkins Cove Peter White, Elizabeth Gates   Laura Strong was born Sep 1 1877 Jenkins Cove, the dau of George STRONG & Louisa WALL?
Nov 14 1898 Parsonage (Twillingate) Uriah CHINN 25, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Mary MAHANEY 23, spin, Fridays Bay Drusilla James, Janet Chyinn (sic)   Mary Mehaney was born Aug 18 1875 Fridays Bay, the dau of William Mehaney & Elizabeth Adams.
Nov 12 1899 Parsonage (Twillingate) Charles GUY 30, bach, fish, Twill Lily SHEPPARD 25, domestic, Twill Edwin Hayward, Millie? Sheppard    
May 20 1900 Twillingate John GUY 26, bach, fish, Twill Elizabeth DALLEY n/g, spin, Twill George Roberts, Kate Dalley    
Sep 22 1900 Twillingate Kenneth BURT 22, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Ellen EDWARDS 23, spin, Change Islands Robert C. Hatcher, Eleanor E. Hatcher    
Dec 21 1900 Twillingate Reuben ADAMS 25, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Elizabeth LODER 23, spin, Little Hr George Smith, Eleanor E. Hatcher   Reuben Adams was born June 1 1876 Little Hr, the son of Thomas ADAMS & Elizabeth FARR, & grandson of George FARR & Fanny BURT.
Feb 13 1901 Twillingate William ADAMS 26, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Emily Ann GIDGE 22, spin, Fridays Bay Joseph Ings, Louisa Ings   William Adams was the son of Thomas ADAMS & Elizabeth FARR, & the grandson of George FARR & Fanny BURT.
Jan 8 1902 Parsonage (Twillingate) James GUY bach, fish, Twill Maria KEEFE spin, Little Harbour Henry G? Young, Lucy Rice    
Nov 5 1902 North Side Church, Twill Levi ELLIOTT widower, fish, Twill Louisa BURT widow, Tizzards Hr John Elliott, Phebe Elliott   Candidate for bride is Louisa SMITH who md 1887 to James Burt.
Mar 9 1903 Parsonage (Twillingate) Arthur BURT 21, bach, fish, Fridays Bay Annie DOVE 20, spin, Twill Archibald Cooper, Annie Freeman    
Apr 16 1903 Crow Head school house, Twill Robert ANDREWS bach, fish, Crow Head Bertha YOUNG spin, n/g Charles Andrews, Martha Andrews   Bertha Lucy Wheeler Young was b Dec 8 1882 Twill, the dau of Levi Young & Sarah Ann Wheeler. This couple moved to La Scie, Green Bay.
Apr 28 1906 Parsonage (Twillingate) James BURT bach,fish, Fridays Bay Agnes FROUDE spin, n/g Andrew Hynes, Ida Hynes    
May 18 1906 Parsonage (Twillingate) Walter BURT widower, fish, Fridays Bay Ophelia CHAPPEL widow, Fridays Bay Elijah Gillard, Emily Greenham    
May 23 1908 Twillingate John Thomas BURT bach, fish, Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay Sarah Susan KEEFE spin, Little Harbour Jonathan Dove?, Mary A. Keefe    
Feb 12 1909 North Side Church, Twill Sidney LOVERIDGE bach, fish, Twill Clara GUY spin, Twill Bertha Roberts, Bennett Young   Clara Jane Guy was born circa June 1881 Twill, the dau of Joseph & Mary Guy.
Jan 1? 1911 South Side Church, Twill Thomas GUY 29, bach, fish, South Side Mary Ann POND 27, spin, Farmers Arm Isaac Pond, Mary J. Guy    
Sep 23 1911 Parsonage (Twillingate) Obadiah ROBERTS 29, bach, fish, Wild Cove Louise GUY 21, spin, Wild Cove Benjamin Roberts, Eliza Way    
Dec 7 1911 North Side Church, Twill Frederick RIDOUT 35, bach, fish, Back Hr Bessie BATSTONE 19, spin, Nippers Hr Marion Clements Stark, Martin Luther    
Aug 22 1912 Twillingate Norman M. GUY 29, minister, Grand Falls (B.A.) Dulcie MOORES 30, spin, Bluff Head Cove William J. Moore, D.E. Young   Norman Milligan Guy was born Mar 27 1883 Twill, the son of John & Rosanna Guy.
Apr 16 1914 Twillingate George NEWMAN bach, fish, Twill Harriett GUY spin, Twill Harry Gill, Lucy Leah Guy   Harriett Guy was b Jan 11 1891 Twill, the dau of Stephen GUY & Letitia WHEELER.
Feb 1 1916 At the house of Eli Wheeler, Twill. Alexander GUY 44, widower, fish, Twill Olinda Elizabeth WHEELER 44, spin, Twill Rachel Young, Minnie Embree Wheeler   Alexander Guy was born Oct 15 1868 Twill, the son of Frederick Guy & Mary Cooper; Olinda Elizabeth Wheeler was b Oct 22 1872 Twill, the dau of Elias Wheeler & Susannah Roberts.
Nov 11 1916 Parsonage (Twillingate) Frederick GUY 22, bach, fish, Wild Cove Dulcie BULGIN 20, spin, Farmers Arm George Roberts, Lydia Pond    
July 10 1917 Parsonage (Twillingate) Herbert Frederick MOFFETT 28, bach, machinist, 133 Empire Street, Lynn MA USA Daisy BURT 24, spin, 208 1/2 Chatham Street, Lynn MA USA Chesley Roberts, Louise Elliott    
Nov 7 1917 Twillingate Bertram ELLIOTT 29, bach, fish, Middle Arm, Green Bay Violet Maud RIDEOUT 20, spin, Middle Arm, Green Bay Claude Elliott, Rowena Elliott    
Mar 25 1918 Twillingate James SEELEY 34?, bach, fish, Carters Cove Susanna Jane DECKER 19, spin, Twill Stanley Parsons, Mrs. James Vineham    
Jan 22 1919 South Side Church, Twill Theodore Harvey FREEMAN bach, 29, fish, Anglican, Back Hr Lucy Leah GUY 25, spin, South Side, Methodist Stephen Guy, Harriet Newman   Lucy Leah Guy was born circa Aug 1893 Twill, the dau of Stephen GUY & Letitia WHEELER.
Sep 7 1919 Parsonage (Twillingate) Seymour GRIMES 28, bach, fish, Herring Neck, Anglican Ethel Matilda HURLEY 23, spin, Herring Neck, Methodist Edward Young, Ninah Young   Timothy SEYMOUR Grimes was b Nov 18 1890 Goshens Arm, Herring Neck, the son of Timothy & Jane.
Oct 20 1920 Parsonage (Twillingate) Frank GUY 22, single, fish, Twill Bessie PHILLIPS 22, single, Twill Matthias Anstey, Maggie Anstey    

Transcribed by Jill Marshall Summer 2003

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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