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Methodist Marriages

Selected Families Only
LDS FILM #2133795

    Town Surname Given   Surname Given     Witnesses
23Jan1848 METH Carb. SHEPARD Thomas Harbor Grace GEORGE Sarah Carbonear Snowball Rich Shepard,Robert George
23May1848 METH Carb. TAYLOR Abel Carb fishm PIKE Julia Carb South Snowball John Pike Jos. Taylor
9Nov1848 METH Carb. PENNEY Robert Carb GILES Ellen Carb Snowball Reuben Bemeister/Sarah A. Levi
1Dec1848 METH Carb. PENNEY Eliol Carb PENNEY Ellenor Carb Snowball Robt & John Penney
13Jan1849 METH Carb. CLARK John Carb GEORGE Margaret HrtsDelight Snowball Wm.&Sam'l Clark
3Feb1849 METH Carb. BRIDLE Wm Fish/Carb PENNEY Mary Carb Snowball Charles Pike/Sarah Bridle
15Sep1849 METH Carb. SUMMERS Wm Flat Rock WHITE Ann Flat Rock Norris Thom.Penny,Wm.Marshall
4Oct1849 METH Carb. PENNEY Thomas Blowmedown PECKHAM Elizab SalmonCv. Norris John &Richarc Penny
30Jan1851 METH Carb. BUTT Alfred ClownsCvCv. HARVEY Theresa Freshwater Norris JamesNoel/Frances Jeffers
1Nov1849 METH Carb. PIKE FrancisWm Freshwater PARSONS Sophia Feshwater Norris Francis&Eliza Parsons
29Nov1849 METH Carb. PARSONS Joseph Freswater TAYLOR Louisa Carb. Norris JHTaylor;Elizab Vandenhoff
6Dec1849 METH Carb. CLARKE Wm Crocker'sCv. BUTT Jane Crocker'sCv. Norris Wm.Butt, Wm. Clarke
20Dec1849 METH Carb. PARSONS Jonathan Freshwater MOORE Martha Freshwater Norris Silas Moore/Elizab Parsons
4Aug1850 METH Carb. PARSONS Richard Otterbury KING Martha Perry'sCv. Norris Wm.Rose/Richard Penney
4Oct1850 METH Carb. PENNEY Richard Otterbury PARSONS Amelia Freshwater Norris Wm.Penney/ThomasRose
4Dec1850 METH Freshw MOORE JohnFred Freshwater JUDSON Mary Ann Otterbury Norris Thom.Rose/AmbroseMoore
8Dec1850 METH PerryCv WHITE Charles Perry Cove PARSONS Elizabeth PerryCove Norris JohnSwaine/Robt Kelloway
25Dec1850 METH Carb. PENNEY James Carb PENNEY Susanna Carb Norris Wm.DavisPenney/John Penney
26Nov1851 METH Carb. PARSONS GeorgeV Freshwater TAYLOR Louisa Carb.SS Norris JohnF.Apsey/JosephW. Taylor
5Dec1851 METH ClownsC PENNEY EdwardSparks Freshwater NOFTAL Emma Theresa ClownsCv Norris Joseph Butt/Geo Vatcher
14Dec1851 METH Carb. ASH Nicholas Carb. PENNEY Sarah Carb Norris Wm.Penney/Solomon Ash
18Dec1851 METH Carb. PENNEY Wm Otterbury ROSE Elizabeth SalmonCv. Norris John Parsons/Alfred Rose
18Dec1851 METH Carb. MADDOCK Robert Carb PENNEY Dorcas Carb Norris JohnMaddock, RichardPenney
20Dec1851 METH Carb. PIKE Mark Carb HISCOCK Maria Ann Carb Norris WillisBemister/Josiah Pike
30Dec1851 METH Carb. PENNEY John Carb NORCHOT Mary Carb. Norris LoyalPenny, Robt Norchot
18Nov1852 METH Carb. BUTT Wm Carb. CRUTCH Patience Catalina Norris GeorgePenney/John Butt
22Dec1852 METH Carb. ROSE Wm SalmonCv BUTT Catherine SalmonCv. Anguin Rich.Parsons/Alfred Rose
21Dec1852 METH Carb. HISCOCK John Carb. BUTT PatienceLouisa Freshwater Anguin Joseph and Philip Hiscock
25Dec1852 METH Freshw MOORE Samuel Freshwater JEFFERS Mary Freshwater Anguin FrancisJeffers/Thomas Moore
30Dec1852 METH Freshw JEFFERS Francis Freshwater VATCHER Ann Maria Freshwater Anguin JosephJeffers/GeorgeVatcher
1Jan1853 METH Carb. PENNEY Richard Carb HORWOOD Louisa Carb. Anguin JohnMadock, Frederica Churchill
4Jan1853 METH Freshw PARSONS Edward ClownsCvDv. JOYCE Lettice Freshwater Anguin JospehParsons/RobertJoyce
17Feb1853 METH Carb. POWELL Joseph Carb PENNEY Grace Carb Anguin H.F.Forward;RichadHopkins
2June1853 METH FlatRock PENNEY James Blowmedown POTTLE Elizabeth Flat Rock Anguin Wm.Collins/Robt.Marshall
3June1853 METH Carb. BUTT Moses PerryCv STONE Elizabeth Carb. Anguin Wm.Rynolds/JosephKelloway
3June1853 METH Carb. PENNEY Joseph Carb NOEL Ellen Carb. Anguin John Noel/Richard Penney
24Nov1853 METH Carb. GEORGE Wm Crocker'sCv. CLARKE MaryAnn Crocker'sCove Anguin Edward George; Wm. Clarke
6Dec1853 METH ClownsC BUTT Joseph Henry ClownsCvDv. PARSONS Susan Perry'sCove Anguin Wm.Butt; Robt. Kelloway
18Dec1853 METH Freshwater PARSONS Joseph Halfyard Freshwater PARSONS Eliza Freshwater Anguin StephenParsons/Sampson Parsons
22Dec1853 METH SalmonCv BALDWIN Wm Otterbury PENNEY Frances Otterbury Anguin HenryPeckham;Robt Parsons
31Dec1853 METH Otterbury CASE James SalmonCv JUTSON Dorcas Otterbury Anguin JosephJutson/Thomas Page
15Jan1854 METH Freshwater VATCHER George Freshwater JUTSON Susanna Otterbury Anguin ReubenVatcher/EdwardGear
7Jan1854 METH Carbonear PARSONS Henry Otterbury VATERS Jane Otterbury Anguin Wm. Collins/Geo.Vatcher
12Jan1854 METH Carbonear KELLOWAY Joseph PerryCv. PARSONS Rachel Wesley PerryCv. Anguin Joseph Butt; RobertParsons
11May1854 METH Carbonear PARSONS Robert PerryCv. CARNAL Emma PerryCv. Anguin JosephButt/RachelWesleyKelloway
31May1854 METH Carbonear ASH John Carbonear PENNEY Mary Carbonear Anguin Robert&Joshua Ash
8Nov1854 METH Carbonear SNOW Frederick ClownsCv. NOFTAL AnnaMaria BroadCv. Anguin CharlesButt/Geo.Snow
7Dec1854 METH Carbonear ROSE Alfred SalmonCv PARSONS Mary Otterbury Anguin Wm.Rose/James Tupper
14Jan1855 METH Carbonear MAHY Joseph Guernsey BUTT Julia ClownsCv Anguin Geo.Butt/Edward Sparks
11Aug1855 METH Carbonear WARFORD John HarborGrace BUTT Susannah Freshwater Shenstone Charles&Jonah Butt
8Nov1855 METH Carbonear PENNEY Clement Carbonear NOFTY Catherine Carbonear Shenstone Elizabeth&Ambrose Penney
14Nov1855 METH Carbonear PENNEY George Carbonear MCCARTHY Ellen Carbonear Shenstone Geo.Parsons/MaryLawrence
15Dec1855 METH Carbonear SIMMONS John Mosquito PENNEY Patience Carb.SS Shenstone JohnC.Simmons/MaryM.Penney
15Dec1855 METH Carbonear PARSONS Richard Otterbury WALSH Joanna SpaniardsBay Shenstone GeorgeVaters/SusanParsons
22Dec1855 METH Carbonear PARSONS George Otterbury PARSONS MaryAnn Otterbury Shenstone Henry&ThomasParsons
27Dec1855 METH Carbonear POWELL Job Carbonear PENNEY Sarah Carbonear Shenstone ThomasTaylor/RichardPenney
14May1856 METH Carbonear POWELL Robert Carbonear PENNEY Jane ----- Shenstone ReubenHorwood,Rowena Penney
4June1856 METH Carbonear HISCOCK Joseph Carbonear CLARKE Susannah   Shenstone John&HenryHiscock
26Sep1856 METH Carbonear NEWELL Richard Freshwater BUTT Julia   Shenstone Charles&MaryButt
15Nov1856 METH Carbonear ANDREWS Henry HarborGrace PARSONS Julia Freshwater Shenstone JamesGooden/Thom.CharlesParsons
9Dec1856 METH Carbonear SNOW Stephen Freshwater GILLESPIE Susan   Shenstone Wm.Gillespie,Elizab.Snow
10Dec1856 METH Carbonear DAY James Carbonear PENNEY Elizabeth   Shenstone Wm.Day,JuliaPenney
11Dec1856 METH Carbonear ANTLE John Carbonear GEORGE Frances Otterbury Shenstone Geo.Antle/MarthaGeorge
14Dec1856 METH Carbonear PARSONS John Otterbury VATERS Rachel   Shenstone Jos.Parsons/RobertaVaters
18Dec1856 METH Carbonear PARSONS Richard Otterbury KELLOWAY Alice   Shenstone Jos.Parsons
18Feb1857 METH Carbonear PENNEY Richard Carbonear MOORE Sarah J   Shenstone JohnPenney,CecillyMoore
1oct1857 METH Carbonear BUTT Adam FlatRock WAREHAM Sarah Carbonear Shenstone JamesKing/RichardButt
15Oct1857 METH Carbonear BUTT Richard FlatRock KING Providence Carbonear Shenstone AdamButt/CharlotteKing
14Nov1859 METH Carbonear PARSONS Richard Otterbury BUTT Louisa   Shenstone John&SarahJaneParsons
16Nov1858 METH Carbonear FRENCH James Carbonear BUTT Patience   Shenstone Wm.&MaryButt
25Nov1858 METH Carbonear BUTT Thomas FlatRock SUMMERS JuliaAnn FlatRock Duke JaneSummers/Elizab.Evely
22Dec1858 METH Carbonear PARSONS Thomas Otterbury POTTLE Emma Clemen's Cove Lockhart Wm.Pottle, SusannaParsons
4Jan1859 METH Carbonear PARSONS Stephen Freshwater PARSONS Sarah Freshwater Lockhart RichardParsons,AgnesParsons
16May1859 METH Carbonear PENNEY John Carbonear NOEL Elizabeth   Lockhart ThomasBirk/Sam'lHowell
2June1859 METH Carbonear BUTT Wm ClownsCv HUNT Isabella Freshwater Lockhart ThomasHunt,EzeliesButt
5Nov1859 METH Carbonear POTTLE Wm ClownsCv BEST Lavinia Freshwater Lockhart GeorgeMoore/LouisaPike
8Dec1859 METH Carbonear WHITE Wm SalmonCv PARSONS Susannah SalmonCv. Lockhart Thomas&George White
15Dec1859 METH Carbonear PARSONS Samuel PerryCv. SWAINE ElenorAnn PerryCv. Lockhart Thomas Swaine/PatrickWhite
24Dec1859 METH Carbonear HISCOCK Philip Freshwater MOORS Mary Freshwater Lockhart JamesMoors/Alfred Davis
6Jan1860 METH Carbonear PENNEY Solomon Carb SS WHITE Sarah CarbonearSS Lockhart HughRobet Penney/John Light
2Ap1860 METH Carbonear SMITH Samuel DildoCv TB GEORGE Ann   Lockhart EdwardSPike,John Smith
16May1860 METH Carbonear JOYCE GeorgeHenry Freshwater BUTT Mary Freshwater Lockhart JamesEJoyce,JohnW.Harvey
2Jun1860 METH Carbonear BUTT Alexander CrockersCv. PENNEY Mary M CarbonearSS Lockhart RobertPenney/Geo Apsey
2Jun1860 METH Carbonear NOEL Thomas Freshwater BUTT Ezeledge Blowmedown Lockhart John&Wm.Butt
5Jun1860 METH Carbonear HISCOCK Henry Carbonear HARVEY CorneliaJane Freshwater Lockhart JohnW.Harvey/Wm.Hisock
7Jun1860 METH Carbonear MARSHALL Thomas FlatRock EVELEY Elizabeth FlatRock Lockhart RobtMarshall/MaryEveley
9Jun1860 METH Carbonear SPENCER Edward Carbonear STEVENSON MaryA Carbonear Lockhart EdwardPike/JoshuaRowe
12Dec1860 METH Carbonear KING Richard Mulley'sCv. PARSONS SarahJane ClownsCv Brettle HenryParsons,EstherReynolds
12Dec1860 METH Carbonear DEER James Freshwater PARSONS Jane SalmonCv. Brettle JohnButt/MarthaDeer
Dec1860 METH Carbonear SNOW George Freshwater BURGESS Sarah CrockersCv Brettle CharlesButt/CarolineBurgess
14Dec1860 METH Carbonear SUMMERS James FlatRock GEORGE Martha ClownsCv Brettle EdwardGeorge/EmmaSummers
19Dec1860 METH Carbonear TUFF Alfred OchrePitCv BUTT Esther CrockersCv Brettle JosephButt/JabezTuff
20Dec1860 METH Carbonear PARSONS Wm. S Freshwater BEMISTER SusannahE Carbonear Brettle Joseph Parsons/EdwardBemister
20Dec1860 METH Carbonear BURGESS Charles Carbonear BUTT Sarah ClownsCv Brettle GeoSnow/CarolineBurgess
30May1861 METH Carbonear VATCHER Reuben Freshwater PARSONS Tryphenia   Brettle Wm.Vatcher/Mary Parsons
5June1861 METH Carbonear MOORES Stephen Feshwater POTTLE Pauline FlatRock Lockhart JosephMoors/AgnesPottle
9Nov1861 METH Carbonear HOWELL Wm Carbonear PENNEY Susan   Brettle JoshuaAsh/Emma
28Nov1861 METH Carbonear HISCOCK James ScillyCv WHITE Roseanna ScillyCv Brettle Rich.Clarke/JohnWhite
12May1861 METH Carbonear HARVEY John W Freshwater SNOW Elizabeth Freshwater Brettle GeorgeSoper, ElizaSnow
6Feb1862 METH Carbonear BUTT Richard FlatRock MARSHALL Patience ClownsCv Brettle Wm.Marshall/Miss Butt
6May1862 METH Carbonear BUTT Robert CarbSS HOWELL Mary CarbSS Brettle Sam'lHowell,CatherineButt
12Nov1862 METH Carbonear SUMMERS Wm FlatRock KING Cecilia PerryCv. Brettle Wm.King/JohnKing
25Nov1862 METH Carbonear SUMMERS Joseph FlatRock STEPHENS Elizabeth Carb.Pitts Prestwood ClementSummer/JohnWhite
31Dec1862 METH Carbonear HILLYARD Thomas T Blackhead PARSONS Agnes Freshwater Prestwood MatthewMoores/Jos.W.Taylor
25Feb1863 METH Carbonear MOORE Samuel Carbonear PINE (PIKE?) Jane   Prestwood AlfredLong/Benj.Gilespie
14May1863 METH Carbonear SNOOK George Carb BUTT MarthaS WesternBay Prestwood Henry Snook and Wm. Snook
16May1863 METH Carbonear EVELEY George FlatRock PENNEY Tryphenia FlatRock Prestwood ReubenSummers/Wm.Pottle
16May1863 METH Carbonear HISCOCK Wm Carb CLARKE Harriet A Carbonear Prestwood JohnLittle/SusannahHiscock
31May1863 METH Carbonear THISTLE John Carbonear BUTT Harriet WesternBay Prestwood Sam' lFogwell Geo.Taylor
2Jun1863 METH Carbonear PARSONS Thomas HarborGrace BUTT HarrietAnn Carbonear Prestwood Wm.Butt CharlesParsons
3Jun1863 METH Carbonear WHITE John Heart'sCont Rd STEPHENSON Fanny HContRdCarb Prestwood JohnStephenson/Wm.Clarke
10Jun1863 METH Carbonear PENNEY Thomas Carbonear DEAN Elizabeth Freshwater Prestwood Matt Callahan, John Rose
25Aug1863 METH Carbonear PARSONS Joseph M Freshwater MOORS Amelia Fershwater Winterbotham NicholasNicholl/AgnesParsons
5Nov1863 METH Carbonear SUMMERS Reuben(26) FlatRock SNOW Eliza (20) Clement'sCv Winterbotham John Snow/SarahButt
10Dec1863 METH Carbonear PIKE Joseph (22) Carbonear BUTT Sarah (18) CarbSS Winterbotham JaneStone/WillEd Butt
10 Dec1863 METH Carb PARSONS Richard (26) Carb TAYLOR Sarah(20) CarbSS Winterbotham Charles&LaviniaTaylor
27Jan1864 METH Carb MARSHALL Robert (28)   EVELEY Mary FlatRock Winterbotham LaviniaTaylor&John Eveley
26Apr1864 METH Carb POTTLE Wm (23) Carb EVELEY SarahJane(22) Carb Carb Winterbotham Thom Parsons, MaryMarshall
12Jun1864 METH Carb PENNEY Robert (27) Carb TAYLOR AgnesAnn (26) (Spin) " Spin. Carb Winterbotham RobtNewell,MaryTalor
18Jun1864 METH Freshwater BUTT George(24) Freshwater BUTT Sarah (20) Freshwater Winterbotham Charles&JohnButt
15Dec1864 METH   BUTT George(27) RiverhdCarb LACEY Susanna(25) Rivhd/Carb Winterbotham Jas Lacey,CatherineButt
23Dec1864 METH Carb HOWELL Samuel Carb PENNEY EmilyMaria (22)Carb Winterbotham WmTaylor,JuliaAnnHowell
27Jan1865 METH Carb PENNEY Stephen(24) Carb GILLETTE Emily Carb Winterbotham Benj&Susan Gillette
13May1864 METH Carb DAVIS Wm.   PENNEY Martha Carb Winterbotham StephenPenney/PatienceDavis
2Oct1865 METH Carb STONE Charles Henly Labr PARSONS Elizabeth Otterbury Winterbotham EdwBemister,GeoTaylor
10Oct1865 METH Carb PIKE Archibald RedBay Lab BUTT Drucilla EastSt. ? Allen JamesYetman,AlbertPike
9Dec1865 METH Carb MOORS Joseph Freshwater PARSONS Mary Freshwater Peach JamesJoyce,Cicely Vatcher
20Dec1865 METH Carb KING Joseph PerryCv BUTT MaryAnn PerryCv. Peach JohnSwaine, JohnKing
10Jan1866 METH Carb ASH Wm Carb PENNEY HarrietAnn Carb Peach Henry&MarySepncer
13Feb1866 METH Carb VATCHER Joseph BurntHead PARSONS Amelia Freshwater Peach SilasMoors/John Giles
1Jun1866 METH Carb TAYLOR John Carb PENNEY Maria Carb Peach StephenPenney,MaryTaylor
18Sep1866 METH Carb FOOT Mesarch CarbSailmaker PARSONS Charlotte Carb Peach TrypheniaJoyce/ElizabClark
16Nov1866 METH Carb PENNEY Wm Carb Fisherm SNOOK Ellen   Toohunter Josiah/CharlesPenney
6Dec1866 METH Carb PARSONS James SalmonCv PENNEY Jane Green'sHbr Peach JohnClark/JohnHarvey
6Dec1866 METH Carb NOFTAL Wm MulleysCv GEORGE Cecilia Freshwater Peach Jos Butt/ElizabNoftal
7Nov1867 METH Carb PARSONS Wm Otterbury BUTT AnnMaria Blowmedown Peach ThomasButt,RobtMoores
28Nov1867 METH Carb JOYCE Thomas Freshwater BUTT Margaret CarbSS Allen JesseHarvey,BridgetButt
22Dec1867 METH Carb CLARK George Victoria SUMMERS Mary FlatRock Peach Jos &PeterSummers
16May1868 METH Carb FOOTE Orestes CarbSailmaker PARSONS CeciliaAnn Freshwater Peach SamlParsons,Robt Vatcher
18May1868 METH Carb HARVEY Jesse Freshwater BUTT MaryJane Freshwater Peach ThomasJoyce,JordanNoel
6Jun1868 METH Carb ROSE John SalmonCv SNOW Julia ClownsCv Peach EbenezerPelly,Geo Snow
28Nov1868 METH Carb PARSONS Moses Otterbury SLADE HarrietAnn   Forsey JosephJudson,RobtParsons
17Dec1868 METH Carb PARSONS Joseph Freshwater NOEL Charlotte Carb Crawford HenryCharl&ZipporahJaneParsons
23Dec1868 METH Carb BUTT W E Carb LUTHER Pricilla Carb Crawford JosephPike/JaneLuther
14Jan1868 METH Carb PARSONS Alexander Freshwater NOEL Elizabeth CarbDistrict Forsey Robert&EdgarParsons
21Jan1869 METH Carb JOYCE James Freshwater PARSONS Delphine Freshwater Crawford WmJoyce,GeoParsons
31Dec1869 METH Carb HISCOCK Thomas Freshwater CLARKE Betsey Victoria Crawford SamlHiscock,JuliaPenney
13May1869 METH Carb PENNEY James Blowmedown BUTT MaryJane Blowmedown Crawford JohnGoulding
31May1869 METH Carb HOMER John Freshwater PENNEY MaryJane   Crawford GeoWilly,WmGould
2Dec1869 METH Carb TAYLOR Jonathan Carb Butt ?   Prince Saml Parsons,CicellyFoote
18Dec1869 METH Carb GILLESPIE Wm Carb BUTT MaryAnn   Prince Wm&LeahJoyce
22Dec1869 METH Carb NOEL Robert Freshwater BUTT Janet   Prince AugustusNoel,EmilyBarrett
25Dec1869 METH Carb NOEL Edward Carb PARSONS Lenora Freshwater Prince FannyNoel,ZipporahParsons
14Jan1870 METH Carb BUTT Solomon Carb SS OATES MaryJane   Prince RobtButt,SusanOates
19Jan1870 METH Carb PARSONS Joseph Freshwater TAYLOR Theresa Carb Prince John,Hannah Taylor
26Jan1870 METH Carb TAYLOR John Freshwater PARSONS Catherine Freshwater Prince ThomasNoel,ZipporahParsons
1June1870 METH Carb PARSONS Wm   BUTT Susannah     JoshuaEmberley,PheobeJaneCase
20Dec1870 METH Carb PARSONS Moses Otterbury KELLOWAY MaryA PerrysCv Combden Thos.Swaine,MattKelloway
16May1871 METH Carb BUTT Jesse Otterbury WAREHAM Susanna Otterbury Peach ThosWareham,Wm.Butt
25Nov1871 METH Carb PARSONS George Otterbury KING Sophia PerrysCv Combden Wm&MaryJaneParsons
23Dec1871 METH Carb MOORES Wm Freshwater EVELEY Joanna FlatRock Combden ThosParsons,CatherineMoores
25Feb1872 METH Carb KELLOWAY Matthew PerrysCv PARSONS MaryJane Otterbury Comb MosesParsons,AmeliaKelloway
11Jun1872 METH Carb BUTT Aaron Freshwater NOFTAL Emma CrockersCv Combden JosiahVatcher,EllenClarke
20Dec1872 METH Carb DAY Wm J OldPerlican PIKE Rohannah CarbSS Combden HenryPike,ElizabDay
22Dec1872 METH Carb BUTT Terence PerrysCove BUTT Harriet PerrysCv Hale WmButt,Thos.White
22Dec1872 METH Carb BUTT Samuel PerrysCv KING Sarah PerrysCv Hale WhomasWhite,AnnaMariaButt
3Jan1873 METH Carb KELLOWAY Joseph SpoutCv SUMMERS Jane FlatRock Hale ReubenSummers,AnnaMariaButt
30May1873 METH Carb BUTT John Blowmedown SUMMERS Elizabeth FlatRock Hale JamesPenney,EmilySummers
4Dec1873 METH Carb SUMMERS Peter FlatRock ROSE Elizabeth MarshallsFolley Dove GeoWhite,EmilySummers
15Dec1873 METH Carb PENNEY Joseph Blowmedown PARSONS Patience Otterbury Dove WmParsons, ElizabWareham
20Jan1875 METH Carb BUTT John ClownsCove BUTT Bridget ClownsCv Dove Wm&EmmaButt
22May1875 METH Carb BUTT John ClownsCove EVELEY Jessie FlatRock Currie John&EmmaButt
9Nov1875 METH Carb SNOW Abraham St.John's PIKE Pricilla Carbonear Paine MaryAClark, GeoTaylor
17Dec1875 METH Carb CLARK Wm Victoria SUMMERS Emily FlatRock Dove JosephSummers, SusannahClark
2Dec1875 METH Carb PARSONS Thomas SalmonCv PENNEY Sarah Green'sHbr Dove Sampson,Rose, ElizabWareham
22Dec1875 METH Carb BUTT Martin Perry'sCv SLADE JuliaAnn MarshallsFolley Paine MosesKing,AnnButt
30Dec1875 METH Carb BUTT Charles Freshwater BUTT Sarah Freshwater Dove ArchBarrett,BridgetButt
21Jan1876 METH Carb HISCOCK Joseph Freshwater SOPER Louisa Freshwater Paine WmJamesHiscock/MaryL.Harvey
27May1876 METH Carb MOORE John Freshwater PENNEY Cicelly Ann Freshwater Dove Stephen&EmilyMoores
9Jun1876 METH Carb TAYLOR Joseph Carb HISCOCK NaomiRebecca Carb Dove Wm &JaneHiscock
4Dec1876 METH Carb STEPHENS Wm Victoria CLARK Susannah Victoria Goodison Nath'lClark,RobtStephens
22Dec1876 METH Carb KELLOWAY Mark PerrysCv PARSONS Susannah Otterbury Goodison MosesParsons,Wm.Penney
23Feb1877 METH Carb SUMMERS Joseph Flatrock GOULDING Emma FlatRock Goodison E.A.Goodison,LauraPeters
5Nov1877 METH Carb HOWELL John Pickavant Carb EVELEY AnnaMaria FlatRock Goodison RichTucker, EmmaJ.Howell
12Dec1877 METH Carb HISCOCK Wm James Carb CLARK MaryAnn FlatRock Goodsion JohnButt,MaryJaneHiscock
15Dec1877 METH Carb KELLOWAY Edgar PerrysCv HARVEY Mary L Freshwater Goodison JesseHarvey, JaneetHiscock
22Dec1877 METH Carb WAREHAM John Otterbury BUTT CharlotteWesley Blowmedown Goodison RichButt,ElizabWareham
25May1878 METH Carb BUTT Richard   PENNEY Eliza   Goodison JohnButt,JamesPenney
26May1878 METH Carb PENNEY James Blowmedown BUTT Maria Blowmedown Goodison Richard&AdamButt
1Jun1878 METH Carb BUTT William Freshwater HILLYARD Jane Freshwater Goodison JohnButt,Jos.Clark
21Nov1878 METH Carb THISTLE Alfred Carb HISCOCK MaryJane Carb Goodison WmHiscock, PhoebeThistle
30Nov1878 METH Carb BUTT Basil Freshwater ROSE Susannah SalmonCv Goodison JohnButt,JamesParsons
10Dec1878 METH Carb PENNEY Wm Blowmedown BUDDEN Amelia PerrysCv Goodison SampsonRose,JamesKelloway
20May1879 METH Carb POWELL Silas Victoria SUMMERS Caroline Freshwater Goodison JohnClark,JohnAntle
24May1879 METH Carb EVELEY Joseph Angwin FlatRock BUTT AnnaMaria Perry'sCv Goodison WmButt,JamesEveley
11Dec1879 METH Carb HISCOCK Joshua Edgar Carb CLARKE EmmaRebecca Victoria Goodison MaryH.Hiscock
18May1881 METH Carb VATCHER Joseph Carb GEORGE Susannah Carb Boyd John&AnnClark
22May1881 METH Carb PENNEY Richard Blowmedown TIZZARD MaryElizab Victoria Boyd JohnPenney&SarahBurke
25May1881 METH Carb BUTT James Freshwater BUTT Elizabeth Freshwater Boyd John Moores,JosBroderick
17May1881 METH Carb KIRBY Eli BMD PARSONS JanetWesley Blowmedown Boyd WmParsons, DorcasKirby
27Dec1881 METH Carb CLARKE George CrockersCv GEORGE MaryAnn FrogMarsh Boyd JohnClark,JuliaGeorge
7Jan1882 METH Carb KIRBY John Blowmedown HISCOCK Elizabeth FlatRock Boyd JacobPenney,FannyParsons
17May1882 METH Carb EVELEY James FlatRock POWELL Joanna Victoria Boyd Silas Powell, MaryJ.Clarke
27May1882 METH Carb MOORES Ambrose Freshwater PARSONS Fanny Otterbury Boyd WmParson,LenoraMoore
16Nov1882 METH Carb ANTLE John Victoria SOMERS Dorcas   Vater WmPottle,PatienceEvely
25Nov1882 METH Otterb SNOW John Freshwater PARSONS AmeliaAnn   Vater JohnMoores,MarthaDean
21Dec1882 METH Otterb PENNEY Jethroe   PARSONS Jane   Vater JosephParsons,LeahKelloway
10Jan1883 METH Carb MOORES John Freshwater HISCOCK MaryA Carbonear Vater WmHiscock,MaryJaneMoores
15Jan1883 METH Carb PENNEY Jacob Otterbury DOYLE Margaret Carbonear Vater StephenSnow,HenriettaDoyle
3Jan1884 METH Freshwater PARSONS Socates Freshwater KIRBY MaryElizabeth Blowmedown Heal EliKirby,JohnCharlParsons
1Jan1884 METH Otterb MOORES Samuel Freshwater BUTT Elizabeth Blowmedown Heal SusannahButt,WmThomsMoores
11Dec1884 METH Freshwater BAGGS John BroadCv SOMERS Lavinia Freshwater Heal  
30May1885 METH SalmonCv SUMMERS Wm Thomas FlatRock ROSE SaraGrace MarshallsFolley Heal GeoWhite,JessieSomers
29Nov1885 METH Blowmed ROSE Samson SalmonCv KIRBY Dorcas Blowmedown Heal Wm.Parsons,EdwRose
29Nov1885 METH Flatrock POTTLE James Edmond FlatRock EVELEY Leah Freshwater Heal JosephEveley,LeahPottle
10Dec1885 METH Carb SNOOK Ezra Carbonear HISCOCK Dinah   Kendall DuncanTaylor,AlfredThistle
2Jan1886 METH Freshwat POTTLE James Edmond FlatRock EVELY Leah Freshwater Heal JosephEvely/LeahPottle
10Jan1886 METH Freshwat JEFFERS Samuel Freshwater DEAN Cicely CrockersCv Heal SolomDean,FrancesJeffers
21Apr1886 METH Otterb PENNEY Samuel Blowmedown BUTT Susannah Blowmedown Heal  
2Jun1886 METH Otterb BUTT Wm Blowmedown WAREHAM Ida Otterbury Heal SamlWareham
19Nov1887 METH Blowmed PARSONS John Charles Freshwater KIRBY Leah Blowmedown Storey EliKirby,DorcasKirby
14Nov1888 METH Carb PENNEY Richard Victoria SUMMERS Olivia Victoria Goddison JohnWhite,SamlPenney
21Nov1889 METH Otterb MARSHALL George Edward FlatRock BUTT Charlotte Blowmedown Heal SamlMarshall,JuliaButt
26Dec1889 METH Otterb PENNEY Abraham Blowmedown SOMERS Jessie FlatRock Heal Wm&MaryAnnEveley
1Dec1890 METH Carb MULLEY Wm MulleysCv SUMMERS Susannah Victoria James Archib.Noftle,JohnAntle
14Feb1890 METH Otterb BUTT Reuben Blowmedown WHITE MarthaJane CrockersCv Heal LouisaButt,SamsonWhite
8Apr1891 METH Carb POWELL Richard Carbonear SNOW Julia Carbonear James JosephCurby,MarySnow
1May1891 METH Carb PARSONS Charles Victoria SUMMERS Sarah   James EliKernough,JaneCollins
23Dec1891 METH Freshw HOMER Wm Freshwater SOMERS Cicely FlatRock Heal MaryJMarshall,AlfredDean

Transcribed by Donna Kirby Milley (August 2004)

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