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Carbonear District
Methodist Baptisms
1847 until 1891

28Mar1847 Meth BUTT John  & amp; ElizabethJ Wm.Thomas Otterbury 11Jul1847 All Snowball   2133795
6Apr1847 Meth BUTT Wm  & amp; Mary MaryJane Otterbury 11Jul1847 fisherman Snowball   2133795
25Oct1847 Meth PARSONS Henry  & amp; Mary Moses   12Dec1847 or Snowball   2133795
15Feb1847 Meth BUTT Jos  & amp;Eliza Joseph CrockersCv 23Feb1848 Planter Snowball   2133795
4Jul1846 Meth BUTT John  & amp;Mary Susanna Freshwater 14May1848 unless Snowball   2133795
24May1848 Meth BUTT Terrance  & amp;Eve JaneElizab PerrysCv 13Aug1848 noted Snowball   2133795
27Dec18484 Meth STEPHENSON Robert  & amp Mary Clements Otterbury 13Aug1848   Snowball   2133795
21Jan1848 Meth HARVIE Wm. & Jane Jesse (male) Freshwater 29Oct1848   Snowball   2133795
25Feb1848 Meth BUTT John & Eliza Joanna Perry'sCv 12nov1848   Snowball   2133795
4May1848 Meth WAREHAM Thom & Elizab   Otterbury 12nov1848   Snowball   2133795
1June1848 Meth ROSE John & Cares Alfred Otterbury 12Nov1848   Snowball   2133795
22June1848 Meth MOORES Jacob & MaryA Charlotte Ann Freshwater 25nov1848   Snowball   2133795
5Feb1848 Meth MOORS Geo  &  Jane Benjamine Freshwater 25Nov1848   Snowball   2133795
5Feb1848 Meth MOORS Francis & Julia JessieMelena Freshwater 20May 1849   Snowball   2133795
3Jul1848 Meth PARSONS Sam'l & Agnes Sophia Jane Freshwater 20May1849   Snowball   2133795
17Jul1849 Meth PENNEY John & Ann John Carbonear 3Jun1849   Snowball   2133795
14aug1848 Meth BUTT John & Maria Thomas Carbonear 3Jun1849   Snowball   2133795
11mar1849 Meth PENNEY John & Charlotte MaryAnna Carbonear 6June1849   Snowball   2133795
28Feb1849 Meth PENNEY Wm & Sarah SusannaPoor Carbonear 7June1849   Snowball   2133795
26Oct1848 Meth PENNEY John(ofWm) & Mary Wm.Frederick Carbonear 12June1849   Snowball   2133795
8 May 1848 Meth BUTT Wm.  &  Mary John Otterbury 12aug1849   Norris   2133795
18Sep1849 Meth BUTT Wm & Emma ElizabJane Perry'sCove 14Oct1849   Norris   2133795
9Nov1850 Meth GEORGE Robt  & Jane John Freshwater 27Feb1849   Norris   2133795
1848 Meth SUMMERS Peter  &  Ann Elizabeth Blow-me-Down 9sep1849   Norris   2133795
1848 Meth PARSONS John  &  Elizabeth John Otterbury 17jun1849   Norris   2133795
14 Apr 1849 Meth PENNEY Ambrose  &  Mary Eve Otterbury 14oct1849   Norris   2133795
15 Jul 1849 Meth PENNEY Clement  &  Susan Frances Otterbury 14Oct1849   Norris   2133795
2 Jun 1849 Meth PENNEY James  &  Hannah Mary Ann Otterbury 14oct1849   Norris   2133795
4 Feb 1846 Meth SNOW George  &  Julia Edward Freshwater 17Oct1849   Norris   2133795
4 Mar 1849 Meth SNOW George  &  Julia Silas Freshwater 20Oct1849   Norris   2133795
9 Mar 1849 Meth BUTT Wm & Elizab Drusilla Clown's Cove 31Oct1849   Norris   2133795
9 Mar 1849 Meth EVELY George  &  Patience Joanna Flat Rock 11Nov1849   Norris   2133795
9Nov1849 Meth GEORGE Robt & Lavinia Archibald CrockersCv 6Dec1849   Norris   2133795
  Meth PENNEY Sam'l & Amelia ElizaAnn Carbonear 28Dec1849   Norris   2133795
6Sep1849 Meth GEORGE Robt & Jane John Freshwater 27Feb18450   Norris   2133795
22 Apr 1849 Meth BUTT John  &  Mary Ann Cicelly Ann Clown's Cove 16May1850       2133795
25May1850 Meth GEORGE JohnNewman & Eliza Emma CrockersCv 7June1850       2133795
23 Mar 1850 Meth HISCOCK John  &  Rebecca Joseph Penney Crocker's Cove 9Jun1850   Norris   2133795
20 Oct 1849 Meth PARSONS Wm.  &  Ann Esther Ann Otterbury 14June1850   Norris   2133795
17Mar1850 Meth PARSONS Joseph & Frances no name given Perry'sCove 14Jul1850   Norris   2133795
11Nov1850 Meth PARSONS SampsonB & Elinora EmmaJane Freshwater 11Aug1850       2133795
17 Apr 1850 Meth PARSONS Henry  &  Rebecca Mary Ann Otterbury 11Aug1850   Norris   2133795
8 Mar 1850 Meth BUTT Joseph  &  Eliza Samuel Val(e) Crocker's Cove 25aug1850   Norris   2133795
19 May 1850 Meth BUTT Terence  &  Eve Eleanor Ann Perry's Cove 8sep1850   Norris   2133795
2Nov1850 Meth BUTT Wm & Sarah no name given Carbonear 18feb1851   Norris   2133795
23Oct1850 Meth PENNEY John & Mary John Archibald Carbonear 18feb1851   Norris   2133795
15Aug1850 Meth PENNEY Robert & Ellen MargaretAnn Carbonear 14May1851   Norris   2133795
30Dec1849 Meth PENNEY Robt & Agnes Cicely Carbonear 14May1851   Norris   2133795
18Apr1851 Meth PENNEY John & Ann Wm.Dunford Carbonear 1June1851   Norris   2133795
21Mar1851 Meth STEPHENSON Robt & Mary William Blow-me-down 8jun1851   Norris   2133795
26Jan1851 Meth PARSONS Charles & Elizab BennettTaylor Freshwater 8jun1851       2133795
24 Sep 1850 Meth PENNEY James  &  Hannah Rachel Blow-me-down 8jun1851   Norris   2133795
15 Nov 1850 Meth PENNEY Thomas  &  Elizab Eleanor Blow-me-down 8jun1851   Norris   2133795
27Oct1850 Meth PENNEY Wm & Mary Alfred Carbonear 9Jun1851       2133795
26Apr1851 Meth PENNEY John(ofWm) & Charlotte Sophia & Cicely   10Jun1851       2133795
  Meth HARVEY Wm & Jane Charlotte   22Jun1851       2133795
20Jan1851 Meth BUTT Wm & MaryAnn AnnaMaria   14sep1851       2133795
27Feb1851 Meth PARSONS Jonathan & Maria EllenLouisea   14sep1851       2133795
27 July 1851 Meth PENNEY Clemence  &  Susan Joseph Blow-me-down 14sep1851   Norris   2133795
20 Jun1851 Meth PENNEY Richard  &  Mary Clemence Freshwater 14sep1851   Norris   2133795
19 Feb 1851 Meth SUMMERS William  &  Mary Ann Albert Gooseberry Cove 14sep1851   Norris   2133795
20 Jan 1851 Meth BUTT Wm.  &  Emma Sarah Louise Blow-me-down 12oct1851   Norris   2133795
1851 Meth PARSONS Wm.  &  Ann MaryJane Perry's Cove 9nov1851   Norris   2133795
14Mar1851 Meth PENNEY Wm & MaryAnn Albert Blow-me-down 11Jan1852       2133795
31 Dec 1851 Meth BUTT Wm.  &  Elizabeth Leah Freshwater 16may1852   Norris   2133795
25 Oct 1851 Meth BUTT John  &  MaryAnn John Clown's Cove 19may1852   Norris   2133795
4Nov1851 Meth PENNEY James & Susannah HenryRichard Carbonear 19May1852       2133795
9Jun1851 Meth PENNEY John & Mary JosephAugustus Freshwater 30may1852       2133795
14 April1852 Meth EVELY Geo  &  Patience William Flat Rock 30may1852   Norris   2133795
24Mar1852 Meth SUMMERS Peter & Ann Emily FlatRock 11Jul1852   Angwin   2133795
31Jan1852 Meth PENNEY Ambrose & Mary Willis   11Jul1852   Angwin   2133795
5 Aug 1852 Meth PARSONS Henry  &  Rebecca Thomas Otterbury 10oct1852   Angwin   2133795
22 Aug 1852 Meth KIRBY/Curby Patrick  &  Elizabeth Dorcas(Dorah) Otterbury 10oct1852   Angwin   2133795
10 Oct 1852 Meth PENNEY Wm.  &  Elizabeth James Blow-me-down 13nov1852   Angwin   2133795
Nov 1852 Meth BUTT Terence  &  Eve Martin Perry's Cove 13nov1852   Angwin   2133795
1Apr1852 Meth BUTT Edward & Teresa HenryWilliam ClownsCv 14Nov1852   Angwin   2133795
28May1852 Meth PARSONS Richd & Henrietta Lemuel Freshwater 8Dec1852       2133795
1Feb1853 Meth PENNEY James & Susannah Emma Carbonear 10Feb1853       2133795
24Sep1852 Meth PARSONS John & Elizab Thomas Otterbury 13Feb1853   Angwin   2133795
12Aug1852 Meth PENNEY Robt & Ellen Lavinia Carbonear 14Mar1853       2133795
21 Sep 1852 Meth PARSONS Richard  &  Martha George Otterbury 12jun1853   Angwin   2133795
3mos old Meth PENNEY Elial & Ellen ElizabAnn Carbonear 29May1853   Angwin   2133795
26Jul1850 Meth PENNEY Saml & Amelia CatherineLouisa Carbonear 30May1853   Angwin   2133795
29Apr1853 Meth PENNEY Saml & Amelia Clements Carbonear 30May1853   Angwin   2133795
22Aug1853 Meth PARSONS Geo & Laura Theophilus Freshwater 4Jun1853       2133795
31 Oct1852 Meth BUTT Wm.  &  MaryAnn Susanna Blow-me-down 12jun1853   Angwin   2133795
23 Mar1853 Meth SUMMERS William  &  Mary Ann Joseph Flat Rock 12jun1853   Angwin   2133795
28Jul1853 Meth BUTT Moses & Elizabeth ThomasBasville PerrysCv 9Oct1853       2133795
10Apr1853 Meth BUTT Wm & Elizab Olivia CrockersCv 23Oct1853       2133795
27 Sep 1853 Meth HISCOCK John  &  Patience Naomi Carbonear 29oct1853   Angwin   2133795
3 May 1853 Meth PENNEY Richard  &  Mary Elizabeth Ann Blow-me-down 13nov1853   Angwin   2133795
24 Feb1853 Meth VATERS George  &  Jane James Henry Otterbury 13nov1853   Angwin   2133795
12 Feb 1854 Meth KIRBY/Curby Patrick  &  Elizabeth John Otterbury 14may1854   Angwin   2133795
21 Sep 1847 Meth WHITE Roger  &  Ann Frances Otterbury 14may1854   Angwin   2133795
2 Aug 1849 Meth WHITE Roger  &  Ann Susan Otterbury 14may1854   Angwin   2133795
5mos Meth PENNEY Robt & Susan Patience Carbonear 28May1854   Angwin   2133795
25Aug1853 Meth PENNEY John & Mary Bennett Carbonear 1Jun1854       2133795
10May1853 Meth PENNEY Richard & Louisa Dorcas   1Jun1854       2133795
2Apr1853 Meth PENNEY Robt & Elleanor Emily   2Jun1854       2133795
27April1853 Meth PENNEY Wm & Mary Elizabeth   4Jun1854       2133795
6 Oct 1854 Meth PENNEY Thomas  &  Elizab John Blow-me-down 23jul1854   Angwin   2133795
20 Jan 1854 Meth STEPHENS Robert  &  Mary Robert Blow-me-down 23jul1854   Angwin   2133795
17 Mar 1854 Meth PENNEY Ambrose  &  Mary Sarah Ann Blow-me-down 23jul1854   Angwin   2133795
2Mar1854 Meth PARSONS Henry & Jane William Otterbury 23jul1854   Angwin   2133795
17 Jul1854 Meth BUTT Joseph  &  Eliza Alfred Crocker's Cove 27jul1854   Angwin   2133795
6 July1854 Meth EVELY Geo  &  Patience Joseph Angwin Flat Rock 10sep1854   Angwin   2133795
28 Jul1854 Meth COLLINS Wm.  &  Ann Annabella Flat Rock 8oct1854   Angwin   2133795
28 Mar1854 Meth PARSONS Henry  &  Rebecca PatienceSquires Flat Rock 8oct1854   Angwin   2133795
4Sept1854 Meth GEORGE Wm & MaryAnn Julia Ann CrockersCv 4Nov1854       2133795
5 Oct1854 Meth BUTT Wm. & MaryAnn Richard Blow-me-down 10dec1854   Angwin   2133795
18Aug1854 Meth PARSONS Edward & selina GeorgeEdward CrockersCv 18Dec1854       2133795
26Mar1849 Meth PARSONS John & Jane ElizabethAnn CrockersCv 18Dec1854       2133795
26Mar1849 Meth PARSONS John & Jane EstherDeborah CrockersCv 18Dec1854       2133795
24Jul1854 Meth HARVEY Wm & Jane Mary LaVinia Freshwater 14Jan1855       2133795
3Aug1854 Meth PENNEY Eward & Teresa Cecilia Ann Freswhater 21Feb1855       2133795
23Sept1853 Meth PENNEY Wm & Elizab MarthaSusanna SalmonCv 2Mar1855       2133795
22Apr1855 Meth PENNEY John & Mary Eliol Carbonear 5Jun1855       2133795
25Mar1855 Meth PENNEY Jos & Ellen Rachel Carbonear 3Jun1855       2133795
1Mar1855 Meth VATERS George  &  Jane Abraham Otterbury 12aug1855   Shenstone   2133795
17 Jun1855 Meth CASE James  &  Dorcas Phoebe Jane Otterbury 12aug1855   Shenstone   2133795
22 Feb1855 Meth BALDWIN Wm  & Frances Elizabeth Ann Otterbury 12aug1855   Shenstone   2133795
2Feb1855 Meth PENNEY Richard  &  Amelia William Thomas Otterbury 12aug1855   Shenstone   2133795
15Mar1855 Meth SNOW Frd & HannahW Wm.Henry Freshwater 9Sep1855       2133795
14Jan1855 Meth PENNEY Clemence  & Susan Joshua Blow-me-down 9sep1855   Shenstone   2133795
17Aug1855 Meth SUMMERS Wm.  &  MaryAnn Caroline Wesley Flat Rock 9dec1855   Shenstone   2133795
29Sep1855 Meth PAGE Thomas  &  Prudence Thomas Otterbury 9dec1855   Shenstone   2133795
7 Apr1855 Meth GOULDING Thomas  &  Elizab Edward Otterbury 9dec1855   Shenstone   2133795
25Mar1856 Meth PENNEY John & Ann Richard Carbonear 2Mar1856       2133795
1855 Meth HISCOCK Joshua  &  Patience Joshua Edgar Freshwater 11may1856   Shenstone   2133795
15Apr1856 Meth PENNEY Saml & Amelia AliceAmelia Carbonear 5Jun1856       2133795
1Feb1856 Meth PENNEY James & Susan Asenath(F) Carbonear 5Jun1856       2133795
12Mar1856 Meth PENNEY Robert & Ellen Laura Carbonear 8Jun1856       2133795
16Apr1856 Meth EVELEY George  &  Patience JessieLouise Flat Rock 20jul1856   Shenstone   2133795
29Mar1856 Meth KIRBY Patrick & Elizabeth Eli Otterbury 20jul1856   Shenstone   2133795
17Jun1856 Meth WAREHAM Thomas  & Elizabeth Elizabeth Otterbury 10aug1856   Shenstone   2133795
10 Feb 1856 Meth PARSONS Henry  & Jane John Otterbury 10aug1856   Shenstone   2133795
30May1856 Meth PARSONS William & Ann Susanna Otterbury 10aug1856   Shenstone   2133795
13Aug1856 Meth PENNEY Geo & Ellen wmHenry Carbonear 29Aug1856       2133795
1Jul1856 Meth PARSONS Joseph & Eliza Shenstone Freshwater 14Sep1856   Shenstone   2133795
29Apr1856 Meth PENNEY Edward & Emma EmmaJane Freshwater 14Sep1856       2133795
30Mar1856 Meth PARSONS Rich & Henrietta Richard Freshwater 14Sep1856       2133795
2 Jun1856 Meth PARSONS Henry & Rebecca Benjamin Otterbury 14sep1856   Shenstone   2133795
6May1856 Meth BUTT Terence  &  Eve Anna Maria Perry'sCove 12oct1856   Shenstone   2133795
1856 Meth HISCOCK John & Rebecca Nathaniel Munden Carbonear 12Oct1856   Shenstone   2133795
24Mar1856 Meth BUTT Moses & Elizabeth Selina Perry'sCove 14dec1856   Shenstone   2133795
1856 Meth BUTT William & MaryAnn William Otterbury 14dec1856   Shenstone   2133795
2Sept1856 Meth BUTT Charles & Jane JaneParsons Freshwater 13Jan1857       2133795
  Meth PENNEY Thoms & Elizab Richard   13Jan1857       2133795
  Meth PENNEY Wm & Elizab Hannah   13Jan1857       2133795
9Nov 1857 Meth PARSONS John & Rachel Mark Otterbury 10may1857   Shenstone   2133795
21Mar1857 Meth HISCOCK John & Patience WilliamHenry Carbonear 31may1857   Shenstone   2133795
16Nov1856 Meth SUMMERS Peter & Ann William Thomas Otterbury 31May1857   Shenstone   2133795
27 Sep1856 Meth PENNEY Richard  &  Amelia George Otterbury 9dec1857   Shenstone   2133795
12Sep1857 Meth PENNEY Jacob & Susan Jacob Blow-me-down 9Aug1856   Shenstone   2133795
25May1857 Meth HISCOCK Joseph & Susan MaryJaneNorman Carbonear 15sep1857   Shenstone   2133795
7Nov1857 Meth BUTT Adam & Sarah Maria Jane Otterbury 27dec1857   Shenstone   2133795
24Sep1857 Meth PARSONS Henry & Jane MaryAnn Otterbury 27Dec1857   Shenstone   2133795
4Apr1857 Meth SOMERS William & MaryAnn Sarah Bellamay Blow-me-down 18apr1858 Mason Shenstone   2133795
2Feb 1858 Meth BUTT Richard & Providence Sarah Wesley Blow-me-down 9may1858   Shenstone   2133795
10May1858 Meth PAGE Thomas & Prudence Susannah Otterbury 18sep1858   Shenstone   2133795
17 May1858 Meth PENNEY Richard & Amelia Jethroe Otterbury 10sep1858   Shenstone   2133795
24Apr1858 Meth KIRBY/Curby Patrick & Elizabeth Dorcas (Dorah) Otterbury 28Nov1858   Lockhart   2133795
4Aug1858 Meth PARSONS Henry & Rebecca HenryThomas Otterbury 8dec1858   Duke   2133795
26Jan1858 Meth HISCOCK Joseph & Susannah Thomas Carbonear 8may1859   Deuke   2133795
21Nov1858 Meth CASE James & Dorcas MaryGrace Otterbury 8may1859   Lockhart   2133795
21Sep1859 Meth VATERS George & Jane Mary Otterbury 8may1859   Lockhart   2133795
31March1859 Meth HISCOCK John & Patience MaryAnn Carbonear 3Jun1859   Lockhart   2133795
27Jan1859 Meth SUMMERS William & MaryAnn HenryThomas Otterbury 24jul1859   Lockhart   2133795
8May1859 Meth PARSONS William & MaryAnn Henry Otterbury 24 Jul 1859   Lockhart   2133795
23Oct1859 Meth PILGRIM John  &  Sarah James Leonard French Shore 31jul1859   Lockhart date? 2133795
12Jul1859 Meth BUTT Terrance  &  Eve Israel Lockhart Perry'sCove 11sep1859   Lockhart   2133795
20Aug1859 Meth PENNEY Clements & Susan Abraham Otterbury 23Oct1859   Lockhart   2133795
29Apr1859 Meth PENNEY James & Elizabeth Abigail Jane Otterbury 30oct1859   Lockhart   2133795
23Sept1859 Meth BUTT Thomas & JuliaAnn Theodore Otterbury 27nov1859   Lockhart   2133795
24 Jun1859 Meth BUTT John & Ann Eleanor Perry'sCove 11dec1859   Lockhart   2133795
5Oct 1859 Meth PARSONS Robert & Julia Julia Ann Otterbury 22jan1860   Lockhart   2133795
9Sep 1859 Meth PARSONS George & MaryAnn AgnesFletcher Otterbury 29janr1860   Lockhart   2133795
24Nov1859 Meth PARSONS John  & Elizabeth ElizabethCicelly Otterbury 25mar1860   Lockhart   2133795
13May1860 Meth BUTT Wm  & Isabella Edgar BunkerHill FW 1Jun1860   Lockhart   2133795
23May1860 Meth EVELEY George & Patience James Flat Rock 24jun1860   Lockhart   2133795
17April1860 Meth PENNEY William & Elizabeth MaryA.Jemima Otterbury 21jul1860   Lockhart   2133795
15July1860 Meth BUTT John  &  MaryAnn Leah FW Clowns Cv 25Jul 1860   Lockhart   2133795
24July 1860 Meth PARSONS Edward & Letitia ----- FW Clowns Cv 25Jul 1860   Lockhart   2133795
15 Dec 1860 Meth PIKE Francis & Sophia Martha FW Clowns Cv 25Jul 1860   Lockhart   2133795
1May 1860 Meth PARSONS Richard & Louisa Mary Jane Otterbury 12aug1860   Brettle   2133795
3Jun1860 Meth POTTLE Wm & Lavinia Wm. Thomas Flat Rock 18aug1860   Brettle   2133795
22May 1860 Meth PENNEY Richard & Amelia Richard Otterbury 26aug1860   Brettle   2133795
24May1860 Meth BUTT Adam & Sarah Elizabeth Otterbury 26aug1860   Brettle   2133795
29May 1860 Meth PARSONS Rich &  Alice Sarah Jane Otterbury 9sep1860   Brettle   2133795
9 Sep 1860 Meth KIRBY Patrick & Elizabeth MaryElizabeth Otterbury 11Nov1860   Brettle   2133795
11 Sep1860 Meth HISCOCK Henry & Cornela Silas Carbonear 18nov1860   Brettle   2133795
1 Oct1860 Meth PARSONS Thomas & Emma JanetWesley Otterbury 9dec1860   Brettle   2133795
26Sep1860 Meth WAREHAM Thomas  & Elizab Samuel Otterbury 9dec1860   Brettle   2133795
14Aug1860 Meth BUTT Wm. & MaryAnn HannahMaria Otterbury 23dec1860   Brettle   2133795
17 Oct1860 Meth CASE James & Dorcas ElizabethAnn Otterbury 23dec1860   Brettle   2133795
17oct1860 Meth HISCOCK Philip & Mary Rebecca Carbonear feb1861   Brettle   2133795
27Jan1861 Meth HISCOCK Joseph  &  Susan Diana Carbonear 2Mar1861   Brettle   2133795
1Nov1860 Meth HISCOCK John & Patience Priscilla Jane Frshwater 24Mar1861   Brettle   2133795
24Mar1861 Meth GOLDEN Thomas & Elizab Archibald Otterbury 28Apr1861   Brettle   2133795
30Nov1860 Meth SUMMERS Wm & MaryAnn Dorcas Flat Rock 28Apr1861   Brettle   2133795
11Nov1860 Meth SUMMERS John &  Emma Mary Jane Flat Rock 12May1861   Brettle   2133795
4Feb1861 Meth SUMMERS James & Martha ElizbethCecilly Flat Rock 12May1861   Brettle   2133795
25Feb1861 Meth PENNEY Ambrose & Mary William Henry Otterbury 12May1861   Brettle   2133795
9 May1861 Meth ROSE Wm. & Catherine Elizabeth Ann Otterbury 12May1861   Brettle   2133795
16 Apr1861 Meth PARSONS Henry & Rebecca Amelia Otterbury 12May1861   Brettle   2133795
11Jun1861 Meth PARSONS Jos & Christiana Moses Otterbury 25Aug1861   Brettle   2133795
27Mar1860 Meth VATERS Thomas & ElizabethJane ElizaJane Otterbury 25Aug1861   Brettle   2133795
25May1861 Meth VATERS George & MaryJane Frances Otterbury 25Aug1861   Brettle   2133795
7Jun1861 Meth VATERS John & Rachel Henry Thomas Otterbury 25Aug1861   Brettle   2133795
23Mar1861 Meth PARSONS John & Rachel James Henry Otterbury 29Sep1861   Brettle   2133795
23Oct1861 Meth PEACH Thom & Prudence AnnMarie Otterbury     Brettle   2133795
25Nov1861 Meth PARSONS George & MaryAnn JohnWilliam Otterbury 10Aug1862   Prestwood   2133795
12Oct1862 Meth PARSONS Henry & Jane Sarah Jane Otterbury 10Aug1862   Prestwood   2133795
22Aug1862 Meth PENNEY Richard & Amelia Moses   2nov1862   Prestwood   2133795
11Sep1862 Meth DEAR/Deer James & Jane Martha Louisa Otterbury 11nov1862   Prestwood   2133795
24May1862 Meth PAGE Thomas & Prudence Joseph Otterbury 11jan1863   Prestwood   2133795
15Apr1862 Meth BUTT Adam  & Sarah Laura Otterbury 11jan1863   Prestwood   2133795
24Nov1862 Meth SUMMERS Wm & Asenath Jane Otterbury 17may1863   Prestwood   2133795
18Nov1862 Meth BUTT Richard & Patience Eve Otterbury 7jun1863   Prestwood   2133795
21Oct1862 Meth SUMMERS Wm & MaryAnn Olivia Flat Rock 23jul1863   Prestwood   2133795
1Oct1862 Meth PARSONS Rich & Louisa Silas Otterbury 23aug1863   Winterbotham   2133795
21Sep1863 Meth EVELEY Geo & Triphenea William Flat Rock 6dec1863   Winterbotham   2133795
7Oct1863 Meth HISCOCK John & Mary MaryElizabeth Flat Rock 14Jan1864   Winterbotham   2133795
13Jul1863 Meth PARSONS Thomas & Emma William Pottle Otterbury 31jan1864   Winterbotham   2133795
7Oct1863 Meth BUTT James & Elizabeth John Henry Freshwater 14apr1864   Winterbotham   2133795
27Oct1863 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Elizabeth Jessie Flat Rock 8May1864   Winterbotham   2133795
14May1863 Meth SUMMERS John & Emma Sarah Flat Rock 8May1864   Winterbotham   2133795
24Mar1864 Meth SUMMERS Wm & Cecily James Flat Rock 15jun1864   Winterbotham   2133795
17 Mar1864 Meth HISCOCK John & Patience Caroline Carbonear 15jun1864   Winterbotham   2133795
26Feb1864 Meth BUTT Wm & Isabella Thomas Freshwater 21aug1864   Winterbotham   2133795
2Mar1864 Meth VATERS John & Rachel George Freshwater 25sep1864   Winterbotham   2133795
27Sep1864 Meth PARSONS Joseph & Christianne Eleanor Otterbury 25sep1864   Winterbotham   2133795
3Mar1864 Meth PARSONS Henry & Jane MarthaElizab Otterbury 25sep1864   Winterbotham   2133795
26Nov1864 Meth EVELEY Geo & Tryphenia Leah Flat Rock 29jan1865   Winterbotham   2133795
12May1864 Meth POTTLE Wm & Lavinia Jethroe FlatRock 26feb1865   Winterbotham   2133795
16Aug1864 Meth SUMMERS James & Martha Susanna FlatRock 26feb1865   Winterbotham   2133795
8Apr1864 Meth BUTT Adam & Sarah Susannah Blowmedown 3Sep1865        
22Oct1864 Meth KIRBY Patrick & Elizab Leah FlatRock 3Sep1865   Peach   2133795
28Jul1865 Meth VATERS John & Rachel Sarah Otterbury 24Sep1865   Peach   2133795
3Mar1865 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Elizab William Otterbury 24Sep1865   Peach   2133795
14Apr1865 Meth SNOW George & Sarah SarahJane Freshwate 24Sep1865   Peach   2133795
12Jul1865 Meth PERKAMS John & Emily MiriamLouisa RedBayLab 8Oct1865   Allen   2133795
29Aug1865 Meth PARSONS John & Elizab Edmund Otterbury 29Oct1865   Allen   2133795
4Sep1865 Meth SUMMERS Reuben & Eliza Horatio FlatRock 12Nov1865   Peach   2133795
20Aug1865 Meth EVELIE John & Sarah EmilyAnn FlatRock 1Nov1865   Peach   2133795
5Dec1865 Meth BUTT John & MaryAnn Wm Fraser Freshwater 5Jan1866   Peach   2133795
17Aug1865 Meth BUTT John & MaryAnn Leazar(Eleazor) Freshwater 5Jan1866   Peach   2133795
17Aug1865 Meth HISCOCK John & Diana Susanna F Freshwater 22Jan1866   Peach   2133795
13Nov1865 Meth SUMMERS Wm & Celia Leonard FlatRock 24Jan1866   Peach   2133795
1Sep1865 Meth SNOW Fredric & Maria Wm.Thomas ClownsCv 3May1866   Todhunter   2133795
21Aug1864 Meth SUMMERS Wm & MaryAnn MaryAnn FlatRock          
26Apr1865 Meth POTTLE Wm & Sarah ThomasAddy Freshwater          
4July1865 Meth PENNEY Clement & Susan Samuel Blowmedown          
13Oct1864 Meth PENNEY Richard & Amelia Jesse (male) FlatRock          
1Jun1866 Meth HISCOCK Wm & Harriet SarahAnn Carbonear 5Jun1866   Todhunter   2133795
23Apr1866 Meth HISCOCK Philip & Mary Reuben Carbonear 1Jun1866   Peach   2133795
14Aug1866 Meth PARSONS Jos  & Christiana Susanna Otterbury 23Jun1866   Peach   2133795
1Feb1866 Meth PARSONS Rich & Louise John Butt Otterbury          
25Dec1865 Meth VATERS Robt & Elizab Joseph Otterbury          
6Feb1865 Meth PARSONS John & Rachel Emily Louisa            
21June1866 Meth BUTT Wm & Isabelle CarolineSusanna Freshwater 14Oct1866   Peach   2133795
28Aug1866 Meth POTTLE Wm & LaVinia Leah Flatrock 16Dec1866   Peach   2133795
22Jul1866 Meth SUMMERS James & Martha Joseph FlatRock 30Dec1866   Peach   2133795
24May1866 Meth EVELY Geo  & Tryphena PatienceSusanna Flatrock 30Dec1866   Peach   2133795
16Mar1867 Meth PENNEY Edgar & SarahJane Mary Carbonear 4May1867   Peach   2133795
25Mar1867 Meth POTTLE Wm & Sarah PatienceWesley FlatRock 9June1867   Allen   2133795
29 Mar 1867 Meth HISCOCK John & Patience JohnButt Carbonear 28July1867   Allen   2133795
11Jun1867 Meth EVELY John & Sarah John Charles FlatRock 8Sep1867   Peach   2133795
20May1867 Meth WAREHAM Willis & Charlotte IdaElizab Otterbury 8Sep1867   Peach   2133795
22Apr1867 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Elizab Robert FlatRock 14Oct1867   Peach   2133795
1Apr1867 Meth PARSONS Geo & MaryAnn JuliaAnn Otterbury 28Nov1867   Peach   2133795
20Aug1867 Meth KIRBY Patrick & Elizab Joseph Blow-me-Down 26Jan1868   Peach   2133795
29Nov1867 Meth PARSONS Wm & AnnaMaria John Francis Otterbury          
18Oct1867 Meth SNOW Geo & Sarah Julia Ann ClownsCv 4Jun1868   Peach   2133795
1867 Meth PARSONS Thomas & Emma Elizabeth Jane Otterbury 2May1869   Forsey   2133795
29Apr1869 Meth PARSONS Thomas & Emma Moses Otterbury 2May1869   Forsey   2133795
  Meth PARSONS Wim & AnnaMaria ElizabethAnn Otterby          
20Jul1869 Meth POTTLE Wm & Sarah SusannahJane FlatRock          
5Dec1869 Meth VATERS James & Fanny Laura Jane Otterbury          
12Oct1867 Meth Rose John & Caroline FrancesEllen Otterbury          
2Feb1869 Meth SOMERS Reuben & Eliza ThomasShenstone Freshwater 22Aug1869   Prince   2133795
10Aug1869 Meth BUTT Rich & Patience Martin Freshwater 7Sept1869   Prince   2133795
9Sept1869 Meth PENNEY James & Jane Israel Blow-me-down 17Oct1869   Prince   2133795
25May1869 Meth PENNEY Edgar & SarahJane EbenRobert Carbonear 5Jan1870   Prince   2133795
26April1869 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Elizab Alice FlatRock 23Jan1870   Prince   2133795
11May1869 Meth SUMMERS Wm & MaryAnn Israel FlatRock 23Jan1870   Prince   2133795
20Mar1870 Meth CASE James & Dorcas James Otterbury 15May1870   Prince   2133795
15Mar1870 Meth SNOW Geo & Sarah Susanna Freshwater 31July1870   Combden   2133795
7Aug1868 Meth VATERS Robt & Elizab John Otterbury          
28Jul1868 Meth DARE James & Jane John Otterbury          
12Apr1870 Meth MARSHALL Wm & Charlotte Eugene Otterbury          
12Oct1869 Meth PARSONS Moses & Harriet MarySusanna Otterbury 20Aug1870   Combden   2133795
28Sept1867 Meth VATERS John & Rachel John Otterbury 20Aug1870   Combden   2133795
2Mar1864 Meth SUMMERS Reuben & Eliza GeoEdward Otterbury 20Aug1870   Combden   2133795
23Jul1868 Meth SUMMERS Wm & Celia SarahBelinda Otterbury 20Aug1870   Combden   2133795
8Feb1868 Meth EVELY Geo & Tryphena FrancisPike Otterbury 20Aug1870   Combden   2133795
4Mar1870 Meth EVELY Geo & Tryphena MaryAnn Otterbury 20Aug1870   Combden   2133795
11Feb1870 Meth SUMMERS John & Emma Susanna Victoria 4Oct1870   Combden   2133795
12Mar1867 Meth PARSONS James & MaryJane MarthaJemima Otterbury 4Mar1871   Combden   2133795
12Mar1867 Meth PARSONS Moses & HarrietA Edgar Otterbury 4Mar1871   Combden   2133795
12May 1870 Meth BUTT Wm  & MaryAnn Charlotte Blowmedown 8Mar1871       2133795
1Jan1871 Meth SUMMERS Jos & Elizab Georgeanne Otterbury 21May1871   Combden   2133795
1Jan1871 Meth SUMMERS Wm & Celia MaryA.Wesley FlatRock 2Aug1871   Combden   2133795
8Jul1871 Meth SUMMERS Reben & Eliz MariaJane FlatRock 24Sept1871   Combden   2133795
24Aug1870 Meth BUTT Jesse & Susanna Elizabeth Blowmedown 22Oct1871   Combden   2133795
26July1870 Meth VATERS John & Rachel Elizabeth Blowmedown 22Oct1871   Combden   2133795
15Sept1871 Meth PENNEY James & MaryJane AnnaMaria Blowmedown 19Nov1871   Combden   2133795
1871 Meth SUMMERS Richard & Mary Lavinia FlatRock 10Dec1871   Hale   2133795
28Aug1871 Meth SNOW Fred & Maria RobertHenry Freshwater 8Dec1871   Combden   2133795
12Nov1871 Meth BUTT Adam & Sarah Martin Blowmedown 11Feb1871   Combden   2133795
7Oct1871 Meth HISCOCK Joseph & Susanna John Penney   12Mar1872   Combden   2133795
2Jan1872 Meth PARSONS Moses & MaryAnn JohnRobert Otterbury 5May1872   Combden   2133795
2Jan1872 Meth PARSONS Wm & Maria Jemima Otterbury 5May1872   Combden   2133795
4Mar1872 Meth PARSONS Thomas & Hannah Abigail Otterbury May1872   Combden   2133795
9Sep1872 Meth BUTT Jos & Catherine Wm.Henry CrockersCv 23Sept1872   Combden   2133795
27Jun1872 Meth CASE James & Dorcas James` Otterbury 23Sep1872   Combden   2133795
1Aug1872 Meth PARSONS Wm & Susanna StellaJane Otterbury 20Oct1872   Combden   2133795
5Aug1872 Meth HISCOCK John & Diana Wm.Thomas FlatRock 5Jan1873   Hale   2133795
1April1873 Meth POTTLE Wm & Sarah Emma FlatRock 9Sept1873   Dove   2133795
24July1873 Meth BUTT John & Susanna Jessie(Female) Blowmedown 30Nov1873   Dove   2133795
27July1873 Meth SUMMERs Richard & MaryAnn Benjamin FlatRock 15Nov1873   Currie   2133795
10Jan1873 Meth VATERS James & Frances James` Otterbury 29Nov1873   Currie   2133795
26Jul1873 Meth SUMMERS Reuben & Eliza William FlatRock 7Dec1873   Currie   2133795
10Jan1874 Meth VATERS Joseph & Susanna Celia Otterbury 3May1874   Currie   2133795
26Sept1874 Meth PARSONS Moses & MaryAnn AnnTaylor Otterbury 25Oct1874   Currie   2133795
31Jan1875 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Elizabeth Joseph FlatRock 1Mar1875   Currie   2133795
24Feb1875 Meth SUMMERS Peter & Elizab Wm.Thomas FlatRock 1Mar1875   Currie   2133795
22Oct1874 Meth SNOW Geo & Sarah John Charles   11Apr1875   Currie   2133795
2Nov1874 Meth BUTT Joshua & Ellen MartinNelson   2May1875   Currie   2133795
18Jan1875 Meth SUMMERS John & Ellen Dorcas   9May1875   Dove   2133795
16May1875 Meth SUMMERS Rich & MaryA James`   23Sept1875   Dove   2133795
5Jan1875 Meth CASE James & Dorcas PhoebeJane   17Oct1875   Dove   2133795
17Aug1875 Meth BUTT Jesse & Susanna MaryJutson Blowmedown 19Dec1875   Dove   2133795
21Jun1875 Meth BUTT Aaron & Emma Josian Freshwater 30Dec1875   Dove   2133795
21Sep1875 Meth SNOW Stephen & Mary Mirah Freshwater 30Dec1875   Dove   2133795
28May1875 Meth BUTT John & Jessie FrederickJoseph Freshwater 30Dec1875   Dove   2133795
12FEb1876 Meth KIRBY Fanny & Richard Power Margaret Blowmedown 17Mar1876 Dove reg thus RPower &  FannyKirby
3Feb1876 Meth HISCOCK John & Diana JohnCharles FlatRock 28May1876   Dove   2133795
25Apr1876 Meth MOORES Sam'l & Mary EdwardNoel Freshwater 11June1876   Paine   2133795
3Sep1875 Meth VATERS John & Rachel Frances Salmon Cv 18Jun1876   Paine   2133795
17Aug1876 Meth SUMMERS Clement & Emily MaryAnn   23Aug1876   Paine   2133795
24May1876 Meth BUTT John & Elizabeth Eliza Jane BlowmeDown 18Oct1876   Paine   2133795
30Apr1876 Meth BUTT Wm &  Dorcas Jabez   18Oct1876   Paine   2133795
4Jan1876 Meth BUTT Charles & Sarah Israel BlowmeDown 24Sep1876   Goodison   2133795
2Aug1876 Meth BUTT John & Patience Joseph Leander Freshwater 19Jan1877   Goodison   2133795
13Nov1876 Meth BUTT Martin & Julia George Wm.   11Feb1877   Paine   2133795
2Mar 1877 Meth BUTT Wm & Sarah Edith Perry Cv 11Mar1877   Story   2133795
6Feb1877 Meth BUTT Joshua & Ellen Ephraim   23Mar1877   Story   2133795
20Jul1875 Meth SNOW Fred & Maria Catherine Freshwater 23Mar1877   Story   2133795
12Mar1877 Meth SUMMERS John & Emma Julia Victoria 22Apr1877   Paine   2133795
10Feb1877 Meth VATERS James & Sarah SarahFrances   29Apr1877   Paine   2133795
7Jan1877 Meth POTTLE Wm & LaVinia Arthur   29Apr1877   Paine   2133795
11Aug1876 Meth PARSONS Thomas & Sarah MaryAnn   20May1880   Peach   2133795
6Mar1880 Meth PENNEY Joseph & Patience Clement BlowmeDown 23May1880   Peach   2133795
28Jun1877 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Eliza Emily Ann FlatRock 12Aug1877   Heal   2133795
20Jun1877 Meth BUTT John & Elizabeth Celia Carb 16Sep1877   Heal   2133795
18Dec1877 Meth SUMMERS Rich & Margaret George Edward BlowmeDown 25Sept1877   Heal   2133795
16Jun1876 Meth POTTLE Wm & Sarah JamesNicholas BlowmeDown 25Sept1877   Heal   2133795
2 Sept 1877 Meth BUTT Aaron &  Emma Ella Louise Freshwater 8Nov1877   Goodison   2133795
4Sept1877 Meth BUTT Charles & Sarah MaryAnn Freshwater 8Nov1877   Goodison   2133795
24Aug1877 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Emma Leonard   25Nov1877   Goodison   2133795
21Sept1877 Meth BUTT Adam & Sarah Sarah Ann Otterbury 21Sep1877   Goodison   2133795
3Nov1877 Meth BUTT Jesse & Susanna Jane Maber BlowmeDown 26May1878   Goodison   2133795
11Feb1878 Meth EVELY John & Sarah GeorgeEdward   12May1878   Goodison   2133795
4Feb1878 Meth HISCOCK John & Diana ElizabethJane FlatRock 7May1878   Heal   2133795
26Apr1878 Meth PENNEY Joseph & Patience Hayward BMD 18May1878   Heal   2133795
24Jan1878 Meth PARSONS Moses & MaryAnn Susannah Otterbury 17May1878   Heal   2133795
15Jul1878 Meth HISCOCK JosephPenny & Louisa Sophia Alberta Carb 15May1878   Goodison   2133795
7Jul1878 Meth PENNEY Clemence & Diana Agnes FlatRock 1Sept1878   Goodison   2133795
24Jan1878 Meth PARSONS Wm & Susannah Abigail Otterbury 1Sept1878   Goodison   2133795
25Oct1878 Meth BUTT Wm & Jane DruscillaJane FlatRock 5Nov1878   Goodison   2133795
11Dec1878 Meth BUTT Martin & JuliaAnn Eva   11Mar1879   Jackson   2133795
1July1878 Meth PENNEY James & Maria AbigailJane BlowmeDown 18May1879   Jackson   2133795
13Oct1878 Meth PARSONS Thomas & Emma Thomas Eddy FlatRock 18May1879   Jackson   2133795
2Jan1879 Meth PENNEY James & MaryJane SarahWesley Blowmedown 9Sept1879   Boyd   2133795
25Feb1879 Meth BUTT Richard & Elizabeth Hazel Blowmedown 9Sept1879   Boyd   2133795
4Jul1879 Meth BUTT John & Elizabeth William Blowmedown 9Sep1879   Boyd   2133795
7Oct1878 Meth POTTLE Wm & SarahJane Elizabeth FlatRock 9Sep1879   Jackson   2133795
3Feb1878 Meth VATERS James & Frances GeorgeEdward Otterbury 29Nov1879   Boyd   2133795
30Sep1879 Meth VATERS James & Frances Naomi Otterbury 29Nov1879   Boyd   2133795
31Aug1879 Meth CASE James & Dorcas SamuelAmos Otterbury 9Nov1879   Boyd   2133795
3Aug1879 Meth BUTT Joshua & Ellen GeorgeJoseph Freshwater 26Nov1879   Boyd   2133795
1879(?) Meth BUTT Basil & Susanna Joanna Freshwater 26Nov1879   Boyd   2133795
24May1879 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Elizab Reuben FlatRock 11Feb1880   Boyd   2133795
31Jan1880 Meth EVELY Joseph & AnnaMaria Benjamin FlatRock 8Feb1880   Boyd   2133795
30Oct1879 Meth PENNEY Edgar & SarahJane FrankEdgarBoyd   28June1880 Capt Boyd   2133795
1Jan1880 Meth PARSONS Moses & Mary Annie   8Aug1880   Boyd   2133795
29Feb1880 Meth SUMMERS John & Emma EmmaGuy   15Aug1880   Boyd   2133795
16Aug1880 Meth SNOW Geo & Elizab GeorgeBoyd Freshwater 25Aug1880   Boyd   2133795
19Feb1880 Meth PENNEY James & AnnaMaria Nicholas Blowmedown 16Sep1880   Boyd   2133795
27Jul1880 Meth BUTT Wm & Dorcass BenjaminBoyd Bunker'sHill 16Sep1880   Boyd   2133795
4June1880 Meth BUTT JohnStapl & Jessie John Stapleton Freshwater 28Dec1880   Boyd   2133795
15Oct1879 Meth SNOW Stephen & MaryAnn UrsulaMary Freshwater 30Dec1880   Boyd   2133795
26Feb1881 Meth HARVEY Jesse & MaryJane John Butt Freshwater 29May1881   Jackson   2133795
7Feb1880 Meth PENNEY Joseph & Mary PheobeJane Blowmedown 5June1881       2133795
28Feb1881 Meth BUTT Jesse & Susanah Wm Thomas   4Sep1881   Boyd   2133795
10Jul1880 Meth POTTLE Wm & SaraJane MelianaJane FlatRock 26Sept1881   Vater   2133795
26Mar1881 Meth POTTLE Wm. & Jane MarthaPriscilla FlatRock 26Sept1881   Vaters   2133795
22Nov1881 Meth EVELY Joseph & AnnaMaria Leander FlatRock 7Jan1882   Boyd   2133795
6Mar1882 Meth PENNEY James & Jane Tryphena Otterbury 23Jul1882   Vaters   2133795
23Sep1882 Meth EVELY John & Sarah Elezor   7Nov1882   Lodner   2133795
7July1882 Meth PENNEY Wm & Amelia Nathaniel Otterbury 7Nov1882   Vaters   2133795
27Aug1882 Meth PENNEY James & MariaJ Archelais Otterbury 7Nov1882   Vaters   2133795
18Feb1882 Meth KIRBY Eli & Janet W Dorcas Otterbury 7Nov1882   Vaters   2133795
17Jan1882 Meth KIRBY John & Elizabeth Leah Otterbury 7Nov1882   Vaters   2133795
1Jul1882 Meth PARSONS Moses & MaryA Agnes Otterbury 21Dec1882   Vaters   2133795
25Oct1882 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Elizab Ada   1Apr1883   Vaters   2133795
24Jan1883 Meth SUMMERS Clemence & Amy(?) Georgeanne   1Apr1883   Vaters   2133795
26Oct1883 Meth KIRBY Eli & Janet W William Blowmedown 29Nov1883   Heal   2133795
24Nov1883 Meth SNOW John & AmeliaAnn JuliaAnn Clown'sCv 3Dec1883   Heal   2133795
15Feb1884 Meth KIRBY Dorcas ElizabethAnn Blowmedown 27Feb1884     illegitimate 2133795
20Oct1883 Meth BUTT Wm & Dorcass GeorgeEdward Bunker'sHill 14May1884   Heal   2133795
25Sept1883 Meth BUTT John & Jessie Marguerite Clown'sCv 28May1884   Heal   2133795
18Sep1884 Meth SUMMERS Joseph & Elizab Jane Clown'sCv 24Sep1884   Heal   2133795
28Oct1884 Meth BUTT Rich'd & Eliza Margaret Blowmedown 4Nov1884   Heal   2133795
21Jan1884 Meth BUTT Jesse & Susannah Leah Blowmedown 11Nov1884   Heal   2133795
13Jun1884 Meth SUMMERS Peter & Martha LizzyJane FlatRock 7Dec1884   Heal   2133795
16Apr1885 Meth VATERS James & Frances Elizabeth Otterbury 4Jul1885   Curtis   2133795
11Dec1884 Meth BUTT John & Elizabeth Fred Blowmedown 9Oct1885   JBH   2133795
16Jan1885 Meth PENNEY Rich'd & MaryElizab StewartNorman   2Nov1885   JBH   2133795
28Jul1885 Meth PENNEY Jacob & Margaret Benjamin Blowmedown 2Nov1885   JBH   2133795
9Mar1885 Meth PENNEY James & Mariah SaraElizab Blowmedown 9Nov1885   JBH   2133795
16Aug1885 Meth BUTT Wm.  &  Ida no name given Otterbury 3Nov 1886       2133795
9Aug1886 Meth BUTT Jesse & Susannah Joseph Blowmedown 1Dec1886   JBH   2133795
15Mar1886 Meth KIRBY John & Elizabeth Mary Blowmedown 1Dec1886   Storey   2133795
13May1886 Meth POTTLE Leah & James Bertha FlatRock 18Nov1886   Storey   2133795
10May1886 Meth PENNEY Sam'l & Susan Joseph Blowmedown 18Nov1886   Storey   2133795
11Feb1886 Meth HISCOCK John & Diana Henry Blowmedown 18Mar1887   Storey   2133795
10Jan1887 Meth BUTT Rich & Eliza Elizabeth Blowmedown 20Mar1887   Storey   2133795
6Feb1887 Meth PENNEY James & Mariah James Blowmedown 27Mar1887   Storey   2133795
19Dec1886 Meth PENNEY Wm & Amelia Jesse (m) Blowmedown 9Jan1887   Storey   2133795
8Aug1886 Meth PENNEY Jethroe & Jane George Blowmedown 18May1887   Storey   2133795
22Nov1886 Meth EVELY Joseph & AnnaMaria Cicily FlatRock 15May1887   Storey   2133795
30Jul1887 Meth POTTLE James & Leah Diadema FlatRock 22Aug1887   Storey   2133795
16Mar1888 Meth KIRBY John & Elizabeth Margaret Blowmedown 7Jun1888   Storey   2133795
3Jan1888 Meth SNOW John & Amelia MaryAnn Freshwater 2Sep1888   Heal   2133795
10Oct1888 Meth BUTT Wm & Elizab Harriet Otterbury 6Dec1888   Heal   2133795
18Jun1888 Meth BUTT John & Elizabeth JohnHayward Blowmedown 29Dec1888   Heal   2133795
15Oct1888 Meth POTTLE James & Leah Frances FlatRock 9Jun1889   Heal   2133795
10Dec1888 Meth BUTT Richd & Eliza GeoEdward Blowmedown 21Mar1889   Heal   2133795
10May1889 Meth BUTT Moses & Alice John Clown'sCv 15Sep1889   Heal   2133795
28June1889 Meth BUTT John & Cicelly AnnieMaud Clown'sCv 23June1889   Heal   2133795
22Sep1889 Meth BUTT John & Cicelly JamesNel Clown'sCv 15Nov1889   Heal   2133795
5Jun1889 Meth PENNEY Wm & Amelia MaryJane Otterbury 8Dec1889   Heal   2133795
28Sep1889 Meth SNOW John & Amelia Phoebe Otterbury 8Dec1889   Heal   2133795
24Aug1889 Meth PENNEY Samuel & Susan Miriam BlowmeDown 14Feb1890   Heal   2133795
1Sep1889 Meth EVELY Joseph & AnnaMaria Elsie FlatRock 6Mar1890   Heal   2133795
2Dec1889 Meth KIRBY John & Elizabeth John William BlowmeDown 6Mar1890   Heal   2133795
7Mar1890 Meth POTTLE James & Leah HerbertFreeman FlatRock 7Jul1890   Heal   2133795
11Nov1890 Meth PENNEY Abraham & Jessie Susannah Blowmedown 10May1891   Heal   2133795
17Jul1890 Meth PENNEY James & MaryJane JohnRobert Blowmedown 10May1891   Heal   2133795
17Feb1891 Meth SNOW John  & Amelia StellaJane FlatRock 2Aug1891   Heal   2133795
8Nov1891 Meth KIRBY John & Elizabeth Pheobe Blowmedown 24Dec1891   Heal   2133795
8Nov1891 Meth KIRBY John & Elizabeth Abigail Blowmedown 24Dec1891   Heal   2133795
16Oct1891 Meth BUTT John & Cicely Florence FlatRock 19Jan1892   Heal   2133795

Contributed and Transcribed by Donna Kirby Milley (January 2004)

Page Revised:January 2004 (Don Tate)

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