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Parish Records
Rogers Family
Trinity Bay District

(Grandfathered Information)

ROGERS Family Marriages
Old Perlican Area
Surname Given Age Place Surname Given Age Place Date Year Place
ROGERS David     VEY Mary Ann     Mar-30 1832 Old Perlican
ROGERS David       Johanna     Sep-30 1845 Old Perlican
ROGERS David       Martha     Jun-24 1851 Old Perlican
GOODLAND Thomas     ROGERS Ellen     Nov-20 1856 Russell's Cove
ROGERS John   Burnt Point DELANEY Mary   Western Bay Nov-11 1857 Lower Island Cove
ROGERS James     RYLE Sarah     Oct-30 1858 Russell's Cove
ROGERS Christopher   Burnt Point HARRIS Mary Ann   Seal Cove Oct-17 1859 Burnt Point
ROGERS William     LEGGE Tamar     May-18 1860 Heart's Content
ROGERS Levi   Lower Island Cove SPARKES Mary Jane   Lower Island Cove May-21 1865 Lower Island Cove
ROGERS Alfred   Lower Island Cove MANUEL Priscilla   Lower Island Cove Nov-23 1875 Lower Island Cove
SNELGROVE Abraham   Lower Island Cove ROGERS Sarah   Lower Island Cove Nov-25 1876 Lower Island Cove
OLIVER Mark   Burnt Point ROGERS Elizabeth   Burnt Point Nov-10 1877 Lower Island Cove
ROGERS Tobias   Burnt Point OLIVER Jane   Gull Island Nov-28 1878 Lower Island Cove
ROGERS David 22   WOODLAND Mary Ann 24   Jun-04 1880 Old Perlican
MORRIS Willis   Lower Island Cove ROGERS Susanna   Lower Island Cove Jun-09 1881 Lower Island Cove
MILLEY Nicholas 24 Burnt Point ROGERS Sarah 22 Lower Island Cove May-06 1882 Lower Island Cove
ROGERS Henry   Lower Island Cove DRISCOLL Susanna   Lower Island Cove Nov-04 1882 Lower Island Cove
ROGERS Ambrose 27 Lower Island Cove LOWE Hannah 22 Lower Island Cove Dec-02 1882 Lower Island Cove
ROGERS Charles 30 Burnt Point LOWE Emma 25 Lower Island Cove Mar-27 1884 Lower Island Cove
ROGERS Samuel   Lower Island Cove ROGERS Sarah Jane   Lower Island Cove Dec-16 1884 Lower Island Cove
REID John Charles 21   ROGERS Martha 19 Lower Island Cove May-16 1891 Lower Island Cove
STRONG William John 26   ROGERS Jessie 21   Dec-12 1894 Old Perlican
STRONG Noah 23   ROGERS Amelia Jane 18   Nov-04 1899 Old Perlican
ROGERS William James 27   BURSEY Annie 25   Dec-19 1899 Old Perlican
BURSEY William James 28   ROGERS Cecelia 25   Dec-03 1902 Old Perlican
ADAMS William 37   ROGERS Mariam 23   Nov-11 1911 Old Perlican
ROGERS Levi 21   TILLEY Rosannah 23   Nov-23 1911 Old Perlican
ROGERS Malcolm 31 Old Perlican MILLS Lizzie 26   Dec-30 1913 Old Perlican
ROGERS Andrew 26 Old Perlican BROOKINGS Clara 18   Jun-15 1914 Old Perlican
ROGERS David 29   MARCH Ida Rachel 21   Nov-28 1919 Old Perlican
ADAMS Allan P. 24   ROGERS Alice 15   May-16 1925 Old Perlican
ROGERS Malcolm 46   MARCH Pearl 32   Feb-21 1928 Old Perlican
ROGERS Maxwell 23   YOUNG Helen Grace 23   Nov-11 1933 Old Perlican
CRAMM George Ray 25   ROGERS Barbara 22   Apr-21 1934 Old Perlican
ROGERS Raymond 25 Old Perlican PIKE Alfreda 21   Nov-30 1934 Old Perlican
ROGERS Weston 22 Old Perlican ROGERS Valetta 19 Old Perlican Dec 1934 Old Perlican
BUTTON Ralph 25   ROGERS Myrtle 21   Apr-24 1935 Old Perlican
ROGERS Frank Norman 20 Old Perlican TIZZARD Ida Jane 20   Nov-10 1937 Old Perlican
ROGERS Andrew 26 Old Perlican PEDDLE Emily Dorothy 22 New Perlican Nov-11 1937 Old Perlican
ROGERS Lawrence 23   PIKE Florence May 20   Oct-19 1938 Old Perlican
STRONG Eric Ward 29 Old Perlican ROGERS Georgina 24 Old Perlican Oct-26 1938 Old Perlican
FROUDE Arthur James 28   ROGERS Martha 30   Feb-20 1941 Old Perlican

This page transcribed by Nita (Rogers) Brown (July 2002)
Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Craig Peterman)

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