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Newfoundland Vital Statistics

of St John the Baptist
(Containing Booklets 1-6)

St. John's


NB: many of the dates for these records are incomplete or hard to read and the writing was also difficult to decipher. Marriage records are interspersed with burial and baptismal records, and are not in chronological order. It is recommended that you view the original records in person when possible.
BOOKLET 1                
Oct 30 1799 Mr Thomas G.W. EASTAFF   Miss Elizabeth JEFFERS     John Harries John Lovey or Lavey, Mich'l Little, Elizabeth Little, Jno. Williams.  
May 13 1807? Richard WEIR?   Ann DENN?     John Harries Thomas Weir, Alice Weir  
Oct 9 1807 James ENNES or EMMES?   Mary BOLES?     John Harries William Wyld, Ann S---lds, John Undrey  
Dec 14 1809 James BUTLER   Hannah MORRISON     John Harries Daniel Campbell, John Undrey  
July 12 1806 Lieut. William ELLIOTT of the Royal Navy Miss Lucretia HARRIES of this place Version 1: footnote says True Copy, signed by John Harries and dated Oct 24 1807 John Harries Henry Phillips ?Esq, Eliza Phillips, Mary Bulger, Eliza Harries, John Undrey Version 2 differences: date is July 11 1806; witnesses are Mary A Bulger, illegible Phillips, Eliza Phillips; there is no footnote with this version.
June 2 1805 Samuel SHUMPLIN?   Honor GILLES?     John Harries Daniel Woolocks?, John Undrey  
Mar 24 1805 Edward MAHONY?   Ann SQUIRES     John Harries James Stickly (rest of entry cut off)  
Dec 27 1796 Mr. Richard ----ENHART?   Miss Elizabeth BROWN?   both of this place. Footnote: St Johns Newfoundland signed by John Harris 2--? November 1807. John Harries not given  
June 5 1806 Robert BRINE Jun'r   Elizabeth MARET   both of this place. Footnote: "Above is a true copy…Nov 5 1806, John Harries" John Harries William Warren, Robert Brine, John Murch.  
June 9 1805 William CHEATER   Elizabeth DOWDEN     John Harries Phillip Kight, John Undrey  
Dec?/Nov? 21?/31? 1803 John KEEFE   Angness ?HAY*     John Harries Geo. Thos. Haye, Joseph Gill, Mary A. Harries, Elizabeth Haye, S.W. Jackson *Signed as Agness Haye.
? ? 1803? Lieut Archibald McDONALD   Miss Harriet COX     John Harries John Ross?, John Cox, George Winter  
n/g 1806 Mr Joseph T? PIERS? paymaster of the Nova Scotia Regiment Miss Eliza THOMAS of this place Footnote: True Copy, John Harries, Nov 30 1808, St Johns Newfoundland John Harries Sarah Gaden, Sarah Reed, Henry Phillips, A. Boucher  
Oct 11 1806 John COX   Isabella BENNETT     John Harries George Garland, Sarah Garland, Elizabeth Cawley Groom signed as John B. Cox. This marriage was repeated in Booklet 5 without the groom's signature containing the middle initial "B".
Jan 1 1803?/1805? John REDSTONE   Margaret DENT     John Harries T. McCArthy, John Undrey  
Nov 24 1804 Arthur* Holdsworth BROOKING Corp? Miss Mary DEAN     John Harries Sarah Gaden, Mary Williams, ?.P. Williams, Peter Joliffe, last witness illegible. *firname of groom illegible except beginning with "Ar" - corrected from births of children.
(torn) Mar 1805 Samuel PARTRIDGE   Ann DRISCOLL*     John Harries Samuel England, John Undrey *minister signed for bride as SARAH Driscoll; there are children born to a "John & Sarah" Partridge.
Apr 20 1805 John DOWSLEY   Mary PHAALAN*     John Harries Thos. Meagher?, Bridget Doyle *Signed as Mary Feehan or Feelan?.
Wed Dec 13 180? (1809*) Silvester TOPP (?TAPP)   Catharine SQUIRES     John Harries John Holmes, Clement Huds (?Hudson) - rest cut off *Using a day of the week calculator, only Dec 13 1809 yielded the day of the week being Wednesday for years 1801 to 1809.
Jan 7 1806 Captain William MORRIS of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment Miss Mary LIVINGSTON (signature)     John Harries Sarah Gaden, M? (H?) Phillips, Charlotte Thomas, Eliza Reed.  
Oct 7 1806 John BRINE   Elizabeth COX     John Harries John Mew, Elizabeth Cawley, Patience Parsons, Isabella Cox.  
Nov 23 1801 John STIRLING Surgeon of His Majesty's Ship La Coriande? Isabella KING   Footnote: True Copy, John Harries, St Johns Oct 20 1808. John Harries Patr'k Hunter, Dominick King, Eliza King Also in Vital Stats but name of ship transcribed as La Concorde.
Nov 25 1794 John GIBBS   Joanna HOLOHAN     John Harries John Holihan, Mary Magher, Gaius Patridge  
No date James WATERMAN   Esther FIELD   In the Public Church at St Johns Newfoundland Thos. Coote, J.P. William Field, Richard Waterman, John Undrey Children born to this couple at Torbay 1813 to 1820
June n/g 1806 Charles CUMMINS   Jane WHITTEN     John Harries William Whitten, Mary Whitten.  
Nov 21 180? William THISTLE   Abigail NEWEL?     John Harries John Cox, John Undrey  
(Nov) 22 180? William MITCHELL   Elizabeth BRADBURY     John Harries Henry Allan, Jane Mitchel, John Undrey This marriage is on same page as the previous entry.
Nov 24 1806 Moses CHAFE (signature*)   Ann MARCH     John Harries S. An? Knight, Simon Solomon *minister's version of groom's name looked like Moses Seans or Jeans but surname was Chafe in signature.
Feb 4 1804 Henry HOPKINS   Elizabeth CHEAFE     John Harries ?Thomas ?Hopkins, John Undrey  
?Dec ?17 1808 Dougald CAMERON   Sarah BULLEY     John Harries John Smith, Elenor Smith, Frances Duncanson Per baptism of child, he was in the Nova Scotia Regiment.
Apr 3 1804 Jeremiah HUNT   Ann SYMMONS     John Harries John McKenzie, illegible, Susan'h? Stafford?  
Nov 31/27? 1804 John SKAN (minister) signed as John SCANES   Ann WHITE of Torbay   John Harries James Oak?, Daniel Dwyer.  
Feb 4 1805 Abraham PINE   Elizabeth ALLEN     John Harries David Mars(ha)ll, John Undrey May be Abraham Pynn.
Oct 20 1804 John SWAIN   Eleanor SIMMONDS     John Harries John Finch, Jeremiah Hunt  
Jan 9 1804* William SOMERTON   Ann PINE?     John Harries James Handcock, John Undrey *Date is at end of entry but does not appear to be the usual footnote "true copy"
Nov 13 1804 Samuel WOODLEY   Mary BARTER     John Harries John Carter?, John Undrey  
Nov 13 1807 George VYE   Mary MARCH     John Harries Simon Solomon, Ann Way, Sarah Beenlen.  
?? 24? 1806 Alexander LEAMAN*   Sarah (surname not given)     John Harries Dan'l Kennedy, John Undrey Her surname not given by minister nor in signature. There is one child baptized to an Alexander & Sarah LAYMAN in Vital Stats.
No date Temple PIERS (signed as Tem: F. Piers) of the Newfoundland Regiment of Fencible Infantry Miss E. THOMAS (initial is from signature) of this place   John Harries Sarah Gaden, Sarah Reed, ?H Phillips, H Boucher  
Dec 2 1807 William RYALL   Joannah NEAL     John Harries John Guest, John Ryall  
Oct 7 1808 William GOFF Esq   Miss Mary WIDDICUMBE (signature)     John Harries Mary Widdicome, John Undrey  
? 26 1804 Philip MARSHALL   Jane FRY     John Harries Francis Fry, John Picco Son of David & Mary Marshall; Jane is believed to be the daughter of Francis Fry & Jane Allen of Portugal Cove.
BOOKLET 2                
Jan 6 1801 Major William HALY   Miss Ann HUTCHINGS     John Harries witnesses cut off Ann was baptized 1777 St Johns the dau of George Hutchings and Jane Adams. Charles Dominic William Haly was the son of Richard Haly & Anastatia Amaranthe Naveteur and was first married 1796 Co Cork to Harriet Reddish. He died Sep 1835 age 64, member of HM Council and for many years Lieut Col of the Nova Scotia Regiment.
Mar 24 1807? Jonathan PARSON   Charlotte BUTLER     John Harries John Barnes, John Undrey  
Nov 21 1804 William FIELD   Mary BROOK     John Harries Richard Thorn?, John Undrey  
Apr 2 1809 John SMITH   Elizabeth *MILLE (signature)     John Harries George MILLER, Mary Morissey?, John Undrey There was no surname given for the bride except in her signature which is likely Miller.
?? Oct 1804 George ROGERS   Ann SUMMERTON *     John Harries ?Henry Somerton, John Undrey *Ann Sommerton when written again in signature area - but she signed with an X
Apr 26 1806? Henry MARTIN   Tamson? BURRAGE     John Harries James Mullock, John Ebsary?  
?June ?31 1809 Alexander HOLCOMBE?   Elizabeth LOCK     Thos. Coote, J.P. William Dagwell, John Undrey  
Nov n/g 1809 William BAKER   Hannah (surname illegible)     John Harries Richard Brace, John Undrey Bride's signature also illegible.
Aug 13 1809 William McDONALD   Mary WHITTY     John Harries John Hardy, John Undrey  
?? Mar 1805 George ASHMAN   Joanna SMITH     John Harries James Barns, John Undrey  
Aug 26 1806? George JOHNSON   Mary BARNS?     John Harries George Park, John Chance  
No date James MOSDEL?   Hannah FREEMAN     John Harries Daniel Woolock, Richard Kingman? A James Mosdell died Mar 6 1876 Brigus, Conception Bay age 89 yrs per the Public Ledger (Mar 23 1876)
No date Josiah CRESSEY   Bridget MURPHY     John Harries John Murphy, ?Maria Stoney?/Storey?  
?? Dec 1809 Philip HOLWELL?   Mary FRY     John Harries Francis Fry (one only)  
No date Samuel SUTTON   Mary RICE?     John Harries John Mason, John Undrey On same page as previous entry.
? Mar 1806? William DOWDEN   Elizabeth CHANT?     John Harries ?Rich'd ?Shearing, Samuel Jeffery?  
?Feb 8 1805 John ANES*   Jane BUTLER     John Harries Robert Evans, ?Matth or ?Nathl Howe *may be alt spelling of Haines/Haynes/Hynes
Apr 15 1805 John WALLACE   Ann FIELD     John Harries Henry Johnson, John Undrey  
Sep 9 1805 George FLEET   Elizabeth MORRIS     John Harries Richard Gough, John Yorsten (or Yorston)  
No date Richard RYAN   Bridget DUNNAT? (?DANNAT)     John Harries ?Charlotte Caddin?, John Undrey.  
No date William LOVEYS   Jane PERRY     John Harries John Brine, John Undrey  
June 22/24? 1807? James FURNEAUX   Mary FOOT     John Harries John Foot, John Masters Version of marriage in Box 3 has date looking like June 20 or 28th, another wit Mary Masters. Re-entered by Thomas A Grantham after loss of Register of marriages from Vestry room. The Vital Stats version has date looking like June 26; John Foote is not listed as a witness.
Dec 26 1806 Davie CHEAFE   Ann ATKINS     John Harries Thomas Atkins, John Undrey  
Dec 15? 18?? John SMITH   Elenor BALL?     John Harries William? Ball?, John Undrey, Ge----? ------pple?  
Apr? 30? 18?? Laurence FIELD   Elizabeth BARTER?     John Harries John Brey?, Sarah Bray?, John Undrey  
Sep 5 1799 Robert RADFORD   Ann BARNES   Footnote: St Johns, May 30 1806 (likely a true copy certification by John Harries). John Harries none Vital Stats version has date of Sep 8 1799.
Nov? 15? 1809? Joseph BROWN   Bridget KENNEDY     John Harries Richard Perchard, Elizabeth Perchard  
Nov? 8 1800? Matthew HOLWILL   Jane DAWE?     John Harries William Natton?, John Undrey She signed as Jane Hollwel
?? 29 1806 James BRINE   Jane WALKER     John Harries Thomas Walker, Ann Brine, Ann MacKellan  
No date Thomas DOWDEN   Elizabeth HUMBER     John Harries John Whitten, Rich'd Perryman  
May 30 1810 Charles SINCLAIR Private in His Majesty's Nova Scotia Regiment of Fencibles Abigail CROMEY     John Broom, J.P. James ?Lavinfield, Ann ?Germain  
June 4 1810 Peter LESLIE Corp in His M. Corps of Royal Artificers Mary MORRIS     John Broom, J.P. D--? Cuthburt?, John M-----?  
?Feb 1 1804 John GRACE   Margaret BROOKS     John Harries Rich'd Ryan, Bridget Ryan  
Dec 27 1796 Mr. Richard RA-------?   Mrs. BROWN   Both of this place. Footnote: St Johns Newfoundland, Nov 2 1807 (this is to indicate it is a copy) John Harries none  
Aug 26 1805 Stephen WOOLEATH?   Mary COLBORNE     John Harries Robert Boden, Marg't Roberts  
Dec 17 1804 David PIGGOT   Harriet MOSSMAN     John Harries John Wilson, D. Christian, John Undrey  
Nov 23 1804 James CHURCHILL   Elizabeth FRY     John Harries Francis Fry, John Undrey Both parties likely of Portugal Cove per surnames.
No date Thomas PROUSE   Drusila SHORT     John Harries John Stephens, John Undrey.  
?? 13th ???? Michael KNIGHT   Ann YOUNG     John Harries ??-------ukliss Knight, John Undrey On same page as previous entry.
Apr 25 1805 Captain John HIERLIHEY or the Roy(torn) Newfoundland Regiment Miss H? BULLEY (Signature)     John Harries Rob. Bollard, Jane Bollard, Charlotte Thomas, Mary Ann Haines, Eliza Reed, Mary Livingston A Mrs Hannah Hierlihy age 65 or 56 died Mar 8 1852 Halifax NS widow of Captain Hierlihy per the Times. If the same person, would have to be the older age due to year of marriage.
? ? 1806 William BEST   Sarah WILLIAMS     John Harries John Jarmin, John Undrey  
No date John CROSSMAN   Mary TUCKER     John Harries ?Wm. ?Harriss, John Undrey  
Jan 21 1807 John PITTS   Eliza PICCO   both of Portugal Cove. John Harries ?Thos. ?Farell, John Picco  
?Feb ? (1807) George WHIPPLE   Mary HEATHARD? (or Keathard?)     John Harries Thos. Hilo----?, John Und(rey)  
?? Aug 1803 William GRIFFIN   Rachel HEATHER     John Harries Thos. Nelson, Elsey Nelson, Edward Nelson  
Sep 19 1809 John HUTCHINGS   Elizabeth EFFORD     John Harries Rich'd Hammond, Harriet Hammond, John Undrey  
Oct 14 1809 Richard Robin BROWN   Susan BUGDEN     John Harries William Bugden, Thomas Bugden, John Undrey  
BOOKLET 3                
May 16 ? 1807 Robert TUFFIN   Mary MILES     John Harries Dennis McGrath, Judith McGrath  
Apr 7 1807 Robert ANDREWS   Ann FREEMAN     John Harries John Masters, Wm. Freeman, Jonathan Parsons  
?Apr/May ? (1807)* William FREEMAN   Hannah BUTLER     John Harries James Mellage, illegible *date is overiwritten. On same page as previous entry.
Apr 14 1807 Thomas BISHOP Lieutenant in the Royal Navy Miss Maria DUGGAN (signature)     John Harries D. Duggan, Maria McKie, Margaretta Heath, Sarah Gaden, Thos. McM-----?  
?? June (1807) ?Leach KING   Elizabeth BRADBURY     John Harries illegible On same page as previous entry.
May 15 1805 Seth BICKFORD   Charity NORRIS     John Harries Daniel Kennedy, Robert Per------?  
Dec 6 1806 John BLUNDON   Mary HARDING     John Harries William Stabb, John Undrey  
Dec 20 1806 Robert MACKAY?   Jane LOEMS?     John Harries And'w Salamore?, John Undrey  
Nov 24 1806 James FARRELL   Elenor WARD     John Harries John Undrey, Augustus McNamara  
BOOKLET 4                
May 9 1806 Robert SNOOK   Frances BACON     John Harries James Stickley, John Undrey  
Nov 27 1804 Joseph Austen CLARK   Miss Eliza DELANEY*     John Harries Alex'r Boucher, Dav'd Duggan, Maria Duggan *per signature, minister spelt surname Delany.
? ? 1805 George TUCK?   Mary QUAN     John Harries Edmond Thompson, John Undrey  
Nov 6 1804 George KING   Mary BRYAN     John Harries Joseph Noel, John Undrey  
Jul 17 1806 John WINTER   Miss Susanna TODRIDGE*     John Harries Ann Way, James Winter *bride's first name given in signature only.
Dec 29 1803? Henry CHEAFE   Dorcas WIDGER     John Harries Rich'd Cook, John Undrey, ?Alex Power  
May 12 1810 William LACEY   Dinah PIPPEY     Thos. Coote, J.P. John Lom-----tt, John Undrey  
Oct 31 1805 John CHAFE (signature)*   Elizabeth WALL     John Harries Jno. Wall, John Undrey *minister wrote surname as Cheaf.
Nov 5 (1805) George KNIGHT   Mary SNOW     John Harries Edward Snow, Joseph Vincent On same page as previous entry
Apr 1 1807 William SQUIRES   Mary HANDLIN from Broad Cove   John Harries Mae? Tucker, John Undrey  
Mar 25? 1806 Rich'd THORN   Catharine WOODFINE     John Harries Abraham Galghin?, George P Delany  
Jan ?? ???? Robert HURLY?   Elizabeth SOAKER/SOAPER?     John Harries Michael Doyle?, John Undrey  
July 5 1807 Mr Daniel BURNE?   Miss Elizabeth MAUNDY*     John Harries Jno. ?Street, ?D.W. Ronald?, Eliza Maundy, Eliza Florries? (or Horries/Harries?), Elijah? Newell. Names of bride and groom from signatures.
BOOKLET 5                
Oct 11 1806 John COX   Isabella BENNETT   Footnote: St Johns Newfoundland May 20 1807 John Harries George Garland, Sarah Garland, Elizabeth Cawley Repeated entry, but without groom's signature containing the middle initial "B".
July 16 1807 Charles GRANT of His Majesty's Corps of Royal Artillery stationed in the town of St Johns in the Island of Newfoundland Mary GOFF of the same place   Tho. Coote Justice of the Peace in the Public Church Mark Coxson, Mary Coxson  
May 19 1810 Philip ACKLIND   Margaret HANN?/HORN?     John Broom, J.P. William Marson, A? T? Broom.  
Sep 6 1809 Milchesidie* BRAGG   Grace SULLIVAN     John Harries Nicholas Toole, John Undrey *in baptisms of children, father's name given as Miles and as Melehisadee. From online list of biblical names, likely form of Melchizedek.
Sep 7 1809 Lieut. Harry WALKER   Mary PAYNE     John Harries Goerge Trombe?, John Undrey  
June 12 1810 Henry MARAT? of the Royal Navy Ann BRINE spinster of St Johns   John Broom, J.P. Robert Brine, Ann Beamante? (or Beumante)  
Nov ? 1805/1803? Lieut. Henry BOWER   Miss Mary BRISCOE?     John Harries Jno. Fraser?, Eleanor Mar----?  
Nov 10 1803 James FRENCH   Mary JACOBS     John Harries Roger Lahey?, John Undrey  
Dec 26 1804? John FOWLER   Ann HISCOCK     John Harries E-----? Hiscock, John Undrey Likely resided Conception Bay South.
June 4 1809 Richard King? MUDDLE? Esq Command--? (of His) Majesty's ship Comet Miss Anne Manning COOTE (signature)   Footnote: Copy, St Johns, Newfoundland, John Harries Dec 29 1809. John Harries Thos. Coote, Thos. Stabb  
No date Samuel WATSON?   Susannah MIDDLETON     John Harries Rich'd Ryan, John Undrey  
BOOKLET 6                
Feb 10 1810 Will'm DEER   Mary JOHNSON     John Broom, J.P. John Undrey (one only)  
May 11 1810 Michael MYERS   Anastatia BURNS     John Broom, J.P. John Undrey, Margaret Rose, Joseph Rose  
June 15 1810 John WILLIAMS   Elizabeth FLETCHER     Thos. Coote J.P. Daniel Campbell, Anne Campbell  
Sep 13 1809 John PAINE   Sarah SINGLETON Rocky Harbour, Straights of Belle Isle   John Harries William Notting, Jane Hollwill Collected years ago, missed during this collection. Bride was nee Cross. Both parties witnesses in a murder trial at St Johns same year.
Aug 27 1810 Patrick HUIE   Miss Sarah REED   both of this place Rev Rowland at the Ang Cathedral   This is a missing record; groom was a merchant, son of James Huie, Chief Magistrate, born Glasgow, Scotland. Taken from the Sep 6 1810 GAZETTE.

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Page Revised by Craig Peterman (February 2003)

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