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Church of England
Ferryland District Marriages








June 4, 1913 Tessier, George James 45 Ferryland Carter, Blanche Isabel 32 Ferryland George Langmeath, G. Alderdice, J. CarterJ. L. Gladstone Tussaam, Edith Alderdice, Mina Freebairn, Ray Clapp, George Langmead
January 4, 1855 Winsor, Henry Ferryland Carter, Catherine Annie Skinner Ferryland Henry Sweetland Morry, Sarah Weston Morry, Elizabeth Rathbur H. H. Hamilton
October 5, 1843 Rendell, William St. John's Carter, Fanny Rendell Ferryland Robert Carter, James Martin, Benjamin S. Morry, Eliza C. Carter, Mary Carter William Bowman
June 5, 1855 Carter, James Ferryland Carter, Harriet Elizabeth Felicia Ferryland Robert Carter, Annie Skinner Winsor, Bessie Carter, William Carter H. H. Hamilton
Sept. 25, 1901 Clapp, William Mainwaring 40 of St. John's Carter, Ida Frederica 25 Ferryland Maude C. Carter, May S. Carter, D. M. Browning, Alan Goodridge, W. T. S. Carter, Rosina Bown, F. C. Alderdice G. Ross Godden
May 6, 1852 MacLea, Kenneth New York Carter, Mary Lucritia Rendell Ferryland Robert Carter, Jane H. Carter, Mary Ann Carter, James Henry Carter H. H. Hamilton
May 2, 1850 Morry, Benjamin Sweetland Ferryland Carter, Sarah Weston Ferryland Matthew Morry, Mrs. Hamilton, Jane Morry H. H. Hamilton
February 19, 1844 Morry, Matthew Caplin Bay Colman, Eliza Ferryland John Jellard, George LeMessurier, William Coulman W. J. Hoyles
December 10, 1832 Austin, William Mouton, Hampstead, England Gill, Jane Ferryland Robert Pitt,John Gillard Thomas M. Wood
January 4, 1856 Payne, Thomas Aquaforte Hall, Caroline Eliza Aquaforte Robert Hall, Sarah Frampton, William Frampton, Maria Caroline Paryment Augustus Bayley
February 14, 1854 Frampton, William Ferryland Hall, Sarah Jane Ferryland William F. S. Carter, Robert Carter H. H. Hamilton
September 22, 1855 Clow, Marmaduke Port au Basques Johnson, Mary Ferryland Eliza Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Henry Morry Augustus Bayley
January 17, 1844 Goodridge, John Renews Killigrew, Jane Renews Married in Garland's Schoolroom, Renews,William Killigrew W. J. Hoyles
July 25, 1829 Saunders, John William Renews Leary, Bridget Renews John Row, John Kelligrew P. Pering
November 15, 1848 Mead, George Aquaforte Mayo, Fanny Ferryland Robert Carter, Nicholas Johnson, William Frampton H. H. Hamilton
May 12, 1880 Winsor, John James Aquaforte Morry, Clara Isabella Ferryland John Morry, Florence Morry, Henry C. Winsor, William Morry, Thomas G. Morry, Alice W. Morry, Annie J. Winsor, Peter Winsor Edward Botwood
October 10, 1892 Gray, William Nicholas 25 of St. John's Morry, Jane Josephine Ferryland John Morry, Fanny Morry, Alice Morry, G. F. Martin Edward Botwood
February 7, 1843 LeMessurier, Peter Paint St. John's Morry, Mary Caplin Bay Matthew Morry, George LeMessurier, Robert Carter, John Morry, Benjamin S. Morry, Eliza Rowe Carter, Fanny R. Carter, Eliza Coleman William Bowman
January 20, 1858 LeMessurier, William Warner St. John's Morry, Priscilla Ann Ferryland Robert Morry, John Morry, Victoria Winsor Augustus Bayley
October 2, 1888 LeMessurier, George William 25 of St. John's Morry, Roberta Anne 25 Caplin Bay Robert Morry, Alex LeMessurier, Mary Morry, John Maccalum Graham, Jane Josephine Morry Walter R. Smith
December 27, 1861 Hiscott, John Aquaforte Perriman, Maria Aquaforte Richard Fost, William Hall Robert Temple
September 24, 1840 Flood, James Ferryland Rogers, Charlotte Ferryland Charles Boone, Charlotte Butler, Thomas Macey William Bowman
November 13, 1849 Geary, Francis(Widower) Ferryland Roseter, Anne Caplin Bay Jemima Harriet Pendergrast H. H. Hamilton
June 5, 1840 Hiller, Robert Ferryland Ryan, Elizabeth(Widow) Ferryland Charles and Mary Ann Boon William Bowman
February 6, 1851 Evans, George Henry Grand Bank Saunders, Caroline Mary Anne Renews Alan Goodridge, William Killigrew, John William Saunders, Grace Goodridge H. H. Hamilton
October 3, 1869 Boone, Samuel John St. John's Saunders, Marion St. John's Married at Bay Bulls, J. K. Parnell, Mrs. Williams, Sarah Boone Henry M. Skinner
January 16, 1840 Winsor, Dan Henry Aquaforte Winsor, Caroline Aquaforte Henry and Jane Winsor, John Gillard William Bowman
December 12, 1848 Morry, John Ferryland Winsor, Elizabeth Sarah Aquaforte Henry Winsor, Anne Winsor, Matthew Morry, Henry Winsor H. H. Hamilton
April 29, 1845 Morey, William Sweetland Caplin Bay Winsor, Jane Aquaforte John Morry, Mary LeMessurier, Henry S. Morry, Caroline Winsor W. J. Hoyles
September 19, 1871 Hay, William Lossiemouth, County of Elgin, Scotland Winsor, Jessie Jennings Aquaforte John James Winsor, Clara Isabella Winsor,William Sweetland Morry Charles Rock West
September 7, 1851 Butler, William Agarias Portdugrave Winsor, Sarah Ann Aquaforte James Jimuns Winsor, Emma Winsor, Jacob Winsor H. H. Hamilton

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Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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