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Lower Island Cove
Methodist Parish Marriages
(1817 - 1833 complete)

Sept 22, 1817 Wm. Johnson LIC
  Hanah Colemore LIC
Nov 2, 1817 Joseph Robins LIC
  Martha Collemore LIC
Dec 23, 1818 John Shanah LIC
  Ann Morris LIC
May 23, 1819 John Tuff Western Bay
  Elizabeth Parsons Ochre Pit Cove
June 19, 1819 Thomas Hickson Brigus
  Jane Garland LIC
Dec 17, 1819 George Clark Crocker's Cove
  Jane Jonstone LIC
Nov 26, 1821 James Egneer [Fagner?] LIC
  Jane Sparks LIC
Dec 3, 1821 William Goudy LIC
  Jane Garland LIC
Dec 11, 1821 Thomas Cooper Grates Cove
  Magdalene Bussey LIC
Jan. 23, 1822 David Garland LIC
  Mary Ann Bussey LIC
Jan 23, 1822 William Wiltshire LIC
  Elizabeth Bussey LIC
Nov. 23, 1823 James Simmons LIC
  Elizabeth Johnson LIC
Jan. 2, 1824 John Butt Burnt Point
  Mary Layman Burnt Point
Nov. 6, 1824 John Rogers LIC
  Rachel Sparks LIC
Dec. 28, 1824 William Simpson LIC
  Jane Johnson Job's Cove
Dec 6, 1825 Thomas Sparks LIC
  Mary Normore LIC
Dec. 12, 1825 Phillip Luce LIC
  Mary Goudin LIC
Jan. 16, 1826 Joseph Sandsford LIC
  Ann Lindsey LIC
Nov 13, 1826 John Snelgrove LIC
  Sarah Sparkes LIC
Dec 2, 1826 William Reed LIC
  Sarah Buckley LIC
Dec 7, 1826 Abraham Snelgrove Grates Cove
  Jane Cooper LIC
Dec 15, 1826 James Garland LIC
  Julia Parsons Ochre Pit Cove
Nov 21, 1827 John Sparks LIC
  Mary [Gregory?] Perlican
Nov 27, 1827 William Morris LIC
  Nancy Main LIC
Nov 29, 1827 Henry [Normo?] LIC
  Clarisa Bussey LIC
Nov 30, 1827 Abraham Martin Grates Cove
  Jane Snelgrove LIC
Dec 14, 1827 George Jackson LIC
  Ann Canady LIC
Jan 13, 1828 William Johnson Job's Cove
  Jane [Howle?] Job's Cove
Feb 14, 1828 John Garland LIC
  Catherine Sparkes LIC
July 27, 1828 Samuel Champkin LIC
  Anne Willer LIC
Nov 11, 1828 Thomas Vail LIC
  Mary Paul Perlican
Nov 17, 1828 John England LIC
  Sarah Street LIC
Nov 18, 1828 Joliff Moores Northern Bay
  Elizabeth Johnson Northern Bay
Nov 28, 1828 George Gowdy LIC
  Elizabeth [Lewis?] LIC
Oct 21, 1829 Samuel Harris Seal Cove
  Elizabeth Snelgrove LIC
Oct 28, 1829 Richard Kitts Northern Bay
  Sarah Johnson Northern Bay
Nov 27, 1829 James Morris LIC
  Mary Snelgrove LIC
Nov 28, 1829 George Johnson LIC
  Eliza Bussey LIC
May 6, 1830 Elias Gowdy LIC
  Sarah Lewis LIC
Jun 19, 1830 William Cooper LIC
  Charity Sellars LIC
Nov 18, 1830 William Bussey LIC
  Mary Willow LIC
Nov 14, 1833 James Buckley Northern Bay
  Jane Johnson Northern Bay
Aug 13, 1831 Isaac Bond LIC
  Mary Parsons LIC
Sept 4, 1831 John Thorn LIC
  Ann Willer LIC
Oct 1, 1831 John Morris LIC
  Clara Johnson LIC
Dec 1, 1831 James Moor Northern Bay
  Elizabeth Puddy Northern Bay
Dec 1, 1831 John Johnson Job's Cove
  Christian Short Job's Cove
April 23, 1831 William Champion LIC
  Elizabeth Snelgrove LIC
July 1, 1832 Stephen Blundon LIC
  Jane Snelgrove LIC
Nov 6, 1832 M. Harvey LIC
  Sarah Tizzard LIC
Nov 14, 1832 John Manuel LIC
  Jane Martin LIC
Nov 16, 1832 Charles Sutton LIC
  Joanah King Grates Cove
Dec 17, 1832 Peter Lewis LIC
  Jane Morris LIC
Feb 20, 1833 John Low LIC
  Mary Fagner LIC
May 12, 1833 Richard King LIC
  Jane Grant LIC
Sept 25, 1833 John Garland LIC
  Jane Green LIC
Nov 14, 1833 John Sparks LIC
  Elizabeth Hopkins LIC

Transcribed by Susan Snelgrove, August 12, 2002

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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