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St. James Anglican Church
1880 - 1899 Burial Records
King's Cove, Bonavista Bay District

Transcribed from the Original Parish Records

Date of Burial
Married or Single
Parents Names
Place of Nativity
Date of Death
By whom Burial Service Performed
Other Information
Christian Names
Mothers Maiden Name
  February 4,1880 Elfrida Bowen              Red Cliffe
  April 15,1880 Emily Jane Kirby4 months 3 weeks             King's Cove
  August 16,1880 Henry Brown8 months             King's Cove
  August 17,1880 John Lockyer51 years             King's Cove
  September 8,1880 Fanny Philpott              Plate Cove
  September 19,1880 Sarah Jane Quinton2 weeks             King's Cove
  October 24,1880 Susanna Russell              Plate Cove
  March 1881 Charlotte Gould              Open Hall, No date in March given.
  March 29,1881 Mary Gould77 years             Open Hall
  May 9,1881 Jane Coffin55 years             Kiels
  June 21,1881 Mary Bearns              King's Cove
  June 23,1881 William Quinton58 years             Red Cliffe
  August 19,1881 Eli Monks9 years             King's Cove
  September 14,1881 John Brown 18 ½ years              King's Cove
1882 to 1892 missing
49 September 15,1893 Ellen Gould 23 years           September 13,1893 lay reader. residence Open Hall
50 September 17,1893 John Thomas Monks 8 days           September 16,1893 lay reader. residence King’s Cove
51 November 5,1893 Hannah Hancock 44 years           November 3,1893 Rev.William Kirby. residence King’s Cove
52   Adelaide Fitzgerald 2 years             lay reader. date of death and burial not given
53 January 25,1894 Isabelle Curtis 7 years, 6 months           January 24,1894 Rev.William Kirby. residence King’s Cove
54 March 10,1894 Robert Monks 28 years           March 8,1894 Rev.William Kirby. residence King’s Cove
55 March 16,1894 Leah Martha Curtis 9 months           March 15,1894 Rev. William Kirby. residence King’s Cove
56 March 18,1894 John Quinton 19 years           March 16,1894 lay reader. residence Red Cliffe
65 September 17,1894 Charles Hobbs74 years         September 16,1894   Long Island
66 October 6,1894 Thomas Puddisford73 years       Northern Bay, Conception Bay October 4,1894   King's Cove
67 December 9,1894 Elizabeth Mary Hart38 years       Twillingate, Notre Dame Bay December 7,1894   King's Cove
68 December 21,1894 Noah Monks19 years         December 20,1894   King's Cove
69 December 29,1894 Susanna Stewart44 years         December 28,1894   King's Cove
70 December 29,1894 John Taylor76 years         December 27,1894   Tickle Cove
71 February 24,1895 John Fitzgerald7 ? years (unable to make out second digit)         February 22,1895   Open Hall
72 February 24,1895 Sidney Monks16 years         February 23,1895   King's Cove
  April 20,1895 Richard Mesh69 years         April 18,1895   Kiels
  June 2,1895 John Muggeridge69 years         June 1,1895   Tickle Cove
  June 19,1895 Samuel Warren52 years         June 17,1895   Open Hall, cause of death: consumption.
  June 31, 1895 James Quinton35 years         July 29,1895   the months given for death and burial are for two different months, one must be incorrect the dates given are: date of death July 29,1895,date of burial as June 31, 1895, Kiels, cause of death: consumption.
  no burial date given Phileman? Leddon 1 year 4 months         September 7,1895   Kiels, cause of death: scalded.
  December 13,1895 Samuel Hobbs55 years         December 9,1895   Kiels, cause of death: killed by a fall.
  February 28,1896 Clara Ann Brown24 years 7 months         February 27,1896   King's Cove
  March 11,1896 Joanna Brown30 years         March 10,1896   King's Cove
  March 22,1896 Hennrietta Taylor11 months         March 21,1896   Tickle Cove, cause of death: convulsions
  April 5,1896 Mary Muggeridge42 years         April 3,1896   Tickle Cove, cause of death: consumption
  April 22,1896 Richard Gould41 years         April 21,1896   Open Hall, cause of death: anemia
97 November 15,1896 Hannah Hobbs80 years         November 13,1896   Kiels, cause of death: Bronchitis
98 December 8,1896 Thomas Hobbs74 years         December 7,1896   Keils, cause of death: Apoplexy
99 January 8,1897 George Brown82 years         died January 6,1897   King's Cove, cause of death: Bronchitis
100 January 21,1897 Richard Hancock17 years, 4 months         January 19,1897   cause of death: Consumption
103   John Fitzgerald5 months          February 14,1897   Open Hall, cause of death: Convulsions, burial date not given
104 February 25,1897 Pheobe Brown20 years          February 23,1897   King's Cove, cause of death: Consumption
  March 11,1897 Martha Hancock45 years 6 months         March 10,1897   King's Cove
  April 18,1847 Mary Taylor33 years          April 16,1847   Tickle Cove, Cause of death: Consumption
  May 20,1897 Arianna Skiffington1 month         May 19,1897   Tickle Cove
  May 23,1897 Winifred Sarah Jane Hancock4 months         May 20,1897   King's Cove
  May 28,1897 John Carpenter4 years         May 27,1897   Kiels
  May 29,1897 Elizabeth Quinton21 years         May 28,1897   Red Cliffe
  June 5,1897 Elizabeth Warren24 years         June 3,1897   Open Hall
  June 13,1897 Mary Mesh67 years         June 12,1897   Kiels
  June 21,1897 Mary Jane Puddisford10 days         July 20,1897   King's Cove, cause of death: Convulsions
  August 25,1897 Lilian Jane Brown6 days         August 23,1897   King's Cove, cause of death: Jaundice
  September 4.1897 John Penny37 years         September 2,1897   Kiels, cause of death: Consumption
  September 18,1897 Caroline Penny29 years         September 16,1897   Kiels, cause of death: Consumption
  September 22,1897 Laura Brown27 years         September 21,1897   King's Cove, cause of death: La Grippe
  October 23,1897 John Oldford19 years         October 22,1897   Red Cliffe, cause of death: Consumption
  October 31,1897 Charlotte Longnot given         October 29,1897   Kiels, cause of death: Locomotorataxy
  November 9,1897 John Brown65 years         November 8,1897   King's Cove, cause of death: Grippe
  November 14, 1897 Ruth Brown60 years         November 12,1897   King's Cove, cause of death: Grippe
  November 14,1897 Walter Brown15 years, 11 months         November 13,1897   King's Cove, cause of death: Consumption
  December 12,1897 Henry Goldworthy84 years         December 11,1897   Kiels, cause of death: Paralysis
  December 15,1897 Abner Quinton2 years         December 14,1897   Red Cliffe, cause of death: Brain fever.
  March 27,1898 Mary Ann Gould 23 years, 9 months          March 26,1898   Open Hall, cause of death: Rodent ulcer.
153 August 6,1899 John Penny21 years         August 4,1899   Kiels, cause of death: Consumption.
154 August 10,1899 Beatrice Curtis6 days         August 9,1899   King's Cove, cause of death: Convulsions.
155 August 17,1899 John White12 years         August 16,1899   King's Cove
156 September 11,1899 William Brown5 days         died September 10,1899   King's Cove, cause of death: Jaundice.
157 September 12,1899 William Fitzgerald85 years         September 11,1899   Open Hall, cause of death: Cancer.
158 October 4,1899 Jessie Quinton10 months         October 3,1899   Red Cliffe, cause of death: Convulsions.
159 October 10(or 11), 1899 Eliza Maude Cross8 days         October 10(or 11), 1899   Tickle Cove, cause of death: Convulsions. Ink blotted at the date, difficult to determine if it is 10 or 11.
160 November 17,1899 Mary Penny68 years         November 15.1899   Kiels, cause of death: Consumption.

Page Transcribed by Bill and Martha Warren (November 2003)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (December 2003)

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