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King's Cove Roman Catholic Marriages
(1816 - 1830)
Partial Listing



Copied from Fred Pafford's records (June 1996) by Shirley Foley.  
Posted with Fred's permission.
Due to the poor quality of the records, 
this transcription may contain human errors.  
As always, confirm these, and any, records.

Dec 3, 1816 James WALSH, Co Cork, to Catherine BRETT at Trinity
Aug 4, 1817 Wm CLEMANS of Christchurch, England & Mary GARDNER of Tilton Harbour Aug 17, 1817 John BRYAN of Fogo to Mary CARROLL native Co Kulkenny at Fogo Island Aug 30, 1817 James FRAYARD of Dartmerley Dev to Anne CORCORAN of Co Kilkenny at Tilton Harbour Sept 6, 1817 Mike WALLACE, native of Waterford to Anne BRYAN of Tilton Harbour
July 18, 1818 Maurice Robert GANBOL Co Waterford to Joanna BRYAN of Fogo July 26, 1818 Hugh HUGHES (Wales) to Marjorie EMBERLEY of Joe Batts Arm Aug 9, 1818 Mike GREEN of Currickan Lane, Waterford to Mary BOURKE Tilton Harbour
April 20, 1819 Tom MCGRATH, Co Waterford to Catherine WALSH of King's Cove June 17, 1819 James POWER, Co Waterford to Joanna MCGRATH of Tilton Harbour
Jan 1, 1820 Richard FRY native of England (Somerset) to Betsy MULLOWNEY of Tickle Cove, King's Cove Aug 20, 1820 Tom HAYS of Carrish - Tipp - Ireland to Eleanor BRYAN Tilton Harbour
Nov 18, 1822 John SMYTH, Co Cork to Mary KELLY of Plate Cove, King's Cove
Aug 17, 1823 Richard WALSH of Co Waterford to Betsy DROHAM of Tilton Harbour Aug 21, 1823 Richard TEALE of Feathurd Co, Wexford to Ellen REARDON Tilton Harbour Oct 7, 1823 Mike WALSH of Adams Town, Co Wenford to Eleanor MACKEY of Bonavista,Catalina
Feb 26, 1827 Pat WALSH Co Wexford to Mary RAYE King's Cove Sept 27, 1827 Tom KELLY Co Wexford & Catherine GRIFFEN Co Kilkenney at Ragged Harbour
Aug 15, 1829 Luke MURPHY Co Kilkenney & Ellen WALSH, St. John's at King's Cove Sept 14, 1829 Laurence WALSH Co Wexford to Mary SHEA, Co Tipperary at Catalina Oct 17, 1829 Wm WALSH Co Cork & Catherine CONNORS of Co Waterford at Trinity Nov 6, 1829 Wm CAVERAN of Co Waterford & Mary KELLY of Tickle Cove Dec 6, 1829 Ed WALSH of Waterford & Joanna LARMAN of Arristown Co Wexford - King's Cove Dec 6, 1829 Andrew WALSH, Co Kilkenney & Judith FAHEY of Co Waterford at King's Cove
Aug 8 1830 Richard EMBERLEY of Joe Batts Arm & Bridget NORRIS of Waterford at Tilton Harbour Nov 20, 1830 John WALSH Co Cork & Anne DUGGEN of Ragged at King's Cove



Contributed by: Shirley Foley (June 1st, 2000)

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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