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Baptisms at PANL King's Cove Roman Catholic
Boxes 1, 2, & 3
Partial Records



During the summer of 1999 while in St. John's NFLD, I gathered the following information at PANL.. These records are from the KING's COVE RC boxes 1, 2, & 3. This file is incomplete - as time was limited I could only record those entries that interested me.

PLEASE USE THESE RECORDS WITH CAUTION. I've reluctantly placed them here but they are the best that could be done given the state of the records. After some thought, I decided that they were better then nothing, and could be used to assist people who wanted to submit a specific request to the parish for the original records.

There are several things to note:

  • The early instances contain a birth location in Ireland which should help those ready to continue their search across the ocean.
  • The spelling of names sometimes vary from what you might expect or know. For the principal name that I sought, the name appears as Keough, Kehoe, Kough. Another name I was looking at appears as Heaney & Heney in the records. Another is Aylward which appears as Alward, Alwart.
  • The writing in these records was very difficult (sometimes impossible to read). I've noted those instances where I was uncertain with a ?
  • Please use this as a means to locate your relatives but not as a primary source. Use this info to check further with PANL. I had 2 1/3 days to get as much info as I could from these records and I didn't go back to proof read as carefully as I would have liked to do. Also, Keep in mind the writing can be often mis-read. In my own instance, (where I already knew the name of a spouse) I read the letters differently from the person I asked to do a previous search. My interpretation of the writing was confirmed when I performed baptismal searches, but I could see where a person could read the writing as they did. A strange example of this occurred when someone not familiar with the family being researched read a name as Walken, when it was in fact Holohan. When I saw the writing myself, I saw how the letters could seem to be Walken. (Then, throughout the records, [baptism and marriage] this person's name appeared as Holohan, Hollihan).
  • The dates were very difficult to discern. The individual records did not contain a date. Instead the year would be written at the beginning of a year, the same with the month. Then, only numbers were written in the first column. One had to continually go back and determine what the month, year and date were, after a record was found. These records were examined and copied in chronological order.
  • A posting to one of the genealogy lists had this to say about these records: King's Cove parish Records

    ............... These records were in a desperate state. Much of the handwriting was almost illegible and parts of it had to be read with the help of a magnifying glass. I copied the spelling as it appeared in the records. Any names I couldn't read I marked with a blank. Ironically, after struggling through these records for four straight days, the archivist informed me on my last day that they had just received permission from the parish priest at King's Cove to re-copy the orginial records. So, hopefully this summer, the rsearch will be easier on the eyes. ........

    ........As you know the priest didn't put the date at the top of each page and you had to keep turning back to see what year you were in....

    Please contact Jeri Keough if you have further information about this file.




Mon/Day Year Name Father Mother Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Place
Sept 2, 1815 John James Aylward ??? ??? ???  
  1816 Joanna Pierce Heaney? Mary Bridgeman Maurice Byron Ann Lewis  
  1816 Patrick Andrew Keough Catherine Aylward Maurice AND Elenor Ryan King’s Cove
  1817 Patrick James Aylward Elinor Mitten?? James Quigley ? Jean Blackman??  
  1818 Elizabeth John Tobin Mary Aylward John ??ffington Ann Aylward King’s Cove
5-Jan 1818 James William Matthews ??Elinor Aylward Luke Murphy Joanna Aylward King’s Cove
Aug 25, 1818 John James Aylward Elinor O’Neil ??? ???Miller Greenspond
18-Nov 1818 Thomas Patrick Keough Bridget Walsh David Foley Mary Walken Bonavista
18-Nov 1818 James Patrick Keough Bridget Walsh Martin Donnigan Elinor Fleming Bonavista
22-Jan 1820 Anne Patrick Keough Bridget Walsh John ? Mary ? Bonavista
7-Mar 1821 Mary Andrew Keough Catherine Aylward James Aylward Cath. (Or Martha) K.C.
            Roy (or Ryan)  
3-May 1821 John Patrick Keho?? Bridget Walsh Thomas Neal Elinor Walkham Bonavista
    Note: Spelling of “Keho”          
10-Mar 1822 Mary Pierce Heaney Mary Bridgeman Patrick Bridgeman M ? Aylward K.C.
22-Aug 1824 James Andrew Kehoe Catherine Aylward James Kearns? Sally Aylward P.C.
Note: Without looking at Kevin Tracey’s data, I read the name KEARNS the same - writing terrible
6-Jan 1825 Simon Pierce Heaney Mary Bridgeman John Ryan Catherine Murphy K.C.
26-Jul 1825 Joanna John Henney? Anne R? William Hunt Catherine Miller  
16-Nov 1825 Anne Patrick Keough Bridget Walsh William Walsh Margaret Foley Bonavista
          (Or Tracey)    
Mar 25 1826 Anne Andrew Keough Catherine Aylward Michael Costello Joanna Mahony K.C.  
16-Jul 1826 Luke James Keough Mary McGrath Jerimiah Brine Joanna McGrath Tilting Harbour
        Alias Foley      
27-May 1827 John Pierce Heaney Mary Bridgeman John White Margaret Walsh K.C.
Nov 8, ‘27/28 1828 Honora Pat Keough Bridget Walsh Thomas Dunphy Kitty Fennell Bonavista
Feb 22, ‘28/29 1829 Hanna Andrew Keough Catherine Aylward Michael AND Mary Murphy O.H.  
1-Jul 1829 Elizabeth James Keough Mary McGrath John Malloy Bridget Murphy  
Note: Alias comment is not present for this entry of Mary McGrath
28-May 1830 Elizabeth Andrew Keough Kitty Aylward Thomas Murphy Kitty Keough  
Note use of Nickname “Kitty” in both instances
July 25, 1830 Daniel James Kehoe Mary McGrath John Sexton Anne Mc Grath Tilting Harbour
    NOTE use of “Kehoe”          
26-Jun 1831 Catherine Patrick Kehoe Bridget Walsh Patrick McCormick Mary Walsh Bonavista
14-Aug 1831 James Michael Harty Mary Kehoe John Murphy Catherine Carew K.C.
17-Mar 1832 Andrew Andrew Kehoe Catherine Aylward William Aylward Mary Aylward K.C.
Aug 24 1832 Margaret James Kehoe May McGrath John Reardon Emila Jonson Tilt.
Dec 1 1833 ?? ?? ??Elizabeth Keo?? ?? ??          
Most of the above record is not legible but the mother could possibly be Elizabeth Keough
20-May 1834 William Patrick Kehoe Bridget Walsh Thomas Walsh Margaret Whi?? Bonavista
13-Jul 1834 John Andrew Kehoe Catherine Aylward Simon? Chat(er)man? Catherine Gready K.C.
30-Dec 1836 Bridget William Barker Mary Kehoe Edward McGrath Elizabeth Yetman  
5-Jul 1836 James John Philpot Joanna Heaney Patrick Furlong Margaret Heaney  
10-Jul 1836 Ann Michael Harty Mary Kehoe Thomas Borders Mary Horagan  
26-Jun 1837 Bridget Patrick Kehoe Bridget Walsh David lynch Anastasia Walsh  
26-Jun 1837 Robert William Barker Mary Kehoe William Legg Mary Walsh  
7-Dec 1837 Elizabeth Patrick Furlong Margaret Heaney John Whalen Mary Burke  
6-Jan 1838 William Andrew Kehoe Caatherine Aylward John Sullivan Joanna P(D)???  
7-May 1838 William John Philpott Joanna Heaney Patrick Heaney Ann Moss  
18-Jul 1838 James Michael Harty Mary Kehoe ??Richard Brenman?? Margaret Brand??  
11-Oct 1838 Michael Michael Kehoe Elinor Keily Cor?us? Bz??rel? Elinor Nowlan  
4-May 1839 Mary William Barker Mary Kehoe Michael Ryan Elinor Kehoe  
19-Dec 1839 Martin Pat Furlong Margaret Heaney      
28-Jun 1840 Ann Patrick Keough Bridget Walsh Thomas Fitzgerald Bridget Walsh  
27-Apr 1841 Mary Samuel Barker Catherine Keough Andrew Keough Mary Murphy  
1-Aug 1840 Elinor William Barker Mary Kehoe Thomas Fitzgerald Mary Herrigan?  
24-Oct 1841 Joannah Thomas Fitzgerald Elinor Kehoe Patrick Fitzgerald Honora Kehoe  
24-Nov 1841 Pierce Pierce Heaney Anastasia Walsh Patrick Heaney Joanna Philpot  
8-Mar 1842 Mary Michael Harty Mary Kehoe Thomas ?Gash? Mary Hogan  
8-Mar 1842 Catherine Michael Harty Mary Kehoe Thomas Hogan Mary Brodrick  
12-Jun 1842 James Patrick Furlong Margaret Heaney M? ?Cooley Elizabeth Dooley  
15-Oct 1842 Catherine Patrick Keough Susan Walsh James Tracey Anastasia Heaney  
15-Oct 1842 Catherine Samuel Barker Catherine Keough James Keough Mary Keough  
25-Jun 1843 Mary John Philpot Joanna Heaney James Martin Mary Holloway  
22-Oct 1843 Mary James Tracey Mary Kehoe Thomas Kehoe Honora Kehoe  
22-Oct 1843 Mary Pierce Heaney Anastasia Walsh Denis Driscol Susan Kehoe  
6-Oct 1844 John Pat Furlong Marg Heaney Tim Connor Mary Walsh  
27-Oct 1844 Elizabeth Samuel Barker Cath Kehoe James Aylward Elizabeth Aylward  
6-Jun 1846 Michael Michael Harty Mary Keough Thomas Cash Bridget Cash  
13-Jan 1846 Thomas Pierce Heaney Anny Walsh Charles Mandrick Mary Walsh  
15-Apr 1846 Anne? Samuel Barker Catherine Kough Patt Kough Ann Kough  
3-May 1846 Andrew James Tracey Mary Keough Nicholas Shivers Ann Schivers  
Sept 1846 Jas John Heaney Bridget Aylward Mic? Burke Margaret Blanc?  
9-Sep 1846 Andrew Thomas Keough Mary Walihan James AND Ann Keough  
        NOTE: Could this be Holihan      
10-Mar 1847 Andrew Patt Keough Susanna Ryan Samuel Barker Cath. Barker  
Jan 266 1848 Patt Thomas Kough Mary Holihan      
26-Jan 1848 John John Philpot Johanna Heaney Michael Driscoll Ellen Dooley  
13-Oct 1848 Andrew Samuel Barker Catherine Kough John Barker Hanah Kough  
July 26 1849 John Thom Kough Mary Hollihan James Tracey Susanna Kough      
17-Aug 1849 Catherine James Tracey Mary Kough Andrew Kough Cath Barker  
22-Aug 1849 Mary James Hogan Ann Kough Andy Kough Hanah Kough  
Jan 255 1850 Honora Patt Kough Susana Ryan Michael Driscoll Hanah Kough  
25-Jan 1850 Joanna Patt Furlong Margaret Heaney Daniel Dooley Mar?? Breca??  
6-Sep 1850 Patt Wm Keough Catherine Doo??y Henry Geary Abigil Morris  
30-Nov 1850 Andrew James Kough Margaret Dooley John Sheier Ann Du??l??  
Nov 1850 Patt John Philpot Johanna Heaney John Murphy Mara??a Walsh  
29-Jan 1851 James Samuel Barker Katherne Kough Andrew Kough Hanah Barker  
29-Aug 1850 Pierce John Heaney Mary La(o)uglin Patt Heaney Mary Heaney  
31-Aug 1851 Cath James M(H)ogan? Ann Kough John Shievers Hanah Kough  
21-Apr 1852 Mary Simon Heaney Eliza MacKey Patt P(D)ooley Ellen Long  
8-May 1852 Thomas Thomas Kough Mary Holihan William Long Bridget Kough  
16-Oct 1852 Cat James Keough Margaret Dooley Samual Barker Ann Heaney  
May 29 1852 Mary John Heaney Mary Louglan J??? Driscol Mary Mahoney PC  
2-Jul 1853 William Thomas Kough Mary Holihan Denis Murphy Jeaan Holihan  
16-Sep 1853 Johana Will Keough Cath Dormidy? Charles Dwyer? Margaret Kn?  
20-Sep 1853 Susana Simon Heaney Eliza MacKey Edwin MacKey Susana MacKey  
22-Sep 1853 Robert Samuel Barker Cath Kough Joseph Barker Mary Barker  
29-Sep 1853 Elizabeth (Bastard) James Tracey Elizabeth Kough Sam Barker Hana Kough  
NOTE: Writing very messy. Also see James Tracy married to MARY Keough earlier on. Does thee word Bastard indicate that the priestt wwas very angry??
Jan 6 1854 Bridget Patt Kough Susana Ryan James Kough Bridget Kough
9-Jul 1855 Catherine Thomas Keough Mary Hollohan Wm Keough Mary Dooley P.C.
9-May 1855 Mary James Keough Margaret Dooley Denis Murphy Catherine Driscoll P.C.
9-May 1855 Thomas Andrew Keough Mary Driscoll Patt AND Susan Keough P.C.
29-May 1855 Samual Samual Barker Catherine Keough Thos Smith Mary Lacy?? O.H.
27-Jul 1855 Diana Patt Keough Susan Keough Rich Dooley Elizabeth Dooley P.C.
19-Oct 1855 Richard John Philpot Johanna Kough John Kough Mary Heaney  
19-Nov 1855 Hanah James ??Tracey Mary Kough Will Kough Mary Driscoll  
9-Oct 1856 James Jas Tracey Mary Keough Mich Walsh Mary Breaker P.C.
2-Dec 1856 Johana John Keough Ann White?? Peter AND Jane? Wan(r)d??? P.C.
9-Jan 1856 Simon Patt Furlong Bridget Heaney ?? Cheivers Eliza Heaney P.C.
29-Apr 1875 Sul(z)y?? John Heaney Margaret McLoughlan Patt AND Margaret Furlong P.C.
31-Jul 1857 Catherine Thomas Keough Mary Hollohan      
11-Nov 1857 Andrew Andrew Keough Mary Driscoll James Hogan Ellen Murphy P.C.
11-Nov 1857 Margaret James Keough Margaret Dooley Patrick Keough Susan Keough P.C.
28-Feb 1858 William Wm Heyne Ellen Ryan Joseph Fitzgerald Jane Matheson Broad Cv.
29-Feb 1858 Patt Wm Hynes? Johanna Cashin Patt Cashun Bridget Whalen Gooseberry
23-Sep 1858 Cecilia Wm Cashun Sarah Hynes? Edmund Hynes Rebecca Hynes? Broad Cv
13-Feb 1859 Mary Patt Keough Susan Ryan Jerimiah Driscoll Bridget Keough P.C.
27-Mar 1859 Miche Andrew Keough Mary Driscoll Denis AND Ellen Driscoll P.C.
12-May 1859 Bridget James Tracey Mary Kough James Barker Catherine Kough P.C.
13-May 1859 Daniel Tho Kough Mary Holohan William Dooley ??? P.C.
7-Sep 1859 John Thomas Hynes? Catherine Sull?ian     P.C.
16-Sep 1859 Catherine Geo Butt Margaret Keough Thomas Delaney Mary Pottle Cat Hbr
21-Oct 1859 Patrick James Keough Margaret Dooley Denis Driscoll Anastasia Murphy P.C.
14-Jul 1860 Catherine Denis Driscoll Ellen Keough William Keough Margaret Keough P.C.
12-Mar 1860 Pierce Patt Furlong Marg Heaney Pat Philpot Mary Fennell P.C.
31-Oct 1860 John John Heaney Mary McLoughlan Pierce Heaney Mary Philpot P.C.
21-Oct 1861 Mary James Keough Margaret Dooley Pierce Heaneny?? Mary Barker P.C.
19-May 1862 Patt Tho Kough ? Holohan      
17-Aug 1862 Thomas Patt Furlong Margaret Heaney Pierce Heaney Catherine Barker P.C.
17-Aug 1862 Catherine Andrew Keough Mary Driscoll Patt Hogan Mary Hogan P.C.
15-Feb 1863 Mary John Heaney Mary M?Loug(h)man? ???? ?? Furlong P.C.
12-Apr 1863 John James Keough Margaret Dooley John Keough Ellen Dooley P.C.
6-Oct 1863 Andrew William Keough Mary Whelan Denis Murphy Margaret Keough P.C.
26-Nov 1864 Bridget John Heaney Mary McLoughnan?? Denis Driscoll Martha Murphy P.C.
1-Aug 1865 Catherine William Keough Mary Whalan Nicholass Schievens Mary Hogan P.C.
23-Nov 1865 Peter Pierce Heaney Sarah Quinton William Row(u)es?? Mary Heaney P.C.
11-Jul 1866 Bernard James Keough Margaret Dooley James Philpot Bridget Keough P.C.
11-Jul 1866 Johannah Andrew Keough Mary Driscoll ?? Cheevers Betsy Furlong P.C.
14-Jul 1867 John Wm Philpott Catheine Keogh James AND Hannah Keogh P.C
22-Dec 1868 Daniel Tho Keogh Mary Hollohan Wm Fennell Mary Tracey P.C.
24-Mar 1869 Thomas Andrew Keogh Mary Driscoll Thos and Hannah Keogh P.C.
24-Mar 1869 Jeremiah Andrew Keogh Mary Driscoll James Egan Cath Keogh P.C.
21-Apr 1869 Anne James Keogh Mary(g) Dooley Pat Heaney Mary Dooley P.C.
17-Sep 1869 Bridget Wm Keogh Mary Whelan John L(C)y(h)??? Bridget Keogh P.C.
12-Jun 1870 Patrick Wm Philpott Kate Keough     P.C.
5-Jan 1871 Daniel Jas Keough Margaret Dooley Jas AND Catherine Furlong P.C.
10-Jan 1871 Anastasia Jas Quinton Mary Heaney J. Cormack Margaret Mulloney P.C.
16-Jul 1871 Anastasia Pierce Heaney Sarah (Sally) Quinton J Furlong Bridget Keough  
10-Sep 1871 Andrew Wm Keogh Mary Whelan James Keough Mary Tracey  
24-Jul 1872 Patrick Andrew Keough Ellen Roche Denis Driscoll Catherine Driscoll P.C.
6-Oct 1872 Catherine Andrew Keough Mary Driscoll James AND Margaret Keough  
16-Jan 1873 Mary Elizabeth Pierce Heaney Sarah Quinton ?? Philp? Catherine Keough P.C.
16-Mar 1873 Michael James Keough Margaret Dooley James Long Hannah Keough  
26-Jan 1874 Catherine Andrew Kehoe Ellen Roche? Wm AND Catherine Kehoee P.C.
26-Jul 1874 James James Keough Mary(g)? D?(ue)y? Michael? Alyward? Mary Ryan  
Note: after Mary Ryan appears the following “Illegitimate Keho”
23-Dec 1874 Pierce Pat. Heaney Elizabeth ?? ??al Heney Betsy Furlong  
24-Dec 1874 Mary Wm Philpott Cath Keough      
25-Aug 1875 Marg. Keo of Wm Ma?. Whalen      
13-Aug 1876 Thomas Andrew Keough Ellen Roche John AND Marg Keough  
13-Aug 1876 Thomas James Keough Margaret Dooley Andrew AND Mary Keough  
Aug 1876 Bridget Pierce Heaney Sarah Quinton John AND Betsy Cheivers P.C.
15-Nov 1876 Samuel Patrick Haney Elizabeth Barker William Rose? Margaret Carew P.C.
  1877 Ann Wm Keough Mary Whalen      
13-Nov 1877 James Andrew Keough Mary Furlong James Keough Betsy Cheivers  
31-Jul 1878 Mary James Keough Margaret Dooley Richard Hollohan Mary Walsh P.C.
1-Feb 1878 Mary Patrick Heany? Elizabeth Barker Lawrence Walsh ? Woodford?? P.C.
23-Jun 1879 Catherine Simon Haney Catherine Walsh James AND Marg Keough  
15-Dec 1879 John Thomas Pierce Heaney Sarah Quinton Michael Walsh Diana? Keough P.C
21-May 1880 Patrick Andrew Keough Mary Furlong Michael Walsh Mary Cheevers  
7-Jan 1881 Patrick Patrick Haney Elizabeth Barker John Furlong Ellen Murphy P.C.
3-May 1881 William Andrew Keough Ellen Roche      
12-Nov 1882 Elizabeth Pierce Heaney Sarah Quinton James Long Elizabeth Haney P.C.
3-Aug 1894 Mary Ellen Andrew Kehoe Mary Ellen Roche Michael Kehoe Mary Ann Murphy  
  Born in May            
29-Mar 1896 Andrew Patrick Kehoe ?? Hennit?? Kehoe Patrick Kehoe Mary Russell  
  NOTE: Born in Feb            
Nov 16 1902 Patrick Patrick Mullony? Bridget Heaney Michael Mulloney Margaret Legg Sweet B  
  Note: Born Aug 31            
Mar 15 1903 Ellen Catherine Mel Breaker Mary Ann Heaney?? Samuel Barker Elizabeth Heaney O.H  
  Note: Born Feb 6            
May 26 1903 Patrick Thomas Patrick Ryan Bridget Walsh Andrew Kehoe Mary A Walsh PC  
  Born May 15            
8-Nov 1903 Bridget Francis Thomas Furlong Johanna Walsh Denis Murphy Catherine Kehoe O.H.
  Born Oct 27            
Nov 8 1903 Mary Elizabeth Daniel Kehoe Mary Heaney Timothy W Murphy Emily Russell O.H  
  Born Oct 27            
  1904 Mary J??ph?? Jermiah Kehoe Margaret Dooley Patrick Dooley Johanna Philpott  
  Born Sept 5            
11-Sep 1904 Mary Catherine Patrick Keough Mary Driscoll James Long B. Walsh O.H
  Born Sept 3            
19-Nov 1904 Samuel Leo Patrick Keough Harriett Russell Thomas Keough Emily Russell  
  Born Nov 13            
26-Jul 1908 Anastatia Daniel Keough Mary Heaney John Heaney Cecilia Heaney  
  Born July 12            
23-Jan 1906 Elizabeth Peirce Heaney Cecilia Furlong Patrick Heaney Ellen Furlong  

Contributed By: Jeri Keough February 12, 2000

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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