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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, NF

Marriage Records (1857-1906) GROOMS:

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur.  If you should find any errors, omissions or changes, please let me know. (Barbara McGrath)

Alphabetical Selection - H Through M H I J K L M
Marriages Records (1857-1906) - Grooms: H - M's
Page #Groom's SurnameGiven NamePlace of BirthBride's SurnameGiven NamePlace of BirthDate of MarriagePriest Witnesses
063HakoTimChapels CoveCrawleyBridgetChapels CoveJun 04, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnelyEdward Hawko & Bridget Fewer
044HannanEdwardHr. MainHickeyMargaretHr. MainMay 31, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellStephen Hickey & Betsy Hannon
011HannanWilliamChapels CoveMeaneyEllenChapels CoveNov 15, 1862Rev. Kyran WalshWlater Gorman & Alice Duggan
003HannifanJohnSalmon CoveMahoneyBridgetCat's CoveJan 07, 1858Rev. Kyran WalshJohn Power & Mary Buck
016HannifanJohnSalmon CoveWalshMarySalmon CoveJan 17, 1865Rev. Kyran WalshMichael Hannifan & Alice Walsh
001HannonEdwardHr. MainTooleAnastasiaHr. GraceNov 19, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshThomas Molloy & Julia Butler
024HannonJohnHr. MainEzekielMarthaHr. MainJan 14, 1868Rev. Kyran WalshSamuel Ezekiel & Eliza Hannon
119HannonPeterHr. MainNoseworthyM.L. StanislausShoal Hr, Trinity BayNov 17, 1898Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Ezekiel & Margaret Hannon
121HannanEdward?HickeyAgnes?Aug 19, 1900Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Duggan & Bridget Hannon
069HardingJamesHolyroodMurphyBridgetHolyroodNov 29, 1879Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Harding & Catherine Harding
036HardingRichardHolyroodKellyBridgetLance CoveJan 14, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Harding & Elizabeth Austin
071HarmanJohn?LarrisseyAnastasiaCon. Hr.Jun 12, 1880Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas St. John & Johannah St. John
074HarmanPatrick?O'DonnellBridget?Aug 07, 1881Rev. Patrick O'DonnellCharles Fury & Bridget Leary
108HawcoJames?SevierLizzie?Jan 23, 1893Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJoseph Sevier & Mary Sevier
116HawcoJames?CrawleyMary A.?Nov 24, 1896Rev. Patrick O'Donnell? Hawco & Margaret Crawley
126HawcoJames?KeatingCecilia?Aug 29, 1903Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Kelly & Mary J. Gorman
074HawcoJohnChapels CoveCrawleyElizabethChapels CoveJan 27, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyWilliam Hawko & Bridget Fewer
114HawcoPaul?WallMary?Nov 21, 1895Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Hawco & Johannah Hawco
100HawcoThomasChapels CoveConranBridgetChapels CoveJan 16, 1889Rev. P.W. BrowneJames Hawco & Ellen Meyers
118HawcoThomas?WalshMary?Nov 27, 1897Rev. Patrick O'DonnellCharles Morrissey & Kate Conran
090HawkoEdward?FewerBridget?Jan 16, 1884Rev. Walter M. TarahanEdward Fewer & Julia Fewer
018HawkoJamesChapels CoveMackeyJohannahHolyroodJan 07, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Quinlan & Mary Mackey
051HawkoJamesChapels CoveSullivanKateHr. MainJan 28, 1875Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Hawko & Maria Woodford
097HawkoJohnChapels CoveAnthonyMaryChapels CoveMay 24, 1887Rev. James BrownRobert Anthony & Anastasia Anthony
097HawkoMosesChapels CoveFarrellRachelChapels CoveFeb 07, 1887Rev. James BrownFrancis Hawko & mary Anne Hawko
058HawkoPatrickChapels CoveMyers JohannaChapels CoveJan 13, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Myers & Ellen Hawko
059HawkoPeterChapels CoveMurphyMargaretHolyroodJan 17, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick Walsh & Mary Murphy
038HawkoPhilipChapels CoveCouranMaryChapels CoveNov 28, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellLawrence Fardy & Kate Conran
054HawkoPhilipChapels CoveHickeyMaryChapels CoveJan 08, 1876Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Hawko & Ellen Whelan
035HawkoSamuelChapels CoveAnthonySarahHr. MainJan 12, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Hawko & Jane Hawko
009HawkoThomasChapels CoveMeaneyAnnSt. Mary's, PBJan 07, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshDenis Walsh & Susan Walsh
097HawkoThomasChapels CoveMurrayMaryHr. MainApr 24, 1887Rev. James BrownMichael Tubrid & Margaret Hawko
009HawkoWilliamChapels CoveMurphyAnastasiaChapels CoveJan 20, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Hawko & Ellen Murphy
032HawkoeJamesChapels CoveCorbettAnneChapels CoveJun 07, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Kennedy & Mary Corbett
048HawkoeJohnChapels CoveCrawleyBridgetChapels CoveJun 12, 1874Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Quinlan & Catherine Myers
091HawkoeJohnChapels CoveMyersSaraChapels CoveJan 25, 1885Rev. John RoeMartin Myers & Sara Penny
070HawkoeMichaelSalmonierPennyAliceHr. MainJan 10, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellEdward Nolan & Anastasia Hawkoe
087HawkoePhilip?FlynSarah?Jun 02, 1883Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Hawkoe & Catherine Flyn
043HawkoeThomasChapels CoveFewerJohannahChapels CoveJan 28, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Hawkoe & Bridget Fewer
059HawkoeThomasChapels CoveTrehyJohannaCat's CoveJan 31, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn Hawko & Mary Leary
070HawkoeThomasChapels CoveFlynMaryHr. MainMay 30, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellPhilip Hawkoe & Sarah Flyn
086HawkoeWilliamChapels CoveCouranMary?May 05, 1883Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellThomas Hawkoe & Bridget Conran
047HealyJohnHolyroodMooreSarah?Jan 17, 1874Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Healy & Eliza Moore
073HealyPhilip?DwyerAgnesFerry?Jan 11, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPhilip Connell & Catherine Dwyer
086HealyFrancesHolyroodO'GormanMaryHr. MainFeb 05, 1883Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Healy & Mary A. Healy
080HealyJames?FewerAnne?Nov 18, 1882Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellThomas Healy & Elizabeth Fewer
129HealyJames of Philip / widow age 37HolyroodPowerMargaret / age 24Chapel Arm, TBApr 16, 1906Rev. John RoeJohn Healy & Lucy Lannen
066HealyJohn?BarronMaryHr. MainJan 07, 1879Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Penny & Anastasia Healy
070HealyJohnHolyroodPennyMaryHolyroodJan 15, 1880Rev. Patrick O'DonnellDenis Healy & Margaret Penny
071HealyJohn?Couran (Terry)Mary?Nov 20, 1880Tev. Joseph V. DonnellyMartin Healy & Mary Healy
113HealyJohn?WalshElizabeth?Feb 18, 1895Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Dwyer & Maria Fleming
076HealyMartinHolyroodPennyElizaHr. MainNov 26, 1881 Rev. ForristallNo witness's listed - married at St. John's
075HealyPatrickLamalineAideMarySalmon CoveAug 07, 1881Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Loguser ? & Anastasia Meany
120HealyPatrickHolyroodHealySarahHolyroodSep 14, 1899Rev. Patrick O'DonnellCharles Healy & Agnes Healy
070HealyPhilipChapels CoveWhelanJohannaChapels CoveJan 15, 1880Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Healy & Mary Healy
094HealyPhilipHr. MainFlynnAnneSalmon CoveJun 10, 1886Rev. James BrownWilliam Flynn & Mary Jane Flinn
115HealyPhilip?CorbettEllen?Apr 09, 1896Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Healy & Mary Fardy
073HealyThomas?HealyMaryFerry?Jan 12, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Healy & Julia Terry
032HearnDanielColliersDoyleJohannahColliersNov 24, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellDaniel Murphy & Mary Whelan
040HearnJamesColliersWhelanMaryColliersJun 08, 1872Rev. Patrick O'DonnellRichard Hearn & Margaret Kennedy
077HearnJohnColliersMurphyBridgetColliersJan 14, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Cole & Margaret Whelan
006HearnPattBrigusMcGahyRosannaHr. MainDec 03, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshRichard Conway & Bridget Conway
020HearnRichardColliersBurkeElisaColliersDec 01, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshMichael Hearn & Anne Burke
054HearnThomasColliersLewisElizaBacon CoveJan 11, 1876Rev. Patrick O'DonnellGeorge Whelan & Mary A. Lewis
010HenneburyMichaelBrigusPowerEllenSalmon CoveNov 29, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshRichard Hennebury & Jane Murphy
011HennesseyJamesHolyroodKielySarahHolyroodJan 22, 1862Rev. Kryan WalshTimothy Rourke & Margaret McGrath
058HennesseyMichaelBroad CoveDevereauxEllenSalmon CoveJan 10, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellLawrence Brien & Mary Moore
117HickeyFrancis P.?HannanCecilia?May 04, 1897Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Mason & Mary Walsh
062HickeyJosephHr. MainMasonJaneHr. MainApr 30, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyMichael Hickey & Mary Wall
011HickeyJohnHr. MainBrophyElisaHolyroodNov 24, 1862Rev. Kryan WalshPatrick Flood & Mary Brophy
062HickeyJohnHr. MainPennyMargaretHr. MainMay 23, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn Ezekiel & Ellen Ezekiel
071HickeyJohnHr. MainGormanElizabethHr. MainJul 18, 1880Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyEdward Crawley & Anastasia Whelan
086HickeyJohnHolyroodHawkoeLucyChapels CoveMay 12, 1883Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Hickey & Mary Anne Hawkoe
117HickeyJohn?RoseSarah?Jan 09, 1897Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Ezekiel & Kate Ezekiel
013HickeyMichaelHr. MainMasonMaryHr. MainNov 28, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Mason & Anastasia Hickey
064HickeyMichaelHr. MainWallMaryHr. MainNov 28, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick hannon & Teresa Driscoll
067HickeyMichaelHr. MainBrickMargaretHr. MainFeb 03, 1879Rev. Patrick O'DonnellStepehn Hickey & Mary A. Hickey
079HickeyMichaelHr. MainDuffMaryHolyroodJun 04, 1882Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyWilliam Hickey & Catherine Duff
127HickeyPatSt. John'sSullivanEllenHr. MainJan 31, 1904Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Hickey & Kate Sullivan
039HickeyPatrickChapels CoveKellyMaryHolyroodJan 24, 1872Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPeter Hickey & Margaret Kelly
070HickeyPatrickHr. MainKennedyAnastasiaCat's CoveJan 11, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellLawrence Kennedy & Mary Kennedy
074HickeyPatrickHr. MainMaloneyEllen?May 28, 1881Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellStephen Hickey & Alice Strapp
085HickeyPatrickHolyroodWallMaryHolyroodJan 04, 1883Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyWilliam Hickey & Sarah Wall
066HickeyPeterHr. MainWallMaryHr. MainJan 07, 1879Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Fewer & Bridget Wall
060HickeyStephenHr. MainHannonElizabethHr. MainMay 27, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellEdward Hannon & Mary Anne Hickey
014HickeyThomasHolyroodButlerCatherineClarenvilleJan 09, 1864Rev. Kryan WalshJoseph Hicks & Bridget Ryan
127HickeyThomas?CostiganMary A.?Nov 25, 1903Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPeter Hannon & Lizzie Costigan
050HicksJosephHolyroodDuffEllenHolyroodNov 28, 1874Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellPatrick Duff & Sophia Curren
010HicksThomasChapels CoveCrowleyAnneChapels CoveJan 09, 1862Rev. Kryan WalshJames Kennedy & Elisa Crowley
075HicksJosephHr. MainMasonAgnesSalmon CoveNov 24, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJoseph Hicks & Mary Penny
081HicksJosephHr. MainGormanJohannahHr. MainNov 23, 1882Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellMatthew Hicks & Mary Gorman
063HicksJohnHr. MainDaltonMary?Jun 04, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyStephen Hickey & Luiza Sevier
088HicksJohn?CrawleyEllenHolyroodNov 24, 1883Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellCornelius Kennedy & Agnes Crawley
112HicksJohn?JoyBetsy?May 03, 1894Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Sevier & J. Hicks
129HicksRichard age 27Hr. MainTerryJulia age 23Hr. MainApr 17, 1906Rev. John RoeThomas Hicks & Lena Terry
030HicksThomas?CostelloMargaret?Jan 09, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Hickey & Johannah Hicks
043HicksThomas?JoyEliza?Feb 07, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Hicks & Ellen Hicks
001HodgeJamesKelligrewsMackeyElisa?Oct 09, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshJeremiah Kennedy & Constance Hicks
076HuntJohn?MerriganBridgetColliersNov 22, 1881Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Merrigan & Margaret Costello
086HuntJohnSt. John'sKennyMargaretPort de GraveJan 24, 1883Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellThomas Jackman & Ellen Kenny
025HynesJamesHolyroodWallSusanHr. MainNov 24, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Kennedy & Margaret Doyle
068HynesMichaelHolyroodHealyMaryHolyroodNov 27, 1879Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellRichard Hynes & Mary Healy
073HynesRichardHolyroodWallAnastasiaHr. MainJan 18, 1881Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellPatrick Wall & Bridget Doyle
086IrvineWilliamEnglandHealyMaryHolyroodApr 23, 1883Rev. Patrick O'DonnellStephen Healy & Sarah Conway
050IsakelJohnHr. MainWallGraceHr. MainNov 28, 1874Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Wall & Catherine Holden
051IsakelJohnHr. MainHickeyBridgetHr. MainJan 07, 1875Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Hicks & Bridget Hickey
049IsakelPatrickHr. MainClearyBridgetHr. MainNov 26, 1874Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Sullivan & Theresa O'Driscoll
059IsakelPaulHr. MainGormanLucyHr. MainJan 22, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellStephen Hickey & Mary J. Woodford
113JanesWilliam J.Hr. GraceEnglishTheresaSalmon CoveFeb 24, 1895Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Jones & Ellen Wade
022JoyJamesHr. MainStrappMargaretHr. MainJan 15, 1867Rev. Kryan WalshPatt Donnelly & Elisa Murphy
035JoyJamesHolyroodRourkeMaryHolyroodJan 08, 1871Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellMichael Rourke & Margaret Lalar
025JoyJohnHr. MainMackeyElizaHr. MainNov 10, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Hannan & Susan Joy
064JoyJohnHolyroodDeadyMargaretHr. MainNov 28, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyWalter Kennedy & Ellen Murphy
082JoyJohnHolyroodWallMary AnneHolyroodNov 18, 1882Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn Hicks & Mary Wall
011JoyMichaelHr. MainWoodfordEllenHr. MainJan 12, 1862Rev. Kryan WalshJames Joy & Anastasia Joy
109JoyMichael?SullivanMaria?Oct 01, 1893Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Murphy & Sarah Wall
101JoyPatrickHr. MainGraceMary AnneSalmon CoveJan 08, 1890Rev. P.W. BrownePatrick Grace & Eliza J. Cantwell
120JoyPatt?WalshEllen?Nov 30, 1899Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Hawes & Kate Walsh
031JoyWalterHolyroodVeitchFrancesHolyroodFeb 20, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellLawrence Rourke & Ellen Joy
027JoyWilliamHr. MainWallFrancesHr. MainOct 17, 1869Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Joy & Bridget Moore
079JoyWilliamHr. MainWallTeresaHr. MainMay 24, 1882Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyThomas Hicks & Elizabeth Hicks
010KeanPattCat's CovePennyEllenHolyroodNov 18, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshPatrick Connell & Margaret Dalton
010KeatingJohnCat's CoveDaltonJohannahCat's CoveNov 18, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Costello & Mary Brick
013KeatingJohnCat's CoveKeefeEllenCat's CoveNov 28, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshJohn St. John & Mary Keating
103KeatingJohn?HannifanAnastasia?Nov 23, 1891Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Kelly & Bridget Gushue
094KeatingPaul?WallMary JosephHr. Main??? 06, 1887Rev. James BrownMichael Brick & Catherine Wall
002KeatingWilliamCat's CoveHoldenEllenBrigusNov 28, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Trehy & Mary Gushue
009KeatingWilliamCat's CoveKeefeCatherineCat's CoveApr 23, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshPatrick St. John & Jane Murphy
005KeefeEdwardHolyroodMcGrathAnastasiaHolyroodFeb 05, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshThomas McGrath & Ellen McGrath
016KeefePattCat's CoveMahoneyCatherineCat's CoveFeb 08, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshMaurice Wade & Ann Burke
045KellyJamesBrigusTerryElizabethHr. MainNov 25, 1873Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellDaniel Sullivan & Sarah Sullivan
053KellyJamesSalmon CoveMasonLouisaSalmon CoveNov 27, 1875Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Kelly & Mary Doyle
062KellyJamesBacon CoveColeDinahBacon CoveJan 11, 1878Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMoses Lewis & Mary White
087KellyJamesBurnt IslandFlynnAnastasiaSalmon CoveOct 16, 1883Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMaurice Kelly & Bridget Flynn
098KellyJames /widowerSalmon CoveGraceMary BridgetSalmon CoveMay 16, 1888Rev. P.W. BrowneJoseph Sullivan & Frances Grace
036Kelly JohnSalmon CovePennyMarySalmon CoveOct 16, 1871Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Penny & Martha Kelly
097KellyJohnSalmon CoveNealAnastasiaSalmon CoveMay 13, 1887Rev. James BrownPhilip Butler & Mary Joseph Ezekiel
009KellyMichaelBacon CoveLarrisseyEllenCat's CoveJan 08, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshGeorge White & Margaret Larrissey
068KellyPaulHolyroodLewis AgnesHolyroodNov 27, 1879Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellThomas Kelly & Mary Lewis
005KellyThomasBacon CoveMansfieldMargaretCat's CoveJan 11, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshGeorge White & Johannah St. John
055KellyThomasBonavistaFitzgeraldMaryHolyroodOct 26, 1876Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Kelly & Anastasia Cunningham
076KellyThomas?QuinlanEllenHolyroodNov 26, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyRichard Cunningham & Rachel Farrell
122KellyMichael?MooreLouisaAvondaleNov 17, 1900Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Costello & Kate Moore
058KennedyDanielSalmon CoveMooreElizaSalmon CoveJan 13, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn Devereaux & Mary Moore
062KennedyEdwardHr. MainMcGeeCatherineSalmon CoveFeb 18, 1878Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellEdward Murray & Mary McGrath
113KennedyEdward?O'FarrellTheresa?Jun 12, 1895Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Kennedy & Maria Kennedy
040KennedyJamesChapels CovePennyJeanHolyroodOct 21, 1872Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Kennedy & Mary Woodford
058KennedyJamesHr. MainFuryElizabethHr. MainJan 11, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Costigan & Mary Fury
082KennedyJamesChapels CoveBrienSarahCon Hr.Dec 02, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellRichard McDonell & Bridget Brien
116KennedyJamesHolyroodIsakelFrancesHr. MainApr 30, 1896Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJoseph Mason & Christine Isakel
061KennedyJeremiah?JoySusanHr. MainNov 29, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Hickey & Mary Donnelly
024KennedyJohnHr. MainHynesBridgetHolyroodMay 17, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPhilip Doyle & Margaret Doyle
035KennedyJohnHr. MainJoyMargaretHr. MainJan 10, 1871Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Deady & Margaret Deady
043KennedyJohnHr. MainDuffMaryHolyroodFeb 22, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellArthur Duff & Ellen Whelan
121KennedyJohn?DwyerEllenKelligrewsApr 24, 1900Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Kennedy & Frances Kennedy
122KennedyJohn?DaltonMargaret?Feb 12, 1901Rev. Patrick O'DonnellDaniel Dalton & Margaret Cantwell
012KennedyMartinCat's CoveConnellSarahCat's CoveNov 25, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshWilliam Kennedy & Mary Kennedy
042KennedyMartinCon. Hr.GushueAliceCon. Hr.Nov 30, 1872Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Kennedy & Kate Brown
119KennedyMaurice AvondaleMeanyMary AvondaleFeb 12, 1899Rev. Patrick O'DonnellRichard Kennedy & Theresa Meany
049KennedyMichael?GriffinJohanna?Nov 26, 1874Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Kennedy & Kate Kennedy
058KennedyMichael?Doyle BridgetSalmon CoveJan 10, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Wade & Catherine Gushue
065KennedyMichael?ConwayCeciliaCon. Hr.Nov 30, 1878Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Leary & Sarah Leary
031KennedyPatrickHolyroodKennedyJohannaHolyroodJan 15, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Kennedy & Maria Kennedy
045KennedyPatrick?BrownKateCon. Hr.Nov 20, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Kennedy & Johanna Kennedy
001KennedyPattHr. MainWallJohannahHr. MainMay 11, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshDavid Doyle & Anastasia Wall
057KennedyRobertCat's CoveKennedyCatherineCat's CoveDec 02, 1876Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyRichard Larasey & Catherine Kennedy
067KennedyRoger J.HolyroodDriscollTeresaHr. MainJan 28, 1879Rev. Patrick O'DonnellCornelius Sullivan & C. Driscoll
034KennedyStephenCon. HrCurranBridgetCon. Hr.Jun 11, 1871Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Kennedy & Johannah Connell
093KennedyStephenCat's CoveWallAnneHr. MainNov 26, 1885Rev. John RoeJohn Doyle & Anastasia Wall
083KennedyWalterHolyroodLewisCatherineHolyroodDec 02, 1882Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick Lewis & Mary B. Kennedy
021KennedyWilliamCat's CoveKennyJohannahCat's CoveMay 01, 1867Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Woodford & no entry
025KennedyWilliamHr. MainMason AnneHr. MainMay 26, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Mason & Johannah Kennedy
039KennedyWilliamCat's CoveHearneMargaretColliersApr 28, 1872Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Kennedy & Bridget Kennedy
048KennedyWilliam?WalshAliceSalmon CoveMay 21, 1874Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Walsh & Elizabeth Walsh
058KennedyWilliam?LewisMary A.Con. Hr.Jan 10, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMartin Curran & Catherine Kenny
004KennyEdwardCat's CoveDaltonCatherineCat's CoveNov 27, 1858Rev. Kryan WalshMartin Costello & Honora Kenny
044KennyWilliamCat's CoveConnellMaryCat's CoveMay 22, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Kennedy & Bridget Kennedy
046KeoughJamesSalmon CoveCole Eliza?Nov 27, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Baker & Mary Gushue
013KeoughJohnEnglish CoveFlinnMaryColliersNov 26, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshSilvester Keough & Jane Keough
127KeoghJohnBrigusLaCourTheresaHr. MainAug 14, 1904Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn LaCour & Mary K. Lambe
125KeoughJohn T.?CrawleyMary?Apr 24, 1902Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Grace & Ellen Crawley
102KerstMichaelBelle IsleWoodfordMaryHr. MainNov 17, 1890Rev. P.W. Browne J.W. Kerst & Annie Woodford
005KerwickJohnHolyroodCurrenBridgetHolyroodJan 08, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshJames Brien & Mary Kerwick
053KerwickJohnHolyroodTargateMaryHolyroodNov 27, 1875Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Mackey & Elizabeth Targate
017KerwickWilliamSt. Mary's, PBLewisElisaHolyroodNov 30, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshJames Crowley & Rachel Kennedy
007KielyJamesHolyroodCurrenAnnHolyroodJan 15, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshJames Bennett & Mary Kiely
070KielyJamesHolyroodTargateLucyHolyroodFeb 03, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Carroll & Bridget Mahar
034KielyJohnHolyroodLewisElizabethHolyroodFeb 04, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Brophy & Elizabeth Lewis
062KielyJohnHolyroodWhelanMaryChapels CoveJan 31, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyWilliam McGrath & Elizabeth Whelan
052KielyThomasHolyroodNolanBridgetSalmon CoveJun 11, 1875Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Hickey & Anne Curran
126LacourEdwardHr. MainGormanMary AnneHr. Main1903Rev. Patrick O'DonnellNicholas LaCour & Elizabeth Gorman
097LacourJohnHr. MainDonnellyCatherineHr. MainFeb 08, 1887Rev. James Brown Peter Hannon & Mary Joseph LaCour (2nd Cousins)
117LacourNicholasHr. MainFuryLizzieHr. MainJan 09, 1897Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn LaCour & Agnes Hickey
121LannanRichard?CrawleyAnnie?May 06, 1900Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Crowley & Maria Lannan
122LannanWilliam?ConranAnastasia?Jan 30, 1901Rev. Patrick O'DonnellNicholas Sullivan & Maria Lannan
113LANNANJohn?CorbettBridget?Jun 30, 1895Rev. Patrick O'DonnellTimothy Sullivan & Margaret Conran
082LannahanJeremiahSalmonierFewerMaryHolyroodOct 07, 1882Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick Lannahan & Sophia Butler
027LannonThomasHr. MainFlynnSarahHr. MainJun 03, 1869Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Flynn & Mary Flynn
123LannonThomas?MeaneyLizzie???? ??, 1902Rev. Patrick O'DonnellRichard Lannon & Maria Lannon
080LarrisseyPatrickCon Hr.MansfieldMary JoeCon. Hr.Nov 19, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward St. John & Johannah O'Toole
019LarrisseyRichardCat's CoveConnellJaneCat's CoveNov 29, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshMichael Mahoney & Margaret Larrissey
053LarrisseyRichardCon. Hr.CurranMaryCon. Hr.Nov 27, 1875Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellMaurice Wade & Bridget Curran
073LarrisseyRichardCon. Hr.BurkeJohannahColliersJan 15, 1881Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn O'Toole & Elizabeth Burke
024LarrisseyThomasCat's CoveKnowltonMaryWitless BayMay 06, 1868Rev. Kryan WalshMichael St. John & Margaret Cullen
070LearyJamesCon. Hr.GushueJoannaCon. Hr.Jun 06, 1880Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Buck & Anastasia Walsh
063LearyMichaelCon. Hr.KennedySarahCon. Hr.Jun 03, 1878Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Leary & Ellen Curran
037LearyWilliamBacon CoveDunneEllenChapels CoveNov 27, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Brown & Johannah Dunne
058LewisAaronCon. Hr.DonovanMaryCon. Hr.Jan 09, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Carrol & Mary St. John
067LewisAaronHolyroodJoyLucyHr. MainMay 18, 1879Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Mahar & Mary Lewis
117LewisAaron?CrawleySarah?Jan 10, 1897Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn F. Lewis & Lizzie Crawley
112LewisDanielHolyroodPennyEllenHr. MainNov 27, 1894Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Lewis & Mary Doyle
025LewisEliasHolyroodMaharEllenHolyroodJun 04, 1868Rev. Kryan WalshWalter Joy & Mary Rourke
048LewisGeorgeS. ShoreKennedyJohannaCon. Hr.Nov 16, 1874Rev. Patrick O'DonnellStephen Corbett & Sarah Kennedy
021LewisJamesHolyroodByrneEllenHolyroodJan 13, 1867Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Veitch & Betsy Crawley
026LewisJamesHolyroodFloodElizabethHolyroodNov 28, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Lewis & Mary Flood
063LewisJamesBacon CoveDonnellyJohannahHr. MainJun 03, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Cole & Catherine Ezekiel
070LewisJamesHolyroodBesoeAnastasiaHolyroodJan 13, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellGarret Besoe & Mary Bennett
021LewisJohnHolyroodKennedyRachelHolyroodJan 23, 1867Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Lewis & Frances Veitch
032LewisJohnHolyroodBarrettRachelHolyroodJun 13, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Austin & Ellen Lewis
059LewisJohnHolyroodCouranEllenChapels CoveMay 14, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Lewis & Margaret Lewis
061LewisJohnBacon CoveBurkeHannahBacon CoveNov 27, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellThomas Hearne & Elizabeth Hearne
034LewisMosesBacon CoveColeDinahBacon CoveMay 31, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Cole & Sarah Cole
065LewisMosesBacon CoveRyanMaryBacon CoveNov 30, 1878Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Walsh & Anastasia Ryan
112LewisMosesHolyroodEzekielKateHr. MainApr 30, 1894Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Beseau & no entry
002Lewis PatrickHolyroodMurphyAnnHolyroodNov 24, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Lewis & Mary Lewis
088LewisPatrick?RyanAnastasia?Nov 28, 1883Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWalter Kennedy & Mary St. John
014LewisPhilipHolyroodFardyMaryHolyroodJan 09, 1864Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Brien & Rachel Kennedy
067LewisPhilipHolyroodFowlerAnneHolyroodMay 18, 1879Rev. Joseph V. Donnelly John Lewis & Catherine Lewis
002LewisWilliamHolyroodKeefeCatherineHolyroodNov 22, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshPhilip Lewis & Ellen Burn
047LewisWilliamHolyroodKennedyAnneHolyroodJan 19, 1874Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Lewis & Margaret Lewis
048LewisWilliamHolyroodBennettKateHolyroodJun 12, 1874Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Besoe & Kate Lewis
090LyonsDanielSalmon CoveFuryAnastasiaSalmon CoveJan 12, 1884Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellMichael McGrath & Anastasia Meany
082LyonsJamesSalmon CoveButlerBridgetSalmon CoveDec 02, 1882Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellDavid Lyons & Ellen Costello
121 MacDONALD Simon Salmonier CRAWLEY Kate Chapel Cove Feb 10, 1900 Rev. Patrick O'Donnell Patrick Crawley & Ellen Crawley
008HICKEYPatienceChapel CoveMACKEYRichardChapel CoveNov 29, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshPhilip Penny & Ann Corbett
074MaharJamesHolyroodCurranSophiaHolyroodJan 25, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn Hicks & Mary Curren
080MahoneyAaronCon. Hr.FinnEllenSouth Gut, BrigusNov 02, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellTimothy Mahoney & Anne O'Gorman
013MahoneyJamesCat's CoveGushueMary AnneCat's CoveNov 28, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshPatrick Buck & Elisa Mahoney
086MahoneyJames?WadeBridget?May 29, 1883Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Keating & Alice Wade
069MahoneyJohnCon. Hr.DaltonBridgetCon. Hr.Nov 29, 1879Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Dalton & Anne Dalton
090MahoneyJohn?PowerMargaret?Jan 12, 1884Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Buck & Mary Power
049MahoneyMauriceCat's CoveRyanMaryCat's CoveNov 28, 1874Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Mahoney & Johanna Mahoney
051MahoneyMauriceCat's CoveMasonElizaSalmon CoveJun 05, 1875Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellMichael Mahoney & Mary Meany
042MahoneyMichaelCon. Hr.DaltonJeanCon. Hr.Nov 30, 1872Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Wade & Johannah Dalton
046MahoneyMichaelCon. Hr.WalshMaryCon. Hr.Nov 25, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Walsh & Anastasia Walsh
052MahoneyMichaelCon. Hr.MeanyMargaretSalmon CoveNov 27, 1875Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMaurice Mahoney & Catherine Kennedy
087MahoneyMichael?MeanyAnastasia?Oct 13, 1883Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Keane & Lucy Meany
019MahoneyPhilipCat's CoveMurphyJaneCat's CoveNov 24, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshMichael Murphy & Ann Murphy
045MahoneyPhilipCat's CoveWadeBridgetCat's CoveJun 08, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Wade & Anne Mahoney
107MahoneyRobert?HannafanAlice?Apr 17, 1892Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThe sponsors are given as Hannifan and Hannifan - no first names
064MahoneyTimothyCon. Hr.GushueCatherineCon. Hr.Nov 28, 1878Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Wade & Winnifred Wade
051MahoneyWilliam?QuinlanAnneHolyroodJan 11, 1875Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellRodger Kennedy & Anastasia Cunningham
094ManeyPatrickTopsailGormanMaryHr. MainJan 13, 1886Rev. John RoeWalter Gorman & Lucy Gorman
012MansfieldJohnCat's CoveMurphyJohannahCat's CoveJan 08, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshPatrick St. John & Catherine Murphy
075MansfieldMichaelCon. Hr.LarrisseyMary AnneCon. Hr.Nov 17, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick Larrissey & Joanna Toole
014MasonGeorgeHr. MainFlanniganCatherineSalmon CoveJan 09, 1864Rev. Kryan WalshJames Donovan & Mary Flannigan
016MasonJamesSalmon CoveAnthonyMarthaSalmon CoveJun 05, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshPatrick Grace & Mary Anne Mason
036MasonJohnSalmon CoveMurrayAnastasiaSalmon CoveNov 19, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Murray & Anne Mason
119MasonJohn?WalshMary?Jan 12, 1899Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Kelly & Eliza Brien
078MasonJoseph?TreheyMary?Jan 18, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Mason & Mary Trehy
099MasonJosephSalmon CoveCrawleyAnastasiaChapels CoveNov 20, 1888Rev. P.W. BrowneJames Crawley & Anastasia Crawley
108MasonPatrick?NowlanMary J.?Jan 10, 1893Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJoseph Mason & Mary Mason
093MasonPhilipSalmon CoveMooreElizabethSalmon CoveNov 28, 1885Rev. John RoePhilip Butler & Jane Moore
109MasonWilliam?EzekielMary F.?Oct 03, 1893Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Mason & Anty Ezekiel
114MasonWilliam?CostelloMary?Nov 26, 1895Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Penny & Mary Mason
075MaudevilleEdwardSt. Mary's, PBBrophyMargaretHolyroodNov 20, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyGregory Phelan & Catherine Harding
033MeagherWilliamHolyroodLewisAnneHolyroodNov 26, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Lewis & Mary Meagher
046MeanyJamesSalmon CoveDunnBridgetCon. Hr.Nov 24, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Doyle & Kate Cantwell
073MeanyJamesSalmon CoveNugentEllenKelligrewsJan 10, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyWilliam Flynn & Cecila Murray
122MeanyJames?FlynnMary?Jan 12, 1901Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas McGee & Kate Joy
123MeanyJames?KellyMary B.???? 20, 1902Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Murray & Mary Kelly
044MeanyJosephSalmon CoveFlanniganAnneSalmon CoveMay 13, 1873Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Costigan & Mary McGee
008MeanyMichaelHr. MainWoodfordJohannahHr. MainNov 06, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshEdward Woodford & Anne Fury
037MeanyWilliamHr. MainParsleyM.A.Hr. MainNov 28, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellStephen Parsley & Sarah Terry
093ManeyWilliamSalmon CoveCostelloAnneSalmon CoveNov 21, 1885Rev. John RoeMichael Maney & Lucy Walsh
097McGRATHWilliam?MASONEllen?Oct 31, 1887Rev. G. BattcockThomas McGrath & Mary Morrissey
008MernerJamesHr. MainHannonMary AnnHr. MainDec 01, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Ryan & Johannah Woodford
113MernerJohnHr. MainWallMargaretHr. MainMay 02, 1895Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Merner & Mary Hynes
013MerriganThomasColliersFAHEYElisaColliersNov 26, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Gushue & Ann Murphy
031MerriganThomasColliersColeJohannaColliersApr 28, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Cole & Elizabeth Merrigan
037MetcalfeJohnBacon CoveConnellMaryCat's CoveNov 27, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellGeorge White & Johannah Griffin
110MeyerEdward J,MD?FarrellLilia?Nov 25, 1893Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas P. O'Donnell & Rosina Hogan
022MilmoreJamesHolyroodFlanniganMargaretHolyroodJan 26, 1867Rev, Kryan WalshMetthew Milmore & Sera Flannigan
056MillerThomasHr. MainHickeyLucyHr. MainNov 27, 1876Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellMichael Hickey & Mary Hickey
071MolloyJohnSt. Mary's, PBFloodEllenHolyroodNov 13, 1880Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick Duff & Catherine Flood
126MolloyJohn?CorbettKate?Jan 10, 1903Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWalter Gorman & Anne Costello
009MolloyThomasSalmon CoveHannonBridgetHr. MainJan 11, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshNicholas Cantwell & Martha Penny
001MooreDaniel?PowerBridget?May 17, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshWilliam Fury & Ann Grace
111MooreDaniel?MerriganJane?Apr 12, 1894Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Cooke & Betsy Merrigan
116MooreDaniel?FlahertyAnne?Nov 17, 1896Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Flaherty & Bridget Kennedy
126MooreEdward?CantwellMargaret?Jul 05, 1903Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick O'Brien & M.J. Grace
018MooreJamesSalmon CoveKennedyCatherineSalmon CoveJun 16, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshPeter Moore & Catherine McGee
021MooreJamesSalmon CoveWallSarahHr. MainMay 30, 1867Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Moore & Frances Moore
082MooreJamesCon. Hr.WadeAliceCon. Hr.Nov 30, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJoseph Sevier & Lizzie Wade
073MooreJosephHr. MainDonnellyMargaretHr. MainJan 22, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn LeCour & Catherine Donnelly
038MooreJohnSalmon CoveMurrayMargaretSalmon CoveNov 29, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Murray & M. Moore
122MooreMartin?MeaneyEllen?Nov 21, 1900Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Costello & Mary Meany
027MooreMichaelSalmon CoveFuryAnneSalmon CoveJun 10, 1869Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Moore & Mary Walsh
099MoorePatrickSalmon CoveMasonMary FrancesSalmon CoveNov 20, 1888Rev. P.W. BrowneDaniel Moore & Sarah Cantwell
035MoorePeterSalmon CoveMcGeeCatherineSalmon CoveJan 08, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Moore & mary McGee]
021MooreWilliamHolyroodWalshMaryChapels CoveJan 23, 1867Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWalter Walsh & Bridget Moore]
032MooreWilliamHr. MainFuryMarthaHr. MainNov 12, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Fury & Bridget Moore]
052MooreWilliamSalmon CoveEzekielMarthaHr. MainNov 24, 1875Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Devereaux & Mary Moore]
074MooreWilliamSalmon CoveCahillElizaSalmon CoveJun 04, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn Moore & Joanna Kennedy]
025MoranJamesHr. GraceMcGaheyRachelCat's CoveNov 26, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames St. John & Kate St. John]
121MorrisseyCharles?StrappMary A.?Sep 01, 1900Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Strapp & Rita Strapp]
060MorrisseyJohnHolyroodMcGrathMaryHolyroodJun 02, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Kiely & Catherine Fury]
036MorrisseyPatrickHolyroodFlanniganMaryHolyroodAug 07, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPeter Morrissey & Johannah Morrissey]
091MorrisseyPatrickHr. GraceFahyEllen?Jan 10, 1885Rev. John RoeJames Fahy & Maggie Dooling]
007MURPHYJohnChapel CoveMACKEYMaryChapel CoveJan 10, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshRichard Mackey & Patrick Hickey
061MURPHYThomas?BARNES MargaretHr. MainNov 28, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyIsaac Barnes & Mary Wall
019MURPHYPierceHolyroodLEWISSophiaHolyroodNov 29, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshPeter Hickey & Catherine Lewis

Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST)

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