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Harbour Breton
CoE Death Records 1842 - 1888.

Transcribed from the Harbour Breton records June 1991 by Bill Crant I tried to maintain these as they were entered, but due to some handwriting some entries may be inaccurate
Dinah Hutchins 1842 w. of Samuel
Fudge  75 1842wife of ???
Benjamin Buffett 75 1842 
William Strickland19, 1842of John and Fanny of Sam Hitches in the same bay
Fudge   February, 1848Son of Robert and Charlotte Fudge
??? Lawrence 1848 
John Nicle 24 1849 
Sarah Ball  Aug 17, 1848born June 16, 1785
William Capp Trood 8 1848son of John and Elizabeth
Thomas Trowbridge60 1849Red Cove
James Skinner 24 1849of Thomas and Ann
Grace Simms55 October 10, 1850of John and Sarah Chapman, Harbour Breton, and wife of Robert Simms
Grace Lee75 April 20, 1851 
Eli Osborn20 1851of John
George Shepherd 501851, Apr 18 
Ann Shepard55 1851, April 20 
William Bird58 1851 
Elizabeth Crant66 1851 
Thomas Rideout81 1851 
William Rose   1851 
??? Roberts 7 1851Daughter of Robert and Susan Roberts
Sarah Thornhill161851of Thomas and Susan
James Keeping  1852 
Thomas Day  1852 
Robert Craint 80 1853 
James Skinner56 1853 of James and Sarah, , Born September 18, 1797
John Rose66 1853 
Robert Hutchings  1853 of Samuel and Dinah
Charles Bungay76 1853 
Martha Ryle 3 1854of Charles and Sarah
James Stone 46 1854 
James Pitman47 l855 boat master, from Cawbray, Somerset
Thomas Skinner67 1855 of Lagona
Henry Clinton 41l855from Fulham, Middlesex, Eng., widower, surgeon
Hannah Shepherd34 l855wife of Joseph, Blanchette, Bay de L'Eau
Anne Skinner101856 buried Harbour Breton,of John and Jane, Lagona
John White3 months 1856 of Charles and Elizabeth, Jersey Harbour
Peter Tibbo58 1856 of Matthew and Sarah, Lagona
William Chapman69 1856 
Stephan Fiander 481856of Samuel and Susanna, died Coombs Cove
Susan Snook2 months1856of George and Charlotte, died Lagona
Maria Jane Strickland5 months1856 of Robert and Maria, d. Harbour Breton
Eliza Hutchings9 1856of Samuel and Sarah
John Chapman621857 Jersey Harbour
Robert White18  of Robert and Dinah, Little Bay West
John Hamon59 1857(Captain Barque "Iris", Jersey, Feb. 21, 1798-June 6, 1857)
Martha Bungay251857wife of Robert, died Coombs Cove
Elizabeth Herrot651858 widow of William, died Harbour Breton
Peter Harris181859Bachelor, died Great Harbour
Elizabeth Osmond391859 wife of James, died Little Bay West
John Keeping31859of George and Jane, died Litte Bay West
Three young bachelors, servants of Newman and Co. at Gaultois, drowned Hermitage Cove January 14, 1860: Arthur Parsons, 25, labourer, of Milburn Port, Somerset; Robert Newman, 19, of Sturminster, Dorset; and Richard Miller, 22, mason, from Dorchester, Dorset
Susan Mullins52 1860wife of James, Lagona
George Elkins24April 17, 1860 from Blandford, Dorset, servant at Gaultois, on "Duck", drowned Hermitage Bay, - buried Hermitage Cove
Stephen Tucker30Apr 17, 1860skipper of "Duck" at Gaultois, from Stour Provost, Blandford, Dor., drowned Herm. Bay
Samuel Hutchins631860 Harbour Breton
Robert White781860skipper, died Harbour Breton
Robert Bullen241860 Bay de L'Eau, Fortune Bay, of George and Elizabeth, accidentally shot Red Cove, -- died Harbour Breton
Sarah Harding78 1862wife of George, Little Bay West
Robert Strickland221862of William and Dinah, Hr. Breton, drowned Sagona
William Strickland74 1862 Died Harbour Breton
William Hann471863servant Newman & Co., Harbour Breton, of West Stoward, Dorset, died suddenly Coombs Cove
Hannah Brown341864wife of George, Mose Ambrose, drowned Bay de L'Eau beach
William Framp, Englishman80 1864Great Harbour
Mary Keddle7S1864Miller's Passage, died St. Jacqucs
AugustusElkins301864bachelor, servant, died Harbour Breton
Amelia Rose 68 February 2, 1865from Fortune, wife of Thomas of Great Harbour (from Grand Bank), (nee Bennett)
Sarah Osbourne161865daughter of widow Osbourne (now Mrs. Greene), born Brunette, died Femme
George House 1865 Hare Harbour, Planter, Bom Hermitage Bay, died Hr.Breton
Alfred Menchington531865Bay du Nord, from Dorset, died Harbour Breton
James Russ211865of William and Jane. Ilcome? Maddox, Somerset, died Miller's Passage
William White88 1866from Frome, Somerset, died Bay de L'Eau Island
James Mullins 65 1866Sagona
Philip Le Sueur39 1866carpenter, Jersey Hr., from St. Mary's, Jersey
Thomas Rose December 6, 1866planter of Great Hr., from Grand Bank, born June 21, 1781 and died Hr. Breton
Sarah Snook  1867Sagona
John Sutton40 1867from Shaldon, Devon, Captain of Brig. "Beagle", drowned Harbour Breton
James Thornhill 60April, 1868drowned Sagona, - buried Harbour Breton
Elizabeth Menchington391868widow of Alfred, and daughter of Peter Harris, died Great Harbour, . (Orphaned son Peter, 1861-1872, died Bay du Nord.)
Samuel Fiander, Sr70 February 14, 1869 died in English Harbour
George Dicks681869 died in Belleoram
James Taylor 611869 died Harbour Brcton master of voyage
Richard Langmead 73 1871 buried Harbour Breton
George Abbott751871of Yeovil, Somerset, died Miller's Passage
Mary Pinkham 891871widow, born ands died in Little Bay West
Robert Snook 63 1871 of Sagona, buried Harbour Breton
Philip James Frederick Laffer?   1872clerk, Newman & Co., Harbour Breton
John Shepherd591872bachelor, of Miller's Passage, died Wreck Cove
Andrew Jonson 1872 Swede, married, stoker of ship "Greyhound", drowned Harbour Breton
Joseph Vallis441872 married, son of late James Vallis, Coombs Cove, died Coombs Cove
Mary Keeping 1872widow, born Harbour Breton, died Sagona
Eleanor Chapman67 1873 wife of Benjamin, died Harbour Breton
Rose Ann Bungay831873 widow, born Sagona, died Sagona, - buried Harbour Breton
Ann Skinner781873 born Sagona, widow of Thomas, died Sagona, - buried Coombs Cove
George Rose82July 25, 1873 born Belleorm April 4, 1791 and died Little Bay West
Eleanor Ridgley521874 wife of Thomas, born Wreck Cove, Bay de L'Eau, died Miller's Passage
Margaret Rose291874 wife of Thomas, Little Bay West, born Coombs Cove, died Littte Bay Westdied 1853
Benjarnin Rose68 1874bachelor, of James and Charlotte, born and died in Great Harbour
Charles Trowbridge70 1874Miller's Passage, born Red Cove, Bay de L'Eau
Mary Ann Bartlett31 1874 born English Harbour, wife of Edward of Coombs Cove
George Trowbridge791874widower, died Red Cove, Bay de L'Eau
Robert Simms December 29, 1874widower, Born Bridport, Dorset June 21, 1787 and died Harbour Breton
John Buffett391875born Mosquito, died Jersey Hubour
Dinah Sbeppard701875widow, born Wreck Cove, of Robert and Elizabeth Craint, died Miller's Passage
Daniel Walters81February, 1876Jersey Harbour, born Ilchester, Somerset, March 19, 1795 --- died Jersey Harbour
Thomas Birkett March 2, 1876 stipendiary magistrate and customs official, born Holmrocks, Cumberland, England August 25, 1814 and died Harbour Breton
CaptJoesph Gale631876 Jersey Harbour widower
Martha Thomas691877 widow of William, cooper, born Little Bay, Fortune Bay and died Harbour Breton
Thornas Ridgley, widower66 1877Miller's Passage
Mary Harris  January 12, 1877wife of Peter, born April 8, 1803 at Hermitage Cove and died Great Harbour
Charity Jefferies27 1878wife of James, Little Bay West
Elizabeth Bullen65 1878widow of George, Bay de L'Eau
Thomas Saxton49 1878 Harbour Breton master cooper
John Buffett841879Jersey Hr
Frances Tibboe88 1879widow of Benjamin, Bay East, abode: Coombs Cove
Elizabeth Cox31 1880wife of Thomas, English Harbour West
Mary Ann Herrot441880wife of William, died Harbour Breton
Sarah Day841880widow, died Harbour Breton
Jane Boyce63 1880wife of William, died Harbour Breton
Ann Skinner44 1881wife of Peter, Harbour Breton
Richard Rose771881 Great Harbour
Peter Harris 86 January 16, 1882 Great Harbour
James Holly61 1882skipper, Harbour Breton
John Locklyn87 1882English Harbour West
William Herrot46 1882 Harbour Breton
Margaret Rose87 1882 Little Bay West
Ann Simms461883Hr. Breton
Richard Scott72 1883Mose Ambrose, born Harbour Mille
Benjamin Chapman83 1883 Harbour Breton, born February 28, 1800 widower
Susan Jane Hunt281884of James Hunt, died Harbour Breton
Alfred De Cruchy Richardson 171884clerk with Newmans, from Jersey, died Harbour Breton
Jane Studicy45 1884wife of Reuben, Jersey Harbour
Eleanor Fudge36 1884wife of John, Jersey Harbour
Andrew Barnes 371884 drowned Harbour Mille
James Yarn83September 27, 1884 Mose Ambrose, died English Harbour West
Robert Rose85 December 24, 1884Great Harbour
Jane Rose75 1885widow of Robert, Great Harbour
Hannah Rose38 1885wife of Thomas, Little West
Jane Buffett741885Jersey Harbour, widow of John, buried Hr. Breton
Sarah Soook681885widow of Ruben, of Sagona, buried Harbour Breton
George Snook. Sr56 1885Sagona
William Kepple White641886 of George Kepple and Sarah, Priest and Rural Dean of Fortune Bay, died Harbour Breton
Mary Ann Skinner54 1886Sagona
Jens Jensen67 1886 Harbour Breton
Hannah White85 1886Jersey Harbour
Hannah White85 l887Jersey Harbour
Sarah Pauls30 1887Frammer, Fortune Bay East
John Francis211887Stone Cove
George Foyer46 1886suffocated in fire Brig. "Beagle", from Dartmouth, England
Thomas Hillier66 June 10, 1886Brunette
Stephen Douglas26 1886 Brunette
Lydia Thornhill33 1887Brunette
Ann Walters28 1887Jersey Harbour
Tryphena Buffett28 1887wife of Reuben, Jersey Harbour
Mary Ann Fiander54 1886wife of Stephen, Coombs Cove
Mary Fiander 76 December 1886 Coombs Cove
Robert Moore55 1887Jersey Harbour
Reuben Buffett30 1887Jersey Harbour
Mary West81 1887widow of Thomas, Bay L'Argent
Samuel Pardy75 1887Jacques Fontaine
Snook Johnson72 1887Jacques Fontaine
Ann Hatch70 1887Connaigre
Nancy Thornhill50 1887Anderson's Cove
Benjamin Rose631887 Great Harbour
James Skinner351887 Harbour Breton
John Bungay47 1888Sagona
John Bugler911888 Jersey Harbour

Transcribed by Bill Crant, Elmsdale, NS Canada
Posted 28 May, 1999

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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