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The following excerpts were taken from
The Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, NF



These are a list of Brides and Grooms that were married away from their hometown

Oct 09, 1857	James Hodge of Kelligews married Elisa Mackey of Hr. Main. 
		Witness's: Jeremiah Kennedy and Constance LaCour

Nov 07, 1858	Patt Wall of Hr. Main married Sarah Ward of St. John's
		Witness's: James and Sarah Wall

Nov 12, 1858	Peter Burn of Holyrood married Susan Davis of St. Mary's
		Witness's: John Quinlan and Ellen Davis

Nov 13, 1858	James Butler of Clarenville married Ellen Curren of Holyrood
		Witness's: John Breen and Anne Curren

Nov 27, 1858	Daniel Costello of Hr. Main married Mary Delaney of Brigus
		witiness's: Philip Delaney and Maria Costello

Nov 15, 1859	John Farrell of Portugal Cove married Bridget Mackey of Chapel Cove
		Witness's: William Nugent and Mary Farrell

Dec 03, 1859	Patt Hearn of Brigus married Rosanna McGahy of Hr. Main
		Witness's: Richard and Bridget Conway

Jan 07, 1860	Walter Duggan of Brigus married Maria Costello of Hr. Main
		Witness's: Philip and Catherine Costello

Jan 27, 1860	Nicholas Gushue of Bacon Cove married Margaret Hanlon of Rop, Co.
		Witness's: John Cole and Margaret Gushue

Sep 05, 1860	James Cox of Waterford, Ireland married Alice Strapp of Hr. Main
		Witness's: James Merchant and Martha Foley

Jan 07, 1861	Thomas Hawko of Chapel Cove married Ann Meany of St. Mary's
		Witness's: Dennis and Susan Walsh

Oct 30, 1861	Michael Costigan of Carbonear married Elisa Mahoney of Cat's Cove
		Witness's: Edmond Conway and Mary Brick

Nov 29, 1861	Michael Henneberry of Brigus married Ellen Power of Salmon Cove
		Witness's: Richard Henneberry and Jane Murphy

Jun 05, 1862	John Fleming of Parish Tyme, Ireland married Bridget Quinlan of
		Witness's: John Mackey and Ann Penny

Jul 31, 1862	Manuel Sanchez of Malgara, Spain married Mary Ann Woodford of Hr. Main
		Witness's: John Gorman and Bridget Ezekiel

Aug 06, 1862	Matthew Tracy of Dublin, Ireland married Mary Hawko of Chapel Cove
		Witness's: John Corbett and Elisa Hawko

Apr 13, 1863	James Wade of Cat's Cove married Ann Taylor of Topsail
		Witness's: John and Mary Wade

Jun 08, 1863	Nicholas Sweetman of Kelligrews married Margaret Terry of Hr. Main
		Witness's: John Sweetman and Julia Terry

Nov 24, 1863	Patt Walsh of Bacon Cove married Caroline Atfield of Witless Bay
		Witness's: Samuel Brown and Abna(?) Walsh

Nov 26, 1863	John Keough of English Cove married Mary Flinn of Colliers
		Witness's: Silvester and Jane Keough

Nov 28, 1863	Thomas Butler of Clarenville married Susan Walsh of Holyrood
		Witness's: Walter and Mary Joy

Jan 09, 1864	Thomas Hicks of Holyrood married Catherine Butler of Clarenville
		Witness's: Joseph Hicks and Bridget Ryan 

Nov 26, 1864	James Power of Turk's Gut married Mary Driscol of Bacon Cove
		Witness's: Michael Leary and Dianna Cole

Jan 13, 1865	Michael Nugent of Kelligrews married Mary Mahoney of Cat's Cove
		Witness's: James Nugent and Elisa Mahoney

Nov 30, 1865	William Kerwick of St. Mary's married Elisa Lewis of Holyrood
		Witness's: James Crowley and Rachael Kennedy

Dec 02, 1865	John McMaine of Whitehauer?, England married Catherine Costello
		of Salmon Cove
		Witness's: James Furey and Ellen Ryan

Feb 11, 1866	Edward Nugent of Kelligrews married Elisa Kennedy of Hr. Main
		Witness's: Patt and Johannah Kennedy

May 31, 1866	Jeremiah Sevier of Hr. Main married Ellen Ryan of Hr. Grace
		Witness's: Richard Walsh and Ann Flaherty

Nov 08, 1866	Patt Purcell of Holyrood married Elisa Champion of Lower Island Cove
		Witness's: Thomas and Bridget Moore

Jan 23, 1867	Edward Sheehan of Brigus married Alice Duggan of Chapel Cove
		Witness's: James Hurley and Ann Duggan

May 11, 1867	Thomas Cook of Parish of Cashin, Co. Tipperary, Ireland married
		Ellen Devereaux of Hr. Main
		Witness's: John Devereaux and Anne Moore

May 12, 1867	John Duff of Hr. Main married Frances Neile of Parish of Bally
		Mucudddy, Co. Cork, Ireland
		Witness's: William Maher and Ellen Ryan

Jan 16, 1868	William Walsh of Parish of Ballyh?, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland married
		Mary Murphy of Holyrood
		Witness's: Michael Leary and Sarah Flinn

Feb 07, 1868	James Carroll of Parish Mullough, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland married
		Mary Targate of Holyrood
		Witness's: James Butler and Catherine Lewis

May 06, 1868	Thomas Larrissey of Cat's Cove married Mary Knowlton of Witless Bay
		Witness's: Michael St. John and Margaret Cullen

Nov 26, 1868	James Moran of Hr. Grace married Rachel McGahey of Cat's Cove
		Witness's: James and Kate St. John

Jun 19, 1869	James Murphy of Middle House married Mary Walsh of Hr. Main
		Witness's: Richard Walsh and Esther Murphy

Jun 10, 1869	Stephen Whelan of Conception Hr married Mary Power of St. John's
		Witness's: James McDonnell and Ellen Duggan

Oct 28, 1869	John Deady of Ventry Harbour, Co. Kerry, Ireland married Kate Pennell
		of Holyrood
		Witness's: Patt Breen and Jane Pennell

Nov 27, 1869	Michael Walsh of Holyrood married Kate Meehan of St. Mary's
		Witness's: John and Anne Lewis



Partial - more to come...................

Contributor: Barb McGrath, St. John's, NF Canada

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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