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Burial Records
Hodge's Cove Anglican Church

Date of MarriageGiven NameSurnameAge
06-04-1881 Mary Balsom buried age 19
12-15-1892 Sarah Ann Balsom age 3
01-01-1898 Florence Lucy Balsom age 3
07-13-1895 Mary Maud Balsom (Fox Hr.) age 1 mo.
12-19-1905 William Balsom age 59
05-19-1907 Daniel Balsom age 27
12-18-1907 Olive May Balsom age 14 mos
09-17-1909 James White Balsom age 1 hour
05-06-1910 Arthur Eddy Balsom age 9 days
01-26-1913 Richard Samuel Balsom age 6
07-05-1915 John Balsom age 76
09-30-1915 Willis Balsom age 1 day
11-26-1917 Jane Balsom 66
11-18-1920 John Balsom 10
07-17-1922 George Balsom 48
11-18-1923 Mary Ann Balsom 84
09-22-1924 Eliol Balsom buried age 52
01-06-1930 Uriah Spurrell buried age 64
11-01-1933 Sarah Balsom buried age 56
06-02-1935 Lionel Balsom buried age 17
01-12-1946 Alan Chesley Balsom age 14
09-27-1948 John Robert Balsom age 81
08-12-1953 Edgar Smith age 52
07-21-1954 Clayton Smith age 3 hours
01-30-1955 Prisilla Balsom age 85
07-13-1965 William James Balsom age 69
11-14-1966 Frederick Balsom age 28
03-23-1982 Daniel A. Balsom na
10-16-1992 Delilah F. Smith age 89

Provided by the late Gerry Balsom of Clarenville.
Posted: OCTOBER 31,1999

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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