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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, NF

Marriage Records (1857-1906) BRIDES:

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur.  If you should find any errors, omissions or changes, please let me know. (Barbara McGrath)

Page #Bride's SurnameGiven NamesPOBGroom's SurnameGiven NamesPOBDate of MarriagePriest Witnesses
115MACKEYAgnes?COSTELLOMartin ?Jan 21, 1896Rev. J. MurphyJames Costello & Margaret Hannan
006MACKEYBridgetChapel CoveFARRELLJohnPortugal CoveNov 15, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshWilliam Nugent & Mary Farrell
001MACKEYEliza?HODGEJamesKelligrewsOct 09, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshJeremiah Kennedy & Constance LaCour
025MACKEYElisaHr. MainJOYJohnHr. MainNov 10, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Hannan & Susan Joy
055MACKEYEllenChapel CoveMYERSJohnChapel CoveMay 17, 1876Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Myers & Johannah Myers
018MACKEYJohannahHolyroodHAWKOJamesChapel CoveJan 07, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Quinlan & Mary Mackey
046MACKEYLucy?PARSLEYStephen?Nov 26, 1873Rev. John O'ConnorJohn Penny & Mary Murphy
007MACKEYMaryChapel CoveMURPHYJohnChapel CoveJan 10, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshRichard Mackey & Patrick Hickey
022MACKEYMaryHolyroodDUFFMatthewHolyroodJan 19, 1867Rev. Kryan WalshPatrick Duff & Margaret Wall
093MACKEYMaryChapel COveWALLPatrickChapel Cove Oct 27, 1885Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Conran & Sara Myers
025MAHAREllenHolyroodLEWISEliasHolyroodJun 04, 1868Rev. Kryan WalshWalter Joy & Mary Rourke
045MAHARMaryHolyroodFENNELLYJohnTrepassyNov 13, 1873Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellPatrick Hicks & Margaret Mahar
003MAHONEYAnnCat's CoveCOSTELLOThomasCat's CoveMay 09, 1858Rev. Kryan WalshDavid Costello & Elisa Mahoney
046MAHONEYAnneCon. Hr.WADEEdwardCon. Hr.Nov 27, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPhilip Mahoney & Bridget Wade
060MAHONEYAnneCon. Hr.CULLENThomasCon. Hr.Nov 20, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMoses Lewis & Anne Mahoney
003MAHONEYBridgetCat's CoveHANNIFANJohnSalmon CoveJan 07, 1858Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Power & Mary Buck
016MAHONEYCatherineCat's CoveKEEFEPatrickCat's CoveFeb 08, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshMaurice Wade & Ann Burke
009MAHONEYElisaCat's CoveCOSTIGANMichaelCarbonearOct 30, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshEdmond Conway & Mary Buck
024MAHONEYElizaCat's CoveGUSHUEPatrickCat's CoveMay 06, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Gushue & Betsy Wade
033MAHONEYElizaCat's CoveNUGENTWilliamKelligrewsNov 25, 1870Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Nugent & Mary Mahoney
041MAHONEYElizaCat's CoveGUSHUEMartinCon. Hr.Nov 26, 1872Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael & Kate Mahoney
052MAHONEYJaneCon. Hr.McDONALDWilliamColliersNov 27, 1875Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas McDonald & Ellen Mansfield
062MAHONEYJohannahCon. Hr.WALSHPatrickCon. Hr.Jan 08, 1878Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas & Anne Cullen
016MAHONEYMaryCat's CoveNUGENTMichaelKelligewsJan 13, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshJames Nugent & Elisa Mahoney
017MAHONEYMaryCat's CoveWADEMauriceCat's CoveNov 29, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshThomas Wade & Ellen Mahoney
075MAHONEYMaryCat's CoveWALSHJohnW. CliftNov 19, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyAaron & Bridget Mahoney
125MAHONEYMary B.Con. Hr.ROSENikTurk's GutJul 24, 1902Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPeter Shea & Rachel Mahoney
046MAHONEYWinnifredCon. Hr.DALTONGeorgeCon. Hr.Nov 27, 1873Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPhilip & Mary Mahoney
074MALONEYEllenCat's CoveHICKEYPatrickHr. MainMay 28, 1881Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellStephen Hickey & Alice Strapp
063MANSFIELDBridgetCon. Hr.MURPHYPatrickCon. Hr.Jun 03, 1878Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael & Eliza Mansfield
056MANSFIELDEllenCon. Hr.McCARTHYWilliamCon. Hr.Nov 29, 1876Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Toole & Johanna Mansfield
058MANSFIELDEllenCon. Hr.BURKEJamesCon. Hr.Jan 11, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Burke & Mary Mansfield
078MANSFIELDJohannah?COSTELLOETimothy?Jan 17, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellDavid Gushue & M.J. Mansfield
005MANSFIELDMargaretCat's CoveKELLYThomasBacon CoveJan 11, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshGeorge White & Johannah St. John
012MANSFIELDMaryCat's CoveWADEMauriceCat's CoveJan 18, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshJames Wade & Johannah Mansfield
080MANSFIELDMary Jo.Hr. MainLARRISSEYPatrickCon. Hr.Nov 19, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward St. John & Johannah Toole
075MASONAgnesSalmon CoveHICKSJosephHr. MainNov 24, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJoseph Hicks & Mary Penny
009MASONAnnSalmon CovePENNYJohnSalmon CoveApr 28, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshJoseph Penny & Louisa Moore
025MASONAnneHr. MainKENNEDYWilliamHr. MainMay 26, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Mason & Johannah Kennedy
054MASONAnneSalmon CoveREDMONDMartinSalmon CoveJan 08, 1876Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Doyle & Mary Mason
076MASONBridgetColliersDOYLEPatrickLance CoveNov 24, 1881Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Doyle & Mary Murphy
059MASONCatherineHr. MainPENNYJohnHr. MainJan 18, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellStephen Parsley & Mary Murphy
051MASONElizaSalmon CoveMAHONEYMauriceCat's CoveJun 05, 1875Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellMichael Mahoney & Mary Meany
097MASONEllen?McGRATHWilliam?Oct 31, 1887Rev. G. BattcockThomas McGrath & Mary Morrissey
041MASONJaneSalmon CoveBAKER HenrySalmon CoveNov 29, 1872Rev. Patrick O'DonnellRichard Pendergast & Ellen Mason
062MASONJaneSalmon CoveHICKEYJosephHr. MainApr 30, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyMichael Hickey & Mary Wall
053MASONLouisaSalmon CoveKELLYJamesSalmon CoveNov 27, 1875Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Kelly & Mary Doyle
028MASONMargaretSalmon CovePARSLEYRobertHr. MainNov 23, 1869Rev. Patrick O'DonnellStephen Parsley & Martha Fury
018MASONMarySalmon CovePENNYJosephSalmon CoveJun 14, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshJoseph Mason & Anastasia Walsh
061MASONMarySalmon CoveDOYLEEdwardSalmon CoveNov 27, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Doyle & Bridget Mason
064MASONMarySalmon CoveWALLJohnHr. MainNov 30, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyThomas Hicks & Elizabeth Wall
108MASONMary?COSTELLODaniel?Jan 10, 1893Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJoseph Mason & Margaret McGrath
116MASONMary A.?CANTWELLBernard?Nov 19, 1896Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Mason & Kate Cantwell
125MASONMary Ann?FURYWilliam?Oct 15, 1902Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMaurice & Frances Kennedy
099MASONMary FrancesSalmon CoveMOOREPatrickSalmon CoveNov 20, 1888Rev. P.W. BrowneDaniel Moore & Sarah Cantwell
003McDONALDBridgetHolyroodEZEKIELMichaelHr. MainOct 31, 1858Rev. Kryan WalshNo witness's entered
040McDONALDBridget?WHITEGeorge?Jun 01, 1872Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam and E. McDonald
028McDONALDCatherineColliersMcGRATHThomasColliersNov 27, 1869Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Costigan & Honora McGrath
033McDONALDEllenColliersGUSHUECharlesBacon CoveNov 26, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellNicholas Cole & Bridget McDonald
019McDONALDJohannahColliersWALSHThomasColliersNov 24, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshRichard Skean & Bridget McDonald
054McDONALDMargaretColliersCORBETTPhilipNorth RiverJan 10, 1876Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPhilip Corbett & Jane McDonald
017McDONALDMaryColliersBRIENJamesColliersDec 02, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshPeter Brien & Johannah McDonald
025McGAHEYRachelCat's CoveMORANJamesHr. GraceNov 26, 1868Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames & Kate St. John
006McGAHYRosannaHr. MainHEARNPatrickBrigusDec 03, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshRichard & Bridget Conway
060McGAHYSarah JaneCon. Hr.CARROLPatrickCon. Hr.Nov 24, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Carrol & Mary Mansfield
061McGEEBridgetSalmon CoveCOSTELLODanielSalmon CoveDec 01, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJoseph Moore & Catherine McGee
035McGEECatherineSalmon CoveMOOREPeterSalmon CoveJan 08, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Moore & Mary McGee
062McGEECatherineSalmon CoveKENNEDYEdwardHr. MainFeb 18, 1878Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellEdward Murray & Mary McGee
111McGEEKate?CORBETTEdward?Jan 20, 1894Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Corbett & Anne McGee
001McGRATHMargaret?PARSLEYWilliam?Jun 06, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Parsley & Catherine Kennedy
005McGRATHAnastasiaHolyroodKEEFEEdwardHolyroodFeb 05, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshThomas McGrath & Ellen McGrath
081McGRATHAnastasiaColliersBUTTWalterHr. GraceNov 27, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn McGrath & Ellen Butt
013McGRATHBridgetColliersCOLEThomasColliersNov 28, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshSamuel Murphy & Mary Skehan
062McGRATHElizceColliersBURKEThomasColliersJan 26, 1878Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Burke & Mary Ryan
022McGRATHEllenHolyroodDUFFThomasHolyroodFeb 10, 1867Rev. Kryan WalshThomas McGrath & Ellen Duff
064McGRATHEllenColliersPHILIPSJohnColliersNov 27, 1878Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick Grace & Bridget Shea
082McGRATHHonoraColliersGAULMichaelBrigusDec 01, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam McGrath & Mary Cole
030McGRATHMargaretHolyroodFARDYJohnHr. MainJan 09, 1870Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Brien & Martha Keating
033McGRATHMargaretColliersDOYLEJamesColliersNov 26, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas McGrath & Alice Doyle
013McGRATHMaryColliersGUSHUENicholasColliersNov 26, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshJoseph Walsh & Jane Gushue
060McGRATHMary?MORRISSEYJohn?Jun 02, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Kirby & Catherine Fury
108McGRATHMary A.?DEVEREAUXMike?Apr 18, 1893Rev. Patrick O'DonnellPatrick McGrath & Anastasia Moore
037MEANYAliceHr. MainDALTONJohnHr. MainNov 26, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Meany & Kate Dalton
087MEANYAnastasia?MAHONEYMichael?Oct 13, 1883Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Keane & Lucy Meany
009MEANYAnnSt. Mary'sHAWKOThomasChapel CoveJan 07, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshDenis Walsh & Susan Walsh
044MEANYBridgetSalmon CovePENNYJohnSalmon CoveMay 15, 1873Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Moore & Margaret Meany
007MEANYEllenHr. MainEZEKIELMichaelHr. MainJan 11, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshThomas Ezekiel & Mary Anne Woodford
011MEANYEllenChapel CoveHANNANWilliamChapel CoveNov 15, 1862Rev. Kryan WalshWalter Gorman & Alice Duggan
122MEANYEllen?MOOREMartin?Nov 21, 1900Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Costello & Mary Meany
123MEANYLizzie?LANNONThomas?1902Rev. Patrick O'DonnellRichard & Maria Lannon
052MEANYMargaretSalmon CoveMAHONEYMichaelCon. Hr.Nov 27, 1875Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMaurice Mahoney & Catherine Kennedy
060MEANYMary Salmon CoveST. JOHNThomasCon. Hr.Nov 20, 1877Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward St. John & Mary Aide
119MEANYMary AvondaleKENNEDYMaurice AvondaleFeb 12, 1899Rev. Patrick O'DonnellRichard Kennedy & Theresa Meany
040MEANYMary Salmon Cove MURPHYWilliamCon. Hr.Nov 21, 1872Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Wade & Margaret Meany
022MEANYMary A.Hr. MainFURYJohnSalmon CoveMay 16, 1867Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Cantwell & Mary Cahill
019MEARSMaryChapel CoveDUGGANWilliamChapel CoveNov 26, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Murphy & Ellen Mears
029MEEHANKateSt. Mary'sWALSHMichaelHolyroodNov 27, 1869Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn & Anne Lewis
110MERNERKate?DUGGANThomas?Nov 28, 1893Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Merner & Anastasia Waide
010MERRIGANBridgetColliersCOLEJamesColliersNov 18, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Phelan & Jane Costigan
076MERRIGANBridgetColliersHUNTJohnColliersNov 22, 1881Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Merrigan & Margaret Costello
032MERRIGANElizabethColliersSKEHANWilliamColliersMay 25, 1870Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Cole & Susan Merrigan
111MERRIGANJane?MOOREDaniel?Apr 12, 1894Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Cooke & Betsy Merrigan
018MERRIGANMaryColliersCOLEJohnColliersJan 07, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshNicholas Cole & Susan Merrigan
039MOLONEYMary AnnHr. MainGORMANSimonHr. MainJan 23, 1872Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Maloney & Anne Sullivan
090MOOREAnastasiaHolyroodMacDONALDGeorgePEIJan 01, 1884Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael O'Neill & Mary O'Neill
104MOOREAnastasia?COSTELLODavid?Nov 28, 1891Rev. Patrick O'DonnellNicholas Gushue & Sarah Ezekiel
116MOOREAnastasia?COSTELLOMartin?Nov 25, 1896Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam Costello & Eliza Moore
021MOOREAnneSalmon CoveGUSHUECharlesSalmon CoveJan 10, 1867Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJohn Moore and A. Walsh
039MOOREBridgetHolyroodBARROTPhilipHolyroodFeb 08, 1872Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Healy & Sarah Moore
039MOOREBridget?WALLPatrick?May 20, 1872Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Moore & Elizabeth Lewis
045MOOREBridget?MURPHYJohn?Oct 26, 1873Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellLawrence Murphy & Mary Fury
058MOOREElizaSalmon CoveKENNEDYDanielSalmon CoveJan 13, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn Devereaux & Mary Moore
054MOOREElizabeth?FLOODEdward?Jan 10, 1876Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellMichael O'Neill & Mary Moore
093MOOREElizabethSalmon CoveMASONPhilipSalmon CoveNov 28, 1885Rev. John RoePhilip Butler & Jane Moore
038MOORELouisa?FLANNIGANPatrick?Nov 29, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMartin & Mary Moore
122MOORELouisaAvondaleKELLYMichaelAvondaleNov 17, 1900Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Costello & Kate Moore
066MOOREMargaretHolyroodCORBETTJohnNorth RiverJan 11, 1879Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Corbett & Mary Neill
097MOOREMargaretHr. MainNOLANMichaelSalmonier, SMBMay 01, 1887Rev. G. BattcockPatrick Murphy & Anastasia Moore
063MOOREMaryHolyroodO'NEILLMichaelHolyroodJun 02, 1878Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Moore & Maria Woodford
072MOOREMarySalmon CoveDEVEREAUXJohnSalmon CoveNov 27, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellWilliam Moore & Eliza Cahill
075MOOREMarySalmon CovePOWERJohnSalmon CoveNov 24, 1881Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellPhilip Mason & Eliza Moore
100MOOREMarySalmon CoveDEVEREAUXCorneliusSalmon CoveNov 29, 1888Rev. P.W. BrowneJames Devereaux & Anastasia Moore
047MOORESarah?HEALYJohnHolyroodJan 17, 1874Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Healy & Eliza Moore
082MORRISSEYBridgetHolyroodROURKEJohnHolyroodNov 27, 1882Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellMichael Rourke & Mary Morrissey
003MORRISSEYEllenHolyroodDUNPHYThomasHolyroodJun 03, 1858Rev. Kryan WalshThomas Morrissey & Teresa Dunphy
014MULLONEYBetsyHr. MainSTRAPPPattHr. MainFeb 07, 1864Rev. Patrick O'DonnellStephen Strapp & Mary Ann Mulloney
022MULLONEYMargaretHolyroodBARRETTMichaelHolyroodJan 16, 1867Rev. Kryan WalshWalter Joy & Rachel Barrett
126MULLOWNEYEliza?MURPHYPatrick?Feb 11, 1903Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Fahey & Eliza Mullowney
128MULLOWNEYLizzie?COSTIGANWilliam?Feb 05, 1905Rev. Patrick O'DonnellThomas Hickey & Lizzie Murphy
009MURPHYAnastasiaChapel CoveHAWKOWilliamChapel CoveJan 20, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Hawko & Ellen Murphy
002MURPHYAnn?LEWISPatrickHolyroodNov 24, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Lewis & Mary Lewis
030MURPHYAnneColliersCOLENicholasColliersJan 08, 1870Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Cole & Mary Cole
010MURPHYBridgetCat's CoveCOSTELLOJosephSalmon CoveNov 17, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Fury & Sarah Gushue
069MURPHYBridgetHolyroodHARDINGJamesHolyroodNov 29, 1879Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn & Catherine Harding
077MURPHYBridgetColliersHEARNJohnColliersJan 14, 1882Rev. Patrick O'DonnellMichael Cole & Margaret Whelan
013MURPHYCatherineCat's CoveST. JOHNPattCat's CoveNov 28, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshMartin Currin & Mary Currin
019MURPHYJaneCat's CoveMAHONEYPhilipCat's CoveNov 24, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshMichael & Ann Murphy
012MURPHYJohannahCat's CoveMANSFIELDJohnCat's CoveJan 08, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshPatt St. John & Catherine Murphy
041MURPHYKateColliersMCHUGHJosephTurk's GutNov 28, 1872Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames & Mary Murphy
005MURPHYMargaretChapel CoveCORBETTMichaelChapel CoveJan 11, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshPatt & Sarah Corbett
059MURPHYMargaretHolyroodHAWKOPeterChapel CoveJan 17, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellPatrick Walsh & Mary Murphy
024MURPHYMaryHolyroodWALSHWilliamParish of Ballyhaule, Co. KilkennyJan 14, 1868Rev. Kryan WalshMichael Leary & Sarah Flinn
017MURPHYMary?COLEThomasColliersNov 25, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshJames Cole & Ann Murphy
098MURPHYMaryGallows CoveADAMSMichael, widowerSt. Mary'sMay 24, 1888Rev. P.W. BrowneJohn & Mary Murray
059MURPHYMaryHolyroodAUSTINJohnHolyroodMay 21, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJohn Hicks & Catherine Flood
074MURPHYMary?MURRAYJohnHr. MainFeb 05, 1881Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellWalter & Catherine Murray
125MURPHYMary A.ColliersRYANPatrickColliersApr 24, 1902Rev. Patrick O'DonnellWilliam & Mary A. Murphy
036MURRAYAnastasiaSalmon CoveMASONJohnSalmon CoveNov 19, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellJames Murray & Anne Mason
094MURRAYCeciliaSalmon CoveDEVEREAUXRichardSalmon CoveNov 20, 1886Rev. G. BattcockCornelius Devereaux & Mary Jos. Ezekiel
023MURRAYMargaretSalmon CoveEZEKIELSamuelSalmon CoveNov 17, 1867Rev. Kryan WalshJames Meany & Bridget Neal
038MURRAYMargaretSalmon CoveMOOREJohnSalmon CoveNov 29, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Murray & M. Moore
077MURRAYMargaretHr. MainFURYGeorgeHr. MainJan 07, 1882Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Moore & Cecilia Murray
097MURRAYMaryHr. MainHAWKOThomasChapel CoveApr 24, 1887Rev. G. BattcockMichael Tubrid & Margaret Hawko
013 MURRAY Mary Hr. Main HICKEY Michael Hr. Main Nov 28, 1863 Rev. Kryan Walsh John Mason & Anastasia Hickey
034MYERSBridgetChapel CoveWALSHJamesHolyroodMay 28, 1871Rev. Patrick O'DonnellRichard Walsh & Mary Myers
058MYERSJohannaChapel CoveHAWKOPatrickChapel CoveJan 13, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Myers & Ellen Hawko
051MYERSKateChapel CoveCORBETTRichardChapel CoveJan 07, 1875Rev. Patrick O'DonnellEdward Corbett & Mary Kennedy
050MYERSMaryChapel CoveCOSTIGANVincentHolyroodNov 28, 1874Rev. Jeremiah O'DonnellJames Costigan & Sarah Myers
091MYERSSaraChapel CoveHAWKOEJohnChapel Cove Jan 25, 1885Rev. John RoeMartin Myers & Sara Penny

Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST)

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