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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, NF

Marriage Records (1857-1906) BRIDES:

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur.  If you should find any errors, omissions or changes, please let me know. (Barbara McGrath)

Alphabetical Selection - K Through L
Page #Bride's SurnameGiven NamesPOBGroom's SurnameGiven NamesPOBDate of MarriagePriest Witnesses
120KEANEAnnieCon. Hr.NOWLANJohn W.AvondaleNov 04, 1899Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Cantwell & Bridget Reily
064KEANEEllen?GRIFFENMichaelCon. Hr.Nov 28, 1878Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames Mahoney & Anne Griffin
009KEANMaryCat’s CoveDRISCOLLMichaelCat’s CoveNov 13, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshEdward Dalton & Mary Dalton
028KEATINGAliceColliersDOYLEPatrickColliersNov 25, 1869Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam Whelan & Johannah Whelan
006KEATINGAnnieCat’s CoveCOSTELLODavidCat’s CoveMay 08, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshThomas & Alice Costello
077KEATINGBridgetHr. MainWALSHStephenSalmon CoveJan 14, 1882Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn Walsh & Mary Keating
126KEATINGCecilia ?HAWCOJames?Aug 29, 1903Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Kelly & Mary J. O’Gorman
035KEATINGMartha Hr. MainDONNELLYPatrickHr. MainJan 10, 1871Rev. Patrick O’DonnellStephen Hickey & Mary A. Mullony
002KEEFECatherineHolyroodLEWISWilliamHolyroodNov 22, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshPhilip Lewis & Ellen Burn
009KEEFECatherineCat’s CoveKEATINGWilliamCat’s CoveApr 23, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshPatt St. John & Jane Murphy
013KEEFEEllenCat’s CoveKEATINGJohnCat’s CoveNov 28, 1863Rev. Kryan WalshJohn St. John & Mary Keating
004KEHOEAliceSalmon CoveSULLIVANJeremiahSalmon CoveNov 27, 1858Rev. Kryan WalshWilliam Fury & Martha Penny
064KELLYAnneBacon CoveCORBETTJohnChapel CoveNov 28, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyThomas Corbett & Ellen Kelly
036KELLYBridgetLance CoveHARDINGRichardHolyroodJan 14, 1871Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Harding & Elizabeth Austin
123KELLYBridget?SEVIEREdward?Apr 16, 1902Rev. Patrick O’DonnellRichard Baker & Ellen Moore
074KELLYCatherineSalmon CoveCOSTELLOJamesSalmon CoveJan 24, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyEdward & Mary Murray
038KELLYEllenBacon CoveCOSTELLOPhilipHr. MainNov 29, 1871Rev. Patrick O’DonnellMichael Penny & Sarah Terry
071KELLYMargaretHolyroodPOWERPeterPlacentiaNov 23, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJohn Barron & Anastasia Cunningham
046KELLYMarthaSalmon CoveSULLIVANDenisSalmon CoveNov 29, 1873Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellLawrence Sullivan & Ellen Power
039KELLYMaryHolyroodHICKEYPatrickChapel CoveJan 24, 1872Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPeter Hickey & Margaret Kelly
089KELLYMary?TREHEYPatrick?Dec 01, 1883Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPatrick Mahoney & Alice Wade
085KELLYMary AnneSalmon CoveFEWEREdwardChapel CoveJan 23, 1883Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJohn Kelly & Frances Fewer
123KELLYMary B?MEANYJames?       20, 1902Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Murray & Mary Kelly
038KENNEDYAliceCon. HrCORBETTPatrickChapel CoveNov 29, 1871Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWalter Corbett & Kate Curran
086KENNEDYAliceSalmon CoveTURNERJohnFortune BayMay 01, 1883Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn & Mary Power
070KENNEDYAnastasiaCat’s CoveHICKEYPatrickHr. MainJan 11, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellLawrence & Mary Kennedy
047KENNEDYAnneHolyroodLEWISWilliamHolyroodJan 19, 1874Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames & Margaret Lewis
064KENNEDYAnneHr. MainCOSTIGANEdwardHr. MainNov 30, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Costigan & Mary Kennedy
046KENNEDYBridget?WADEMichael?Nov 29, 1873Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPatrick Gushue & Bridget Corbett
061KENNEDYBridget?WALLPatrickHr. MainDec 01, 1877Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames Wall & Mary Gorman
002KENNEDYCatherine?COSTELLOJohn?Nov 28, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshGarrett Wall & Bridget Ryan
004KENNEDYCatherineHr. MainFURYJamesHr. MainNov 24, 1858Rev. Kryan WalshWilliam & Elisa Kennedy
018KENNEDYCatherineSalmon CoveMOOREJamesSalmon CoveJun 16, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshPeter Moore  & Catherine McGee
057KENNEDYCatherineCat’s CoveKENNEDYRobertCat’s CoveDec 02, 1876Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyRichard Larasy & Catherine Kennedy
018KENNEDYElisaHr. MainNUGENTEdwardKelligrewsFeb 11, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshPatt Kennedy & Johanna Kennedy
129KENNEDYElizaHolyroodBRADYWilliamCartville, CDASep 06, 1905Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn and Ellen LaCour
115KENNEDYEllen?SLINEYPatrick?Jan 07, 1896Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames Sliney & Bridget Kennedy
031KENNEDYJohannahHolyroodKENNEDYPatrickHolyroodJan 15, 1870Rev. Patrick O’DonnellEdward & Maria Kennedy
036KENNEDYJohannahCon. Hr.WHELANJamesColliersOct 29, 1871Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames Hearn & Winnifred Connell
048KENNEDYJohannahCon. Hr.LEWISGeorgeS.ShoreNov 16, 1874Rev. Patrick O’DonnellStephen Corbett & Sarah Kennedy
040KENNEDYMariaHr. MainRUORKEMichaelHolyroodOct 13, 1872Rev. Patrick O’DonnellEdward Kennedy & Mary Fury
010KENNEDYMaryHolyroodQUINLANJohnHolyroodJan 10, 1862Rev. Kryan WalshGeorge Veitch & Bridget Quinlan
032KENNEDYMaryCat’s CoveROTCHFORDNicholasCat’s CoveMay 29, 1870Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPatrick Costello & Bridget Kennedy
055KENNEDYMaryHr. MainWALSHJohn Hr. MainMay 09, 1876Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPatrick Walsh & Anastasia Kennedy
079KENNEDYMary?FLYNMichael?May 21, 1882Rev. Patrick O’DonnellEdward Dwyer & Lizzie Flyn
129KENNEDYMaryHolyroodQUINLANEdwardHolyroodSep 12, 1905Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWalter Kennedy & Mary Joy
021KENNEDYRachelHolyroodLEWISJohnHolyroodJan 23, 1867Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam Lewis & Frances Veitch
063KENNEDYSarah?LEARYMichael?Jun 03, 1878Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam Leary & Ellen Curran
042KENNYBridgetCon. Hr.MURPHYPatCon. Hr.Nov 30, 1872Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Mansfield & Bridget Wade
008KENNYHonoraCat’s CoveCOSTELLOJohnCat’s CoveJun 08, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshDavid & Mary Costello
052KENNYHonoraCon. Hr.BURKEPatrickColliersNov 27, 1875Rev. Patrick O’DonnellLawrence Whelan & Eliza Walsh
021KENNYJoannaCat’s CoveKENNEDYWilliamCat’s CoveMay 01, 1867Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJames Woodford &  ?
086KENNYMargaretPort de GraveHUNTJohnSt. John’sJan 24, 1883Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyThomas Jackman & Ellen Kenny
072KENNYMaryCon. Hr.TREHYJosephCon. HrNov 25, 1880Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Toole & Ellen Trehy
029KEOUGHMargaretHr. MainDOYLEDavidHr. MainNov 27, 1869Rev. Patrick O’DonnellStephen Doyle & Johannah Healy
005KERWICKMargaretHolyroodBRIENJamesHolyroodMay 02, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshThomas Butler & Grace Walsh
021KIEFFEKate?WALSHJohn?May 01, 1867Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames Keefe & Kate St. John
056KIEFFEMary J.?DONOVANRichard?Nov 29, 1876Rev. Patrick O’DonnellThomas St. John & M.J. Mansfield
011KIELYSarahHolyroodHENNESSEYJamesHolyroodJan 22, 1862Rev. Kryan WalshTimothy Rourke & Margaret McGrath
024KNOWLTONMaryWitless BayLARRISSEYThomasCat’s CoveMay 06, 1868Rev. Kryan WalshMichael St. John & Margaret Cullen
058LACOURAgnesHolyroodNUGENTEdwardKelligrewsJan 07, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJames & Margaret Moore
090LACOURAgneaHr. MainCOSTIGANCharlesHr. MainJan 08, 1884Rev. Walter TarahanJohn Costigan & Mary Jos. LaCour
115LACOURBridget?DUFFJames?Jan 15, 1896Rev. James MurphyJohn Hicks & Theresa LaCour
070LACOURMargaretHr. MainMcCARTHYFelixCarbonearJan 19, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJohn Costigan & Ellen Holden
075LACOURMarthaHr. MainPENNYMichaelHolyroodNov 23, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJoseph Penny & Agnes LaCour
115LACOURMary J?GORMANWalter ?Jan 08, 1896Rev. Patrick O’DonnellNicholas LaCour & Lizzie Fury
127LACOURTheresaHr. MainKEOGHJohnBrigusAug 14, 1904Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn LaCour & Mary K. Lambe
107LAMEAUCharlotte?BARRONJohn?Nov 22, 1892Rev. Patrick O’DonnellSamuel Parsley & Mary Doyle
003LANNONCatherineHr. MainGUSHUEMichaelCat’s CoveJan 07, 1858Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Costello & Mary Ann Woodford
071LARRISSEYAnastasiaCon. Hr.HARMANJohnCon. Hr.Jun 12, 1880Rev. Patrick O’DonnellThomas & Johannah  St. John
043LARRISSEYDinahCon. Hr.GUSHUECharlesCon. Hr.Jan 09, 1873Rev. Patrick O’DonnellMartin Curran & Kate Larrissey
009LARRISSEYEllenBacon CoveKELLY MichaelBacon CoveJan 08, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshGeorge White & Margaret Larrissey
049LARRISSEYJohannahCat’s CoveCOSTELLOMichaelCat’s CoveNov 26, 1874Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPatrick Carroll & Joseph Keefe
075LARRISSEYMary AnneCon. Hr.MANSFIELDMichaelCon. Hr.Nov 17, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick Larrissey & Joanna Toole
068LEWISAgnesHolyroodKELLYPaulHolyroodNov 27, 1879Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellThomas Kelly & Mary Lewis
033LEWISAnneHolyroodMEAGHERWilliamHolyroodNov 26, 1870Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam Lewis & Mary Meagher
093LEWISAnneHolyroodPENNYWilliamHolyroodMay 11, 1885Rev. John RoeThomas Mackey & Elizabeth Lewis
034LEWISCatherineHolyroodPENNYPhilipHolyroodFeb 01, 1871Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPhilip Penny & Mary Penny
073LEWISCatherineHolyroodBENNETTWilliamHolyroodJan 16, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Mackey & Ellen Dellahunty
083LEWISCatherineHolyroodKENNEDYWalterHolyroodDec 02, 1882Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatt Lewis & Mary B. Kennedy
017LEWISElisaHolyroodKERWICKWilliamSt. Mary’sNov 30, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshJames Crowley & Richard Kennedy
034LEWISElizaHolyroodFITZPATRICKLawrenceTopsailJul 02, 1871Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellWilliam Ryan & Margaret Lewis
048LEWISElizaHolyroodTIMMINSJohnHolyroodAug 04, 1874Rev. Patrick O’DonnellEdward Timmins & Mary Moore
054LEWISElizaBacon CoveHEARNThomasColliersJan 11, 1876Rev. Patrick O’DonnellGeorge Whelan & Mary A. Lewis
034LEWISElizabethHolyroodKIELYJohnHolyroodFeb 04, 1871Rev. Patrick O’DonnellMichael Brophy & Elizabeth Lewis
049LEWISElizabethCat’s CoveMcGRATHJohnColliersNov 21, 1874Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellAaron Lewis & Mary Carrol
063LEWISElizabethHolyroodTIMMINSLawrenceHolyroodJun 02, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn Barron & Anne Delahunte
090LEWISLizzieHolyroodO’BRIENLaurenceHolyroodJan 12, 1884Rev. Patrick O’DonnellEdward O’Gorman & Bridget Lewis
017LEWISMargaretHolyroodDUNPHYFlorenceHolyroodNov 30, 1865Rev. Kryan WalshBart Donohoe & Ellen Hickey
049LEWISMargaretHolyroodWALSHJohnHolyroodNov 22, 1874Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellStephen Barron & Mary Moore
006LEWISMaryHolyroodBESEAUPattHolyroodMay 15, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshWilliam Bennett & Mary Lewis
071LEWISMaryHolyroodTARGATEWilliamHolyroodNov 06, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellPhilip O’Neill & Catherine Lewis
058LEWISMary A.Con. Hr.KENNEDYWilliamCon. Hr.Jan 10, 1877Rev. Patrick O’DonnellMartin Curran & Catherine Kenny
019LEWISSophiaHolyroodMURPHYPierceHolyroodNov 29, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshPeter Hickey & Catherine Lewis
075LYONSCatherine F.Salmon CoveNUGENTMatthewKelligrewsNov 26, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Nugent & Ellen Costello

Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST)

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