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Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
Harbour Main, Conception Bay, NF

Marriage Records (1857-1906) BRIDES:

While every effort humanly possible has been made to make sure that there are no errors, changes or omissions from the actual records, some still may occur.  If you should find any errors, omissions or changes, please let me know. (Barbara McGrath)

Alphabetical Selection - H Through J
Page #Bride's SurnameGiven NamesPOBGroom's SurnameGiven NamesPOBDate of MarriagePriest Witnesses
007HANLONMargaretRops, Co. WexfordGUSHUE NicholasBacon CoveMay 27, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Cole & Margaret Gushue
107HANNAFANAlice?MAHONEYRobert?Apr 17, 1892Rev. Patrick O’Donnell? Hannifan &  ?             Hannifan (no 1st names given)
103HANNAFANAnastasia?KEATINGJohn?Nov 23, 1891Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames Kelly & Bridget Gushue
081HANNAFANElizabeth?DOYLERobert?Nov 28, 1882Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJohn Kelly & Mary Doyle
122HANNANBridget?GORMANPatrick?Sep 01, 1900Rev. Patrick O’DonnellEdward Fewer & Kate O’Toole
040HANNANBridgetHr. MainFURYCharlesHr. MainNov 10, 1872Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPeter Hannan & Betsy Harman
009HANNANBridgetHr. MainMOLLOYThomasSalmon CoveJan 11, 1861Rev. Kryan WalshNicholas Cantwell & Martha Penny
117HANNANCecilia?HICKEYFrances P.?May 04, 1897Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Mason & Mary Walsh
060HANNANElizabethHr. MainHICKEYStephenHr. MainMay 27, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellEdward Hannan & Mary Ann Hickey
112HANNANMary?PENNYPatrick?Jun 21, 1894Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam Hannan & Ellen Hannan
008HANNANMary Ann Hr. MainMERNERJamesHr. MainDec 01, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Ryan & Johannah Woodford
054HANNIFANAnastasiaSalmon CoveDALTONRobertCon. Hr.Jan 08, 1876Rev. Patrick O’DonnellEdward Walsh & Eliza Hannafan
112HANNIFANMargaret?FEWERWilliam?Nov 27, 1894Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam Fewer & Mary Hannafan
118HANNIFANMary A.?WOODFORDWilliam?Oct 30, 1897Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam S Wall & Mary A Moore
119HANNRAHANKate?O’DONNELLJohn?Jan 07, 1899Rev. Patrick O’DonnellGreg St. John & Bridget Hannan
125HARMANMary B?DUGGANJohn?Apr 26, 1902Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPeter Hannan & Bridget Hannan
126HAWCOAnneChapel CoveBURKEJamesBrigus             1903Rev. Patrick O’DonnellThomas Hawco & Alice Burke
120HAWCOCecilia?NOWLANWilliam P.?May 22, 1899Rev. Patrick O’DonnellRichard Baker & Bridget Nowlan
111HAWCOEllen?WALSHJohn?Jan 31, 1894Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPaul Hawco & Eliza Hawco
118HAWCOMary?WALSHRichard?Jan 09, 1898Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPatt Myers & Mary A. Quinlan
122HAWCOMaryChapel CoveCOUSENSWilliamKelligrewsJan 13, 1901Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames Hawco & Minnie Cousens
127HAWCOMary A.?WHELANDavidNorth ArmJan 12, 1904Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Whelan & Kate Hawco
116HAWCONora?CORBETTPatrick?Nov 11, 1896Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPaul Hawco & Mary A. Hawco
091HAWKOAnastasia?ANTHONYRobert?Jan 16, 1884Rev. Walter M. TarahanMoses Hawko & Mary Ann Hawko
117HAWKOElizabeth?MACKEYThomas?Jan 07, 1897Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPhilip & Maria Woodford
086HAWKOHonoraChapel CoveCORBETTPatrickChapel CoveFeb 04, 1883Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPaul & Ellen Hawko
023HAWKOMargaretChapel CoveGORMANWilliamHr. MainOct 22, 1867Rev. Kryan WalshThomas Hicks & Luisa Hawko
091HAWKOMargaretChapel CoveBARRONRobertHr. MainJan 21, 1885Rev. John RoeNicholas Conran & Sara Murray
011HAWKOMaryChapel CoveTRACEYMatthewDublin, IrelandAug 06, 1862Rev. Kryan WalshEdward Corbett & Elisa Hawco
019HAWKOMaryChapel CoveBRIENWilliamSalmon CoveNov 06, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Flaherty & Jane Hawko
023HAWKOMaryChapel Cove CROWLY HumphreyChapel CoveNov 27, 1867Rev. Kryan WalshEdward Crawley & Susan Hawko
025HAWKOMaryChapel CoveCURRANMatthewHr. MainNov 26, 1868Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam & Luisa Hawko
097HAWKOMary Anne?WALLMichaelHr. MainOct 17, 1887Rev. G. BattcockPaul Hawco & Fanny Williams
098HAWKOSusannaChapel Cove PENNYPhilipHr. MainJan 10, 1888Rev. P.W. BrowneMatthew Curran & Mary Penny
079HAWKOEElizabeth?FLYNJohn?May 16, 1882Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJohn Flyn & Lucy Hawkoe
086HAWKOELucyChapel CoveHICKEYJohnHolyroodMay 12, 1883Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellWilliam Hickey & Mary Ann Hawkoe
091HAWKOESaraChapel CoveNOLANJohnSalmon CoveJan 10, 1885Rev. John RoeWilliam & Mary J. Nolan
027HEALEYAnneHolyroodDONOGHUEBartholemewHolyroodJun 14, 1869Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Walsh & Anne Corbett
068HEALEYElizabethHolyroodPENNYPhilipHolyroodNov 23, 1879Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyRichard Penny & Mary Healy
037HEALEYJohannahHolyroodBESOEdwardHolyroodNov 26, 1871Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Healy & Sarah Moore
059HEALEYMaryHolyroodCRITCHMichaelSt. Mary’sJan 18, 1877Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellEdward & Catherine Fewer
054HEALEYSarahHolyroodCRITCHJohnSt. Mary’sJun 11, 1876Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames & Eliza Healy
041HEALYAnastasiaHolyroodCORBETTEdwardChapel CoveNov 26, 1872Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPatrick Corbett & Mary Moore
075HEALYAnastasiaFerrylandPENNYWilliam?Nov 26, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick Quinlan & Mary Anne Healy
050HEALYBridget?WALLJohn?Nov 28, 1874Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellPatrick Penny & Frances Fewer
059HEALYJohannaHolyroodWADEThomasCon. HrMay 24, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyWilliam Wade & Sara Jane McGhaney
123HEALYM.A.?STRAPPThomas?Apr 16, 1902Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Kennedy & Bridget Kennedy
051HEALYMaryHolyroodQUINLANJohnHolyroodJan 24, 1875Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Penny & Mary Healy
068HEALYMaryHolyroodHYNESMichaelHolyroodNov 27, 1879Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellRichard Hynes & Mary Healy
073HEALYMary?HEALYThomasFerrylandJan 12, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Healy & Julia Terry
086HEALYMaryHolyroodIRVINEWilliamEnglandApr 23, 1883Rev. Patrick O’DonnellStephen Healy & Sarah Conway
120HEALYSarahHolyroodHEALEYPatrickHolyroodSep 14, 1899Rev. Patrick O’DonnellCharles & Agnes Healy
073HEARNBridgetColliersCOLEMichaelColliersJan 09, 1881Rev. Patrick O’DonnellThomas Cole & Kate Flynn
019HEARNJohannahColliersCOSTIGANThomasColliersNov 06, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshMichael Hearn & Elizabeth Mahoney
039HEARNMargaretColliersKENNEDYWilliamCat’s CoveApr 28, 1872Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellWilliam Kennedy & Bridget Kennedy
068HEARNMargaretColliersWHELANLaurenceColliersNov 24, 1879Rev. Patrick O’DonnellMatthew Whelan & Jane Whelan
042HEARNMary ColliersSKEANWilliamColliersNov 30, 1872Rev. Patrick O’DonnellMichael Brien & Mary Whelan
055HEARNMary A.ColliersBURKEWilliamColliersJun 15, 1876Rev. Patrick O’DonnellDaniel Hearn & Bridget Burke
127HENNESSEYAgnes?WALSHMike?Jun 04, 1904Rev. Patrick O’DonnellLawrence & Kate Hennessey
065HENNESSEYAlice?WADEJamesCon. Hr.Nov 30, 1878Rev. Patrick O’DonnellMartin Curran & Sarah O’Brien
007HENNESSEYAnastasiaHolyroodMURPHYThomasCat’s CoveMay 15, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshMichael Walsh & Jane Murphy
120HENNESSEYMargaret?FLYNNDenis?May 16, 1899Rev. Patrick O’DonnellDaniel Flynn & Bridget Kennedy
045HENNESSEYMary?FURYNicholas?Nov 23, 1873Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellMichael Hennessey & Elizabeth Gushue
024HICKEYAgnesHr. MainSULLIVANTimothyHr. MainJan 12, 1868Rev. Patrick O’DonnellThomas Hickey & Mary A. Mulloney
121HICKEYAgnes?HANNANEdward?Aug 19, 1900Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Duggan & Bridget Hannan
127HICKEYAnastasia?WOODFORDWilliam?Jul 06, 1904Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam Hickey & Camilla Sullivan
075HICKEYAnneHr. MainPOWERJamesMiddle ArmNov 23, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn & Marian Doyle
020HICKEYBridgetHr. MainPARSLEYJohnHr. MainNov 29, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshSamuel Parsley & Agnes Hickey
051HICKEYBridgetHr. MainISAKELJohnHr. MainJan 07, 1875Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Hicks & Bridget Hickey
074HICKEYBridgetHr. MainEZEKIELWilliamHr. MainFeb 07, 1881Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick Brick & Mary Ezekiel
110HICKEYElizaHr. MainEZEKIELPatrickHr. MainNov 23, 1893Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Ezekiel & Margaret Gorman
039HICKEYElizabethHolyroodVEITCHPhilipHolyroodJan 21, 1872Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellLawrence Murphy & Ellen Roache
059HICKEYElizabethHolyroodTOOLEPatrickCon. Hr.May 16, 1877Rev. Patrick O’DonnellMartin Curren & Johannah Toole
024HICKEYEllenHolyroodWALSHDavidHolyroodMay 13, 1868Rev. Kryan WalshRichard & Ellen Walsh
056HICKEYLucyHr. MainMILLERThomasHr. MainNov 27, 1876Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellMichael & Mary Hickey
044HICKEYMargaretHr. MainHANNANEdwardHr. MainMay 31, 1873Rev. Patrick O’DonnellStephen Hickey & Betsy Hannan
014HICKEYMaryHolyroodBRIENBartholemewHolyroodJan 16, 1864Rev. Kryan WalshJohn & Mary Hickey
054HICKEYMary?HAWKOPhilipChapel Cove Jan 08, 1876Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPatrick Hawko & Ellen Whelan
066HICKEYMaryHr. MainSULLIVANTimothyHr. MainJan 12, 1879Rev. Patrick O’DonnellStephen Hickey & Elizabeth Gorman
094HICKEYMary?SULLIVANCornelius?      04, 1887Rev. James BrownCornelius Sullivan & Elizabeth Kennedy
099HICKEYMaryHr. MainCOSTELLODanielHr. MainNov 03, 1888Rev. P.W. BrowneWilliam Meaney & Anastasia Penny
008HICKEYPatienceChapel CoveMACKEYRichardChapel CoveNov 29, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshPhilip Penny & Ann Corbett
006HICKSCatherineHolyroodCONRANMichaelChapel CoveNov 26, 1859Rev. Kryan WalshThomas Hickey & Ann Curran
029HICKSCatherineHr. MainWALSHWalterHr. MainNov 27, 1869Rev. Patrick O’DonnellEdward Wall & Elizabeth Walsh
071HICKSEllenHr. MainWALLMichaelHr. MainNov 24, 1880Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJoseph Hicks & Johannah Gorman
078HICKSJoannaHr. MainGORMANJohnHr. MainJan 18, 1882Rev. Joseph V. Donnelly Joseph Hicks & Mary Gorman
082HICKSMary AnneHolyroodWALSHPatrickHolyroodOct 02, 1882Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPhilip Healy & Catherine Duff
067HOLDENCatherineHr. MainVEITCHPhilipHolyroodNov 15, 1879Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJoseph Holden & Ellen Holden
002HOLDENEllenBrigusKEATINGWilliamCat’s CoveNov 28, 1857Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Trehy & Mary Gushue
078HOLDENEllen?DAYMONDWilliam?Feb 19, 1882Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellWilliam Holden & Catherine Veitch
081HOLLETTMary Jane?THORROW alias WalkerJamesFortune BayNov 29, 1882Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Murray & Mary Jos. Nowlan
024HYNESBridgetHolyroodKENNEDYJohnHr. MainMay 17, 1868Rev. Patrick O’DonnellPhilip & Margaret Doyle
007HYNESEllenHr. MainMACKEYEdwardHolyroodMay 06, 1860Rev. Kryan WalshPhilip Hynes & Margaret McGahy
014HYNESMaryHolyroodDWYERWilliamHolyroodJan 09, 1864Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Williams & Bridget Hynes
116ISAKELFrancesHr. MainKENNEDYJamesHolyroodApr 30, 1896Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJoseph Mason & Christina Isakel
018JOYAliceHr. MainWOODFORDJamesHr. MainMay 21, 1866Rev. Kryan WalshJohn Joy & Sarah Wall
085JOYAnneHr. MainTIMMINSPatrickHolyroodJan 14, 1883Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames Joy & Mary Ezekiel
112JOYBetsy?HICKSJohn?May 03, 1894Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Sevier & A.J. Hicks
040JOYBridgetHr. MainFURYEdwardHr. MainJun 12, 1872Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Fury & Eliza Joy
068JOYBridgetHolyroodMURRAYEdwardHr. MainDec 26, 1879Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyEdward & Mary B. Kennedy
043JOYEliza?HICKSThomas?Feb 07, 1873Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWilliam & Ellen Hicks
060JOYElizaHr. MainO’NEILLJohnConche, French ShoreFeb 09, 1877Rev. Patrick O’DonnellRichard Mulloney & Margaret Deady
032JOYEllenHolyroodVEITCHJohnHolyroodMay 08, 1870Rev. Patrick O’DonnellEdward Murray & Bridget Joy
062JOYFrancesHr. MainPENNYThomasHolyroodJan 13, 1878Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJohn & Alice Penny
048JOYJuliaHr. MainFLYNNEdwardSouth ShoreOct 15, 1874Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJames Wall & Anne Flynn
126JOYLizzie?WOODFORDWilliam?             1903  Rev. Patrick O’DonnellJohn Woodford & Kate Walsh
067JOYLucyHr. MainLEWISAaronHolyroodMay 18, 1879Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyJames Mahar & Margaret Deady
035JOYMargaretHr. MainKENNEDYJohnHr. MainJan 10, 1871Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellJames & Margaret Deady
113JOYMartha?PENNYWilliam?May 21, 1895Rev. Patrick O’DonnellWalter Wall & Mary Penny
021JOYMaryHolyroodDUGGANPatrickHolyroodMay 04, 1867Rev. Patrick O’DonnellLance Ruorke & Ellen Joy
025JOYMaryHr. MainFURYJohnHr. MainNov 09, 1868Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellPatrick Rossileau & Margaret Fury
074JOYMaryHr. MainWOODFORDJohnHr. MainMay 29, 1881Rev. Jeremiah O’DonnellPhilip Healy & Lucy Woodford
012JOYSarahHr. MainBRIENGeorgeHolyroodNov 27, 1862Rev. Kryan WalshPatt Kennedy & Sarah Wall
061JOYSusanHr. MainKENNEDYJeremiahHr. MainNov 29, 1877Rev. Joseph V. DonnellyPatrick Hickey & Mary Donnelly

Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST)

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