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Hickman's Harbor United Church

U.C. Records, Hickman's Harbour Extracted 06-03-1995
Marriages begin 1883 06-19-1886

Date of Marriage GROOM Age Status Parents BRIDE Age Status
02-06-1886Jacob AdeyNANANAEmma Amy Gulliford NANA
01-12-1893 Hayward Burt NA NA NA Sarah Reid NA NA
03-30-1893 Edward Adey NA NA NA Magdeline Vardy NANA
12-24-1894 John Adey 23 NA NA Jane Gregory27 NA
11-05-1895 Joseph Clark NA NA NAEmily Jane Adey NANA
01-09-1899 Absolam Cooper 26 NA NA Mary Ida Reid 20NA
03-07-1900 James March NA NA NA Ada Stanley NA NA
03-24-1900 Edward Adey 51 W NA Jamima Thorne 51 W
09-03-1901 Willis Gulliford 30 NA NAMartha Reid 27 NA
05-14-1910 Richard Reid 24 NA NA Emily Sarah Critch 19 NA
09-15-1913 Annie Day 20 NA NA John Tilley 28 NA
09-24-1920 Keeson Reid NA W NA Annie Tilley NA W
11-30-1923 Robert Gulliford NA NA NA Clara M. Adey NA NA
12-28-1929 Thomas Willis Reid 22 NA NA Alma Pearl Smith 21 NA
08-20-1932 George Harold Smith 34 NA NAAnnie Gertrude Smith 26 NA
11-07-1933 Zebedee Stanley 72 W NA Christina F. Critch 71 W
02-28-1935 Lawrence Leewood 34 NA NA Mary Amelia Smith 31 NA
01-19-1937 Charlie Reid 26 NA NA Ella Hefford 23 NA
01-06-1938 Watson Whitfield Bowering 26 NA NA Rosa B. Adey 23 NA
07-05-1939 William Fredrick John Wornell 22 NA NAShirley Phyllis Stanley 20 NA
12-23-1941 Gilbert B. Short 31 NA NAMyrtle Pearl Adey 26 NA
01-01-1942 Ross Lloyd Smith NA NA NAAlice Milford Reid NA NA
01-06-1944 George Bugden 33 NA NA Ivy Smith 22 NA
07-24-1947 Ernest Gordon Reid 21 NA NA Louise Maude Hiscock 18 NA
08-14-1947 Kenneth Bertram Reid 34 NA NA Molly Ruth Tibbs 22 NA
07-14-1948 James Hiscock NA NA NA Amy Reid NANA
11-11-1950 Frank Adey 28B NA Myrtle Short 33S
01-24-1951 Roy Kenneth Smith NA NA NAViola Gladys March 18 NA
11-15-1951 William Adey 32 NA NA Jean March 21NA
10-30-1952 Malcolm Kendall 24 NA NA Gladys Reid 22NA
01-03-1953 Charles Roland Adey 24 B NA Alice Ida Isaacs Critch 18 S
08-09-1954 Ernest Reid NA NA NA Marina Avery NA NA
04-24-1957 Frances Adey 26 NA NA Alonzo Green 34 NA
08-25-1960 Barbara Joan Reid 21 NA (Charles & Ella Reid) Oliver George Vardy 22 NA
07-10-1963 Rayfield K. Reid 20 NA (Charles & Ella Reid) Ada Mary Mitchell 20 NA
12-16-1966 Stanley Wilfred Rogers 22 NA NA Roslind Florence Smith 18 NA
12-16-1966 Roslind Florence Smith 18 NA NAStanley Wilford Rodgers 22 NA
03-21-1969Lindo Freeman Reid 23NA (Mrs. Ella Isabella Reid) Audrey Mae Marsh 16 NA
02-06-1971Dennis Wilford Reid 22 NA (Ernest Reid) Patricia Florence Rodgers 18 NA
12-15-1973Verna Helen Reid 17 NA (Ernest Reid & Maude Hiscock) Irvin Stanley Paul 23 NA
02-25-1978 Reuben Wade Adey 24 NA NA Millicent Lorraine Blundell 18 NA
09-30-1978 Ernest Lorne Reid 25 NA (Ernest Reid & Maude Hiscock) Rona Jeanette March 18 NA
08-28-1981Randy Dale Green 21 NA NA Beverley Ruth Vardy 19 NA
07-23-1983Rowena Elaine Reid 28 NA (Ernest Reid & Marina Avery)Jerry Roger Martin 25 NA
NOTE: "W" means Widow or Widower and "S" means Spinster

Provided by the late Gerry Balsom of Clarenville.
Posted: Oct. 25,1999

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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