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Date / LocationGroom / BrideAgeStat.Abode
Sept. 6, 1888Stephen HARDY23BCul de Sac West
HermitageEleanor SIBLEY17SCul de Sac West
Sept. 8, 1888George MATCHEM52WRaymonds Point
HermitageSusanna HOUSE28SRaymonds Point
Sept. 11, 1888John WHITE24BPass Island
HermitageAmelia MARKS20SPass Island
Sept. 11, 1888Charles GARLAND24BSaddle Island
HermitageAlice LYE (LEE ?)25SSaddle Island
Sept. 11, 1888Abraham Robert LEE23BRound Harbour
HermitageMary Jane TOUCHINGS22SRound Harbour
June 5, 1889James Fredrick WILMOTT23BLamble's Passage
HermitageSarah Grace SUTTON26SHead of Bay D'Espoir
Aug. 12, 1889Joseph CHILDS24BRencontre
RencontreMary Ann LeFOSSE21SRencontre
Aug. 12, 1889George DURNFORD29BRencontre
RencontreTryphenia JEANS19SRencontre
Aug. 12, 1889William CHAPMAN24BRencontre
RencontreMartha Jane CLOTHIER18SRencontre
Aug. 12, 1889James CAKE28BEast Cul de Sac
FrancoisJane PRIDDLE29SNew Harbour
Aug. 12, 1889James CHILDS36WFrancois
FrancoisMaria DOLLIMOUNT26WFrancois
Aug. 14, 1889Abraham HARDY30BWest Cul de Sac
West Cul de SacAnn ROSE23SWest Cul de Sac
Aug. 14, 1889William PINK23BCape La Hune
Cape La HuneCharlotte BAGG21SCape La Hune
Sept. 2, 1889John YOUNG22 West Cul de Sac
HermitageMary HARDY17SWest Cul de Sac
Sept. 2, 1889Henry Charles WILMOTT30 Bay de East
HermitageMartha Jane WILLS21 Dawson's Cove
Sept. 2, 1889Isaac WILLS30 Dawson's Cove
HermitageMary SKINNER23 Richard's Harbour
Sept. 3, 1889Henry CRANT38 Gaultois
HermitageSarah COX22 Gaultois
Sept. 4, 1889Wm. SIMMS28BMuddy Hole
HermitageElizabeth WILES25WHermitage
Sept. 5, 1889Charles FORSEY26BSeal Cove
HermitageEmily RIDEOUT19SSeal Cove
Sept. 5, 1889Matthew FRANCES21BHermitage
HermitageSarah HERRITT24SHermitage
Sept. 5, 1889George SIBLY29BGrole
HermitageMary ROSE19SGrole
Sept. 5, 1889Henry ROBERTS21BHermitage
HermitageCaroline SKINNER20SHermitage
Sept. 5, 1889Robert PERCEY37WPass Island
HermitageJane STRICKLAND21SPass Island
Sept. 6, 1889George MATCHEM27BGaultios
HermitageElizabeth BALDWIN22SRound Harbour
Sept. 6, 1889Benjamin EDMUNDS29BBay de East
HermitageMaria GARLAND17SSaddle Island
Sept. 6, 1889Nehemiah GARLAND20BSaddle Island
HermitageSusanna CAINS18SSaddle Island
Sept. 9, 1889Benjamin ROSE23BHermitage
HermitageMary MEAD22SHermitage
Sept. 21, 1889John Harvey RENDELL22BGaultios
HermitageElizabeth Sarah COX20SGaultois
Oct. 6, 1889William HERRETT21BDawson's Cove
HermitageMartha Ann CREW22SDawson's Cove
Dec. 18, 1889Nathaniel ROBERTS27BPushthrough
HermitageSarah ENGRAM23SPushthrough
Dec. 25, 1889James KEARLY26BLittle Bay
HermitageSarah STRICKLAND24SLittle Bay
Apr. 9, 1890Richard HARDY28BBay de East
HermitageLouisa EDMUNDS27SBay de East
May 5, 1890William COX34BGaultois
HermitageElizabeth CRANT24SGaultois
May 15, 1890John Richard S. DURNFORD19BRencontre
RencontreMary SPENCER21SRencontre
May 18, 1890John DOMINE23BCape La Hune
Cape La HuneRebecca WARREN24SCape La Hune
May 22, 1890John FEWER25BBonne Bay
HermitageMartha BISHOP17SBonne Bay
Sept. 2, 1890James PARK22BRichard's Harbour
Richard's HarbourMaria FUDGE20SRichard's Harbour
Sept. 3, 1890Joseph LOVELESS22BSeal Cove
HermitageMary ROSE19SDawson's Cove
Sept. 6, 1890Robert MORRIS24BMuddy Hole
PushtroughSarah Jane PICOT19SPass Island
Sept. 7, 1890William MULLINS23BGoblin
PushthroughLousia NASH27SBay de East
Sept. 8, 1890Abram COOMS26BPiccare
HermitageAnn COX24SLittle Passage
Sept. 8, 1890John Levi TOUCHINGS25BPass Island
HermitageElizabeth ROBERTS20SHermitage
Sept. 8, 1890George Robert PIERCY22BPass Island
HermitageSarah Maria HERRETT22SPass Island
Sept. 9, 1890William PARSONS27BMosquito
HermitageSarah Maria McDONALD21SWest Cul de Sac
Sept. 9, 1890Thomas GREEN26BBurgeo
HermitageCharlotte McDONALD21SFurby's Cove

This page Transcribed by: Bill Crant, Elmsdale, NS Feb. 12, 2000.

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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