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This information was gathered from the St. Stephen's Church of England
baptism records originally transcribed and posted online
by Fred Pafford.

St. Stephen's Baptism Records
by Family Name
1815 - 1907
Smith, Butt, Hatcher,
Spurrell and Bellows)

HATCHER Baptisms

 Nov 2 1861John CharlesJames & EmmaCat Harbour

BUTT Baptisms

 Aug 18 1852JuliaEdward & Anne Flat Island
 Nov 23 1854William HenryEdward & Anne Flat Island
 Aug 17 1858MosesEdward & Anne Flat Island
 Aug 18 1852Sarah JaneSamuel & SusannaFlat Island

SMITH Baptisms

1832/02/051837/0705William George & Elizabeth Cat Harbour
1834/02/091837/0705GeorgeGeorge & Elizabeth Cat Harbour
1835/04/131837/0705Elizabeth George & Elizabeth Cat Harbour
1837/10/011839/08/26Dorcas (female)George & Elizabeth Deadman's Bay
1839/09/101839/08/26ThomasGeorge & Elizabeth Deadman's Bay
 Aug 1 1850 CharlotteGeorge & ElizabethDeadman's Bay
 Aug 1 1850 SarahGeorge & ElizabethDeadmans Bay
 Aug 1 1850 Emanuel George & ElizabethDeadmans Bay
 Aug 1 1850 JohnGeorge & ElizabethDeadmans Bay
 Aug 7 1851JobGeorge & ElizabethDeadmans Bay
 Sept 13 1862ElfredaGeorge & SarahGreenspond
 July 28 1880 Ellen LouisaGeorge & SarahSeal Cove
 1822/08/07NathanielNathaniel & SarahGreenspond
 1822/08/07GeorgeNathaniel & SarahGreenspond
*George died May 6 1856 at the age of 34 years old    
1807/08/011824/12/05MaryNathaniel & SarahGreenspond
1809/05/161824/12/05RymaNathaniel & SarahGreenspond
 1826/09/11Elizabeth Nathaniel & SarahGreenspond
 1826/09/11SarahNathaniel & SarahGreenspond
 1826/09/11Amy Nathaniel & SarahGreenspond
17901830/03/26SarahWife of NathanielGreenspond
 1826/09/11Sarah ElizabethThomas & SarahGreenspond
 1826/09/11Diana MargaretThomas & SarahGreenspond
 1826/09/11Maria VineyThomas & SarahGreenspond
 1824/12/28Deborah VineyRobert & MaryGreenspond
17901830/04/12Mary Greenspond
18161830/04/12Mary  Greenspond
18181830/04/12Elizabeth  Greenspond
1834/03/061834/03/12Miriam???? & AmyGreenspond


 1815/06/11*SamuelJohn & ????Greenspond
 1815/06/11ElizabethJohn & ????Greenspond
 1815/11/26JohnJohn & ????Greenspond
1829 3mos1829/12/20SimeonJohn & MaryGreenspond
1795 25yrs1830/06/15Mary  Pool's Island
1814 16yrs1830/06/15*Samuel Pool's Island
1818 12yrs1830/06/15Mary  Pool's Island
1819 11yrs1830/06/15James Pool's Island
1820 10yrs1830/06/15William Pool's Island
1823 7yrs1830/06/15John Pool's Island
1825 5yrs1830/06/15Robert Pool's Island
1828 2yrs1830/06/15Jonathan Pool's Island
1831/06/201831/07/10LeahJohn & MaryPool's Island
1833 20mos1835/08/09RachelJohn & MaryPool's Island
1839/01/151839/02/14Miriam John & MaryPool's Island

BELLOWS Baptisms

18101830/03/26Rymahwife of RobertGreenspond
1832/03/051832/04/08Angel HodgesRobert & RymahShip's Island
18331833/06/28Robert AngelRobert & RymahShip's Island
1836/01/101836/02/14EllenRobert & RymahGreenspond
 1840/12/13Robert WilliamRobert & RymahShip's Island
 1842/05/16Selina AmeliaRobert & RymahShip's Island

Transcribed and Contributed by Laureen Parsons

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (February 2003)

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